A.C.I.: Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia. The period in one's life where the image of a villain, hero, or an otherwise character visually influences a person to adopt a similar visage. Also refers to the preference of certain environments. Some people may develop several in their lifetime. It is commonly referred to as a "type".
This perception was influenced by Dr. Anton LaVey's codification of an E.C.I. {Erotic Crystalization Inertia}.

ALEXITHYMICON: The Blindlight Bible with its deranged, Thanatos-obsessed, illusory mythology.

ASSIMILATES: In the sense that these types are capable of imitating the Satanic state of being, and attempt to be "made, not born", becoming familiar with the jargon and going through the motions, but are ultimately false to the core, many times cribbing from an actual Satanist's personality. Whereupon exposure, and/or separation from the Satanist's presence, revert to their true non-Satanic dispositions, most times containing some variation of blindlight self-deceit.

ASS-TROLOGY: The pseudo-"science" which dictates orders masked in blindlight rhetoric, subjugating the simple-minded & co-dependent, thus feeding their stuporstitious delusions.


BLACK LIGHT: 1. Satanic gnosis, undefiled wisdom. 2. Symbolic of The Black Flame; 3. reminiscent of translucent electro-plasmatic spheres. Antonyms: Blindlight, whitelight.

BLASPHEMISM [n]; Blasphemist [v]: 1. A dualistic mentality of anti-christian obsession. 2. A Satanist will shed any blindight influence with evolution and expressions of truly Satanic endeavors, while a blasphemist may persist countering within the Judeo-Islamic-Christian paradigm. 3. While a Satanist may engage in periodic blasphemy or sacrilege to express a larger point or for pure amusement, and otherwise manipulations towards certain ends, the psyche has been purged by Le Messe Noir in early formative development after infernal realization of one's true nature has been traversed. 4. With very few exceptions, a Blasphemist may not even be as sophisticated as a Devil Worshipper, in that no concentrated study or practice of any worthwhile sort is endeavored, but is pre-occupied by intoxication. 5. A dabbler whose mental development goes no further than adolescent rebellious expressions, and may even persist at that level for life. 6. While other religions hold no bearing on Satanism, blasphemism is dependent upon the religions continuously lampooned.

BLINDLIGHT: Judeo-xian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Weaka, "New-Age", & other white-light religions. (noun - Blindlighters).

BLACK SHEEP: Devil-worshipers who remain under the subjection of xian mythology. May be outwardly black, but ultimately, are part of the herd.

'BORN WITH THE HORNS': Descriptive phrase used to denote the axiom "Satanists are born, not made", meaning the acceptance and practice of one's natural dispositions {usually towards the carnal, arcane, morbid, bizarre, & occult}, as resonant with true Satanic philosophy as outlined in The Satanic Bible. Derivation: "horn born".


CODEX GYGAX: Alternate name for the fantasy board game known as "Dungeons & Dragons", named after co-creator Ernest Gary Gygax. May also refer to the 'Dungeon Master's Manual' in particular.

CRUSADER SYNDROME: The affliction of annoying & presumptuous Blindlight pests seeking to convert & evangelize everyone in sight.


DÆMONOCRACY: 1. A governmental system that employs Lex Talionis / Lex Satanicus / Legis Draconum; A system of stratification employed for the genius, iconoclast in their chosen fields of endeavour, especially in the Arts. Classified as "madness". 2. The Legalization of Euthanasia, Narcotics, Prostitution, & the return of The Circus Maximus, in which destructive organisms will be executed, with viewing availability for public access; when people will not be protected from their own stupidity.

DÆMONEIRIC: 1. The process of visualization while lucid dreaming to assume a lycanthropic, anthropomorphic, and/or zoomorphic form of one's preference. 2. Assuming the form of a totem archetype for the purpose of traveling forth in the dream state to subconsciously influence an intended target and/or situation; sometimes to extract information. 3. Etheric predation as a principle of Vampirism. (Der. dæmon = genius; god / oneiric = pertaining to dreams).Dæmonbulacrum

DÆMONBULACRUM: 1. The Wicked Walk, Walk of The Wicked; 2. Constitutional. 3. May also refer to The Necromancer's Path [see Dracomeroth]; Dæmon's Path. "deambulacrum" [lat] + dæmon [gk]

DARKETYPE: Archetypal iconography of a darkened nature in either aesthetics , and/or symbolic, or philosophical form.

DARKITECTURE: Iconic architecture of darkened fane, like haunted houses, mansions, The Black House {Hellhouse}, Gothic castles, lighthouses, towers, structures displaying trapezoidal angles and classic darketypal iconography. May also include vehicles.

DEMONSTER: "Demon Monster" (e.g., demon + monster = demonster). 1. Typically huge, menacing representations of demonic beasts (ex. Abaddon, Leviathan, Cthulhu, etc.) / "Beast of The Apocalypse" (der. j/c mythology). 2. Technically, the Krampus would also qualify as a "demonster". 3. Kaiju monsters (Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Hydra, etc.); 4. Dracling terminology refers to those woolly horned characters from various presentations. Ex. The Wild Things, "Sweetums" (muppets).

DOGYM: [dO-jim]: Dojo + Gymnasium; Part dojo, part gym. Also define backwards to determine propensities. Remember, xianity & Martial Arts do not mix.

DRACOMNIUM: The merging of the bestial and the civil in the humanimal for a balanced state of being; e.g., 'Satanic Grace'. Symbolically exemplified in the archetypes of Lucifer {dark angel} & Satan {devil/demon} combined into the All-One, The Third Side, the center stanchion of the pitchfork, the trinary perfection of 666; and such characteristics displayed in The Sabbatic Baphomet.

DRACONIAN: Satanic; of Satan; of The Devil; of The Dragon {Dracul / Satan}.

DRÆGON (drAgon): 1. Dæmon + Dragon = Drægon. 2. Satanic, Dæmonic Dragon, such as The Shadow Dragon seen here; & Tiamat. 3. Symbolically, Drægon collectively represents The Four Crown Princes of Hell. 4. The hellements represented as dragons, synonymous with Satan. 5. Another name for Satan.

* Plural: Drægons (devils, dæmons). * Descriptive: Drægonic: Satanic, of The Devil (equiv. Draconian).


EARSORE: 1. Like an eyesore, except on a sonic level. 2. Voluminous audial impositions of a decidedly unpleasant nature. 3. The "blare" part of the BUGS of the Lightmare; 4. Also indicative of "Car Wars" - that is to say, flatulent reverberations deriving from automotive stereophonic sources.

EPINOX: Epic Night.

EVILOVE: True Satanic Love; A Love enforced towards personal evilution, ego-fulfillment, & erotic satisfaction; The balance between romantic love, & sensual indulgence.

EVILUTION: The evolving Satanist, as he/she reaches their goals, & improves their earthly & Magical skills, talents, & perceptions.


FALLOWEEN: Beginning on the Autumnal Equinox, when all the evocative imagery begins manifesting in society, Falloween comprises the entirety of Autumn {Season Belial}, with October 31st being Halloween's 'Birthday' {iconographic representations with the various "Masks of Satan" and Samhain, the "spirit of Halloween"; and/or "Cousin Shy" as presented by The Addams Family series}, wherein a Halloween cake is prepared in honor of this wonderful holiday. Being that many of the elements of Halloween are in de-facto the year through, its symbolic & aesthetic appreciation is enhanced with this observation.

F.C.I. {Acronym: Fear Crystallization Inertia}: 1. The point in time when one develops a phobia. 2. A phobia stemming from an experience in which a particular situation, object, or creature impresses upon the mind in a negative or frightful manner. May be perceived as either delusional, or actual in origin.

FECALITARIANISM: Egalitarianism; The focus on quantity rather than quality; The desire to elevate the inferior untermenscht to the ranks of the Ubermenscht; The denial of the Natural stratification between the Master & the slave, the prey & the Predator; "Equalitarianism"; Blindlight politics.

FEMASCULISTS/FEMASCULISM: Aesthetically-devoid pseudo-"feminists" & weaka types who have an aversion, or no concept of the flattery & accentuation of the female form, or the charm & the application of glamour; many are Fecalitarians; Aesthetic Nihilism.

In their attempts to promote womens's rights, they have instead denied a woman's prime Natural source of manipulation - CHARM & GLAMOUR.

FOOLOSOPHY: Blindlight religions' dogma that only serves to stifle the superior person's evilution.


GENERICS: Referring to the slob herd, who display minimal to no genuine aesthetic or mental character except that programmed for them by the media's characters and mode of sub-dress. These exhibit redundant cliche's in both physical appearance and fabricated "opinions". For all of the various labels, they all end up looking and sounding the same of whatever genre, ergo, becoming generic.

GORROR: To differentiate between the horror classifications of "gore", which are typified by 'slasher films', gratuitous carnage, the over-abundance of bloodshed, and psychological horror, thrillers, etc., which may contain some bloodshed, but whose theme is more psychodramatic in nature.


HELL BELL: 1. A tritone resonance / dissonance produced utilizing a combination of the ritual bell and a tuning fork; 2. The intonation of The Devil's Tritone {"Diabolus In Musica"} utilized for Satanic Ritual; proposing an intensification in the psychodramatic effect when utilized to begin & conclude the ritual / ceremony, all to stir the daemons within, opening the Gates of Hell of the subconscious Abyss, The Shadow Side activated, enhancing the atmosphere to further stimulate the bio-adrenal energies to flow that much more potently.

UPDATE: Upon further experimentation, acquiring a tuning fork {also diabolically, aesthetically inspirational}, in conjunction with the tone of the bell, produces a most suitable tritone resonance, thus psychologically empowering the omnipotent mind to emit higher levels of bio-adrenal/electrical energy into the atmosphere for an even more effective working! A personal recommendation to those so inclined.

HELLEMENTAL: The representative multicultural archetypes which comprise The Infernal Names. Plural: Hellementals.

HELLEMENT: The manifestations of Nature comprised in the weather and the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, ascribed to The Four-Crown Princes of Hell. Plural: Hellements.

HELLOWEEN: The notion to preserve Halloween as a fearsome holiday {or "helliday"}, when it is scary, distinct & not watered-down into some goofy, bland, common herd holiday. Maybe appropriate for little children, otherwise the application of Horror to this Sabbat, as in "Horrorween", just as well. Ergo, "Put the HELL in Halloween", & "Horrorween".

HELLTANE: 'Mayday', modified to include Satanic sensibilities. Aknowledged meditation & practice upon unexpurgated Lust and sexual symbolism, such as the maypole {phallus of Baphomet, Satan}, Male/Female attributes. Orgiastic pleasures, debauchery, fetishistic indulgence.

HINDIAN: 1. Hindu+Indian. 2. Term used to denote the difference between Americanatives & "Indian", or "dot" & "feather". 3. Correcting xopher columbus' misnomer of indigenous civilizations of The American continents, and the indigenous people of the country of India.

HORNS TO THE BRIMSTONE: 1. Doing The Devil's Work. 2. Responsibility to the responsible. 3. Initiate progress, productivity, & evolution.

Used in a sentence: "Time to put the horns to the brimstone!"

HUMANIMAL: Humankind. {See Satanic Statement # VII / The Satanic Bible}.

HYPOCHRIST: Blindlighters; Hypocrites.

HYPNOCHRIST: 1. Preachers who hypnotize their congregations into dispensing with funds, & engendering placebos.
2. The Letharginator / TV as the new religion of the masses.


:I: The international symbol of the Internet. The colons indicate data introduced and emitted. "I" is also the 9th letter in the alphabet, which actually resonates with "www", Hebraically representing '666', which of course, adds to '9' [6+6+6=18/1+8=9]. See The Devil's Scroll; Satanic Numerology

INRI: Incompetent, Neurotic, Ridiculous, Idiotology. 2. The Roman initials crowning the nazarene's cross, said to have originally meant "jesus christ, king of the jews".

IDIOTOLOGY: So-called "ideologies" of blindlighters; Foolosophies.

INFERNAL BLISS: A.K.A., "Satanic Bliss". The sensation of euphoria derived from profoundly experiencing music, art, literature of a darkened nature, otherwise personally-gratifying diabolical activity, or during participation in ritual; sometimes resembling "possession".

IRONIC [Self-Disclosure] PROJECTION: Methinks thou doth protest too much! When the herd expose their own proclivities and character flaws by projecting onto someone else, far better than they. Due to intimidation, jealousy, envy, or sometimes even repressed sexual proclivities. Whether by insult, pretentiousness, cowardliness, or pure ignorance expressed as petty gossip and/or baiting, of the true nature of the object of their misdirected [misperceived] fixation.

The type often exhibit these traits in combination with the reverse theremin effect. Often run & hide and otherwise clam up in the presence of the object of their obsession. ∞

IRRELATIVE: So-called "relatives" in name only, who because it is not merited, or only opportunistic, or parasitic, any association is irrelevant in regards to family; or only utilizing the "family card" unessesarily or insincerely, in order to manipulate. Therefore, uncharacteristic of a functional, cooperative unit.

True family is earned, not automatically conferred, defined by truth and honor. It is mutually complementary, supportive, not at odds, nor detrimental. Therefore, it is not relative; ergo, "Irrelative". Also, The Irrelative Effect is evident in the sensation that one had always felt like a veritable orphan, feeling little to nothing in common with siblings, parents, or physical relatives.


LETHARGINATOR: Television with its mind-numbing effects, & stasis-inducing hypnosis; The New God of the subhuman herd which dictates trends of thinking, looking, acting, & even "feeling"; Hypnochrist.

LEGGO' MY EGO: "Let go my ego"; The thought pattern of the intimidated mortals when in the presence of a Satanist, which leads to demonstrations of mis-perceived effrontery on their part, while the Satanist could care less. The herd then begins to reveal signs of their intimidation, all of which is amusing to the Satanist.

LIGHTMARE: Proliferous blare, ugliness, glare, & stare {B.U.G.S., or "bugs" / Verb - "Bugging"}, either from solar radiation, &/or excessive atmospheric pollutants, &/or monotonous tonalities, all of which promotes overall desensitization.

Or, what do you call a Vampire's bad dream?


MATHEMAGICS: In this context, 1. the application of Shadowmancy in the understanding and manipulation of numerological superstition to one's benefit; 2. the recognition of certain patterns of diabolical machination, usually in multiples of nine in timelessness {see The Unknown Known, The Satanic Rituals}.

MALLEUS SATANICUS: Satan's Hammer; The Devil's Hammer.

MASOCHRIST: To make a differentiation between realized masochists who find fetishistic pleasure in pain play & submission, versus truly miserable misdirected masochists who are antagonizers and disturbers, resonating with the crucified nazarene icon of weakness, misery, & forced servility.

The MORTICIA EFFECT: Nomatter how frumpy, a female's appearance can be greatly accentuated by dressing the subject up like Morticia, Elvira, witch, etc., which will significantly elevate her attractiveness at least three or more points. [The irony lies in that her maidename is "frump", though she's anything but!]

MUCK-RAKERS: Refers to pretentious poseurs and devil-worshiper-types who scoop up the dross which The Church of Satan rejects. They serve as a gutter channel to filter undesirables away from us.

MYTHAPHOR: A Mythological metaphor often misconstrued by blindlighters & taken as literal.

MYTHEOLOGY: A mythology that has taken root in a culture & regarded as truth.


NOCTUARY: Satanic Lair &/or Ritual Chambre.

NOCTUARIUM: Abode of the Night; Place of Twilight.

NUCLEUS: In the sense of the Creator being the center of Imagination, while others {the neutrons, protons, electrons} buzz about them to manifest the Idea unto materialization. A Writer, Artist, Musician, Inventor, Iconoclast.




PAGANIST: 1. Pre-Church of Satan de-facto Satanist. 2. Those who were born before the foundation of The Church of Satan and The Age of Fire; and speaks to "Born, not made". Primal Pagan fits most descriptive. 3. Those attracted to a more arcanely Pagan expression in expression and aesthetics.

PEDANTICS [Pedantic+antics]: 1. Exaggerations of petty matters by those of likewise quality; 2. Nitpicking; 3. The observation or study of those who exhibit lower, lesser behavioral traits such as hysterics, being sneaky, spying, thievery {taking without asking}, lying, denial, ingratitude, pretentiousness. Overall dishonorable behavior. | Common parlance: “douchebaggery”.

POPOSER: When it is seemingly popular to consciously be a poser on purpose; to be a lame poptardouchebag with little to no substance; merely "talking the talk" without "walking the walk".

These are prevalent in current culture right now, who demonstrate psychophantic "yes man" tendencies, even donning traditional-appearing attire, markings, and certain misapplied lingo, pretending at experience without earned actuality.

PROLECAUST: The Satanic War against stupidity, mediocrity, & repression; The exposure of the subhuman stupidity of the herd; anti-proletarian; anti-stasis-quo; anti-conformity.

POLLYANNITY: christianity. Especially typified by the "born-again" variety of christian. {Definition derived from Pollyanna - a person who achieves erstwhile "happiness" by deluding themselves, refusing to see that bad things can & do happen. A Pollyanna is someone who is naively optimistic or excessively cheerful.}

PLATY-PUSS: The so-called "duck face", or "trout pout" exhibited by various pop tarts and their assimilates. Seems that in most instances, particularly in Caucasian females, in order to appear that they have fuller lips, these herdlings assume the laughable bloated oraphice visage {which in many instances actually resembles anal distention} for the approval of others with the same general lesser aesthetic perspective.

It has always been known that such a face is called the "sour-puss", and is indicative of sucking a lemon, ugliness, or idiocy. Seems like a joke gone wrong.

While the platypus is actually a rather adorable creature, and most capable in its element, in fact, an evolutionary remarkability, these sub-human drones are hardly even a fraction of their worth to the environment & overall existence.

In any case, since all this emphasis is being placed upon lip tension, might as well put it to good use! In fact, frictional activity enhances the tissues for such a socially-proposed desirable swelling effect.

PRÆY [pray+prey=præy]: The dynamic of predation among blindlighter subcultures, wherein the white wolves feed upon their flocks, in what amounts to "pay to pray".

PSYCHOPHANT [syko-fant]: A misdirected masochist-type who thrives on negative attention from the object of their fetish.

Unlike the sycophant {a parasitic 'yes-man'; sicko-fant}, the psychophant seeks to be a persistent 'shit-disturber' creating antagonistic situations by aggravating those who are inherently superior, in hopes of experiencing interaction, sometimes by fabricating fictional scenarios as a means of baiting; and/or irrelevant claims, often-times based upon ignorance. Also known for uncredited imitation of the original source on one hand, while exhibiting the said rotten personality traits thereunto on the other.

From experience, the best way to deal with these types is by completely ignoring them, thus not granting them their parasitic stimulation, nor wasting one's time and energy, otherwise it would be solipsistic.

{ ~ Also synonymous with 'psychic vampire' as defined by Magus Anton LaVey from The Satanic Bible.}

PUT THE 'EVIL' IN 'DEVIL': Satanism With Horns. The preservation of the mystery, Magic, awe, psychodrama, & fearsomeness of Satanism, enhancing The Shadow Side from The Abyss within. Regarded in the Jungian sense, while preserving the Nietzschean perspective of "Beyond Good & Evil". {Elaboration in "The Demystification of Satanism"; Dracomeroth}. Lest Satanism become watered-down or whitewashed, there certainly is a healthy fear to be engendered in the herd, while stimulating to those who resonate with the philosophy.


RETROVOLUTION: 1. The application of past orthodoxy aesthetics to practical usage combined with technological advancements, be it appliances, architecture, couture, automobiles {e.g., looks like it's from the mid to early 20th century, and even prior, with modern features contained therein}; otherwise the collection and functional preservation of items from historical eras. 2. The preservation and recreation of evocative environments {e.g., "Evocative & historic locations should be fixed, repaired, not demolished or replaced."} 3. In multimedia entertainment fare, the preservation and availability of superior evocative presentations, with any new variations held to high standards of creativity and production.

Combination of the words "retro" and "evolution". The example of the wheel when rotating forwards, appears as if it is rotating counter-clockwise, yet still moves forwards. The mass fear, obsession, and trepidation exuded by the herd for the superstitious "apocalyptic" 12.21.12 date marked not physical annihilation, but psychological modification, a return to superior past-orthodoxies. Whereas "Y2K" sadly marked a de-evolution in character and quality, may this "Apocalypse" mark a purification, with aspirations unto the higher. The ethereal ligature stretched to the limit, with a recoiling motion, thus initiating a favorable momentum towards timelessness.

REVERSE THEREMIN EFFECT: The amusing cowardly dynamic exhibited by some members of the herd who quiet from their petty gossip as the Satanist nears, while becoming louder the further the Satanist departs. An obvious result of intimidation and passive-aggressive reactions, by displaying their true natures while in the immediate presence of The Satanist, who takes the wind out of their sails, whose pretentious "opinions" results to nothing more than veritable farts in the wind.

ROCCULT: I. Occult-related rock musick, presented in a horror theatrical style; also includes Heavy Metal {Black, Death, Doom, etc.}, and Goth. II. Musick that gives The Devil His due. [alt. spelling "rockult"] ∞


SATANIMAL: The Equilibrium between the bestial & the civil; The reconnection of one's primal animal nature; The Superior Humanimal; The Satanist.

SATANIMATION: Animations that depict Satanic aesthetics &/or philosophies, & Total Environments.

SATANTRA: The Satanic Art of Sensuality; Diabolic variations on The Kama Sutra; Satanic Erotica.

SATANISTIC - Devil-worship folklore. Not actual Satanism, but resembling Satanism in some respects, particularly aesthetics.

THE SATANISTIC BIBLE - Urban Legends & fictions of devil-worship developed by the media & christian propagandists. Many times primarily based on Necronomicon.

SATANIVERSE: 1. In the Satanist's subjective universe, there is only Satan, and always was. The Satanic ideal and archetype may vary culturally, but those who evolve unto the highest echelons of carnal, psychological, and psychodramatic development realize that Satan is the All-one, as symbolized in the Sabbatic Baphomet {without blindlight corruption}. 2. That all things are contained within the Satanic psychological mindset {'microcosm'}, and all things move in accordance with The Dark Force in Nature {'macrocosm'}, interacting with the reflective qualities and the exertion of The Will. 3. When The Satanist raises The Will to meet The ethers, The Universe, Magic {concentrated imagination, symbolism, desire, emotion}, in combination with psychological engineering, forging reality to one's preference, thus The Sataniverse. 4. The construction of one's own total environment, and elements therein preserved to personal specification; either past-orthodoxies and/or imagined materializations.

SCHADENFREUNDE: 1. False "friend"; 2. One who derives petty, cheap thrills from those they claim pretentious 'friendship' misfortune, often those who are better than they are, and reacting according to their actions, existing in a vicarious shadow of the object of their subconscious fetish. 3. "Friend" in name only, though do not embody that position in actuality; 4. Relative to the psychic vampire; 5. Negative acquaintance {worse than an honest enemy}. 6. May sometimes be a backstabber, gossiper, or traitor; 7. A leak in privacy from a formerly trusted source, breaching unnecessary disclosure.

Characterization: Smile up front, knife behind back. Magus LaVey's warning to "Beware of those who bow the lowest, they may be reaching for the carpet."

Etymology: A combination of the words schadenfreude {noun: "pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune"} and freunde {"friend"; Ger.}.

SCHMENDRICK: schmendricks, plural. 1. Occultniks, blindlighters. 2. incompetent and/or pretentious "magic(k)ians"; 3. Poseurs pretending to be adepts, wanna'-be 'witches' and 'warlocks'; 4. black sheep devil-worshippers. {Etymology: Refers to a bumbling character from the film 'The Last Unicorn'}.

SINPOSIUM:: Originally "symposium", where Olde World philosophers would gather to drink wine and philosophize; modified slightly here to refer to a Dionysian Bachannal, inclusive of Satanic Intellectual Discussion.

SINEMAEROTICA: Erotic filmography.

SHADOWMANCY: 1. The Satanic Art of Psychological manipulation; Occultic Science; Satanic Magic. 2. In the practice of Greater Magic, the emergence of enemies' fears to consume them; i.e., "May their nightmares take them." 3. Surfacing the Jungian internal ideal of the individual Satanist unto materialization; embodying the Shadow Self in balanced realization.

Also, the ritualistic processes of the manifestation of Shadow Forces to gratify the Magician's Will.

SHADOWMANTIUM: Abode of Darkness; Noctuary.

SHAMPIRE: 1. Poser types attempting to infiltrate the Goth scene with a visceral weekend attitude, who have no idea what real Goth music is. These can be identified as either goofballs in chintzy attire {probably collected from Halloween}, or brats donning the latest Hot Topic fashions; usually displaying exaggerated mannerisms to either extreme; sheep in wolve's clothing within the goth genre. 2. "Twilight" worshippers. These are completely different cinematic creatures altogether which should not be considered within the 'vampiric' characterization. 3. In a 'lifestyle' context, parasitic ingestion of the blood fluid, instead of the recognition that the desired energy is actually collected from auric expenditure.

SHILGNE: {shil-gnee or shil-gnay}. So-called Backward-masking. Backward speech. Originally propagated by xian propagandists during the SRA hysteria.

SONIC VERTIGO: Phased music which bestows a sensation of euphoria to the listener; also, the sudden & graceful rising & falling of chords, from a major to a minor key, & vice-versa.

SOULICITOR {n}: 1. Religious zealots peddling bibles, propaganda; 2. Any sort of religious salesmen selling a pitch, from door-to-door, televangelists, to tent show preachers; 3. The Jesus racket, or "jeezbiz". Verb: 'Soulicitation'.

STUPORSTITION: Blindlight mythologies; especially the empty promises of "heaven" & the threat of "hell"; blindlighter habits & compulsions, such as "prayer" & "confession".

SUNBRELLA: An umbrella used like a parasol to block the burning rays of the sun. An umbrella used in this manner is a sunbrella. These do resemble bat or dragon wings, as well as a spider web, thus adding a Gothic aesthetic effect upon the viewer, while complementing the user with elegance. ∞

SYRENÆA: 1. The hypnogogic sensation caused by a cherubic choral voice upon the listener, especially that of an aria and/or lullaby*, resembling temporary paralysis and/or dormancy; can also be initiated by soft and/or distant church bells; 2. Syrenæde.
* Theory: Subconscious childhood recollection, evocation, recycling playback. If the cerebrum is primarily focused upon the opposing characterization, leaving the remaining mental resource untapped, the exact extreme may cause a veritable shock to the senses, lulling unto reconnection.
* Description: Related to "Musick has charms to soothe a savage breast" [q. Congreve], although it could also be 'Beast' as well.
* Etymology: Derives from siren creatures and their mesmerizing song.
* Syrenæde examples: "Pie jesu" {Sarah Brightman, Paul-Miles Kingston}; All Through The Night {Welsh Lullaby}.


TECHNOMANCY: The application of technological skills employed for the advancement of Satanism.

TECHNOMANCER: One who creates technological manifestations for the advancement of Oneself, & humanimality.

THE 666th SENSE: The realization that one's intuition/s and occult perception derives from one's primal humanimal nature within, developed through evolution, adherence, and practice from the dark subconscious mind, sometimes stimulated and sharpened by the psychodramatic experience {as in ritual / ceremony}, and the concentration upon iconography to manifest the emotional response; not by any conscious external origin. Not a "gift" from any "god", but an inlain, inherent ability nascent within The Self, and is part of the Nature of The Beast.

THE COFFIN EFFECT: 1. The practice of settling into an enclosed space for deep relaxation, invigoration, and regeneration. Either in a artistic coffin-like enclosure, canopy bed, and/or wrapping sheets and blankets around the body likened mummification. 2. Like a womb/tomb effect in silent darkness, voluntary or instinctual sensory deprivation, conducive to clairvoyant etheric travel, predation, & lucid dreaming. 3. "Undead" life affirmation whereupon conscious awakening/"resurrection", one is enhanced.

Most humanimals engage in sleep by submerging beneath sheets and blankets, tucked in for best recuperation., whereas others in the animal kingdom tend to prefer snug areas like nests, caves, holes, trees, logs, etc.

THE DEVIL'S INERTIA: Can also be applied to the gait of one's walk, to general movements. It could be said that a 'creepy' atmosphere and eerie events may occur by replication. In other words, "Creepy things happen by doing creepy things", like a domino effect, upon which one & environment becomes a veritable magnet to likened activirlty, which activates an inertia demonstrating a cumulative effect, which develops its own malefick momentum.

  • Exercise: Place an object upon a surface, and retrieve it the you suppose a phantom would. Also refer to the scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula wherein D meets Harker with the shifting shadows, in an almost floating effect. Done correctly, the movement should frighten, disturb, and otherwise cause uneasiness in the observer.

    THE DEVIL'S WHISPER: Along with The Dragon's Roar [see 'Tricks & Treats'; Dracomeroth], is veritably Satan Speaks, as it were, or The Devil's Whisper, wherein that certain low, sustained voicetone, likened morbid winds eerily gailing to initiate dread, or ghostly wailing.

  • Exercise: Speak in various lower tones in a sustained hum, like pushing forwards eith the breath. Practice until a sensation of dread is experienced. Consult certain Halloween albums for wind effects to match voice replication.

    THE MOLDY BABBLE: The Blindlight Bible; Alexithymicon.

    THE LIGHTHOUSE EFFECT: 1. The Process by which an object, person, structure, image, or sound stands apart in an environment, as in the influence a Dominant Mass has on its surroundings. 2. Objects, images, people, or edifices which inspire either compassion, lust, or fear. 3. What activates The Command To Look.


    1. A lone instrument sounds amidst frenetic noise.
    2. A Person who stands out in a crowd by virtue of their very presence, &/or attire.
    3. A house or building which looms ominously amidst & apart from common domiciles.
    4. An automobile which stands apart from the common commercialized models.
    5. A natural formation that dominates its surroundings.

    Definition derived from the solitary vigilance of the lighthouse.

    THE-RAPISTS {"Therapists"}: Psychologists who victimize their own "patients" {victims} by imposing their own neuroses and nightmarish fantasies, particularly with the SRA {Satanic Ritual Abuse} delusion, which was subsequently debunked by the FBI, for personal sexual gratification by their own repressed psyches.

    THE SATAN STICK: 1. Metaphor for a verbal stratification device of discipline. E.g., "He/she needs a good dose of the Satan Stick!". Applied when someone demonstrates stupidity or appalling ignorance. When stupidity is made to truly hurt those that deserve it. 2. A teacher of lessons through pain.

    THIRTEEN O' CLOCK: 13 o'clock. Euphemism refers to the "Magic time" of ritual, and otherwise from midnight to dawn.


    U.F.O.: 1. Useless F'n Obsession. 2. The cycling replacement of fearful delusions. The new stuporstitious characters added to the herd's consciousness. Along with little impish demons {arcane depictions}, "satanic conspiracies" {christian propaganda}, now there are "alien conspiracies" & "government cover-ups". Maybe, maybe not. 3. This is not to discount the sincere efforts put forth by Scientists & Astronomers to search for life on other planets. For such is the process of epistemology - to seek that which is unknown & hypothetical to either prove or disprove theories, based upon experimentation & investigation. This definition refers to the herd's faddist compulsions. The Satanic stance on extra-terrestrial life is based upon what is, & can be proven, as the Satanic & the Scientific is largely interchangeable. 4. This also does not discount the marvelous artistry & fictional novels produced in the Sci-Fi genre, which has, from time to time, inspired technological advancements. 5. Christians believe "aliens" are actually demons out to deceive the world, as they continually strive to devolve mankind back to their mythology. 6. Ironically, Setians worship an "alien" god named Set, which resembles Gonzo.


    WEAKA/WEAKANS: 1. "wicca" / "wiccans"; neo-paganized xianity. Bead-wearing, crystal-gripping, watered-down pop-culture pseudo-occultnik hippies, or "wippies"; 2. xians in black, or 'sheep in wolf's clothing'.

    WHITE PLAGUE: Blindlight religions, particularly xianity, which, since the Reformation, has spread like a pox across the planet.

    WHITE WOLVES: Preachers; blindlight evangelists; blindlight sheepherders who victimize their own subhuman flocks / congregations; Hypnochrists.

    WITCH HAT AS DUNCE CAP: Phrase used to denote the pretentiousness of erstwhile 'magicians' who erroneously attempt to take credit for an event that would have occurred anyway whether or not they even existed. {special note: in order to truly decipher a personal manifestation, it is recommended one chronologue the date of a working, and its subsequent fulfillment}.


    ZZYZX: The prototypal "road to nowhere"; the figurative path of the weak sheeple and herd zombies who grope for the blindlight and celestial delusions. Inspired by a literal road by Death Valley, CA which leads to a dumping ground, with an evangelical history of a defunct christian compound.

    Draconian Script

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