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I. Attractions: Hell Town | The Mouse Trap | Travels In Hell | LaVey Day XLII A.S. | Haunt X | Castle Rubelia | Return to The Fair... | Church of Satan High Mass | Sintennial Eve at Zen Sushi | Arboretum | Scareplex | Necrocomicon | Tutankhamen & The Golden Age of The Pharaohs | Hollywood Hellhouse | Bodyworlds | L.A. County Fair | London After Midnight at The Roxy | King Kukulele at The Hub Cafe' | HELLHOUSE of Hollywood | Black xmas | NIN | The Renaissance Pleasure Faire | Fridiculousness | Haunts | Hellish Hollywood. II. Satan Takes A Holiday!: Sin City, Black Wedding, Disneyland. III. Tales From The Shadowside: The Queen Mary | Galster Park | Zelda's Pit | Spadra Cemetery | The Enchanted Forest | Colorado Suicide Bridge | Oakdale Cemetery | Hollywood Roosavelt Hotel | Judas Ghost! | Strange Sightings | Turnbull Canyon. IV. Blindlight Explorations: Our Lady of The Angels Cathedral | St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church | Museum of Tolerance: Simon Wiesenthal Center | Hsi Lai Temple. V. Cabazonia! A Prehistoric total environment. VI. Hell's Kitchen: Lucifer's Pizza, The Mad Greek, Drac Burger & Fries, Drac's Deviled Eggs, Red Devil Pizza, The Donut Hole, Devil's Brew: Halloween Coffee, Graveyard Pie, Sabbath Cake, China Palace, Clearman's Northwoods Inn, Pizza Man, Little Caesar's Pizza, Garduno's Taco King, Mongolian BBQ. VII. Product reviews: XLIV Coffin Rust Halloween Print | Crown of Horns | Shadow Demon Lamp | Oyama/Bishamon Oni Mask | Coop Devil Head Ring | Pan & Dark Secrets Pentagram pendants | Vlad Tepes Dracula plaque | Black Leather Vest | 1" Baphomet Medallion | Coffin Rust Halloween Print IV | Tricks or Treats? | Gemmy Fog Machine | Pentagram Rug | Crystal Skull | LaVey Pendant | Belial's Gem: The Black Opal, The Jewel of Satan | Timeless Technology | Magister Mitchell action figure | Dr. Anton LaVey statue.
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INFERNAL EMPIRE NEWS XLIX: Chaos Sedated returns with various featured musical artists, sinful musical performances, interview with Corvis Nocturnum on Simplicity Radio and Paranormal Review, some 9sense about The Satanic Tradition, another potent potion offering from The Cocktail Vultures, a tarot reading for Friday the 13th, a Friday the 13th superstition special, Showbiz as Satanic Magic, Interview with High Priestess, Magistra Peggy Nadramia in HELLE, Friday the 13th Honeymoon, various nefarious DJ performances ... An interview about Satanism, an amusing conspiratorial shenanigans parody, and Unborn Creations at horror event ... The Devil's Mischief marks 500 episodes with a veritable Black Mass, Gather around the radio for another chapter of Satanic Story Time, film premiere announcement, Magus Gilmore's Nativity observed & an interview on Interfaith Voices, Magister Nemo releases second recording on Greater Magic, the musical debut of Malform, The Invisible War: Black Dragon Division now available, Loki's Laughter resounds with discussions on various humorous devil-themed presentations, HELLE has returned, Canadian interviews on The Church of Satan, Magus Gilmore discusses Le Messe Noir, H. R. Giger tribute, commentary on an Islamic sect of religious psychopaths ... Old Nick commences with Satanic Sex Rites, Infernal Affairs interviews musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, step right up and take a gander at Jeremiah Crowe's Insufferable One Man Show!, and featuring a documentary on the eccentric talents of Dr. Birnbaum ... Walpurgisnacht Message from High Priest Magus Gilmore, High Priestess Magistra Nadramia on 9Sense Radio, Satan Wants You parody "recruitment" poster now available, The Devil's Diary XXII: Walpurgisnacht XLIX A.S. unleashed, Metal Invaders with HellOnWheels, 'An Eerie Spectrum' music video by Valentin Schwarz, Satanic Story Time for Walpurgisnacht, Maninblack Walpurgisnacht performance, Discovering The Satanic God recording by Magister Nemo, To Each His Own by Magus Gilmore, a Beaster performance, A multi-media art show event, Bloodfire Baphomet restocked, The Nightmare Engine 6 released, Forthcoming singles from Gyps Fulvus, a Burlesque event, Magus LaVey's Nativity commemorated, Magister Netherworld comments on Magus LaVey's Nativity ... The Collinsport Historical Society receives award, Darren Deicide performance photography & video, new literature including the April issue of Infernal Ink magazine unleashed, New deals & ASP Apparel items, Satanic Storytime turns to another chapter ... Church of Satan poster by Coop available! ... One Bigot passes ... Equinox regards, Slaughterhouse Records sampler CD ... The Satanic Witch bibliography project video ... Danse DeSade premieres in New York City, Soundtracks from David Williams ... Gilmore on Godzilla ... It's Satanic Story Time again!, Underworld Amusement releases two new titles, Dark Space CD available, 7th Annual Druid Film Festival ... Interview with Magus Gilmore on The Satanic Panic ... Magus Gilmore comments on The Craigslist Killer ... Lustful Lupercalia regards ... New Year Greeting, Take Note: New Church of Satan postal address, Threnody For Humanity by Magus Gilmore available again ... Wormlandscape by Valentin Schwarz, a VASCA Radio evolution, Death Punk Radio premieres on Radio Free Satan, Black Goat Rising ... a commentary on 'Satanic Monuments' by Magus Gilmore, .it's Satanic Story Time again!, Dark Star Collections prints, a Darren Deicide performance ... a devil-worshiping Death Metal Murder ... there are Lot Lice on the carnival grounds! ... Old Nick revisits the 666 High Mass, hypnotic accoutrements, VASCA Radio returns with metallic fortitude, RFS: the latest The Devil's Mischief & Lambert's Basement, Danse DeSade & Darren Deicide performances... plus much more at the Official Site! Regie Satanas!
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Satan Wants You | Those Curious New Cults | Child of Satan, Child of god | The Psychic World of California | Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sorcery, But Were Afraid To Ask | Giving The Devil His Due: Anton LaVey and The Church of Satan | Look magazine: Witches Are Rising | Occult America | Argosy: The Satanist Who Wants To Rule The World | RE/Search: Modern Primitives | Rolling Stone: Sympathy For The Devil | Straight From The Witch's Mouth: An Interview with Anton Szandor LaVey, High Priest and Founder of The Church of Satan
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