SINEMAEROTICA: Satanic Sickies
The Den of Iniquity
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Satanic Sickies
{VII/XIX/XLI A.S. Alpha Blue Archives. Genre: Sinemaerotica}

KundalingamSatanic Sickies is an amusing archival compendium of fictional sinemaerotic productions from the 70's & 80's with occult and demonic themes intended for adult entertainment, and do not display actual Satanic practices in all respects, although there are many obvious influences displayed deriving from The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals books, Satanis: The Devil's Mass documentary, and Dr. LaVey's aesthetic persona.

Just to be clear, consider the following statements from The Satanic Bible: Satanasutra

"Under no circumstances would a Satanist sacrifice any animal or baby!" {TSB; 'On The Choice of A Human Sacrifice', page 89}

"Satanism does not advocate rape, child molesting, sexual defilement of animals, or any other form of sexual activity which entails the participation of those who are unwilling or whose innocence or naivete' would allow them to be intimidated or misguided into doing something against their wishes." {TSB; 'Satanic Sex', page 70}

Discriminate with care, sin well, and have fun!

Alpha Blue Archives: Satanic Sickies

Back Cover Description: "Includes bonus loops: Witch Sabbath Hexensabbat, Lucifer's Lust & more! Alpha Blue Proudly Presents this premier package of Satanic, vampire and Witchcraft Sex Films from the 70's! Seekers of the bizarre and obscure will not be disappointed with this collection that highlights the 1970's pre-occupation with Occult themes! Sometimes shocking, hilarious and always entertaining these films include themes of ritual sacrifice, mutilation, sex orgies, satanic possession & exorcism, vampirism & bloodsucking, haunted mansions, necrophilia, devil-worship and much more! FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM TITLES INCLUDE: DEVIL INSIDE HER, SEDUCTION OF AMY, DEVIL'S DUE, SORCERESS, SUCKULA, LAST STEP DOWN, SATAN'S SEX SLAVES, BLUE VOODOO, SEXORCIST DEVIL, HOTTER THAN HELL, NIGHT OF THE WARLOCK, MADAM SATAN."

Disc I

Devil Inside Her
{XI A.S. A.K.A. "Metamorphosis". Taurus Productions. Written & Directed by Zebedy Colt. Produced by Jason West. Starring Jody Maxwell, Terri Hall, Dean Tait, Rod Dumont. 69 minutes.}

[Note: In an almost "Aristocrats" manner, this film seems to want to be as shocking as possible, trampling taboos left and right, and it does manage to be disturbing from time to time. Expressing the dualistic Judeo-Christian superstitious legends of antiquity, it manages to pull up just about every hysterical notion leveled against proposed diabolists to frighten their congregations firmly into church pews. Besides being propaganda, these tales not only provided propaganda for Catholic and Protestant churches, but also served as a convenient venue with which to express their own desperately repressed projections.]

Set in repressively Puritanical 1826 New England, Joseph {who resembles "Rocky" from RHPS} and Faith are just a couple in love, but he is also desired by her sister Hope, who will do anything to attain his affections, including making a deal with The Devil, if that's what it takes. But the rift has already begun when they are caught kissing by 'father', who whips Faith within an inch of her life, admonishing that she stand naked before "God" and read the bible, after calling her a harlot, and he a lecher.

Hope's request does not go unheeded, while agonizing in the forest, The Devil proclaims "Don't give up, 'Hope'", and appears as a hirsute, lascivious man with an elongated appendage in make-up that could be a cross between King Diamond's and Gene Simmons', with slicked hair forming a widow's peak and horns, wearing nothing but a cape, studded gauntlets, collar, and boots. Overall, resembling what could be a demonic Frank-N-Furter. Transforming into the form of Joseph, and to her self-deceptive trepidation, he takes Faith into the pinnacles of ecstasy.

Hope visits the village Witch at her hovel for advice, a pocked hag of a woman who mixes up a potion of love for her {containing some of the classical disgusting Shakespearean ingredients such as "bat's eyes", "lizard's tongue", "the puss from a dying virgin", "bone dust of a pilgrim lecher", "the menstrual fluid of a Persian Harlot", "the sweat of a goat", "the blood of a fresh-killed toad", and the final ingredient that makes it all work, the "love juice of Nicodemus" {she turns her parrot into a "wood sprite", a salacious man with no seed of his own, but is filled with a collection of that sove "spilled by naughty disobedient boys"}, which must be drawn from "the human snake that grows to fill the void", which lets forth its bounty into the bowl. After she leaves with a vial of the potion {in which she will "see her lover in her own eyes"; so of course, The Devil later takes advantage of this}, He then emerges wherein the crone collects her reward from his thorn.

In the process, she utters some zingers like,

"Is it not the evil in the world that makes good seem duller than it is? That frightened fathers send dry girls to seek My kind of truth..."

Next, He takes the form of Faith and seduces Joseph, while Hope has a fruit and vegetable salad. Then it really gets disturbing when 'father' gets into the action. Of course, one can tell who The Devil takes the form of by the blue eyeliner each of the characters wear and Hope now seems fulfilled and liberated from sanctimonious guilt.

Distressed, Faith seeks solace with mother, who inspects her to see if her hymen is still intact. Supposedly, if her suspicions are correct, that Joseph seemed "possessed", if it was a demon, then she should still be intact. But when 'father' spots himself consorting with Hope, the illusion is shattered, and is attacked by hell hounds. After the inspection, turns out she is still a virgin; but then The Devil appears and transforms again for another rather disturbing scenario... then it's off to The Witch's Sabbath!

When Hope is whisked away in a puff of red smoke, father and Joseph team up, and armed with wooden crosses, scour the forest in search of it. Cut to extensive scenes of deviant merry-making, 'neath lunar, red and amber light, where almost every conceivable orgiastic perversion is enacted as described by paranoid superstition, including the infamous 'Besse Infame', and much, much more. At one point, a woman is multiply-mounted until they are what appears to be one copulating beast. Now, the so-called "sacrifice" is prepared, which is not an actual killing, but actually a symbolic term to signify the introduction of this maiden into the pleasures of the flesh. But before this, Joseph and father' find the spot, and rescuing Faith, are met with a defiant Hope exclaiming,

"Go Fuck yourself in Heaven! You have ruined it all with your cocks of impurity! I'll cut your balls off! Especially Joseph's!...

When admonished to rebuke Satan, she further proclaims,

"Never! I'll eat My own sh*t before I renounce My Lord, and Master of all desire!" At which point she perishes when the cross is applied... or did she?

The ending scene features The Devil gazing up, as if talking to "God", observing that if he was as prompt at answering prayers as Ol' Nick was, then there would not be so much trouble; at which point he envelops Hope in his cape and escorts her to meet with the rest of the "flock".

Devil Inside Her seems to be a combination of Young Goodman Brown and The Blood on Satan's Claw, though overall, this piece of celluloid could very well be described as "shock porn".

Seduction of Amy
{X A.S. A.K.A., "Phantasmes". Written & Directed by Jean Rollin. Starring Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Catherine Castel, Marie-Pierre Castel, Alban Ceray, Mylene D'Antes, Corinne Lemoine, Mannuella Marino, Greg Masters, Rachel Mhas, Marlène Myller, Jean Rollin, Stéphane Saratoga, Monica Swinn, Evelyne Thomas, Jean-Louis Vattier, Claudia Zante. 69 minutes.}

The film begins with some mutant attempting to rape a lovely girl, and ends up striking her who falls into a lake, and is rescued by an immortal man inhabiting a glorious mansion, who is also related to The Marquis DeSade. This presentation is seemingly based in large part upon The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Strange sexual rites were performed in a lower chamber, resulting in his everlasting condition, which features carvings, statues, he explains as he leads her through the manse, where its other inhabitants take their pleasures with each other for great mutual gratification, and where "Amy" learns the pleasures of the flesh herself, despite some inner contention, which she sheds upon the realization of her own blossoming body and her growing love for this mysterious man.

This precious maiden he rescued at the marsh takes his heart, destined to be his companion at least for another many years, as he persists unto timelessness, preserving her sweet memory.

This sinemaerotica is remarkable for its beautiful natural and aristocratic environments, attractive performers {including two lovely twins, a gorgeous redhead, the sweetly erotic Amy, and an Indian beauty}, indulgent situations, elegant accouterments {befitting nobility}, with a plot that is much more thought-out than usual, actually complimenting the overall production.


Devil's Due
{Produced by Nino DeRoma, directed by Ernest Danna}

"Worshipping The Devil... it's the 'in thing' to do!"

When "Cindy" is traumatized in her home town by what she perceives to be "evil men"*, from being slipped a mickey by the High School's Dean who has his way with her in his office {she was actually a valedictorian; but if she reported him, he would deny it claiming she incited it, then she would no longer be valedictorian}, her boyfriend refusing to marry her after she discovers she is pregnant, to her best friend "Barbie" bedding down with her father {whereupon walking in on them, screams and loses her voice from the shock}, deciding all men are animals who are only interested in using women for sex. So she escapes to the big city seeking room mates and a new life, but who also just so happen to be members of a devil cult , inviting her to participate in their sex rites involving "Kampala", the supposed incarnation of The Devil.

"We believe that evil outweighs the good in the world, and as such, it is Satan who is our true savior."

Being that no one can view the rites of the cult except those initiated, she is lain naked upon The Altar, where Kampala appears in a white robe amidst bursts from a fog machine, who then begins screaming "the holy words" with His Chief Mistress 'Dawn':

"Satan is our savior!" At which point both begin enjoying her nubile body, and is "initiated".

After relating her troubled past to the other girls, they take compassion upon her which of course, yields to a lesbian scene. She considers Kampala to be a phony, only using the cult for the girls and for money. Now they reveal a secret of theirs to her - that they have been planning on taking over the cult for themselves. So at the very next ceremony, strychnine has been added to the ceremonial oil which is to be anointed upon the girl's breasts; so Kampala is challenged to prove his power, that all he has to do is just lay upon the Altar without partaking of the new succubus' breasts while she "rides the beast", as it were, but yields to temptation. Thus deceased, Cindy and Dawn are now the leaders of the cult. A lengthy celebratory orgy follows.

Now a "High Priestess", she decides to gain revenge against those who "fractured her life" as she put it, and calling each one, invites them for a visit...


* Interesting to note that this attitude primarily originated in the 60's & 70's, wherein much of the gender-based ad-hominem terminology developed as a result of a veneer of erstwhile 'strength' to mask reactionary weakness, instead of pro-actionary evolution.

Disc II


A young couple decide to hang out a shingle and go into the "psychic biz", with her as a palm reader and he as a secret photographer behind a two-way mirror, to frame rich clients out of money. This healthy couple are quite communicative, wherein she fulfills two fantasies for him - one of a Spanish Princess and another as a French maid.

She sets up by donning a black robe, displaying a red candle, and scenes to the tune of The Exorcist's "Tubular Bells"; if they only concentrate, each client's fantasies are fulfilled: One desires a dancer, another a young virgin, and another's desires are for another woman {Lesbian scene}. However, they were not counting on the mysterious man {probably a hired goon} who enters one day, rapes and strangles her, then places her body into the convenient coffin propped up in the parlor with the Fiji mermaid dangling therefrom. Seems their chicanery was appreciated none too much by certain folks.

Interestingly, the boyfriend is no where to be found... [3/5]

{VIII A.S. Directed by Anthony Spinelli. Starring Pat Arno, Ann Finn, Art Gill. 54 minutes.}

In a comedic sex pulp men's magazine format, a-la in a very "Monty Python" style, the entire film is told from the position of a news reporter named "George Smutnam" in New York, relating the strange Vampiric happenings in Los Angeles, compiled by adventurous cameramen at great risk to themselves, chronologing alleged Vampire activity.

From the phallic cologne bottle commercial featuring masturbating model "Laura-Jean", to the efforts of Dracula / Suckula {the fanged actor actually has a necktie instead of the usual bow-tie} seducing several maidens, and indulging in both mutually-pleasurable oral and blood fetishes {particularly a very talented young lady with a perfectly-placed Devil's Mark}; an amusing Folger's coffee commercial featuring a couple sharing their intimate relations; to "Sandra VanOcre" {a hilariously mustached man in drag} for an abrupt interview with "Rodney Alucard the IIIrd", a direct descendant of Count Dracula. Then on to a parody of those "Go see Cal" Worthington car ads, complete with modified lyrics and a negro slave girl; then back to Sandra for an interview with a female vampire named "Moona Lisa" who virtually cannibalizes her/him; now please view your monitor for another seemingly gratuitous scene of a couple having sex, when the girl surprisingly turns into a vampire; then a final exchange with Sandra who meets a predictably temporary demise by the fangs of Alucard and Moona.

"Remember... you were there! ...And now for the late movie, 'The Mad Motorcycle Monster Who Ate Naked Hippies'. Thank you, and Good Night." [5/5]

The Last Step Down
{V A.S. A.K.A., "Even Devils Pray". Written by Arthur Allen, Phil Miller. Directed by Lawrence Ramport. Starring Uschi Digard, Olivia James, Terri Johnson, Malta, Beatrice Stolen, Michael Valentine. 67 minutes.}

The remarkably Satantric opening scene displays robed figures filing in to a church containing an ankh-like insignia on the wall, where the Phallus is risen forth to the congregants as if a "monstrance", dipping it into a chalice, and anointing its contents upon two female initiates, who writhe in carnal ecstasy, are brought to orgasm, whom are thoroughly and passionately enjoyed

After seducing a nubile acolyte, these Satantric "Nuns" bring her forth into the Chambers of Lust where during this veritable Satantric Mass, is initia"ed into the pleasures of the flesh, collectively enjoyed by the congregants upon The Altar, until all find release.

During a discussion between the girls, they affirm the benefits of these healthy and naturally indulgent psychodramatic practices, with the neophyte stating that she had no idea that there were so many positions... Herein there are no sacrifices, no gore, no death or misery, just the life-affirming delights of the earth, promoting overall success, strength of character and ego. A great viewing pleasure. [5/5]

Bonus Shorts

Hexensabbat Lucifer's Lust

Witch Sabbath {Hexen Sabbat}: This one is essentially a music video, to the tunes of what sounds like Siouxie & The Banshees and David Bowie, in dim flickering candle light with robed and disrobed participants having group sex, who are apparently initiating a cute young woman into their Gothic-like cult, somewhat reminiscent of The Khlysty - there is even one participant who resembles Rasputin included. It is later revealed that one of the seemingly male participants is actually a girl wearing a strap-on, who joins in the fun with both the initiate and the others. Silver crosses abound.

Satanist: A diabolical man resembling Tim Skerrit, hypnotizes a voluptuous girl resembling a mannequin, using his fascination pendant, to perform his every desire, and she does... to his great satisfaction.

Lucifer's Lust {A.K.A., "'F' For Peace"}: A robed and bearded Lucifer appears to a couple, directing them to perform various "unspeakable" pleasurable acts, working them like puppets to sin well for his viewing pleasure. They are to remember in their dreams what Lucifer has taught them, for their carnal benefit. Here The Devil represents a sense of adventure and sexploration, instructing this previously boring couple to improve their sex lives, and they are all the better for it.

Disc III

Satan's Sex Slaves

Satan appears as a black-robed man roaming a carnival in white and red split face makeup, visiting several lustfully-unfortunate persons with promises of carnal indulgence, if they only give their 'souls' to Him, each of which becomes fulfilled. From the lonesome Victorian "Lady Violet DeGamba" who happily beds down with a blacksmith; to an impotent man healed of his malady, that he may be able to consummate his marriage, becomes generously endowed, receiving two succubi for his pleasure; and a frustrated, curious girl who desires satisfaction, experiences her every desire.

This film seems to assert that The Devil is a friend to man, despite the rottenly sanctimonious ingratitude expressed by the couple in the end, claiming that the restored virility allowed them to consummate their love by marriage, yet were only wed because of His bestowal, and so He is cheated from his rightful due. So it is supposed that as long as they indulge with only each other for the rest of their lives {thus avoiding "adultery"}, their souls are 'safe'. He departs with diabolic laughter, knowing full well he will claim his due in time.


Blue Voodoo

When a pretty young stripper is treated shamefully by her scumbag boyfriend {particularly rotten considering he stole money she gathered by all means necessary for their marriage, only to decide at the last moment - right after fellatio, in fact - that he did not intend to marry her at all}, a beautiful Witch comes to her aid after she becomes aware of the incident by viewing her on the Magic Mirror in her fog-permeated Chamber.

Depressed, the girl wishes for death. Seems he suddenly became infatuated by another young stripper with a really impressive act. The Witch calls upon "The Black Widow" by the power of Damballa to rightfully punish the lowlife.

After The Witch and The Black Widow enjoy each other, they conveniently become employed in the very same club, where The Black Widow teaches three guidos some culture by transporting them to Nero's Rome, resulting in quite a delightful spectacle of orgiastic indulgence. The Black Widow weaves her spell upon the audience, and eventually gains the attention of the boyfriend, whose life force is absorbed in a very intriguing way.

This film is primarily enjoyable for the "Black Magic" displayed, the succulent 'witches', the creatively-entertaining dance performances, and the Bacchanalian spectacle.


Sexorcist Devil
{IX A.S. A.K.A., "Undressed To Kill", "The Sexorcist", The Sexorcist's Devil". Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler. Written by Arnold Blatt. Starring Lilly Lamarr, Kelly Guthrie, Eva Gaulant, Wayne Williams. 61 minutes.}

"There is a beast in man that should be "{s}exercised, not exorcised." ASLV / DB.

Done in a documentary style, Carolyn is a reporter researching an article for an Occult magazine, and decides to accompany "occult expert & Sexorcist*" Dr. Von Kleinsmidt to "The Marsh" {a blighted (super) natural wilderness akin to The Devil's Canyon}, a dangerous environment steeped in nefarious superstition about a "sex-crazed Devil worship cult" supposedly performing rites of darkness out there, until he comes upon a mysterious box containing parchments, which he takes back with him to his study for translation. Unbeknownst to him, while he does so, he unwittingly calls forth a "perverse disciple of The Devil" named "Volta" {Wayne Williams} who takes possession of Diane's friend Janice, a prostitute he uses to seduce and kill everyone around her while taking his pleasures as well. He initiates her by bestowing a pendant displaying "Set" upon her, while together uttering "Hail Satan!" with uplifted Cornus.

When Carolyn becomes suspicious after a phone call to Diane, she returns home to find her afflicted with a demon trying to possess her, but it is all a ruse, and surprisingly, she is also dispatched, as is her pimp, but not before Von Kleinsmidt is alerted, who attempts to battle these "evil spirits" by using passages from The Goetia {The 'Lesser Key of Solomon', a blindlight tome by a blindlight author, who was subservient to the mythological Jehovic god}, admonishing demons to submit, yet because of Volta's quick efforts {with a gesture used by Crowley to signify horns on the sides of the head}, manages to materialize a knife in the hand of the possessed Diane, who stabs Von Kleinsmidt to death. A smiling Volta proclaims success, that Satan's will has been fulfilled, and walks back into the wilderness...

Mentionable are some of the intriguing paintings in Von Kleinsmidt's office {Satan arising, embracing a witch; a Reaper goosing a Lilithian witch holding a serpent, perhaps representing the kundalini; a demonic beast tearing prey limb from limb; and a portrait of the setting sun in The West}, which do resemble Dr. LaVey's style, and the recurrent appearance of an image of a lion resembling Togare. Also, the appearance of a Baphomet in the ending credits. [3/5]

* According to the film, "Sexorcism" is "removing The Devil from your body while he's sexually possessing it."

Disc IV

Hotter Than Hell

Beginning with a delightfully lustful scene in Hell, Satan is enthroned wielding a sword receives a curious message that not as many souls are being damned, so he orders His two sons to ascend to earth to find out why this is so. While one is more committed to the duty, the other is rather comedically Lokian in countenance {rather like Little Nicky}, making for several humorous commentaries and situations. They seek to "corrupt" as many maidens as they can, but it seems that time and time again they are met with salacious women where the question of who is seducing who is contemplated.

Manifesting in demonic attire, they appear to a couple of salacious female room mates, concluding in a foursome; a stoner girl, a succulent virgin {wherein she is seduced after consuming a bubbling elixir made by 'dad'}, and a desperate brunette secretary, moving from an office desk to a rocking horse, where among other pleasing acts, perform "arabian style" [seated intercourse}.

Upon descending back to Hell to report with the secretary who subsequently expresses her wish to be a part of the plan to "corrupt all mankind", their passion unabated, continue their activities under the approving and enthusiastic gaze of Satan, wherein He also takes His pleasure after uttering the "Invocation Employed for The Conjuration of Lust" from The Satanic Bible!

With more effort placed into this production, this film stands out primarily for the choice of music {more than just the usual jazz, with some Middle-Eastern, some instrumental, and some tribal drumming thrown into the cauldron}; more attention paid to props & costumes {The Devil appearing quite Bacchus / Pan-like, in a fur suit, upon a throne, with sword, and the devilish attire of the sons}; the decent acting & personalities {the Lokian son is quite funny at times, and it seems the fatherly-endearing actor playing Satan actually has acting experience}; casting {well placed and hypothetically believable}, lighting {with uses of red, green and fire light}, sets {cave-like environment with hell fire and boulders, one of which is termed "The Altar"}; credits {several humorous animations of a horny seducing devil}, and the amusingly comedic plot, all make for an exceptional sinemaerotic gem overall.

Night of The Warlock

Amusingly, on a hand-written title and a typed paper printout, this film claims to be a comprehensive display of authentic occult rites, as well as all six "principals" of 'Satanic Films, Inc.' met with violent death by fire, as an entertaining tie-in with the plot. Also obvious propaganda employed for entertainment purposes, much like the warning on the Necronomicon book.

The film begins in a darkly draped chamber with a young lady strapped to a black platform who is "violated" by a young and pretty black lingerie-wearing 'witch' wearing a hip harness with a prosthetic phallus, while being observed by two cult members in robes. The Altar features a crudely-drawn red star upon which is super-imposed a vague white geometrical goat head, black candles, and a skull. Unfortunately, the young lady meets with a grisly demise.

Her sister seeks to discover what happened to her because of the suspicious death, though unbeknownst to her, she employs the very men who are responsible for her immolation. Her boyfriend is payed a visit from the incognito witch, hypnotizing him via her seductive wiles, while the sister is also hypnotized by the head cultist's scorpion pendant, where she is made to disrobe and is taken sexually on the office table.

Because she perceives their actions are unjustified, the young witch is punished via a whipping because of her disobedience to the cult. While copulating upon the platform in the ritual chamber, the boyfriend is "violated" by the harness, followed by she being punished again, when all that is left of her is a skeleton with a strap-on.

The sister is kidnapped and taken to the chamber where she is raped by the cultists, and just as she is also to meet with the same fate as her sister, police sirens send them on their way, but also meet with a fiery demise themselves during the escape. The film concludes with a Rosemary's Baby inference, and thus, The Devil prevails again.

Throughout the movie, a demonic face appears from time to time, as if to assert the presence of The Devil. Where this production lacks in funds and effects, it makes up in imagination.


Madam Satan

A psychic-buster seeks to expose the psychic biz, arranging an appointment under the pretense of attending a seance conducted by a 'Madam Cobra'; the three attending couples are Magically transported into the dark recesses of a sex cult where they participate in sex rites, and their fetishes are indulged.

Madam Cobra is actually Madam Satan, a Dominatrix who appears in black lingerie, boots with stiletto heels, and a cape, while others disrobe. They are led nude down a hallway to the sounds of a storm and herded by a man with a whip into a chamber where a caped "priest" awaits, reading from "his" bible, which are actually segments from The Seventh Enochian Key from The Satanic Bible.

The group imbibe an "elixir of love", and begin indulging in the delights of the flesh, except for one member who does not seem too responsive, so it is up to Madam Satan to figure out what his particular fetish is; so after a whipping, and with the aid of an inserted vibrator, he finds release. All the while observing the festivities, the priest signifies the Cornu, preserving all in attendance with the perspective of indulging in The Devil's pleasures.

When all are satisfied, they are materialized and returned to the "seance table" with no one the wiser. As to the investigator, it seems it was he who was exposed in the end!

This is actually a great fictional premise, and would like to see this film remade in higher quality. [3/5].

Back Cover Description: "Alpha Blue Archives Proudly Presents this premier package of Satanic, vampire and Witchcraft Sex Films from the 70's! Seekers of the bizarre and obscure will not be disappointed with this collection that highlights the 1970's pre-occupation with Occult themes! Sometimes shocking, hilarious and always entertaining these films include themes of ritual sacrifice, mutilation, sex orgies, satanic possession & exorcism, vampirism & bloodsucking, haunted mansions, necrophilia, devil-worship and much more! Full Length Feature Film titles Include: HARDGORE, RITES OF URANUS, ANGEL ABOVE, DEVIL BELOW, ALL THE DEVIL'S ANGELS, SUBURBAN SATANIST, SACRILEGE, SEX RITUALS, DARK DREAMS, WALTZ OF THE BAT, NECROMANIA by Ed Wood Jr., DAUGHTER OF SATAN, SEX AND THE SINGLE VAMPIRE. Includes BONUS original theatrical trailers & a huge gallery of Satanic & Witchcraft images!"

To quote Magus LaVey from Satanis:

"We feel a person should be free to indulge in all the so-called fetishes, all of the so-called aberrations, that they may so desire, as long as they don't hurt anyone who doesn't deserve or wish to be hurt."
"We feel that in a few short years it will be established that everyone is a sexual deviant, pervert, fetishist, or something or other."

"Be the best sinner on the block!"

Box Set I: Of deciding between the two, I would personally recommend acquiring Volume II first, containing a higher concentration of flagrant demonic erotica wherein Dr. LaVey's influence is so obviously displayed, even artistically displayed on the very cover, & considering he was writing for various erotica magazines with his column Letters From The Devil} at the time, from verbatim litany to pronunciations of "Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!", & recitations of The Enochian Keys, variants of The Baphomet, pentagrams, skulls, to a lesser extent inverted crosses, and general ritual chamber aesthetics. If you enjoy what you see, by all means possess Volume I forthwith to complete the collection, all of which are absolutely the rarest compendium of underworld productions of the horror sinemaerotic genre in existence,

"The Ruler of The Earth, and The King of The World!"

Being that Satan is the ultimate archetype of carnality, Magic, mystery, Power & pleasure, Satanic Sickies definitely gives The Devil His due. It seems appropriate that the delights of the flesh are partaken of beneath the gaze of Baphomet. Also being that the humanimal is inexorably drawn towards elements of sex & death, Satanic Sickies delivers in spades.

Disc I

X A.S. Directed by Michael Hugo. Starring David Book, Joan Devlon {Nurse Cindy}, Dianne Galke {Maria}, Justina Lynne {Nurse Lucy Douchenfar}, Turk Lyon, Bunny Savage {First Nurse}, Toni Scott, John Seeman {Dr. George}. Genre: Horror/Erotica.

Little Maria is admitted to an asylum to "cure" her nymphomania, yet the staff are actually members of a sex cult who will instead encourage her salaciously rapacious nature. She is quickly prepared to be a sexual sacrifice first by the sexy nurse, stimulating her condition with a tempting short skirt exhibition, followed by a stimulating shower, with a helping hand.

She later finds two prosthetic erections in a music box in her room and proceeds to indulge herself. After a rejuvenating nap, the horrors begin first finding the nurse's throat had been slit, whereupon she hysterically runs down the hall only to find herself in the company of four of the cultists in a darkened chamber, where she is the center of attention, men wearing form-fitting masks, whom she pleasantly nurses from. During her delectation, a knife appears from out of the darkness, severing a phallus.

Then she 'awakens' under the care of resident Dr. George. who reassures her that this was all in her imagination. Then she is subjected to further treatment by the attractive Nurse Cindy, a ravishing brunette. Vibrators connected to a transducer are applied to Maria's flesh, this asylum's version of electrotherapy, with Cindy's personal touch. Things get out of control when a mysterious hand turns the current to maximum. Smoke fills the room. Maria is returned to her room.

"Let Lucy drink from The Magic Grail"

She awakens to the sounds of demonic chanting in what sounds like Enochian & Latin. Finding herself at the end of a gloomy hallway, in a blackened chamber awash in candlelight, red and green lighting, the cult is engaged in full ritual, as the chalice is exchanged, and a horned devil {looks like a Namahage/Bishamon/Oyama mask} presides over an assemblage of fetishistically-costumed congregants. Upon spotting her presence, she is immediately brought forth to be enjoyed by all, with her, and each other. Even the presiding celebrant is attended to, aptly aroused as The Sabbatic Baphomet.

In the corner of the room, a man raises the blade on a guillotine, as she who savors the presiding incarnation's seed is commended to experience the "ultimate orgasm". As she is fastened into the neck vice, a voice echoes forth,

"Only under the threat of imminent death, are your senses heightened to their ultimate peak".

The hooded man copulates with her dorsal, as the blade eventually falls, although it seems that it was the hooded man who experienced the proposed farthermost sensation.

Again Maria regains consciousness under the care of Dr. George in his office, where he informs her that she had another "attack", and had to be sedated. When she begins asking questions, she is again sedated, only to wake up later once more in her room, and, making her way down the hallway, rather like Rosemary Woodhouse carrying a knife, overhears Dr. George and another conversing about their sacrificial plans for her, as a so-called "solemn consecration of the satanic art".

"This next event will be the best ever. Fortunately, Maria's nymphomania combined with her masochistic tendencies is going to put her in a state of climax that will be highly titillating for all of us."

But when her curiosity is discovered, she is captured and taken to "the room", which is laden with corpses, blood, and gore, to be strung up and terrified.

While the Doctor takes liberties with her, his assistant takes his with one of the bodies. Following that disturbing scenario, and a lengthy displacement, transforming such a trauma into idyllic love-making, she slips out of consciousness only to hallucinate what may be one of the most amusing scenes in sinemaerotic history: A bleeding skull begins calling her name, the necro-defiled body comes alive, a talking penis twists and turns, the devil mask emits a stream of smoke, and the Pièce de résistance, three airborne phalli float in midair propelled by sparklers make their way above her, spouting copious amounts of semen all over her body.

Cut to sitting up in a check-up room, given a goblet full of a stimulant that will maximize her orgasms by yet another nurse, who massages her with lotion, and thereby proceeds to "treat" her as well. Finally arriving at the climax date, back in the chamber she reposes upon the altar as the lustful festivities commence.

While the pleasures are indulged, an amusing character appears wearing only a white shirt, moving from one celebrant to the next with a stethoscope, applying it to random points on their bodies; after that he removes himself from the rest and begins friction with a bed as feathers fly. When the time has come for "the ultimate nirvana", Maria frees herself and strikes with a large medieval axe. She is immediately besieged, and bludgeoned to death with a skull, while afterwards, a devil tiki's eyes glow, a wildcat leers from the wall, and an inserted curved candle burns softly in the quiet darkness.

Hardgore, a wordplay of the genre term "hardcore", the majority of the film takes place in a medically induced dream-like blurring of reality and fantasy, At the time, this was the premiere attempt in the adult film industry to combine slasher-type gorror with occult elements, although it manages to be quite comedic as well.

The Rites of Uranus
X A.S. a 77 Series Production. Starring Dory Devon (Julie Hopkins), Vivian Parks {Sarah}, Lucy Dulac, Frank Rowney {High Priest}, Janet Gaut, Angel Ducharme {Diana Goldberg; as France Larousse), Laurel Coombes, Mike Ranger {Uranusite with Blond Novice; as West Regent), Jim Moore {Uranusite}, Karen Cummings, Don Fernando {Uranusite with Two Girls; as Ed Navarro), Wayne Winyard {Uranusite}.

"The High Priest commands that this novice, Sarah, be allowed to enter The Temple of Love. Take her, and instruct her in The Rites of Uranus. I am with you, and shall henceforth speak to you through this horn."

A voice speaks through a brass horn protruding from an astrological plaque, as a Uranusite leads another inductee into the black doors of the inner chamber, where a spiral candle is inserted into a writhing altar girl. Surprisingly, The Invocation For The Conjuration of Lust from The Satanic Bible is recited in a Gregorian-styled chant with all exclamations of "Hail Satan" replaced with "Hail to Uranus", although "Shemhamforash" is used as is throughout.

'Sarah' witnesses anal and oral sex in this ceremonial context, to the delight of all involved, as the exuberance of the altar girl increases, wherein the candle is replaced by a red robed celebrant. Then the rest disrobe as the ubiquitous orgy ensues.

Meanwhile, Sarah is introduced to the group as the remainder of the litany from The Conjuration of Lust is recited. Seated thereupon for cunnilingus, with another in coitus, it seems as if the "High Priest" has suffocated, she panics. and is escorted to the Atrium, a barred room in the recesses of the temple. Back in the chamber, the "Priestess" {who more or less looks like a 'Princess of Hell', as it were, with crown} performs fellatio upon the allegedly 'deceased' {shocking necrophilia inclusion}. Although this 'stiff' is anything but...

Sarah grows restless within her cell, and demands relief with some courteous sexual interaction, and is sumptuously attended to. Upon awakening, she discovers the door has been left ajar, and so she goes wandering about the temple to be handcuffed within the main chamber.

She is eventually unchained by the Priestess, who produces the "Sword of Uranus", comprised of an ornate hilt, with the blade being a corkscrewed phallus sleeve, which is diligently inserted into the Uranusite {who seems to enjoy it quite a bit} to increase the sexual energy for her full initiation. Upon climax, she squirms in ecstasy. To her surprise, the "High Priest" comes forth, apparently resurrected, while now confirmed, she is embraced and taken fully into the auspice of the cult.

This sex cult sends out robed acolytes to proselytize by passing out fliers to the public, stating "Lost? Find yourself in Uranus." From the streets to the beach, catching the attention of another pretty girl named Diana, who goes to the office for admittance, and after disrobing to prove her sincerity, is thus granted permission to enter through the voice in the horn. She is led behind the black door where she takes an oath of loyalty, and shall be henceforth cared for by the cult.

Elsewhere in the temple, another novice reclining upon a bed is taught to intensify her orgasms while mutually masturbating before a mirror. when a male Uranusite is brought in for further indulgence.

In the end, a new novice comes forth as she recites the following before a speculum:

"Hail to Uranus. Praise be to The Mighty Cock of Uranus. Enter my dark passage."

The film ends with a fanfare played on the organ. Of note, you may recognize one Mike Ranger {'Paul Scott' in Taboo}, who makes an appearance as one of the Uranusites.

Besides the verbatim recitations of The Invocation For The Conjuration of Lust, the camera angles and lighting is actually well done, The girls are all attractive performers, the set is better than usual, although the 'acting' is what can be expected, and there seemed to have been more of an effort placed into these three overlapping tongue-in-cheek plots. [4/5]

Angel Above, Devil Below
IX A.S. Directed by Dominic Bolla, Written by Jon Cutaia. Starring Linda York {Randy Maldemar; as Brittany Laine), Robert Bedford {George}, Starlyn Simone {Turgid Maldemar}, Rene Bond {Prudence Euphoria R.N.; as Mindy Brandt}. John Keith {Lucius Watergag, as Trickey Nicky}, Robbie Roberson {Dennis Harp}, John Barnum {Peter Harp; as Jon Barnum), Chesley Noone {Dr. I.M. Moribund}, Nimrod Sappho {Dr. Max Wanker}, Maria Arnold {Debbie; as Maria Jamison}, Lamar Gilbert {Devil}. Genre: Horror, Comedy, Erotica.

A most amusing take on The Exorcist. A young girl feigning sleep secretly reads a book on witchcraft while the sounds of her mother and the 'handyman' in joyful rapport filters in through the wall. While flipping through the pages, she comes upon the phrase "Satanus Venit Me Fornicare" [sic], and begins repeating it while summoning up the sexual energy for invocation, eventually employing the aid of a black candle, until she feels the tender tracing of Melek Taus' feather upon her skin, caressing hands, quick demonic glimpses, all within that dream mode of consciousness, until finally, after the third time of repetition {rather like Beetlejuice}, "He" appears; but when rebuffed, he decides to take His due, and thereby "possesses" her down under, vulgarly beckoning at every opportunity.

What follows is a series of hell-arious interactions beginning with the handyman, whom she contains in the 'vice', sending him down the stairs. When Randy's mom Turgid sits down for a mother-daughter talk, she realizes that something is not quite 'right', and summons the help of Doctor I.M. Moribund who enjoys an unexpected 'meal', but not before placing his handkerchief on - during the act, the voice admonishes him to "tickle my tonsils!" until he too is placed in the 'neck vice' this time, but is saved by Mrs. Maldomar entering the room - rattled, the doctor makes a hasty, if not tasty, retreat, recommending a psychiatrist.

Then a psychiatric nurse named "Prudence Euphoria" is called. During the evaluation, the doorbell rings, being local politician Lucius Watergag making house calls, a very carnival barker-like character. Mrs. Maldemar offers him a drink with a strategic peek-a-boo up-skirt seduction, and so they both receive their desire, and even a cigar together {interestingly, he wears an ankh underneath his shirt} - on his way to the sidewalk he repeats his party line to two ladies, "Remember, a vote for Lucious Watergag is a vote for the clean, American way of life. Down with evil sex and violence. God bless this country"...

When Randy throws a fit, inclusive of exposing herself to Watergag, insulting and struggling with Nurse Euphoria, Dr. Max Wanker in called in, who after learning of Randy's nymphomaniac behavior, requests to see the patient alone. His solution to her condition evaluated as a delusional hysteria is get her to try the Deluxe 'Peni-Vibe' treatment {a vibrator allegedly modeled after his own member}, which he professionally inserts to muffle the teasing voice. In disbelief, he is mocked by the pulsating vagina, and thus feels he must prove himself. But when he requests oral stimulation, she bites down and keeps him in her mouth, while the peni-vibe is launched like a rocket into the wall. Finally freed, the voice laughs wickedly as he makes his way out of the house.

Final prognosis: "You're daughter is very sick, Mrs. Maldemar. She tried to bite my pecker off! She has a severe castration complex, and she's evil... the little bitch!" When admonished to stay and help, Dr. Wanker replies "There's nothing I can do. Only god can help her now."

Perfect timing for two door-to-door bible peddlers with the likely names of Dennis & Peter Harp. Peter Harp is dressed like a priest, while Dennis like a fundamentalist preacher. After explaining her predicament, the priest somewhat aptly mentions "I've seen cases like this. I've had a lot of experience with young girls.", & "It seems she needs the guidance of an experienced man, like myself..." Though he offers as well, to get him out of the way, he sends brother Dennis to go get the "holy water" {which turns out to be a euphemism for liquor}. As she continues to explain that she has tried Doctors, psychiatrists, he answers "What do they know about the needs of young girls... they have no souls!" she continues, "The way you appeared on my doorstep, it was like a miracle." he answers,"God works in mysterious ways."

Entering the room, Nurse Euphoria has restrained Randy, and covered up her nether region with a thick bandage, as the voice grumbles away. He unties her and rips the bandage from her mound. Just then, George returns in bandages himself, and makes his way through the kitchen where Nurse Euphoria is preparing dinner. She offers to redo his bandages which have become loose, and becomes the subject to his own insatiable lust, tied to the table and clipped of her uniform. He enjoys her like nice ample meal, along with a cold beer.

Meanwhile in the living room, Dennis has returned with "holy water", where Mrs. Maldemar attempts to seduce him, but is distracted and enamored by a photo of Randy. Father Peter screams out for help, leaving Turgid still 'searching' for available drinks. He finds Fr. Harp being ridden by Randy, ripping off his collar, while laughing hysterically. Upon seeing Dennis, hair aglow like a halo, saying in pure infatuation "Hi Randy, my name's Dennis. Dennis Harp. You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen." She momentarily comes to her senses, then proceeds to tear his clothes off. Trying to control her, he plants her down on the bed, while an imbibing Fr. Harp encourages Dennis to "Give it to her, son!", and "Sodom and Gomorrah!" as the two proceed to passionately indulge.

Although given the dichotomy, this essentially turns into a veritable "sexorcism" as he struggles to pound the Devil out of her, as it were {which is actually very ironic}, while the ferocity finally calms into gentle, graceful love-making as 'The Devil' departs. Of course, there is a place for both.

With George returned to Turgid in their bed, and Dennis and Randy in theirs, thus freed, The Devil decides to enter into Nurse Euphoria, and the fun begins again.

It should be said that everything considered, the plot was rather imaginative overall, the character acting was a bit above average for this genre, a raucous blue comedy instigator, the performers attractive, and the environment is actually in an elegant setting. A good mix of horror, erotica, and comedy.The Devil herein seemingly representing frustration released, making for an enjoyable and entertaining parody of The Exorcist. [5/5]

Disc II

All The Devil's Angels {A.K.A., 'The Psychiatrist'}
XII A.S. Directed by Peter Balakoff. Written by Belinda Balakoff, Peter Balakoff. Starring Gena Lee {Jean}, Peter Balakoff {Dr. Rondeau; as Tovia Borodyn}, Diane Miller {Virginia}, Robert Bullock {Jim; as Richard Parnes}, Natacha {Linda}, Van Star {Peter}, Brian Wood {Lew}, William Margold {Detective}, Jana Knox {Mrs. Hernandez}, Pat Manning {Trudy; as Pat Benco}, Nancy Cox {Student}, Vicki Fairfax {Patient}, Olivia Fleming {Patient}, Rico Gallarza {Patient}, Margaret Gates {Patient}, Christina Hultberg {Patient}, Venna Macgregor {Patient}, Tiana Mendez [Patient}, Katherine Radcliffe {Patient}, Tokoyo {Patient}, Sandy Carey {Patient}.

Dr. Rondeau just wants to implement his sexual healing treatment to the residents of his mental hospital, and it actually works out pretty well. They are pacified, indulged, via this psycho-sexual technique and they get along relatively well for their conditions, while enjoying some well-deserved gratification himself. They are relatively free to come and go as they will, as they frequently partake of eachother also, presumably for pleasure as well as comfort. Any misbehavior from patients results in erstwhile "punishment" with oral sex, for their own good, of course. As for the nurses, they are also free to partake as they will, and they do, some with patients {in a D&s, sometimes S&m dynamic, deemed correctional discipline}, & all with one another. A very pleasantly effectual arrangement overall.

The presentation begins with the fetish play of an erotic role-playing game of "daddy's little girl", wherein Virginia begs to have fake braces removed, which proceeds into love-making between she and Dr. Rondeau.

Later on during a lecture, he explains that "possession" is merely a state of mind where the patient is placing sublimated feelings of desperation, frustration in a mythological context, while treating the condition scientifically to gently migrate them from fantasy to a grasp of reality. However, what those in attendance do not realize is that he secretly heads a diabolical cult in the recesses of the asylum, with the patients as his 'congregation'. Very clever in holding his personal religion to himself while handling outsiders in a purely psychological sense, which is definitely part of it, a basic introduction into the mysteries of the mind, but there are certain hitherto unexplained phenomenon that can be quite malleable.

Gena Lee is a standout beauty of model caliber - a 'cartoon cutie' to be sure. She enters as "Jean", an undercover nurse seeking to frame Rondeau for the murder of her sister, and uncover some of the mysterious events surrounding the institution, including several suspicious suicides. However, it seems she and her boyfriend 'Jim' under-estimate Rondeau's influence. Remarkably, she ends up his bride, and is committed to the insane asylum after "accidentally" killing the head nurse Rondeau began considering an unbalanced obstacle, in favor of bestowing her the position, while he thought he was killing Rondeau.

Notable scenes include:

  • While serving as an intern nurse, Jean spots the residents walking single-file in white robes in a procession towards a hidden chamber where a ceremony is taking place. Along with the smiling staff & habitants, she spots Rondeau as the officiator, in ceremonial attire and nefarious mask, apparently inducting a new initiate.
  • An example of Dominance & Submission fetishism: To familiarize Jean with Rondeau's mental conditioning techniques, he brings in a 'misbehaving' patient into the office, where she is "punished" - that is to say, she submits to oral copulation thanking him all the while, calling him "Master". When concluded, he asks Jean how she feels about what she just witnessed - along with repulsion and shock, she admits to feeling aroused, and thus, releasing reservations within herself, she submits to this procedure herself. Those unnatural reservations were the useless moralistic programming received all her life, now unleashed, she is free to pursue her passions naturally. During this transitional period, it is normal to feel as sense of temporary confusion, which only makes way to self-realization and carnal joy.
  • Resident 'Peter' gets a spanking from 'head nurse' Virginia {who enjoys paying him regular visits in his room}, Peter receives surprise fellatio from another patient, Peter is teased by three other residents outside about his appendage, at which point he presents it out in the open, which results in another 'punishment; {flagellation}, & 'reward' {upon succulent & aptly named nurse 'Linda'}.
  • During a group discussion about 'possession', it is asserted that:
    "There is no such thing as the devil. It is purely a religious fabrication. There is no such thing as possession. We are simply emotionally and psychologically disturbed, but we are getting better every day. Our problem stem from unhappiness and frustration. We are learning to fulfill and express ourselves and therefore, gain happiness..."

...At which point all the bedlamites begin exhibiting characteristics of being possessed, including one girl identifying as Beelzebub. The session ends with a good literal hosing.

That surreal night, the Doctor takes Nurse Linda at her desk while Jean and Virginia enjoy a bit of mutual appeasement, all to the thrill of a voyeuristic trio. Sometime later that night, the patients decide to have a veritable free for all, while exchanging stimulants.

In the finale, when Jean is to be sacrificed, she is instead 'possessed' of Beelzabuth, to Virginia's chagrin, when all begin paying obeisance as she sits enthroned.

"Jealous Lover Kills Head Nurse By Mistake" - newspaper headline.

Now fully integrated into the cult, Jean realizes her fate is to be Rondeau's wife, to rule The Bottomless Pit forever. It is now realized that he is The Devil's empath. But first she must be rid of all vestiges of her former rudimentary life; and so, baits a trap for Jim. Upon arriving during the marriage ceremony, an abyssal fog permeates the chamber as Jim struggles to the Altar, where he sees a robed figure holding up a blade to be struck into Jean, and thus, shoots repeatedly. Upon removing the demonic mask, to his horror, it is Virginia! The classic "two birds with one stone" scenario. Rondeau and Jean are pleased, as Jim goes insane, to be watched over by Rondeau's private institution. The last scene shows Rondeau admitting another new nurse into the fold, offering a date to get ot know her better at a local Belgian restaurant not too far from here. It all worked out in the end.

This film happens to be one of the more rarely well thought out plots with a bit more elevated acting talent by the performers for this genre. Rondeau reminds Me of a combination of Roman Polanski in disposition and inclinations, & Oliver Reed in appearance. As a side note, you may recall actor Peter Balokoff as "Lenny" in 'Sinthia, The Devil's Doll' {Satanis double-feature}.

Highly recommended horror/thriller/erotica, along with a few choice others in this collection. [5/5]

Suburban Satanist
IX A.S. John Holmes {Barney}, Tantala Ray {Rosemary}

A couple seek the help of The Devil for his "problem" by visiting another mysterious couple who just so happen to be members of a devilish sex cult. They are hypnotized during a visitation, and integrated into the rites of the flesh. His ample appendage and her nubile body complement eachother and others well.

A Satantric scene opens to an altar girl lain upon a black altar in a candlelit chamber, gyrating in lust, eagerly awaiting the entrance of 'Barnabas', the resident 'High Priest'. The robed congregants consist of three women and three men who soon disrobe to begin the Osculum Infame, while a demonic face/mask comprises the 'Baphomet', overlooking the progressing proceedings.

Chants of "Hail Barnabas! Hail Satan!" echo through the room, while the unholy sacrament is enacted.

A remarkable scene includes 'Barnabas' and 'Rosemary' in a very familiar repartee' where they are very much on the same gratifyingly diabolical level of coalescence, as she welcomes such infernal pleasures, while he speaks words of Power and invocation to manifest the essence of The Lord of Hell. Incarnate in the celebrant, resonating & cycling to empower all present.

While placing "Satan in Hell", as it were, the litany is quite eloquent, actually, spoken with force, and passionate deeds prevail in this dream-like psychodrama where 'baptisms' shower with elixirs of ebbing ecstasy.

Eventually, the couple awaken from their somnambulistic mesmerism, recollecting the stimulating experience, and he is cured. Just give Him His due, and you can thank The Devil for enlivening & enhancing your union!

Partake in rampant carnal joy! Hail to The Flesh forever!

VI A.S. Directed by Michel J. Rogers. Starring Jane Tsentas {Cassandra}, Gerard Broulard {Jay}, Ruthann Lott {Maria}, C. Davis Smith {as Charles Smith}

Beginning with a Burlesque-type bump and grind {with drumming reminiscent of those hellish reverberations from Satanis}, a gorgeous brunette shows off her best assets, which then blends into a scene with placid music in the hilly wilderness...

While reposing in the countryside reading a book on Witchcraft lore, unassuming 'Jay' begins seeing the mirage of a sexy black clad witch in the distance, followed by a friendly "plain Jane" girl with glasses greeting him with the unlikely exotic name of Cassandra, equally inquiring about eachother's presence in such an isolated location. He just needed some peace and quiet to delve into his occult curiosities, while she actually lives nearby. Of course, she invites him over for a sip of tea.

The apparitions continue whereupon meeting her cat "Lucifer", he catches a quick glimpse of a grinning bearded man in his stead. She of course, noticed nothing unusual, until the tea {potion} begins taking effect. Now she is that ravenesque seductress he spotted before in a revealing outfit, cape, and leather boots, who takes him on an sexual adventure around the black earth, as it were, to his great indulgence, fiercely buffeting and caressing into the late afternoon and evening. She howls, squawks, and coos suspiciously all the while. She finally exhausts him, dismounts, and characteristically cackles maliciously.

Cut to a scene of Jay's lovely girlfriend named 'Maria' taking a luxurious bath, naturally exploring where her hand may lead, when she receives a phone call from him, asking her to pick him up because of car problems. She meets him a short time later near the witch's house, where she reluctantly agrees to accompany him to retrieve his wallet. Again, it is time for tea...

Maria meets Cassandra {in her deceptively modest appearance} and her familiar Lucifer. Apparently, she brews with Jasmine... for its 'delicate' flavor... before she knows it, she falls into a dream-like state of cresting sensual revelry, where she and Jay are the center of attention being sumptuously savored by Jay and a transmogrified Lucifer while Cassandra The Witch looks on salaciously approving, spreading forth her cape, as if absorbing the sexual energy radiating. Despite her initial protests, Maria smiles widely in a state of orgasmic euphoria while Jay and Cassandra enjoy eachother again.

Next, Jay & Maria are positioned conjoined while both are taken by the Witch and aleurothrope. As if waking up from a confusing dream, Jay and Maria awaken naked by the back windows and amble off into the wilderness amidst the Witch's cachinnations with much to ponder.

Seems Jay got much more than he bargained for when he began studying those books on Witchcraft. An encounter with an actual enchantress. The Witch took her pleasure, a charming creature of the flesh, the sublime temptress, while the common folk were themselves taken to greater levels of titillation.

Slideshow featuring vintage photographs from Witchcraft Today magazine:

Disc III

Sex Rituals
{A.K.A., "Sexual Witchcraft"} | VIII A.S. Directed & Written by Beau Buchanan. Starring Georgina Spelvin {Mother}, Levi Richards {Wayne; as Rick Livermore), Jean Palmer {Sally Porter}, Harding Harrison {William the Father}, Marc Stevens {Satanic priest}, Judith Hamilton {Satanist; as Clair Lumiere}, Stephanie, Ralph Tyhurst {Satanist; as Ralph J. Thyhurst}.

A young guy named Wayne returns home for school vacation, where he eventually finds out his parent's secret activities. Learning that childhood friend is all grown up now, he immediately calls her up for a 'stimulating' hands-on conversation, culminating with them meeting at a local pub for drinks and carnal indulgence. The juxtaposition between father and son becomes evident when upon returning, he accidentally spies his parents engaged in a sado-masochisic session, his dominatrix mother disciplining the timid preacher father well, to his great pleasure.

Well, the next day his mother needs the car all day, but he offers to drop hr off. She agrees, but after he spots her walking back out of the building into a cab, he decides to investigate further. She arrives at anther building, where amusingly, after she enters, a bald man in a cloak resembling Uncle Fester exits therefrom, flashing a startled woman on the street.

Up further she goes, higher upon the staircase, until finally entering into a secret room. He climbs onto the roof for a better view. Amidst the hypnotic beating of drums {somewhat reminiscent of The Curse scene from Satanis}, underneath a large black inverted cross, he witnesses a sort of tribal ceremony wherein a young maiden is being initiated into the 'coven', and married to The Devil. All present are nude, even his mother who is assuming the role the 'High Priestess'.

With the sign of the horns, the rite begins. "Let her be skyclad in darkness". She is blindfolded, and led around the room to several members holding black candles, who anoint her from brass bowls. She is carried and orally pleasured by a couple of the attendants. The question is asked of Satan, "Oh, Prince of Darkness, we have prepared this maiden for you... will you accept this virgin as your bride?" A blacklight shines upon a horned hell-met with the sound of a bestial growl. at which point she is strategically impaled upon the horns, just in the right spot. She is lain upon The Altar.

Presenting a necklace around his neck, the resident 'priest holds it before her beseeching, "Kiss the symbol of The Lord and Master, and swear to obey all His commands." She swears twice, at which point The High Priestess intones, "Then you shall know the pleasure of this earthly plain.... what mortal man shall have the virgin bride of our Lord and Master?" Just at that moment, a Magical Mirror stationed between her legs reveals her son's reflection as he stares from above. "So it shall be done!"

"Though he be of your own flesh, there is nothing you can do to save him now. The Prince has chosen. He must be ut to the supreme test... or death. You know the laws. There are no exceptions. Are you ready?"

"Bring forward my only son, I'd do anything to keep him from harm. ..." When asked if he is ready to take this virgin bride of The Lord and Master, he quickly replies "Sure!" She then proceeds to most ponderously fellate him, as further preparations are initiated.

"Do you take the oath of secrecy?"

"I swear." At which 'point' a blade is applied upon his erect member.

"Oh Demons {"Hexen Bow?"}, if he be true, let his staff still stand. But if he be false, or shall ever break this vow of secrecy, let it be severed in twain and fed to a dog."

Fortunately, "He is spared". Upon the altar, he then proceeds to take great pleasure in the supine maiden before him.

On the way home, she explains his new powers to him, that women will not be able to resist him.

"...And you'll see what happens to Wayne and his new powers, when you see 'Happy Days' at your neighborhood theatre."

Dark Dreams
VI A.S. Laura Cannon {Girl with Whipped Cream; as Kitty Cat), Patrice De Veur {Sorceress}, June {Black Girl}, Tom Lee, Harry Reems {Jack; as Tim Long), Alan Martin, Darby Lloyd Rains {Girl in Blue}, Tina Russell {Jill; as Lina Russell), Storm Cloud, Suzy Mann {Sorceress' Younger Self; as Stella Worth), Yoryck Yezno, Arlana Blue {Belly Dancer}.

The film begins with a description of what Magic, Witchcraft, and The Occult entails, which actually has some validity, while a bespeckled 'witch' fills a cauldron with ingredients.

A young couple with the unlikely names of Jack & Jill, just married undergo a flat tire, and having no spare, resort to knocking on the door of a lovely mansion {with a knocker resembling an inverted hand of glory}, which happens to be inhabited by a deceptively kindly witch, who takes them in, insisting that they try the tea {reminds this writer of King Diamond's "Them/Conspiracy" anthology}, which of course contains questionable ingredients designed to instill hallucinations and encourage libidinous behavior.

Suddenly, as the philtre/potion takes effect, the conspicuously nodding grey-haired lady transforms into a curvacious blonde who leads him by the hand up the stairs towards certain indulgence. He goes from room to room enjoying various encounters from a felinesque whipped cream sexcapade, to an exotic belly dancer, to a glistening black beauty.

Meanwhile, a robed phantom collects Jill and deposits her on a bed in a darkened, candlelit room, where she is disrobed and fondled by the cultist to stimulate fantasies as she continues to hallucinate sensuous situations. She suddenly encounters an Aryan youth {resembling 'Rocky' from RHPS}; she goes from love making in the shower to being tied up by a diabolical bald man, to being ravaged by another girl.

Finally, Jack is asked to join the coven, that all his desires can be fulfilled, if only he share his wife. The symbol of the coven resembles the triskale, marked upon the witch's left hand and on the forehead of the robed figure.

Interesting that it does not dawn on him that it could possibly be the tea that is the source of these "illusions"?; but perhaps this was a conscious choice, considering he is having such a great time, as his smile indicates.

Meanwhile, Jill is eventually brought into another room where she is hypnotized by the silent Diabolist, and dressed in a bridal gown, her lovely hair spilling onto her shoulders. Taken to yet another room, all are present, and in a rather Rosemary's Baby scene, is restrained, when Jack mounts her ventral.

The final deja-vu scenario concludes with Jack & Jill back at the front door, as if the entire experience had all been a dream. Her final words:

"Oh well, it was probably all for the best anyway. What if an old lady had answered the door, and she wasn't really an old lady after all... but a witch?" Just then, the grey-haired lady appears..

One of the odd effects of the movie are these seemingly nonsensical voices and noises throughout various spots. which was perhaps an effort to add a weirdness effect, but only succeeds in being rather annoying. Other than that, Dark Dreams makes an effort in the acting arena, & despite the froculent pudenda, the girls are quite attractive . [4/5]

Waltz of The Bat
VII A.S. Directed by Rick Beaty. Starring Barry Vane {Count Eric Die Fledermaus/The Bat; as Eric Fledermaus}, Kandi Johnson {The Bee: as Honey Lang}, Tyler Reynolds {Indian}, Mira Vane {Bonnie}. Subgenre: Comedy.

For decades, there exists a rivalry hidden from the eyes of mortal men and women - the rivalry between The Bat and The Bee. A very well-dressed gentleman offers young women a crisp $50 bill to be a guest at his elegant home for carnal pleasures. He takes his fleshly delights to remain immortal, hypnotizes and makes them members of his veritable harem. Thereby "owning" them in mind and body, he sends them forth as courtesans to collect money or their services.

In 1881 at the Grand Ball in Vienna. Princess The Bee bestowed him powers over women, which he uses to his own selfish desires, of course, relishing it frequently, sometimes three times a day. Since then she has been pursuing him to take back this power by having sex with him again. but he will not be taken easily. Especially this night, wherein if she cannot engage him, she will turn to dust.

Appearing from behind a couch carrying a large stuffed toy snake, for some indiscernible reason, among them, is a rather dispensable resident {perhaps a client , or maybe a curious experiment?} who pleasures some of the women and himself.

On her search, The Bee arrives at 6169 North Indian Blvd., where two braves have themselves some veritable honey. All enjoy themselves well. With no time to spare, she rushes to the Bat's Lair, but even with a minute to go before midnight, she manages to invoke the Satantric sacrament, and thus, reduces him to bones.

With amusing characters & plot, Waltz of The Bat gives the overall impression of being a whimsical Halloween play, where everyone has fun all around.

Disc IV

Necromania {A Tale of Weird Love}
VI A.S. Directed by Ed Wood, Jr. as Don Miller. Starring Maria Arnold as Madame Heles, Rene Bond as Shirley, Ric Lutze as Danny.font size="5"

Based on Ed Wood's novel "The Only House", Danny & Shirley Carpenter are a young couple who make their way to a mansion for sex therapy, and cure his 'problem' by meeting with a Necromancer. In the red parlor decorated with a coffin*, inverted cross with snake entwined, a taxedermied black wolf in howling stance, and a horned skull, they are met by the lovely "Tanya" {Maria Aronoff} with a Vampira-esque disposition, and are led to their guest room, to await further instructions, considering "Madame Heles" does not receive visitors until the hour of midnight.

They are considerately left with a certain bell prosthetic to service them, should they require attention. Just to make sure, they are observed through a secret viewing lever located behind an owl painting, where it is divulged that they are not actually married, but lovers, which seems to be the perfect "sinful" conditions in which to induct them into the cult.

Tanya undergoes a secret ceremony involving applying a skull to certain erogenous zones, concluding with the "prayer hands" turned downwards towards Hell. The ever so-pale Tanya is herself ravaged by one of the residents to her satisfaction. After suffering a disappointment by her husband Danny, the very cute Shirley wanders the mansion to find another pretty brunette resident who primes her for subsequent pleasures. Tanya and the others turn out to be a sex surrogate for Danny & Shirley, who actually perform quite well with them. It seems that this is all part of the mysterious Madame Heles' plan.

On the way to finally meet their hostess, Tanya shows Danny a scene of those who are lost to compulsion, in endless gyration. Arriving back at The Red Room, the ceremony commences with Tanya and an acolyte partaking of eachother's flesh, while Danny & Shirley look on. Madame Heles finally rises from the coffin, and Shirley passes all the tests to "Graduate", then is to henceforth "live for sex, and sex alone", while Danny is delivered into her arms, in a rather "L'Air Epais" gesture, that his lust may be awakened, {and arisen}, to receive the "personal sex teachings of Madame Heles". His cries of fear become that of pleasure, as the lid closes.

All performers are attractive. As a side note, Vampira {Maila Nurmi} was actually offered the role of Madame Heles, in which she declined appearing topless for the scene. 3/5.

* Belonging to none other than The Amazing Criswell.

Daughter of Satan
IV A.S. Produced by Dick Hardman, Directed by Hardi Burton. Starring Gerard Broulard {Party Guest}, Kathy Hilton {Stella}, Geoffery Patton {Bob}.

Via red lighting, a disembodied, omnipresent Satan speaks to His daughter {a raven-haired beauty} on her 18th birthday, notifying her of her legacy, and bestowing the gift of infernal power {"...If you could have anyone you wanted, and whatever you want them to do..."}. She uses this ability to gratify her fantasies, from making husband and wife friends enjoy congress in the kitchen, indulging in a girlfriend in the garden, to turning her own birthday party into an intense, & mutually gratifying orgy. She receives her traditional spanking in the end.

Performers are attractive, although the males tend to be flaccid, with scenes that are implied, instead of overt. Backed by diabolical echoing drums, lounge-style music ranges from Iron Butterfly's "Inna-gadda-davidda" to "The Impossible Dream". 2/5.

Sex And The Single Vampire
IV A.S. Starring John Holmes {Count Spatula / Bella Donna}, Rod Rammer (as John Dullahan), L.G. Allard {Lance Slot}, Jesse Moreno {Pete Bandaido}, Sandy Dempsey {Ruby}, Stephanie Sarver {Tina}, Kathy Hilton {Doris}, Lu Tomeny {Marcee}, Chocolat Mousse {Mouse}. Genre: comedic horror-erotica

Beginning in a very Hammer-oriented style, John Holmes plays a goofy vampire named "Count Spatula" who goes about his mansion spying on some amorous couples who decide to (s)explore a haunted house. His supplies running sour after a long slumber, they arrive just in time for his feast. Bit by bit, he eventually dispatches the men and enjoys the pleasures of the flesh with the remaining women.

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