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R_acrosticRise from the dead & become reborn
Breath of the Devil, alive in Satan
Unholy water upon thy brow
The flames of Hades burn in your eyes...
in your eyes... in your eyes...

The year is 1331 Secluded Temple in the woods
Bizarre French Abbey covered in ivy
Wealth & riches dwell within
Jocques DeMolay presiding
Baphomet-Satan reigns supreme
Unholy kingdom, Palace of Sin
Orgies, banquets, pleasures of life
Joyous frivolity under the knife
Blaspheming the crucifix
Exalting The Pentagram
Cult of the flesh
Travelling on the Devil's Pass...

Ceremony of the Stifling Air
Enter into the coffin
Awaken unto your true self
Emerge anew, a Knight Templar
Renounce the foolishness of the past
Now god is dead & Satan lives
Immortal fierce Satanic Pride
Rob the martyrs of their souls
Break the arms of the cross
Laugh aloud, sardonic wrath
Baptism in the bloodbath...

King Phillip IV feared for his throne
Pope Clement V prayed to his god
Templars brought before the court
Accused of heresy & witchcraft
Convicted by ignorance
Sentenced to burn at the stake
DeMolay speaks grim words of curse...

"Death to the tyrant! And unto the hypocrites! My death foretells My return... the flames shall set Me free! My shadow will cover this land once again. & bring you pain & agony...!"

The King suffered a horrible fate
Royal blood shed on the chopping block
The Pope fell down the steps of his chapel
Plunged to his death with no-one the wiser
Ghostly laughter from beyond the grave
Resounds through the abandoned castle
Dark visaged phantom still roams the abbey
Smiling reminder of DeMolay

A poetic recounting of the events which occurred in 1331 with the secret society of The Knights Templar, and the betrayal of the puppet-Pope and King of the time.

Opvs Noctvm

Suspend Disbelief...

Satanic Serenades by Draconis BlackthorneSatanic Serenades are Infernal Reflections upon both vital existence and mythology, written in a beautiful, sometimes terrifying polemical, imaginative Gothic style, which inspires contemplation and darkest entertainment. Both fictional and non-fictional concepts are contained herein as veritable “diabolical psalms” for those who resonate to The Satanic perspective, and appreciate the sinister aesthetic.

Divided into several sections, the black heart poetry of Satanic Serenades features odes, observations, and experiences which will manifest the Dark Side of the mind. Also features The Legend of Haunted Devil’s Canyon, a poetic horror anthology based upon frightening urban legends.

Suspend disbelief, relax in your blackened candle-lit chamber, as the night unfolds, the fog rolls in, and be taken into a Theater of Nightmares and Shadowy Dreams.

Your Hellish journey is about to begin... you have been warned... Enter at your own risk!

Satanic Serenades by Draconis Blackthorne

NOW AVAILABLE & Unleashed on Friday the 13th of the 13th year, this pictorial, illustrated edition features poems accompanied by artwork to further accentuate the foreboding travels into the inner mind and outer world.

Codex  Noctvm: Satanic Serenades

Your journey is about to begin…
Satanthology by Draconis Blackthorne

You travel along Route 666 where many strange & wonderful things can be seen once your eyes accustom to the darkness herein. The Devil’s pikestaff road sign emerges up from Hell directing you to your next destination throughout the Four corners of The Black Earth. Make your choice:


Fantasy & reality are blurred in these shadowy dimensions, where the nightmares of your mind project onto reality, creating a world of invigorating terror!

No turning back! ∞

The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon

The Legend of Devil Lake

Devil's Gate

Bloodthorn Manor

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The Dark Side