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[Disclaimer & description: An anthropological preservation of the 'Satanic Panic' era. Cultural archaeology / misanthropology. The Host does not endorse illegality; these spectacles are intended to display crime and punishment, and the preservation of various media sources and intriguing cases for nefarious contemplation. The products of hysteria on both sides of the coin. The herds' and flocks' stuporstitions, and the violent criminals who prey upon them who suffer the consequences of their actions. Peer into the dark underbelly of society...]

Satanic Repose

Satanic Panic by Draconis BlackthorneWhile reading a tome entitled "Raising Hell", I was reminded of The Satanic Panic. Having an interest in Criminology, ask just about any question on the subject, and I will probably know the details of any given case. The tales read like lurid fictional novels, which they essentially are, and I have always been a horror enthusiast - reading it, writing it, drawing it. Some like to read Detective stories, well, when in the mood, My preference in a similar vein usually leans towards this particular genre.

My recollection of The Satanic Panic includes being followed around in High School by a glassy-smiled "Occult Investigator" / "Satan-Sleuth" hoping to derive some good copy for his crusadering cause while feeding law enforcement agencies inaccuracies at 'seminars' {his eventual disappointment & realizations would yield retractions and apologies for his contributions to the SRA conspiracy}; the lingering atmos-fear of dread by sheeple, the rants of pastors {several of whom ironically DID commit many of the deeds alleged throughout their church's history, much of which has recently come to light; "thou doth protest too much, methinks..."}, record & book burnings, and passive-aggressive talk show hosts giving air time to just about any hysteric claiming involvement in this folk legend, to murderers projecting blame either on society, or pretending to be under the influence of a literal devil, or both.

The vast collection of yarns make for what I refer to as the "satanistic bible" - a term I have heard used by members of the drawling herd from time to time {much like "grimoree"}; those urban legends make a societal fear mythology, and is evident of the repression of the totality of the mind & body by unnatural foolosophies, as the "dark side" will out, one way or another, and if the prevailing repressive mytheology contains potentials for aberrant behavior, it is always only a matter of time until it emerges in some psychotic form. That term refers to the collective stuporstitious terrorizing of the gullible populace by the white wolves. I Am reminded of those fanciful illustrations of Satan seated on The Infernal Throne gazing out upon the earth, witnessing the insanity of its teeming inhabitants, knowing full well that carnal nature will prevail.

In this true-crime genre, the monstrous characters influenced by judeo-christian-islamic dualistic mindsets, the homicidal global cults, the generational traditions, "breeders", right down to the petty dabblers, all make for a horror movie scenario more sensationalistic than what has been rarely reproduced in most horror books & movies. The fascinating motivations, psychological underpinnings, criminological observations, etc., all make for an intriguing anthropological retrospective study in sub-human foible and aberrant behavior.

Being a Satanist in this climate, I have always been rather amused by it, actually, knowing full well the distortions made by paranoid fundamentalists and devil-worshipers alike, and they feed on each other like hungry cannibals. Sometimes having to personally clarify misunderstandings to those whom it would be worth explaining to, rather than dispensing factual relations of Satanism to those who are unwilling or unable to truly comprehend the truth of the matter, preferring instead to remain steeped in self-imposed ignorance, because convenient lies justify the misdirected masochist's beLIEf system. That would merely be Solipsism, and there's a damned good reason that is a Satanic Sin, along with Stupidity.

The Satanic Panic Gallery tends to include these primary five cast of characters:

Tommy Sullivan Sean Sellers Ricky Kasso Pete Roland Richard Ramirez
Tommy Sullivan | Sean Sellers | Ricky Kasso | Pete Roland | Richard Ramirez
  • Tommy Sullivan: Murdered his mother & commits suicide with his boyscout knife [1/10/88]. Lays her corpse inside a pentagram etched on the basement floor, attempts to burn the house down, nearly decapitates self. Demonic drawings & pact with Satan found among his personal artifacts. Crimes committed as a minor. [Spin Magazine, Weekly World News]
  • Sean Sellers: Murdered Circle K clerk for refusing to sell him beer. Later murders his mother & father-in-law with pistol. Claims 'demonic possession' & converts to Christianity in prison. Executed by lethal injection: 2/5/99. Crimes committed as a minor. [Book: Web of Darkness by Sean Sellers]
  • Ricky "The Acid King" Kasso: Murdered victim Gary Lauwers for stealing his narcotics. Lured him into the woods and stabbed him multiple times while admonishing him to repeat "I Love Satan!". Mutilates corpse by gauging out eyes. Commits suicide by hanging in jail cell with bed sheet [7/7/84]. Crimes committed as a minor. [Book: Say You Love Satan by David St. Clair]
  • Pete Roland: Along with others, lured classmate Steven Newberry into woods where he is clubbed to death as a "sacrifice" to The Devil. When victim asks "why me?", Roland answers,"Because it's fun, Steve!" Currently awaiting execution. Crimes committed as a minor. [LA Times article: Satanists' Trail : Dead Pets to a Human Sacrifice [1988; Tamara Jones; featured in various programs & Satanic Panic books]
  • Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez: Trespasses into unlocked homes, murders & robs 13 male & female victims, mutilates bodies {some with pentagrams}, rapes the women. Leaves 'occult' graffiti at crime scenes in victims' blood and lipstick. Died of natural causes: 6/7/13. [Book: The Night Stalker: The Life & Crimes of Richard Ramirez by Philip Carlo]
{The "Richard" Anomaly: As an interesting side note, I noticed that several of these criminals are named "Richard" in one form or another, which may actually be appropriate in its condensed form, considering their deeds. For instance, Richard Ramirez, Sean Richard Sellers, and Ricky Kasso. Devin Black once had an acquaintance named "Ricky", and he wasn't too much different}

The limit is reached when those of a criminal mentality seek to replicate what they see in horror movies, or the news, or in the lyrics of enterprising executives and metal bands seeking attention with theatrical shock tactics, and victimize the undeserving, such as children and animals, which is made plainly obvious in the actual Satanic Bible that we do not condone such activity. Satanism demands study, not worship, and as such, those really interested in Satanism should read our basics to learn what the religion is all about, instead of gleaning disinformation from entertainment sources and those professional deceivers clad in hypocritical altruism. The former is for amusement, which should be kept in perspective, while the latter benefit from the fabrications. But this shall not be at our expense. Ergo, the necessity of proper representation when called for, while the inherent stimulating mystery is preserved.

The Satanic Panic was a dangerous fiction. It can be disturbing at times, disgusting at others, but it is always educational. Leave it to fundamentalists to 'cross'-over their fantasy-based delusions into the real world, ever imposing upon rational thought as they attempt to resurface it now and then, but the static is lessening until they finally implode into their own created oblivion.

While now further progressing into The Age of Fire, we can continue to look forward to the evolution of the superior humanimal in the championing of reason and self-mastery! ∞


“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” ― T.S. Eliot

Overall, no real witches or warlocks were ever tortured, burned on the pyre, or hanged at the gallows. The white wolves præy/ed {and continue to} upon their own sheeple congregations, the mentally ill, handicapped, brainwashing the impressionable, the uneducated, erroneously translating their conditions as demonically inspired. Whether it was for the intent to rape, steal treasures & property for themselves and/or the church, and destroy indigenous cultures.

Abrahamic psychopathy

* The "Holy wars": the type fight amongst themselves, which became more political than religious.
* The Inquisition: Psychologically and physically tormenting to attain ill-gotten gains.
* The Satanic Panic: Agenda-fueled presuppositions enforced upon the gullible, spreading social paranoia for profit & the illusion of validity. Cycling patterns in their corrupt history, counting on profiting from hysterics, by propagating a victim mentality.

Scapegoating: Urban legends created to distract from their own deeds of same; and/or blamed upon pagans. Sometimes mimicked by those emerging from their own religious background. Cultural traditions were inverted and modified to portray diabolical characterizations in order to control the masses with fear, and otherwise empty promises of unnecessary "salvation" from proposed terrors of Hell.

The heading quote denotes perhaps an original intent, warped by repressed human nature, and otherwise perpetrated by those of unscrupulous disposition. Used to justify all manner of despicable behavior. Though useful in primitive cultures, Blindlight religions are a failed experiment, since proliferating archaic attitudes, moralisms, and mandates which only devolve civilization.

Though sometimes theatrically & aesthetically inspiring and/or entertaining, historical depictions are used for our purposes. True Warlocks & Witches have always remained clandestine throughout history, moving the world by covert means, Magically and psychologically. And like the serpent who has shed his skin, former masked organizations have been cast off to emerge triumphant as Satanists in this age of Fire! And thus, has The Church of Satan been established.

"Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!"


Recommended reading on the subject:

  • The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.
  • Satanism: The Feared Religion; The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore.
  • Satanic Panic: The Creation of A Contemporary Legend by Jeffrey S. Victor.
  • Christinsanity 2000 Part II: The Tables Have Turned; The Devil's Scroll.
  • Wikipedia: S.R.A.

  • 20/20: The Devil Worshippers

    20/20 program on the devil-worship hysteria circa mid-80's. This is what it was like.

    This presentation pre-dates Geraldo's "Exposing Satan's Underground", and really got the bandwagon wheels rolling on the fictional phenomena. The FBI has since proven the SRA allegations false, and these tales remain an urban legend. Preserved here for archival purposes.

    As tends to be the typical case, with the exception of The Church of Satan segment, the key word remains "devil-worshippers", or heretical reverse christians, not actual Satanists. It is maintained that there are Satanists, then there are nuts.

    Also remarkable is the use of the VENOM Black Metal picture disc as a background on the so-called "types of Satanists" list, which would make for a fantastic altar plaque in itself! That is the face of Satan as inspired from the Man, Myth, & Magic Encyclopedia of The Occult. Belial would be beast represented by the BATHORY 'Bathomet'; Lucifer representation as MERCYFUL FATE Don't Break The Oath as well as SLAYER Show No Mercy; perhaps POSSESSED Beyond The Gates for Leviathan.

    {Sidenote: This presentation originally includes scenes of a couple of young cultists {stoners?} performing a Lust Ceremony from The Satanic Bible! Providing masturbatory energy while donned in black robe. But now is completely missing}.

    * See: Satanic Panic / SRA

    Exposing Satan's Underground

    'The Geraldo Rivera Specials'

    NBC / October 25th, 1989 c.e. / 2 Hours
    Guests: Zeena LaVey {pre-estrangement}, Michael Aquino, Fr. James LeBarr {Catholic Priest & "Exorcist"}, Ted Gunderson {Retired FBI agent}, King Diamond, Ozzy Osbourne, Sean Sellers {convicted devil-worshipping murderer turned Christian}, Pete Roland, Tom Wedge {author of 'The Satan Hunter'}, Maury Terry {author of 'The Ultimate Evil'}.

    First off, a dire WARNING arrays the screen.

    ... "this program deals with devil-worship & Satanism... occult practices... parental discretion is advised... "

    So right away, this assures that all eyes are glued. Like those stimulating "warning labels" on CD's. Indeed, the 80's Satanophobic hysteria culminated with this program. Speakers explode with "Looks That Kill" from Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" album.

    From out of mist, a nebulous pentagram forms on the screen, cracked soil reveals layers of molten colors beneath. In a trumpet-laden fanfare, the words, "Exposing Satan's Underground" form. Looking closer, however, one notices that this is a reversed Baphomet, Geraldo's attempt at blaspheming the Satanic Religion, no doubt. Either that, or someone on staff was really stupid, not able to recognize the head of the Goat of Mendes within the pentagram. Whether human error or out of antagonism, the attempts are pathetic.

    As always, Rivera's introductions are dramatic, & often misinformed. Perhaps not wanting to compromise the shock effect for factual accuracy. We wouldn't want to have actual Journalism, now would we?

    Rivera does not much better in this presentation as he did with his attempted unearthing of Al Capone's "Vaults", which turned out to be a resounding embarrassment. He only succeeds in granting air-time to those who truly recognize what true Satanism is all about. I must say, for one rejected & dejected from The Church of Satan, Aquino had his facts straight on this one.

    Zeena spoke little, barely outlining the basics, but the manner in which she was dressed, she was the personification of The Satanic Witch. She no doubt caused many E.C.I.'s that night!

    The especially produced segments were obviously designed as nerve-tappers, antagonizing the already unstable perceptions of the audience members, & the millions of viewers experiencing eustress at home. This was better than any horror-movie. Here, you had real practitioners. A Setian & a.....Satanist? Two distinct species, of course.

    What was the audience expecting? What Rivera attempted to portray. That is, blood & guts rituals. Instead, Zeena & Aquino presented a codified philosophy devoid of the expected trappings. As a matter of fact, Aquino sounded more like a spokesperson for the Church than he did for his own temple.

    So, there were the ubiquitous heavy metal groups, using theatrics to push their image & sell records, & the pathetic losers carving into themselves, with lopsided tattoos & high on drugs.

    A King Diamond interview & performance was briefly shown, but Rivera cut it short to deliver his predictable low-blows & defamatory comments. Twisting the words of anyone who deviated from the horror image that sells good copy.

    Others portrayed & mentioned were Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, W.A.S.P. {"We Are Sexual Perverts", "Worship At Satan's Palace" what have you}, AC/DC {"Antichrist / Devil's Children", blah blah blah; & Richard Ramirez's influence from this band that contributed to his murders}, Slayer, Ozzy, & Venom - none of them Satanists.
    He quoted from Venom's "Possessed" album:

    "I drink the vomit of the priests, make love to the dying whore.....I spit at the virgin you worship, & sit at Lord Satan's left hand."

    Album covers assaulted the screen, horror art flashed, accompanied by the hard-driving strains of guitars & the pounding of furious drums. All this was to get the audience going. When their gaze was sufficiently arrested, the "interviews", or shall we say, accusations began. Ozzy was live from England, speaking in his customary drawl, with a lovely backdrop of the London skyline. Rivera disallowed for guests to fully explain their views, however, cutting them short & interrupting rudely.

    Again & again, Rivera attempted to bait the panel into revealing some diabolical secret, some confession of sinister deeds. He was visibly frustrated when his attempts were thwarted at every turn. It was obvious he knew of the contention between Aquino & LaVey, as he mentioned "written by Zeena's father", this & that by Zeena's father. Aquino looked disturbed, fluttering his eyes throughout the show.

    He also poked & prodded with questions about Aquino's involvement in child molestation at the Presidio Army Base where he was stationed, where these acts allegedly occurred. For the record, Aquino was vindicated of those charges. More details of this case can be found in Carl Raschke's book, "Painted Black."

    In the second hour, scenes from 'Satanis' were displayed, & a scene from LaVey on the Johnny Carson Show, stating, "Satanists are responsible people, moral people... Satanists come from every walk of life" & "We believe hate is necessary just as much as love is necessary". Well, which did you think Rivera focused on? Not the balanced natural emotions We Satanists express, no, but the criminalities of those in no way connected with us. Among the mighty sounds of "Hail Satan!" Rivera stated "Hail a belief-system dedicated to hate & cruelty...", with scenes of mutilated corpses intermingled with scenes from LaVey performing a Satanic Wedding. This was the undercurrent the whole program long. Ignorantly lumping the activities of murderers using Satanism as an excuse for their homicidal proclivities, with the officially recognized institution of The Church of Satan. It was infuriating & disgusting.

    Rivera was just promoting his ratings, irrespective of those who actually practice Sorcery - alluding, manipulating, presuming.

    Some convicted idiot named Charles Yervais, or whatever, attempted to parrot Aquino as Aquino parroted LaVey. Yervais had murdered someone to receive the power of "10,000 souls in Hell." When asked if he used Satanism to receive a life-sentence instead of the death penalty, he answered "Yes".

    Sean Sellers was live from Oklahoma State Prison, sitting next to Tom Wedge, author of "The Satan Hunter", another sensationalistic tome who "evidence" of "satanic crime" was entirely based upon the immature & drunken exploits of rebellious teenagers & new-age occultniks. He & Sellers told the story of Sellers killing a convenience store clerk, then his mother & step-father, after "worshipping" at the altar, all in order to break all "Ten Commandments", the last, being murder. Black Sheep alert!

    Then there was the story of Tommy Sullivan, a troubled & parentally-harassed teenager who wrote a pact with "Satan", that he would appease the dark & hoary Lord of the Underworld by "sacrificing" his own mother & then committing suicide. All of which he did - with his boyscout knife, no less!

    Another young incarcerated killer, Pete Roland, was interviewed by Rivera in prison, who quoted some lyrics from a Slayer song {"...ripping apart, severing flesh, gouging eyes, tearing limb from limb...!"}, & blaming Heavy Metal music & 'the Devil' with influencing him & his cohorts into killing Steve Newberry, the school fool, by coaxing him into the woods, then ganging up on him with baseball bats. When the victim asked "Why?" The answer was, "Because it's fun, Steve." Some of Roland's notebook scribbles were shown, including a dualistic depiction of "good" & "evil" / "God" & "the Devil" / "Heaven" & "Hell". The typical christian mythological portrayals.

    Also in the program, excerpts from Rivera's visit with Charles Manson at San Quentin Penitentiary. This interview was originally aired in full on a previous 'Geraldo Rivera Special' called simply "Murder", with a graphic of the word imposed upon the image of the United States. Manson characteristically jumped & joked about flailing his arms & making faces - generally creating a theatre for his guests. He resembles an organ-grinders monkey during these performances. Still, he always manages to say that he is, after all, just "playing the game", acting as a mirror to society, reflecting the inner image of their fears. Apparently, this sits just fine with the media, as they are always assured of a good show. But are they playing him, or is he playing them?

    Nicholas Schreck {Setian / Order of The Werewolf; & now husband to "un-daughter" Zeena Schreck} spoke briefly about his own meetings with the sinister gimp, stating his admiration for the man, & keeping a lock of his hair in a glass case, like some "holy relic," as Rivera described it.

    Father James LeBarr of the Roman Catholic Church {who also appeared with Karla LaVey on "The Ron Reagan Show"} spoke a bit on his literal experiences as an 'exorcist', stating the usual "Satan is the father of lies" cant. He claimed that "the Church of Satan people" are redefining Satanism. Actually, we already have DEFINED Satanism. Better defined by actual Satanists, than propagandizing Christian novelists!

    There were bloody scenes of Voodoo rituals, beheaded chickens & goats, & paranoid christians proclaiming their faith in "god", but still determined to keep a shotgun by their bedsides, in case those nasty cultists come around their fields to drain their animals of their vital organs & fluids. No mention of U.F.O.'s, as that was not the fad yet.

    By far, the most disturbing stories related herein were those of the torture & abuse of children & animals at the hands of devil-worshippers, who are just nuts masquerading as religionists. The parents of the McMartin school children who were allegedly abused were interviewed, as well as "survivors" of S.R.A. {Satanic Ritual Abuse}, & there was some discussion about a "worldwide Satanic Conspiracy", which Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI official, actually supported, despite the FBI's findings that such groups in fact do not exist, & are ultimately, an urban legend. One woman was so far gone, she could only speak in childish sentences, relating a story about cultists "skinning babies", & such. I believe it's actually their Psychologists & Psychiatrists who should be sued, for insinuating such fabrications, & abusing their patients by interjecting such nightmarish scenarios.

    Towards the end, Sean Sellers explained why it's okay to be considered a "jesus freak", & so forth. Finally, Rivera begins to barely scrape the surface, as he states, pointing to Zeena & Aquino, "THEY practice 'mysticism'", then "others practice EVIL in the Devil's name."

    The program concludes with quotes from Pete Roland's mother, which may be the most poignant of the whole show, decrying Heavy Metal music for its "evil" influences, & giving advice to other parents whose children may be experimenting with 'The Occult'. {...ohhh, those 'poor kids' who can't think for themselves! - bad genes - stratification takes effect}, amidst a scene of the high fences & barbed wire of a prison.

    This presentation is virtually impossible to find on video, or even in transcript form - I suppose you just had to be there.

    The Devil Made Me Do It
    The Ian Leslie Specials / 1988 c.e. / XXII A.S.

    An Australian doppelganger version of "The Geraldo Rivera specials: Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground" entitled "The Ian Leslie Specials: The Devil Made Me Do It", with a couple of the very same guests and even footage from the other presentation; they even have their very own version of Fr. James Labarr, with Aquino*, and an in-studio guest representing the Satanic viewpoint.

    There's ritual footage of a group mixing up litany from The Satanic Bible, Crowley, and folk witchcraft almost reminiscent of weaka.

    There's also alleged "breeders" telling lurid tales of rape & sacrifice, brainwashed 'victims' of psychotherapists who justify horror scenarios with self-serving agendas, leading questions, and hypocritical opportunism upon the mentally gullible; and even a Heavy Metal segment!

    Along with an interview with Sean Sellers {who quotes The 9 Satanic Statements verbatim}, relations of Tommy Sullivan {with more extensive scenes of his art & details of his "pact"}; a repeat of Pete Roland footage with additional commentary from his mom.

    The illustrations are pleasant, such as the clever use of the show title with a Baphomet's horns forming the "V", and a really nice pentagram on the stage platform which would be ideal for a ritual chamber.

    * Correction: Not The Black Pope of Satanism! That would actually be Magus LaVey at the time, now Magus Gilmore.

    Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock 'N' Roll
    {XXIV A.S. Directed by Eric Holmberg. Genre: Religious Documentary/'shockumentary'/fiction}

    Sensationalistic propaganda preying upon the fears of the herd, exaggerating, leading, paranoid and presumptuous, though to those who know better, it can be rather amusing for its cultural misanthropological recollection with a wizened retrospective.

    Just another manipulative presentation profiting from the Satanic Panic fiction. Features shilgne 'backmasking', taking Satanic literature out of context, and irrelevant cross-referencing.

    From the terrible attempts at goofy humor, the bad acting, to the unintentionally funny dialogue {the fact that the mulletted host retains his composure is also amusing}, attempts at attaching serious 'meaning' to lyrics, and substandard sets, Hell's Bells displays the level of ignorance typical with fundamentalist mentality, so if this actually served to supplement their flocks, then good riddance, it has served as a stratifier.

    To avoid the typically bad christian music and the proselytizing, skip 17 1/2 & 18.

    As a side note, a series of most interesting anomeles occurred while writing the review and posting this:

    The floor began to discernibly tremble for a steady expanse of about ten minutes. Not a temporary tremble such as when a heavy object or a truck lumbers by, but a constant and sustained vibration.

    When I went outdoors shortly thereafter, several of the local dogs began to howl as the winds increased exponentially, at one point yielding such a potent gust so as to set My own 'hellhound' to take notice and dart across the back yard.

    Perhaps the bemused contemplation of this presentation caused a rift in the 'time-space continuum' as the recollection of that cultural atmosphere was recalled by a powerful mind, effecting the environment, coupled with the subconcious projection of the mythology, thus stimulating a subtle dimensional reaction...

    Kids & The Occult

    Cornerstone Church | 1:55:56

    Kids and The OccultPastor John Hagee presents Dr. Paul Carlin's occult seminar on everything from Heavy Metal {KISS, King Diamond, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Venom, etc., with displays of albums, video clips, and even some of the clothing worn!*}, D&D {Codex Gigax! The exercise of the imagination & intellect with elevated aesthetics of preference}, cartoons {segments from "Deception of A Generation"}, comics, horror movies {specifically The Exorcist and A Nightmare on Elm Street}, to devil worship, Crowley {'666' on a photo not a forehead 'tattoo', but a print from a book!}, some symbolic descriptions of Eliphas Levi's Sabbatic Baphomet, Satanism, weaka, Santeria, and Hitler's obsession with The Occult**. Though there are distinctions made, it's all lumped together as Satanism and the wiles of The Devil.

    Notably, there are scenes of a Satanic Baptism by a Church of Satan Grotto from a news program from Pasadena, Texas.

    The typical 'warning signs', which are actually indicative of an intelligent child, rather than the typical generic drone. This "consultant" advises parents to spy on and invade privacy, which will of course inspire resentment and probably drive them into deeper rebellious activities.

    Of course, devil-worshipping murderers Sullivan, Ramirez, Sellers, Roland, and Kasso to a lesser extent are displayed. Of note, other little known cases are brought up, like the drug-dealer who shot a Police informant, divulged from the Ouija Board stationed at the foot of a Pentagram on the wall. And a runaway forced into a satanic cult until eventually becoming sacrificed and mutilated. A cannibalistic cult scene from Faces of Death is touted as actual footage of a ritual {which had since been dismissed by the FBI; was ironically also used by retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson! [see Exposing Satan's Underground]}.

    *Note: If parents grant permission for so-called "occult investigators" to enter their homes, they may confiscate, or otherwise "borrow" clothing, albums, drawings, writing, items, etc., for their presentations! Exhibits: Devin Black's vest: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 **Discusses The Church of Satan {with a backdrop of The Satanic Bible & hardback edition of The Satanic Rituals, basic tenets referred to as "verses" instead of statements, with a focus on 1 & 7, LaVey biography}, Temple of Set {supposed "offshoot" of COS, yet was always only a flushing themselves out of undesirables}, 'Church of wicca' {various branches thereof}, Process Church of Final Judgement {which Charlie Manson was a member of; Process Church apparently believe that jesus & Satan are brothers, wherein the nazarene proclaims judgments, while Satan carries them out}; Santeria Voodoo {Matamoros bloodcult discussed}.


    This propaganda "seminar" typifies the exhibitions presented to law enforcement agencies throughout the Satanic Panic, complete with limited research and presumptuous explanations from questionably qualified pseudo-"experts", deriving their so-called 'credentials' from inferior sources, like xian institutions & illegitimate academia with an obvious agenda. 'Cross'-corresponding & exchanging misinformation to bolster the others' with a veneer of legitimacy.

    These are places that accept or promote anyone with enough of a generous "donation".

    You will note that most all those who present these types of fear fodder are "accredited" in xian organizations who are inclined towards spreading their religious programming, by nepotism, and liberally dumb-down to the unqualified, thereby placing them in positions of ersatz authority they do not deserve, yet remain largely unquestioned. In this case, until debunked by superior official sources.

    They identify themselves by their own assumptions. Harboring their own unaddressed & deeply sublimated mental illnesses, displacing their own fetishes onto their patients with leading questions, but who questions the "experts"? Ironically, The Devil! As has been since seen, He whom they have attempted to charge for their own crimes! The Satanic Panic essentially became the inmates running the asylum!


    This guy reminds Me of High School Counselor Halstead, who was a tie-in between Emon, who worked together to xerox many of My poems, diary entries/parchments/spells, and artwork, using them in such seminar presentations!

    SINOPSIS: This {xian retard} 'presenter' gets so many things wrong, from dates to names to situations and occult sources, so as to be ridiculous! Weak research if any at best, erroneously labelling several established worldwide religions 'branches' {or veritable 'denominations'} of Satanism! The ignorance surmounts, as if to say, "...these are wiccan satanists, santeria satanists, druid satanists, hindu satanists, etc.!" When the truth is that The Church of Satan represents Satanism! WE are the "experts"! Whereas the so-called "occult experts" they have presented have always been nothing more than ill-informed, pretentious armchair critics with an theological agenda utilizing religious propaganda to bolster their guilt business! Plus everything criminal he claims Satanists do, their churches and clergy actually have done and continue to do! Throughout their sordid history! Either clandestinely and/or openly! Hypocrites!

    {I was actually part of this presentation. Pay close attention to the {eliphas} levi vest, wherein the patches are prominently displayed onscreen}

    Exposing The Satanic Web

    Exposing Satan's WebRetrospective christinsanity. Cosmopolitan divine madness. It is interesting to observe the types described therein their own dualistic paradigm - all sheeple, whether white or black by whatever name/s used, just all want to cluster and worship some type of external "god" delusion together. These nuts are classified as devil-worshippers, not Satanists, and they can have them.

    This christian propaganda may just be the more disturbing of the lot, considering some of the relations made by those who supposedly "remembered" being victimized as children, but as we unfortunately know now, these were actually fictional projections from psycho-the-rapists upon their patients, indoctrinating them with all manner of paranoia and false memory scenarios in order to sustain them in the business of fear, as well as justify their misdirected sense of masochism, and pretentious Crusader Syndrome.

    This "documentary", and some others like it, was released briefly prior to the FBI's findings that these massive cult allegations were proven false, and thus slipped into obscurity when the religious enterprise could no longer take advantage of this latest cultural fear-trend.

    The man claiming to have been a former "Satanic High Priest" is nonsense. That loser was a self-admitted druggie, relishing in the meager attention granted by the undiscriminating media of the time, then fabricating lurid tales of intoxicated hysteria.

    The woman attempting to read some sort of meaning into the Slayer cover art to bolster her claims of a "Satanic Conspiracy" {which of course was proven false by the FBI} is quite amusing as well. Anyone wanting to know anything about Satanism, or any other subject for that matter, should look to actual literature, and not music intended for pure theatrical entertainment. Yet this was the degree of blindlight lunacy and insecurity exhibited during the Satanic Panic, a seemingly resurgent sub-mentality from the 'witch' trials.

    "Satan had been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years." - The 9th Satanic Statement, The Satanic Bible.

    89/90. Eagle's Nest ministries

    Supremely evocative presentation from alarmist Gary Greenwald of Eagle's Nest ministries. He's very much like Bob Larson, and tries to be the 'cool' pastor with his open shirt and contemporary language, music, and issues discussed. He even wore a red Members Only jacket during the backward masking presentation! I enjoyed the D&D and Halloween shows in particular.

    I had all those Masters of The Universe toys! The exercise of The Imagination, sharpening strategic and language skills, and watched all those 'occult' cartoons! He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats, Scooby-Doo, Smurfs, Gummibears, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. {not to mention subsequent multimedia presentations Addams Family, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, Batman, Gargoyles, et al}. And played the Codex Gygax from time to time {preferably with pentagram, candles, and robes, conducted like a ritual, how it should be played, along with occasional outings & playfighting}, even being a Dungeonmaster starting in 5th grade at Carpenter!

    BBC: Conspiracies / Larry King Live

    1. BBC 'Conspiracies' series focuses on 'the Satanic Panic' hysteria. By far, the gems herein feature interviews with Magus Gilmore, Reverend Gavin Baddeley; also includes Genesis P. Orrige, and discusses conspiracy theories, as well as fundamentalism.

    2. Larry King Live: The second presentation features two attention-seeking SRA nutcases, but more importantly, a priceless interview with Jeffrey S. Victor, author of 'Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend'.

    * See: Satanic Panic / SRA

    A&E Biography: Richard 'Nightstalker' Ramirez

    A collection of media about devil-worshipping serial killer 'The Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez. A fascinating case. From his humble beginnings in El Paso, TX, where as a teenager would take refuge in a local cemetery from an abusive father, was teased by classmates because of his difference in looks, when one day he hopped aboard a bus for Los Angeles, where he thieved homes for money for whores & drugs {particularly cocaine, which he used intravenously}, resided in seedy hotels. After dropping out of high school, he eventually became an atheist until his crimes landed him in jail, where he, unlike many other inmates, found 'Satan' instead of 'Jesus' through another inmate. From there on out, he vowed to be the most devout devil-worshipper he could be, & thus, to please his 'master', decided to go on his now infamous killing spree after having made a pact with 'the devil', in exchange for hellish protection from the Police force.

    For much of his homicidal gallivanting, it seemed to have been working, primarily due to police incompetence, lack of cooperation with other law enforcement agencies {counter-productive pride}, & the chattering idiocy of San Francisco mayor {at the time} Feinstein, who completely undermined the investigation when she mentioned crucial information on evidence & facts about the case out over the public airwaves, thus tipping off Ramirez, who forthwith eliminated relics on his person {Avia shoes & his gun} that could have led to an earlier capture - both of which he threw off the Golden Gate bridge, never to be recovered. Could it have been... Satan!?

    Even when he went to visit with his uncle in Colorado, who was the one who initially taught him how to kill, deriving from his Vietnam training; he could not contact him, on his way back, Police had set up a stake-out operation looking for anyone seeking to leave L.A., but they were not expecting The Nightstalker to be entering the city. So he just exited stage left, as it were, when he noticed the Police presence. Again, he had eluded capture. Perhaps even more remarkable was the instance in which he was stopped for running a red light - he was asked to step to the rear of the vehicle, placing his hands on the car. While doing so, he decided to draw a pentagram on it.

    Finally, an acquaintance of Ramirez's was intensely questioned until he finally gave up the name. Now the Police had a mugshot, instead of the misleading drawings thusfar.

    While he searched out another brother in the L.A. area, he was recognized; more & more people recognized him. He panicked, ran for two miles, until he sought to steal a car from some ghetto woman, to which her husband took a pipe to Ramirez - ironically, it was the Police who saved him. The rest is history - he currently awaits execution in San Quentin.

    Since his capture, he has granted interviews, submitted artwork to underground publications, to websites, was visited by Zeena Schreck, has been the subject of several biographies, got married, & enjoys conjugal visits. This goes to show that if you murder, & have a gimmick, you can reach celebrity status.

    One time, the Nightstalker was incarcerated next cell over from one Sean Penn {big whoop} for his photographer-beating incident, when Ramirez asked for his autograph, he wrote back that as an inmate, he could not help but feel some kind on affinity for others also incarcerated, but he could not feel any for Ramirez. To which he confidently answered, "Dear Sean, keep in touch, & hit 'em again." Agreed.

    All this reminds Me of My own experience with the Nightstalker case. My father was a court interpreter for the county, & on this particular occasion, I accompanied him to the Downtown Courthouse. He was working in the chamber several doors down from where Ramirez was to attend another court date. So I decided to sit in. All were patted down at the door. News cameras were left & right. I had gotten to talking with a cute girl sitting beside Me, when the bailiff called out for standing for the entrance of the Judge, soon followed by the emergence of The Nightstalker. At one point he looked back at the crowd, when our gazes met for all about three seconds. It is interesting how in the subsequent courtroom appearance, he spoke about "Legions of the Night, repeat not the errors of The Nightstalker... show no mercy."

    There was no mention of Dr. LaVey's comment on Ramirez. For those who are unaware, while in San Francisco, he sought to speak to the Doktor while checking his P.O. Box, to which Doc responded, "I don't do business on the street. Mail Me at My P.O. Box." To which Ramirez rescinded politely. Later, as relayed by HP Barton, in her book "The Secret Life of A Satanist", LaVey wonders that if he had granted a few more words with Ramirez, if he may taken a more productive path.

    Also not mentioned in the presentation {Circa XXXII A.S.}, is Sgt. Randy Emon, "Satan Sleuth" {who appeared on "Inside Edition", & Pace Setters" displaying My artwork & poetry without My permission. It was featured on channels 7 & 9.}. He worked on the Nightstalker case, serving in the capacity of "occult investigator/advisor" - a so-called "expert" - I AM a Satanist - I AM the "expert"! He thought to squelch some cultish "information" from Me, probably secretly wishing he could gain a 'scoop', about ritual sacrifices up in the hills. Well, I decided to give him an earful of bogus "information", about some nefarious goings-on in "The Valley", whose ceremonial grounds were guarded by "Gate Keepers". I also learned these fictional tales were being used at his "Occult Seminars", one of which I attended incognito. It was entertaining.

    NIGHTSTALKER: The Hunt for A Serial Killer

    Presented in a noiresque style, narrated by a hardboiled grizzled investigator characterization, Ricky's slayings are recounted, "13 Sacrifices for Satan"*. Primarily asians and old ladies. Nanas! The 'gmilfs' {Skwisgaar}. [*SH*] The asians were an obvious ECI from listening to his uncle Mike. After raping and killing, he would then often fix himself something to eat, and leave.

    * Obviously, sacrifices are conducted symbolically in the form of a Curse upon those deservedly punished to attain justice, personally administered. [see "On The Choice of A Human Sacrifice"; The Satanic Bible, LaVey]

    America's Best Kept Secret
    {XXII A.S. 1988 c.e. Passport Magazine, Logos International. Hosted by Brian Sussman. Genre: Documentary / Satanic Panic.}

    Misinformation after misinformation. A really despicable demonstration of Satanic Panic paranoia at its most extreme. It is revealed just how rotten these white wolf christian cultists can be, victimizing their own kind, exploiting mental weakness, while blaming The Devil for their own mental illness.

    The show is divided up into several sections of proposed 'satanistic' categories:

    * 'Religious': probably the only one somewhat resembling actual Satanism, although oft-times misconstrued with blindlight minority religions like santeria or weaka, which follow the same general paradigms with different terminology for same.
    * 'Solo': Either those independently exploring the occult, "stoner" types, many times mixed up with petty criminals or murderers.
    * 'Generational': the conspiracy theory of so-called large mysterious cults handed down for generations by word of mouth and secret legacies infiltrating every strata of government and authoritative positions from law enforcement, instructors, to church leaders*; named as the most dangerous simply because there is the least amount of circumstantial and/or imaginary concocted 'evidence' available, and the most dramatic allegations to feed their crusader syndrome.

    Some of the "advice" given to "task forces" grants the impression of "guilty until proven innocent", which has been the typical modus operandi of white-light theocracies throughout history, a lynch mob mentality, which always results in the tragedy of separating families, unjust accusations, and the general spread of misery. As is the white plague.

    Also spoken of are the usual scenarios with Heavy Metal music {entertainers}, horror movies {entertainment}, Dungeons & Dragons {a role-playing game}, & even cartoons. Among those spreading misinformation at the time, false "former Satanist" Mike Warnke is given a generous amount of time, along with various other attention-starved opportunists & nutcases, who really appear to be either making this stuff up as they go along, projecting their own dementia, or encouraging the sick of brain to bolster their repertoire as well as lining their pockets with both tithes and serious funds.

    As an aside, Sgt. Randy "Satan Sleuth" Emon returns briefly for another round {to his credit, he later apologized for contributing to the hysteria, & regrets ever being involved in all things Satanophobic}.

    Exaggerating the premise are newspaper articles, archived crime scene photographs {unrelated}, video of children at play, adolescents supposedly involved in devil worship {which really just looks like friends socializing}, various locations {including 'The Private Eye', a favorite music store}, illustrations {one by this writer entitled "Infernal Majesty"}, and multimedia presentations cited as diabolically influential. This hysterical "documentary" plays like a videographic chick tract. Amusing at times, disturbing at others.

    In lieu if the FBI discrediting this fabricated fear trend, this company and host only produced this one video, which may just have been the only 'good' thing about this presentation. These types of productions can now be retrospectively examined in a sociological context, to display the dangers of fundamentalist superstition.

    * Ironic how the actual perpetrators of anything resembling these claims are catholic priests & christian pastors. For elaboration, see "christinsanity 2000" parts 1 & 2 in The Devil's Scroll.

    Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism
    XXIV A.S. Jeremiah Films. Genre: Satanic Panic, Religion, Cults.

    Devil Worship: The Rise of SatanismThis presentation is a product of the Satanic Panic era, produced by this company notorious for these types of terror shows, fundamentalist christians at the height of the paranoia, and in the apparent guise of exploiting this predominant societal fear, demonstrate every inaccuracy possible to generate the maximum amount of unfounded concern in their congregations, and society at large. Much of the material herein seems to be rehashed from The Pagan Invasion series' "Doorways To Satan", like all those segments which hit the cutting room floor were resurrected to present this 'documentary'.

    Half of the name is ironically correct - the first half, as in 'devil worship' christian heresy, while 'Satanism' is a completely different philosophy which seems purposefully distorted by the fundies in a mishmash of fictional horror scenarios, with any of these isolated would-be devil worshippers taking cues from their mythology. Of course, it has since come to be widely known that many of these allegations are committed by christian clergy in actuality.

    The usual misinformation is presented, such as the alleged 'types' of devil worship, like "dabblers" {high school kids, stoners, petty criminals, and otherwise cheap thrill-seekers}, "Religious" {as accurate as they will get in their meager comprehension of real Satanists; ergo, the only real Satanists are those who live the Satanic philosophy as reflected in the pages of The Satanic Bible, with the only legitimate Satanic organization being The Church of Satan}, & so-called "Generational" {a complete judeo-christian fabrication of nightmarish conspiracies, clandestine criminal monster cults, etc.}.

    The misconception that Aleister Crowley was a Satanist remains incorrect. As a member of the O.T.O., which has its roots in Egyptian-type ceremonial "magick" and Masonry, he founded his own personal order based on his stylized brand of theories & practices called "Thelema", heralding "Aiwass" as its primary deity.

    With commentary by "Occult Cop / Satan Sleuth" Sergeant Randy Emon, & others of the mythological literalist persuasion {including one who recommends the invasion of privacy}, are also several erstwhile "survivors" interviewed, those who were either brainwashed by christian therapists, and/or attention-starved mentally-ill people given a justification for their condition. Watches like an Aristocrats joke gone wrong and taken too far. No actual Satanists are interviewed, just ersatz "former-satanists", who as we recognize, were never Satanists to begin with, but merely reverse blindlighters, black sheep for sure {"washed in the blood of jesus" and bled whiter than snow}, who have returned to the other side of their unbalanced paradigm.

    Board games, Heavy Metal music, and horror movies are also typically scapegoated. Board games tend to be Dungeons & Dragons, and the Ouija board; Heavy Metal bands such as Venom, Slayer, Possessed, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, & others {most of whom are just admitted entertainers, not actual Satanists, but whose art and performances can be appreciated by Satanists in the correct context of amusement or aesthetic inspiration}; and just about every horror movie is blamed for influencing the gullible into committing gruesome crimes. When the fact is that only about less than 1% who engage in such recreational activities also happen to enjoy these forms of entertainment.

    While not as outrageous as "America's Best Kept Secret: A Look At Modern Day Satanism", which is probably the epitome of these paranoia-inducing christian devil-exploitation flicks, or extensive as Geraldo's "Exposing Satan's Underground", "Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism" carries all the usual suspects, like Sean Sellers, Richard Ramirez, Pete Rowland, Scott Waterhouse, the Matamoros cult killings {which were actually Santeria-based practices customized to murderous extents}, & others, with the usual mention of Ricky Kasso excluded.

    This presentation should be considered in an historical sociological context, to observe the consequences of superstition, erroneous data gathering, half-truths in an attempt to support a fiction, cultivated hysteria which breeds stupidity, & mass neurosis. ∞

    * For those interested in Satanism, please see The Official Church of Satan website for factual information.
    * For those interested in the psychology of the Satanic Panic hysteria, read: Satanic Panic: The Creation of A Contemporary Legend by Jeffrey S. Victor.

    Doorways to Satan is essentially an 'infomercial' for Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism, displaying scenes from the presentation with slick new graphics included, the addition of a co-host, and direct proselyting at the conclusion. In a castle setting, this version is a more palatable made-for-TV variation, probably created for a TBN audience. The scenes included in the above review are all demonstrated, presented in a newer frame with additional graphics & effects. A couple of interviewees are revisited, and otherwise, much of the material herein is rehashed. This is part of The Pagan Invasion series, which were apparently curtailed to fit into briefer segments,

    Halloween: Trick or Treat?
    Jeremiah Films. Caryl Matrisciana, Hal Lindsey Chuck Smith. Genre: Satanic Panic/documentary

    Don't let the christians get you down. Halloween is a wonderful holiday filled with mystery, imagination, and wonder. The JC religions have plagiarized other cultures, renamed traditions, "holy"-watered them down, and pass it off as their own, resulting in an inferior version of virtually everything; then convince the gullible that their natural instincts are wrong, that they have a non--existent solution to a non-existent problem. With enough badgering, perhaps they make take some of the more simple-minded into their fold, and that is good riddance, perhaps that is where they belong, among the other whitewashed zombies. To each their own.

    For all of the criticism and condemnation of horror movies, one of the interviewees {who seems like a shill} ironically sounds like he is cribbing his stores straight from one {he really does appear to making it up as he goes along: as if scrambling for scenarios by referencing sublimated horror movie scenes - the more stable-minded may find oneself recalling which movie that one was from!}; but being fundamentalist types, it is not surprising that they badly copy & literalize everything.

    Despite whatever superstitious origins, Halloween has evolved to become a night of fantasy and revelry, pretending and fun, whereas those who would try to ban Halloween presume their mythological notions to be literal, viewing the world in a fabricated context. Leave it to a blindlighter to try to spoil the party.

    Scenes include footage of weakan ceremonies, trick or treaters gleefully collecting candy, monster masks, and interviews with horror fans who keep things in balanced perspective.

    So go ahead, dress up in a terrifying costume and dispense with the treats for the little ones, play board and/or traditional games, watch the horror movies of your choice, engage in haunted house and/paranormal activities, have a Halloween gathering, and for the more serious-minded or darkly inclined, empower oneself with a commemoration; creating an enchanting time overall, which will resonate throughout the year.

    This presentation is the owl's hoot, both a trick and a treat. Another sad, if not unintentionally amusing offering from Jeremiah Films.

    The Unwrapping Of Christmas
    XXIV A.S. Jeremiah Films. Genre: propaganda, mythology, documentary.

    While not particularly "Satanic Panic" material per se, it is interesting to see fundamentalists criticizing the practices, even of their own kind, though varied denominations. Seems Jeremiah Films do not enjoy much. Same basic mentality. Their recommendation instead of xmas practices? Just like with Halloween, pestering people with indoctrination.

    The Unwrapping of Christmas simplistically traces the etymology of xmas traditions from 'Jul' {a Scandinavian solstice celebration, not an ancient God; "Yule" derivation}, the Roman Saturnalia {a celebration of the flesh, which I prefer to refer to as "Satanalia"}, "Christ Mass" celebrations {likened Mardis Gras, drunken debauchery}, Odin [transformed into Santa, although there is no mention of Thor's goat-steeds}, a story written by a father for his children, and the Krampus {...or dare you pronounce his name aloud, "Knecht Ruprecht"; transformed into reindeer and elves, though various faeries, gnomes (like the tomte and nisse), sprites, and sylphs remain "unwrapped" here}.

    From yule logs {delineated as a phallic symbol, which it may be, although they tend to redundantly over-emphasize}, mistletoe {which leads to temptation}, the xmas tree {condemned as a Pagan practice in the moldy babble at Jeremiah 10: 3-5}, xmas lights, to even the dispensation of presents and candied confections, which they associate with the evils of Halloween. No mention of yule goats, cats, or mountain trolls {Gryla}, not even El Caganer or Caga Tio. And yes, it is widely known by now that the folkloric jesus character's birth was not even in December, but designated sometime in the Spring.

    The same weakan footage is shown recycled from the other 'Pagan Invasion' presentations, including scenes of Druids at Stonehenge {during relations of human and animal sacrifices upon the bonfire}. Interviews include Captain Bringdown & Colonel Bummer.

    Of course, the Satanic celebration is that of the Winter Solstice, including whatever decorations that suit personal taste, although they tend to be elegantly dark, with the inclusion of Krampus, as essentially, the Winter Devil. A recognition of The longest night of the year, the changing of the seasons from Autumn {Belial} to Winter {Lucifer}, and the epicurean pleasures of one's choosing.

    As the wheel of the gods turn, as is typical of blindlighters, here is yet another example of one mythology trying to discredit, or 'expose' another. In this case, the nazarene myth, which represents weakness, poverty, self-sacrifice, suffering, misery, etc., versus the Santa myth, which despite the origins, has come to represent wealth, robust health, & indulgence! They teach their children to believe in tales of a desert dwelling suicidal madman, yet deride the fables of childhood fancy. It is a rather moot point, but amusing, nonetheless. ∞


    Further Reading
    * The Dark Side of Xmas. For a comprehensive history of various winter myths..
    * Mammon & Mistletoe; The Devil's Scroll.

    In Satan's Name
    A.K.A., "By Satan Possessed". A film by Antony Thomas

    By Satan PossessedMagister Boyd Rice enunciates the lyrics to "Total War" amidst a fanfare of wolf hooks, a totenkopf insignia, and war drummers. From within a chamber, an invocation echoes forth to whoever will answer "from the highest peaks of heaven, to the lowest depths of Hell" using a ouija board. A Baphomet banner is used to top the film title. The introduction is quite dramatic, one of the best I have yet seen, with an impressive demonic statue if The Prince of Darkness himself, which would go nicely in one's ritual chamber, or about the house.

    A documentary made right after the Satanophobic paranoia of the late 80's / early 90's. Herein, Bob Larson is showcased, a shrewd businessman using christianity to maintain the fears og his flock in order to keep the money rolling in. While even some christian the-rapists recognize that "demons" are metaphors for traumas, or "engrams", Larson sticks to the literal antiquated description - although perhaps even he seems to be evolving a bit, considering that the "demons" he "encounters", or induces, have gone from intriguing names such as "Asmodiel" and "Mephistopheles" to just plain "anger", "hate", "murder", "lust", "revenge" - all of which are natural human emotions - although the motivations expressed by the erstwhile "possessed" are debatable as to the particular abuse situations they have experienced, all of which psychology could take care of nicely, whereas replacing one branch of mythology for another can be quite harmful, as it only keeps the patient within a mythological / fantasy-based mind frame, instead or releasing them from it.

    So-called "satanic breeders' 'recount' alleged 'infant sacrifices' - and from a Deicide concert as well as an arcade, the camera crew enters into a club to interview some teenagers about The Devil, which ranges from some sort of 'inner voice' to literal worship.

    A chipmunk-sounding couple are terrorized by the local Police Department on allegations of "satanic ritual abuse" {SRA} made by the wife's sister's the-rapist, that they were to 'sacrifice' their baby to The Devil on his birthday. During this time, the-rapists of impressionable minds themselves, or fishing for a lucrative opportunity, went amok projecting their own conspiratorial fantasies, in order to restart the trend to keep the money rolling in - a new enterprise to embark upon. I maintain that these the-rapists, the true abusers {taking traumas the patient may have experienced, and transforming them into pseudo-satanic scenarios - why have they not been prosecuted for mental abuse? Malpractice? And/or made to pay back their gullible victims? The fact is, they kept them under subjection in order to maintain veritable slaves. The-rapists, white wolves, practice predation, while the victims stupidly allow themselves to be hypnotized with their brains filled with mistranslations}. Their children are subsequently taken away for three months, until returned without so much as an apology.

    Sexorcisms! xian cult leader getting his congregation to blame their parents for all manner of false atrocities so that he could be their surrogate 'daddy'! Ends up in a dry-humping session with one of his 'possessed' male sheep, and a veritable psycho-sexual d/s interrelation with a female member as well!.

    An FBI agent is interviewed about the whole SRA urban legend, to which he states he cannot be sure that events described cannot be true. It was quite remarkable to see an FBI official conceding to the suburban mythology, when a short-time later, the FBI released a statement on the SRA investigation calling it largely "fictional" and "without foundation".

    David Travillo, an incarcerated prisoner nick-named "Damien" is interviewed, who murdered his prostitute girlfriend by stabbing her 39 times, even though she provided him with food, drugs, and shelter, while allegedly under the influence of a demon. Besides this program, he was also interviewed for the Sightings series which was examining 'satanic cults' a couple years earlier, in which he had long hair and a goatee. Herein, he is sans both. Back then, he named "Lucifuge Rafocale" from the Solomonic Goetia as the demon who 'possessed' him.

    Neither Dr. LaVey, The Satanic Bible, nor The Church of Satan are mentioned, as the program was primarily focused on devil-worship, not actual Satanism, but does hold some sociological validity as a study of the herd's Satanophobic stuporstition.

    [ TOTAL WAR ]
    Video introduction from the presentation, courtesy of boydrice.com

    I decided to post this review here because there seems to be minimal mention of it elsewhere. Again, preserving this review for archival purposes.

    In The Name of Satan

    In The Name of Satan In the wake of the 'satanistic' hysteria of the 80's and early 90's, Bob Larson jumped on the bandwagon producing this bogus documentary which only succeeded in fanning the pyre of their own false accusations, and ironically contributing to the bright flame of Lucifer that would shine the light of speculation, eventually debunking the whole blindlighter facade.

    Amidst a cavalcade of erstwhile 'satanistic' symbols, Larson presents so-called "satanic survivors" who recount faerie-tales implanted in their minds by christian the-rapists, which are really reflections into their own nightmarish psyches transferred onto their 'patients' {victims}; Even today, Larson continues to prey upon the gullible with his faux 'exorcisms', labeling childhood traumas 'demons' in a literal context, while siphoning thousands of dollars from his congregation.

    Praying {PREYING} upon the weak. Like a shark, he circles the crowd dependent upon the pained reactions he himself induces, forcing them to relive their traumas while placing a demonic mask upon the problems. It is unclear how much of this Larson actually beLIEves, although if questioned, he would probably answer to the affirmative, thus preserving his monetary influx and traveling road show, to keep that mansion and opulent lifestyle. Sounds decidedly more Satanic than he would ever admit!

    A female doctor named "Razel" is interviewed, who ironically resembles the manifestation of Satan as portrayed by Ernest Borgnine in the film "The Devil's Rain", and another woman doctor that looks like she should be slinging hash at some diner, operating out of yet another irony - "Columbine Hospital", who programs children to believe they were "ritually abused" by using dolls.

    Next, the subject of "adolescent satanism" come to the fore, with news clippings on Pete Roland {who along with some others, clubbed a classmate to death with a baseball bat}, who is currently serving a life-sentence without the possibility of parole; Tommy Sullivan, an ex-boyscout who murdered his mother with his boyscout knife; Sean Sellers {sellout} who murdered his parents and a Circle K clerk who refused to sell him beer, all while wearing a hooded cape and briefs. He has since been executed in Oklahoma by lethal injection despite mercy pleas from Desmond Tutu; also, media clips of Ricky Kasso, a burned-out speed-freak junkie who murdered an acquaintance by stabbing him to death and gouging out his eyes when he refused to say "I Love Satan"}. He committed suicide in his jail cell. A "docu-drama" entitled "Ricky 6" has since been made.

    Then on to a brief exchange with Sgt. Randy "Satan-Sleuth" Emon, an ex-cop and "occult investigator" in the L.A. area who likens involvement in Satanism to a "hook in a fish's mouth", and the apt Magician has "swallowed the hook". Now, the apt Magician, who upon the success of a Magical Working, moves on to more advanced studies as he/she is interested. How is this 'wrong'? If one finds success in whatever endeavor or field of practice, of whatever may compliment and otherwise facilitate a goal, then stay with it if it works for you, and continue with ever-increasing success without guilt or limitation.

    George Bellinger, who quite honestly looks like Bob's Big Boy in black speaks next - an ingrate who battered his parents to the point where they felt they had to padlock their bedroom because they feared for their lives, relates his "experiences" / dabblings, the 'meaning' of drinking blood* as a "Communion to The Devil", and some emotional problems he went through in teenage years {a relatively 'normal' process for most, i.e., puberty and hormonal saturation}, wherein he almost murdered his parents, and typically blaming his mental and emotional imbalances on The Devil. Bellinger would later go on to appear on Pacesetters with Emon, amongst several other losers he took under his wing. Of note, Emon has since renounced his belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse, and regrets ever being involved in that urban legend.

    This documentary was a pre-cursor to Larson's subsequent 1996 c.e. television series by the same name, which aired on The Trinity Broadcasting Network, and did actually have some Satanic relevance, in that he interviewed Peter H. Gilmore {High Priest of The Church of Satan; then a Magister}, self-described 'Aesthetic Terrorist' Rex Diabolos Church, Electric Hellfire Club vocalist Rev. Thomas Thorn, Boyd Rice, among other Satanists of note.

    This original 1990 c.e. release of "In The Name of Satan" is not directly relative to Satanism, but does display Satanophobia and the 'satanistic' enigma, which rears its head from time to time since the paranoid and maniacal "witch tryals" . This documentary marks another chapter in the ever-continuing insanity of the christian tradition's history.

    * Actually, according to The Satanic Bible, the contents of The Chalice of Ecstasy is left entirely to the choice of the practitioner - "Whatever is pleasing to the pallet", although it is never 'blood'.

    Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in America

    For a White Wolf, Jerry "long neck" Johnston just looks like another programmed drone himself, much like those he interviews. This presentation asserts all of the Satanic Panic notions, plus making some doozies up along the way, as they all tend to do, thus forming the sociological "satanistic bible", not the actual Satanic Bible. This one focuses particularly on teenagers, and I will have to admit that I too checked the list on most points except for suicidal tendencies, infanticide and narcotic abuse charges, but the rest of it sounds like quite a party.

    But as far as these points of interest are concerned, they tend to run thusly, with some personal elucidations:

    • Listens to awesome music {of the Metal genre} like Venom, Slayer, Ozzy, and so many others.
    • Preference for a better class of friends who share in one's interests, naturally.
    • Speaks with a 'different' vocabulary. Read: eloquence, educated, intelligent, and imaginative manner ascertaining metaphor and sarcasm.
    • Preference for being alone. To study one's preferred subject matter while "homework" tends to be completed at school where it belongs. Preference for introspection, self determination, striving for autonomy, independence, responsibility, individuality.
    • Dressing differently. In a more individualistic manner that pleases oneself, sometimes displaying personal interests, plus black is always hellegant and classy, showing character and quality.

    As far as the alleged insignia drawn about the web of the thumb and forefinger, I suppose that is for secret identification purposes between cult members, which can be foreseeably hidden at all times, only exposed upon notification to certain others, with an aknowledgement that can be returned, perhaps accompanied with a wink and a nod. The symbol could be a pentagram, the universally recognized symbol of The Devil, perhaps inclusive of an emergent Baphomet; or a 666 in various configurations, which also just so happens to coincide with The Cornu gesticulation itself, the bends of fingers forming the triumvirate as well; Maybe even an inverse cross! Perhaps each with a secret message of some dire deed to be done that day, depending upon the insignia.

    The beginning of the video is comprised of the impressionable, the psychophantic, and attention hounds who are obviously fabricating these scenarios for airtime, just like Johnston who eggs them on for exaggerations with the typical leading questions, yet they all have been apparently inducted themselves into the christian subCULTure with levels of involvement dictated by varying crappy hairstyles!

    Not a master of segueways, among his rambling, Johnston eventually confesses to his own petty criminal past of being a shoplifter and pothead, blaming a couple of stoner bullies he met on the school bus. Once arrested, he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself with his belt, and it shows.

    He's also not very good with dates. The Church of Satan was founded on Walpurgisnacht of 1966, The Satanic Bible was published three years later on 1969, The Satanic Rituals in 1972, and so on.

    This presentation is an outgrowth of the book by the same name, who like the much better produced Bob Larson productions In The Name of Satan and In Satan's Name seminars with accompanying traveling road show.

    Ironically, The Edge of Evil book includes a foreword by none other than Gerrraldo Rivera, who himself just so happens to have a questionable tattoo upon the bend of the thumb! However, to better divulge Johnston's character and quality, see this interview.*

    But as tends to be the case, these accusations & assumptions are either misdirection and projections of their own predispositions, complete misinformation, and paranoid exagerrations, all to bring more money into the miserable ministries by inducing fear into the gullible. Again, all asserting the undefiled wisdom of The 9th Satanic Statement.

    * Note: Zeena "Schreck" is no longer relevant to Satanism.

    Satanism Unmasked [II]

    The most interesting part of the whole series, mentioning The Church of Satan with quotes of The Statements {though not unflatteringly mentioning the most poignant 9th}; with most all the usual Satanic Panic suspects, Codex Gygax {D&D}, & Heavy Metal. Of note, a photo of Jeff Hanneman of ϟLAYER is incorrectly, though complementary labelled VENOM. Some lyrics are recited by chickenboy.

    A jesus-worshipping obsessed sitcom-like show {similar to an even lamer over-the-top Growing Pains}, acting out a chick tract scenario; interviews with Johanna Michaelson {The Beautiful Side of Evil} offering assumptions about cover art on a copy of Dungeon magazine, Lauren Stratford {from whose book geraldo's "special" was named}, and Sean Sellout commentary interspersed throughout.

    Conclude at 48:00 in order to avoid the particularly nervous cowardliness and proselytizing. Otherwise, if it serves to muckrake, then good riddance!

    Satanism is a great stratifier. We do not seek to 'convert', but intelligent and strong born Satanists, nomatter the background, will eventually naturally find their way to the gates, while the unworthy will destroy themselves or return to church to cower 'neath the cross where they belong!

    "Satanic" crimes

    Reminiscent of The Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults, South africa had its own Satanic Panic episode as well. Here are followed two investigators, veritable "cops for x" types, like Emon almost, self-proclaimed 'experts' with an obvious xoid agenda, making professionalism difficult, and pursuing an effective case marred with propaganda - at one embarrassing point preaching to the camera!

    They follow a psychic woman around clutching a book on astral travel, claiming she killed someone. Upon being held in a cell, claims it's filled with demons. She's eventually found guilty and sentenced to a time in prison.

    Then they pursue another woman for a missing girl case - an interesting lady indeed, wearing all black, who voluntarily shows them her cloak and bone necklace. She manages to avoid prosecution, for lack of evidence.

    BOB LARSON [The Six Strongholds of SATAN]: Larson coaxes mental illness from audience members to exploit for entertainment purposes. The so-called strongholds of Satan are essentially comprised of elements of the seven deadly sins, natural instincts to be indulged in responsibly and used for motivation.

    He præys on a deaf-mute woman {maybe retarded, who ends up dancing on stage}, and a cute chubby blonde lady possessed by "anger", who doesn't seem too enthusiastic about being hugged after the "depossession".

    McMartin Preschool: Anatomy of a Panic [Retro Report, NY Times]: A report on all those impossible allegations clearly fabricated in a make-believe sense of both child mentality, and fetishistic projections by the-rapists manipulating false "victims' into conforming to their warped, repressed xian fantasies. Actually, it has been retrospectively observed that these "therapists" were the true psychological abusers of those children! Not to mention the real perpetrators are the xian {Catholic & Protestant} clergy! Assuming cultish, blasphemous, sacrilegious terminology and horror aesthetics as the dualistic antithesis of their own paradigm. Their dirty little secret all along!

    The medieval "guilty until proven innocent" mentality persists by primitive xians. In the oldays the accused were tortured until "confessing" under torture & duress what they never did, justo stop the torment. Because they cannot perpetrate this any longer, they turned to mental manipulation of impressionable subjects with leading repetitive questions and interrogation tactics, in order to extract fodder for their defamations. These so-called "patients", like those tortured, would often falsely "admit" to suggestions and fictional implanted memories. Some furthermore attention-starved making it up on their own, others revictimized by psycho-the-rapists.

    UK Common Live Special {SRA Survivor}: An almost hour long interview with an alleged "survivor" of SRA. A British lady with a short hairdo whose facial gesticulations resemble a Wallace & Grommet cartoon. Claims she was 'groomed' by a satanicult and engaged in sexual activities including oral, anal, vaginal copulation... Says she remembers robed figures, etc., typical allegations.

    Despite the Lanning Report {FBI document debunking the social hysteria}, now has crusader syndrome and desires to 'expose' Satanism because it's growing due to people ignoring it. She even paraphrases the ubiquitous "the greatest trick The Devil ever pulled is making people believe he doesn't exist". Ohhh, so maybe that's why they say they're Atheists...? HA!

    Recommended reading
    • Satanic Panic: The Creation of A Contemporary Legend by Jeffrey S. Victor.
    • Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in The 1980s by Paul Corupe
    • Satanic Bible, Rituals by Anton Szandor LaVey.
    • Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore Shadowmantium
    Those wishing to educate themselves on the Satanic religion may peruse The Source:

    Church of Satan

    FEAR: Camp Spirit Lake

    Ah, what can be said about the Fear series? Not too much, except that the premise involves depositing desperate, college-aged panzies in a desolate location, allowing their own fears to torture & consume them. Quite shadowmantic, actually. It actually is quite entertaining, as the assimilates are placed into a situation of distress, & forced to both confront their own 'demons', & those which the writers {the puppet-masters} create for them. This writer would enjoy creating horror-based scenarios for these spineless, greedy, impressionable simpletons. Like mice in a puzzle do they amble to & fro, ironically motivated by that which has been called "the root of all evil" {the 'root of most pleasures', actually} - in this case, $5,000 - to possess notes marked with Masonic symbols. One hilarious part of this episode was when one of the members was whispering 'the lord's prayer' to himself, while apologizing & asking forgiveness for his greediness. "Forgive me, but I really need the money" {human nature wills-out} - indeed - while tracing a pentagram into the earth. Hypocritically ridiculous to say the least, but it did make for an amusing spectacle.

    So these typically money-grubbing 'christians' {or conveniently so, as everybody suddenly becomes a devout 'christian' when a Satanist is present} utter their prayers, with a weakan bent, the whole way through the darkness of the woods. Such as one of the members sniveling in the coffin while one of the others shovels dirt upon it, while unbeknownst to her, one of her team-mates lies therein. I must say, kudos to the writers for that one. He undergoes the distress of claustrophobia, while she may have experienced the fright of her life had he decided to quit the dare & arise therefrom. Some of the psychological manipulations are remarkable. That stunt was certainly more torturous than the so-called "mental-endurance test" one of them was subjected to - please. Inserting his head into a cage while cute fuzzy rats critter outside its perimeters. Why not allow the rats to crawl directly onto his head while in the cage? That may have proved to be more effective in inciting a more dramatic reaction. Slathering his head with hot melted cheese, or containing a portion in his mouth, that would have been even more amusing. [insert head cheese reference here]

    The coffin scene alludes to "L'Air Epais", Our Templar ritual, but they only just barely scratch the surface when it comes to experiencing the Satanic ritual environment, as in the symbolic death & rebirth references.

    One girl decided to leave the scene entirely {there is always one}, instead of having to be subjected to the "psychomanthium chamber" {sic}, a mirrored necromantic enclosure designed to "communicate with the dead", which in most cases, are the reflections of the darkside of the mind.

    A suggestion is made, no matter how outlandish, when placed in an ideal environment, such as a strange location, creates a momentum which takes on a domino effect, each brain unto itself, until others conform in the paranoia. The ersatz story-line follows in the line of the Necronomicon {from whence much of the urban legend was developed}, or what I would call the "satanistic bible" - the folklore, rather than the factualities of actual Satanic philosophy.

    A notable inconsistency was demonstrated during the "mental-endurance test" portion of the dares - namely, the erroneous mentioning that we practice this. Not true. The very mention of C/S during this presentation opens up a whole Pandora's Box of manipulative possibilities, similar to the effect Columbine had upon those who wear black trench coats. These types of presentations increase fear in the populace, which is always empowering.

    Prole: "Do you guys practice this stuff like I saw on Fear?" {raping & sacrificing virgins, etc.}

    Satanist: "No, of course not." Would come the undefiled response.

    But why waste the time & energy explaining what is so blatantly obvious within the pages of The Satanic Bible? The sheeple will always assume the Satanist is lying anyway, so why not just have fun with it?

    Just keep in mind that the Satanist has become just as much of a horror icon as Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, or Michael Meyers, in the collective subconscious of the herd - the Hollywood portrayals, the devil-worship variety of hooded figures gathering 'round a balefire chopping up babies, goats, virgins, & cats, & about as present as Bigfoot or the Lochness monster - enigmas, mysteries.

    Anton LaVey wrote The Satanic Bible for truly Satanic Individuals, whereas Hollywood wrote the 'satanistic bible' for the masses, with every devil-cult movie, every sensationalistic talk show 'special', & demonic horror-novel.

    So just use these portrayals upon the ignorantly stubborn & weak-minded, to enchant & terrify, while knowing & feeling the truth all along. To those who wish to know the truth {if they can handle it}, Satanic philosophy will educate & edify. To those determined to preserve their eustress-filled presumptions, the fantasies will continue to sustain them, psychic vampires that they are, in their own created lies, as ignorance is indeed bliss for the lower man, upon which they masochistically imbibe.


    - From "Noctuary" -

    Review Circa IX/XXIII\XXXII: "My Teen Worships Satan!"

    Untermencht-fest on The Jerry Springer show! This past Wednesday, The topic of sensationalization was "My Teen Worships Satan!" This was one of those times when I sensed something pertaining to the Satanic will be presented. Well, in one word, it was atrocious. Every devil-worship stereotype came out in blaring idiocy, thus feeding the herd's misconceptions, & reducing the argumentation to nothing more than a scream-fest, a yelling competition, as is the habit on such pulp-pop consumer Letharginator programming. It was not surprising, but it was truly disgusting.

    It would have been the typical metalhead vs. parents scenario, except that throughout the show, clips of the resident "devil-worshippers" {NOT true Satanists!} were shown acting out Satanic rites out of The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals! A baptism was shown, & a Destruction Ritual leveled against xianity. Seems that a Black Mass would have been more appropriate. Something that these wannabe's are in serious need of, IF they were who they claimed to be, that is! I detected a general undertone of falsehood to the whole thing. More & more, it appears as if The Jerry Springer show is turning into 'Night Stand with Dick Dietrick'! Could this be the revenge of dick? Turning talk-show hosts into other dicks?

    The whole thing appeared staged. From the forced "tears" of the mother, to the "preacher" in prop costume {who appeared very much like a rabbi, but nonetheless, castigated the devil-worshippers in the name of jeezwiz}, to the "ritual", which looked like it was performed on a set, & even unto the fake black wig the {ahem} "high priestess" {sic} was wearing.

    The actors, as I Am convinced they were, portrayed these erstwhile "Satanists" as nothing more than rednecks, just like those hillbilly racists Springer brings on for fun & ratings, although I believe those are actually REAL.

    Perhaps to start out with, the producers of the show wanted to have something weird on, to get the leg-up on Halloween, & boost some ratings, but after attempting to get REAL Satanists to come on the show, & failing miserably, perhaps with heir egos bruised by the emphatic rejection of Satanists not wanting to be caught dead or alive on that sub-journalistic travesty, finally resorted to hiring some actors to dress up in black, bought a couple of brand-new LaVey books, planted a couple of actors in the audience as well, & went on with it. But we caught it. Seems that Springer wants to portray Satanism as a joke. If that is the case, then he must be punished. We cannot tolerate such mockery & de-evolution. We've come a long way, & cannot allow the likes of this Springer to stunt our growth. The fact is, we will evolve with or without him around, but we could do without the extra hassle.

    At the conclusion of the program, the rudimentary & boring segment of Jerry's 2 cents came on, who summed up these people's lives as being a series of traumas which led to their feelings of alienation, thus attracting them to the devil-worship activity. I must say, that in the majority of cases dealing with such black sheep, the prognosis holds validity. But to generalize devil - worshippers {who are reverse xians} with actual Satanists, is a repetition of the erroneous "thinking" of Geraldo Rivera on his "Exposing Satan's Underground" program. These types repeat the mistakes of the past, because they are so afraid to face the truth of the future, which is in Our hands, like it or not.

    The whole hour was basically the black sheep vs. the white sheep, who are all within the same pen, covered in mire. There were no wolves present. They were all pretty much on the same intellectual level. All lowlifes. No self-respecting Satanist would lower to the level of those inferior life-forms. It was like an imploded, reverse circus maximus, & all the so-called xians demonstrated their brain-damage & hypocrisy most resplendently, I will add. Releasing their repressed xian hatred towards convenient villains - the classic faerie-tale duality of 'good' vs. 'evil'. But the truth is, they are all just rotten.

    After viewing this freakshow, I came away having a bit more of an elevated respect for Bob Larson, who at least has the alacrity to face Satanists.

    Guests never mentioned any affiliation with The Church of Satan, & they always conveniently had their hands over Dr. LaVey's picture on the back of TSB. Plus, the Baphomet banner used on the ritual set was quite different to what is offered trough The Black Flame, which of course, is the official sigil of CoS.

    In conclusion, the show was a joke {as we all know}. A complete sham put on by the producers. The audience was taken for suckers, receiving their eustress, as were all those Springer stupes in TV land.

    Ironically, probably the most 'Satanic' individual was Springer himself being a ringmaster, but it was certainly not the alleged "Satanists" on the panel, who ultimately go along with 'the program'. And the brainless proletarian herds were just being their own subhuman selves.

    [Overall, features real litany straight from The Satanic Bible {Destruction} & Rituals {Baptism}, but the actors went on like trailerpark trash on both sides. Overall ends up looking like the other side of the same coin, although the chamber featured is aesthetically pleasing, as is the 'witch', but the makeup on the son is questionable]

    Everything Is Terrible! presents

    Release date: Jun 12, LIII | 75 mn. + 2 hrs. bonus material | [possess]

    Arriving on Solstice, Krampus emerges with his great sack to deliver the Blackthorne copy of THE GREAT SATAN; so along with a Devil's Mountain feast of corned beef trapezoid embedded in pasta, the entertainment arrives...

    THE GREAT SATAN Main Presentation

    This video compendium is like taking a glimpse into a damaged xian mind riddled with hysterical Satanic Panic notions.

    Along with xian cult subculture propaganda and infomercials, childrens' programming, are among a vast cavalcade of scenes spotted, including Exposing The Satanic Web, Exposing Satan's Underground, In The Name of Satan, 20/20: The Devil Worshippers, The Pagan Invasion: Doorways To Satan, Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism, Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock 'n' Roll, America's Best Kept Secret: A Look At Modern Day Satanism, Deception of A Generation, Satanism Unmasked, Carman music videos, Bibleman, etc., and many more from various nascent horror movies targeted during The Satanic Panic, and naturally enjoyed by Myself.

    There is no residual footage from Satanis, as was usually included on news shows, but rather a compendium of Satanic Panic presentations with the most dramatic portions placed into a string of amusing segments! Just the beast, with all the vapid preaching removed, thank Satan! All the self-parodying, unintentionally satirical content from retarded, lame-ass xian crybabies and their hellarious propaganda! Just the amusing parts! Rather reminds Me of how I put together My SATAN tape with everything I could find Satanarama, from interviews, to movie clips, and even musick videos, making for the optimum party tape while imbibing and indulging in the pleasures of The Devil!

    The Church of Satan Interview Archives would eventually become publicly available with the likened idea, except expertly edited with just Satanic core content distilled from various multimedia productions, sans the typical underhanded comments, misleading, manipulative passive-aggressive language, ignorant knee-jerk reactions, & out-of-context commentary.

    Technology & Extras

    Technology: A strange, though evocative compendium of internet instructional videos from its public emergence, including an introduction to AOL, internet surfing for seniors {remember, "...place your hand on the mouse as if you were playing a game of 'hot potato'"}, gaming, webpage building, business, computer commercials, etc.

    Extras: The amusing theme music video "Hail Satan" by a parody band not unlike something Weird Al would produce, followed by a collection of douchey, lame pop-tard xian music videos, musical kidshows, and disturbing segments on suicide, drug use, gang involvement, and sex. Of note, a video based on 'The Song of Solomon' with literal descriptions and props! And a homo-erotic video with a male model. TBN actually had genre programming intended for teens to try to be "upbeat" and "hip", usually on weekend nights, while early mornings were intended for little kids.

    Religion: Parodies on various other religions - both their own absurd antics and those besides themselves, including the evils of "Idolatry", which for one boy filled with the enthusiasm of Rock and Metal inspirational icons and his friends; their dreams are deemed to be crushed and reprogramming installed towards the stultifying weakness of the nazarene.

    Sex: From ludicrous xian & regular dating sites and uninformed, pretentious advice, to anal stimulus, sexercise and Tantric techniques, this segment carries much of the awkward and sublimated subject matter taught that they cannot have {which of course then want}, and otherwise with bland strict limitations.

    Art: Emblazoned upon bright Halloween orange, cover art hand-painted in Ghana by Mark Anthony courtesy of Deadly Prey Gallery, the kind you would see serving as "marquees" traveling through various villages in Africa, and other third worlds for that matter, adorning the sides of buildings used as theaters. DVD art features a stylized Baphomet in the mode of something Robert Crumb would draw, including glueguns, videotapes, the omnipresent 666, & a truly Satanic sentiment praising The Self.

    Overall, THE GREAT SATAN* is like more than a decade of blindlight fundamentalist shows were digitized from a vault of 80's & 90's VHS paranoia, for just plain invented ridiculousness.

    Upon One's Throne, this presentation is recommended viewing with plenty of the libations, confections, and fumigations of your choice! All of course done in Satanic style!

    * While Great & full of Might, also commonly referred to by Islamic fundamentalists as The United States of America, from whence all these clips originate!


    The sad & startling thing is, there are actually sheeple like this, solely exposed to the like, who spend their whole lives within the xian subculture, viewing society and the world through ignorant holy watered-down goggles, thusly remaining mentally and emotionally stunted, if not physically as well. These drones are provided with a modicum of ersatz accomplishment & even degrees {which are moreso paid for rather than earned} which would not pass any test in legitimate, serious academic secular schools of scholasticism. Might as well have been purchased in a gumball machine!


    xianity is socially acceptable mental illness. Not just for the regular xian who exists in the deathcult subculture, which instills and promotes such mental illness, harming themselves and the impressionable with a brainwashing agenda, weakening the mind and guiltripping natural desires, but also exacerbating those with pre-existing clinical paranoid schizophrenia whose symptoms emerge with christian terminology.

    I know of a lady who displays christinsanity on a regular basis, talks to herself {claims via subdermal transmitter illegally implanted in her ear, which is of course a mere excuse to talk to herself using figments of her imagination, outloud}. Claims a whole network of churchway christian cultists have a conspiracy against her. Also has a Satanic arch enemy {who also seduced her husband} threatening to kill her, dispensing "pentagram people" from 'the Satan Church' who want to sacrifice her upon a pentacle! Sexual repression emerges with someone she alleges impersonates her online, digitally places images of her face on figures performing wonderfully 'sinful' sexual acts! 15" appendages are a common element!

    The Satanic Shadow Elite: 'Documentary' on the absurd, pointlessly exaggerated, paranoid antics of nutcase & rabble-rouser Alex Jones the pest. This presentation features his intrusion into the cremation of care recreational retreat, which features a druidic pagan-themed decompression theatrical psychodrama for politicians. A play. Yet this mental defect thinks it's some sort of sacrificing devil worshipping illuminati cult. Apparently unable to comprehend symbolism & metaphor, goes about on idiotic tirades of pure presumption, contributes nothing whatsoever to journalism, and is just a clown noto be taken seriously.
    The Devil You Know

    Crime documentary on Pazuzu Algarad who thrived on filth, drugs, Black Metal, and girls he called "fiancées", with a complete lack of æsthetics and waste of a house.

    Harkening to the Satanic Panic, claimed to be a combination of LaVey, Crowley, and Manson. But overall, killed a couple of wastrels {probably more}, then eventually killed himself in custody. Adhered to a personal philosophical synthesis to justify unproductive, self-destructive activities.

    Concludes about what happened to everyone after death. Predictably, most all seem like a bunch of addicts, one of whom even resorted to prostitution to get a fix.

    Focus on a pretentious backstabber & stoolie who should have joined the other buried bodies, making claims of wanting to kill Algared {typical bigmouthed coward}, but that's after the fact. Fact is, Algared was smarter, more tenacious, ruthless, and would have laid him waste if he felt there was an actual threat.

    Same goes for another pissant who actually admits to his cowardice! What's it to them anyway? That is none of their business how he runs his house, but they just wanted to use it to get high in, yet harbored these feelings BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF HIM. So they start talking big behind his back, as if he didn't know anyway! Marked by the occasion of Algared biting into a chunk of raw meat, which may have even been human flesh! Stating "Satan protects me". Of course, in his presence, they are quiet! Nothing came of it, because they are intimidated. They should feel lucky that they were not killed! Or perhaps they were soon to follow! - Sgt. D/Emon

    E X T R A !

    NEFARIOUS NEWS: [ITEM]: 10/28/20 - One Oscar Urias killed 2 sisters with a machete and other blades, one which was his girlfriend, in an apparent sudden rage, then proceeded to actually 'wear' the teen girl's innards around his neck! {Like Mardi Gras beads...? considering the location near New Orleans, "St. John's Parish"}. He also wounded his own brother & sister.


    Pictured is Urias wearing a 'Shock' devil mask, from the trick-or-treating trio of Lock, Shock, & Barrel from The Nightmare Before xmas. Urias seems a curious mix of The Nightstalker Richard Ramirez and Algared.

    No mention if he's involved in any kind of occult beliefs, which usually accompanies any sort of devil paraphernalia for what the newspeople know. Just a mention from the homeowner that "he looked like The Devil".

    Interestingly, when a reporter asked the investigator about any motive, he mentions that they are now seeking to take a blood sample, which sounds like to establish a connection to another crime.

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