The Black Earth V. 3_____________________A T T R A C T I O N S_____________________Draconis Blackthorne
~ Sin City | Disneyland ~

Satan Takes a Holiday!

From Hell-A to Sin City...
{Las Vegas, NV. October XLI A.S.}

Pre-dawn departure from The Noctuary

Traveling across the face of The Black Earth, impressive earthy transmutations in rock, as so many Gigeresque materializations and faces staring out at the observer with an ancient gaze, and floating cumulus clouds hover close to the soil, tangible and magnificent in countenance.

We passed through Death Valley for a stretch, then onward to Pahrump, or "The Kingdom of Knye", as Art Bell is wont to express when he was living there, and actually spotted a couple of bumper stickers.

Alien Fresh Jerky

Alien Fresh JerkyThe enigmatic visage stares from shiny black orbs - a projected subconscious manifestation beckons the terrestrial traveler to experience otherworldly confections drawn from mammalian flesh.

Unnerved by the presence of the mysterious man in black, the clerk fumbled with his words as sweat formed on his brow... thoughts ablaze a mile a minute, questions of liberty and privacy pervading, dread thoughts of assassination - "We are watching you..."

Planet Directory Alien Cowboy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sin City

Arriving in a modern-day Babylon such as this is a sheer indulgence to behold. Towering buildings touching the sky - appearing before one's eyes as if a mirage:

Caesar's Palace

R o m e
{Caesar's Palace}

Caesar is alive and well herein his mighty palace, as one is transported into the realm of the carnal god surrounded in beauty, luxury, and an unconquerable military who dominated the planet before the reformation corrupted the glorious antiquitous pagan culture. Roman guards stand tall and proud as the Emperor partakes in the world's fineries. Comely courtesans are accompanied by their lords, statues and tapestries, columns, saunas, and pools array the courtyard to form an earthly heaven for its fortunate occupants.

Oh, but for the Circus Maximus again...

Dining recommendation: Nero's Steakhouse featuring prime beef that melts in your mouth. Great service, beautiful environment. 5/5.

Circus Circus

The Circus Sideshow

Round and round the various paths leading up and down, across and under, to reveal a plethora of games, the ubiquitous slot-machines, and attractions performed by multi-talented clowns, acrobats, and prestidigitators who contain one surprise after another.

At the request of a young cousin, we dined at The Pink Pony. Excellent service, courteous and attentive. Faerie-tale environment. Repaste receives a 4/5.

Entertainment recommendation: Circus Acts {4/5}, Adventure Dome {for the Halloween season, this is featuring the "Fright Dome" spook attraction, which is quite amusing; 4/5}, The Midway {evocative carnival games including the ring toss, watergun targets, ball throws, and an animatronic fortune teller; 4/5}.

E g y p t
{The Luxor}

The LuxorSurely a dominant mass, a sleek and massive black pyramid there stands imperiously, like a temple to the netjer-world adding a distinctive mystical touch to the skyline, especially in the evening, when its light erupts from its point straight up into the night sky {represented by Set, the Egyptian Satan}, which may symbolize 'the Pharaoh's flight'. As the actual structures are essentially mausoleums containing a series of mazes within, to signify the "soul's flight", as well as provide a time line of prognostications.

Within The Luxor, one is greeted by magnificent statuary, with a whole world of mystical visual delights to tantalize the senses. Most impressive also is the grand obelisk out in front of the pyramid resonating continuous phallic energy {indicative of Amon-Ra, from whence an influence of The Baphomet originates}, which resembles the very one on The Draconian Altar, except this one is entirely black.

Dining recommendation: Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet. Great beef dishes, especially the steak and shrimp for your meat needs. 5/5.

Entertainment recommendation: Fantasy. For your prurient contemplation. Visual sensuality. 4/5.


Medieval Europe

A storybook castle gleams to bring fanciful fables to life, of dragons and knights, damsels and unicorns, Merlin the magician and King Arthur. This realm features jousting tournaments, fair maidens, period tapestries, exquisite carpeting, armored sentries, regal royalty, and overall ornate surroundings nicely done.

Dining recommendation: Roundtable Buffet. Excellent service, attractive maidens, beautiful environment featuring knight on horse and impressive chandeliers, delicious foode. 5/5.

Entertainment recommendation: Tournament of Kings, which also features "medieval dining", very much resembling "Medieval Times". 5/5.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Other recommendations / reviews

  • Haunted Vegas Tour & Show: A Paranormal bus ride to haunted spots throughout Sin City. Hosted by an amiable gentleman in top hat and cape. 4/5.
  • Mob Tour: An exploration of the Mob's involvement with the city's development and gambling foundations. Includes activity relations of Bugsy Siegel, Tony "The Ant" Spilotro, and mob boss Sam "Momo" Giancana.
  • Fremont Street: A main thoroughfare containing several gift stores and vendors, as well as street performers and a light and scene show projected onto an elongated elevated screen encompassing several blocks. Temporarily amusing. 3/5.
  • Binion's Ranch Steakhouse: Moderate service {with an attitude}, bland food {the chili resembled "Sloppy Joe"}; Nice Wild West aesthetics with photos of various gunslingers and period decor. 2/5.
  • Magnolia's Veranda: Located on the second floor of The Four Queens Hotel & Casino, this was a pleasant dining experience overlooking the casino, with attentive waiters and waitresses; has an "outdoorsy" appeal to mimick al-fresco, with outside lamps indoors and brick archways. The "Chicago style" {Al Capone} deep-pan pizza is recommended. Italian Cuisine. 4/5.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"If you're going to be a sinner, be the best sinner on the block!" ~ Dr. Anton LaVey.

So-named "Sin City" for good reason - the greed and excitement are delightfully palpable... money can indeed provide happiness, as evident here with the smiling faces of those testing their monetary accumulations, with yelps of joy and spinning wheels, long-legged and long-haired beauties undulating through the smoke-filled air - a pleasure to behold and experience...

A celebration of the so-called "Seven Deadly Sins" here resplendent, where Mammon reigns supreme, as we dip into the fountains of fortune, immersed in opulent revelry. Worlds condensed into blocks, hypnogogic dimensions, total environments aglow in eerily dazzling light.

Other cities could take a lesson from Vegas, visually stunning in creativity, replicating eras to vibrant life, creating a surreal atmosphere of timeless wonder.

However, outside the strip itself is the middle of nowhere, the local cities have a small town feel, set in a desert, a literal caldera, with the hottest place on the planet "Death Valley" nearby. Overall, Vegas may be fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Note: This was the "secular" part of the wedding and pre-celebrations {atheistic chapel ceremony mostly for relatives, with a personal Addams Family touch, i.e., Myself as Gomez and she as Morticia}. A specifically Satanic ceremony will commence on Halloween - nonetheless, this proved to be quite a Magical experience. We thought acquiring the documentation should be accompanied by an entertaining vacation.

The Devil in The Magic Kingdom

It was an overcast day when we embarked upon our trip to "The Magic Kingdom" of total environments - as tends to be the case, the weather often changes in our favor to provide a more pleasing experience for an outing, and in this case, it also appropriately added to the ambiance of Halloween festivity. Another advantage is the increased scarcity of the herd when the gloom overshadows the day, which also curtails the lines as well.

A trip here is always enjoyable, especially in the Fall, to participate in the nucleic vision of de-facto founder Walt Disney, and is truly a Satanic excursion to be sure. I have had the pleasure of visitation since Draclinghood, when one of the camp theme weeks was "fantasy", so we were taken here once per year. The last time was several years ago when the Indiana Jones ride was introduced, which is quite a spectacular multi-sensory experience itself.

Once inside, we boarded the Main Street railway train, which grants the impression of the "Hogwart's Express" steaming in, escorting one through a series of tunneled introductory displays contained within the various worlds, from the roving dinosaurs of Adventureland, to the vast Grand Canyon scenery of Frontierland {Indian chief included}, the cartoon characters of Toontown, the French and Victorian architecture of New Orleans Square {sans tsunami}, the monorail of Tomorrowland, the fanciful fables of Fantasyland, and the wilderness animal kingdom of Critterland. At any point, one can exit into those respective worlds.

New Orleans Square

We feasted at The Blue Bayou restaurant {whose main room is actually part of The Pirates of The Carribean ride, and the atmosphere is wonderfully gloomy, private, and intimate}, indulging in hearty home-style beef stew within a bread bowl neatly containing the entire confection. Outside, a band played "When The Saints Go Marching In" among other jaunty tunes, once in awhile parading through the square in Mardi Gras-style costumes. The overall impression is that of a lusty carnival atmosphere, with scents of fried foods and presentations of creole culture.

The Haunted Mansion

Our 'Ghost-Host' invites us into the macabre halls of this magnificent structure. Bedecked in Nightmare Before xmas splendor, The Haunted Mansion transforms into Halloweentown this time of year. The resident ghosts and ghouls celebrate Halloween in style, with those magnificent pillars and Victorian decorations topped with grimacing and rictus-laden jack o' lanterns, and the denizens displayed magnificently to greet and host one along the enchanted arrangement within its fetters, is quite a splendid spectacle to experience.

Of course, the usual-unusual Haunted Mansion experience is optimally recommended, with that certain "Lair Sweet Lair" feeling {I remember wanting to "live here" as a Dracling, and now, as I gaze at the Noctuary Lair around Me, it is seen that it is practically realized, and will inevitably continue to evolve}; but this Nightmare Before xmas theme is very entertaining as well, considering also that this film is very much appreciated around The Noctuary the year through.

Pirates of The Caribbean

Yarr! Avast ye land-lovers and maties alike! Here be gold and all manner of treasure! To the victor go the spoils, but take care lest ye sleep with Davey Jones... dead men tell no tales...

Time travel back to the past into the sublunary existence of these maritime swashbuckling rogues with a talking skull as narrator, and into the center of a sea battle between ship and Spanish castle featuring water-splashing cannon-blasts and pneumatic gunfire, followed by a scene of an overrun towne where the rum flows free and the wenches are chased and auctioned to the highest bidder.

The AHC's are quite impressive, creating an air of convincing reality in this starkly ornate total environment.


Next, the Time Machine opens in the future with flying craft and a magnificent display of the solar system in the form of a rocket ride named the "Astro Orbiter", and a towering edifice of sharply-molded metal and fiberglass known as:

Space Mountain

Activate: This attraction contains architecture reminiscent of Logan's Run with various frescoes displaying space scenes resembling Battlestar Galactica craft, with an actual Star Wars X-Wing fighter posed for viewing. I noticed many trapezoidal shapes herein, from columns to monitors and doorways. Blacklight luminescence is very pervasive here, extraordinarily potent which even ignites one's black sunglasses, so as to be almost unrecognizable.

The ride takes off at an incline, with ascending lights likened a Battlestar Galactica launching corridor, and into the black of space complete with spinning planets and surrounding stars, many drops and twists, brief weightlessness, accompanied by a "space adventure" soundtrack and communicating electronic voices. The journey concludes with a trip into hyperspace mode, complete with stroboscopic explosion.

Warning: Your photo will be taken while on the ride, which one may survey outside the exit.


Entering herein is like a doorway to exotic jungle lands and third-world adventures. Tiki huts, tree houses, bamboo chutes and support beams, winding tropical rivers, rainbow-colored fowl, bone-nosed natives, and tribal idols adorn this wild dimension of fun-fear amusements.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

If you appreciate the films, there is much to gratify the eye in this labyrinthine maze filled with convincingly faux artifacts, ancient art, heiroglyphs, monoliths, and those who have been before... skulls and skeletons on spikes; and various remnants from the cinematic adventures, particularly concentrating on 'The Temple of Doom' aesthetic.

The ride itself is a multi-sensory experience, with the sensation of blow darts whizzing by {tangible puffs of air}, the rolling mammoth boulder, the Evil God Mara's deadly gaze, the sudden drops, dips, twists and turns, all accompanied by an audial and apparent Indiana Jones either swinging from a vine or perched on a nearby crevasse.

Enchanted Tiki Room

The above video displays the better original version. It has changed a bit since undergoing new management, and in My opinion, it is a bit less by being so, with the incorperation of more current characters, although it was pleasing to note that most of the routine and original parrots have been preserved. I had enjoyed the various tiki idols elucidating the onlooker with Polynesian mythology. Still, the environment is quite enjoyable once the show is in full swing, and dialogue about the "new management" is concluded.

The feathered and tiki personalities presented herein are quite an amazing spectacle to behold, and will inspire that sense of wonder.


The entrance to this land is one of classical children's myth and fable, romance, a land of literal faerie-tales, of princes and princesses, the realm of Cinderella, Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, The Evil Queen {the elegant Mellificent, who peeks out through velvet curtains across the way from The Peter Pan Adventure - see if you can spot her if you're there!}, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and The Beast, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Excalibur {includes a replica of the sword in the stone, which one can try their hand at to remove}, King Arthur and The Knights of Round Table... all those fanciful Disney classics come alive herein, and was the very first section to be created by Mr. Disney. It certainly holds an evocative charm that is undeniable, even though I personally favored the villains as a Dracling, and still do.

Also of note, the merry-go-round emitting the unmistakable sound of the haunting calliope.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Mr. Toad is a cultured toad of the world, highly educated and impeccably dressed, sophisticated in the most opulent regard. One is greeted by the civilized and polished amphibian who displays the utmost deportment within his stately mansion. Here we join him in an adventure which takes the observer through the court system, a keystone-like police chase, and even down through the cavernous depths of Hell! The latter part was most visually entertaining.

Each 'car' carries the name of a different character in the story, and I was amused to attain "Mr. Toad" himself in a dark burgundy transport.

Peter Pan Flight

One embarks upon pirate ships which fly over London and through the storybook scenes of one boy's successful determination to preserve his immortal youth, but Captain Hook is annoyed by this green pest,and never seems to get close enough to swat him, even though they exchange swordmanship bouts from time to time. "Peter Pan" {as an interesting aside, consider "Pan" (Greek derivation) as in "Dionysis" (Roman derivation)}, befriends 'Wendy' and her siblings, enhancing their own inner magic which sets them to fly to his enchanted "Neverland" island.

The scenery's aerial perspectives are impressively done, and do cast the illusion of flight quite well, and the pirate ship transports are actually quite graceful. Out of the various colored and patterned vessels, I was fortunate to board the black 'Jolly Roger' ship, after two veil-cloaked women remained on their ship for another round, which conveniently provided Me with the upcoming black-sailed ship I desired.

Pinocchio's Daring Adventure

The little wooden puppet boy comes to life by creator Jepetto's wishcraft, and is beset upon by 'The Great Stromboli' for profit in his prestigitation freakshow. A quick-moving ride, where the characters are immobile statues to illustrate the story. Probably the most amusing parts are when one is almost swallowed whole by a Leviathan who rises from the watery depths, and the holographic appearance of the faerie-godmother towards the end. And let us not forget the immortal words of one Jiminy Cricket: "When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true..."


Big Thunder Mountain

Have gold fever? Let's go prospectin' on this train which races across cragged cliffs and canyons, observed by the indigenous creatures of this sun-baked environment {but thankfully, without the glare and heat}. The train is predictably and appropriately rocky as it courses upon the rail, and watch out for broken tracks!

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn thrusts supremely into the skyline, a snowcapped dominant mass upon whose surface mountain climbers ascend and descend perilously, and a runaway bobsled occupied by hapless tourists races dangerously through the stalagmites and stalactites within its icy caverns, likened mighty fanged jaws awaiting who it may devour. A hidden creature lurches forth, born of legend to snatch unfortunate riders to certain doom.

Great fun typifies The Matterhorn in all respects. From its towering countenance, to the waterfall, to the sudden turns and drops, steep falls, g-force sensation velocity, temporary weightlessness, and the presence of the Meh-Teh.


Nightmare Before Christmas tchochkies are in full bloom, so, being a collector of pens, I picked up a Jack Skellington pen, whose head compresses at the top; and a Jack Skellington skull mug from which I Am sipping a generous amount of Ice Coffee. It is very pleasing that these items are so readily available for My collection, whereas such items usually require searches and a mail-order delivery waiting period.


Needless to say, one must suspend disbelief to truly appreciate 'The Magic Kingdom', and immerse oneself in the wonderment of the Eternal Dream Child. It seems it is after dark when the park truly comes alive and the overall sights and sounds are magnified in effect, enhancing the experience manifold. The best opportunities for this are in the Halloween and Winter seasons.


X/XXIII/XLII: As an addendum to My trip to Disneyland last year, here I will relate a bit of The Art of Deception:

I had gone into the shoppe where these 'Jack hats" are sold, and requested that My name "Draconis" be used to inscribe upon the novelty Nightmare Before Xmas hat, just to have as a souvenir, but the woman attending refused to inscribe it. The element of fear dynamic may not have worked sufficiently in this case, being that if she was frightened, security may be called, and My ultimate purpose thwarted. So I opted to remain patient, asssuring My best interests, by manipulating the greater picture in mind.

Knowing that a young cousin routinely ventures into 'The Magic Kingdom' with a yearly pass, I requested that the next time she go, if she could acquire the hat with the nickname placed. She insisted that her name was "Drac", and her mother confirmed it: so now I Am in possession of said hat, and with the help of My little cousin, My Will is done.

In this case, she employed Lesser Magic with the compassion element, putting on the "cute, adorable little girl" act, and with this team work, including receiving it as a surprise gift for the Anniversary of The Devil's Wedding Night of October 13th, one's wish has been granted.



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