THE DARK SIDE: Hell On Earth


Infernal Salutations,

The Dark Side re-opens on this ominous date, and with it, another Gate of Hell. Harnassing Daemonic forces on this January, Friday the 13th XLVII Anno Satanas. The Dark Side presents recommended multi-media sources for infernal contemplation which enlighten, edify, entertain. Come in from the cold and warm yourself by the fireplace, & observe all of the strange and wonderful objects around you - some you may wish to possess, others will possess you...

There are 9 principle rooms herein. When you enter the black front doors, you see a large pentagram rug on the floor leading up to the register between the top two, while each angle points to a different room containing multi-media offerings. 'Baphomette' greets you in the foyer, an automaton wearing the Baphomet mask with The Sigil behind, seated upon an infernal throne in the position of The Magician's materialization of Will {"As Above, So Below"}. Above, a chandelier flickers softly, while various corners are lit also with candlelight, along with red and blacklight combinations.

Caution: The multi-media displays herein are intended to demonstrate how the diabolical archetype has permeated history and culture, but may not necessarily indicate actual Satanism in all respects; and otherwise focuses on the worldy, celebrating the carnal aspects engendered by the subject matter. Many of these presentations play The Devil's Game, & The Dark Side gives The Devil His due. Those who truly resonate with the Black Flame of Satan will be able to proceed with undefiled wisdom, selecting what one wills according to personal preference.

Each room contains a monitor displaying samples of The Black Arts & Witch Crafts therein, with the sweet scents of incense floating throughout. There are displays erected of various busts, statues upon pillars, framed paintings, posters, above ornate archways read signs proclaiming the contents, all accentuating and otherwise flanking the entrances to these shadowy worlds within...

* BOOKS: Philosophy / Religion / Occult, Sociology / History, Horror / Fiction, & Magazines.
* VIDEOS: Satanism, Horror, comedy, Action-Adventure, & behind the velvet curtain, Sinemaerotica.
* MUSICK: Classical / Orchestral / Instrumental, Atmospheric / Halloween / Haunting Tales, Heavy Metal / Rock, Black Metal / Doom / Death, Goth / Industrial, Punk / Hardcore, Blues / Other: At The Crossroads... wherever the muse shall take you.
* REGALIA: Clothing, Jewelry, Candles, Magical services, Paranormal, & another secret entrance behind the velvet curtain to Erotica.
* LAIR: Art, Plaques / Statuary, Decor, Museums.

Perhaps a hidden bookcase or secret passageway may reveal its secrets which lead to the shadowy recesses of this labyrinth, where still darker things lay deep within. Dare peer behind a mysterious closed door filled with familiar figures of nefarious antiquity, those who have made an impression upon history, each providing a glimpse of the potentials of The Abyss inside.

Overall, The Dark Side is a psychodrama, a veritable "Museum of Satan", demonstrating the manifestation of the Daemonic archetype in its myriad forms to lesser & greater degrees, via a plethora of multimedia genres throughout the ages. Before you depart, be sure to inspect the table by the entrance containing additional recommendations throughout The Black Earth, with various brochures, fliers, & cards. For information on Satanism, please see ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne
SATAN Rev. Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Curator, The Dark Side
January, Friday 13, XLVII A.S.