Opvs Satani

Opvs Satani: DracomerothComprising several books in one tome, Dracomeroth is a veritable Satanic Grimoire serving as inspirational psychodramas for Self-Transformation, Empowerment, and Diabolical Evolution.

Forbidden Knowledge...

Encompassing the complimentary Carnal with the Magical, included herein are The Draconian Dictums, Sins, The Infernal Alignment, Keys to The Infernal Realm, The Rites of Omnipotence, Satanasutra, Vampiricon, Glossary of Spells, Visualizations, Philosophy, Legendry, & proven techniques of psychological manipulation.


A Workbook of Sorcery presented in a highly imaginative & stimulating style, this text is intended for those courageous enough to peer into the deepest darkness of their own psyches, the vast Abyss within, and exercise ones own Magical potential to the furthest degree, in a continual process of actualization unto the incarnation of Satan Oneself. Cooperating with Shadow Forces nascent in Nature in a structured form to ascend the levels of Satanic Grace, advancing ones absolute Godhood.

Walking In The Shadows...

The Daemon calls, The Black Flame burns fierce! Open the pages of the Opvs Satani, and open The Gates of Hell. So It Is Done.


  • Foreword.
  • The Draconian Dictums
  • The Infernal Alignment
  • The Draconian Sins
  • The Eternal Dreamchild


  • The Evil Eye
  • Freudian Traps
  • The Shadow Phantom
  • VCR {Very Charismatic Resource / DVD {Dominant Visual Directive}
  • The Warlock & Witch Tone
  • The Devil's Whisper {Subliminal Manipulation: In-Line function, Sonic Layerng, Subconscious Speech / Undertones}
  • Wicked Words
  • Phantom Walking {Levitation / Floatation Illusion}
  • Motion Mirroring
  • Satan's Color Wheel
  • Material Designations
  • Subconscious Interior Decoration


  • The Satan Force / Source
  • Epinox
  • Matrix: The Timeless Laws
  • Lucification
  • Of Satan
  • Positive & Negative Energy


  • Preliminary Preparations
  • A. The Keys To The Infernal Realm
  • B. The Pentacle of Sorcery
  • C. The Sorceric Crypticode
  • D. Draconian Symbology {Daemonic Geometry}
  • E. Magical Weapons & Instruments
  • F. Illumination To The Magical Procedures
  • G. The Temple of The Flesh, The Noctuary Chambre, & The Harem
  • Manus Magiciorum

  • The Awakening / Way of The Magic
  • The Death Walk
  • Dragon Quest
  • The High Court & Tribunal
  • The Curse of Death {Execution}
  • The Hex
  • The Hand of Death
  • The Death Mass
  • The Funeral
  • The Seance
  • The Rite of Necromancy
  • Rite For The Opening Of The Portal
  • Rite For The Conjuration of Mammon
  • The Grand Sabbath
  • Full Moon Ceremony

    SATANASUTRA: Orgasmancy Sex Magic

  • The Devil's Concubines
  • The Satantric Vampire
  • Orgasmancy - Satantric Techniques
  • Orgasmancy
  • The Satantric Mass
  • Satantric Lust Ritual
  • The Satantric Sacrifice
  • Marriage Ceremony

    VAMPIRICON: Rites of The Undead

  • The Satanic Vampire
  • The Nosferatu Pact
  • Types of Vampiric Manifestation
  • Vampiric Meditation
  • Pentagonal Steps To Vampiric Predation
  • Summoning of The Gods & Minions
  • The Ceremony of The Vampires
  • Ceremony of The Werewolves


  • Introduction.
  • PART I: Familiar Spells, Fire Spell, Fire-Conjuring Spell, The Scorching, Dowsing Spell, Flood Spell, The Magic Pages Spell, Levitation Spells I, II, III; Petrification Spells, Sleep Potion, Protection Spells I, II, III, IV; Possession Spell, Language Spell, Clairvoyance Spells I, II; Divination Spell, Apportation.
  • PART II: Fire Dance, The Mystic Ring, Spell of The Hungry Earth, Tempest Spell, Lightning Spell, Wind Spell, Tornadoes, Hail Spell, Fog Spell, The Frost, Hallucination / Dream Spell, Mirror Magic, Voodoo Apparitions, Mute, Deafening, & Blinding Spells, Binding & Trance Spells.
  • PART III: Further Gifts & Attributes of The Magician, Telepathy & Telekinisis, Superstition Vs. Stuporstition.


  • Apotheosis
  • The Infernal Empire Rite
  • The Timeless Travel Chamber
  • Satanic Nativity
  • The Satanic Grace
  • The XXVII Nights of Halloween
  • The Black Earth
  • Afterword.

Order of The Black Dragon

The Order of The Black Dragon is a configuration dedicated to the philosophies & principles of Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, & is a personal Order supportive of the Church of Satan.

The term "Draconian" is defined in two parts: 1. Fierce; Strong; Wise./2. Of "The Dragon"; Of The Devil; Of Satan; Satanic.

The Satanic Bible is the foundation of OBD's belief-system. The Order of The Black Dragon was founded by Draconis Blackthorne on March/Friday 13th/XXXIII A.S. The Shadowmantium has served to disseminate some of My views & perspectives of Satanism. There is much, however, that the common populace will not be exposed to.

Along with The Nine Satanic Statements, The Eleven Satanic Rules of The Earth, & The Nine Satanic Sins by Anton Szandor LaVey, the following is a list of some of the basic tenets of The OBD, which are: The Ten Draconian Dictums, The Ten Draconian Sins, & The Infernal Alignment written by Draconis Blackthorne, Church of Satan Warlock; these are intended as additional supplements and suggestions to the Satanist & the Satanic lifestyle, divulged from personal experience.

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