Year XLVI Anno Satanas

Season Lucifer

XII/XXI-XXII/XLVI: Winter Solstice

Satanalia Winter Solstice XLVI A.S.

  • The Black Dragon Speaks: 9Sense Interview. Draconis Blackthorne & Blackthorne Productions were the subject of a recent interview on Adam Campbell's 9Sense program on Radio Free Satan. This interview was conducted on the night of December 5th {Krampusnacht}, & focuses primarily on the various past & present projects, & business endeavors of Blackthorne Productions. The conversation ranged from the origins of Blackthorne Productions, One's Satanic realization, subsequent natural affiliation with The Church of Satan, Ouija boards & oracles as objects d'art & sometimes experimental devices, & also includes a narration of the poem entitled "Krampusnacht". ∞
  • Haunted Noctuary: Satanalia Winter Solstice episode.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Lucifer Baphomet.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Nocturnal Contemplative Impressions.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: A Visit From Krampus Klaws.

    Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVII A.S. Premium Edition Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVII A.S.

    XII/IX/XLVI: Shadow Gallery Calendar
  • Blackthorne Productions: Premium & Standard Editions - Seasons In Hell: The Shadow Gallery Calendar is filled with Infernal Artistry, Diabolical Dates, Satanic Holidays, multimedia releases, Moon phases, & Satanic Serenades poetry.


    XII/V-VI/XLVI: Krampusnacht
  • Satanic Serenades: Krampusnacht.
  • The Black Earth: Winterfest.
  • Hell's Bar & Grill: Cloven Coffee, Pumpkin Bisque, & Lasagna Jello.
  • Dractionary: Shampire.

  • Spechtreum: Lisztomiania.

    Blackthorne Productions

    XI/XXV/XLVI: Black Friday
    Make A Deal With The Devil!

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  • The Haunted Noctuary: Fangsgiving episode.
  • The Shadow Side: Fangsgiving video playlists I & II.

  • The Black Book Of Shadows: Blood On The Lake.


    The Gates dwell agape, bats and demons fly forth across the overcast skies, shadows by moon's enchanted glow, with burning sulphur & hellfire, igniting the Jack o' Lantern's black flame with infernal light, flickering upon the Abyss arising from within the mind, phantoms from timeless eras welcomed, companions of the night! Samhain emerges in pure Magic & delight!

    All thou creatures great and small, dreaded in the brains of those without, creep and slink and slither and crawl, & unseen horrors peer beyond the shawl, eyes aglow in corners of thought, gather in places of darkened thrall, cackle, clicking fangs, hiss, growl, & howl, & maniacal laughter upon foreboding winds conjures materialized dreams and nightmares to walk the earth in joy and fright.

    Masquerades of life and death, celebrations as dusk unfolds, a spectral dance in a haze of pleasure and pain, give way to unspoken thoughts & deeds, with ghostly choirs 'round baleful pyres, revealing reflections within & without. Mysteries haunt the nocturne tides, enchantment pervaides with carnal tricks & treats resplendant, indulging deeply in The Devil's bounty.

    Merry Helloween! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
    31 October, XLVI Anno Satanas

  • The Haunted Noctuary: Halloween episodes I & II.

    The Devil's diary 18: Halloween XLVI A.S.

  • The Devil's Diary XVIII: Halloween XLVI A.S: NOW AVAILABLE! This issue features interviews with Church of Satan High Priest Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Musician Warlock Zoth Ommog, an essay from Warlock Darren Deicide, seasonal greetings, along with Nocturarium multimedia reviews, & Satanic Serenades poetry from Mimi Daeva, Robert Leuthold, & various other contributors. Cover Art: River God by Magus Gilmore.

    Coffin Rust Halloween 7

  • The Black Earth: Coffin Rust Halloween Print 7.

  • Malefick Musick: Nox Arcana: The Dark Tower.

    VASCA Radio

  • Radio Free Satan / VASCA Radio Episode 8: "Hosts Prometheus and Tier Instinct welcome Dorian Grey to the VASCA Studio. Dorian Grey's story is one that interested the hosts and we thank him for discussing it on VASCA Radio. From his band Thorn Fetish we play 'The Black Order' and he shares some insight into his recent working with, Warlock Draconis Blackthorne. Current Events, Hosts Track Selections, Movie Review and our Pranks of the week. All on episode 8 of VASCA Radio!"

    IX/XXIII/XLVI: Autumnal Equinox
    Autumnal Equinox XLVI

    Satanic Serenades

  • Shadow Gallery: Belial Baphomet. In commemoration of the transition into Season Belial.

  • Satanic Serenades: Lucifer. Video added to playlist.

  • Satanic Serenades: The Frost. Video added to playlist.

  • Satanic Serenades: The Devil's Fog. Video added to playlist.

  • Satanic Serenades: Satan Walks The Night. Video.

  • Satanic Serenades: The Garden of Dark Delights.

  • Satanic Serenades: Nine Spiders.

    VI/XXI/XLVI: Aestas Solstice
  • Satanic Serenades: Basilisk Arising.

  • The Black Dragon Speaks: Current Interview posted on Sinfully Delicious Magazine. Hail Satan!

  • Satanic Serenades: Fete Diaboli. Video preview in a musical collaboration with Dorian Grey set to the tune of nefarious orchestrations, which feature poetry from the book Satanic Serenades by Draconis Blackthorne.

  • Satanic Serenades: Lucifer's Wind. Video preview in a musical collaboration with Dorian Grey set to the tune of nefarious orchestrations, which feature poetry from the book Satanic Serenades by Draconis Blackthorne.

    Gothic Dreamscapes V/XIII/XLVI
  • Satan's Scroll: Gothic Dreamscapes.

  • Satanic Serenades: A second preview for the forthcoming collaboration with Draconis Blackthorne & Dorian Grey. Enjoy! Poem & Video by Draconis Blackthorne. Musick & Narration by Dorian Grey.

    Walpurgisnacht XLVI A.S.

    IV/XXX/XLVI: Walpurgisnacht

  • Tonight is commemorated the XLVIth anniversary of the foundation of The Church of Satan, cadre of the superior alien elite, the first and only Cabal in history celebrating the Satanist. Evolving from The Magic Circle, with psychological, psychodramatic experiments tested, proven, and applied to form a unique carnal philosophy of self-determination, individualism, & indulgence.

    What Magus LaVey initiated on that enchanted fog-laden night has born great fruition. Ever evolving, gathering strength, the humanimal's natural dispositions & potential championed, the virtues of intellectuality & reason, & the striving for excellence in all endeavors. ∞

    Hail The Infernal Empire! HAIL SATAN.

  • Announcing the forthcoming collaboration between Draconis Blackthorne & musician Dorian Grey. See preview video and listen to poem Red Storm. Poem & Video by Draconis Blackthorne. Musick & Narration by Dorian Grey.

    The Devil's Diary XVII: Walpurgisnacht XLVI

    IV/XVIII/XLVI: The Devil's Diary XVII: Walpurgisnacht XLVI A.S.
  • The Devil's Diary: This musickal edition features interviews with musicians Citizen Prometheus & Lord of Syn, along with essays on Total Environments, Greater Magic, physical superiority, & the difference between Satanism & devil worship. Participants include Warlock Tier Instinct, Dorian Grey, Robert Leuthold, G. A. Morgan, & others. Also features Satanic Serenades poetry, The Shadow Gallery, quotations, Noctuarium multimedia reviews, The Satanic Panic Archives, & more! ∞

    Black Thorns & Blood Roses

  • Satanic Serenades: Black Thorns & Blood Roses. Dedicated to My dear Mimi Daeva, with all My Love.

    IV/XI/XLVI: Magus LaVey Nativity

  • Magus LaVey Archives: I reflect upon the Daemon who opened the Gates of The Church of Satan, Black Pope I, the momentum initiated by iconoclastic materialization.

    I recall the discovery of The Satanic Bible, the sublime realization & subsequent pentagonal enrichments. Horn born, inspired by undefiled wisdom, forging Ones mark with pride, & blazing a trail with individuality exalted.

    By the lightning bolt descending from ether to earth, a devil of flesh unleashed, igniting The Black Flame in the hearts and minds of those whose respect he has gained. And from that flame do the hell fires burn bright, each with its own unique transmutations, flickering in the enfolding darkness, empowering The Mighty in The Devil's fane, this Cabal of The Elite! The Immortal Legend remains vibrant through actions & deeds reflective in kind. ∞

    Hail Szandor! Hail The Infernal Empire! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Infernal Empire
    April 11, XLVI A.S.

  • The Devil's Diary

  • The Devil's Diary XVII: Walpurgisnacht XLVI accepting submissions: Essays, fiction, interviews, adventures, history, art, photography, poetry, multimedia reviews, Lesser & Greater Magic experiments. Deadline for issue XVII is April 18th. Please send submissions to the Editor-In-Chief. Thank you, and Hail Satan!

    Dracstone IV/VI/XLVI
  • The Shadow Gallery: Dracstone.
  • Dractionary: Daemoneiric.


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    The Shadow Gallery Calendar XLVI A.S.The Shadow Gallery Calendar Special Offering:

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  • Blackthorne Productions: A review of the Codex Satani by J. Boyd.
  • Dracisms: A lesson in suffering...

    Spring Equinox XLVI

  • Dracisms: The Cross...


  • The Devil's Diary: Magazine to be released intermittently.

  • Dracisms: Such a splendidly eerie sensation during the whole ritual process. Beforehand, the palpable building of energy in the atmosphere, the empowerment during, the sublime assurance and surreal calm afterwards...
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Hell's Bells II.

    Nyx's Universe

  • Satanic Panic Archive: Satanic Repose.
  • Malefick Mvsick: Semjaza.
  • The Devil's Web: Nyx's Universe.

    II/XVIII/XLVI: Wolf Moon
  • The Shadow Gallery: Dark Silence.
  • Dracisms: Some Thoughts on The Satanic Art of Weight Training.

  • The Shadow Gallery: Video premiere.

    Blackthorne Productions II/IX/XLVI
  • Blackthorne Productions: "Enter coupon code 25BOOKS305 at checkout & receive $25 off your order of 25 or more books. The maximum savings for this offer is $25. Enter coupon code 100BOOKS305 at checkout & receive $100 off your order of 100 or more books. The maximum savings for this offer is $100. Valid in US dollars & cannot be applied to previous orders. You can only use these codes once per account, & can't use these coupons in combination with other coupon codes. These offers expire on 2/28/2011 at 11:59 PM".

  • Satan's Scroll: H.R. Giger Calendar XLVI.

    Dracmas ∞

  • The Shadow Gallery: Dracmas ∞. On this "Candlemas Evil", another materialization manifests to assert The Self as Daemon-God of One's subjective Universe. 'Dracmas' celebrates Draconian Nativity, utilizing metaphor, psychodramatic empowerment, & symbolic resonance. ∞
  • L.A. Alternative: Found! 2 Extra issues of the 666 edition for sale. More information at the link.

  • Blackthorne Productions: Opvs Draconvm video added.
  • Interviews: RFS Darkest Ends interview page added.

  • Shadowmantvm banners: Four banners added to Blackthorne Productions section.

  • Shadowmantivm banners: Shadow Draegon banner added.

  • Interviews: Video added to RFS' Darkest Ends interview.

    Opvs Draconvm

    Radio Free Satan I/VI/XLVI: Make a Deal with The Devil!
  • Interviews: RFS' HeArtist's Darkest Ends.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Special New Year Limited Time offer.

    New Year XLVI A.S.

    I/I/XLVI: New Year
  • Shadow Gallery: Evolution Resolvtion.

  • Qvotations: An incremental collection of Draconian quotes as they manifest.

    XII/XXI/XLV: SatanaliaSeason Lvcifer by Draconis Blackthorne

    A magnificent storm overshadows the land now, Leviathan intermingles with Lucifer to refresh the black earth on this splendid longest night of nights. Reveling in darkness and infernal light.

    Season Lucifer crests above, Season Satan below, Oroborous serpent shifts to bring one marvel after another, and thus resonating in kind.

    Hellfires flicker while the black moon glows amidst tempestuous skies, as Magic enhanced to work our wiles vibrates in the atmosphere of myriad delights.

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Havnted Noctvary, Devil Lake
    Winter Solstice, XLV A.S.

  • The Havnted Noctvary: Winter Solstice playlist.


    TCHORNIBLOG: The Blackthorne Chronicles

    The Shadowmantium is made manifest on a Mac. Partake of The Forbidden Fruit Summon Satan

    INFERNAL EMPIRE NEWS XLVI: November 22: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! "Our News page is now moving to a new URL: http://news.churchofsatan.com. Please follow us there for the rest of this year and into the future!"... November 11: Veterans' Day observed... November 10: Satanism lecture, exquisite statuary, a delightfully disturbing experimental film premiere, & musical tour & performances!... October 29: Hellish Halloween Greeting from the Infernal Majestry, a plethora of Luciferian literature, iconic aparrel, devilish interviews, atavistic artistry, malefic musical releases, performance, gallery events, & indulgent accessories! A Merry Helloween!... October 24: Old Nick Halloween issue, a Halloween musical performance, & a horror publication release... October 21: Blasphemous humor, an infernal Interview, & a musical performance... October 8: International Art exhibition, CD re-release, interviews, & a Halloween photography event!... September 29: Italian radio program to feature The Lindbergh Baby... September 23: Autumnal Equinox message, a poetic musical collaboration, a thrilling haunted attraction, salacious interviews, diabolical merchandise, & fetishistic & musical performances... September 15: Mischievous comedy, nocturnal artistry, a challenging cartoon strip, radio interview, musical event coverage, performance, & poetry... September 11: Observations from Magus Gilmore on 9/11... August 19: Marilyn Mansfield media appearances, Darren Deicide music video premiere event, literature featuring curious beasties, art gallery showcase, & a call for film submissions... August 4: A Tarot deck, a gallery presentation, pendants, & a musical performance... July 21: Poetic literature, musical releases, concert, videos, & an Old Nick promotional event!... July 6: A splendid lecture on Satanism conducted by Rev. Slaughter, VASCA radio, & music... June 21: Solstice message, Interview, Satanically Salacious literature & photography, media appearances, art, & music! Hail The Infernal Empire!... Walpurgisnacht: Wicked Walpurgisnacht Message, a splendid plethora of Luciferian literature, malefic musickal releases & performances, diabolical artistry, & an RFS interview... April 11: In honor of Magus LaVey's birthday... April 8: Walpurgisnacht Deadlines, Old Nick news, & musical performances... April 1: Jokes, tricks, & novelties for Loki Day, & a Marilyn Mansfield interview... March 29: A Five Points Band music video premiere & Tier Instinct's Chaos Magnet CD contest... March 20: Seasonal Greetings, Magus Gilmore on The Nature of Existence, Weird Poughkeepsie, artistry from Jason Leach, Michael K. Silva, & Valentin Schwarz, a comedic series & releases, music from Darren Deicide & The Quintessentials, & a plethora of literature... January 8: A resignation & a business closure... January 6: A musical performance by The Quintessentials, release by Gyps Fulvus, & artistry from Das Museum of Porn In Art... New Year Message... plus much more at the Official Site! Regie Satanas!
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