Season Lucifer
Year XLVII Anno Satanas


  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Repeal The 22nd Amendment!
  • The Black Earth/Possessions: The Den of Iniquity, We Are Legion shirts by Underworld Amusements/ASP Apparel.

  • Spechtreum V. 5: Blood Bath.
  • Spechtreum/Satanic Sickies: Waltz Of The Bat, Hardgore, The Rites of Uranus, Dark Dreams.

  • Spechtreum V: Poor Devil.
  • The Dark Side/Literature/Magazines: Three witches stir the cauldron of diabolical contemplation; highlighting the Satanic lifestyle with the flames of Helle.
  • The Dark Side/Musick/Black Metal: Mortuary Drape added to Black Metal genre listing of recommendations.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: "It's Iconic!" A salute to Huell Howser, The Indiana Jones of California.

  • Spechtreum/Satanic Sickies: Angel Above/Devil Below, Sexual Witchcraft, Necromania, Daughter of Satan, Sex & The Single Vampire.

    I/I: The beginning of the calendar year asserts regeneration, resolutions, retrospection and forethought.

    The New Year in western culture is attuned to the Gregorian Calendar of "2013", declared by a papal bull in February of "1582" A.D. {Anno Domini}, which has since become fully secularized as C.E. {"Common Era"}, with which to deal with the common populace, generalized for business, politics, legalities, secular interactions, etc. Likewise, it seems a simpler blanket numerage with which to operate to gain desires. According to this chronological tradition, all of history can be encapsulated in the first four letters of the alphabet, as in BC/AD.

    The Anniversary of The Church of Satan is on Walpurgisnacht, declaring The Age of Fire, and we are now in Year XLVIII Anno Satanas, with Year One featured so potently in the film "Rosemary's Baby" with exclamations of "The Year is One! Hail Adrian! Hail Satan!"

    Some consider Halloween the religious New Year {aligned with the harvest, festival of the dead, new beginning}. Aligned to the seasons, with pre-christian revels punctuating throughout. Since the dreaded number "13" is featured this instance, with all mysteries attributed thereunto, it seems appropriate to declare it a Hallow's Year, in appreciation of the dark aesthetics.

    Perhaps there is yet another personal 'year' to consider - the date of one's own birthday, the Highest Holiday.

    The new year brings the celebration of past efforts materialized, lessons learned, with responsible carousing, and the anticipation of coming pleasures, and treasures. The infant reborn; by Janus' key, another doorway opens, a canvas to paint your creation as you see fit. Whichever you choose ascribe to in the correct sense, may it be filled with prosperity, the fulfillment of Lust, accomplishments, and ever increasing Power on all levels of being! Joy to the flesh forever! Life everlasting! World Without end! ∞

    Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Devil Gate
    1st January, XLVIII A.S.

  • Malefick Musick/Nox Arcana: Winter's Majesty.

  • The Black Pope: New aesthetic modifications added.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Devil In Winter.
  • Dracisms/Quotations: Witch truism... Looks get you through the door, brains keep you in the room. ~ DB/LB.

    XII/XXI/XLVII: Satanalia: Winter Solstice XLVII A.S.: Season Lucifer

    The majesty of Winter unfolds in opalescent crystalline refraction, as great black wings enfold the land, darkened chambers softly flicker, amidst Baphomet's glistening eyes.

    May the hellfires warm you on this longest night, the horn of plenty is bountiful, with myriads of carnal delights, beckoning with sweet temptations sublime. The flow of Lucifer's breath fills thine breast with strongest life, caressing breeze and mighty storm. Invigoration brings regeneration, Oroborous Draegon turns again, timeless born. Lucifer resplendent, infernal enlightenment, to spark the black flame of Satan within.

    The sigils glow, the gate flows, the shadows grow. Retrovolution is nigh. Thriving in the darkness within and without, lambent reflections spawn the daemonseeds of desire. The hellmouth yawns for those who subject themselves to its call. What has been willed has come to pass, the materialization of thought & deed, by angles rooted in the deepest abyss, framing dimensional projection.

    Upon black earth and water's flow, Season Lucifer aloft, Season Satan below, the incarnate God betwixed, nucleus enthroned.

    May this infernal, invernal Solstice bring forth the treasures and pleasures of the season, filled with Magic and enchantment, Might and grace! ∞

    Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Devil's Gate
    21 December, Satanalia XLVII Anno Satanas

    Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVIII A.S.

  • Blackthorne Productions: The Seasons in Hell shift from Leviathan {Spring}, Satan {remmus}, Belial {Autumn}, to Lucifer {Winter}. This Satanic Calendar lists nefarious historical events, diabolical multimedia dates, Satanic Holidays, moon phases, and features infernal artistry throughout. ∞
  • Dractionary: Retrovolution.
  • The Shadow Side: Apocalypse.

  • Dracisms/Quotations: The Satanist does not worship an anthropomorphic deity. Oneself IS the anthropomorphic deity incarnate.
  • Malefic Musick: The Sounds of Demons & Dementia. Added sample tracks.

  • Dracisms/Quotations: Quotes regarding evocative environments, architecture, altar girls, a comment on devil movies "sacrificing", & church immolation.
  • The Black Earth/Possessions: Femaledictions [c. XII/IV/XXXVIII A.S.]

  • Dracisms/Quotations: Blindlight churches attract the lowest of the low, while the rich do it just for show.

    XII/V-VI/XLVII: Krampusnacht
  • Spechtreum/Satanic Panic Archive: The Unwrapping of Xmas.

  • Spechtreum/Satanic Panic Archive: Halloween: Trick Or Treat?

  • Spechtreum: Prime Evil.

  • Spechtreum: The Midnight Horror Theater collection. More reviews to be added incrementally.

    The Devil's Diary XIX: Halloween/Yule XLVII A.S.
    XI/XIII/XLVII: Lunar Eclipse

    In the deepest shadows of the night... When the moon is drained of all its light...

    The Devil's Diary XIX 'Apocalypse Issue' features The 3rd Degree interview with Prometheus of VASCA Radio by Warlock Tier Instinct, The Devil In Gotham City, Seasons In Hell, Halloween Rite, Lycanthropic Weight-Training {a werewolf perspective}, Skeletal Orchestra {Ossuary instruments}.

    Satanic Serenades features poetry from Robert Leuthold & James M. Geary III, with horror anthology 'Devil's Gate'. The Shadow Gallery presents "Death Vacation" sculpture by artist Bruce Baird.

    Noctuarium multimedia reviews include Dark Shadows, Mockingbird Lane, more; Satanic Panic Archive; Scroll book reviews 'No One Makes It Out Alive', 'In The World of Madness', 'Ghosts'; Malefick Musick review of 'Seduction Through Witchcraft'.

    The Black Earth features 'Hollyween' excursions to cemeteries Hollywood Forever, Evergreen, Forest Lawn, a visit with Elvira, a Vampira exhibit, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, haunted Mulholland Drive, Devil's Gate dam, more. Possessions feature the Coffin Rust Halloween print, LaVey sigil pin, along with restaurant reviews and much more. ∞

    X/XXXI/XLVII: All Hallow's Evil

    The Gate is open...

    On this Hallow's Evil do come forth all manner of devil and demon in multiple forms to stalk the night gaunts infernal. A great shadow emerged, the masks of Satan are myriad, from timeless eras throughout the Black Earth, the mists of nightmares & dreams pour forth from The Black Abyss deep within the mind and imagination, manifesting The Reaper's scythe to collect the bountiful harvest of accrued thought, word, and deed.

    What has been sown is now reaped in abundance 'neath the rictus-laden moon upon this renewal. The Devil's Cornucopia overflows with the delights of the flesh, offering mysteries and wonders, treasures and pleasures, to those strong enough to partake of the dark cup.

    In the season of Belial, new demonseeds are planted, in ether, mind, and flesh, With tricks and treats employed and enjoyed, the dark forces course like a cocoon, empowering and enriching with infernal bliss.

    The Gate is open, and by what has been released this night, so shall materialize by diabolical machination, as the Magic unfolds throughout the Seasons in Hell.

    Hail Helloween! Hail Samhain! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Devil's Gate
    31 October, Halloween XLVII A.S.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles/Ceremony: Hallow's Rite.

    Devil's Gate
  • The Black Earth: Devil's Gate.

    You have experienced the horrors of Haunted Devil's Canyon, traversed the terrors of Devil Lake, now finally arriving at Devil's Gate. Your journey is about to begin...

    The third horror anthology by Draconis Blackthorne will take you to the Gates of Hell itself, where dire rites were performed to unleash unspeakable horrors upon the world, haunting the land with diabolical forces, pooling at certain blighted locations such as Devil's Canyon & Devil Lake. Verily, by what occurred here so have those accursed spots been possessed.

    You have been compelled towards the dimming western sunset, to travel upon Route 666 unto the veritable hellmouth leading to the deepest darkness within and beyond... Once traversing the threshold, there is no turning back. Enter the shadows of The Black Earth...

  • The Black Earth/Possessions: Coffin Rust Halloween print XLVII A.S.
  • Spechtreum: Mockingbird Lane.
  • The Black Earth/Dining: Snappy's Taco.

    The Devil's Diary


  • The Devil's Diary: Currently completing The Devil's Diary XIX: Halloween XLVII A.S.; Still taking submissions: Essays, Greater Magic experiments, erotica, horror, science-fiction, multimedia reviews, adventures, excursions, artistry, photography, poetry.
    • Due date by 10/27.
    • Please send to The Editor for consideration.
    Hail Satan!
    Warlock Blackthorne.

  • The Black Earth: Black Wedding Anniversary XLVII A.S.

  • The Black Earth: Hollywood Forever Memorial Park.

  • Tales From The Shadowside: Devil's Gate.

  • The Shadow Gallery: The Reason For The Season.

    IX/XXII/XLVII: Into Hallow's Gate / "Satan's Fall"...

    Season BelialThe whispering winds of Hallow's creek open the door to unleash nightmares throughout the Black Earth from the darkest recesses of the imagination, coalescing with Shadow Forces rising up from the bowels of The Black Earth, awakening those daemons within, as the myriad forms of Satan emerge to tantalize and terrify. Lanterns aglow by Hades' flames welcome the increasing darkness to cover the land with Magic and wonder. Awaken thou creatures of the preternatural to possess the minds of men!

    Phantoms haunting the night, by devil flames, witches dance in delight! By the sounds of the bones, the grinning skull speaks, the hoof beats draw near, steps forth The Great Beast! Black cats hiss and purr by the trembling of the soil, the howling of Hellhounds echo throughout the forests, while ravens roost on skeletal branches, while leathern wings blanket the skies.

    The transmutating fog pours forth from The Pit, as Season Belial unfolds, revealing those forms dread and desired. Feel the current of nefarious fane, as the blood flowing in your veins.

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Devil's Gate
    Autumnal Equinox XLVII Anno Satanas

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Shuttle Has Landed

  • The Black Earth/Travel: Evergreen Cemetery.
  • The Black Earth/Possessions: John Muir commemorative coin.

  • Dractionary: Helloween.

  • Dractionary: Infernal Bliss.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Which Witch is which?

  • Magus LaVey Archives: Slideshow added. Read the material while contemplating archival photographs.
  • Scroll: Satan's Tarot slideshow added. Preserved for the artistic value & as a practice in Jungian psychology.
  • The Black Earth V. 8, No. 2. Possessions & Product Reviews: Marlboro Black.
  • The Black Earth: Widget added.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Ouija Board As Instructional Tool?


    With the pending conclusion of remmus in the air on this September 1st, in imminent equinoctial emergence, tonight marks the beginning of 'Falloween', with the onset of Halloween proliferation, though many of the dark aesthetics are naturally enjoyed throughout the year. Even now, the implements of Autumn pervade the environment as the leaves turn and decor emerges for fanciful contemplation to stimulate the imagination & the senses with the charm of darksome delights.

    Rise up from thine underworlds, & go froth ye carnal devils throughout the black earth, and partake of the cornucopia of any and all sinful pleasures resplendent!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Devil's Gate
    1st September, XLVII Anno Satanas.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Lycanthropic Training.
  • Dractionary: Gorror.
  • Diabolical Dining: Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine.
  • Spechtreum: The Devil & Daniel Mouse.
  • Spechtreum: Nightstalker.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Fountain of Youth.

  • Dracisms: Magic is the materialization of The Will & The Imagination.
  • Diabolical Dining: Beelzeburger: Lord of The Fries.

  • Dracisms: From Black Mass to High Mass.
  • The Shadow Gallery: The Four Crown Princes of Hell.

  • Dractionary: Added anchor tags for improved navigation.

  • Spechtreum: Satan's Children.
  • Satanic Panic Archive/Books: Book section added.

  • Tales From The Shadow Side: Mulholland Drive.

    S H A D O W M A N T I U M

    VIII/I/XLVII: Full Moon {Sturgeon}
  • Shadowmantium Links: New banner added.
  • The Dark Side: No One Makes It Out Alive by Hydra M. Star & Black by Mae Sekhmet added.
  • Satanic Panic Archive: Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism.

    The Infernal Names

    VII/XXVII/XLVII: Oh, Hear The Names...
  • The Shadow Gallery: The Infernal Names. Collected from various sources throughout The Devil's Web.

    Devilove by Draconis Blackthorne

  • The Shadow Gallery: Devilove.

    ASP Apparel

    The 13th Moon by Draconis BlackthorneVII/XIII/XLVII: Friday the 13th
  • The Shadow Gallery: The 13th Moon.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Table of Contents added to Dracomeroth page, The Devil's Diaries book section, & The Devil's Scroll book page.
  • Dractionary: :I:
  • The Black Earth/Possessions; Luck o' The Devil! Lightning Bolt Pentagram Pin by ASP Apparel.
  • The Black Earth/Possessions: HP Deskjet 2050 All in One Printer.

  • Spechtreum: Dark Shadows {Tim Burton film}.

  • The Black Dragon Speaks: What Sort of Man Reads Old Nick?
  • The Black Earth: Vampira Exhibit, Elvira at Golden Apple Comics, Memento Vivere.

    Season Satan

    VI/XX/XLVII: Season Satan, Aestas Solstice
  • Magus LaVey Archives: Section about Magus LaVey & The Church of Satan from the book The Mammoth Book of The Supernatural, 'The Power of The Witch' chapter.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Black Popes.
  • Satanic Serenades: Trapezoid Towers.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Stoicism.
  • Hell's Kitchen: Hellhouse Eggs.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg.

  • Dracumentary: Further Evidence of Infernal Progeny.

  • Dracumentary: The Devil Made Me Do It At...

    Walpurgisnacht by Draconis Blackthorne

    IV/XXX/XLVI: Walpurgisnacht
    In observance of the Anniversary of the Nativity of The Church of Satan on this Walpurgisnacht of XLVII Anno Satanas, do we recognize this iconoclastic organization put forth by Magus LaVey, as the veritable Gates of Hell were parted to unleash a religion & philosophy based on the carnal instincts of man, remaining a vibrant, worldwide organic movement ever reaching new levels of evolution. To A Mighty Walpurgisnacht XLVII A.S.! Hail The Infernal Empire! Hail Satan! ∞

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
    Walpurgisnacht XLVII A.S.

  • The Black Earth: A Medieval Wonderland ...

  • The Black Earth: K.I.T.T. Hotwheels, Giovanni Navarre Deerskin Gloves.
  • Satan's Scroll: Loteria.

    No One Makes It Out Alive

    IV/XIII/XLVII: Friday the 13th
  • Satan's Scroll: No One Makes It Out Alive by Various Authors, edited by Hydra M. Star.
  • Satan's Scroll: In The World of Madness by Michael Sartin.

    Sabbatic Cthulhu by Draconis Blackthorne

    III/XIX/XLVII: Season Leviathan / Vernal Equinox

    Season Leviathan surfaces on this Vernal Equinox, with cresting waves swirling and heaving in great tumult, as something monstrous lurks in the deeps, ancient, a murky shadow emerges from the brine with glistening eyes and tendrils sublime.

    A glimpse into the Watery Abyss reveals Cthulhu rising to greet the stars in this rendition of The Sabbatic representation of a Thousand Young.

    By Lucifer's grace, the storms continue to bring purification and invigoration, & as the hellement of Water represents the emotions, passionate resolve, the keys to the Magic Realm, so may this season yield great pleasures and treasures as we plunge the depths of our darkest desires! ∞

    Hail Cthulhu! Hail Leviathan! Hail SATAN.

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
    Vernal Equinox, XLVII A.S.

  • Shadow Gallery: Sabbatic Cthulhu.

    Old Nick Spring XLVII A.S.

  • Satan's Scroll: Old Nick Spring Lust XLVII A.S. issue.
  • Dractionary: The Platy-Puss.

  • Dractionary: Put the Evil' in 'Devil'.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles/Satan's Scroll: Ghosts [book review].

    Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

  • Shadowmantium banners: New banner created.

    Lucifer's Labyrinth

    Old Nick Spring Lust issue XLVII A.S. II/XIII/XLVII: Lucifer's Labyrinth re-opens.
  • The Dark Side: In this gallery of horrors... shadows come alive in the dark corners of the mind. Come enter a maze hidden within The Dark side, a special tour with three chambers behind a Hellmouth door. What terrors reside therein...? ∞
  • Old Nick Spring Lust issue XLVII A.S.: Now Available! Another excellent issue released! Preview at link! ∞
  • The Black Earth: Ming The Merciless.

  • The Shadow Side: Bitchcraft.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Villains. Commentary on several cinematic villain characterizations.

    II/VI/XLVII: Full Moon
  • The Dark Side: Introduction.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Skeletal Instruments?
  • Hell's Bar & Grill: Dracmas Cake, Drac Suey

    Candlemas Evil

  • Satanic Serenades: Candlemas Evil.

  • Sinemaerotica: Love and Human Remains.

  • Blackthorne Productions: Gina Ambrosio of Blasphemic Cruelty comments on The Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVII A.S.


    I/XIII/XLVII: Friday the 13th
  • Introducing THE DARK SIDE, the "Evilest Place on Black Earth".

  • Dractionary: Expounded upon "Shadowmancy" definition.

    New Year XLVII

    Season Lucifer

    XII/XXI-XXII/XLVI: Winter Solstice

    Satanalia Winter Solstice XLVI A.S.

  • The Black Dragon Speaks: 9Sense Interview. Draconis Blackthorne & Blackthorne Productions were the subject of a recent interview on Adam Campbell's 9Sense program on Radio Free Satan. This interview was conducted on the night of December 5th {Krampusnacht}, & focuses primarily on the various past & present projects, & business endeavors of Blackthorne Productions. The conversation ranged from the origins of Blackthorne Productions, One's Satanic realization, subsequent natural affiliation with The Church of Satan, Ouija boards & oracles as objects d'art & sometimes experimental devices, & also includes a narration of the poem entitled "Krampusnacht". ∞
  • Haunted Noctuary: Satanalia Winter Solstice episode.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Lucifer Baphomet.


    TCHORNIBLOG: The Blackthorne Chronicles

    The Shadowmantium is made manifest on a Mac. Partake of The Forbidden Fruit Summon Satan

    INFERNAL EMPIRE NEWS XLVIII: New Year message... XLVII: Solstice Greetings, The Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVIII A.S., VASCA Radio interviews Gina Ambrosio of Blasphemic Cruelty, with music, and amusing discussion topics; premiere issue of HELLE magazine debut, 9Sense Horrific Holiday Special, an innovative Poetic musical project from Shea Bile, ambient music videos from BeelZeBub & Scapegoat, a blues-rock genre variation of Magus LaVey's Hymn of The Satanic Empire, 'Satanists On Satanic Cinema' features Magistra Nadramia... The Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Altar emblem returns!, Embark upon a sword & sorcery adventure in The Flash of A Blade by Michael Silva, the splendid photography of Royce Davis, the Netherworld Baphomet pendant resurrected, The Nightmare Engine II premieres, an apocalyptic punk performance with Maninblack & Darren Deicide, Music from Valentin Schwarz BeelZebuB Inside..., A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors: Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism via Underword Amusements, Edda Publishing presents The Fenris Wolf magazine & Here To Go anthology, Music Video by Tier Instinct, "Gluttony Day" {Fangsgiving} observed, Church of Satan Book & Film lists return {from the book The Church of Satan: History of The World's Most Notorious Religion by Blanche Barton; Magus LaVey's multimedia recommendations}, Halloween Greetings from The High Priest, Magus Gilmore interview in ALTVariety magazine, Magistra Nadramia on 9Sense, Horror Anthology Devil's Gate by Draconis Blackthorne, The Fire From Within by Nemo available again!, The Devil's Diary XIX Apocalypse Issue arises, Sentinel Comics presents Slices of Sin, Old Nick "Bare & Bloody" Halloween issue unleashed!, Interview with Joe Netherworld in Halloween: Satan's Holiday?, Corvis Nocturnum interviewed for 30 Odd Minutes, Veteran's Day observed, celebrate Carl Sagan Day! Hail Sagan!, the werewolf howls underneath the Predatory Moon, Infernal Ink Magazine, The Dirty Reader by Underworld Amusements, The Jimmy Psycho experiment releases Monster Cocktail Party, "Greetings From Hell: Born, Not Made" German language film by Valentin Schwarz, Heathen Harvest: Samhainwork I available, SubMundo Arte {Underworld Art} Exhibition on display in Chile... 9/22: Equinox Greetings, The Den of Iniquity T-shirts, new VASCA episode, Vandals performance {w/ The Quintessentials}... 9/20: Spookshow, mad monster tunes, & an art exhibition... VASCA Radio returns from remmus break, Maninblack seeking drummer, Darren Deicide interview, & a film festival event... 18 August: Step right up & get your autographed copy of the long out-of-print book The Church of Satan: History of The World's Most Notorious Religion by Blanche Barton, sinful delights to be had in Poughkeepsie, diabolical dolls, a Church of Satan interview, & more!... 27 July: Three essays added to ponder: On Honor, Integrity, Survival and Satisfaction by Magus Gilmore, On the Role of Ritual in the Life of a Satanist by Magistra Nadramia, Simplifying Satanic Atheism by Magister Nemo... July 3: Dinner with The High Priest, The Cocktail Vultures strike again! {The Great Old One swirls within!} with an RFS 9Sense interview, nightmarish literature {Black & The Nightmare Engine}, splendid jewelry & recommended accoutrement, artifacts, & a Friday the 13th film premiere... Infernally-salacious literature unleashed {rare X-Rated Old Nick materiel now available in digital form; The Sentinel stands firm; "God" is still dead}, new Coop book of illustrations {get your hands on this devil's work}, video clip featuring interviews from a forthcoming Satanic presentation {filmed at The Black House}, musical performance {The Quintessentials play with Punk legends GBH}, & a elegy for a literary interstellar pioneer, whose imaginings remain timeless as they ever evolve into reality... Walpurgisnacht Message from The Magestry, RFS Interview with Magus Gilmore, Spanish translation of The Satanic Scriptures "Las Escrituras Satanicas" published, merchandise from ASP Apparel, musical performance, releases, & fiery foods from Screamin' Demon... New Year Message... plus much more at the Official Site! Regie Satanas!