EVIL EVOCATIONS: Atmosfearic psychodramatic musickal selections to enhance the ritual & Lair environment. Eerie ambiance to activate paranormal permutations, stir the ether, and establish the sinister connection. Shadowmantic Musickal manifestations inspired by dæmonic forces.

Show Episodes: 0. Introduction. I. Jack The Ripper. II. The Infernal Empire. III. Various. IV. The Moon / Night.V. Martial Arts. VI. The Devil In Metal I. VII. Cthulhu.VIII. Halloween. Halloween ghosts.IX. Halloween The Haunted Noctuary playlist. X. Fangsgiving. XI. Apocalypse XII. Dracmas XIII. Retrovolution XIV. Infernal Progeny XV. Winter Solstice Sabbath

The Dark SideMALEFICK MUSICKThe Haunted Noctuary
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