Year XLV Anno Satanas

XII/XXI/XLV: SatanaliaSeason Lvcifer by Draconis Blackthorne

A magnificent storm overshadows the land now, Leviathan intermingles with Lucifer to refresh the black earth on this splendid longest night of nights. Reveling in darkness and infernal light.

Season Lucifer crests above, Season Satan below, Oroborous serpent shifts to bring one marvel after another, and thus resonating in kind.

Hellfires flicker while the black moon glows amidst tempestuous skies, as Magic enhanced to work our wiles vibrates in the atmosphere of myriad delights.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Havnted Noctvary, Devil Lake
Winter Solstice, XLV A.S.

  • Satanic Panic Archive: In The Name of Satan.

    XII/XIII/XLV: Make a deal with The Devil! Give the gift of Satan for the hellidays!
  • Blackthorne Productions: A special Satanalia offering...
  • Testimonials: The Devil's Diary 16 Review by Warlock Tier Instinct.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Custom Spells & Satan's Tarot readings.

    Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVI A.S.

  • The Shadow Gallery: Seasons In Hell: The Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVI A.S. is filled with a plethora of Satanic Serenades poetry, Shadow Gallery Art, historical diabolical dates of note, events, infernal multimedia references, nefarious nativities, moon phases, Equinoxes, Solstices, and even more.

    XII/VI/XLV: Krampusnacht
    This year, Krampus brings:
  • Satan's Scroll: Old Nick Volume 1, No. 2.
  • Malefick Mvsick: Ego=God by The Invisible War.

  • Dractionary: Hell Bell [UPDATE].

  • Dractionary: Hell Bell.

  • The Legend of Devil Lake: Video available.

  • Dractionary: Falloween.

    Tier Instinct: The Chaos Magnet XI/VI/XLV
  • Malefick Mvsick: The Chaos Magnet by Tier Instinct.


    The Devil's Diary XVI: Halloween XLV A.S.


    Upon this Helloween Nativity celebration, Samhain unfolds His cloak again, and therefrom come all manner of fear, wonder, and dread. Tricks and treats in myriad forms emerge to enchant and terrify, indulge and edify. The Magic looms heavily in the air, the masks of Satan holds one mystery more enchanting than the next, inviting the world to explore the darkness within.

    Each Jack O' Lantern's flame holds a bit of Hellfire with glowing eyes in rictus and scowl, lights the way to Hades, while little demons haunt on the prowl. Witches cackle and moan, Devils smile and groan. phantoms vanish and materialize. Skeletons dance a bone jangle tune while distant howls resound underneath the blacklight glow of the lycanthropic moon.

    A mystical journey through Volkhloric black mountains and abyssal canyons' gaping maw amidst storm & wailing winds has yielded a destination to an ancient lake, shimmering black with serpentine grace, pools of Leviathans tides. Great Black wings have settled upon the land, overshadowing the world in ghoulish revery. The Gate is open, the denizens of The Pit come forth! All is well in Hell! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctvary, Devil Lake
    Halloween, October 31st Anno Satanas

  • The Devil's Diary XVI: Halloween XLV A.S.: The poetry issue features interviews with Reverend U.V. Ray, Warlock Sonny Bellavance, Satanic Serenades, a poetic horror anthology The Legend of Devil Lake, with essays on Time Travel, technology, science, and Cereal Killers! plus multimedia reviews in the Noctuarium section, The Devil's Web, & more!

    The Legend of Devil Lake by Draconis Blackthorne

  • The Legend of Devil Lake. A Poetic Horror Anthology based on various urban legends.

    The Devil's Diary 11 The Devil's Diary 13

  • The Devil's Diary: The Devil's Diary is now published with a new format, but if you want these two original collector's items, now is your chance! There are two originals of issue 11 left, and one issue 13 {with original cover}. These are now available for a limited time from their first publishing. First come, first served!
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Attention Establishments, & Individuals: "Enter coupon code EXPLORE305 at checkout and receive 14.92% off any order. Maximum savings is $50. Enter coupon code CARGO305 at checkout and receive 20% off any order over $350. Maximum savings is $500. You can only use either of these codes once per account, and unfortunately you can't use these coupons in combination with other coupon codes. These great offers expire on October 11, 2010 at 11:59 PM, so don't miss out!"

  • The Shadow Gallery / Satanic Serenades: CABAZONIA.

    X/I/XLV: Dractober
  • The Shadow Side: Halloween Video playlists added.
  • Malefick Musick: House of Nightmares by Nox Arcana / Buzz Works.

  • Magus LaVey Archives: RE/Search: Modern Primitives.

    IX/XXIII/XLV: Autumnal Equinox XLV A.S. {Falloween}

    Season Belial begins above, Leviathan below... timeless Oroborous cycle.

    We bid Hellcome to Autumn with devil tail wisps swirling orange-hued leaves across the blackened earth, whose rich scents blend with the fog-laden atmosphere, thick with Magic, mystery, and wonder. Twisted, black skeletal trees writhe in the shadows, which descend from above as specters cast forth from earthen caverns, by the glowing harvest moon, reaped and sown, deep as Hell.

    Behold, The Devil bears gifts... emerging now in myriad forms to tempt, terrify, and empower. Tricks and treats for your infernal pleasure and mutual gratification. Awakens the senses with Autumnal bliss! Partake in bounties of manifold delights, those who bear Satan's mark. Daemons of darkness supreme. Ave Rex Inferus Mundi! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Havnted Noctvary
    Autumnal Equinox, XLV Anno Satanas

    (c) k r a m l l e h, Inc.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Opvs Daemonvm: The Devil's Diaries NOW AVAILABLE.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Belial Baphomet.

    Opvs Daemonvm: The Devil's Diary V.1


  • Magus LaVey Archives: Look Magazine: Witches Are Rising.
  • The Devil's Diary: Opvs Daemonvm available for pre-order.

    Iblis Baphomet by Draconis Blackthorne IX/XIII/XLV
  • Satan's Scroll: The Cloven Hoof #132.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Iblis Baphomet.
  • Satanic Serenades: Hell Train.

    Shadowgram by Draconis Blackthorne IX/IX/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Shadowgram. A variation on The Shadowgram utilizing several textures to create an organic effect. More specifically, The Black Dragon. Present are the four primary hellements indicating their symbolic daemonic designations crowned with The Black Flame of Satan.
  • Link Shadowmantium: "Demon Train" desktop added.
  • Blackthorne Productions Testimonials: Comments by Citizen Jason Daniel Young added.

    Draconian Script IX/VI/XLV
  • The Black Earth: Travel Town Museum.
  • Dractionary: Draconian Script. The Draconian Alphabet intended for use in parchments and otherwise communication. Two forms comprise this script. As indicated, either a printed version, or a conjoined cursive style displayed in the titles. An early version was formulated as a Dracling, then later developed into Draconian Script for use in Magical rites, particularly those in Dracomeroth. Besides this alphabet, there are also Satanic Rune symbols used for the oracle by the same name by Blackthorne Productions.

    Dojo by Draconis Blackthorne VIII/XXVII/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Dojo.
  • The Shadow Side: Cthulhu.

  • The Black Earth: Vlad Dracula mini-bust by Buzz Works.
  • Satan's Scroll I: Giger Calendar XLV.
  • Malefick Mvsick: Cemetery Gates by Midnight Syndicate.

    On Friday the 13th... A touch of Halloween, haunting the world with darksome visions. Nightmares conjured from deep within, a timeless friend we hold so dear, while traditions of fear, the herd do adhere, insecure clinging to icons in fright, the shadows laugh with delight!

    Beware of black cats, and broken reflections, umbrellas and ladders and such, and if you survive to live the next night, you cannot deny The Devil's touch...

    VIII/XIII/XLV: Friday 13th

    Door 13 by Draconis BlackthorneIt feels like Halloween again...

    Today marks the beginning of the cultural Helloween season, with the increasingly steady proliferation of all things dark & demonic. Devils of all forms begin peeking forth from every where you look, and ominous superstitions emerge to either frighten or amuse, according to the onlooker.

    Even now, the faint scents and scenes of Avtvmn slowly begin to manifest in sweet evocative bliss, extending one's own Lair into the macrocosm at large. The masks of Satan materialize, one more enthralling than the next, bringing forth the mysteries of the shadows within and without, as these blessings of Hell edify.

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Havnted Noctvary, Infernal Empire
    Friday the 13th, XLV Anno Satanas

    Zombie Influx
  • Malefick Mvsick: Zombie Influx by Buzz Works / Nox Arcana.
  • Malefick Mvsick: The Dead Matter film & soundtrack, Halloween Music collection by Midnight Syndicate.

    The Zzyzx Zone VIII/IX/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery / Satanic Serenades: There's a sign post up ahead... you have just crossed over into The Zzyzx Zone!
  • Dractionary: Demonster.

  • Dractionary: Born With The Horns.
  • The Black Earth: Tabi boots.
  • Spechtreum / Satanic Panic Archive: America's Best Kept Secret.
  • Sinemaerotica: This Ain't The Munsters XXX.

  • Malefick Musick: Theater of Illusion by Nox Arcana.
  • Spechtreum: The Munsters Complete series.
  • The Black Earth: From The Warlock's Wardrobe... Black Leather Pants.

  • Malefick Mvsick: Danzig DethRed Sabaoth, Acheron The Final Conflict {The Last Days of god}, Dethklok Dethalbum II.

    Knight Rider Complete Collection VII/XIII/XLV
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: NIGHTWORLD (part 2: Nocturnal Living).
  • Spechtreum: Knight Rider Codex.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Cereal Killers... They're deliciously deadly!

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Ionic Pollution Solution.
  • Magus LaVey Archives: "Sympathy For The Devil". Rolling Stone magazine.

    Letters From The Devil VI/XXVII/XLV
  • Satan's Scroll: Letters From The Devil.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Custom Spells & Satan's Tarot readings.

    Black Svn by Draconis Blackthorne

    VI/XXI/XLV: Aestas SolsticeSATAN

    T onight heralds Season Satan in the Northern hemisphere with the shortening of days, the growing shadows, and the solace of the night. Aestas joins Phoebus beneath The Black Sun; Hellfires fan kundalini flames as those inclined reveal exposed pulchritude invoking lust as nature takes its course. Cool elixers cascade rivulets upon and within flesh to quench the thirst of desires ignited.

    Here's to continued wealth, health, indulgence, ever increasing power, and success in all endeavors!

    Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!


    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Havnted Noctvary, Infernal Empire
    Remmvs Solstice, XLV Anno Satanas.

    Sir George's Smorgasbord Royal Buffet VI/XVIII/XLV
  • Hell's Bar & Grill: Sir George's Smorgasbord Royal Buffet.

    Phantom Whispers by Draconis Blackthorne VI/XIII/XLV
  • Satanic Serenades / Shadow Gallery: Phantom Whispers.

    Zoth Ommog VI/IX/XLV
  • Blackthorne Productions / Testimonials: Zoth Ommog.

    Marilyn Mansfield VI/VI/XLV
  • The Infernal Empire V.2: Updated video added.
  • Blackthorne Productions: The lovely Marilyn Mansfield with Dracomeroth & issues of The Devil's Diary.

    Satan's Ouija

  • Blackthorne Productions: SATAN'S OUIJA now available!
  • Dractionary: Witch hat as dunce cap.

    V/XXIV/XLV: Magus Gilmore Nativity
  • Malefick Mvsick: Threnody For Humanity.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Magus Gilmore Interviews & compositions.

  • Map of Hell: Site map added for improved navigation. A veritable "Dracspace".
  • Blackthorne Productions: Additional payment method notification. Order Form added. Now also accepting money orders, checks, & cash. If you prefer to order via these methods, please contact with your request for further information and instructions. Thank you! HS! (Note: BP now also represented on facebook).

    Evilspeak V/XIII/XLV
  • Spechtreum V: Evilspeak, Spellbinder.

    Walpvrgis Light by Draconis Blackthorne V/IX/XLV
  • Satanic Serenades / Shadow Gallery: Walpvrgis Light.

  • Tales From The Shadowside: Willow The Wisp.
  • The Black Earth: Blasphemic Cruelty: The Devil's Mayhem LP.

    IV/XXX/XLV: Walpvrgisnacht

    We celebrate this hell-day of observation in remembrance of the founding of The Church of Satan; in the tradition of ancient festivals of flesh, as The Dark Force swells and the night gaunts course across the black earth... The Shadow Elite reign supreme! We celebrate our victories and accomplishments, indulge in fine epicurian delights, and magnify our existence according to The Omnipotent Will!

    Here's to ever-growing Power on all levels of being, in endless regeneration and enrichment! ∞

    World Without End! Hail Victory! Hail Satan!


    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Havnted Noctvary
    Walpvrgisnacht XLV A.S.

  • Satanic Serenades / Shadow Gallery: This Night... Of Nights!
  • Church of Satan News: Walpurgisnacht Message, The Black House returns!, a musical performance, interviews, gallery events, & extraordinary publications! Hail The Infernal Empire!

    IV/XXVII/XLV: Blood Moon
    The Devil's Diary XV: Walpurgisnacht XLV A.S.
  • The Devil's Diary: The Art Issue! This edition features interviews with Les Hernandez of The Quintessentials, & Musician Chris Menta, with essays from Paul Hill, Adan Flores, & Draconis Blackthorne. Satanic Serenades features poetry from Tier Instinct, Blackthorne, & Kathryn Paul. The Shadow Gallery featured artists include Jason Leach & Matt Stolzenburg.

    The Devil's Diary XV

    The Devil's Diary

  • The Devil's Diary: Currently taking submissions for The Devil's Diary 15, Walpurgisnacht XLV A.S. Accepting essays, poetry, fiction, adventures, Lesser & Greater Magic, paranormal experiences, and multimedia reviews. Additional subject inclusion suggestions welcome. Please submit material no later than April 27th. Scheduled for release on Walpurgisnacht XLV.
  • Introdvuction: Correspondence with the "Seven Deadly Sins".
  • Satanic Serenades/Shadow Gallery: Black Skull.
  • Malefick Mvsick: Type O Negative.

  • Satanic Serenades/Shadow Gallery: Devilution 1: Carnal Metamorphosis.
  • Dractionary: Dracomnium.

    IV/XI/XLV: Day of Observation: Magus LaVey Nativity

  • Magus LaVey Tribute. Here's to Our Founder who started it all. Hail Szandor! Hail Satan! [featured in The Infernal Empire News].

    The IV/IX/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery: The Unknown Known.

  • The Black Dragon Speaks! A collection of archival interviews from various publications and sources.
  • The Black Earth: The Cloven Hoof Boutique.

  • Dractionary: Dręgon.

    III/XX/XLV: Vernal Equinox

    The Garden of Dark Delights by Draconis BlackthorneSeason Leviathan crests upon the horizon now, as the land becomes fertile with lushness and bounties galore. Cornucopias overflow with sweet carnal delights! While blossoming Nature lurches towards the sky... Belial sups deeply the elixer of strongest life!

    Satyrs, nymphs! Incubi & Succubi! Arise in the mind, cast upon the tides, to spark the serpentine flame! Blushed upon the carnal canvas, the pleasures of the flesh in The Devil's name!

    Omnipotent words are spoken in shadowed lairs to manifest secret desires according to The Almighty Will materialized. Thoughts unto reality, deeds both great and small, celebrate The-Is-To-Be, magnified by The One & All!

    Hail Satan! SO IT IS DONE.

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    Vernal Equinox, XLV A.S.
    The Havnted Noctvary, Satan's Hollow

  • The Shadow Gallery: Shadow Reflection.

    Shadow Gallery Calendar XLV A.S.

    III/XVIII/XLV: Lucky number 13!
  • Blackthorne Productions: The Shadow Gallery Calendar XLV A.S. is now only $13! Enrich your Satanic experience with Nefarious Nativities, Moon phases, diabolical dates, & shadowmantic art the year through! Possess this darkly elegant calendar HERE!

    Black Night by Draconis Blackthorne III/XIII/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Black Night. A veritable "prequel" to Black Morning, and a stylized depiction of The Devil tarot card. [direct link via The Blackthorne Chronicles].

    Draconis Blackthornes Shadowmantivm

  • Shadowmantivm banners: Shadow Daemon banner created.

  • Blackthorne Productions: The Devil's Scroll & Dracomeroth have been revised, resized (now 6"x 9"; down from the previous text book size), and enhanced!
  • Banners: Ad banners for Malefick Media & The Shadow Gallery Calendar added. Please feel free to add to your web sources, if you wish. Thank you!
  • The Shadow Side VI: The Devil In Metal I. Pax Draconvm. ∞

    II/XXVII/XLV: Snow Moon
  • Blackthorne Productions: Banner ads for websites, profiles, reposts added.

    I=THEIST: None Are Equal II/XVIII/XLV
  • Malefick Musick: I-Theist - None Are Equal.

    Shadow Baphomet II by Draconis Blackthorne II/XIII/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Shadow Baphomet II.

  • Blackthorne Productions / Photos & Testimonials: Lady Daeva & Gina Ambrosio.

  • The Shadow Side: Martial Arts episode.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Art of War [documentary].

    Apotheosis Draconvm II/I/XLV: Dracmas
  • The Shadow Gallery: Apotheosis Draconvm. ∞
  • Infernal Empire News: The Shadow Gallery Calendar featured.
  • Satan's Scroll: Saucy Jack: The Elusive Ripper.

    Baphomet Tree I/XXVII/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Baphomet Tree.

    The Shadow Side

  • The Shadow Side: Introducing The Shadow Side Satanic channel video playlist compilations available on The Devil's Web which feature an eclectic variety of multimedia presentations spotlighting music, interviews, various film genres from occult, horror, to sci-fi and dark comedy, documentaries, art, & total environments.

    A Shadow In The Fog by Draconis Blackthorne I/XIII/XLV
  • The Shadow Gallery: A Shadow In The Fog.

  • Malefick Mvsick: King Diamond / Mercyful Fate, LeRue Delashay, Manowar, Danzig.

    Shadow Gallery Calendar XLV A.S. by Draconis Blackthorne

  • Blackthorne Productions: Shadow Gallery Calendar XLV A.S. Features the full color Shadowmantic artwork and graphic Satanic Serenades poetry by Warlock Draconis Blackthorne upon a black parchment theme. Also contains black / full moon cycles, nativities of various infamous historical figures, and diabolical dates of observation and celebration. This Satanically-elegant calendar is fully illustrated throughout.

    Possess The Shadow Gallery Calendar

    I/I/XLV: Year XLV

    In the timeless now, all that has been planned has come to fruition, with more to be realized as the seasons endlessly cycle. Reflecting upon what has been, is, and shall yet to be, brings gratification in all venues of existence, continually evolving The Infernal Alignment unto perfection.

    Upon this enchanted full moon's night, soon to yielding a partial lunar eclipse in its wake, resolutions are ignited and resolve strengthened! Raise your glass to health, wealth, power, undefiled wisdom, and indulgence! World Without End! ∞


    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
    1st January, XLV Anno Satanas

  • Infernal Empire News: Year XLV Message.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: New Year's Evil & Bloody New Year Double Feature!
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Calendar. Year XLIV Evilutions.

    XII/XXI/XLIV: Satanalia / Winter Solstice

    Infernal Greetings on this longest Satanalia nocturne!

    With the sweet tricks and treats of Autumn, the seasons now shift from Belial to Lucifer as frost winds course in the darkness by the shadow of the black dragon's wings of night, while hellfires breath warmth and cause the inner flames to soar with passion! Veritable Krampii and succubi dance by the yulepyre to Indulge & Feast in sublime carnal delights! Partake deeply of The Devil's bounty in these wondrous festivals of flesh!

    I wish you a most Magical and joyous Winter! Let the celebrations begin!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
    Satanalia / Winter Solstice XLIV A.S.

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Satanalia show.
  • Satanalia Carols: Some alternatives to common herd canticles, while still experiencing the evocative value, and preserving perspective.
  • From Dusk Till Con: xmas Evil review.

    Satantragram I by Draconis Blackthorne XII/XVIII/XLIV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Satantragram I.

    The Fire From Within by Nemo XII/XIII/XLIV
  • Satan's Scroll: The Fire From Within.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The 13 Nights of Solstice begins!

    Winter's Eve by Nox Arcana XII/VI/XLIV: Krampusnacht
  • Malefick Musick: Winter's Eve by Nox Arcana.
  • Profiles: Gina Ambrosio.

    Vampire Baphomet II XI/XXVII/XLIV
  • The Shadow Gallery: Vampire Baphomet I & II.
  • Devilutions: Black Book of Shadows, Tales From The Shadowside.

  • Profiles: Tier Instinct.

    Allure of The Vampire by Corvis Nocturnum XI/XIII/XLIV: Friday 13th
    • 31-13: The Gates are open! The Shadowmantium has been streamlined and is now at this new server. Please update your bookmarks to shadowmantium.com.
    • Satan's Scroll: Allure of The Vampire.


    Season Belial has yielded the Devil Winds, heralding the return of Samhain in its wake. Shadows arise, casting fearsome specters spread across the black earth, to the delight of likened kind. With tricks and treats, delectable pleasures, with sights and sounds, possess the treasures, imbibe the sinful vice!

    The Gates of Hell spread wide this night, daemons reborn & empowered. Forces of Darkness surrounding resplendent, swelling within and without! Devils and Witches dance by the fire, in passionate bliss, lust and desire, may the flames grow higher!

    Moans and shrieks, screams and maniacal laughter, echo forth to bring the nightmares nigh. A constant reflection, welcomed contemplation, on Halloween's Birthday, with bemused observation. Let the celebrations begin!


    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary
    Halloween XLIV Anno Satanas.

  • Year XLVI | Year XLVII A.S. | XLVIII

    TCHORNIBLOG: The Blackthorne Chronicles

    The Shadowmantium is made manifest on a Mac. Partake of The Forbidden Fruit Summon Satan

    INFERNAL EMPIRE NEWS XLV: December 21 {Winter Solstice}: Seasonal message, Magus Gilmore interview, The Shadow Gallery Calendar, literature, RFS news, musickal & cinematic presentations... November 11: Veteran's Day message, Old Nick returns!, cinematic Vampire & occulture literature, plus a comedic performance!... October 31: Halloween Greetings, The 666 High Mass, Artistry, Cinematic events, olfactory delights, poetry, RFS News, literature, Musical performances, & Germ Books gallery presentations... October 6: Magus Gilmore Interview, literature, musical projects, releases & performance, plus cinematic & art events... September 23: Seasonal Greetings, Old Nick returns!, literature, Magus LaVey film reviews, & musical releases!... 11 September: Essay by Magus Gilmore on blindlight fundamentalism, theatrical & musical events, plus Germ Books + Gallery... 27 August: Church of Satan updates on twitter, Between The Horns Interview, Femaledictions, Gallery & Art exhibition, plus Germ Books + Gallery events... 17 June: The Nature of Existence premiere {featuring Magus Gilmore}, an Art reception at Finder's Creepers, a Darren Deicide performance, an RFS Interview, film festival event, movie presentation, plus Germ Books + Gallery events & literature... 28 May: A Darren Deicide performance, & Marilyn Mansfield in a music video feature... Walpurgisnacht Message, The Black House returns!, a musical performance, interviews, gallery events, & extraordinary publications!... Dr. LaVey birthday message from The Magestry, interview German translation text, Magus LaVey Tribute video, Seasonal greetings, a Cabaret & Burlesque show, & an erotic theme night!... Magus Gilmore & Magistra Nadramia interviews, punk magazine interview with Joel Gausten... a new RFS show, artistry, literature, music, & gallery events... The Shadow Gallery Calendar, In Through This Devour... Paranormal States missing Satanism segment revealed... Embrace The Dark, Kult of Azazel news, Hellzapoppin's Greatest Show In Hell sideshow tour, I-Theist, Germ Books & Gallery literature & art show events... Paranormal State... New Year Message XLV... Solstice Greetings XLIV... Interview with artist/sculptor G. Edwin Taylor, apparel from Rabid Crow, Narrations From The Abyss... Media representation featuring Reverend Moore... Statuary, literature {featuring Dracomeroth, among others}, cinematic, musical and performance gratification, a favored merchandise conclusion, a fine establishment premiere, and an art exhibition!... Malefick Media & The Devil's Mischief... plus much more at the Official Site! Regie Satanas!
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