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Tales From The Shadowside


Tales From The Shadowside As seems to be common of wilderness environments, especially from those not living therein, all sorts of urban legends crop up which seem to be collective fears in general, thus the almost identical relations by 'witnesses'. At various points, I can see how people can imagine spectral formations in the trees, bushes, overgrown weeds, plants, darkened trenches, caves, or if urban structures, in windows, around corners, etc. Like gazing at shifting clouds, the brain's ability to "fill in the gaps", as it were, in an attempt to organize amorphous imagery, combined with the suggestion of a haunted spot, creates a most dramatic experience in those so inclined. So if you want a thrill, suspend disbelief, but if you want reality, apply speculation. Both can actually be appreciated in their respective roles.

The Broadway. Panorama City, CA 1/6/XLII

Traveled to this former Broadway 'Walmart' recently both to replace something and perform a cursory observation/investigation. There certainly is a sort of negative atmosphere present, both outside and inside this establishment. While coursing by various less populated sections therein, a certain sense of desolation pervades, especially evident near the restrooms and staff break rooms. Outside, one perceives a sort of cool malevolence overall.

As it happens, urban legends usually contain a nugget of truth to its origins.

LEGENDS: The ghost of a woman and the ghost of a little girl haunt the store on the 3rd floor. The woman can be spotted throughout the store, while a girl's laughter can be perceived on the 3rd floor.

FACT: A teenage boy was crushed by an elevator's counterweights while climbing out of the roof hatch after the elevator became stuck. His two friends survived by remaining within, awaiting rescue. The 3rd floor is not accessible via the regular elevators, but can be accessed by staff via an auxiliary elevator. The floor was closed shortly after the Beazer incident, and is now used for storage purposes.

However, whereupon embarking the elevator, I spotted an individual donned completely in black, with trenchcoat, which no one else seemed to notice. Could this have been Beazer?

CONCLUSION: Parapsychodramatic projections from fearful contemplation generate manifestations in the case of the woman and the girl.

* Local News in Brief:
Boy Killed in Elevator Accident Identified | Officials Tell of Youth's Fatal Flight From Stalled Elevator

xmas Evil

St. Krampus, Satan Klaus lingered on through to an eventful 25th, making His presence known in three distinct ways:

  • 6. The Skull: The Halloween Vampire skull glowed red even while turned off as it was being stored, even though there are three color selections, it remained on red every time.
  • 6. The Eggs: An acquaintance decided to microwave some eggs, whereupon peeling one, it exploded in his face, launching hot steam and eggshell about his eyes, resulting in burns.
  • 6. The Collision: The sounds of crunching metal on the street just outside the House reveals one vehicle slamming into another from behind, totaling it, and inciting a brief road rage incident as one driver admonished the other to exit the vehicle. Just then a Police unit pulls up and the scene is cleared within ten minutes. I viewed from the darkness of the porch with Samhain the cat. Turns out the collision involved neighbors who have been known to be obnoxious. ∞
12/13/XLI: Three interesting anomalous occurrences this day, as veritable confirmations of evolving, manifesting diabolical machinations to establish The-Is-To-Be, by fluxing energetic momentum:
  • 6. First, while attending to certain responsibilities, the large clock on the wall festooned at a waiting area within an office building did fall from the wall and smash onto the floor precisely at the moment I entered nearby while exiting from an appointment.
  • 6. Second, just about an hour later, a banging noise from a soda machine tank at a fast food establishment did loudly resonate as I stood there beside it, as if it was struck from within.
  • 6. Third, a lamp light bulb in the living room fizzled and burned out, emitting a strong immolation odor of fried electronics permeating the room. The orange flame emanation assumed a sustained cloudlike fireball slowly climbing within the length of the halogen bulb, likened a Jacob's Ladder, but with hellfire.

A Visitation...

It is interesting to consider some of the anomalies attributed to alleged spectral manifestation in the form of spots of light in the atmosphere as supposedly 'captured' at some reputed haunted environments. Not just the commonly filmed specks of reflected dust illuminated by the camera flash, typically attributed to ghostly presence, but small points of luminescence providing their own energy, usually accompanied by tales of poltergeist activity.

These have been witnessed, but out in nature historically called among other things, a "willow the wisp", which is probably abnormal atmospheric conditions conducive to such appearances. It is probably moreso these atmospheric conditions that should be focused upon, likely generated by bio-electric emanation post ritual, considering the last sighting immediately following a Walpurgisnacht rite; the expenditure coalescing in kind.

Well, just last evening, in the wake of another particularly-charged ritual, what should appear in the aftermath, but miniscule specks of black apparitions coursing through the air, which itself was still bristling with energy so as to be visible, and as if 'swimming' through the subtle morphing shadows which themselves expand and contract, flow and grow.

If these be gnats, then what of those with no discernible insectoid composition? These bits of dark matter, seen and unseen, dancing upon the ethers? Recognized by familiars as they stare into the darkness, The Dark Force in Nature... Brothers and Friends affirming the Magical Psychodrama of the Is-To-Be. ∞

The Curse of Candlemas

Interesting points to ponder. The expanse of a week prior and after Dracmas is always fraught with disaster and calamity. This year's "sacrifices" include:

  • A 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan during Dracmas; an appropriate numerage. There was actually a swarm of tremors all over the globe around the 'Ring of Fire' in the 24 hours leading up to and during the first of February, 2013; including South America, Asia, & Alaska.
  • A mysterious explosion in Mexico City at a "Pemex Oil" building with a death toll of 33.
  • On the 27th of January, a deadly fire erupted at a Santa Maria Brazilian nightclub, with a death toll of 232.
  • Judgement Day: As an additional contemplation, the Catholic Church was legally admonished to release an unprecedented amount of previously classified documentation in a judgement detailing the names of criminal clergy it had concealed, effectively striking a huge blow against blindlight deceit and hypocrisy. LA Cardinal Roger Mahoney was completely dismissed in disgrace for contributing to the sex scandal.
  • 2/3: Ex-Cop begins revenge killing spree in California, triggering one of largest manhunts in U.S. history.
  • 2/6: 8.0 Earthquake in The Solomon Islands triggers 1.5 meter high waves. Subsequent aftershocks measure 7.1 causing additional tsunamis. Several missing, thought dead.
  • 2/11: Lightning bolt strikes The Vatican, in lieu of recent forced sexual abuse revelations.
  • 2/13: Killer Cop commits suicide amidst flames in cabin.
  • 2/15: In the wake of the release of The Blackthorne Chronicles {V. 1} on 2/13, two cosmological events would occur. An asteroid would course near the earth, the closest passage in history, while on the same day, the 'Chelyabinsk' meteor would enter earth's atmosphere above the Russian skies in a sonic blast equivalent to 500 kilotons of energy, 20-30 times greater than Nagasaki & Hiroshima, leaving widespread damage & injuries.
Previous incidents on Dracmas week include:
  • A stampede in Year XXXVIII during the presumptuous so-called "stoning the devil" event in Mina, Saudi Arabia, claimed 251 "pilgrims". This predicament is also prone to fires, disease, theft, violence, and accidents.
  • The Columbia {XXXVII A.S.} & Challenger {XX A.S.} space shuttle disasters.

Seems certain Shadow Forces are exceptionally active therein. These are historic factual observations on the anomele of "Candlemas Evil". ∞

>Folklorically, known variously as the Pagan "Imbolc", and subsequent "Candlemas", this is traditionally observed by others on the 1st and 2nd of February, an observance of Midwinter, with displays of candled crowns of flame.

Satanically, the High Draconian Holiday of Dracmas was ascribed in personal observance of the Nativity of The Black Draegon; as such, can even be likened the Sabbatic Baphomet's crown of hellfire, lust and purification/renewal, undefiled wisdom.

The Cecil Hotel
640 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

The true history of the city of dark angels & Hollywood Noir is far from the pretentious depictions fostered by the mainstream media. When you dig a bit deeper, behind the veil of herd icons, movies, & starry-eyed folklore, the real history is a mysterious and shadowy one. Here is one such account.

The Cecil Hotel runs with blood. Containing a dark history of murder, suicide, & rape, historically located in an area once fertile with erotic entertainment, it had since fallen into crime-ridden surroundings, but has recently been undergoing renovations.

Perhaps these anomalies are elements of The Combination Lock Principle at work*.

  • Serial Killer The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez stayed on the 14th floor {which was actually the 13th floor; see below}, disposing of bloody clothing after a night of 'sacrifice', remaining in a small room sometimes for days, playing loud music.
  • Murdering Journalist "The Vienna Strangler" Jack Unterweger stayed there while on assignment, suffocating, mutilating, & torturing prostitutes, presumably deriving first hand experience about the subject of crime in L.A.
  • Plagued with suicides & unsolved murders, The Black Dahlia resided there before her corporeal bisection.
  • Many people lept to their deaths, whereupon in one instance, impacting with a passing pedestrian.
  • "The Pigeon Lady of Pershing Square" Goldie Osgood was raped and killed in her room.
  • The nude corpse belonging to Canadian tourist 'Elisa Lam' was found up in a water tank on the roof weeks after death, obstructing the building's water flow, and necrotically filtering into the system. Residents complained of low water pressure, & dark, strange tasting water. The last recorded moments of her life on an elevator camera shows her acting frantic, panicked, afraid, as if being chased, waving her hands and acting as if 'speaking' to someone or something not apparent. Interestingly, a recent outbreak of tuberculosis was named 'Lam-Elisa', presumably in honor of the then-missing girl.
  • Billed as having fourteen floors, it actually has thirteen, since the number is 'hidden' because of the nefarious connotation. Other hotels in the area also practice this fear.
  • Originally advertised as containing 700 available rooms, it now admits to 600. There is a room 666 therein.
  • Occultist Aleister Crowley resided at The Cecil when visiting Los Diablos. Intriguingly, at the time, it was alleged that he was in 'communication' with a being named "Lam" {Tibetan term for "The Path"; resembling a "graylien"} Perhaps this may be a "tulpa" thought-form since haunting the premises.
  • Interesting to note, the film 'Dark Water' contains many synchronicities with this haunted hotel. For instance, the name of the little girl is "Cessie" {short for 'Cecilia'}; The ghost girl perished in a water tank on the roof; water issues forth black & unsteady. Set in a downtown area.

Taking The Law of The Trapezoid* into consideration, the architecture features an overhang decorating the circumference of the roof, as if 'looking down' upon the street, while two elongated red signs flank the building like red arms welcoming the unwary inside. The fire escape located on the right appears like a lightning bolt jutting down earthward, while the main door sign above the entrance displays two grating decorations on either side of the title, giving the impression of grates that would be on the sidewalk.

The lobby has been remodeled with classic European style decor, including statues and elegant Romanesque/Grecian elements. The interior is a labyrinth of thin, dimly-lit hallways leading to small open areas with cottage-like windows with a view of the dark city below, accessed via virtually "hidden" elevators, which are unobtrusive, essentially looking like the room doors, which could possibly be missed were it not for the floor number displays above the entryway; and otherwise via an open spiral staircase giving the impression of a vertigo effect upon the observer. There are subtle differences per floor, although floors feature rich, dark coloration and preserved Noir charm. There is one hallway with nothing but a window at the end of it, as if someone could take a running leap straight through.

There definitely seems to be Dark Forces at work here. Personally, I would not recommend residing here for vacation or tourist purposes, but perhaps only for investigative exploration. Should you wish to stay at The Cecil while visiting Hell-A for a night of haunted experience, call 1-800-666-2691. ∞

*See The Devil's Notebook; Anton Szandor LaVey.



Had an interesting time returning to The Cecil Hotel recently to take some photos and gain some personal experience & perspective walking the property. It indeed has a very nice lobby, restored statuary and enhanced decor, Noir architecture, and a pleasant atmosphere, which one walks into right off the bat through the front doors. I perceived olfactory stimulus while walking to the elevators from the in-house eatery therein, along with a lemony cleaning scent. Some nice black chairs are positioned about tables in the lobby, but entering was an eye catcher, with a mural of some beach-like paradise between two ornate columns, as if peering through and down to the shore, while on the other side, a framed portrait of sailboats on the water.

We decided to travel up to the 9th floor. The elevators are rather small, and would be constricting with more than two aboard, and as a matter of fact, there is NO 13th floor listed on the floor buttons. So when you reach the 14th floor, you are actually on the 13th. Watching that video of the ill-fated tourist, the girl must have been very tiny, as Asians tend to be.

So just for the morbid fun of it, I walked into the same little space she was in, when lo and behold, the same tile that was in that video is the very same which is on the 9th floor - so it was a rather intriguing set of synchronicity to be sure. I took a brief walk around the floor, noting the thin, gloomy maze-like hallways and view from the cottage-like windows where several may have taken their final plunge, if not within their rooms; and the very subtle elevator doorways which look like just another room door. No visitors are allowed, and we were not doing so, which afforded some time to familiarize oneself with the surroundings.

A notable dynamic with the elevators is in its settling upon the respective level, the ratio upon which it travels slows to an almost vertigo effect with a sensation of sinking beyond the floor upon one is standing.

The accommodations have been stated as questionable, but the lobby and hallways seem clean with a fresh renovated look and feel. But what happens when the sun goes down... ? ∞

Devil's Gate
Pasadena, CA | Arroyo Seco

LEGEND: 1. There is a rock formation underneath the Colorado St. "suicide bridge" in Pasadena which resembles a demonic profile. 2. Occult rituals are performed here & is a portal to Hell. 3. Since the ritual, several people have gone missing in the vicinity, never to be found again. 4. The "suicide bridge" saw an exponential rise in deaths since the ritual was performed.

1. TRUE. There is in fact a rock formation located at the appropriately named "Devil's Gate" dam in Pasadena which resembles the profile of The Devil, with clearly discernible horns, nose, eyes, & chin. A black wrought-iron gate remains closed before a dark tunnel. The wilderness area surrounding this natural anomele remains cloaked in mystery, & there certainly is an energy present, radiating an eerie atmosphere.

2. TRUE: One of the founders of JPL no doubt used the spot for localized rituals, considering it a natural vortex primarily because of the diabolical landscape. Devil's Gate was also used for rocket testing purposes, and if you peruse the area thoroughly enough, several interesting objects and structures are present, such as a makeshift obstacle course, strange pillars, and an obfuscated cabin-like edifice buried in foliage.

His most infamous ritual took place at Area 51, & has been documented that a Babalon Working did in fact take place with the purpose of creating a so-called "moon child", which included John Whiteside Parsons {who is indeed the founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, being a rocket scientist by trade, and serious occultist.

As a matter of fact, JPL is located within eyesight of Devil's Gate dam - apparently, he needed to stay close to his endeavors}; Acting as priest and his consort, accompanied by a redhead nicknamed "the scarlet lady" with which the conception was to take place, the ritual was enacted. Other attendants claimed to have seen "something shadowy" pass through the portal created. This "moon child" was to be an 'antichrist' figure said to usher in a new age of occult enlightenment.

3. TRUE. Several unexplained disappearances have been reported, including Tommy Bowman, a boy hiking disappeared after rounding a corner, who after an exhaustive search by mounted patrols, helicopters, bloodhounds and professional trackers, turned up nothing. Bruce Kremen, a YMCA camper was next to disappear. who after resting from a hike with the group, vanished in an instant.

In another earlier report, up at the Azusa portion of The Arroyo Seco, Donald Lee Baker & Brenda Howell, two children were murdered by a freeway worker & serial killer named Mack Ray Edwards, and buried underneath concrete. The case went unsolved for 13 years until the confession. Sentenced to the gas chamber, the killer instead opted to hang himself in his jail cell.

4. TRUE. The hauntingly beautiful Colorado Street "suicide bridge" is infamous for a continuing series of suicides since its birth in 1913, but it was after this rite that numbers multiplied dramatically, as if the area was somehow more so drawing those so inclined, and perhaps not so much so, towards their doom. It has been postulated that these, along with the disappearances, may be "sacrifices" to feed the dark forces released on the day of the ritual.

It is said that the very archways of this veritable "Hell Bridge", particularly that framing Devil's Gate, may serve as an entryway for nefarious energies.

The repercussions are also said to extend beyond to The "Haunted/Enchanted Forest", which has also been the site of various paranormal activity as well, including shadowy forms in the trees, the sensation of being pursued, unexplainable earthly vibrations, and specterous sightings. ∞

The Queen Mary
{Long Beach, CA}

Also known as "The Grey Ghost", I have been to this magnificent luxury liner on a couple of occasions, and I must say, that I did actually experience some rather "interesting" occurrences. These were experienced as a Dracling, as I accompanied a parent thereof, where he routinely would attend various conferences and conventions around Los Diablos:

The Pool Girl

It is said that a little girl haunts the lower deck where the pool is located. That her voice and laughter echoes on through time, This was a little girl named "Jackie" said to have drowned therein, where she has been spotted playing around the area. In My own experience, let us say that I did perceive what seemed to have been a smallish white apparition, like a cloud in what may have been a baby doll dress, and it was the reputed sounds of laughter that initially attracted Me to the area, where I had not previously heard of the legend.

The Ghostly Crew

Being rather rambunctious and enthused about being here, I took to wandering around the entire ship, inspecting the souvenir shops and theaters thereon {one of which was presenting a Marilyn Monroe impersonator show}, when after a couple of hours, dusk began to settle in, and I wondered where my father had gone to. I asked an employee, so the next thing I knew, I was seated in a darkened location, I believe somewhere in the crew's quarters, when eventually, it was as if the fabric of space and time began to as if shift, deriving the impression of being upon this ship in its hey-day. The atmosphere assumed a hazy white phosphorescence, as if in a mist. Even whatever crew I spotted assumed uniforms from what appeared to be from the early 20th century, circa WW2. At one point, a man in a sailor's uniform gazed into the room from around a corner where there was none, as if he had peered through the wall from where an entrance may have been before the remodeling.

Door 13

At another point while wandering about, I did actually traverse into that infamous "Door 13" located by the engine room, where two men had been crushed to death on two separate occasions. There was a definite cold gust sensation thereabouts.

Additionally, I can also attest to the strange "knocks", "bumps", and slamming doors being pervasive, in those quiet areas about the ship, as if "someone" {a 'poltergeist'?} was directly on the other side following one's stride... As a matter of fact, all during the visit, one derives the feeling of not only being "watched", but followed.

She made her final voyage on December 9th, 1967, where she has been docked in Long Beach harbor ever since. In its 13 "Bride and Baby voyages" {where she would transport said occupants to visit their fathers}, The Queen Mary has claimed 49 lives to date. Now a landmark and tourist attraction, she now resides as a hotel and museum featuring restaurants, tours, shoppes, and exhibits, including a Halloween show called Ship Wreck.

{In case you were wondering, father eventually appeared, and off we went home.}

Galster Park
West Covina, CA [Website]

Legend: The long-standing legend states, in a very Freddy Krueger-like manner, that this location derived its nefarious reputation when children began going missing due to some maniac abducting and killing them in the early 19th century. Since then many alleged apparitions have been reported mainly dealing with ghostly children manifesting {one with burn scars}, disembodied cries or sounds of laughter, and a shadowy form said to be that of the perpetrator himself, long since deceased, appearing at different points along the trails of Galster Park.

I have hiked through its trails of easy terrain on a couple of occasions, and found it to actually be rather pleasant for constitutionals, especially around sunset, when the least amount of any other potential hikers would be present, probably due to the legend, and some rather unpleasant confrontations others have reported with 'gang' types in the past, which I have not had a problem with. As a matter of fact, the type tend to avoid Me.

Since this investigation, the park has undergone some renovations and is subject to a recreation center on the property. Now there is an 'official' paved trail recommended for sightseers and amateur hikers, although independent hikers can still make their own way thereabouts.

Zelda's Pit {A.K.A. Zelda's Tunnel}
Covina, CA

Zelda's PitLegend: In the 1920's, a young girl named Zelda was abducted by cultists, taken deep into the tunnels and sacrificed. Now, if anyone dares venture too deep therein, they never emerge again, as they are supposedly sacrificed by Zelda. Thus, the alleged victim has become the victimizer. Otherwise, those who manage to emerge at the other side are said to go insane. Phantom bells and whispers have also been reported.

Located in delightfully overgrown {ergo, 'spooky'} Wingate Park, "Zelda's Pit" is an entryway to a series of subterranean drainage tunnels nearby some train tracks, which may explain the bells. Locating it is moderately difficult, but can be spotted by some vandalism arraying the circumference of the opening, continuing inside. Along with the legend, it was also known in certain circles to be a place where adolescents went to carouse. Besides the typical graffiti eyesores, there are also a couple of crudely-drawn attempts at pentagrams and inverse crosses deeper therein, as well as evidence of lower subhuman life-forms who have ventured therein. Perhaps now a stoner and devil-worshiper-type hangout.

Since this investigation, sections of Wingate Park were 'renovated' and is now known as Kahler Russell Park. In the late 90's, it was closed-down by the city for subsequent development.

Spadra Cemetery
{A.K.A., "Old Settler’s Cemetery", Pomona, CA}

Located near train tracks and a freeway, and set about 200 feet from the road, relatively hidden from view, that the casual passer-by would miss this intriguing location, is Spadra Cemetery, an odd little bone yard dating back to the 1800’s, complete with a rust-worn decrepit sign. Having an abandoned look to it, a couple of tombstones are actually toppled over.

Myself and a couple of acquaintances had entered this rather intimate cemetery one crisp autumn evening for a perusal into this legendary graveyard. As tends to be the case, an eerie silence graces this memorial park, spanning only about a couple of blocks in diameter, yet when one enters, one receives the impression of a vast, desolate, and windswept environment, reminiscent of an Old Western horror movie.

There is a pleasant grove of willow trees shielding the place from freeway view and semi-circling from within. It is from here that the supposed sounds of phantom footsteps and crashings have emanated This over-looming spot may also very well be a salacious spot for carnal indulgence as well.

I have long-since heard of various haunted activity occurring here, from the shadow of a man believed to be that of ’James Fryer’ seen sometimes disappearing into his tombstone, and if visitors become unruly, a sensation of being stabbed, pushed, or strangled is claimed to have been felt by those who misbehave.

A mysterious hot wind manifests, followed by sensations of tugging at clothing and the laughter of ghostly children "Bertie & Ernest", to being tripped. Objects dematerialize from one location, only to reappear in another one nearby which had not yet been visited, as if leading the observer to take a tour. Humorously, I have heard of someone leaving their beverage on a tombstone, only to have it reappear on another plot at the other end of the property.

The Blake Family graves yield a nurturing maternal woman protectively embracing young women who near there, accompanied by the scent of floral perfume.

The cemetery has since sadly been closed for renovation due to vandalism, and is cared for the Pomona Renovation Society, to be re-opened when proper measures have been attended to. The nearby Blake Mansion has recently been opened for tours, which had for a long time been considered haunted as well {with a splendid view of Spadra Cemetery}, and now provides the interested with the veritable {educational} ghosts of history.

The Haunted / Enchanted Forest

Based on an actual location in the haunted Pasadena / Altadena hills just beyond "suicide bridge" {see below} on the premesis of 'Cobb Estate'. A unlikely nook reveals the ruins of a black iron gate, seemingly out of place, set in a crumbling wall which leads into the shadowy wilderness beyond. An abandoned asylum {which can be located by following unused rusted train tracks}, and a mansion {said to have been owned by The Marx Brothers} reside therein.

As to be expected of wilderness environments, rumors and urban mythology have developed, granting it a nefarious reputation including ghosts, orbs, being touched by invisible hands, some have claimed to have been tripped, the feeling of being watched and pursued, and the sounds of screaming children have been allegedly heard. The occasional howls of local coyotes also adds to its mysterious allure.

Of the times I have visited, I found quite a pleasant spot underneath a huge and gnarled tree which has grown over some broken cement structure, nearby an erect stone edifice resembling a monolith. From that vantage point, one may overlook the city lights in the distance. It has also been known to be a spot of salacious entertainment.

Suicide Bridge

Colorado Street "Suicide Bridge": Aesthetically beautiful "old world" architecture, ornamented stone railings, columns and archways, complete with lamp posts emitting eerie sepia lighting.

Since December 13th, 1913 c.e., this bridge located as part of 'Route "666"', has been the sight of over 100 documented suicides. It is claimed that on certain nights, one can sometimes perceive a ghostly couple in the midst of a deadly argument. Other accounts relate that they are dancing together, with a small child holding a stuffed toy nearby. Another tale tells of a ghosty lady walking over the edge of the bridge, and yet another story relates a phantom vehicle plunging over the side.

Oakdale Cemetery
Glendora, CA

Upon entering this beautiful cemetery, besides the decibel level of the blare decreasing, one notes the marked change in temperature from the outside world of the living - it is at least 10 degrees cooler therein - a remarkable effect I have noticed with all the cemeteries I have visited, in fact. The realm of the dead does provide for a stark contrast to that experienced on a normal level amongst the herd, as infrequent being amongst them is, that is. With very few exceptions, forget the pre-made "recreation parks" made for the herd to graze & recline - cemeteries offer a kind of peace to the living uncompared to those. It can be an ideal place to study, meditate, compose, draw, paint, or even picnic, as a matter of fact. It definitely does provide for a comparison between one's incarnation & those excarnate below. Plus, those 'living' that are present are donned in black.

Swans placidly swim gracefully on a black pond round a stone fountain at the edge of the place, providing quite a welcoming environment for peace & quiet. I was accompanied by a former girlfriend on this overcast afternoon, & we began to peruse the grounds, reading some of the inscriptions on the stones, noticing some pentagrams & compasses, which we realized were Masonic graves, as represented in the 'eastern star', lest some become confused & misleadingly think these are 'satanic' graves.

One of the humorous & ironic stones was one chiseled into the shape of a cross, with the word "Crook" at its base, not to mention another which read "Graves". Besides this, we took our seat underneath a weeping willow & unfolded our rations for the afternoon. Now, before anyone believes this is somehow 'disrespectful', I think that this is actually a nice change from the constant morbidness expressed day in & day out occurring here, which is understandable, but I think the residents may have appreciated a little 'life' for a change.

As My companion & I began to converse, we began noticing movement out of the corners of our eyes, particularly someone in a red sweater darting in & out from between trees & gravestones. It appeared to be a young fellow, perhaps in his teens, with short blonde hair, although he did not come near, we began receiving subtle impressions. This was not an actual flesh & blood person, mind you, as I did look about & noticed there was no one around at the time. As it happened, we were seated a few feet from a couple of graves with pictures on them of two individuals who had died in the 70's. We agreed that they were, of all things, KISS fans, & that they had perished in a van on a night back from a concert. From there on, we began receiving these impressions, & she was practically "conversing" with 'them', asking this & that, but what was even more incredible, was that we both eventually noticed IMPRESSIONS on the grass where someone might be seated, then the smell of cigarette smoke began to permeate the atmosphere.

Later on, we decided to have more of a look around, & passed by the infant section with its many small graves, & began to hear silent whimpering sounds thereabouts.

Since then, I have returned two more times to enjoy the environment & the interesting phenomenon occurring there, which is not isolated to this cemetery, but seems to be a general constant at many if not all others.

The Hollywood Roosavelt Hotel: A Ghostly Adventure

I spent two nights at The Hollywood Roosavelt Hotel in Year XXXI A.S. with two lovely ladies - a brunette and a redhead. I arrived there at about 8pm, was delightfully greeted by the two, who had requested My company - the event was the redhead's birthday. I perused the main floor a bit, observing the walls with its many photographs of bygone days, primarily of the Noir Era. After about an hour of perusing, we headed up to our room, where we sat & talked about several things, & waited for midnight to come along so we could begin our ghost-sighting adventure. I had heard that this hotel was haunted by the specter of Marilyn Monroe - that her ghost appears in a mirror on the first floor. I located the mirror, stood before it, waited for a few moments, & detected what resembled a veil floating above My head, & even a faint outline of what appeared to be a human form. Satisfied with this, we walked over to the back area where the pool & outdoor lounge area is. Immediately, even though it was about 1am, I received the distinct impression of being out in daylight, at about high noon, with the murmurings of people lounged about the premesis, women clad in those classic swimsuits, & the men in theirs. We walked around there for a time, as I relayed My perceptions to My two companions. We wandered over to the garden area, where an ornate white fountain stands, where someone had placed a couple of roses.

Next, we went up to the 11th floor, where it is rumored that one can faintly detect a trumpet playing from one of the rooms, where a big-band musician would practice. No luck on that one, but we did take a gander at the marvelous scenery from a balcony, overlooking Hollywood Blvd.

On the 7th floor, it is rumored that one can hear the recitations of an actor memorizing his lines, as he paced back & forth through the hallways. To this, I must say, I did hear something with an excitable disposition - this was at about 2:30 am. Yet it was not originating from any particular direction, but seemed to encompass the entire walkway of the floor. We did remark that there were a couple of "cold spots" thereabouts as well - as a matter of fact, there are many places throughout the hotel which contain these. Places where no draft should be. At about 3:00 am, we decided to retire back to our room, where we rounded out this ghostly activity with an indulgent partaking of the flesh.

Mulholland Drive

Being nearby, I indulged in a wonderful trip through Mulholland Drive yesterday, a reputedly haunted road, and with us cruising along its serpentine coarse, it assuredly was. Urban legends range from a headless hitchhiker to a phantom car leading the unwary to their doom, to Mafia activity, & the disposal of corpses. Willow trees give the visual illusion of hanging bodies here and there in their boughs. Amusingly, while driving through, a clearly discernible scream was heard nearby.

Darkened canyon locations tend to have nefarious reputations, & it is pleasing to absorb the rich earthen energy they emit. There is definitely a certain 'atmosphere' here, especially appreciated at dusk. Spotted was a tree bedecked with a memorial to those who perished thereabouts, and stating "SLOW DOWN or Rest In Peace", serving as a veritable memento mori to travelers.

Overlooking Universal City {containing Universal Studios frequented many times at camp, a wonderful collection of total environments therein} to one side of the mountain, to Hollywood on the other, this is the preferred 'scenic route' from the San Fernando Valley to Hollywood, like Turnbull Canyon is from Hacienda Heights to Whittier. Just arriving at the entrance to this dubious section of the city is quite an evocation for Myself, considering all of the recognizable locations from Dracling fane, the sights of familiar shadows in the gloom, the scents of nature overgrown at its best, & the sounds of teeming crickets & coyotes, of magical recollection; Studio City at the foot of the hills, Laurel Canyon at the end of the trail to the west. This combined with the gawking tourists, a dog park {warning of mountain lions in their midst}, and some splendid homes nestled in the hills, many ivy-covered beauties accessed by lantern-lit long driveways, provides a charming contemplation to enjoy.

We found a nice point on a cliff, where one feels like one is on top of the world, to gaze out upon the panorama before us. So as the night gently unfolded its wings across the darkening sky, we slowly made our way through the harrowed canyon in blissful rumination, as the leaves begin to turn towards Autumn. It feels like Halloween again... ∞

Considering the Perigee-Syzygy Moon, it seemed very appropriate for a return to the wilderness environment of haunted Mulholland Drive to enjoy the sights, but not just before opening the Rite of The Full Moon to further enhance the Magical atmosphere steadily increasing.

Into the blackness of the canyon we traveled, deeper into urban legend, relishing the cool night winds. Upon finding a pleasant enough spot, again gazing out upon the black earth, now glistening in opalescent countenance, while the lycans howled in the hills, and the sinful vices of Hellwood reigned below. Luna's glow only obscured in brief moments by blackened clouds drifting by, and was fully absorbed.

Upon the return to The Noctuary, still bristling with the commemoration & celebration of Solstice, further indulgence awaited before and after, a Feast for The Beast, with empowerment attained. ∞

Judas Ghost!

While we're on the subject, the question has arisen as to whether or not I have actually ever "seen" a 'ghost'. Besides that peripherally spotted at Oakdale Cemetery, the Answer is a subjective "yes". This is what happened - about a month or two after the destruction of a particularly obnoxious organism, while enjoying the night at Satan's Hollow, I perceived what I thought looked like this individual manifesting in mist, in a whitened countenance, slowly uplifting his arms, while attired in what appeared to be the costume the "Judas" character wore in the film "Jesus Christ Superstar", which then dissipated into the night. This was particularly amusing considering the nature of his offense, and he certainly got what he deserved. Before any question arises about his "spiritual" inclinations, he considered himself to be a so-called "Palero"; that is to say, a practitioner of Palo Mayombe, and Santeria. So take that how you will. To Me, this "apparition" was a reminder and further confirmation of the diabolic justice applied.


The night before last as I was preparing to go on The Constitutional to the mailbox, the overhead fandelier began slowly oscillating. The fan was not on any setting whatsoever, except for completely off, yet it began moving at an eerie speed until eventually stopping completely.

This seems to have been due to an overflow energy emission from the top of My head and overall, which was apparently enough to activate the fan, or at least move the blades on an AC level! Like a Tesla principle! Also resembles telekinetic ['telectric'] activity.

I don't think this was a phantom wind, nor a ghostly manifestation, for I did not perceive a presence, or any such sensation this time, but a bio-electric emanation effecting the mechanism. I was "psyching" Myself up to go at the time, after all, such as I'm The Devil and I do what I want!

PSI: Therefore, upon considerations of other options, it is determined that it was indeed a psychic manifestation!

I truly cherish these happenings!

Hellwinds Daemonic Visitation

As I was resting late yesterday afternoon, in Satanic Meditation, I would perceive an encompassing rolling sonic emanation, a vibration seemingly moving around The House. I derived the impression that it is definitely Daemonic Energy in origin. These are The Gates of Hell after all! And the Chamber is the Hellmouth portal! It greatly reminds Me of a previous visit. But while that was a seemingly contained personification with hoofsteps, this was an encompassing Dark Force, a diabolical energy mass slowly floating through the atmosphere. I will consider this an affirmation of The Gates dynamically active here, and empowerment and an Infernal Blessing. Definitively doing something correct to illicit such a reaction, like a lightning rod of the paranormal! Hexcellent!

Strange Sightings...

Every time one travels along the expanse of mountainous regions between Los Diablos and Sin City, the environment assumes a surreal Dali-like quality to it, very pleasingly enigmatic to the eyes, now and then one notices what appears to actually be certain faux hills, in which one can almost perceive openings in the sides of these, emanating lights from within, perhaps supported by grand metal skeletal structures, for experimental aircraft to make their rounds.

Upon the last excursion to The Mad Greek, traveling upon Zzyzx Road {perhaps where all those "lost items" end up}, and upon inspecting a photograph taken of the road to accentuate the eeriness of the exhilarating nocturnal experience [see right; top/middle center], it has been since noticed what appears to be a triangular light arrangement in the air - three perfectly positioned lights as if festooned upon a stealth craft - this marks the third time I have personally spotted this type of craft: the first in the wee hours at a former residence, the second while on a hike, and now this incident while on a drive.

Upon traveling deep into this area, where the public road near Area 51 is identical for miles and miles {which also contain thin pathways to various unseen locations besides}, where such terrain may lend to the impression of 'lost time'; while heading back, an interesting enigma was spotted - what appeared to be a giant humanoid form reaching forth towards the automobile, emerging from some underground opening which retracted its stretch upon being spotted, which lends to the speculation that not only are some of the surrounding hillsides possibly manufactured, but portions of the land as well, concealing hidden panels to expansive installations beneath the seemingly innocuous landscape, where all manner of experiments may be taking place, including genetic ones. Could this giant form have been the result of creating the perfect soldier? A cyborg? Alien hybrid?

It should be understood that 'environmental laws' are suspended for this restricted area, and for good reason, which would be the only way to progress technology, where it may be responsibly contained and evolved. I or one fully support the efforts of these governmental tests which are appropriately covert to remain ahead lest enemies become privy, and to avoid hysteria, through the use of misdirection.

I have not revealed all with these observations... madness is sanity... back into the night we go...

Night Light: A Visit from Willow The Wisp for Walpurgisnacht

V/III/XLV: While enjoying the night at Satan's Hollow, I desired to experience a strong breeze, and concentrated upon feeling it brushing over My flesh, calling upon the name of Lucifer, the Hellement of Air, when a breeze did transpire, but what should appear a little while later, but what appeared to be a phosphorescent grayish mist at a distance of a few feet. A flash in the air {likened "ignis fatui"}, like lightning accompanied with a pleasant sensation. I received the impression of fortuitous things to come, a Satanic Blessing, confirming a previous Working, similar to the sensation I received when I once "asked" The Forces of Darkness to grant Me Power one Walpurgisnight at a former Lair, which was shortly met with a strong gust of wind suddenly manifesting from a still night.

I realize this as a projection from one's psyche reflecting upon the atmosphere according to The Will, utilizing emotionally-inducing symbology causing desired reverberation.

The Legend of Haunted Turnbull Canyon
Hacienda Heights / Whittier, CA

Enter At Your Own Risk! Another local spot which has developed a haunted reputation. Ironically, the very 'entrance' to the area there resides Blackthorne Productions' primary post office!

Upon some research on the subject, I found the following well-written essay on a message board of all places. I feel it deserves a more stable spot, and will be preserved here.


Whittier founder William Workman commits suicide, due to political skullduggery.

ghosts {Indians, children}

Area founded by Spaniards on the bloodshed of local Indians. Abandoned orphanage 'shacks' where children were allegedly abused and killed; rumors of a cult sacrificing them on a rock on panoramic '360' hill.

"satanic cults"*

Alleged sporadic spotting of dark robed figures with torches, and shadowy forms appearing around the area; abandoned homes used for rituals, and devil-worship-type vandalism.

Strange Creatures

Claim: Seen crossing the twisting roads, sometimes resembling large heavily-furred rodents or cats. There are bobcats in the area as well as bears.

Insane Asylum / Mental Hospital

The abandoned structure there stands. Edifice destroyed by a fire, allegedly patrolled by an early 19th century police car.

The Dead Pools / Blood Pools

Across the way from The Asylum, are these empty pools where bodies and animal carcasses have been found. Belonging to houses which have been burned down. Sometimes frequented by skateboarders, until finally covered over.

The Nightstalker House

Claim: The porch light never extinguishes, quiet screams can be heard, behind black iron gate. Research yielded the following comment:

"...according to myth, his house, although abandoned, is still standing, even though many say it was torn down. It resides in Hacienda Heights. According to stories I've heard, if you slowly pass by it at night, you can hear screams, but you must be very quiet! Also, although the house is abandoned, and has been abandoned for years, the porch light never turns off. I've been to his house which is locked up by a huge black rod iron gate. The house resides on a twisty and curvy VERY DARK road close to Turnbull Canyon."

Old Graveyard

Claim: Traveling a certain distance will reveal an old graveyard stemming back from pioneer days.

Actually, if one hikes deeply enough, one will eventually arrive at the outskirts of Rose Hills Memorial Park, near Rio Hondo College, where the oldest parts of the cemetery are located, containing magnificent obelisks, ornate headstones, and beautifully-gothic crypts, unlike modern variations, which are sadly just plain markers and plaques.


Personal experience of the omnipresent 'black sound' more felt that heard on a hike. Eminating overhead, eventually surrounding the area. Black pyramid variation, probably secret governmental project sometimes seen in isolated locations. A variation in stealth technology.

The Hanging Tree

A body is said to be seen from time to time hanging from a tree while driving along the road.

Gravity Hill

There are a couple of variations on this story. One version relates that some children died on this spot due to a train collision into their school bus. So now whenever someone parks too near the train tracks, the vehicle is 'pushed' out of harm's way. Another version states a couple of girls perished after a night of intoxication. Supposedly, small hand prints can be detected on the rear bumper. Some have sprinkled talcum powder thereon to reveal the prints clearer.

This anomele also takes place at other parts of the road, wherein if one leaves their vehicle in neutral, it will slowly creep uphill. Some conjecture it is an optical illusion on the landscape.


As to the eerie sensation, there definitely is 'something' to it - a certain Dark Force energy which is invigorating, and the stimulating mysteries which surround this locale adds to its intriguing nature. Despite the legendry, some of which actually adds to the experience, a slow drive along its darkened snake-like roads provides for quite an empowering contemplation.

* see The Satanic Panic Archive. Note: Satanism does not condone illegal activity, and discourages criminal behavior. Responsibility to the responsible.

The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon

The Dark Side

Black Book of Shadows P R O F I L E S


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