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Hauntings From The Past & Present

Malefick Musick Some musick is so exceptional, it becomes timeless. The three elements are present:

1. Musick.
2. Lyricks.
3. Aesthetics.

Throughout the ages, it is this impressive combination that makes for a truly exceptional work &/or live performance. A spectacle. Whatever musickal style it may be. The composers may be disbanded or deceased, but this is certainly no reason why the musick created & recorded could not be appreciated forever.

Some of you may still be wondering why I have chosen to add a "k" to the words musick & lyrick. It is to differentiate between the "popular" travesties passed as "music" these days, & the OTHER Musick, Art, Literature, Movies, which are remarkable, but often become hidden & forgotten, because the creators retained their integrity, instead of bending to the stasis-quo.

Some of the best musick, literature, art, & films that have ever been, were not "popular" in their time of release.

The Musick, Literature, & Motion Pictures that shall be reviewed throughout Malefick Musick, Satan's Scroll, & Spechtreum could have been released from as short as last week, to as far as centuries ago, & not limited to a specific genre. Some will be readily available, while others, you may have to hunt for.

These sources are absorbed, reviewed, and re-experienced to more fully appreciate the presentation with an enriched perspective.

Codex Luciferi

Something Malefick this way comes...

Malefick Media by Draconis BlackthorneHerein there be Horror, Action-Adventure, Film Noir, Thrillers, Documentaries, Comedy, Dark Fantasy!

Malefick Media is a compendium of Multimedia reviews from a Satanic perspective, featuring sections Malefick Musick, Satanís Scroll, Spechtreum, Sinemaerotica, Satanic Panic Archive, Infernal Progeny, The Black Earth, as well as stimulating articles, and a list of choice recommendations.

So named Codex Lvciferi for The Prince of The Power of The Air, as these sinister transmissions are cast upon the ether for timeless visual & audial mutual gratification. Arranged in playlist style complete with Acts, Scenes, Intermission and Finale, please be seated as The Infernal Orchestra prepares you for an entertainment adventure into several genres of diabolical amusement.

Anticipation grows as the lights dim, the black curtain parts... fantasy & reality become obscured, light and shadow dance upon screen & stage, joined by the haunting & inspiring music of the night...

Opvs Lvciferi: Malefick Media

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