XII/XXI/XLV: Satanalia

"When the moon is drained of all its light..."

Amidst all of the Magic occurring on The Winter Solstice, the perfect timing of the lunar eclipse in the 9 o' clock hour, combined with the Ursid meteor shower, being front and center at The Altar, while howling storm winds gailed, shaking the door as if someone was "knocking", absorbing hellemental energy and empowering Oneself manifold, a great successful working launched into The Ethers, I was to conduct an interview that very night. Several anomalies transpired during that time as well, a mysterious "hissing" from time to time {which reminded Me of a rather familiar practice}, which actually added to the interview, which really was an enjoyable one overall. The host was gracious, and especially conducive considering he is also a Satanist, contributed to the prevailing forces especially active in the late evening into the enchanted wee hours most appreciated. Seems that shortly after the interview concluded, the utilized transmission system completely shut down for a period of a few days thereafter.

I sipped My "Belialian Elixer" while the storm raged on as the interview proceeded, with pelting rain & low rumbling thunder in its wake. Certainly what one would expect during a Hammer Horror movie. Like the combination lock principle, all the components fell into place as such diabolical machinations unfold.

Earlier, to the tunes of Nox Arcana's Winter's Knight & Winter's Eve, acquisitions were enjoyed amidst the softly glowing light of the decorated witch hat {Satanalia tree}, with serpentine garland and pendants strung thereon. Treats enjoyed, a hearty dinner, & choice entertainment indulged with stimulating conversation. The Interview combined with the projects mentioned on the news page on the Official source, topped a most enchanting helliday celebration on this longest night of the year, and with the impending New Year, a toast to continued prosperity, productivity, and indulgence sublime! Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Havnted Noctvary, Devil Lake
Winter Solstice, XLV A.S.

Radio Free Satan
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