A stairway to heaven is a bridge to nowhere. A Highway to Hell would do you well.

Metaphorically, a purported "stairway to heaven" would be a broken bridge, obscured with blindlight, wherein those who step forth perish, like lemmings, and pour into "heaven" / death. Rather like cartoon characters who float up with harps & halos.

While those who ride on The Highway To Hell can see where they are traveling, selecting natural pleasures {"sins"} to guiltlessly partake. Flames represent carnal lusts, accomplishments, experiences, hellflames of intensity & passion!

Sin well! Take that which tempts whenever you can!

These terms are taken in a symbolic sense. There is no [literal] heaven or Hell. These are empty promise / threat manipulation ploys by fundamentalists to exploit primitive simpletons & the unstable. If anything, these are states of earthly existence. Still others choose to psychodramatically name ethereal energy sources such, as well as humorous euphemisms.

P.S.: Love both songs! LZAC/DC

Shadow Reflection
Gaze into the black mirror to reveal the true nature within...

Appearing from the deep shadows of the looking glass and the subconscious Abyss within, in this chamber dimly lit by candle light, behold The Devil incarnate of The Self framing the reflection of The Baphomet. One to another, sealed & encapsulated by The Pentagram.

"I In Thee, Thee in I, We are One. I Am Thee, Thou Art Me, We are All One. My Will is done!"

The Satan in Me sees The Satan in you.

Interchangeably, "The Devil in Me sees The Devil in you". A recognition if similar diabolical characteristics in another Satanist. Ergo, "one of us!"

In the context of relationship, to each their own kind, similar to "soul mate", while those without are playmates.

Gazing in the mirror, the recognition of oneself as one's own god and Devil in one's subjective universe.

A reflection of The Abyss and nefarious predispositions.


"Reality is a framework to construct one's own."

May be the development of a total environment, creation of objects, artistry, materializations of ideas, physical appearance transformation, & Magical manifestations.


The Satanist does not worship an anthropomorphic deity. Oneself IS the anthropomorphic deity incarnate.


Find what you are best at. Meditate upon all those little talents you have experimented with and expound upon them, utilizing whatever tools available to enhance their performance. Consider their development an adventure each as you take it to the limit, and beyond. The Devil is in the details, so place that extra bit of perfecting effort to contribute that individual touch to your art. In many instances, this is what defines greatness.


The Luciferian spirit of Self-Creation

Be who you are. Forget all that which does not serve one's purposes. Hang on and experience whatever makes you feel good, whatever it is.

Excel at choice entertainment, activities, hobbies, aspirations, proclivities, even vocabulary and spelling. Thrive in your own world.

Wherever your passions take you, follow whole-heartedly.

Religious institutions would deem to make an individual like everyone else of their mold, carbon copies of another according to how that antiquated, irrelevant system wants you to serve their purposes.

But the spirit of self-creation, evolution according to your senses and inherent interests, that is the Luciferian spirit of evilution through revolution, deconstruction and reconstruction.

Only permit those who are complementary, and consider guidelines which contribute and are a reflection of The Self.

Be malleable, and eager through the sense of adventure and the thirst for knowledge, to experience new and unusual things, but steadfast in your self-made destiny.


Is, not was

Whatever one wishes to include as part of one's subjective experience in whatever genre to enhance and empower one's being, is considered in the present form, regardless of any proposed constraints or limitations, which are irrelevant.

For instance, the perpetual influence a creator, inventor, performer, in their chosen field of endeavor radiates upon the world, whose manifestations are continually appreciated, is regarded in the present tense.

Presentations, musick, literature, enjoyed as a constant in the timeless present are relevant to the Now. ∞


As par stratification, The Church of Satan is a hierarchical meritocracy. You get what you put into it.


Electric ⚡atan & anomalous manifestations

When a Sorcerer is in oneís own Lair, a sense of stability pervades, where ether and earth correspond to the sensibilities, gratifying all senses, and there is tranquility in this complete Power. But when out and about amongst the commoners, or visitations to the domiciles of biological relations for whatever events and observations, there is frequently a frustrum which transpires, stimulating and otherwise agitating the common atmosphere and concerns of those without there residing, causing sometimes unexpected reverberations of a paranormal nature.

The difference between oneself and they becomes more blatant, manifestations more dramatically noticeable, due to the increased energy the Sorcerer emanates in a foreign environment. The Satanist may benefit from this enervation. Thus, concentrated will becomes fulfilled even more expediently, and stratification becomes much more evident. To remain self-aware in oneís state of being & superiority is most empowering, when employing whatever Magical or psychological methods to gain desires. It is important to preserve perspective at all times, no matter what one is outwardly presenting. ∞

In Nomine ⚡atanas,

Draconis Blackthorne
1:34 am, 12/1/XLI
The Haunted Noctuary.

Interesting to note that the electrometer reads 10.666 at last inspection. From Wednesday, November 23rd to Sunday the 27th. It seems that continuing The Devilís work herein is thusly quantifiable.

Ongoing mysterious disappearances of objects from one side of the house to another, apportations, an object being tossed off a counter, canine howlings, an unwound music box suddenly playing, and madly whispering voices mingling with environmental and elemental ambient sounds. ∞


Some thoughts on the Satanic Art of Weight Training

Besides the cardio-vascular benefits of an enjoyable Constitutional, and otherwise physical activity of choice {especially in cool, fresh air}, the sensation of good concentrated weight-training is life bestowing, to be sure. Whether working with iron and/or dynamic tension, the euphoric feeling of muscles growing & blood pumping bestows a sense of empowerment, which causes a residual effect upon one's totality of existence. The graceful balance of mind and body equilibrium. The mind becomes even sharper, imagination stimulated, sensitivity multiplied, energy increased, metabolism optimized, aesthetics improved, pride asserted. Even bones strengthen, beneficial cells generate, complimenting overall well-being. Not to be a mere skeleton upon which tissue & skin hangs upon, much like a hanger, but a vibrant, vital creature filled with strength and luster. The energy applied can even be utilized for other purposes, in the force created to drive the focused Will unto materialization, not to mention the psychological benefits. This is a natural constant, and is an indulgence in itself, enriching other indulgences manifold. Thus, its intrinsic Satanic essence, and comes highly recommended. ∞

{Also see The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding; The Devil's Scroll - essay expounding on the subject}.


Thinkers & Doers

There are thinkers and doers. The thinkers get the doers to manufacture their creations. If the thinker only thinks and does nothing about it, it remains a thought and the dream is unfulfilled. The doer needs the thinker to provide a purpose. If there is no purpose, the doer continues seeking a purpose, and acts in a series of rudimentary actions which remains of little purpose except for his own survival, and that which is to provide the thinker with materialization.

Then there is the thinker-doer. He who brings the thought into realization, where the dream becomes reality by his own brain and body. He takes the role of both parties and therefore is a self-contained paradigm.

There are times when the dream becomes so large where the thinker-doer accesses the aid of other thinkers and doers to manifest his creation, and he therefore remains the nucleus of the dream, the origin of the thought, and is magnified in accordance with its proliferation. The brain-child achieves maturity, is the foundation of a new reality, and thus, evolution is prospered. ∞


Lay thy requests upon The Altar, and cast them up in The Black Flame. All thy wishes are granted in The Devil's Name.


Such a splendidly eerie sensation during the whole ritual process. Beforehand, the palpable building of energy in the atmosphere, the empowerment during, the sublime assurance and surreal calm afterwards. The angles of The House assume an almost abstract quality, as the senses become enhanced to perceive the Diabolical Machinations in activation, wherein the Theatre of The Mind extends onto the stage of reality. ∞


Magic is the materialization of The Will & The Imagination.


Put the EVIL in DEVIL.

The preservation of the mystery, Magic, awe, psychodrama, & fearsomeness of Satanism, enhancing The Shadow Side from The Abyss within. Regarded in the Jungian sense, while preserving the Nietzchean perspective of "Beyond Good & Evil". {Elaboration in "The Demystification of Satanism"; The Devil's Scroll}. Lest Satanism become watered-down or whitewashed, there certainly is a healthy fear to be engendered in the herd, while stimulating to those who resonate with the philosophy. ∞


From Black Mass to High Mass

What is first phase Satanism? Think from Black Mass to High Mass. To distinguish first phase who are frequently obsessed with blasphemy, "getting it out of their systems", as it were. The catharsis of The Black Mass is a starting point with which to rid the psyche of blindlight contaminants. The High Mass represents those psychodramatic rites utilized for lust, destruction, and compassion, to gratify one's desires for a self-determined life devoid of any external influence. Utilizing the stimulating iconography, symbology and metaphor of Satan to represent one's carnal nature, drive, desire, will, and independence. Through whatever self-transformative means of expression, The Satanist evolves to recognize that there is only SATAN, by The Infernal Names, embodied in The Self, and always was. ∞


'Evil' does the most good...

It has been said that much of the world's 'Evil' has been committed in the name of 'good', which is assuredly true, but much of the world's good has been inspired by Evil.

For without such a superior Evil threat to contend against, there would be no comparison. Therefore, it is also true that much of the world's so-called 'good' has been committed in the name of Evil.


Witch truism...

Looks get you through the door, brains keep you in the room. ~ DB/LB.


Regarding altar girls, a comment on devil movies "sacrificing"...

Such a beauty should be enjoyed, not destroyed.


Regarding Architecture

There is a balance that should be preserved, between nature and architecture - one should compliment the other. Nature is the cradle in which a population and its structures should rest.

Evocative & historic locations should be fixed, repaired, not replaced.


On Zeno's Paradox

Q. "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?"
A. Depends on the shape of the immovable object. For example, if it is a trapezoid, the unstoppable force would either surpass over it, or merge with it. If the immovable object contains a hole, it would move through it. Otherwise, they would explode and cancel each other out.


"You either get an education, or read the bible."


xianity is a religion of weaklings and cowards! Who necessitate a so-called "sheepherder" to take "care" of them! Wishful thinking! Empty promises, being cannibalized themselves to make such weaklings into slaves!

"Salvation" is a scam! Parasitic Evangelicals enjoying opulent existence, while lowly suckers pay their way! More like Salivation! The salivation of the moronic brainwashed zombies, and the salivation of the white wolves who prey upon them!

Satanists are akin to snakes and wolves, and predatory creatures who rule over the weak! Superior in intellect and flesh, Magic of The Will materialized! Hail Might! Hail SATAN!∞


Regarding "burning churches"...

The key word is buy, don't burn.


There is no place for Jehovah, Jesus, Mohamed, or any other blindlight icon in Satanism. These are irrelevant to us. There is only Satan.


On xmas...

What care I for some mythological character's alleged "birthday", when the true God that is Myself was born on My own High Holiday?! ∞


What does the candy cane represent?

The curled horns of Krampus {and the Yule Goat}, turned outwards. The white stripes represent Winter snow {Belial-Earth/Lucifer-Air/Leviathan-Water}. The red stripes represent carnality, indulgence, passion, and the Yule flames of Hell {Satan-Fire}. If green is included, it represents the fertile rejuvenating earth. ∞


A Lesson in suffering...

The misfortune of others frequently makes the petty observer feel better about themselves and their life, until or unless it happens to them. However, reflection upon others' suffering can serve to keep one's existence in balanced perspective. Ergo, a lesson can be learned. Preserve & appreciate what you have, taking care to not allow similar situations to transpire in your own life. Instead, ascend ever further in your own evolution while cherishing whom & what you love. ∞


Blindlight churches attract the lowest of the low, while the rich do it just for show.


Blindlight bibles are compendiums of pre-existing metaphorical urban legends designed to keep the populace in line.


I personally want nothing to do with anyone who follows that fictional book {the babble}. They tend to be either stupid, obnoxious, or retarded.


So-called "faith" is unquestioned subservience to make-believe deities created by professional deceivers, which demands slavery of the gullible.


Blindlight religions are for those who cannot think for themselves. Braying sheeple addicted to fictions are led to the slaughter.


The Cross...

The cross is bereft with horrible stink and feces, representing everything weak and low. Every vile, rotten thing, wastrels. It caters to the mentally-imbalanced, the parasitic, & the criminal. It has built its foundation on a heap of lies & garbage, polluting the world with a white plague of living death. The cross drips with fetid, rotten blood, and from its center proceeds puss and vomit. The putrid cross. Reject it with all your Might.

Be ye welcomed to Satan's bosom of carnal delights. a strong life of luxury and pleasure. ∞


One sure way to tell a devil worshipper besides their pre-occupation with blasphemy, is the obvious and pervasive use of an inverted cross, and is a perfect symbol for them after all, being the inverse of christianity and all, a reverse christian, etcetera. There is actually wisdom in that woodcut displaying the trampling of the cross in this respect of being a mere stepping stone, if necessitated.

While a true Satanist may employ it formatively and eventually graduate away from the symbol after the purging of The Black Mass, perhaps otherwise for shock value as a performer to gain attention, a devil worshipper will obsess over it for life. ∞


The Al-Jilwah is a stratifier to denote who takes it as an inspirational example to reflect, and who literalizes it for worship. The former is a true Satanist. The latter is merely a devil-worshiper.


I rarely, if ever Am 'bored'. So-called "boredom" is just the calm before the mindstorm. These quiet moments of introspection provide a wonderful opportunity for meditation, spawning the seeds of thought, which frequently leads to motivation to manifest the next creation.

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