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The Satanic Scriptures
by Peter H. Gilmore

The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore Written in a style reminiscent of a symphony of words resonating with notes in our own minds, this landmark tome includes all those essays printed in The Black Flame which I have had the pleasure to follow all these years, and to have it all in this concise tome is a wonderful compendium to treasure.

I was fortunate to receive The Slipcase edition lavishly embossed with The Baphomet on the front, and the brimstone symbol on the back, emblazoned in silver, glistening majestically in the candlelight, as a veritable Luciferian beacon of undefiled wisdom in the darkness. Being a bibliophile, I also had to possess the hardback version which rests comfortably in My Library, both od which are destined to become heirlooms in The Blackthorne Lair. And so it shall be for the forthcoming paperback version as well, to be released for this October of XLII A.S. by Scapegoat Publishing.

Graciously attached to the spine is no less than a black silken ribbon to act as bookmark, that one may not miss a single paragraph of valuable gnosis herein.

Subject matter covers everything from Satanic Aesthetics, music, personality types, to the fascism question, eugenics, a tribute to Dr. LaVey, time travel, to never-before released potent rituals only previously privy to Church of Satan Hierarchy of passion, compassion, and potency, including The Satanic Wedding Rite, the Funeral rite, and The powerful Rite of Ragnarok; plus so much more.

The book cover itself features Magus Gilmore's rendition of The Sabbatic Baphomet of Mendes, seated imperiously in the vastness of space, serving as a worthy frame to exhault this archetypal daemonic deity representative of carnal joy and might. Marvelously detailed and invoking the element of strength and Lust, the portrait will no doubt find itself within many a diabolical Inner Sanctum. On the back of the cover itself is a classic photograph of Magus Gilmore himself, the black flame burning from behind that noble gaze.

Now accompanying The Satanic Bible by Our Founder, The Satanic Scriptures easily takes its place besides Dr. LaVey's literary masterpieces, complimenting them quite well. The Satanic Scriptures is optimum in both quality of content and materials used, which could be no less to preserve the wisdom of the High Priest.

Letters From The Devil (The Lost Writing of Anton LaVey)
(Anton LaVey, High Priest, Church of Satan; XLV A.S. Underworld Amusements. 72 pp.)

Letters From The DevilArriving in the wake of June Solstice, comes this splendid ephemera from the weekly 'Letters From The Devil' column, an indispensable collection from The National Insider & The Exploiter ("the world's liveliest magazine"), which may appropriately accompany & supplement The Devil's Notebook and Satan Speaks, in My estimation. LFTD spans the period between the founding of The Church of Satan and the publication of The Satanic Bible.

Among a myriad of topics covered, this collection of writings from Dr. LaVey includes social commentary, philosophy, Lesser & Greater Magic, sexuality, reader questions, plus the bonus of salaciously humorous illustrations, various erotic ads, current oddity events, & news, allowing for a time travel experience as well.

Of note, the publisher really did a perfectly marvelous job here with 72 crisp, clear entire prints as originally published in those magazines. As included in a description, one could hypothetically spend quite a bit of time, energy, and monetary resources in the acquisition of each very rare individual magazine from various sellers, or possess the collection herein this veritable "Devil's scrapbook".

The Fire From Within
XLII A.S. by Magister Nemo

What you should know...

Arriving from somewhere in the deeps of the South Pacific, comes this essential text intended for the elite to contemplate.

I have had the pleasure of reading Magister Nemo's essays ever since I discovered The Black Flame magazine at a local Tower Records store even before My formal affiliation with The Church of Satan, and they have always been an educational and inspirational experience complimenting My own devilution. I do appreciate them from time to time when perusing My collection of these priceless compendiums of wisdom. And to consider that not only were these elucidating works that I had already absorbed would be made available in book form, but to discover several previously unread and unavailable writings was just a tremendous opportunity to acquire these essays from The Black Flame spanning from issue one and beyond.

To the Satanist, this tome is an absolute MUST to possess, in My estimation. The Fire From Within offers trinary perspectives enhancing ones Satanic psychology, is just a literary treasure filled with gems of knowledge and is cause to ponder. Included are relations on everything from meeting Magus LaVey, witty observations throughout, satire, customized rites, musings on society and the herd, gun control, blindlighters, weakans, politics, even a Saturnalia carol!, and so much more, all with an enjoyable sage style worthy of integration.

As a Satanist, one has probably already considered similar issues and encountered similar circumstances, but to have this in ones library benefiting from its gnosis, certainly grants one an undeniable edge in superb carnal existence; vita Satanicus.

From the image of the author on the cover, to the revealing introduction by Magus Gilmore, which lends a delightful historical elucidation, this literary journey into a veritable nautilus is well rewarding, as one can literally feel the black flame stirring and undefiled wisdom sharpening. Do yourself a favor and do not miss this.

Church of Satan Emporium

Bearing The Devil's Mark
By Matt G. Paradise

Bearing The Devil's Mark by Matt G. ParadiseA splendid collection of Magister Paradise's essays accumulated from Not Like Most magazine, The Black Flame, and other sources, demonstrating his wit, wisdom, and experiences both in the "inner circle", and world abroad. Subjects range from misanthropic social commentary to multimedia reviews, relationships, aesthetics, racialism, technology, blindlight foolosophies, and even includes a Walpurgisnacht ritual!

Concluding with a bang with the Appendix section, including an interview, Satanism faq, suggested reading, and quite remarkably, The Mail Bag! Like the segment concluding The Church of Satan book by Magistra Blanche Barton, the former lists a series of humorous correspondences from the various poseurs, the would-be spoon-fed, hypocritical christians, and ignoramuses alike.

Greatly complimenting the contents within, gracing the cover of the tome is photography wrought by Witch Melanie Laetitia Mantis, of Diabolus Rex's admirable sculptural art entitled Sigil of Apocalypse.

Overall, the book flows gracefully from one subject covered by a series of essays to another, providing concentrated contemplation for the elitist misanthrope. Bearing The Devil's Mark receives the Devil's Seal of Approval.

As an extra special addition, Magister Paradise was gracious enough to provide his own "Devil's Mark" to My edition.

Essays In Satanism
By James D. Sass; 385 pages. The Devil's Bookshelf

Essays In Satanism by James D. SassIn this substantial text which absolutely lives up to its name, one is treated to the multidimensional writings of Magister James Sass, with topics ranging from his experiences and observations on the mean streets, tales from the Satanic Panic, literature recommendations, as well as combat techniques, home security, notable associations, Magic, academia, animals, politics, aesthetics, herd trends, all with an enjoyably steely, cynical, misanthropic sense of black humor.

With a Foreword by High Priest Gilmore and an Afterword by Magistra Peggy Nadramia, Essays In Satanism is a wonderful collection of Satanic thoughts from a third-side perspective which goes for the throat of the matter and straight to the point!

Infernalia: The Writings of Michael Rose
XLIV A.S. By Michael Rose. 155 pp.

INFERNALIA: The Writings of Michael RoseA treasure trove of Satanic thought from Magister Michael Rose is contained in this 155 page text, compiled from From The Pit, The Black Flame, The Black Pun-kin, and other esteemed Satanic publications.

Subjects covered are myriad - from politics {from a Third-Side perspective}, cinema {from the devilish to the Vampiric}, dealing with the herd {amusingly relatable misanthropic observations}, Greater Magic {interesting psychological concepts for metaphorical contemplation}, the Satanic Panic {undefiled analysis of all those misconceived notions & paranoia-mongering invented by christian propagandists}, hallmark holidays {with their arcane and current derivations}, and even the ancient philosophers, plus much more.

With a Foreword by The High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore, and emblazoned with The Baphomet sigil on blackground, bestows it a sinister presentation complimenting one's diabolical bibliographic collection, both in content and aesthetic. Essential reading for The Satanist to ponder.

* Available in both Hard Cover & Soft Cover.



[Anton LaVey & Jayne Mansfield, as portrayed by Walter Fischer]
LV|19 ce, Trapart, photography artbook, 152 pp.

This momentous gallery artbook eerily arrives in the wake of The Brody Curse anniversary; here appropriately divided into Nine parts, for a most pleasing perusal...

I. THE BLACK HOUSE: Photography at The Black House events during the formative and emergent stages of the Church of Satan, from Magic Circle lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. Also includes appearances by Togare!
II. SATANIC BAPTISM: Candid photos from The Satanic Baptism of LaVey's 2nd daughter, attracting worldwide attention & media coverage. Greater details of the infernal progeny Baphomet designed by Survivalist & Satanist member Kurt Saxon.
III. TONY & FORRY: LaVey visits "Uncle Forrey" Forrest Ackerman at the legendary Ackermansion for a thrilling time! Touring the veritable Horror museum! Regaled with tales of monsters, fascinating trivia, technical details, personal relations, a plethora or props, posters, books, statuary, masks, costumes, in a maze of wonder and mystery!
IV. MARILYN MONROE: A visit to her grave marker at Westwood. A contemplative appearance to a former love.
V. EXPOSURE: Some of LaVey's media appearances including the notorious Joe Pyne & Lou Gordon Shows. Backstage, promotional, etc.
VI. JAYNE MANSFIELD: Witch Jayne participating in Satanic ritual. LaVey attends a gala event with Jayne in full Sorcerer's accouterments, establishing connections to further infamy and influence.
VII. AT THE PINK PALACE: LaVey visits Jayne's place, The Pink Palace for a playful romp about the grounds, including the weightroom and pool. Photos of her family, pets, and retainers.
VIII. JAYNE MANSFIELD'S FUNERAL: No pictures of LaVey in this segment, lends that he may not have attended, which is understandable, for the concern is for her birth, life, and involvements.
IX. PORTRAITS: Several more fantastic images at The Black House in full regalia; also includes the lecture itinerary at the end, and several items of ephemera, including those infamous red cards!

Presented in a Hellegant hardcover coffeetable style tome with a decorative collage inner-cover setting, CALINFERNAL chronicles The Church of Satan's formative periods of emergence and religious r/evolution, offering an intimate look at Magus LaVey's media manipulations, profound rites and philosophy, and personal relation exhibitions. Also features an introduction by contemporary acquaintance Kenneth Anger, and afterwords by Carl Abrahamsson & Alf Wahlgren.

Also See
  • Ackermansion Huell Howser visits The Ackermonster!
  • ASLV Archives Interviews, book segments, videos.
  • Anton LaVey collection media coverage of The Baptism, wedding, Togare case.
  • Into The Devil's Den
    The Gates of Hell
    By Rev. George Sprague, XXIX A.S.

    Essentially a Satan's Tarot workbook, the author carefully distills Qabballistic principles with a Satanic point of view away from blindlight delusions, focusing on the nether-symbology of the 'Tree of Life', more specifically, the subterranean, subconscious meaning of the roots, or The Dark Tree of Life, sustained by The Dark Force in Nature Satan, resonant with those innately imbued with The Black Flame within - the Satanist.

    Includes empowering ritualistic visualizations {rites of The Inverse Cross and Pentagram; carnal grounding unto auto-deification and traveling through The Gates of Hell symbolized as the blazing Baphomet and black trapezoid, with particular sigils}, and reflective meditations with Satan's Tarot.

    As indicated in The Satanic Bible, The Gates of Hell also asserts the inspirational Greater Magical workings within The Ritual Chamber to enhance one's application of Lesser Magic in the outside world.

    Highly recommended as an additional experimental resource to working with the cards, which are psychologically pertinent to the Satanic mindset, and an exercise of The Shadow Side of the psyche. A splendid addition to one's practice and study thereof. For those who do not possess Satan's Tarot, images of the cards are available upon request.

    The Necromantic Ritual Book
    Leilah Wendell

    The Necromantic Ritual BookIf you are into Necromancy, & seek an experience from beyond the grave, this arcanum will connect you.

    The whole necrotext is lavishly decorated & illustrated, adding an extra sense of morbid pleasure while reading.

    The rituals found therein are grimly arcane, instructing in effective methods of not only communicating, but summoning shades, & even Death itself! According to this teaching, to walk with Azrael, the Angel of Death, can be an edifying, enriching experience. One will learn to connect with the Death-Force, & also to sculpt a creation, & bring it to life. Just holding this book, one can feel the black essence resonating from its presence.

    THE NECROMANTIC RITUAL BOOK is a bible for the profoundly Gothic, who takes one's orientation seriously. Do you think you are familiar with death & melancholy? We'll see just how brave you are in the very presence of The Grim Reaper himself. Most will not possess the fortitude to even transgress the preliminaries. If you think you do, & are confident enough to become Death's Empath, then the House of Death refuses none.

    David Sinclair-Smith

    Satanic ApocryphaWritten in a prosaic scriptural style reminiscent of The Al-Jilwah and The Enochian Keys, the latter connotes elaborated descriptions on the principles therein. Stream of thought psychodramatic language that speaks to the entire cerebrum, emotional and intellectual.

    Divided into nine scrolls, chapters of folkloric Satanic characterizations & tales filtered through a third side perspective.

    An æsthetically splendorous and visually stimulating tome with an ornate border per page, rather reminiscent of The Necromantic Ritual Book. displaying several of our 'unholy symbols' like The Baphomet, Pitchfork, Drægon, thorns, Brimstone, Pentrapezoid, Pentagram, also explained within the Appendices, which includes descriptions for established and original Hellemental sigilization for The IV Crown Princes of Hell; also 666, 9, and Cornu. Plus a Romanumerical graph pre & post Year One Anno Satanas of The Age of Fire, and cross reference index.

    Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read & strong addition to our religious tradition. Pleased to possess this in My Library.

    Saucy Jack: The Elusive Ripper
    XLIV A.S. by Gavin Baddeley & Paul Woods. Ian Allen Publishing. Genre: Crime, History

    The legend of Jack The Ripper explained!

    Saucy Jack: The Elusive RipperI have had the pleasure of receiving this wonderful book recently, and it has been an enriching experience throughout. Theories by various Ripperologists range from an archetype arising in a repressive time representing stifled libidos in the Victorian era, to several killers collectively comprising the phantom, to certain interesting individuals shrouded in mystery...

    The pages open to a gloomy world of both exquisite beauty and memorable ugliness, sometimes melting into one intoxicating dreadful vision. Dare to walk the cobblestone streets with The Ripper!

    Gored By Gaslight

    The year is 1888... several chilly, Autumn nights will resonate into timelessness, as bloody as the birth of this character and his grotesque exploits...

    The first chapter relates the actual case history of the murders which spawned the legend in all of its bloody reality, setting the tone neath flickering gas lamps as a shadow nears an unsuspecting denizen of East End London who never thought The Grim Reaper would come calling on her this night. He would soon strike again.

    Penny Dreadfuls and Tupenny Bloods

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

    The mystery spreads by macabre pages rustling in the shadows. The emergence of various street publications which appeared to capitalize on the crimes, the paranoia they spread, plays, films, music inspired, and the delicious fears engendered in the populace. The amusing tabloids of the day.

    Constructing Jack

    The nightmare comes alive...

    The archetypal composite of the phantom in the fog developed through urban legend, including a patchwork of attributes integrated, inspired by other preceding crimes, which in turn inspired subsequent cases. Also Includes tales of the zoomorphic Spring heeled Jack, parallels with Dracula, werewolves, even Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde, and their relation to JTR.

    Ripping Yarns

    Tales which have arisen from the legend, contributing to the urban mythology therefrom, from the probably feasible to the utterly fantastic, where the lines between fantasy and reality are obscured by the glow of the firelight.

    The Double Event

    It always happens in multiples....

    Compelling parallels made with copycat killers both in America and overseas. Features several gruesome descriptions of evisceration, cannibalism, and comparisons with various other more contemporary criminals including The Hillside Stranglers, Charles Ng, The (French) Ripper of The Southeast, and others.

    Victorian Values

    Explores the psycho-sexual underpinnings of the oppressive social climate of the time, organizations reminiscent of the PMRC, which arose to stifle carnality. Yet the flesh wills out every time, fetishistically related by some of the rather ingenious methods of expression by indulgent libertines.

    Abstinence breeds frustration. Frustration breeds resentment. Resentment breeds anger. Anger breeds violence or desperate depression colored in the source of twisted desire.


    The psychology of the killer. The history of those professional and amateur sleuths devoted to the case, agreeing and disagreeing with each other, creating a niche in some fascinating conspiracy theorems, and variations on hypotheses, examining certain suspects such as one Walter Sickert.

    Also features a visit to Madame Tussaud's infamous Wax Museum, and Comparisons with various other murderers are examined, in both modus operandi and motivating factors.

    Cutthroat Conspiracies and Royal Rippers

    Could The Ripper have been a member of royalty? Stemming from the previous chapter, suspicions unsurprisingly developed to include the aristocracy.

    Central Casting Seeks Ripper Victims: Only Those With Own Teeth Need Apply

    In the gloom of this ornate auditorium, the silhouettes prepare of an evening of chills and thrills, as they explore their own shadow sides.... please take your seat...

    Begins with a poignant scenario setting the atmosphere for a plethora of relative plays, literature, artistry, the proprietors, and their psychological analysis, sometimes leading to a suspect, sometimes leading to a plunge into the dark subconscious where all is possible, yet few are those who cross the threshold into materializing their nightmares and dreams, and where one may sometimes become the other.

    I Rave; and I Rape, and I Rip, and I Rend: The Occult Ripper

    My favorite chapter in this tome. Was The Ripper a Black Magician? Were the corpses of his victims actually sacrifices, arranged in a mystical configuration? These questions and more are discussed in this thrilling chapter.

    Herein is related supposed occult and Masonic connections and theories on The Ripper postulated by various Occultists including Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi, Madame Blavatsky; even Magus LaVey is briefly discussed, and his Curse on the vile hippie bowel movement successfully eradicated by the Manson Family murders, essentially killing two two birds with one stone, as it were.*

    Ripping The Silver Screen

    Cue the cinematograph, the presentation is about to begin...

    Accentuating a previous chapter on show business multimedia arising from the legend, this chapter concentrates primarily on the history of cinematic adaptations and variations of same, from horror to erotica, providing most entertaining resources for enjoyment in ones darkened lair. From the atmospheric creations of Alfred Hitchcock, to the Gothic Horror of Hammer Films, to slasher flicks like Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and many others.

    A Pestilence of Rippers

    Enhancing and greatly expounding on The Double Event chapter, many other intriguing cases are highlighted the world over in which the perpetrators have been labeled as Rippers by the police and the media.

    In this grim gallery of rogues, covered are The Dusseldorf Ripper, The Ripper of The Blitz, Jack The Stripper (who preferred strippers), The Rostov Ripper, The Camden Ripper, The Ipswich Ripper, and The White Chapel Murderer (a modern day re-visitation). All with their own particular peculiarities.

    Your Own Personal Jack The Ripper

    ...someone to hear you scream, to watch you bleed...

    This is quite a treat. This chapter is like beneficially sitting in on elucidating conversations between Criminologists Professor Laurence Allison and Jon Ogan in a study, perhaps enjoying a pipe and a bit of cherry, whiskey, or tea, as they chat about suspects Montague John Druitt, Aaron Kosminski, George Chapman, Joseph Barnett, Dr. Francis Tumblety, William Bury, James Maybrick, Carl Feigenbaum, and "Walter"...


    Additionally, explicit case photos of the victims are included, as well as the tourist attractions, relics, and the lurid illustrations from periodicals to enhance speculation and historical elucidation. Also considerately includes relevant cross referencing, select bibliography for further study, and an extensive index. The book itself is as aesthetically elegant as the subject studied, with the authors providing sharp wit, a delightfully grim, gorily detailed, morbidly descriptive, and thorough writing style in which to assure the reader a most rewarding contemplation on this intriguing and infamous personage.

    In My estimation, Saucy Jack: The Elusive Ripper makes for valuable resource material for law enforcement officials and criminology students alike, and otherwise those who appreciate the true crime genre.

    Overall, one thing is certain. The sinisterly sanguine legend has spawned a plethora of multimedia materializations tantalizing the imagination, many darksome entertainments, whether or not the case is ever solved. The looming specter of Jack The Ripper will remain a fascination, and continue to haunt the brains and sinews of those whose fears he has gained.

    * Of note: The Devil's Histories series will subsequently feature none other than Magus Anton Szandor LaVey as the subject!

    - Interview with The Authors -
    The Devil's Histories

    Allure of The Vampire
    By Corvis Nocturnum; Dark Moon Press.

    Sink your fangs into this!

    Allure of The Vampire by Corvis NocturnumWhat is perceived when contemplating a vampire... the elegance, charm, intelligence, creativity, and opulence; and/or the stalking terror of a monstrous fiend incarnate... it certainly depends upon the beholder, and which part of the veritable demon is envisioned. Whether characterized by cinematic portrayals or actual practitioners of predation - those at the top of the food chain, and their 'willing' victims...

    The text covers the psycho-sexual sociological underpinnings of the vampire archetype in folklore and modern culture, from classic films to vamperotica, to books to music and art, including criminology case histories, as well as blood fetishists in the gothic subculture. BDSM, Dom/sub dynamics, pain and pleasure, which are often a combination of these factors.

    Among many more, covered are historic personages Vlad The Impaler Tepes {and the legends spawned of his warrior exploits}, the excesses of 'Blood Countess' Lady Bathory, the revealing motivations behind Bram Stoker's Dracula, eponymous Anne Rice's beautiful creatures, the libertine lifestyle of Lord Byron, Joseph Sheridan LeFanu's revolutionary and stimulating Carmilla, and the zeitgeist of Bela Lugosi's and Christopher Lee's depictions, along with the performance art of Theatres De Vampires, Vlad & Sky, and Anders Manga are discussed.

    What really sets this book apart from the plethora of biographical literature commonly available are the insightful observations offered by the author, based upon actual experiences and coalescing with those who actively inhabit this gloomy underworld. Interesting observations are offered by several individuals fascinated with this veritable "devil as a gentleman", as well as those deeming to personify this image and personality, also including the profitable business of merchandising this proposed horror icon. Also notable are relations of various medical conditions contributing to the historical traits and development of these tales.

    The cover features goth model Don Hendrie of 'Mad, Mad House' fame, and is filled with illustrations enhancing the entertaining reading style throughout, providing for much delightful contemplation. Also included are extensive informational sources and multimedia recommendations by the author.

    Appropriately arriving shortly before Halloween, Allure of The Vampire provided for some delightful amusement and food for thought, which is appreciated throughout the year. Highly recommended for those hungering for an indulgent overview of the genre.

    Messages From The Darkside

    Diabolical Machinations have taken their turn by 6, unleashed upon Walpurgisnacht, mental gestation also ideal for Halloween and the year through for the darkly inclined, 119 pages of poetry, erotica, & horror by various authors, echoing up from The Pit of the imagination.

    Participating dæmons include Myself, the deviliciously delightful Delilah Charmer; cover art by Dave Lipscomb, revealing the drægon ascendant, with Robert Leuthold, Dax Bordas, Hydra M. Star, and others, along with accommodating formatting by ER Vernor. Thoughfully compiled by Ms. Charmer.

    Perfect for these Falloweenights by candle & infernalight, incense, sipping on favored nectar and darksome orchestration, or perhaps at a local graveyard to accompany a snackrifice meal upon an overcast tapestry.

    No One Makes It Out Alive: An End of The World Anthology
    XLVII A.S. Various Authors; Edited by Hydra M. Star.

    No One Makes It Out AliveA collection of thrilling fiction on the subject of the end of the world. In this Ragnarok Year, it seems most appropriate that this publication surfaces.

    This book pokes fun at Armageddon fears, ranging from the erotic to the comedic, all the while being quite dramatic. Catastrophe often creates vital focus on the necessity of survival for the living, modifying behavior and engendering evolution, while the unfit perish. So while the herd seek imaginary rewards with self-depriving mythological notions beyond the grave, being the veritable zombies they are, otherwise fostering preoccupations with conspiracy theories, the truly strong individual appreciates & experiences existence to the utmost.

    With several writers offering their particular styles and genre expressions under the theme of global cataclysm, this recommended anthology proves to be most entertaining from various perspectives through fictional prognostications & fun-fear.

    The cover art by Dave Lipscomb features a skull blending in with the earth, asserting the fears of mankind of apocalyptic scenarios, this book essentially serves as a literary memento-mori, with each story as cause for contemplation upon the preciousness of life and carnal indulgence. ∞

    Carpe Vitam!

    In The World of Madness: A Collaboration of Satanic Essays
    XLVII A.S. By Michael Sartin; Genre: Magic, Philosophy.

    In The World of Madness by Michael SarkinOne Satanist's experiences with ritual work and insightful philosophical observations, this tome is a collection of infernal thoughts on the nature of Satanic Sorcery.

    The Satanic Essays section delves into the nature of utilizing angles as a psychological tool in which to traverse the deeper dimensions of the mind; the results of infernal blessings willed and reaped; adhering to that voice within {instinctual perception, and what Plato may have called the "daemon"}; misanthropic analyses of the herd's myopic dispositions, & well-wrought advice for Satanic relationships.

    The Empowerment Essays section asserts the productive uses of Silence, Emotion, Anger, Persistence, Doubt, Isolation, & Fear to maximize the dynamics of cause & effect in one's favor. Also includes warnings against certain parasitic elements which may deplete desired manifestations; followed by a chapter on the definition of Satan to The Satanist.

    The Laws of The Subconscious segment details the process of maintaining the progressive mentality to allow the materialization of one's desires unto fullest fruition, & essentially 'casting the mold'. Among the recommendations, are the emotional impetus of Desire, focusing on the goal, an authoritative admonition, the affirmation of the goal, the visualization of its reality, experiencing the reality by proxy in full expectation, receptivity, the application of opportunism in relation to the target, & confidently allowing the energies {what Magus LaVey refers to as 'diabolical machinations'} to flow unhampered.

    The Satanic Ritual section concludes with a recommendation to personalize rites unto specification, while maintaining the basic structure of ritual as outlined in The Satanic Bible. Includes a list of suggested reading to supplement the practitioner's experience.

    In The World of Madness is essentially both a daemon's diary, and a veritable "book of shadows", offering diabolical suggestions from one who has plunged the Great Abyss, with likened reflection, emerging to grant tidings of these experimentations from which others who traverse therein may find of value to compliment one's own. ∞

    * Currently available HERE.

    Motel Bizarre
    Tales and Horrid Scenes from No-Tell Motels
    by Stephanie Crabe / Christopher Mealie

    Motel Bizarre by Stephanie CrabeI recently received the limited and autographed 'pillowcase' edition of this book in the post, and once again, I Am very pleased with the quality from Scapegoat Publishing. Accompanied by a glossy photograph of the lovely author, a poolside scene arrayed with whoopie cushions; the snug pillowcase seems a remnant of these cross country roadside adventures.

    In many senses, the motel room is a stage for the practice of many a forbidden fetish, to exercise all those desires in secret. A veritable covert rendezvous for quick, cheap, and oft-times twisted gratification. Throughout the book, it seems the so-called "seven deadly sins" are displayed.

    I commend Mealie's sublime use of metaphor in the introduction in describing the underbelly of this section of hidden Americana. Also included is a history of the Motel-hotel institution, like looking into a trash culture human cage, with an anthropological perspective, from seedy scenes and environments, demonstrating crime, prostitution, homicide, suicide, compulsive activities, and its unsavory denizens in a lambent photographic style, truly illuminating the psychological core of these characters, from bank robbers to pimps, whores, and strippers, to serial killers, rapists, inferior white-trash neo-nazi posers, to desperate loners, cheating spouses, and housewives seeking cheap thrills.

    Motel Bizarre is an amusing pictorial sociological study in deviance, flashing a spotlight into these dismal neon-speckled taboo dens of baseness, where the iniquities of the human animal prevail without reproach, so long as the room is paid for the night.

    The Addams Family 2009 Calendar
    XLIV A.S. Pomegranate Communications; Tee & Charles Addams Foundation

    Addams Family '09 CalendarThe perfect accent to one's haunted Lair the year through to record those diabolic dates we hold special. Follow the delightful antics of this relatable archetypal family with these classic panels accompanied with wickedly witty captions sure to illicit a chortle from time to time.

    Spawned from the shadowy recesses of Charles Addams' imagination, and based upon observations of lambent traits in certain exceptional individuals, The Addams Family premiered in The New Yorker in 1933, creating these magnificently gloomy inspirational illustrations which have graced the dark subconscious ever since, rendering forth our kind in many respects, and will continue to amuse unto timelessness, with a particular sense of acknowledgement.

    Having appreciated The Addams Family for as long as recollection, I can attest to the exquisite quality of this publication from Pomegranate, presenting these darksome gems in an elegant presentation, worthy to grace One's Lair.

    Born of The Night
    2008 c.e. Gothic Fantasy Calendar
    Born of The Night 2008 CalendarMonolith Graphics

    A splendid collection of Gothic images rendered by Joseph Vargo, features full page glossy prints of these marvelously gloomy portraits birthed from the dark subconscious. Dates detail infamous events and individuals of grim historical note with a marble background and glowing numerals, also illustrating moon phases, seasonal equinoxes, solstices, and even astrological signs, if so inclined. Of course, at any point herein one may etch their own events of significance, and it is even better if one possesses a certain sigil stamp to accentuate them as desired.

    This '2008' edition includes supplementary inlets per month as well, providing even more aesthetic gratification to compliment one's observance and overall Lair.

    Filled with phantoms, demons, vampires, gargoyles, strange creatures, wraiths, Sorcerers and Witches, the Born of The Night Calendar is sure to delight the senses for monthly Halloweens throughout the year.

    H. R. Giger Calendar 2011 c.e. / XLVI A.S.

    Giger Calendar XLVIH.R. Giger, a favored shadowmantic weaver of dreams and nightmares, returns with another splendid view into the Abyss to please the senses and compliment One's Lair the year through. Introduced with biographical information on the Artist with photographs from The Morpheus Gallery, the perusal into its dungeon-like chambers brings welcomed visions of resonant reverberation.

    1. Passage Temple Entrance: Embark upon this darksome journey through a veritable Hellmouth, yielding the form of a human figure, a passage deep into oneself, decorated with bio-mechanical splendor, with infernal delights within... One of those pieces one can gain perspective from a distance as well as examining the exquisite detail up close.

    2. Saxophonist: Asserts that The Devil does indeed have the best tunes. Captures the fluidity of entrancing notes as well as the stark metallic instrument emitting them, in a graceful visual conglomeration.

    3. Discourse: Grants the impression of technomantic communication through various modes in vivid coloration, seen through an imaginative montage of an etheric broadcast spectacle.

    4. Lovecraft and His Creatures: A plethora of undulating tendrils slithering about an optoscopic nucleus. A stand-out favorite.

    5. Goho Dohji: An excarnated anthropocidal man named 'Masakadowho' turned monster is conjured by demonic "psychic" 'Kato' from the bowels of the black earth to wreak terror on a hapless, doomed megalopolis. Reminiscent of Abaddon. {created for the film Teito Monogatari}.

    6. Baby Wall: The infamous portrayal rendered in fiberglass rust petina. An impressive three dimensional presentation brought into the third dimension.

    7. ELP V: A pair of luscious, red welcoming lips manifest, beckoning towards pleasure or pain, or both...

    8. Watch Guardian IV: A striking sculpture of a strapped, spiked bust, grants the impression of Hellraiser-like, sado-masochistic bondage. Would be remarkable as a mantle-piece.

    9. Biomechanical Landscape {Work #550}: Another spell-binding glimpse of the alienesque world becoming reality. Pronounced depth and contrasted lighting brings this piece added dimension. Hypothetically, these segments would make desirable wallpaper for certain total environments.

    10. Necronom V: An erotic motif in indulgent repose. With her insatiable desire, the succubus grasps the flesh and holds the minds of those absorbed.

    11. Bathtub II: An elevated perspective resembles a basin observed in Mortuaries, awash in dark blood-red tint.

    12. Necronom VIII: Multiples of impressions derived from various vantage points. Another one of those pieces which capture a pondering gaze, in layers of sublime surrealism.

    To complete cerebral hemispheric gratification, along with aesthetic sensory stimulus, each month is accompanied by many contemplative quotations, relevant nativities, & information on multi-media bemusements. Quality is always top-notch with each piece actually suitable for framing, wrought upon black photo-gloss stock.

    Giger Calendar 2010 c.e. XLV A.S.
    Morpheus Gallery

    It is that time of year when I have the nefarious pleasure to unveil another Giger calendar into The Noctuary, that its visual darkness may grace My Lair for another permutation of timelessness. This offering beholds the following sublime works:

    I. The Vortex: An amazing representation of an inter-dimensional spiral with a sense of counter clockwise movement here, in subtle blurring to certain segments, encircled within a spinal nautilus, with interlocking phantom arms descending into the black abyss. Favorite #3.

    II. Shaft: Two sleeping beauties morphed into a couple of bone columns serve as an entryway into a passage beyond in a labyrinth of beautiful nightmares.

    III. NYC X-Chelsea Cockroaches: A biomechanical parasitic creature resembling an insectoid worm winds its way up through a corridor, hidden from view in the darkness, perhaps deep within dank walls, or scuttling beneath your feet.

    IV. Astronaut: A Sci-fi piece made with Martin Schwarz, this colorful image appropriately conveys the impression of space travel to various dimensions to observe interstellar civilizations and discover new worlds.

    V. Humanoid 1: An alienesque female form emerges from a technological womb to awaken to multi-sensory stimulation.

    VI. Skull Wharf: An amazing bronze sculpture depicting a skull bound in straps and spiked bolts, connected to a striated breathing tube. perhaps a memento mori asserting either trans human innovation, or cyborg integration.

    VII. Die Wittwe Des Rennfahrers: Or "The Widow of The Running Driver", this morbid display features a female form in garters holding what could be a translucent body bag with what appears to be a fetus and a racing wheel, amongst other intriguing contents.

    VIII. Lord of The Rings II: Within a canyon of this biological landscape arises what appears to be a ventricled structure indicating a cardiac center, most probably a depiction of a heart within a ribcage.

    IX. Beauborg: A classic bio-mechanical, cybernetic display emitting three milky bulbous rivulets.

    X. Alien Monster IV: Also featured on the cover, is this impressive alien creature configuration, alludes to the Oroboros, perhaps here in gestation. Favorite #2.

    XI. Passage XVI: Herein is a keyhole, and considering the psycho-sexual nature of much of the artist's work, could very well be indicative of a carnal orifice accompanied by pistons & pumps.

    XII. Vlad Tepes: A magnificent conglomeration of demonic imagery, including a spire like spike as part of a serpentine, skeletal appendage from a devilish creature (perhaps a representation of Tepes) spearing another creature in the eye, accompanied by another demonic being bearing a bestially skeletal rictus, while flanked by two female creatures in salacious rapport, themselves "staked". Nearby, a series of spikes await like a chamber in a firearm, while a tentacled womb appears below. Favorite #1.

    Along with these splendid phantasmagoric materializations, are dates of nefarious significance, notable nativities of individuals within a plethora of the dark fine arts, contemplative quotations, all presented upon an elegant black gloss format, sure to compliment any devilish Lair.

    Giger Calendar 2009 c.e.
    XLIV A.S. Morpheus Gallery

    Upon glossy black thick-stock paper serving as veritable parchments igniting sensory saturation in a ritual of aesthetic contemplation, the beautiful Hell of Giger's vision emerges into the pleasantly gratified multi-dimensional planes of consciousness to compliment subterranean lairs of purest darkness, offering skeletal keys to the infernal abyss within, in darkest reflections sublime.

    Filled with potently inspirational quotes from Einstein to Emerson, Picasso, Oscar Wilde to Carl Sagan and others; nefarious historical and notable nativity dates throughout, one is enthusiastically drawn into this grim world of nightmarish creatures, sinister sexuality, bio-mechanical configurations and dreamlike alienesque landscapes, all of which culminate into a glorious masterpiece, merging and stimulating cerebral hemispheric evolution.

    Giger Calendar XLIII A.S.

  • Dune 1: Work #289.
  • Landscape 25: Work #230.
  • Spacetrip II: Work #403.
  • Man With Helmet: Work #366.
  • Passage 13: Work #170.
  • Kofferbaby.
  • Magma IV: Work #578.
  • Karavane {with Martin Schwarz}.
  • Mordor: Work #279.
  • Behemoth: Work #257.
  • ELP II: Work #218.
  • Passage Temple Death: Work #263.

  • Giger Calendar 2008 c.e.

    Morpheus Gallery

    Giger Calendar 2008 c.e.Dare you venture into Giger's Satanic World of nether-wordly creatures and Hellish landscapes? A place which brings comfort and inspiration, familiarity and contemplation... plunge the depths of The Abyss, open the gates to the dark subconscious and dwell in twelve supreme months of infernal meditation upon these legendary masterpieces.

    * Contents:

    Untitled {For Graw}, ELP II, Hieroglyphics {Work No. 385} [1], LI Sculpt, Birthmachine [2], Monsters of Rock [3], Magus [4], Landscape XXIII, Tourist VII [5], SIL {Detail} [6], Passagen, Aleph [7].

    The glossy black Giger Calendar also includes special notes of observation, infamous dates and individuals of remembrance, a biography including a diabolically-stylized portrait of The Artist, photos of the Giger Bar & Museum H.R. Giger in Switzerland, along with monthly quotes from historical artists, writers, philosophers, and occultists.

    Giger has the amazing capability to interpret mythological concepts in his own lambent artistic style, utilizing tradition, imagination, and improvisation to manifest a unique iconoclastic vision. It is truly a pleasure to display this veritable portfolio in The Blackthorne Lair.

    * Here I shall describe some of the more remarkable presentations from this edition in My estimation:

    [1] In Egyptian metaphorical mythology, Nuit provides the framework of the universe, with a pharaoh ascending into the ether, accompanied by the egg of transformation / regeneration.
    [2] A clever depiction of both insemination via this phallic metal instrument / chamber of lust, combined with a likely depiction of the birth canal. Read: "Love Gun".
    [3] A more or less 'untraditional' work by Giger, employing vibrant color combinations into an amalgam of amorphous images, faces and forms.
    [4] A definite top favorite. depicting an adept and his thought forms, detailing highly symbolically descriptive processes of Magical practice.
    [5] Some of his more bio-mechanic work, featuring android-like creatures out for a perusal.
    [6] A dream-like morbid lady in metallic skeletal bio-mechanoid motif.
    [7] Carries an encompassing erotic element with yoni and lingam displayed within the menagerie, seemingly signifying sexual magic.

    Topless Witches Calendar XLIV
    Details: Coil binding, full color, photo stock, horizontal page presentation

    "If you're going to be a sinner, be the best sinner on the block!" ~ Dr. LaVey.

    Topless Witches CalendarPerfect timing! This Friday the 13th has proven to be most fortunate, indeed!

    Slick, classy photographs grace the senses for twelve splendid months of viewing and appreciating the erotic beauty of these buxom vixens in all their {partial} glory! Also features the photographic talents of Magister Christopher Mealie, Warlock Byrd, Joel Gausten, and courtesy of proprietor Mr. Slesk, let these enchantresses weave their sensual spell for gratifying contemplation.

    Witches featured are: Shannon Gardner {January}, Jezahell van Horn {February}, Samantha {March}, Nina {April}, Melissa Byrd {May}, Freya {June}, Maqlu {July}, Arden Davies {August}, Deathdolly {September}, Muse {October}, Marilyn Mansfield {November}, Carina {December}.

    Plenty of room to list dates of personal significance, to keep one abreast of events. Perhaps there will be another version of this calendar wherein these and others may display further choice assets.

    Remember, take that which tempts whenever you can, and Sin well!

    Left-Handed Greetings
    XLIV A.S. Greeting cards by Art On You Studios. $16.66

    While enjoying the diabolically-empowering atmosphere of Walpurgis, what did the Hellbox yield, but a complimentary Walpurgisnacht gift to last for seasons to come. A package from Art On You Studios containing postcards for several major 'unholydays", accompanied by several other items of infernal interest, which are much appreciated, including a T-Shirt stating "WW[LaVey]D?"displaying the likeness of Dr. LaVey {interesting notion that I had recently contemplated acquiring this jovial shirt}, several stickers {including the LaVey design, "Hail Thyself!", and "I [heart Frankenstein]"}, along with some nice slick business cards. Just some of the many artful products by Satanic Artist Storm.

    Card contents: Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, Yule, remmus solstice, Autumn & Spring Equinoxes, and of course, the Highest of High Holiday, One's Birthday.


    Left-Handed Greetings Walpurgisnacht: Features a rendition of La Danse du Sabbat by Gustave Dore from Histoire de la Magie (1884) by P. Christian.

    Halloween: Features a very turn of the 19th century impression depiction of The Devil emerging from behind a Jack O' Lantern by a black candle crowned skull while a contemplative moon gazes down upon the festive scene.

    Yule: A Krampus / "Satan Claus" -like figure with a lovely devil girl welcome you to warm yourself by the hellfire, in a cozy environment filled with evocative items.

    Birthday: Some elements of celebration greet the birthday boy or girl with a rose indicative of romantic indulgence.

    Spring Equinox: A natural scene includes a scowling sun, tree, and Baphomet, featuring an appropriately misanthropic quote from Ernest Hemingway.

    Fall Equinox: Bountiful well-wishes meet the senses in this pleasant scene of Baphomet sprouting an autumnal tree.

    remmus Solstice: A grinning demonic tiki carries off a willing vixen on the shores of a Polynesian Paradise at sunset.

    Plenty of room on the back to personalize your message complete with Old Nick for stamp placement. Memento Mori & Mr. Slithersworth decorate the box cover itself.

    Overall, a very nice presentation accentuating the primary product, a series of colored sketches displaying great imagination and thoughtful greetings with a specific concentration on several of the sentiments and aesthetics of Our Kind. A great idea indeed!

    Words From The Third Side by Joel Gausten Words From The Third Side
    XLIV A.S. By Joel Gausten. Gausten Books. 84pp. Slick stylish cover

    As a man of many hats, Joel Gausten offers relations on his eclectic experiences in various professional genres, and as a musician and promoter in the gritty underworld of the Punk scene, on both coasts; as well as relationship and psychological manipulation tips in the business world; along with psycho-sexual advice gleaned from experience on the dynamics of Dominance & submission. The latter subject is covered extensively, inclusive of a guest essay by Gausten's lovely paramour, Shannon Gardner; She a Witch and he a Warlock in the notorious Church of Satan.

    Spanning several years as a journalist for a Poker magazine and various Rock 'n' Roll publications, the writing style flows easily with entertaining content for a delightful afternoon of salacious contemplation.

    Satanic Sex
    by Arlene J. Fitzgerald
    . VIII A.S. Manor Books.

    Satanic Sex

    Here's a documentary book that progresses from one interesting, entertaining, & informative real-case story to the next. This was one of those rare finds that certain dark forces placed in My path.

    The cover is superlative - a green Baphomet with red glowing eyes on black background, with the dubious & titillating title above it. Within, there are chapters on Witchcraft, Charms & Talismans, Spiritualism, Reincarnation, Astrology, Numerology, Fortune-Telling, & Dreams - all of which is quite fascinating, & very Draconian. Each chapter features a brief overview on the particular subject, followed by case histories comprising the rest of the chapter.

    I found Myself reading incessantly at every opportunity. The chapter on Witchcraft is most compelling, as it recounts the supernatural occurrences in several people's lives, as they become involved with The Occult.

    The authoress takes a decidedly Satanic slant on the subject matter on each chapter, so much so sometimes, I wonder if she realizes she is a Satanist.

    Segment about Anton LaVey & The Church of Satan [pp. 12 & 13]:

    Satanic Sex"Witchcraft and Satanism have always exerted a tremendous attraction for the idle and the wealthy but unfulfilled individual." writes Anton LaVey, High Priest of The Church of Satan which is headquarters in San Francisco. "This does not mean to imply that well adjusted people are not interested. It simply means that the first mentioned types are much less discriminating in the authenticity, quality, and seriousness of the group with which they involve themselves. What they re primarily interested in is 'kicks' - nothing more."

    One need not look far to realize that the cliche' Halloween image which most of us have come to associate with witches scarcely applies to today's occult practitioners. The modern-day sorceress is, more often than not, as sexy as the love potions she peddles, shunning the traditional fairy-tale garb and magic broomstick in favor of abbreviated mini skirts and a high powered convertible. Her male counterpart is equally sensual and dynamic.

    "We come from every walk of life," states an avid west coast priestess.

    An investigation of leads supplied by individuals closely involved in the flourishing cult substantiate this and other claims that persons from all classes and professions are organizing into covens at an astonishing rate. It has been roughly estimated that there are more than 750,000 self-professed witches in America today. Recruits are most generally acquired through personal contact in a widespread campaign which is encouraged by the film industry and the various news medias and which common manifests sexuality as a means of inducement. Very frequently, potential initiates to the cult are lured through advertisements placed in the underground newspapers which grew out of the hippie movement.

    Commenting on the latter, Anton LaVey has stated: "If you read about it {witchcraft} in an ad in an underground newspaper, you can be reasonably certain that it's a front for sexual activities with just enough 'witchcraft' to ease the conscious of the 'free' people attending."

    If & when you find this satanical text, it will definitely be worth far more the meager price you will pay for it. The best bet is to stalk SATANIC SEX at independently owned bookstores, or try Amazon Books online, since it has been out of print for some time.

    Gothic Dreamscapes
    By Patrick Flanagan; Dark Moon Press. Genre: Poetry, Photography.

    Gothic DreamscapesPeer behind the nocturnal veil within this tome, revealing layers of skeletal transformation, & see into the gracefully darksome photography with poetic expressions of tenebrous sentiment, complimenting one another in a delicate balance of life and death.

    Impressionate photographs captured in timelessness of cemeteries, crypts, desolate, forgotten locations, wind-worn trees, eerily visaged statues of tragic disposition, haunt the mind like forbidden vistas into some black paradise, where the reader walks amongst strewn leaves & the distant braying of phantom hounds & weeping echoes float upon the chilled winds.

    Dark Moon Press presents a beautiful book with those of Gothic sensibilities, ideal for overcast afternoons and stormy evenings. Those who appreciate the works of E. A. Poe will enjoy this collection by candlelight, and delve into the dark side of the psyche where mysterious, ghostly & angelic specters reside to haunt the imagination, inspiring deep introspection. ∞

    Click or Treat!
    The Best of Halloween and Horror on The Internet
    By Rich Gray

    Click or Treat!An extensive compendium of Halloween and otherwise Horror resources on the net.

    Many subjects to choose from within this nefarious genre from artistry, to literature, poetry, music, holiday history, superstitions, character origins, psychodrama, multimedia, recipes, online goody recommendations, and costumed fun-eral.

    The Shadowmantium is mentioned with a favorable review on page 80 in this entertaining and informative book by Rich Gray, wherein a plethora of links, commentary, recommendations, and descriptions are provided in this ultimate source of Horror and Halloween-related websites:

    "Do your tastes tend more towards the hard-core Satanic? Swing by Draconis Blackthorne's site, where you'll find a lot of his Satanism-inspired artwork, in addition to a lot of Satanic text and links to - what else? Satanism resources."

    Read by flickering screen and candle light in the gloom of your haunted room, and allow your imagination to transport you to arcane realms for amusement and fright!

    Sophia Bestiae
    Edward O'Toole

    Sophia Bestiae"Here is an unusual tome which sets out to prove that the God of the “Holy” scriptures is malevolent, alien to those of European ethnic origin, neither omnipresent nor omnipotent, and may have been in fact an alien visitor who harassed the primitive Israelites into subjugation and worship. Also posited is that the hero of Genesis is The Serpent, and that the true Satan—the adversary of God—is Man. O’Toole quotes from biblical passages to provide evidence for his theories and even presents one of the Gnostic texts discovered in Nag Hammadi as an alternative, and God-damning, creation myth. Ultimately he arrives at the position we Satanists advocate, that of the self as the only proper God in one’s life.

    Click on the cover above for ordering information and for forums for discussion of this author’s thinking on art, religion, literature, “The Gothic,” and the occult." - Magus Gilmore.

    * Contains a reference to Satanic Numerology by Draconis Blackthorne, affirming 9 as a proposed Number of Satan {also see The Unknown Known by Magus LaVey; The Satanic Rituals}.

    Lucifer Rising
    By Gavin Baddeley

    Written by Church of Satan Priest Gavin Baddeley, a book of this kind is easily in the ranks with 'Satan Wants You' by Arthur Lyons, as the credits & influences The Church of Satan has had on society & modern culture is fully recognized, thereby giving the Devil His due.

    There are compelling interviews with Dr. LaVey {whose words are spread throughout the book as relative to the subject of the chapter at hand}, HP Blanche Barton, Mgr. Gilmore, a two-parter with Mgr. Boyd Rice; Thomas Thorn of EHC; iconoclastic film-maker & long-time friend of Doctor's, Kenneth Anger; Mgr. Vincent Crowley of Acheron; Abaddon of Venom; Quarthon of Bathory; Coop; Mgr. Rex Diabolos Church {whose necro-erotic art adorns the front cover}; Timothy Patrick Butler; Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis; Count Grishnacht & Euronymous of the 'Black Metal Circle' {a couple of presumptuous & antagonistic delusionals who declared 'war' on The Infernal Empire. As a consequence of their absurd proclamations, which can be compared to the flea crawling up the leg of an elephant with the intention of rape, one killed the other, both of whom declared eachother 'allies' reveal themselves herein to be nothing more than reverse-xians, still praddling about under the xian mythology, many times veering towards Tolkien's fantasy world - they very easily could be considered "Tolkienists", rather than Satanists {by their own admission, they would rather call themselves 'devil-worshipers' & 'slaves of Satan', dedicated to bringing about the most misery they can upon the world - just like xoids, whom they claim to respect, as they are, verily, brothers in arms, or 'black sheep'. In the same herd; then there's Glenn Danzig, Glen Benton of Deicide, King Diamond {who is accredited with the use of 'corpse-paint' for use by contemporary Death-Metallers}, Sister Namaah of The Kirk Von Satan {a veritable 'Satanic Nun'}, amongst others. The book is divided into three parts:

    1. The History of Satanism, which covers the basic inceptions, superstitiions, & practices of the aristocracies in indulgence, & the revolution of The Black Mass.

    2. Satanism in The 20th Century, which includes historical recollections & occultic ties of The Third Reich, Gerald Gardner {the comical origin of 'wicca', which is about as 'ancient' as the turn of the century, & serial killers Richard Ramirez & David Burkowitz, among others.

    3. The Satanic Millenium, explains the Infernal rise of the internet, diabolical board games, Columbine, Marilyn Manson, the afore-mentioned 'Black Metal Circle', & the future influences of Satanism upon the world.

    Lucifer Rising takes on where Satan Wants You leaves off, & is a must for Satanists to possess - indeed, it is absolutely a part of Church of Satan history. This book is unprecedented, as it is a record written by a Satanist, someone who knows what we're all about, & thus takes an objective view on the subject, instead of the usual biased & bigoted misrepresentations of xoid Satanophobes. A real work of art.

    Hail Gavin Baddeley! Hail Satan!

    Lords of Chaos

    n My previous trip to Barnes & Noble, I picked up a copy of "Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground" by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind, and it has been quite an intriguing read - the book mostly focuses on church arson, murder amongst their own, and the development of this counter-culture primarily in The Netherlands, spawned from the iconoclasm of Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Possessed, and Slayer. These were bands that I listened to in formative evilution, and still put them on the crackling turntable from time to time when the feeling is appropriate, for evocation and Vampiric invigorating preservation/time travel. Of particular note, and the main reason I purchased this tome, is for the interview with Dr. LaVey and Ms. Barton, in which they discuss the pretension of many of these devil-worshiping bands who are mainly not Satanists, and the precious few who actually are, like King Diamond and Acheron, to name only a couple.

    By now, we know that Satanism is about Strength Through Joy, Living Life to The Fullest, evolving to one's highest potential, a winner's creed, not about misery and criminality, which hampers self-preservation, and is decidedly and ironically Christian in nature. The horror genre does span the multimedia spectrum, but most of those devil-worshipper types divulge their misinformation from horror movies, books, and music lyrics, which are intended as entertainment, not to be taken fundamentally. The Satanic Bible explains what Satanism is, and the non-satanic will frequently misinterpret this essential text, and crib from the J/C bible at that. And they eventually return to their god, whom they never really left. And that is as it should be, for it is a process of stratification. The blindlight religions muck-rake the inferior away from us, as well as those who dwell within the same paradigm. Black sheep are still sheep, and have no place amongst the Black Wolves, which they have pretentiously attempted to be. We are The Church of Satan, the Source of true information.

    Note: Review Circa XXX A.S. Satan's Tarot is currently unavailable.

    Another wave of Satanism is emerging from the deepest darkness of the mind. The past 30 years have seen many changes & developments in the Infernal Empire. The Satanic Bible critiques oracles as used for the defilement of the mind, masked in white-light rhetoric. But what of dark oracles which truly enlighten? As with virtually everything else, the longer something exists, the more it is in danger of becoming perverted by opportunists & nut cases. Such was the case with the Tarot. In its original forms, The ancient pagan people used it to great undefiled results for the enhancement of their lives. But as it passed through predominantly whitelight eras, especially since the emergence of xianity, it inevitably became corrupted, especially by those claiming to "define", or "translate" it. Often, with mistranslations & misunderstandings. Therefore, it became another mental trap with which blindlight tyrants could keep their people on a program.

    But as The Satanic Bible has surfaced to pound the truth into the world, & eradicate blindlight propaganda, so may the precious oracles may surface once more. Now we have Satan's Tarot, based upon the veritos revelations of The Satanic Bible. Now that life has been truly realized, through the pragmatism of The Black Pope's words, so oracles may be used in their original purposes as well. These are focal points with which to reveal possible situations, & predict, or shed an infernal light upon, the end result of where our actions are taking us.

    Satan's Tarot helps to get in contact with dark earthly Forces working in our lives, to identify that which one desires, & offer useful warnings, by literally outlining the truth, whether negative or positive, so one may better determine & modify one's own destiny. A veritable practice in Jungian psychology, probing deep into the Abyss within.

    The cards correspond with The Satanic Bible, & uses Satanic philosophy to benefit our lives, & promote undefiled wisdom - real carnal laws, Lex Talionis, not white-washed neo-xian, occultnik, or weakan drivel. There are The Keys, The Statements, & The Sins; The Powers of Hell, Personality cards, The Alphabet of Desire, The Gates of Hell, & 3 cards of darkness.

    I personally have used Satan's Tarot for the further fulfillment of My life. It has helped to bring Me closer to Myself, & The Dark Forces of Nature. Satan's Tarot has been a wonderful & supportive tool in times of uncertainty, & has always helped to preserve peace of mind. In My opinion, it is an excursion into one's self, & should be cherished along with The Satanic Bible as an instrument of realization.

    Satan's Tarot will lead you into positive edifying positions, & effectively steer you away from negative ones. It also serves as a tremendous defense mechanism against rivals.

    Enter The Parlor for your reading with Satan's Tarot...

    Enter the Parlor for a reading with Satan's Tarot


    A couple of weeks prior to Beaster, I was amused to come into possession of this curious little game similar to Bingo, called "Loteria" {'lottery'}. I remember seeing these images from time to time at various places here and there, particularly when acquiring some select culinary indulgences, so when one night they veritably presented themselves before Me at the cash register anyway, with a bit of extra change, I decided to see what it was really all about.

    This game originated in Spain & Italy, then was brought to 'New Spain', the Americas, where it integrated into the subsequent culture.

    To prepare the game, one has to cut out the little blue squares provided which become the play pieces. The game is played exactly like traditional bingo, although there are certain little phrases which can be uttered when an image is traversed [see link above].

    I always thought the Devil card, or "El Diablito" {who appears rather Lokian, in My estimation} and the skull card, or "la calavera" were visually interesting; and at first, I quite honestly thought these were tarot cards upon first impression. As it turns out, even though billed as merely a game, these cards are actually used as "divinatory" tools by some; but what I really found amusing are the folkloric relations of Roman Soldiers 'casting lots' for the nazarene's robes, as well as the timing of their purchase, so it seemed to make some sort of sense that this would be played on a Beaster night, for this lottery game may very well have been the one referred to in the legend. Of course, depending on the company, it can be modified to gamble from anything from money, to libations, to salacious dares, if desired.

    Also turns out that there are many variations of these cards, and have become quite a franchise among the latin crowd; there is even a deck called "Space Loteria" which correlates characters from the Star Wars saga into its art. ∞

    The Sisterhood
    By Florence Stevenson; XXIII A.S. Leisure Books. Genre: Horror/Thriller

    The SisterhoodJudith Jordan returns to Pacific Palisades, California after a familial tragedy on the east coast, surreptitiously re-acquainting with a secret society of wizened necromantic Witches contacting sinister spirits residing beyond the grave through Seance, in The Octagonal Room...

    The more they interject themselves, the more suspicious she becomes of their motives and peculiar involvement with her parents' fate. They have known her all of her life, she recalls from hazy, dream-like memory, operating with clandestine manipulations all the while which persist to this day. Despite all her efforts, she cannot seem to escape their clutches.

    Bit by bit, she develops her psychic sensitivity, perceiving subtleties in the ethereal environment from spectral voices and visions, ghost children, relatives, to even herself...

    When a series of mysterious deaths begin occurring in the area, she meets with perhaps too likely a feral character whom she develops affection for. Learning of the family mansion's history, diabolical secrets are revealed, and thus descends both into the shadows of hidden chambers lain deep down in a labyrinthine maze, and the darkness of her gifted mind as she receives impressions and contacts from the timeless inhabitants therein, which turns out to be a main reason for The Sisterhood's involvement with she as the chosen one, to summon a demonic horror from a blackened netherworld of nightmarish terror. ∞ Household by Florence Stevenson

    * Other Books by Florence Stevenson


    Strange Events Beyond Human Understanding
    S. Robert Tralins

    A most excellent book of its kind, an occult anthology of eerie tales from Year I; a parapsychological documentary thriller relating a wide variety of mysteries, bleeding one into another, a veritable bibliographical Tales From The Darkside.

    Favorite stories herein so far, are The Bridge Across The River Styx, The Mother Who Returned to Change Her Son’s Life, The Hobo Specter, Birthright Established By Visitation, and many more. If you enjoy presentations such as Journey Into The Unknown, you will be sure to appreciate Strange Events Beyond Human Understanding. [5/5]

    Following are parapsychological impressions & hypotheses on some of these events. Join Me in analyzing this shadowy void between the worlds of psychology, parapsychology, science, and the paranormal:

    TV Transmission From The Past: It seems to Me that lightning could have been the cause of the temporary electricity entering the set, in effect charging it for a short amount of time, just enough to catch an afar off transmission, as mentioned by the repairman. The etherically conducive atmosphere such as a storm, generated by ionic proliferation caught in the set as a paranatural default medium, as an attraction reflective of the couple’s subconscious desires for a home, perhaps combined with a little help from ancestors.

    Birthright Established By Visitation: A subconscious projection motivated by consternation that an unscrupulous irrelative not receive undue rewards earned by the girl’s honorable parents for her preservation. She exhibits oneiric clairvoyance to divulge the location of the document, while her parents demonstrate precognition and good, considerate, practical forethought combined with a mutual dislike towards one who deserves it.

    The Bridge Across The River Styx: A man refuses to die because he will not cross water in a boat, and even at the end, the River Styx is daunting, so he dreams that a bridge is built so he can cross after all. This seems like a staunch landlover who justifies with himself his own demise without having to submit; this in a time segment shortly prior to his passing.

    The Hobo Specter: Through a subsequent dream, a traveling man riding the rails finds good fortune during an encounter with an apparition {precognitive projection} to lead him towards the occupation as a farmhand, with cooperation with the owner of the farm who telepathically summoned one who could succeed him.

    The Mother Who Returned To Save Her Son’s Life: Psychology students may recognize the dynamics of The Jungian Shadow side operating here. The deep subconscious projection of his true innermost desires towards psychotherapy, in the form of his beloved mother whom he sees as his last guide to steer him in a direction most beneficial to himself.

    The Scorpion In The Author's Bed: An obvious case if precognition from a concerned friend.

    The Silent Ghost In The Jamaican Monestary: The priest had sublimated the missing note in the missal so deeply, that feelings of guilt manifested as a projection of the estranged friend confessor, and being that other monks are receptive to such occurrances, could actually also perceive the etheric / pineal projection, emanation, with subsequent resolution concluding in a more or less traditional mythological manner. Overall, a shared illusion projected by a guilty monk.

    The Crying Specter: The woman's distress made an environmental impression, playing back upon the ether nightly about the same moments recorded, thus perceived by a conducive populace.

    Overall, a fantastic tome on a plethora of anomalies that haunt the consciousness, from various urban legends to true case files explained, unexplained processes of nature, all presented in parapsychological fashion - the suspension bridge between psychology and the paranormal, teetering above The Abyss of One's Shadow Side, wherein gazing into The Pit, you may find one's own reflection staring back. Move steadily ahead with logic and reason, yet with a sense of adventure and wonder, to reveal many strange mysteries awaiting in the darkness.

    Reads largely like a veritable Tales From The Shadowside collection, causing one to ponder beneath the common facade of what is merely apparent. >


    Quite honestly, even though one may be able to relate to a great majority of the subject matter discussed in this book, as a progressive evolution in preferences, I have to say that this tome reads like it was written by a trendoid who just automatically switched to the next herd trend once the populace was directed otherwhere by music executives, manipulating via financial reasons, rather than core resonance.

    This can be perceived in the large majority of commentary made in the past-tense, as if HM no longer exists! While the pop-wave recedes, the few true remain. What's with the veritably insulting title "Rise & Fall" - there is no "fall", unless under mass consideration. More evidence that this is merely in the author's mind alone, or speaking for all other posers. Though obviously the first part of the title makes reference to both the nascent activity partaken of, and the Quiet Riot song.

    Despite a small portion bring dedicated to Black & Death Metal {Venom, Slayer, Exodus, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Possessed, etc}, & actual Heavy Metal {Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, Manowar, Danzig, etc.}, the author lumps in "pop rock/metal" {"hair band" - the ladies love the locks!} in with the previous, which is decidedly NOT the case! That is referred to as just "glam rock", or music to get laid by. There certainly are some catchy tunes therein, and is assuredly evocative, but let perspective be applied.

    By far, My favorite chapter is 8: Bonded By Blood. There are some amusing stories from performers' antics {such as Venom causing $666.66 worth of damage to the Capital Theater stage in Philadelphia! wherein a "hellhole" was created via pyrotechnics!}

    Overall, though amusing at times, this rather cursory book doesn't hold a torch or even a candle to either Lucifer Rising or Lords of Chaos. 3/5



    Serial Killers coloring book

    Serial Killers coloring book
    K. Shroeder. XLVII A.S.

    Having appreciated the true crime genre of the serial killer realm, those who thin the herd and sometimes even themselves in the process, while lending an intriguing introspection into the darkside of the psyche latent within all. As a matter of fact, I have devised certain mass & serial methods of physical and mental torture upon deserving victims, or "sacrifices", and enjoy implementing them enmasse, and already have in part.

    In a misanthropic sense, the psychopath & sociopath provides a service in society, whether serving themselves with selfish fetishes, and/or playing out a murderous ideology, many times with religious justifications or pretensions of authority to exercise psychopathy.

    Though in many ways, the serial & mass murderer become vicarious perpetrators of what has been secretly envisioned in the minds of humanity, and perhaps if given the opportunity, would fulfill without a second thought. I know there are those who need to be brutally punished, and would be so if ever again in My presence, to be introduced into a true Hell. In the meantime, they are victims suffering at the hands of a dedicated fate created for them.

    Satan's Little Helpers...

    Herein is featured 37 infamous killers to titillate the imagination, including The Nightstalker, BTK, Dahmer, H.H. Holmes, Son of Sam, Eileen Wuornos, The Killer Clown, Bundy, Gein, The Zodiac Killer, Kemper, and many more fascinating subjects.*

    The pen complements the Sword...

    Real coloring book construction paper stock, one-sided templates so you can even excise the piece once you've completed, to frame or just place somewhere for a disturbing and/or gratifying display. You can even add additional details to the images if you wish.

    Devil worshipers, cannibals, cultists, thrillkillers, misandric whores, funhouse killers, childkillers, to killer kids, rapists, mutilators, and sexual deviants. All on display here for your contemplation and coloring pleasure. Methods need not be limited to crayons, colored pencils, pens, or markers either. Perhaps you may wish to add a little of your own sanguine essence for further personalization...?

    * Interesting to note that the ubiquitous Manson is not included herein because he was not a serial killer, in fact, he did not actually take part in the Tate-LaBianca murders.

    Letters From The Night Stalker
    Marquis HK

    Letters From The Nightstalker

    Trick or Treat! And what's in the bag at the haunted Helloween House Noctuary this year so far? Along with a plethora of indulgent infernal oblations, arrives a book from The Devil's messengers emerging from deepest darkness...

    Letters From The Night Stalker by Marquis HK. A veritable scrapbook of personal correspondence, biographical crimeline, a plethora of newspaper clippings, photos, and relations with ЯR spanning a decade.

    Written by an aficionado of the true crime genre and Church of Satan member, we get commentary from a Satanic perspective on this intriguing serial killer, an unapologetic, unrepentant devil worshiper reveling in the nightmarish characterization, and the veritable "blood sacrifices" of this veritable "Messenger of The Devil".

    Makes a great complement to the definitive The Life & Crimes of Richard Ramirez [Carlo] & Nightstalker {Linedecker].

    "As for what is said of my life, there have been lies in the past and there will be lies in the future. I don't believe in the hypocritical, moralistic dogma of this so-called civilized society. I need not look beyond this room to see all the liars, haters, the killers, the crooks, the paranoid cowards - truly trematodes of the Earth, each one in his own legal profession. You maggots make me sick - hypocrites one and all. And no one knows that better than those who kill for policy, clandestinely or openly, as do the governments of the world, which kill in the name of God and country or for whatever reason the deem appropriate. I don't need to hear all of society's rationalizations, I've heard them all before and the fact remains that what is, is. You don't understand me. You are not expected to. You are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil, Legions of the night - night breed - repeat not the errors of the Night Prowler and show no mercy. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within us all."

    My own interactions in one point separation:

    I. During the "Reign of Terror" expanse, while riding our skateboards down Radford street in northollywood, a red orange toyota corolla stops in the middle of the street a block away, as a reverse cornu emerges from the darkened recesses therein. My friend, also named "Rick", goes to investigate who this may be or what they may want, returning with an ashen expression after a brief discussion with the mysterious driver. He wouldn't discuss details, but probably in the pursuit of intoxicants.
    II. Sat nexto Zeena during a courtdate. Had to conceal a blade somewhere nearby in order to gain admittance into this metal detector trial. Briefly locked eye to eye with The Nightstalker. As a side note, I would spot Myself later that night in the background on the news during an interview.
    III. Interactions with Musician Eva O {Christian Death, Shadow Project} at 666 High Mass & Sintennial Eve at Zen Sushi who also corresponded with Rick.

    The Most Dangerous Game | The Rocking Horse Winner | Young Goodman Brown


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