Black Earth V. 8, No. 2________Possessions___________Draconis Blackthorne
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In the name of Satan, The Ruler of The Earth and The King of The World!

Satanic Rosary
RGM Warehouse | possess

Apart from making one's own rosary, or demon cord, witch cord, etc., I opted to possess this item partially for the reason of the number of the price - $13.13, available in both black and red. I chose the classic Hellegant black version. There are 61 beads, all connected by silver links. There are 54 Infernal Names of SATAN, just add whomever extra ones chooses that are resonant for your purposes.

Use for Fete Diaboli, and for making a wish after concentrating and conjuring a daemonic name for desires, holding in one's left or right hand, respectively.

Use as a necklace medallion to accentuate your dark aesthetic, asserting your dedication and expression towards the absolutely diabolical. The Satanic Pentagram represents the horns of Satan ascendant and the denial of the holy trinity {and the exhalation of the Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, & I; Dark Force, Incarnation, Will}, and the hellements contained therein proper - Earth {Belial}, Fire {Satan}, Water {Leviathan}, Air {Lucifer}, Ether {Magic, Will}, Flesh {God/dess Self}.

It just so happens that a falling star shone bright on the night of September 30 into October 1st within the midnight Witching hour, which is taken to mean that possessing this talisman carries an enormity of potency, and this is the correct event as confirmed.

Whether used as a talisman and/or decoration ornamentation, it is certain to add that empowering Gothic, Draconian touch of Evil.

Batman Batarang double blade

Blade Addict

Spawned of The Dark Knight, right from the utility belt, emerges this impressive blade from the foggy Gotham underworld. With enough practice, it can indeed serve the intended purpose of a veritable "Batarang" application, though better utilized more like a shiroken. One or both blades may be extended, which lock in place, released by a hidden lever within the mechanism.

11" of incredibly sharp stainless steel! There are actually several styles to choose from, though I prefer the solid black - stealth, Ninja. Equipped with built-in clip, fits securely upon one's belt, or other hidden locations.

ELVIRA Funko keychain

Happy to have been gifted and possessed the Elvira Funko keychain. The body displays the nice curvy buxom figure in the skintight dress, seductive pose, but with a largely disproportionate head and face {with signature Devil's mark!}, almost like a Cabbage Patch or Betty Boop characterization. In fact, it does give the impression of being like a Gothic Betty Boop overall, with big black pools for eyes, full red glistening lips, purplish overshadow, and even her Magical ruby red ring! "Bathive" or "B/Hellfrey" hairstyle covers her like a shroud.

Overall, a playfully macabre beauty representation of the Gothic darketype, among the Four-Crown Queens of Halloween, she signifies the Earth Hellement.

Cute piece for what it is. A fun collectible. Made from durable plastic with removable metal chain, link, and ring for positioning. 1 1/2". Available at most all major online sellers, and establishments catering to gothicomic sensibilities.


I Am pleased to have possessed this Evil Eye Baphomet by Kreepsville 666 from Naked City Clothing. I spotted it and noticed The 3rd "Evil Eye" thereon, representative of intuition, parapsychological skills and abilities, Extra-Sensory Perception {birthright}, The Third Side intellectual perspective, the projection of The Will and Magic Itself! The Diabolical Godhead reflective of The Self. The All-One & Totality.

To Me, it asserts Satan as the patron of all that is mysterious, unknown, forbidden. All that in the shadows, the Great Abyss within the mind and Nature, true POWER.

Of course, the Baphomet Goat of Mendes itself represents carnality, perfectly balanced within the pervasive phi-ratio configuration of The Pentagram, horns upthrust in defiance and fertility, the three lower points asserting earthly knowledge & undefiled wisdom; as well as the denial of the trinity in formative transition.

Made in Hell with Heavy duty dark silver metal and black enamel double clutch-back pin.

Hellemental Draegon pocketwatch

The Wicked Warlock of The West



I Am pleased to possess this wonderful piece! Totally My style, hellegant & ornate! Classic, like something that would have been present in the Palace of Emperor Wu! Like the same artisan that crafted the fingertrap in The Addams Family also made this piece!

The front face features ritrah-style elemental dragon, materializing upon the four winds of Lucifer, Hellfire from The Pit, The Stygian depths, the deep caverns and grottoes of the black earth, arising fierce with thunder & lightning, limitless power, asserting timeless inertia and immortality!

The clock face is of a hellegant quality, with filigreed arms, one as a Hellcrown, black on parchment white, inclusive of the 24-hour clock {13'o clock & on!}; back features a flora fauna ornate decoration of Belial. It arrives with an 80cm bronze chain which one can either wear around one's neck like a necklace, or string from one's vest.


DEVIL Light Up LED Headphone

Found this amusing pair of Devil Horn earphones while out and about, which light up and fit snugly on the ears, instead of within like nubs, which skull buds are for! Being a collector of strange oddities, I possessed them forthwith! It is pleasing to see some of the multimedia manifestations appearing here and there in this Age of Fire!

The sound quality is impressive inasfar as a surround-sound experience, with boosted bass and clarity of vocals & instruments. There is a small button camouflaged by one of the horns which activates the lights, which can either stay on, blink or remain off.

Even if one may not necessarily wear them oneself, it can make for novelty decoration for an AHC, or someone of like mind! Hell, maybe the strobe function can be a veritable mating signal, as in "turned on"!

A note to ponder the packaging - the main design features a flame ascending from within an inverse trapezoid, where the crown of fire on a Demon's head where Baphomet would be, with trapezoid shapes featured both on the general design as well as the shape of the cord container itself, with a pitchfork emblazoned thereupon. The rest of the design features black flames as the blackground! The only thing that's missing are pentagrams on the earphones themselves! Which can be easily added!

The Devil has the beast tunes, which are listened to in style!

  • Frequency Response: 20-2000 Hz
  • Weight: 9.03oz/256g
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Audio Cable Length: 5 Ft {1.5 mm}
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 102db
    Darth Vader toothbrush
    Firefly | Disney

    Most if not all of the novelty items*, weapons, multimedia, figures, clothing, etc., I tend to possess are interesting in some manner, whether in shape of item or decoration, Satan, Batman, Vader, Ming, horror, monsters, Occult, Martial Arts, at al., otherwise straight Hellegant black or blood red! As Magic is inevitably introduced to just about every activity!

    Harkening to The Dracling, had an opportunity to try a new Darth Vader toothbrush today! And it was fun! First of all, with the tube connected, it looks like Vader's red lightsaber extended, then upon removing the red casing and turned on, says a few iconic lines while the stem glows and blinks red, along with the whirl and rush of the laser movements! It remains on the duration of the brushing session. Accompaniment with proper Vader cup recommended!

    Since Draclinghood, I usually possess all things Vader, from action figures, to cereal, to even jewelry! In fact, in a bit of precognitive action, My pre-Baphomet pendant as a Dracling before Infernal realization was in fact a Vader head! Being a prime manifestation of a villainous archetype, a reflection of the Jungian Shadow, it is no wonder! A psychological projection of one's character traits!

    One may not necessarily notice it is a toothbrush if you didn't already know so at first glance! That's how detailed and novel this item is, like an object d'art itself for any Star Wars fantom to appreciate! Leave the casing on, and it just looks like a lightsaber ready for battle! I can picture a mini battle with a sibling or even progeny perhaps!

    * Never one for the generic or sterilized, programmed, or "trendy", unless either undercover, or the quality is remarkable.

    Upon Dracmas did I receive this potent pendant from siamlamo, from the deepest, darkest tentacle-like vinehung caverns of Thailand, where there probably is a steaming Hellgate there somewhere, probably near where this pendant was forged!

    One can certain tell the difference between a carefully crafted object d'art and something punched out by a machine. I decided to possess the black on silver woven pentagram among the other choices of blue, red, and antiqued gray, as well as a silver piece with kabbalistic symbols carved all over it. One can perceive the care that went into the detail - painted, shaped, and carved. It arrived much sooner that mentioned, but in approximation to that expected! The edges ARE sharp, preferably so, not dulled at all.

    The shop was rather difficult to find at first, seeking to replace wherein I had acquired the first one, but definitely worth the effort! Upon further inspection, it seems they have a great plethora of jewelry available; having grown exponentially in collectibles and quality since the first acquisition.

    * Sounds like "carajo", a slang Spanish expletive used in frustration meaning both 'Fuck' and 'Hell', depending on expression.

    I was gifted this "cuff watch", which compliments My style. One of the best gifts one can receive in My opinion, is one that complements your style and interests, although that of an erotic nature is always acceptable! I actually HAD a brown one upon a timelessness, acquired at a liquor store of all places I believe {it is interesting what one can discover at such worldly places while traveling to and fro upon the earth, items not normally carried at regular or generic stores*}, eventually becoming frayed, then misplaced during a relocation.

    Of course, a smartphone contains clocktime, a camera, recording capabilities, etc., mostly just for fun, but possessing an actual quality & aesthetic watch, clock, camera, etc., is for elevated purposes and character. Love the look, smell and feel of the cool leather and metal rings and buckles. Very Hellraiser, Crow, Scissorhands, and practical, yet with a Noir Hellegance.

    * A keychain featuring movable copulating figures comes to mind! As well as leather fingerless gloves, daggers, stylized skull and dragon lighters, etc.


    Year LIV. Shady Veneration. Jewelry: Medallion

    To Myself, just ordered the Law of The Trapezoid pendant medallion. I intend on wearing the Trapezoid pendant high upon the neck area abouts the collar, perhaps festooned upon the collar itself, and otherwise placed strategically about The Altar proper, serving as Gateway guide to receive the Sulfur sigil Key with gesticulation and Enochian enunciation. The price is well worth the trapezoidal hewn pendant, even completed with 9! I have a feeling something like this may not be ever available again, and I feel in My Drac Senses that it should be possessed by this Sorcerer! Get it or regret it! The double-sided medallion will be a nice keepsake! SO IT IS DONE.

    This goes to benefit Les Hernandez's cancer treatment bills. I think that he should transfer that plague onto a detractor! Someone who really deserves it! Combined with drawing their lifeforce!

    1/13,14: Received the Trapezoid Medallion this infernally blessed rainy 14th day, which actually would have arrived on the 13th, were it not for perfidious habits of frightened lazy mortals. But it shall be considered so, just like trying to ignore the 13th floor! Double-sided thick material, glossy cloisonne' blackground, gleaming silver pentagram opening up to release The Forces of Hell in the name of Satan, by 9 empowered! It shall be worn about the collar as symbolic of the Words of Power there emanating, parting the Portal, directed through therefrom, further activated by the Will and psychodramatic Enochian KEYs of The Sulfur Sigil! SO IT IS DONE!

    Mega Construx | Masters of The Universe | BEAST MAN

    [series 2]

    What a pleasure to find this mini-version of a beastly friend! Reminds Me of the first time I opened the MOTU figure once upon a timelessness.* A bit larger of course, but still infused with awesome wonder! This version by Construx features a lego base {I posed him in striking motion, one foot forwards with arm extended}. The figure itself features surprising reticulation and detail to get all those characteristics to a fine level, while still maintaining a solid play piece! That is to say, that even if he were to fall off the display case, his robust constitution retains all quality. Plus, instead of a comic book, there's a set of "instructions" included, as if needed!

    Stemming from the amazing cartoon show, which eventually spawned a movie, the Dracling sits front and center every afternoon after school to be transversed into the mighty world of Eternia, centered around Castle Grayskull & Snake Mountain, and who will complete The Sword of Eternia to become the Ultimate Master of The Universe; with its powerful & inspirational characters like Skelator, Beastman, He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko, and a host of others with incredible abilities and unique personalities. The corresponding She-Ra {He-Man's sister}, The Sorceress, with its own impressive villains like Hordak and his horde.

    Beastman is Skelator's brutish henchman enduring his caustic tongue, and with his mighty whip, searing his enemy's flesh and bone! The lycanthrope, Beast+Man symbolic of retaining that intimate connection to one's feral nature & instincts, that of a beast, and maximizing all mental and physical strengths thereof. After all, there is a Beast Man that should be exercised, not exorcised! So whenever in the mood, evocations may take precedence, and veritable golems can come forth, as one practices such a pure form of Witchcraft stemming from days of yore, remaining in the ever-present now!

    [5/5] For this impressive figurine! Also available in series 2 of MOTU so far: Teela! Snake Sorceress! Futurama's Bender & Fry, & Star Trek's Spock & Kirk.

    * Then there were the 12" versions, which were articulated at the midsection of the torso as well as the hips, and swivling hands & ankle joints, more extensive neck and overall appendage positioning, etc overall more realistic-looking poses.

    MIGHTY MUGS Darth Vader by Hasbro

    Darth Baby? Reminiscent of MOTU's Man-E-Faces, is this stout Vader figure with interchangeable faces when pressed upon the hellmet. Actually, the size and proportions does remind one of Spaceballs' Dark Helmet! Imagine a Mighty Mugs version of that character!:

    "Evil will always triumph, because 'good' is dumb".

    Wielding His red lightsaber, he displays three faces - one smiling, one scowling, and one straight-on. Although it is amusingly obvious that this is a metal helmet with only one configuration! With the ever-prevailing impression of pure Evil.

    Amusing for really little kids, with a presentation similar to "amine" style", not the preferable epic. Various characters also available like Stormtroopers, Luke, Lea, Han Solo, and Chewbacca.

    Knight Rider Lego Dimensions

    Lego Dimensions KNIGHT RIDER

    I had just recently another unexpectedly funtastic surprise while at a local depot for My interest. Though I do not normally collect Lego toys, I readily possessed this collector's item recently. Thoug billed as a 3/1, it behooves the collector to obtain at least 3 packages so all 3 may be displayed in the totality of KITT, Goliath, and turbo rocket KITT! What has been mused as Season 5; plus considering Hoff has agreed to participate in an additional version, I think they ahould essentially pick up where left off, moving onto additional capabilities along with the Aquatic Synthesizer and Super Pursuit Mode, with the logical next evolution of flight - Turbo Rocket!

    Now the simplest element of the puzzle is Knight himself, which only encompasses 4 pieces - legs, torso, head, coiffe. However, if you wish to create Goliath, at least one of the two facial expressions on the head will have to be painted with Garthe's moustache!

    The pieces are arranged in two packets with all the complex parts a small challenge to tackle. Also, both KITT & Mike have stands that can be plugged into a Lego console if you have one, corresponding with an approgram featuring additional interactivities.

    What also drew My attention is the aesthetic presentation of the trapezoidal packaging. The pieces are pretty small, so open bags carefully and reserve an additional one for storage until complete.

    Overall, this can be an entertaining pastime while awaiting one's order for takeout, or even during the presentation which one has no doubt veritably memorized anyway. An amusing inclusion to one's collection well worth the effort.

    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

    Coutured in striped suit we have all grown to love {sort of like a fun-gus!}, all wildeyed and greentoothed; this set also displays the 3/1 dynamic, with legos forming a sandworm, a slime-spewing spidermonster, and a haunted vacuum that Beetlejuice may ride upon.

    Like the others, the figure itself is simple enough to assemble, then let the fun-eral begin as the other resident beings begin taking shape before your eyes... then on to once various creatures are assembled, and immerse into town.

    Baden Sports

    Baden made a baby Baphomet handball! I 'kid' you not! While possessing confections at a local market the other night, I spotted this little fellow {or "Baphomette", perhaps?} awaiting an appreciative Lair to go to. When lo and behold, go tell it on ze mountain, it depicts a remarkable little demon goat possessing many of the characteristics of that beloved, sinister symbol. Upon observation, there are the horns {nubs in this case}, eyes shape, brows, flared nasal passages, even forehead striations and ear configuration. Plus, there are fangs... and a pink belly.

    When I ponder handball, I Am taken to Hellementary school, 1-4th grade, out to the yard handball courts which draw major attention. The other being the sadomasochistic "dodgeball", which is basically a fun way to torture classmates in the name of good sportsmanship, which was actually banned due to some students becoming injured as a result of "playing" this, who suffered bruises and probably head trauma as well. It was a fun way to get disliked classmates {under the pretense of "playing", of course}, or a desire for acceptability {read: hazing}, and beat the living shit out of them with a rubber ball, sometimes with a volley or basketball!

    As to handball, however, it was the 'cool' thing to do, with the killing move always being the chop, which is chop-striking a ball as low as possible at the wall, wherein an opponent could not return strike it well enough for a proper hit, thereby granting the victory. It was a temporary amusement at the time.

    The làst time I played was at a former acquaintance's alma mater which contains courts. It came surprisingly easy, frustrating his efforts as he continually attempted to find something he was better at, from handball, boardgames, obstacle courses, drawing, etc., but never could.

    Also available by Baden in that Halloween ball basket, is a Jack o' lantern and green alien with antennae. Overall, it is fun to illicit some cardiovascular playtime to activate those accumulated proteins, whether at a park, field, court, or back yard at home. ∞

    Tech Universe 3-in-1 USB retractable Charge + Sync cable

    This device looks like Darth Vader's, Batman's or Knight Rider's charger. But it not only charges {and quite quickly, at that} but provides tethering capabilities, and serves as an overall data cable, with a multiple of port insertions for various equipment. Plus it is compact, bends like a transformer, snaps together like Voltron, and fits perfectly in your utility belt. Dracmobile engage!

    Solar Lanterns
    RiteAid Home | [4 pack]

    • White LED solar light, automatically turns on at dusk, AAA rechargeable battery.
    • Dimensions: 2.625”l x 2.625”w x 13”h [6.66cm x 6.66cm x 33.02cm]

    Make the lightmare serve you

    I had the occasion to activate these wonderfully charming resources recently, vouchsafed since Samhain, which are a really great idea overall anyway. Whereupon as the sun begins sinking into Hell, these lanterns automatically switch on upon duskening, to decorate the outdoor territory of one’s choosing with practicality and artistic illumination.

    Preserved wherein the lightmare itself may serve your Nocturnal purposes, be it hosting, entertaining and/or The Rites of Darkness. It grants a sort of delightfully gloomy Pirates of The Caribbean ambiance, and a subtle firefly effect, adding a certain Gothic charm to any rustic environment.

    BATMAN | Bandai
    SPRṺKITS Poseable figural model kit

    I recently happened to possess this other version of the Sprukits Batman model kit, which is a bit more involved than the previous Dark Knight model. The coloration is black and gray for this one, including yellow utility belt, with laborious decals included. It is My estimation that these little stickers are unnecessary, and the model itself should be painted, considering the directions are a bit vague, so one must employ one's best estimation to perfectly place them about the arms and chest logo. The rest of the figure is enjoyable to construct, with foot stand included, making a nice complement to The Dark Knight figure.

    Warning: Pieces are miniature and delicate {the face plate being the smallest}. The figures are moreso for display, not serious play. Acquire the action figure toys for that. ∞

    BATMAN {Dark Knight Rises} | Bandai
    SPRṺKITS Poseable figural model kit

    We have our own super hero/antihero in The Dark Knight, a favored darketype, a mask of Satan. I can imagine the darkened form sifting in the shadows, descending upon a thieving miscreant, and while administering punishment stating Satanic Rule of The Earth #6, and otherwise punishments according to these Satanic tenets. And you know there’s a ritual chamber hidden somewhere in Wayne Manor…

    So whereupon a recent excursion did I happen to possess this model kit by Bandai. A satisfying construction with fine detail, maneuverable joints, and even an adjustable cape that gives the impression of flying in the night wind, as he ascends to overlook the city on demonic wings, horns framed by the misty moon; and its inhabitants like a hellish gargoyle from on high. A stand is also included to proudly depict the figure in dignified strength, granting an overall trapezoidal presentation. ∞


    Crystal Skull Earbuds | ennotek

    “The mythical crystal skulls are no longer the stuff of legends & movies... Behold your very own crystal skulls that serenade you to your favorite tunes, resonating your inner adventurer in music & style.” – description.

    An intriguing presentation & description that merits a secondary inspection. A fine possession that falls under the heading of “What would The Devil wear?” State of the Black Art technology of preference as well as aesthetic appropriation. Herein featuring translucent craniums sharing a spinal cord.

    Whether in private quarters or out on the wing, these are ideal to diminish the herd & darken residual lightmare while taking in a bit of musical and/or narrative gratification.

    The packaging features two flaming skulls coming together, facing one another, each representing an earbud, with Olde English font and arcane coloration. A very welcoming presentation, with encompassing sonic quality to match. Ideal for MP3, CD, audio player, and smartphones with a 3.5 mm jack.

    5/5 skulls.

    Batman Appears!

    I Am pleased to come into possession of this shirt recently, which I feel displays the true essence of this archetypal characterization, demonstrating a veritable Black Devil presentation, rather than lesser mockable variations. The beast depictions are undoubtedly The Dark Knight graphic novel/comic series and the Tim Burton films, complemented by the subsequent Batman Begins & beyond.

    While hunting for other supplies and apparel, the shirt seemingly appeared unexpectedly, and was immediately acquired. This undershirt features the two-toned textures of the hellegant blackground with the apropos depiction with vampiric cowl & "ears"/horns, and Addamsesque pinstripes framing roundabout, with piercing demonic glowing eyes when the lights go out...

    From the ever carnal and indulgent Bruce Wayne, to the Hell Knight dispensing with Lex Satanicus/Talionis Draconian Justice where deserved, The Satanic Ninja emerges from the fog and darkness of the shadow side, from inner and outer nature materialized. ∞

    Hail The Batman.

    SIIG USB Optical mouse
    Fry's Electronics

    Sssso... hypothetically, what sort of mouse would The Devil have?

    Arriving on this 9th day, a new addition to the technomantic arsenal is a top quality sleek optical mouse from SIIG which fits snugly into the palm of the claw, ideal for comfort and precision. I chose the red version {which is actually darker than that displayed in the image, in more of an oxblood}, which is an aesthetically pleasing, highlighted streamlined coloration complementing the overall black base. A rather infernal impression with the laser LED underlying the underside, and to add to the charm, a UPC code of 662774022666, which was a major deciding factor.

    This was possessed from Fry's Electronics, who besides carrying optimal merchandise, also know the value of imaginative total environment edifices. For those who prefer a mouse alternative with a touchpad to accompany the Devil's Web experience, this is an ideal tool for aesthetics and practicality for certain artistic endeavors. ∞


    Skull Earbuds

    Momentum Brands

    So, what kind of "ear buds" would Satan have? A great find at a local depot recently, to accompany one while out and about going to and fro upon the Black Earth - these silver skull earbuds by Momentum Brands. Skulls with hats also available.

    Well, they fit perfectly well, go with My style, reduce static & external noise, and are overall quite convenient with a sturdy black cord length of 45". Adaptable to a walkman, CD player {portable or home}, MP3 player, and PC {universal 3.5 mm jack}, and are discreetly worn as they trail comfortably into one's pocket; they are slightly bent inwards for enhanced quality, and sound better the farther in you go.

    Perfect for Lair recreation and blocking out the herd, along with the black sunglasses to alleviate B.U.G.S. & lightmare. ∞

    Die-Cast Metal sharpeners

    These are really wonderful little die-cast models with a practical purpose, something I would use in an appropriate scholastic situation; and otherwise to sharpen My colored pencils I draw with. Movable parts, greatly detailed, antique bronze with artistic value for the accentuation of the very same genre whether in use, doll/figure accessories, mini-environment, and/or complementing a display.

    • The Grandfather Clock is 3 3/4 inches tall & perpetually set to the Magical 9 O'Clock hour with sharpener opening as part of the underside of the base. The pendulum swings back & forth when shaken.
    • The Gramophone/Phonograph represents The Devil's Musick with the sharpener on the left side. 2 1/4" x 2" x 2 7/8", the pavilion horn swivels from side to side, and the manivelle cranks smoothly. ∞

    SATAN Bust

    On this overcast April date, a mere six to Walpurgisnacht Sabbath, I was pleasantly surprised to finally receive order #1666 - the Satan bust from Arkham Studios, and it is splendid.

    Highly detailed and rendered in a stone black finish, on a trapezoid base festooned with a plaque bearing the mighty name of Satan in arcane English script, the filigree on the foundational base gives the impression of cloven hoofs, as the flames of Hell swirl about Him as He looks on imperiously from atop a bookcase, and is quite a nice complement to The Noctuary as is the Magus LaVey statue, especially after a hellemental benediction greeting.

    Even so now, that certain sensation of a Sinister Presence is increased as subtle expressions seem to manifest in reflective circulation. ∞


    4/25: Upon the Infernal Inauguration of The Satan Bust into the Draconian Pantheon, in which the welcomed resident is Hellementally consecrated, a request for a "sign" was spoken, and then it suddenly began to rain as the central candle flame arose; the devil winds flowed to 9 mph from The West, as inspected upon the weather record. Hail Drægon Satanas.
    * In international news, {coincidentally?} there would be a 7.8/8.1/IX magnitude earthquake in Nepal which would leave over 5,000 dead. * Upon Walpurgis morn, as a seeming further confirmation, a tremor would ripple about the Blackthorne Chapel of Satan. ∞

    Brimstone Lapel Pin by Underworld Amusements

    Between the Schwarze Sonne and the super moon, the brimstone comes blazing forth up from the earth. a Solstice blessing from Hell.

    To Me, when I ponder the brimstone symbol, what I see immediately is the infinity symbol {∞} signifying immortality, a timeless recycling of energy and life-force, animus, black flame, ever regenerating, alluding to the expression "Life everlasting, world without end!"

    The affixed "double dagger" {‡} signifying "As Above, So Below", the materialization of Will. By itself, was actually used by de-facto forebears The Knights Templar, so named the "Cross of Lorraine", as actually representative of Baphomet..

    Brimstone & Sulfur have always been associated with the nether regions, representing Hell & Earth, and would therefore be significant of BELIAL*; with that distinctive scent reminiscent of Magic intermingled with incense and candles, parchment, which is why I personally prefer to strike a match to candles, rather than other methods of ignition.

    Placed above The Nine Satanic Statements in The Satanic Bible, it indicates core, the bedrock, the foundation of the Satanic religion / philosophy, with its further expressions and application stemming forth therefrom.

    I Am pleased to possess this elegant item, acquired by pledging to manifest the Spanish translation of The Satanic Scriptures, with many more other translations to follow. Of course, this pin can be used on the lapel, on a tie, or even on a shirt's collar, or centralized like a pendant. ∞

    • They can now be ordered directly from UA.

    * Notably, there may additionally be some influential derivation in the Ouroboros {as postulated by Magister Robert Lang} with the possibility of the serpentine Leviathan {Water} elementally merged with the endless cycle in perpetuity, & the dual cross 'branches' as the Yggdrasil Tree of life {Earth}.

    Baphomet Lighter

    In the wake of Walpurgisnacht, The Hellmouth mailbox receives a new sleek black lighter with an arcane 'woodcut' Baphomet design {as seen on the cover of the book "A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural" by Maurice Bessy} for fumitory indulgence, along with a likened sticker. For candles, I prefer to light them with wooden matches, which also provide a pleasant brimstone scent. Very appropriate, considering Walpurgisnacht is a festival of fire, plus the flame emerges from the top between the horns, as a crown of hellfire.

    I have possessed & repossessed this lighter variation since spotting it in a catalogue for 'Gesner Legion', now "Imosh", and they have served well. Although I enjoy this arcane design, I would definitely acquire an official Church of Satan variation, if and when made available. ∞

    Welcome Home. Oh, how I've missed Thee...

    The splendid arrival of the Baphomet wall hook brings infernal joy on this day, and now takes his place above The Bed over the window, which holds the framing 'fishnet' curtain, like an ornate spiderweb and dragonesque wing spread; and dangling from the hook from its central point, the large netherworld Baphomet pendant, while below on the inside window ledge, a skull decorates the head. Feels even more like home.

    Made of brass, I originally possessed this item from a store that also sold the "Black Obelisk of Setan", which has since been possessed; and snatched it up immediately, Ideal for either clothing or medallions, or if a pair, makes a great sword holder. Elegant with a bronzed finish, his subtle smile recounts the nefarious activities in The Lair. Hefty with placement hole on back.

    Acquiring possessions is actually very much like a ritual. First, there is the desire of attainment, then the monetary "sacrifice" is added, sending it forth to its targeted destination, then receiving one's wish in due time, preferably sooner rather than later.

    And now, on to the next re/possession. ∞

    Go Psycho with Elvira! glow cupGo Psycho with Elvira! glow-in-the-dark cup

    Very pleased with this fortuitous repossession. I had first acquired this novelty glow-in-the-dark cup from an AM/PM store when first released as part of the Elvira, Mistress of The Dark film premiere {one had to buy a cupful of soda with it - I believe My choice was Dr. Pepper}, which I would use routinely to contain everything from soda to beer, juice, to iced coffee. As a matter of fact, Devin Black would take this to parties & concerts, having it filled to the brim with the available philtres there, while others used the typical red party cups dispensed. Of course, this was when the supply initially brought in was depleted.

    Unfortunately, the cup had eventually developed small tears and nicks around the brim, until finally becoming an unfit receptacle, yet still of course preserved for the novelty and developed 'sentimental' value. Yet to have a functional cup became desired, but being quite unavailable, long since discontinued, it remained a subsequent wish when opportunity would present itself, if ever.

    As an extension of Dracmas, that opportunity has manifested, and it has been delightfully repossessed, currently gracing the edge of the table for contemplation and appreciation. The current directive in regards to possessions is repossession.

    Intriguingly, if there was ever any reticence, it was eliminated upon viewing the item number, which contains a very prominent 666, and so it was done. Then to top that off, the tracking number contains a prominent 999 succession, which seem confirmations of acquisition. Now it glows green in the darkness to compliment other phosphorescent objects to form a unique 'night world' when the lights are extinguished. ∞

    We Are Legion, The Den of Iniquity shirts

    I Am devilishly delighted to have received two possessions recently sent for from Underworld Amusements, via ASP Apparel. As a Winter storm graces the land, what should appear in the coffin box, but The Den of Iniquity and We Are Legion shirts for underform garments.

    Being that I have been reviewing another recent acquisition in Satanic Sickies volume one, it seems very much appropriate that The Den of Iniquity tribute print arrives, based upon the resident sign over the subterranean bar at The Black House on 6114 California Street, where its denizens come alive in the dead of the night of timelessness, the application of total environment technology and the ratification of the statement that man is god, as he forms his creations as he sees fit.

    "We Are Legion" asserts the passage spoken by the "possessed" man in biblical folklore, herein referring to legions of The Infernal Empire, decorated with the brimstone sigil appearing in The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Gilmore, as rendered by Timothy Patrick Butler.

    Made from a finer cotton fiber than what is usually available at common outlets, these offer a perfect, comfortable fit. So whether for private "lair wear", recreation, pajamas, or public display, these designs offer high quality merchandise from banners, robes, ties, boots, shirts & more. ∞


    2012 Halloween Print by Coffin Rust

    Arriving in the Nick of timelessness for Samhain's birthday, the XLVII A.S. Coffin Rust Halloween print crawls up from the grave in candy corn colors & swamp green. This 'rendering' depicts a cavalcade of ghoulish zombies wishing the viewer a Happy Halloween amidst bloody gore. Verily, one can almost perceive the olfactory emanation.

    I always appreciate the imagination that goes into every print, and this is no exception. The greetings comprised of various body parts and cutlery, with a sincere expression of hell wishes, makes for a pleasing contemplation, adding to the morbid celebrations perfectly. ∞

    * Read reviews for previous editions here.

    Very pleased to find this John Muir commemorative coin recently, in tribute to a veritable "forest wizard" who profoundly appreciated & preserved the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park, and whose influence thereof remains to this day. He has since inspired the preservation of natural environments worldwide, utilizing his intellect, wit and charm, that these may remain wild, containing all the Magic of Nature in its purest form. He even met with various politicians and government officials, including Theodore Roosavelt {who also shared a passion for the great outdoors}, to ensure their appreciation & support. Yosemite essentially became his "garden", allowing others to enjoy it in kind. John Muir & Theodore Roosavelt

    I hiked all through Yosemite - a three-hour hike once at camp, and recall the many enchanting environments therein this vast wilderness, and recall "Half Dome" in particular, along with the incredible waterfalls, the sheer combinations of formations was remarkable, from valleys to fields, to mountainous regions, lakes and rivers, the variations of wildlife, flora and fauna, all creating a truly remarkable place to absorb the earthen energies present.

    If one is fortunate enough, you might meet Lee Stetson, who incarnates Muir to perfection, as a tour guide, who also happens to perform at the park theater. A consummate actor in all respects, it seems as if he was born to play the role. He received his epiphany on a full moon's night while overlooking the lush valleys aglow. The pattern of speech, appearance obviously, gesticulations, even period clothing and the sheer knowledge of the man. This brings to mind that there should be more historic personages represented thusly, for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

    Of particular historical note, Yosemite has hosted the infamous Firefall* 'ritual' events, wherein a stream of burning embers were poured down Glacier Point nightly at 9, creating a wondrous spectacle of luminescence, which concluded in Year II. [See here for archival videographic footage]

    However, there is actually a natural waterfall known as "Horse Tail Fall" flowing from the east side of the 'El Capitan' rock formation, which in February filters the setting sun to replicate the appearance of a 'fire fall'.

    I shall keep this coin as somewhat of a "good luck charm", as it were, a veritable 'talisman', and a reminder of the importance of preserving such locations in pristine condition. ∞

    * Also known variously as "Satan's Fall"...

    Coop Devil by CoopI had the occasion to try these recently, especially after a good meal, and Am quite pleased with them. The best way to describe them is they are like a cigar rolled up into a cigarette. Opening the pack grants almost a chocolate / caramel emanation, where you now you are in for a treat. These are strong, with a hint of sweet flavor, and a subtle aftertaste. They burn slowly, draw little to no air, yet are not laborious to draw from, like say, Pall Mall. The scent is more subdued as well, with a lingering thick richness, rather than a cheap papery scent.

    Naturally, the packaging features predominantly black decoration, with all that is usually golden preferably replaced by silver, which looks more elegant, in My estimation. The original design is also used, though black instead of red. If only the cigarettes themselves were black. With a name like 'black', one would expect to see something different; however, there are various cigarettes on the market which feature black cigarettes, like Djarum cloves, & Black Devil brand, the latter which features various flavors like cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, & rose, even with colors to match. The only visual difference between the reds and blacks is the absence of the gold band on the cigarette itself. As a side note, they do also come in menthol, if so inclined.

    Baphomet Zippo lighter This reminds Me of Death Cigarettes, which were a novelty, sold in some of the most unexpected places; probably intended as a deterrent, yet it actually had the opposite effect, as tends to be the case. Those featured a black box with a totenkopf on the package, a skull printed on the cigarette, although the cigarette itself was rather weak. After a pack was concluded, it was so inclined to replace them with one's preferred brand, still with the ominous design.

    Although an actual cigarette case in recommended, along with a zippo lighter, which enhances the taste. Mine features a pewter serpentine Draegon in ascent, upon black leather with a silver case. My favored lighter is a red or white Baphomet on black. This accompanied by My stone-flecked bat ashtray makes for a pleasant experience every time.

    So whether indulging in the Belialian brew, the Amber Demoness, an after-meal luxury, or other pleasurable carnal delights, Marlboro Blacks are a perfect compliment to your particular gratification. ∞

    ASP Apparel Lightning Bolt Pentagram pin
    Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil (Lightning Bolt Pentagram)
    - Special Edition Lapel Pin Badge

    A most fortuitous Friday the 13th yields the arrival via Royal Mail of the Lightning Bolt Pentagram pin to The Noctuary*, forged by ASP Apparel from Great Britain. An impressive presentation accompanies the package, contained in a black mesh bag entwined with a black rose wire wrap. An intricately detailed design demonstrates the sharp angles perfectly, framed in gold metal plating, & backed with black enamel.

    The metallic silver pentagram itself features the reticulated interfusion struck through with the lightning bolt innervation, the causal materialization of "As Above, So Below", the activation & realization of the might of Will. The Black Flame exemplified.

    Measuring 1" round x 25mm wide, this potent emblem is ideal for pinning on one's lapel, a tie tack, or even as a shirt pendant; wherever affixed, it is sure to add an elegant accent to your diabolical accouterments. Be sure to inspect all of the other wickedly wonderful merchandise offered by this proprietor of the infernal elite. ∞

    * As a pleasing aside, atypical weather for this month brought forth desired thunderstorms to the area.

    HP Deskjet 2050 All in One Printer

    Like a mutating Technobeast, The Infernal Machine spreads its tentacles to include this addition...

    I recently purchased the HP Deskjet 2050 All in One Printer attached to The Infernal Machine, and it works wonderfully for My purposes. Scans fast in color and grey scale, high resolution, as does the printer. This efficient all-in-one is ideal to preserve space as well, to allow for room for other items without cluttering up the environment as well.

    Aesthetically, it is in a streamlined style, black & dark gray, visually complimenting the area. And of course, as we know, whatever items are brought into The Lair should ideally be complimentary, but at least unobtrusive, or even hidden, to preserve the given theme, and otherwise contribute to the psychological stimulation to enhance the Magic of the total environment.

    The Devil's work proceeds in Evilutonary Devilopment. ∞

    Arriving today at The Haunted Noctuary is one Knight Industries Two-Thousand {"K.I.T.T. for easy reference, 'KITT' if you prefer."} model by Hot Wheels / Mattel. That iconic A.I. super car with the transitioning scanner & voice modulator, able to take great leaps with turbo boost capabilities, as the great equalizer, and friend, of former police officer Michael Knight turned crime-fighter and vigilante {not unlike The Dark Knight Batman}. KITT is programmed with so much interactive personality, which learns as he goes along so as to seem organic, it is sometimes as if progenitor Wilton Knight's persona is integrated into the microchips therein. Quite Satanic overall, & one of My all-time favorite shows.

    As it happens, The Mother of All Satans owned a red Pontiac Firebird, with that phoenix emblazoned on the hood. It certainly displayed the command to look, and was absolutely the fascination of many who witnessed it, generating both envy and inspiration, and this Dracling was thrilled. Obviously, making quite a favorable impression & creating an A.C.I.* here.

    Being a collector of everything from weapons to action figures to canes, pens, objects d' art, jewelry, multimedia, to occult arcana, it naturally followed when I learned of the release of this limited run line of models that it would be acquired to accompany the Knight Rider DVD series, as well as the die-cast Batmobile.

    As stated on the back cover:

    Born: 1982.
    Birthplace: Foundation for Law And Government.
    Designer: Wilton Knight.
    Specialty: K.I.T.T. KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TWO THOUSAND, an advanced artificially intelligent vehicle used in a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
    This model measures approximately 3" of solid die-cast metal, with scanner, 'KNIGHT' license plate, & voice modulator / double screen dashboard detailing. A splendid acquisition for the KR collector. ∞

    * Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia, or could that also be 'Automotive Crystallization Inertia', in this case?



    Here comes trouble...

    Whether awakened from his slumber in the warehouse, or buried underneath sand at the beach, or even reassembled after the final? battle, I Am very pleased to welcome the Hotwheels K.A.R.R. model to The Noctuary, or "Knight Automated Roving Robot", now taking his place near K.I.T.T. by the KR Collection.

    While KITT's primary directive is the preservation of human life, KARR'S is self-preservation. KARR was Wilton Knight's prototype for the car of the future, which became a dangerous experiment, refers to KITT as an "inferior production model", whereas KITT refers to himself as the "new & improved model", and they can't stand each other. KARR appears on two episodes: "Trust Doesn't Rust" [S1, E9] & "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R." [S3, E6], and it is always a pleasure to enjoy them when they come up.

    Top-quality die-cast metal, with tires rendered in a soft rubbery plastic, which holds some traction. He is a small bit heavier than KITT, 3" scale, with a black dashboard, intricately detailed {monitors, voice box, controls, etc.} and a darker tint to the windows, KARR license plate, and his characteristic two-tone shell with yellow/orange scanner. I hear KARR has reinforced his scanner, and is virtually impenetrable... ∞

    Giovanni Navarre Deerskin Gloves

    The scent of leather permeates the air, its smooth feel caresses the skin...

    So it was time to acquire another pair of black leather gloves, and decided on these Giovanni Navarre Deerskins. A snug fit as they are being broken in, an elegant accent to the Warlock's accoutrement, and can portend sensuality and danger. {+-}

    Certainly a necessary part of personal Draconian Aesthetics. With black soft polyester lining, so it preserves the flesh warmed and supple, protected for what needs to be done, and prepared for what is desired to be done. ∞

    "Hail Ming! Ruler of The Universe!"

    Hail Emperor Ming! Ruler of The Universe!Arriving this splendidly rainy afternoon, is welcomed one Ming The Merciless action figure made by Bif Bang Pow! {who also cast the Twilight Zone figures}, as a remarkable addition to the figure collection.

    Standing 7" with fully articulated composition, high quality materials with remarkable detail for these figures, is this representation of a most impressive villain from the Flash Gordon series rendered for three dimensional appreciation. This figure quite honestly greatly resembles Dr. LaVey, so it seemed to follow suit that the 1" Baphomet pendant be added thereunto for personal accentuation, complimenting the presentation perfectly, in My estimation. For now, he is placed beside The Infernal Machine.

    Being a collector of action figures since a Dracling, also prominently within the action figure collection, among several others, are James Mitchell {The Sinister Minister, complete with pentagram lapel pin & wolf head cane}, The Undertaker, Lord of Darkness {McFarlane edition - Legend}, Darth Vader, Skeletor, Grimskull {Skeleton Warriors}, 'The Four-Crown Princes of Helloween' - Universal Monsters Count Dracula {with coffin}, The Wolfman {with cellar}, Frankenstein {with operation table}, The Creature From The Black Lagoon {with water-spitting capabilities} / The Mummy {with sarcophagus}, Rasputin, & more.

    Such molded figurines of archetypal sinematic characters can be inspiring, as there certainly are visually-stimulating psychological elements which resonate with one's peculiar dispositions, ergo, an A.C.I.* It is contended that certain archetypal constructs can be revealing in which types of aesthetic preferences people are drawn towards. ∞

    Hail Dizan.

    * "Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia: The period in one's life where the image of a villain, hero, or an otherwise character visually influences a person to adopt a similar visage. Also refers to the preference of certain environments. Some people may develop several in their lifetime. It is commonly referred to as a "type". This perception was influenced by Dr. Anton LaVey's codification of an E.C.I. {Erotic Crystalization Inertia}." - Dractionary.

    * Related: Villain Spotlight: Ming The Merciless.

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