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[Disclaimer & description: An anthropological preservation of the 'Satanic Panic' era. Cultural archaeology / misanthropology. The Host does not endorse illegality; these spectacles are intended to display crime and punishment, and the preservation of various media sources and intriguing cases for nefarious contemplation. The products of hysteria on both sides of the coin. The herds' and flocks' stuporstitions, and the violent criminals who prey upon them who suffer the consequences of their actions. Peer into the dark underbelly of society...]

Satanism: Is Your Family Safe?
by Ted Schwarz & Duane Empey

For a book about alleged "Satanism", the cover immediately betrays its contents. There's some guy posing in a WHITE robe, looking considerably more Druidic, or like a Thelemic Magician, or even a weakan, than any way Satanic. He holds a really nice athame, however. The majority of the public will not even consider this, for they are monolithically ignorant of the Satanic religion. Some guy in a blindlight robe will sufficiently terrify. Which only means true Satanic aesthetics will cause bowel movements. Believe Me, I've seen it.

Overall, the book is more in-depth tha others of its kind. It is pretty well researched, & is quite detailed in is relations of STORIES.

Dr. LaVey is well quoted, & has an entire chapter devoted to His accomplishments. But as to be expected, the authors typically interject their deprecating comments & elementary prognoses, as they arte obviously threatened by the influence & genius of The Black Pope. The authors vainly attempt to downplay the effects of His work & contributions to Satanism, & the world.

The authors, much like many of their colleagues, accept the blindlight lies handed to them. If only they took the same attitudes, & expended the same efforts to dissect xianity as they try to do with the undefiled wisdom of Satanism, much lucidation would occur. Perhaps much more than they could handle. The programming, however, seems deeply ingrained. Don't let a xian mind go to waste---serve it up on a platter!

By comparison, however, LaVey's words stand for themselves. As the authors are pre-occupied in discrediting them, doing poorly at that, they unintentionally end up presenting the Satanic philosophy in a positive mannerdepite their efforts to criticize. In truth, Empey & Shwarz are nowhere NEAR the league of these Satanists. They are simply armchair critics seeking to make some money off of the reputations of the superior.

This book IS better put together than say, the rotund redneck Tom Wedge's 'The Satan Hunter', but that's only because Schwarz's flunky is a better journalist than Wedge's. Keep in mind, that in BOTH cases, it took TWO to write their books.

He Came To Set The Captives Free
by Rebecca Brown

First off, the cover picture says a lot. A robed figure kneeling within a pentagram surrounded by black candles, being pulled "down" into a pit of flames by burly arms, while another arm, shining white, extends a golden sword that slices through binding chains. A classic depiction of "good vs. evil" mythical sub-mentality.

Keep in mind that this propaganda was published by Chick Publications, those presumptuous cartoonists who put out those ridiculous little tracts mostly found in the seediest of places, with the hope of converting any simpletons who would actually take the laughable tales seriously.

My position is THIS: If someone considering them self a "satanist' becomes converted by those things, then GOOD RIDDANCE! They were not true Satanists to begin with, but rather, 'devil-worshippers', who simply exchanged one crutch for another. They were always within the confines of that particular mythology anyway, & they prove to be unstable, insecure types who really have nothing of true value to contribute to the Satanic Movement to start with. SHEEP, whether black or white, are still SHEEP. In other words, SLAVES seeking a master to follow, always searching for new routes of escapism. And what better 'master' to follow, than the sheepherder, the king of all slaves? Whether the xian "Satan", or jehovah/jesus, there must always be some kind of torture they must endure, either the self-destructive activities of devil-worshippers, or the self-denying delusions of the blindlight of xianity. In short, they were SCABS, & We have no use for them in such a capacity.

The alleged "satanists" {devil-worshippers} characters in this book claim that they were swept up into the evil cult of "The Brotherhood", a supposed world-wide secret organization of diabolists. All these elaborate tales of incognito 'covens' began in the 60's, & persist to this day, fueled by the Satanophobias of xians, who have, for all these years, attempted to defame The Church of Satan since its inception in 1966 c.e. In return, COS has continued to evolve & prosper, unscathed by xian fantasy-mongering. Simply because, the momentous ritual was performed not only by the formation of COS, but in the unleashing of the grimoire, THE SATANIC BIBLE, which spells out the philosophies & practices of Satanists, & dispels paranoid xian notions. Yet many are those who choose not to accept the truth, because that would shatter the foothold of fear they continue to force upon children & gullible grown-ups. The Fear Magnet is their primary tool of manipulation, besides the sweet-talking, empty promises of Utopia.

"There is no heaven of glory bright, & no Hell where sinners roast. Here & now is our day of torment! Here & now is our day of joy! Here & now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth!" SATAN 4:2.

xians prey upon the weak, who have hit rock-bottom, &/or are mentally disturbed. The white serpents move in for the kill, in their insidious plot, that eventually serves to justify the new convert's weakness & servility with "righteous" rhetoric. Praising mediocrity all the while, & transforming the wretch into a born-yesterday drone.

"I dip My forefinger into the watery blood of your impotent mad redeemer, & write over his thorn-torn brow, the TRUE prince of evil - the king of the slaves!" SATAN 1:6.

Selling out to jesus means trading in your birth right to experience life to the optimum, will all its rainbow of pleasures, experiences, & treasures. It is to consign yourself to a living death of abstinence, robbed of Individuality & Independence. xians are white wolves in sheep's clothing, & their "help" comes at a heavy price. If anything, they should be used for their selfless-ness, like the lowlife slaves that they are, & discarded like so much rubbish. Back to the book, & its devious title. The two main characters of the fictional book, Elaine, the "ex-high priestess", & Rebecca, the opportunist, batter & beat eachother throughout the folktale, in a latent sado-masochistic, dysfuntional relationship, with lesbian overtones.

Of the creators of the Satanic-panic of the 70's & 80's the authoress Rebecca Brown, along with Mike Warnke, Hal Lindsey, & even Geralda Rivera, have become the throw-back paranoiacs of the Salem "witch" tryals, screaming out in fits of frustration & fear, at anyone different from their narrow-minded misconceptions & xian exclusivity. How typical, in classically xian hypocrisy, that those who would be so 'patriotic' of this nation, with its mixture of religious expressions & traditions, would be the very same who would condemn & JUDGE others' belief-systems as "false", & "demon-inspired". Again, how typical. These erstwhile critics are confused in themselves, as exemplified by their obviously passive-aggressive behaviour. The closest thing to a xian are the Quakers. For they LIVE IT as a lifestyle, existing in a living death. Take a tip, all you evangelists & sheep-brained zombies - shut up & plow the fields!

The book is definitely a mind-crippler to anyone with psychic abilities who would be taken in by the 2000 year old scam. Any religion, any bible, that would instruct one to deny their natural sensory & extra-sensory skills, & what's more, call them "wrong" or "sinful", is in itself, MENTAL ABUSE, & must be shunned, ir order to preserve those precious talents you were born with.

xianity thrives on the subjection of the mind, body, & 'spirit'. They would have you bow to their "commandments" without question, without doubt, & in blind faith.

"Open your eyes, that you may see, Oh men of mildewed minds, & listen to Me ye bewildered millions! For I stand forth to challenge the wisdom of the world; to interrogate the "laws" of man & of "God"!

I request reasons for your golden rule & ask the why & wherefore of your ten commands. Before none of your printed idols do I bend in acquiescence, & he that sayeth 'thou shalt' to me is my mortal foe!" SATAN 1:2-5.

Read the entire introduction to The Book Of Lucifer {The Satanic Bible pp. 39}, & that will answer the bogus claims that Satan is "the father of lies", which will discredit xian attempts to discredit Satanism as a whole, & this review/article.

"The angel of self-deceit is camped in the souls of the 'righteous' - The eternal flame of Power through joy dwelleth within the flesh of the Satanist!" SATAN 5:13.

The Satan Hunter
by Thomas W. Wedge with Robert L. Powers

Upon observing the cover, which is black, with the title written large in red, the A's uncrossed & a devil's tail on the S, the most noticeable incongruity is the pentagram thereon-----distorted into three pieces. This makes a rather good metaphoric illustration that represents people's misperception about Satanism. Only when they approach the subject with a logical attitude, unbiased & open-minded, will the pentagram rectify, so Baphomet may come shining through, & the geometrical masterpiece becomes fully revealed.

You may recognize the corpulent author from Rivera's 1988 sensationalistic BS nerve-tapper, axe-job, desecration of "journalism", "exposing Satan's underground", where Tom was wedged into a seat next to sean sellout. Somebody's been over-indulging in the sin of gluttony, I see!

Like many of these kinds of books, this one is also filed mostly with other peoples' research, rehashed & recycled, & put together into a prejudicial manner, with cheap shots inserted here & there. Most of the time, wedgie is a good boy, as The Church of Satan's philosophies are correctly quoted, but then comes the low-blow, lacking maturity in writing. wedgie frequently mixes the truth with ignorance & misconception. Many times, over-emphasizing some facet or object of an investigation, seeking to accredit it with more significance than it merits, with the hope of bestowing it with some exciting substance, as if he is keeping himself interested by creating personally projective meanings. One can really tell this book was written by a hick who believes all the juvenile fantasies that come his way. After all, "why would children lie?" How convenient & advantageous that Salem has been forgotten! In case it was, Wenatchee WA is a reminder! It figures. Two historical slaps in the face, & still the other cheek is offered, retaining its passive ignorance. Throughout the book, he states that "the Satanists" prey on the vulnerable & confused, the weak of mind. This is utterly ridiculous. For to do so would go against the very principle of Satanism, which is THE PATH OF THE STRONG, THE WAYS OF THE MIGHTY. If you are not Strong enough to pull yourself up, then you might as well roll over & die, & do yourself a favor. KILL YOURSELF!

The fact is, BLINDLIGHT religions, especially xianity, are guilty of preying on the weak & worthless, recruiting them as eternal slaves to a foolosophy of poverty {so they won't feel bad with the nothing they have}, weakness, stupidity, purposeful ignorance, & justified mediocrity. Their whole business depends upon the broken-willed, the despirately poor, the terminally ill, the mentally sick, the dysfunctional, etc., etc........THEY target such inferiors, WE DO NOT! Wherever misery festers, is where jesus dwells. Wherever success, indulgence, creativity, fullness of life, & wealth is found, Satan reigns supreme.

Another amusing give-away to wedgie's intellectual caliber, is with his opinion of Aleister Crowley's work. He calls it "intellectual mumbo-jumbo", which leads the adept to draw the OBVIOUS conclusion, that since wedgie cannot comprehend the mystical teachings, he criticizes them. He cannot admit to his inability to ascertain Crowley's theories & practices.

"The Satan Hunter" is a predictable & simplistic mono-tome written by an opportunist, who, instead of presenting a work of factualized research, instead pounds out another cheap version of The Malleus Maleficarum. But the hammer's head has fallen off, & hit wedgie in the face---and it shows.

Satanism has never claimed to be anyone's saviour, anymore than it has claimed to be anyone's destroyer. People do that of their own accord. Instead, Satanism elucidates One's own potential, One's inherent divinity. Then it is up t The Satanist them self to apply the philosophy, which he or she had already been naturally doing anyway. The Satanic Bible asserts direction to those who may otherwise be misled by xian mythologies.

wedgie also does not seem to comprehend that modern-day Satanists are in no part related to the afore-mentioned mythology. He does not seem to understand the semantics of Our Religion. He is shackled to the propaganda & programming of xian stuporstition. Wishful thinking. Satanic Statement #9 says it all.

In defense of Our Black Pope, & a rebuttal against the fool hearty comments of that weakan who stated that the Dr. could "not be trusted", & of He being "two-faced", & so forth, she is definitely not in touch with the pulse of Satanism. Making ignorant statements seems to be all the rage throughout "The Satan Hunter". The truth is, that Dr. LaVey follows His Satanic Philosophy 109%, which is based on naturalism, hedonism, humanism, & psychology, merging with a primal religion that serves every level of existence. LaVey's ideology is on the front lines in the war against hypocrisy, mediocrity, & repression. Certainly, Satanism is more natural than weaka could ever be, & nakedness has nothing to do with it.

These blindlighters have always been hung-up on LaVey, whether they wish to admit it or not. He seems to have always been the focal point of their fears. Their adamant denials, getting their wreaths in a bunch, only proves it further. Such sun-bunny prey fear The Darkside, & any denial or suppression of the recognition of Shadow Forces, only sublimates the demonic deep within themselves even further. Thus stimulating more self-delusion, & frustration of their unbalanced psyches. And prancing about under the neo-pagan moon only makes makes them look silly.

Small minds cannot fully comprehend the genius of Satanism. Satanists are criticized by unlearned generalities, & fear-spawned cowardly minds. Blindlighters think they fight a war, & expend efforts to "battle" that which comes natural to The Children of Darkness. We hardly bat an eye, as we flick the pseudo-Satanic, the smug weakan, & the ignorant xian alike, as the scabs that they are.

For every alleged accusation leveled against Satanism, they inflict ten-times more harm upon humanity. All that needs be done, is to study their bloody histories, & observe how those foolosophies continue to mislead countless mutlitudes into their fanciful worlds of Oz. The environment may change, but their games persist. For in an effort to be "righteous", they have become the most rotten of all animals.

"The Satan Hunter" is yet another assembly-line, so-called "documentary" book, which ultimately, is more of a fiction-novel, a series of folk-tales designed to inspire paranoia, & to feed wedgie's diet. To fatten the gastropod's wallet as much as his gut.

If this book does accomplish anything, it is in exhibiting just how stupid people can be.

The New Satanists
by Linda Blood

Jesus Bo-Peep has lost his sheep, what the hell can he do? Suffer, beg, & cry as usual. Off went the wolf's food on two legs into the wilderness, braying like an idiot, as glowing eyes & scraping claws peered from the shadows, all this oblivious to the moronic fluff ball, who actually sought the predator's lair.

Here's the latest biased, prejudicial, presumptuous, & ill-informed disasterpiece from another one of those gutless, self-traumatizing weaklings, who, inevitably, finds herself amongst others of her loathsome kindred.

Seldom, if ever, does she take responsibility for her own actions. Throughout this tale of self-wrought victimization, misdirected masochism, & delusion, "Linda Blood" {a waste of a good name} goes on critiquing Satanism with a watered-down malevolence that only a blindlighter could conjure. Obviously, her aversion towards Satanic Philosophy reinforces her fear of reality, as they all persist in their fantasy-neurosis. Their propaganda is far more dangerous in OUR hands than it could ever be in theirs. Blast it all back into their land of osmosis, where their lies shall be exposed in their own garish light, humiliating & debasing them all.

I found nothing really new or interesting within the tripe, just recycled misinformation, much of which she scraped off of Carl Raschke's book, 'Painted Black' - more cannon fodder, incidentally. Upon digesting this fast-food of inferior "literature", more was excreted than was useful. At least the cover is rather attractive, something else, no doubt, that "lindy" had minimal input in.

If you decide to pick up this testimonial of a reject, be sure to use gloves & a pooper-scooper. As one peruses, you may find yourself wanting to do something retributional, I think you know what to do.....

Someone isn't listening...

Other Satanic Panic books

Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth by Bob Larson The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry Satan's Underground by Lauren Stratford Painted Black by Carl Raschke Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton Michelle Remembers by Lawrence Pazder
  • Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth by Bob Larson. Alarmist & combative literature with typical inaccuracies about Satanism, scapegoating Horror movies, Heavy Metal music, Dungeons & Dragons, while covering the devil worship crime strata, both isolated cases and fictional conspiracy notions. Probably the first Satanic Panic book I ever picked up in a bookstore, which I leafed through. The attraction here is more in the shock-tactic delivery rather than factual content, of course.
  • The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry.
  • Satan's Underground by Lauren Stratford. Addresses the so-called cult "breeders" issue with brainwashed fabrications. Geraldo's "Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground" special based much of its misinformation regarding 'breeders' and 'generational' cults from this book.
  • Painted Black by Carl Raschke. Sensationalistic pseudo-intellectual fear mongering.
  • Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton. Brief quips on a wide variety of occult-related crime, filled with a plethora of related names and marginal 'organizations'.
  • Michelle Remembers by Lawrence Pazder.. Christian therapy-induced mental programming to produce lurid horror-tales & false memories. The author subsequently married the patient Michelle Smith, and continued to indoctrinate, thus facilitate her mental illness.
The Nightstalker: The Life & Crimes of Richard Ramirez by Philip CarloWeb of Darkness by Sean SellersSay You Love Satan by David St. ClairThe Satan Seller by Mike WarnkeThe Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in North America by Jerry Johnston
  • The Nightstalker: The Life and Crimes of Richard Ramirez by Philip Carlo. So far the best case history on this case to date, including interviews with Ramirez as well as his victims, detailed relations, candid photographs, and incisive commentary.
  • Night Stalker by Clifford Linedecker. Unread as of yet, but seems interesting from the preview content and liner notes.
  • Web of Darkness by Sean Sellers. Written by Sellers himself, this should prove to be a most amusing perusal into the mind of one who blatantly misunderstood the concepts of Satanism, though he seemed intelligent enough to read it, but not perceptive enough to fully comprehend it, much less apply it.
  • Say You Love Satan by David St. Clair. The drug-addled antics of the so-called "Acid King" and his obsession with devil worship and Metal music.
  • The Satan Seller by Mike Warnke. The little book appeared in My collection one day, and I was struck by the cover. It relates the fictional tale about the author being kidnapped and inducted into a devil worship cult, featuring black limousines and moonlight 'bone-fires'; he has since become, not surprisingly, a purposeful christian comedian.
  • The Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in North America by Jerry Johnston. I first heard mention of this book from an interview on Good Morning L.A. the first time it was broadcast, which I recorded on My "Satan Tape" at the time, and seems like it would be quite amusing; plus, the foreword is written by Geraldo Rivera, which should be quite a hoot!
Halloween & Satanism by Phil Phillips & Joan Hake RobieThe Devil's Web: Who Is Stalking Your Children For Satan? by Pat Pulling w/Cathy CawthonIn The Name Of Satan by Wensley Clarkson
  • 6. Halloween & Satanism by Phil Phillips & Joan Hake Robie: An attractive cover featuring My top favorite Satanic holiday besides Dracmas, about the nefarious origins of this diabolical tradition; and considering it is from a christian stance, the amusement will emerge with the typical inaccuracies, exaggerations, and shock tactics used to frighten the herd and flock. Have not read this one yet, but should provide for entertaining 'horrors', which makes the holiday that much more stimulating.
  • 6. The Devil's Web: Who Is Stalking Your Children For Satan? by Pat Pulling with Cathy Cawthon: This will most likely be very ironic, considering many of the imagined crimes blamed on diabolists are actually committed by blindlighters.
  • 6. In The Name Of Satan* by Wensley Clarkson: From the description, looks like to be in the line of what Ricky Kasso would be involved in. Members of a Heavy Metal band named HATRED sacrifice a young girl and all. Classic scenario.
* Not the Bob Larson book, which despite the great title, is just a guidebook for his style of erstwhile 'exorcists'. However, the televised version by the same name hosted by Larson circa XXX A.S. was remarkable for interviews with Magus Gilmore, Rev. Thomas Thorn, Rex Diabolus Church, and others.

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