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Seasons In Hell



BBefore the Age of Fire, we remained clandestine, moving within secret societies. In prexian eras, Paganism reigned, adhering to natural law - Darwinian concepts & Lex Satanicus / Talionis forged superior civilizations and forgotten Wisdom regained and sustained.

The Blindlight attempted to replicate ancient rites, obfuscating arcane "forbidden" wisdom literally and with misleading deceit. Therefore, whatever they abhor, adore. Upside down and backwards. Do the opposite within reason. Remove all blindlight references, forget what has been erroneously learned. Through formative development, instinctively drawn to the darkness since birth, the innate gnosis recognizes where the true Power & knowledge is, the pleasures of the earth, wherein to evolve.

Within the paranoia, the propaganda reveals choice valid segments of historicity which can be applied. Halloween and Walpurgisnacht may serve as annual oracular applications for personal augmentation. "Sacrificial" references are considered unto the accursed symbolically destroyed to actual annihilation. Parchments dedicated to the ritual hellfire. Even those of archetypal formation. Historically, these were criminals and enemies relegated to the bonefire. Justice & Vengeance, and otherwise feasts of The Beast.

Read between the lines, discriminate with care, apply guidelines The Satanic Bible provides.

A tradition of Strength in blood and fire, ancestral summoning & recollection, coalescing with Forces of Darkness. Satanic avatar incarnate, the Highest evilution of Self and egregore sublime. It has returned...

Hail Samhain! Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,

~ Rev. Blackthorne

Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth

First 6 of 3 Hell Harvest observations. Forthcoming Mabon & Samhain completes 9. August is dedicated unto Astaroth.

August {Infernal}: Astaroth - Phoenician goddess of lasciviousness, equivalent of the Babylonian Ishtar. {Satanic Bible}

"One season, let it confound another...!" ~ 19th Key.

CCumulus accumulation, Schwarze Sonne looms ominous
World serpent by many names slithers 'round the globe
Ouroboros Jörmungandr shifts the seasonal wheel*
Brimstone keys into the Void of The Abyss
Lilith, Samael, coalesce, Baphomet enthroned
The Gates are open and Hell arise, Lucifer's Evil Eye
Black Shadows across the land possessing flesh & mind, earth & sky
Candles & inferalight, cast the dreaded signs
Wicked words, nightmares & dreams
Warlocks, Witches unite!
Daemonic storms & Devil Winds
Hellfire & Cloven Hooves
Quake the earth asunder!

In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus!

~ Rev. Blackthorne

* Pima, wan, mon, Tetraskelion, nkontim.


🍷 To 19666!

ShadowmancerLLeathern wings bring dæmon winds
Howling in the shadows grim
Whispering, psithuring through the night
Awaken phantoms of the mind

Moonlight reveals the Drægon's breath
Glooming o'er land and sea
By Sorcery cast on endless nights
The Devil's Storms have come to be

Hexenacht Black Mass Sacrifice
Ragnarock apocalypse in gloaming infernalight
Unholy Communion, Feast of The Beast
Witch nuns of Satan, Fete Diaboli!

Invernal Equinox


IIn the gloom, Hellemental Daemon Gods loom, stirring by Ouroboros' tide, The land is plush from pluvial ablution, on Drægon wings, the blessings of Lucifer and Leviathan have brought the storms on hellwinds, and so they shall continue coursing refreshing rivers and streams, soaking richly into the black earth, emerging verdant, as she sups deeply of the goblet aplenty.

The Magic is Strong & True, unholy water asperged. Construction of Destruction, Seasons confounded to find balance, in chaos order is tempered by bolts through angles resplendent! Sinister seeds have taken root, from the cavernous abyss, the flowers of Evil emerge.

Deviltails strike as demonwhips, the earth cracks in its wake, wherein The Sorcerer has lain the thorny staff. The shadow of Satan grows, possessing, far and wide. As above, so below! So it is and ever shall be! Ave Satanas!

In Nomine Satanas,

~ Rev. Blackthorne


voidgazerQuaking earth, thunderbeats of cloven hooves
The heart of darkness beckons
Abysmal eyes aflicker in the gloom
Phantomanifesting room
Pentagram strikes the heavens asunder!

Sacrifice double in timelesness
The blackthorn blooms 'neath Snowmoon's glow
Triskalion burns, hellfire churns
Grammadion Devil's mark, elemental bliss
Sup the seed eternal

Coven gathers upon the duskening tide
Upon The Drægon ride, dæmonwinds preside
Candlemass Evil, Satan crowned in flame
From The Pit, Phoenix doth arise
Ouroboros circumambulation

By 13, nightmares & dreams come alive
Unholy Communion, candlelight
Shadows dancing in the night
Emerge reflections of body & mind

Dracmas, Dracoween, everywhere in between
Spells cast, nocturnal hour
Void encircles, raven shower
Devils pour from ebon tower
Invocation, Infernal


Sacrifices continue to pour in. So far we have 3 massacres and counting for the week leading up to and after IMBOLC.

  • 1/21: Gunman kills 11 at dance studio in Monterey Park. Perpetrator: Asian. Motive: Jealousy & revenge.
  • 1/16: Land O'Goshen! 6 dead in Visalia shooting. Family members. [suspects pending] Motive: gang related.
  • 1/23: 7 killed in Half Moon Bay. Mushroom farm. Perpetrator: Asian. Motive: pending.
  • 2/6: ISLAMICIDE - Turkey/Syria earthquake. Magnitude 7.8 / Casualties: Over 34,000. / 2/21: 6.3 {9} aftershock. HAIL IBLIS!


[L=1+2=3 U=2+1=3 C=3 I=9 F=6 E=5 R=1+8=9]

Combining quotient adds to 9, source number of Satan. {See The Unknown Known, Satanic Rituals, LaVey}.

7 is the Heptagram of Lucifer. Bringer of enlightenment & undefiled wisdom. By lambent hellumination, able to peer into the {inner mind, nature / outer nature} dark abyss to discover hidden treasures & pleasures therein. Forbidden knowledge revealed for evilution, empowerment, diabolical transformation.

⛧🤘🏻 {Signus Pentaculum}

In the names of Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan, I impart the blessings of Hell unto you for the coming year, and bid you wealth, health, and indulgence in all your sinful desires!

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! So It Is Done!

~ Rev. Blackthorne.

* Hellemental Designations.
* On this date.

Satanalia Greetings!

IIndulge the 7 Sinful Virtues resplendent! Beloved Witches by many names, gather for sublime infernal pleasures, advised to depart mundanity, travel on dæmonwinds unto manifold pleasures of the mind and flesh! By thine devil's marks received that night in unholy congress, may the shadows of thine innermost desires arise from The Gates within thine abyss, unto The Infernal Throne, bear fruition in debauched ecstasies! Orgiastic ruminations, incubus, succubus freed to ride the nocturn tide!

The vortex like cauldron churns, ravens call, bells echo across land, sea, and air. Dreams flicker in night mist and moon fog.

Pour forth thine carnal philters into goblets of cornucopious ebb, into which rigid blade hath cleaved. Communion Feast of The Beast, and writhing serpentine skin aglow by candlelight's gleam, the shimmering eyes of Baphomet, hearthfire of Hell, multisensory delights wrapped in Drægon wings.

In Nomine Satanas,

Rev. Blackthorne
Satanalia LVII

Samhain Satan

In Nomine Satanas Potentiam Inferus!

The Sabbath crests, the nights deepen, Magic lingers heavy in the air. The Rites of Darkness beckon. Burn thy parchments by Hellfire to receive the sacrifices, gather thine symbols, affirm thine allegiance to The Forces of Darkness, and may the tricks & treats be resplendent! The Gates are open! I bid you a most empowering Unholyday!

Hail Helloween! Hail Samhain! Hail Satan! SO IT IS DONE.

~ Rev. Blackthorne
Noctuary, Hallows Evil LVII

Gaze into the lantern's flame, you can see all the way to Hell, lit by Lucifer's infernalight, guiding the way through the Shadow's Abyss, gazing back in Dæmonic bliss.

Flickering faces in the moonlight, each marked by Devil's hand, the mark of Hellfire & brimstone grand.

Singed leaves fall to earth, a triple twirl tumbling trinity six, array the sinister path with petrichor. The 'Keys' unlock the portal door.

Cloven hooves echo up from the Pit, spectres in the sky! Rolling thunder, lightning strikes, blasting winds, quakes the land asunder!

13,31... Satan nears... Soon to be here...

SATANIn Nomine Satanas,

Rev. Blackthorne
Autumn Equinox, LVII A.S.
Noctuary, Draconian Empire

Hallows Evil

And thus with the onset of September, Falloween begins, even in the midst of the impending Equinox. The Nativities of The High Priestess of The Church of Satan, and mutually complimentary Gothicon Yvonne DeCarlo, Lily Munster are observed.*

The masks of Satan begin to emerge, peeking 'neath floorboards and beds, from moonlit windows & shadowy closets, attics & basements, skeletal trees lurking, beckoning the darkling to become one in perpetuity. Heralding the path to nightmare fane, the inner darkness revealed to revel, and from bubbling cauldrons, unholy confections tempt with multisensory delights, The Devil's Communion invites.

Satan's brides by hellements unite! Bats and witches fly, demons arise from pentagram gateways, werewolves howl & stalk the land, ghouls and zombies from graveyards lurch, hooded phantoms float with glowing eyes, vampires and wraiths haunt your dreams. The shadows come alive! Though our dark lairs remain eidolic, it feels like Halloween again...

SATANIn Nomine Satanas,

Rev. Blackthorne
1 September, LVII A.S.
Noctuary, Draconian Empire

* Dracommendations: The Munsters series, American Gothic, Satan's Cheerleaders, Cellar Dweller.

shadowdemonbaphometreeBlack Moon & Eclipse
Opens the Portals of Hell
Deepest darkness of The Abyss
Flickering shadows in the mist

Malefic Musick of The Night
Madly dancing carnal delights
Supping The Devil's Cauldron of Might
Potions immortal, strigas take flight

Pentagram glows with 3rd Evil Eye
666, The Triune sight
Hexennacht, Hell's Bells resound
Echoes of Unhallowsnacht
Gently calls from beyond

Infernal Throne, Hellflames emerge
Arising western cragged mountain summit
Hades upon horizon dusk
Encircled with demons and imps and witches
Phantom procession, sinister path

Basilisk slither & glide, upon the Nocturne tide
Grimoires of Power, Words come to Be
Dimensions of space & time-lessness
'Sacrificial' Bonefires alight! Fumigation Sorcery

Drægon emerge, the angles, The Gates
Waxen torches lead the way to & from The Underworld
Red eyes in the darkness, hooves quake the earth
Wicked Wings, Winds return...

SamaeLilith Baphomet
Hail Lilith! Hail Satan!

Satantric CommunionThe Equinoxes and Solstices are formal seasonal approximations, as we have seen characteristic weather last well into another season and vice-versa.*

Just as natural wisdom indicates when the environment is dark, it is night; when light, it is day, no matter the numbers on the clock or calendar. While the full moon spans over a three night period )O( {Persephone, Lilith, Hecate; 666}.

However, such approximations are useful in the ceremonial & ritualistic observations of Satanic Sabbats {High Unholydays} & Esbats {full moons}.

Season Leviathan stirs as the wyrmoon shines bright in the western sky
Lightning bolt through pentagonal portal thrown
Igniting Hellfire upon the horizon wherein we are drawn
Descending into the waters of Styx, Cocytus, Zamzam, Phlegethon
Arise to greet the stars, mighty behemoths of the deep!

Ouroboros encircles the earth in Hellemental alternation
The Garden of Dark Delights beckons in verdant invigoration, unholy sinful exhilaration
Calling forth devil satyrs and daemonic nymphs to dance in fertile fields of carnal lust!
Imbibing the nectars of pleasure and partaking ambrosia sublime!

Amidst ravens through fog, unto tepid temperatures as we look forwards to burgeoning and opalescent multisensory delights!

In Nomine Satanas,

~ Rev. Blackthorne
Vernal Equinox LVII


Draconis InfinitumDæmonbulacrum into Hell
Ingress purifying black flames
Exuviation, basilisk rejuvenation
Unholy rebirthing, Sabbath toll
Apotheosis manifest, Infernal Throne

Horns & Thorns emergent
Dæmonic incarnation
Misanthropic evilution
Sacrificial Eucharist
Repossessed in timelessness
Reborn in Hell!
Hail Satan! Unending Might! ∞

Hellemental Draegon
SSolstice emerge amidst daemonic storm, Lunasol Draconis Invictus
Satan's mark upon Belial, Lucifer unleash Leviathan
Thine breath as incense & fog covers the land, undefiled wisdom hellfire and fury.
The longest night brings baneful sights, cause the earth to quake and tarry.
May the flames of Hell warm thy bones, awakening flesh to passion's thrall.

SSeason Belial emerges from the shadows, cloven hooves quaking the earth up from The Pit.

For Lo, have we descended into The Abyss, passing through the unholy black fire, empowered even still.

The solace of the Night, by Lucifer's hellantern resplendent in the darkness of the mind. Regeneration timelessness.

'Neath Hecate's soothing embrace, the harvest moon shines bright, revealing the path to autumnal delights.

The Devil's Mirror reflects the face of Satan, the masks of pleasure and terror! Rejoice! The Beast has arisen!

SatanIn Nomine Satanas,

Rev. Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Autumnal Equinox, LVI Anno Satanas
Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire


The crown gift that keeps on giving. Sacrifices day by day.

Made in Hell, born of a natural witch, subject to none.

Maidens and succubus sublime, coven of sinful tides

To reign upon The Drægon Throne eternal, bane of gods and men.

Abyssal Winds course up from the Pit, stirred by demon wings

Feast of The Beast resplendent, elixirs cascade, ambrosia communion infernal

Pleasures, terrors of The Shadow Domain

The flames of Hell are tread again.

Echo into timelessness. ∞

Vernal Equinox

The Great Daemonic Draegon surmounts the horizon, blazing with hellfire, casting fearsome shadows across the land which has become verdant from the flesh and bones of sacrifices before, awash in Sorath's triumvirate eminence.

Thine Mighty wings course the breath of life and winds of The Abyss filling breast and coursing flight unto the myriad Children of Lucifer!

Season Leviathan crests! Scaled lashing tails and vast fins swirling whirlpool tides where labyrinthine grottoes dwell. Tsunamis by Kraken's wake!

Baptized in The Devil's flames, regeneration and nubile flesh blush to partake in the pleasures of The Earth, shedding the pall of unknown pleasures with treasures yet to come!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary Inferno
19 March LV

Walpurgisnacht Sabbath & Helltane

Upon mighty demonic steeds did ride the thundering skies, arising from Western Gates of Hell upon the Abyssal Winds of Lucifer & Mayhem, unto a city filled with The Draegon's treasures, landing gracefully with steel cloven hooves, but with quaking and cracking earth in its wake. Lightning striking from one end to the other, with Spells fulfilled in Sabbath pleasures, by the rippling muscles of The Beast, horns & thorns resplendant!

Many wonders were seen on this day, even traversing o'er the tattered remains of the nazarene deathcult, and offerings presented themselves upon The Altar of Life & Death! Lilith & Hecate came forth to take their due! Mighty Abaddon & Kali came through from within & without in reflective rapport, in gloriously opalescent rainments of crimson, ivory, & jasper, with crowns of flame and ebon eyes of eternity. Speaking tongues incomprehensible, keys of knowledge from deep within the shadowsphere, revealing portals stepped through black angles of space & time/lessness, made known with visions immortal!

In Nomine Satanas!

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Black Earth
Walpurgisnacht Sabbath / Helltane LIV

By the flash of the sword of Lucifer thrust imperiously into the heavens, lightning strikes and thunder rolls, the roar of The Draegon echoes throughout the trembling earth, cloven hooves part asunder, the rivers and streams flow fresh, rendered aflame by the Lustful Hellfire of Satan!

Verdant life bursts forth upon hill and dale, mountains and forest, planes, to greet The Hellements, of flora and fauna, Fleurs Du Mal, Sorath's triumvirate eminence and Luna's enchanted light dance in lush gardens of wondrous nature, tapestries for each creature to paint according to countenance!

Birthing the demonseeds to grow from mind and earth, upon root and branch and tree and bush, whose fruition is partaken of in earthen communion by the creatures of the land, sea, and air, who give even their own flesh for mutual gratification!

Draegon Ouroboros takes another turn, one season confounds another! Disrobed, the nymph and maiden, Succubus Lilith incarnate in Witches sublime. Flames ascend the tower spire, lights the path to deep desire!

In Nomine Satanas!

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Infernal Empire, The Black Earth
Vernal Equinox, LIV Anno Satanas

This year's Equinox is accompanied by The Super Full Moon, ideal for Apotheosis and overall Magical workings.
Satan Enthroned

The Draegons turn in Hellemental bliss, sup the elixir of immortality! The Draegon roars across the Abyss, shattering with Hellemental Might! Hellfire from the sky! Devil's Fog that blankets the land, in Magic & Mystery, forbidden knowledge brought up from Hell.

Feast of The Beast, treasures and pleasures sublime. For those to relish who stand with The Strong!


Behold The Shadow of The Draegon Satanas upon the Conjunction! Cosmic Forces of Darkness align to JUPITER, by lightning strike and thunder roll, bode Patron Daemons Hismael & Bethor! Come forth From The Gates! Lust & Witchcraft! LUNA/Sin/Hecate! VENUS/Aphrodite/Hathor! Succubus, Lilitu! Ride upon the night gaunts, possessed of the mind and flesh! In dreams unto materialization!

Enthroned, The Infernal One presides, Trident as Scepter and crown of black flame, gathered around, Daemons of The Pit, with Forces of Darkness swirling within and around! The Sacrifices are brought forth, cobbleskulls lead the way to the Unholy Cathedra of Shadows.


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Dracmas, Candlemas Evil LIV
Draconian Empire


Presiding upon Infernal Throne, gazing upon mere mortals... It's already amping up for Dracmas LIV! In the week prior and following, the sacrifices are coming forth! Let the bloodshed parade begin!

  • Brazilian Dam Collapse: [1/31: 84 dead, 274 missing] Save the babes! There may be shenanigans involved here {by competing dambuilders! perhaps hoping to drive customers to their services, despite the cost of deaths!}, and it's the second such similar incident in only a couple of years! They obviously don't know how to make sturdy dams over there!
  • Philippine Church bombing: Blamed on islamotard Daeshit diaperheads; so one sect of blindlighters bombing others! Approved!
  • Compton Funeral shooting: Troglodytes stream out of funeral home because they can't deport themselves for a couple of hours, run out into the street and cause an automobile collision! Poor woman finally makes it out of that ghetto shithole to get away from such lowly-educated uncivilized behavior to Louisiana, and is transported back to Compton! Someone should have set fire to that church as well!
  • Louisiana Shooting: Shooter should have killed himself afterwards to complete the slaughter. Still may if given the opportunity, or someone else will while incarcerated.
  • Hudson River Ship collision: Apparently, anchors were not enough to contain these ships in their ports, so they broke away and floated unoccupied down the river. This will lead to further precautions to prevent such events in the future.

Season Lucifer

Upon the longest night of The Year, we celebrate in darkness, and all therein, as hellfires burn to warm the flesh into salacious indulgence, yielding to temptation and feasting with delight, the pleasures of the earth lain forth for you, The Devil's Legions, the harvests of The Seasons in Hell, and before Satan's myriad manifestations, reflected in the shadow speculum and projected by the Demon Eye, visions of what was and is to be again, emerge from The Mind's Abyss, & vast subterranean cavernous lairs.

The Season is Lucifer! Lend us Thine Infernalight!

Upon this High Unholyday, the apex of Satanalia, 'neath a Full Moon & Meteor shower coursing, The Lucifer star glows with infernalight in the Eastern Sky, pointing the way to The Gates which shall be opened! Daemon Brother Krampus has come forth! Within the Void of deepest nocturne, bring forth the sacrifices to blaze on through the night!

Just shortly upon the summit we celebrate the incarnations of Dionysus {Lust}, Mithras {Strength}, & Horus {Wisdom}, collectively regeneration!


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorneb
Noctuary, The Black Earth
Winter Solstice LIII



blackdragon_acrosticHelloween contains 9 letters, The Devil's Number - Witches & Warlocks unleash omnipotent spells with words of Power - the sacrifices have been presented of their own accord, as we delight in ridding Satan's Earth of deserving vermin such as they.

Nymphs and Satyrs have arisen to fan the hellflames of Lust & debauchery, dancing madly in the kundalini rush of Life & Death, the Incubus & Succubus have flown therefrom to possess the minds and bodies of those seeking release to emerge empowered & enraptured of passion's thrall.

Upon cobblestone skulls we see the Trapezoidal Throne there lit by sulfurous plumes flanking, and glowing the heads of those impaled. A procession there adjoining to receive Infernal Blessings in a morbid pageant of joy unending.

The Night gaunts call! Nightmares emerge to become as one! The Shadows possess one and all!

Shemhamforash! Hail SATAN!

Satan In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire, Black Earth
31 October LIII Anno Satanas


Season Belial

The Devil's Covens gather forth at The Gates of Hell to reap the pleasures of previous spells...

Demon Winds, Dragon Wings, the colors of The Abyss upon flora & fauna cascading upon leaves strewn from tentacle vines & bloodthorned branches, as spiderweb veils gently dances. The faces of Satan interchanging with The harvest Moon, the wondrous sights and sounds of the season of gloom. Shadows stretch, The Hands of Doom.

The Throne of Satan darkens the land with enchantment & mystery, pleasures & treasures possessed with ghoulish delight!

Draegon Ouroboros sheds & turns another cycle of timelessness.

Mighty Belial there calls forth in bestial rapport, hooves splitting rock, carving paths with Hellfire from cavernous Brimstone Pits, receive the triple mark of sulfurous plume!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis BlackthorneB 22 September, LIII
Noctuary, Infernal Empire

Upon Aestas Solstice, I ponder the days getting shorter and the onset of Autumn, in the last stride towards Helloween, with macrocosmic manifestations emerging shortly after 4th of July celebrations. I do appreciate the scantily clad maidens and succubi in this season of Hellfire, burning away vestments of perfidy to allow for prideful demonstration, stimulating the Lusts of onlickers.

Sorath, triumvirate ever-revolving! Amon, The Ram of The Sun, The Moon, The Stars... Black Sun Hellemental.

Evocations pondered of earthen adventures in nature traversing the wilderness, and themed environments created of imagination's fane. Satanimal Beast there runs rampant in carnal rapport possessing what may. Devil Winds course o'er flesh & hill to bring forth the shadows and gloom looming ominous in cumulus formation, a tapestry of Gothic splendor forever cycling throughout all timelessness.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Haunted Noctuary, The Black Earth
21 June, LIII

Feasts: Outdoor preparations, nocturnal open flame in hellfire pits, roasted foods, diurnal/noctunal salads. Polynesian, Egyptian, middle eastern cuisine.

Total Environment Decor: Polynesian and Egyptian motifs.

Under Krampus Moon

With the opening of The Gate, Hell has come to earth
Blackened 'neath the Krampus flames, He has emerged
Glorious by Draegon wings resplendant
For by the Hellmouth of The Draegon the land was made The Abyss
Allowing the Winter Daemon to emerge through the portal upon this very night
Invocation bringing forth and taking form
The Draegon's wings did fan the flames to spread His Hellement forth
For by the call of many minds & by directive force, The Shadowmancer brought him forth, & so The Spell was done As every sacrifice inspires further strength & might
May the Hellfires burn! May the Demon winds flow fierce!
And by the sign delivered & possessed, the manifestation transpired again and again!

Omens alight the nyte sky with dread visions manifest
Satanas arises high to call forth His Witches' best
Macabra! Mystique! Pandora! Synthea! Dementia! Arius! Sinistra sublime!
On leathern wings to ride The Beast, unleash The Draegon's Eye!
Sup The Chalice, Thorn & Vine, Pitchfork scepter in cleft & thigh!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Black Earth, Infernal Empire
Satanalia Winter Solstice LII

Halloween LII

Halloween is the time of year when the spotlight is set upon us, while the herd seek to poorly imitate or attempt to delve into their dark sides and fetishes to express themselves and reveal those secrets lain hidden in their subconcious shadow selves the rest of the year long, while Satanists retain this balance perpetually, and develop both towards ever increasing strength. So we traditionally gather to celebrate ourselves, goals, accomplishments, cherished ones, and comrades in arms.

As Dark Forces accumulate, we access these powers and are at one. Incarnations of Satan in all guises and dimensions. As Hallows Gates of Hell are parted, every bit of candy is a Communion with The Devil, enjoyed in pure indulgence, and every costume worn is a reflection of The Abyss. Spells cast upon previous Sabbath nights come to fruition, others empowered, and new materializations are cast to be, savored upon impending Sabbaths to come.

Let us celebrate in debaucheries sublime! With all those we so choose to share the pleasures of the flesh! Tricks and Treats according to those who deserve it! Receive The Goblet of Samhain's tide, and be filled with the spirit of Halloween!

Shemhamforash! Hail Lust! Hail Halloween! Hail Satan! ∞

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire

Season Belial

In the name of Satan…

By Belial, the earth is greeted and replenished by a blessed pluvial manifestation, anointing with The Devil's Rain, a rebirth to the deepest Black Flame. Lucifer extends the Cup of Leviathan unto Belial to sup deeply for the harvest to be bountiful, copiously issuing forth from Dionysian cornucopias, as nymphs and satyres gather, daemons all, maidens and nymphs with fauns and thorny vines, in fountains of plenty one to another.

The masks and faces of Satan and devils of all sorts emerge from shadows of the earth and within, of hellemental foundries sublime, phantoms of the Abyssal mind, cast to dance by Luciferic light, of candle flame and hellfire burning with incensed ebony pyre, 'neath Hecate's visage and Baphomet's Evil Eye overlooking you and I, the dread rites are done and said. Imagination materialized to merge the realms as ether and earth as one forever.

There we see the way to Hallow's Gate, by the carven rictus of the joyful damned, leading to The Infernal Throne.

Senses dynamically awakened by evocative Sorcery of The Black Arts & Witch Crafts, possessed of the spells, alchemical conjurations of intoxicating brews and potions, and talismans, symbols of arcane Power. There Sister Halloween cackles with visions of omens arising in sulphurous plume; Brother Halloween ascends from The Pit in fury and grace. Great black wings bring forth the darknessof night, moving as the winds of Hell, coursing through The Black Earth.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Black Earth, Infernal & Draconian Empire
Falloween Equinox LII

Season SatanSeasons In Hell

Season Satan

Behold The Face of Satan…

Storm echo, earth tremble, Hell arise to greet you, Black Flames ever course within and around, incarnate devils surround and walk with cloven hoofs the black earth infernal. Dusking Gates apart to issue forth great streams from sinful fount, partaking nubile flesh revealed ‘neath the radiance of Sorath’s black eminence, turning light to dark upon Lucifer’s pulsing star, & Hecate’s nocturnal serpentine dance. Shadows long in sinister contemplation, for by the evening gaunts and hellantern’s glow, along the way to The Abyss is shown.

Hellflowers bloom by wildfire and gloom, cascading along fertile rivers and meadow’s yearning, ever searching, ever learning, of Dionysian secrets burning. The clawed hand of The Beast extends from lambent caverns deep within, grasps the keys of life unyielding, unlocking forbidden treasures pleasing, unleashing such delights and myriad pleasures, plenty with no undue measure.

Almighty Satanas, all is in Our Hands. By the jasper Demon Eye of Amon’s sight, beaming forth through day and night, roundabout Orobouros shifts, and by Hellmouth consumed, in passion’s bliss, enthrall one and all. ‘Neath Baphomet’s shadowings, Satan & Lilith are one!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Black Earth, Infernal Empire
20/21 June, Aestas Solstice LII

Wicked Walpurgis Winds flow…

The Gates are opened in this Walpurgis season, the wicked winds from Great Black Wings of The Draegon course up from Hell through canyons and valleys, across plains, woodlands, beaches, lakes, and deserts, possessing minds in passionate thrall, from which the Shadow Daemon comes forth, amidst candlelight, casting fearsome reflections from within and without.

An Invitation to imbibe from omnipotent cranial cups upon serpentine stems and taloned base, the vitality of immortality, gathered of diabolically impaled sacrificial justice and lustful elixirs sublime. The blade hewn in sulfur flames gleams by Lucifer’s eminence in ebon darkness, reflecting the flickering Pit.

The quaking of cloven hoofs grow ever closer, with a rumbling heard and felt across the world, sparks of fury igniting mighty flames to reach the darkened skies, painting an abyssal tapestry wherein the face of Satan manifests, whom as The Lord of The Earth, and beloved Lilith, Queen of Delights, bestow infernal blessings of myriad pleasures of the flesh, to be claimed and taken in kind by Children Of Darkness fane.

From secret chambers in darkened lairs and wilderness spots of unhallowed ground, struck through by lightning and thorny vine, by the chanting of Sorcerers, great currents are unleashed, and by The Signs engraved by black flame, we bring The Is-To-be through timeless dimensions, Daemonic forms through Trapezoidal thresholds unto reality’s firmament.

Shemhamforash! Hail Hexennacht! Hail SATAN.


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, Infernal Empire, Black Earth
Hexennacht LII

Vernal Equinox, Season Leviathan

There lurking in deepest depths, in Stygian labyrinthine grottoes of murk, bone, and brine, serpentine Draegon Leviathan stirs and arises majestically in Satanic splendor, with tempest in wake, coursing above and below with Hellemental bliss.

There through forest mist run satyr, faun, & nymphs, shadows from Hell & Earth, cleft and crevasse, verdant life bursts forth, seeds ripened with lush blushing pome, Dionysian food of the thorny vine, and nubile flesh awash in the Zam-Zam tide, glistening by sun & moon, stars reflecting through daemon eyes course the length of the sky.

By Baphomet's Grace, may pleasures be many, and treasures be plenty, the cup of Bacchus be ever filled, as The Blessings of Hell crest as passionate waves of black infernal flames of indulgence!

Hail Lust! Hail Lilith! Hail SATAN.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Vernal Equinox, LII Anno Satanas

Season Lucifer is upon us. The breath of The Dragon floats as fog throughout land & sky, while Lucifer's infernal enlightenment possesses the mind. Wicked winds from black wings course through valleys and mountains, invigorating & empowering. Swaying branches, skeletal trees, elongating by amber glowing moonlight, ravens, crows, bats and birds of prey fly forth, as growing shadows cast fearsome shapes by night and day, reflecting daemonic manifestations adjoined by inner & outer nature.

The baying of hellhounds regail the fanfare of Krampus beasts embraced by likened kind. Fires from the Pit burn upon devil torches while bells chime from nether realms announcing the emergence of sinful Solstice debauchery. Indulge in sublime pleasures and enjoy thine cornucopia of treasures in this season of copious carnal delights! ∞

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Black Earth
Satanalia XLI

Season Leviathan

The seasons are in flux, one upon the other, Great Draegon Ouroboros shifts in timelessness, the earth in kind neath the shadow of leathern wings of night. Demon Winds whisper foreboding omens of tempest thrall. Fearsome myriad Daemons pour forth from Stygian depths through pentangles and archways made of root, thorn, and vine, gates of subterranean recesses from earth and from mind, in darkness peering with glistening eyes.

By Nature's burgeoning, Lilith ever inflamed, offering forbidden fruits of carnal knowledge consumed joyfully in gardens of dark delights, one to another, thy maidens emerge to partake from eternal Dionysian founts abounding.

Monoliths athrust, beaming amidst fog-laden moors, connected resonant, ancient energy flourishing anew, an endless cycle of regeneration, coursing omnipotent. Arise wherein hellements conjoined, phantom forms at All-One, mysteries revealed to those who dwell therein. Remembered and never forgotten. ∞

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Vernal Equinox, L A.S. ∞
The Haunted Noctuary

Invernal Solstice LI A.S.

Demon winds take their sacrifice, the breath of the basilisk now with stalact-ice jaws, brimming with Cocytus' own swirl.

Invernal, Infernal, the shadow of great Oroborous shifts and slithers, encircling The Black Earth, mighty leathern wings aloft to the darkening heavens, wherein the underworld of the Beast is warmed by hellfire.

Born of The Storm, upon the longest night, the darkness opalescent, Lucifer shown so bright, streak across the sky, a blazing trail, a devil's tail, heralds the yuletide fey.

Ethers stir with omnipotent resolve. Hellemental convergence, Nubile flesh by firelight writhe, 'Neathe the gaze of The Dragon's Eye...

Potions, elixirs, cauldron confections, Daemons arrive to partake of The Sabbath Feast. Rejoice in the delights of the flesh!

In Nomine Satanas,

Winter Solstice, LI A.S.
Noctuary, Draconian Empire


By the sulfur and brimstone of Belial, burning black earth with the flames of Hell, yielding shadowy visions reflective of The Abyss from caverns beneath unto burrowing twisted roots and spiraling thorns like claws climbing high to the darkening heavens, piercing the skies to bring forth The Devil's Storm, Dragon's breath and winged demon winds, torrents, gales, and whipping tails 'neath the harvest moon...

The Path to Hallow's Gate is there framed in bramble and oak, willow and birch - long is the way to Hell, paved in sweet sin, pleasures and treasures, trick or treat delights - treats for likened kind, tricks for those without, The Blessings of Hell flow cornu-copiously, Baphomet's Horns of Plenty, unleashed with tridents which are as crowns to The Lords of The Earth.

The Masks of Satan are myriad, opalescent in the darkness, each a specterous shade flickering from within The Phantom's hood, faces in the ornate black pane gazing back from the timeless dimensions of The Bestial Pit.

Above & Below, Leviathan emerges and submerges, the constant refrain, Ouroboros takes another turn. ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail SATAN.

SATAN In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Draconian Empire
Autumnal Solstice, L A.S./ ∞ Anno Draconum.

Hellemental Communion | Hellemental Activities. | Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion.

Confirmation & Benediction: Continent on a previous arborial mutilage, the natural environment has been graced with two saplings this day of the Autumnal Equinox, gifts from Belial, that shall flourish resplendently.
Season Satan

In the Ninth Nocturnal Hour, this Solstice is quite fortuitous with the energetic planetary conjunction of Venus {Lust}, Jupiter {Dominion}, & waxing crescent Moon {Magic, Witchcraft}. Therefore, the Sorcery for the Hellemental Communion rite of Year L is appropriate for Lust, Power, and occult knowledge. The conjunction assumes the Pyramid of Sun Daemon Sorath 6\6/6, the omniscient 'Evil Eye' contained therein {Horus/Ra}. For this year's rite, include Sorath among The Infernal Names.

  • 6. POWER: Apotheosis {Dracomeroth}.
  • 6. LUST: Invocation For The Conjuration of Lust {The Satanic Bible}; Satanasutra, Satantric Mass {Dracomeroth}.
  • 6. MOON: Rites performed during the nights of 20-22nd at most potent radiance. Enhanced Oracular clarity and experimentation. Ideal for charging & consecrating ritual tools.

Lo, We observe the welcomed shortening of days with a rapid progression towards Samhain, while shadows grow longer and nights grow stronger. The flames of Hell draw near, The Gates asunder! Dear Lilith, Queen of Delights, arises with the moon, possessing minds and bodies towards the pleasures of the flesh. 'Neath her face, and Sorath's grace, Nymphs and Satyrs emerge from darkened woods to reveal themselves before Belial's Might! Partaking in all manner of blissful infernal Satantric Communions and Sacraments.

The great Dragon Ouroboros shifts to LUCIFER to bring the Invernal Solstice unto the Southern regions of The Black Earth, where Krampus hooves mark singed trails into snow and ice, carrying hellish blessings & tidings of Strength through Joy.

Go ye forth, children of The Devil's fane, and enjoy the myriad pleasures provided for you! ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail ϟATAN. SO IT IS DONE.

In Nomine Satanas,

Noctuary, The Draconian Empire

This Walpurgisnacht season brings many wonderful things...

By sulfur and brimstone, Volcanic eruptions burst in the south of The Black Earth, while Belial quakes mightily in the East, casting resonant etheric reverberations.

Witches and Warlocks flock upon devil winds to The High Sabbath amidst timpan and fyfe – lightning illuminates the way unto secret infernal destinations. The Church of Satan continues to prevail onwards unto the 50th Year. What Magus LaVey intended and envisioned has Bourne fruition, continuing to evolve unto myriads of stimulating transmutations, in unending Power and Pleasure! Forever and always!

In this Year of The Black Goat of Mendes, cloven hoofs quake the black earth asunder, Baphomet's eyes aglow in the gloom with infernal luster. There the glorious temple of the flesh thrives in Year L of The Age of Fire, the Great Magus parted The Gates and the Daemons did emerge to walk the land...

It is very appropriate that the celebration of The Church of Satan's 50th Anniversary occur in the Chinese Year of The Goat, veritably Baphomet, a derivative of Amon, Pan, Dionysus, Cernunnos, etc., and what does the goat represent but Nature, the beast in man. Lord of the Forests, The Dark Woods, The Black Earth, Belial, God of the thundering hoof.

May the bonefires burn bright on this black unholy night, casting fearsome shadows long and wide! Whatever foes and woes, lusts and desires cast into the hellflames to be made the morrow's realities! Behold! Many wonders shall be seen! Let The Sorceries begin! Life everlasting! World Without End! ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail ATAN!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Drægon, The Draconian Empire
Hellpurgisnacht L Anno Satanas / ∞ Anno Draconum

Folklore, mythological creatures of legend, elemental harbingers of the black earth, the shadowy woods, the briny sea, the mist laden stormy atmosphere, and even forged in the flames of hell. Trolls, goblins, gremlins, gnomes, sylphs, sprites, undines, nymphs, fauns, satyrs, Wizards, Witches, the mystical hidden world of nature. Sword & Sorcery adventure. Reference "The XXVII Nights of Halloween" chapter in Dracomeroth. Always remember, never forget. ∞

* The Shadow Side: Magic, Sword, Sorcery adventure Malefick Musick/Spechtreum. * SPECHTREUM: Sword & Sorcery, Magic & Witchcraft. previews only.


Hellementals converge this Vernal Equinox to emerge from hidden Shadow Portals throughout The Black Earth... creatures of legend imbued with life from thought-forms throughout history - veritable tulpas given momentum in the dark subconscious of the occult mind, projected through etheric materialization... friends, fiends, minions, blackened forms moving in the gloom... preternatural fears, shadow creatures crawl up from the depths, subterranean caverns, gliding through mist & fog, born of the black flame all.

Things that slither and crawl, fly and creep, swim, walk, float and shuffle, growl and howl, whisper and roar, shimmering eyes, grinding teeth, clicking claws and talons scrape. Scales and spines, thorns, feathers, leathers, skin and bone, all arise, arise!

Beware the woods, willow trees and old oaks
Of swamps, rivers and lakes, waterfalls and caverns deep
'Neath the moon's blacklight glow
By Wizened lantern flame, nocturnal guide shall lead the way
Through paths of mystery and might
To mastery and infernal light
Sinister Wisdom and delight!

In Nomine Satanas,

Drægon, The Draconian Empire
Vernal Equinox L Anno Satanas / ∞ Anno Draconum

☽ Note: This Vernal Equinox {3:45 PDT} includes a Solar Eclipse in the early morning whose resonance will be felt throughout the day and night. Eclipses are ideal for conjurations, and charging of Magical tools & talismans. It also happens to be a perigee-syzygy moon, which will enhance the potency further than usual. An overall favorable time for spells.

Charging: Go ye forth from thine Altar after the preliminary invocations and lift and/or lay the implements to be empowered upon the earth, lain upon a black cloth and/or the Altar cloth the duration of the eclipse, and otherwise in the nocturnal hours between midnight and dawn. Signalling The Cornu with the left hand, tap the horns upon the object thrice speaking the Words of Power "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus", then trace the Pentagram thereunto. When thus empowered, which can be left absorbing until dawn, or until such time when impressed to do so - there will be a 'sign' such as that transferred by an owl, bat, raven, cat, or dog/s howling, and otherwise a gust of wind. Upon conclusion, return to The Altar and further confirm the empowerment by the Hellements, either at the Altar, and/or in that place reserved outdoors where the elements meet.

Conjurations: Consult the characteristics of certain infernal names for your particular purposes, gather the parchment and symbols thereupon, and conduct the rites of summoning between the hours of midnight and dawn. ☾

NOW PLAYING: §atanalia.

§eason Lucifer

The shadow of Lucifer looms long and wide across the land on these wonderfully extensive nocturnes, while hellfire burns in fireplaces; the screams of torment of those who would deem to detract us, while moans of ecstasy echo therefrom to welcome pleasures resplendent - both music to the ears.

In the northern darkness, We commemorate the longest night of the Winter Solstice with the impending arrival of the coldest months of the year, enjoying the harvest with copious fine philtres, a plethora of culinary, and other pleasurable carnal delights. And so Demon Krampus has brought forth the offerings to be savored the year through.

While deep below in the southern regions of The Black Earth, the days begin to shorten and strive through remmus towards Autumnal bliss.

The storms have come forth from Hell to replenish Belial's bounty, with rolling thunder as mighty cloven hooves descending upon the earth, with swirling whirlwinds cast by great black wings and fulmination in their wake. A Hellemental orchestration. ∞

Hail Lucifer! Hail ATAN!

In Nomine §atanas,

Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire, The Black Earth
Winter Solstice, XLIX A.S.

Autumnal Equinox XLIX

As The Devil's Fog creeps in, we enter into Season Belial with quaking hooves rising up from cavernous depths, coinciding with heartbeats running with the passions of the Strong and the fears of the weak.

The shadow of Samhain sweeps the land with dreadful shapes, bringing nefarious joy to the children of darkness; while the herd glimpse but a season into the shadow side of their hidden minds, made manifest through necromantic reflections.

The flames of Hell reveal secrets lain occult, enlightening those who seek the mysteries of the black earth, marvels to behold, burning in mind and body, purifying with carnal bliss. By the howling of wolves 'neath the harvest moon, the Season of The Beast yields a cornucopia of delightfully sinful pleasures for those who take The Devil's hand, the carnal blessings of the flesh. Pleasures and treasures, tricks and treats to have and to hold.

Leaves blown from skeletal trees in the cool, sweetly burning winds of timeless evocation, enhancing the Magic flow, as Baphomet's eyes glisten in the candle light, amidst the music of the eternal night.

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! So It Is Done.
In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
Autumn Equinox, XLIX Anno Satanas

Walpurgisnacht XLIX A.S.

It is gratifying to witness the sublime evilutions of The Church of Satan since inception in this Age of Fire, stronger than ever growing ever more potent with each High Holiday. What Magus LaVey put into motion continues to thrive, to evolve into perpetually intriguing transmutations, as carnal devils arise from the black flames of this Cabal, burning fierce in brain and body, passionate and mighty.

On this night did The Black Pope unleash a force into the world unlike what has ever been seen before, building into a veritable monument of flesh and bone, hell fire and stone.

Upon His stepping into the great darkness, did then a High Priest and Priestess embark upon the journey, steadying the vessel that it remain on course upon Leviathan’s waters to reach many a marvel-filled shore replete with previously unknown treasures lain hidden in the shadows, uncovered by those brave few to discover the dimensions of inner and outer nature. Explorers of the forbidden paths which enrich and empower.

So on this Walpurgis Night, when Witches and Warlocks travel forth upon the nocturnal gales to work the most diabolical Magic, the festivities of this infernal Sabbath are resplendent, and the Gates of Hell part that much wider, so may thy chosen demons and devils, brethren of the labyrinthine regions rise up to greet you in mutual rapport, while Baphomet gazes forth to bestow a myriad of pleasures.

Hail The Church of Satan! HAIL SATAN.

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary
Walpurgisnacht, XLIX Anno Satanas


May The Devil's carnal delights bring myriad ecstasies & indulgence sublime...
May philtres be plentiful, cups filled to the brim
May confections be bountiful, hearty and with favorite treats
May favored minstrels and spectacles gratify thy senses
Thy Lair filled with the pleasures and treasures of your chosen kind
May allies be loyal, potent comrades-in-arms, with detractors smitten, doing no harm
May you grow in strength, wisdom, knowledge, and Power, every night, every hour
By black candle's flame, may thy wishes come true, savored in decadence all the year through
In prolific continuance, may thy imagination ever flow, forging reality to and fro
As the phoenix rises, and the serpent sheds, so The Black Dragon is reborn in unending Might!

So it has been, so it is, so it shall ever be.

Hail Draconis! Hail Satan! SO IT IS DONE.

Helloween XLVIII A.S.

In the thirteenth year, The Gates of Hell dwell agape, the night gaunts howl, bringing upon them creatures from nightmarish fane, eclipsing even the light of day, casting fearsome shadows upon the land, and in the minds of mankind.

In the air, the glowing moon, a rictus gazing down with devil eyes, familiar forms course the nocturne tides; through fog and smoke, ravens, bats, vultures soar. Upon the earth, the creaking of skeletal branches, spider, serpent, wolfen howls, while nestled in bramble, frames the nefarious house cloaked in shadow, sits upon the flickering pit.

Screech and groan, wail and moan. Beyond the firelight, we welcome cloven hooves and rustling wings, eyes aglow as brimstone coals, clicking claws and fangs.

Beware All Hallow's Evil, 31st of the 13th, ignite the Jack O' Lantern's demonic leer by Devil's claw, by keys spoken of by those in microcosmic revelry, as dusk unfurls, the horrors grow, unto the timeless 13th hour eternal...

Trick or Treat - Pleasure or Pain. ∞

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
Helloween XLVIII Anno Satanas

Autumnal Equinox XLVIII: Season Belial

Season Belial The muses and mysteries slowly begin to bubble forth from cranial cauldrons like jack o' lanterns eerily aglow with hell flames that further ignite the black flame of the mind, releasing visions of specters rising forth into the ominously growing shadows of the night.

Hoof beats resounding, drawing ever near, Belial emerges with sweetly burning scents mixed with brimstone and sulfur from cavernous regions of wooden glade, by howling winds that carry hallow leaves upon the cool breezes of equinoctal gails.

Bestial creatures of all shape and size, gather by bonefire, cohorts 'neath the full moon's light, with Magic increasing, ebbs and flows, Sorceries spoken by earth, air, and brine. Apparitions, reflections, nightmares and dreams, diabolical masquerade reveals The Devil's face, to wish you all a most pleasurably potent Halloween soon to be...

All through this enchanted Falloween, may the bounty be plenty, a copious cornucopia of carnal delights!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary
Autumn Equinox XLVIII Anno Satanas

Black Sun by Draconis Blackthorne

Aestas Solstice XLVIII

Season SatanSeason Satan blazes forth with hellfire burning fierce to reveal gratifying pulchritude with flesh exposed, the shedding of vestments invite unto sweet sin, motivating desires in mind and body. By Lilith, Queen of Delights, Infernal Succubus, elixers course to quench salacious thirst, ever burning from within.

Marbled obelisk athrust to the gloomy sky, marked with Hellemental sign. Night eclipses day, the growing shadows of Hades' sway, evokes the muses of darkest passion. Is not was, in constant flow, the bell tolls nine, as darkest forms appear.

'Neath the incandescence of the Schwarze Sonne, the black energies pervade, the purification revitalized, in omnipotent permutation. May the black flame rage higher, stronger! Empowering with darkness! ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! The All Is One!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
June Solstice, XLVIII A.S.

Walpurgisnacht XLVIII A.S.

The flames of Lust rise in every breast and belly, as The Beast emerges, undulating succubi as dancing shadows upon hill and blackened wall, 'neath the Walpurgis Moon, glasses filled with potions sublime ignite the daemons faire, with earthly delights and ecstasy's repose.

The Devil's Church born this night, the Gates of Hell swung wide as black candles burn bright! And Baphomet's eyes did shine. The zeitgeist infernal flew forth from the trapezoidal portal upwards on leathern wings as the triple six formed Nine.

The stimulating mysteries of The Black Earth are yours to explore. The world is ours, and all the treasures contained therein. Take The Unknown unto oneself, and experiment wisely. Gratify the senses! Live richly, laugh heartily, love deeply, hate justifiably, and sin well.

Here's to Pleasure and Power! Strength through carnal Joy! Life everlasting! World without end! ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
Walpurgisnacht XLVIII Anno Satanas


From the throne of indulgence, the Daemon arises from regions deep below as a tribute to The Self, Satan-God incarnate. Regeneration by Oroborous' essence, stepping through the trapezoidal, pentagonal gateway, as the serpent sheds, purified in hellfire. Draegonic Phoenix of black flame, from darkness comes into being, cobbled black earth trembles upon the emergence, in timeless Power. The shadows perpetually grow, deepening with undefiled wisdom, where pleasures and treasures await.

From the immortal womb/tomb, reborn in Luciferic eminence!

By Moloch, the etheric sacrifices mount to empower the Black Dragon in a procession before and after Candlemas Evil. In the midnight hour, Cthonic dwellers from forbidden dimensions scratch with blackened claws by the Baphomet-laden portal as candles grow with the dark flames of The eternal abyss!

The Lust & Strength of Satan is within Me! In Communion of Infernal Bliss! ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail DRACONIS! Hail SATAN!

In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus!
Draconis Blackthorne
Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Devil's Gate
1 February, XLVIII Anno Satanas.

Vernal Equinox XLVIII

Season Leviathan Season Leviathan: Nature rushes forth in splendour, through crevasse & valley, forests, deserts and seas, to bring forth regeneration, ebbing forth from rock and tree, ascending through black earth to reveal the wonders of fertility by seed and budding flora & fauna. Reach forth, the prey are plenty!

Temple of the flesh flowing fresh, blushing in the soft glow of candlelight, shadows blend in lascivious coalescence, surges erupt in blissful opulence, awash in the pleasures of the carnal. A Sacrament of streaming ecstasy, a Communion of potions sublime, an Altar of Ecstasy and desire. Dancing in hellfire, the muses glow in the eyes of Baphomet's gaze.

Leviathan, Kraken, Cthulhu! Hellements swirl above and below, intermingle brine & bone, Air & Water, Fire and Stone! Embodiment, immortal synthesis, throughin, throughout, the All is One!

The Blessings of Satan are copious! Strength in mind and body to behold and partake! ∞

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary
Vernal Equinox, XLVIII Anno Satanas


Seasons In Hell celebrations. Rite references from Dracomeroth unless otherwise noted. Ideally, all celebrations include cake & orgies!

Grande Celebrations & High UnHolidays for gatherings and High Sorcery.

  • I. DÆMONACHT {Nativity, Birthday}: One's own Nativity celebration. {Rite of Nativity, Infernal Apotheosis} / Also includes days of observation towards notable & de-facto individuals demonstrating Satanic principles throughout history.
  • II. AUTUMN EQUINOX: Harvest Feastevil / Feast of The Beast {Hellemental Mass}
  • III. SATANACHT {Helloween}: Harvest Feastevil of The Beast / "Satan's Birthday" / Veneration of The Shadow / Infernal Communion / Necromancy {Hallow Rite}.
  • IV. WINTER SOLSTICE: Season Lucifer. Satanalia, Yule Feastevil of Winter Demon KrampuSatan Claus {Hellemental Mass, Homage To Tchort [TSB]}; may range from Krampusnacht - Winter Solstice}.
  • V. SPRING EQUINOX: Season Leviathan {Hellemental Mass}.
  • VI. AESTASOLSTICE: Season Satan {Hellemental Mass}.
  • VII. HEXENACHT {Walpurgisnacht}: Foundation of The Church of Satan. Forces of Darkness, Daemonic energy increases. {Walpurgisnacht Rite, Grand Sabbath}
  • VIII. FRIDAY THE 13: Medieval & blasphemous, sacrilegious themes. {L'Air Epais, The Satanic Bible} 13 Dracommendations | On Friday the 13th... | Mind Traps |
  • IX. FULL, BLACK, BLOOD MOONS: Full moon or lust/love spells, Black moon for Hexes & Death Curses, Blood Moon for all + Infernal Apotheosis.
  • X. SOLAR / LUNAR ECLIPSES: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Particularly potent & psychodramatically stimulating. Potent Shadow energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XI. PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Study particular Grimoire designations for specific daemons, sigilization, & purposes of empowerment & attainment. Potent energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XII. PERSONAL: Birthdays for loved ones, Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals {see Dracomeroth, The Satanic Rituals, Scriptures}, Accomplishments, secular holidays for relatives & selfish acquisition.

* RELATED: FAQ Holidays
Elemental Pentagrams of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell

Seasons In Hell

The archetypal characteristics of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell correspond with The Seasons, according to their elemental properties. Here we see the manifestation of The Elemental Pentagrams of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell. Satan as Fire {The Will}, Lucifer as Air {Infernal Enlightenment, imagination and ingenuity}, Belial as The Black Earth {Logic and Reason}, and Leviathan as Water {The Raging Sea of Emotion, Passion, and Desire}.

I. Season Satan: Summer {remmus}.

  • Hellement: Heat, fire.
  • Color designation: Red, Yellow.
  • Holiday/Sabbath: Serotonal Solstice.
  • Particular Symbol: Torch, Baphomet.
  • Geometry: Pentagram, Trapezoid.
  • Number: 5.
  • Traits: Will, Force.
II. Season Belial: Autumn.
  • Hellement: Earth Harvest.
  • Color designation: Black, Orange.
  • Holiday/Sabbath: Autumnal Equinox, Halloween.
  • Particular Symbol: Brimstone/Sulphur sigil.
  • Geometry: Hexagram.
  • Number: 6.
  • Traits: Instinct, lust, practicality, mundane.
III. Season Lucifer: Winter.
  • Hellement: Air, Cold, Ice.
  • Color Designation: Silver, Grey.
  • Holiday/Sabbath: Yule Solstice.
  • Particular Symbol: Lightning Bolt.
  • Geometry: Heptagram.
  • Number: 7.
  • Traits: Rebellion, independence, right hemisphere analytical intellect.
IV. Season Leviathan: Spring.
  • Hellement: Rain / Water.
  • Color designation: Green, Blue.
  • Holiday/Sabbath: Walpurgisnacht, Vernal Equinox.
  • Particular Symbol: Trident.
  • Geometry: Enneagram.
  • Number: 9
  • Traits: Passion, emotional, left hemisphere.
Each of course manifest and interrelate to greater and lesser degrees within the given period.


V. Self. Center. The All-one.The sentient being who corresponds and flows with Nature.

  • Elemental characteristic: Flesh.
  • Color designation: Purple {black flame}, personal colors of preference and resonance.
  • High Holiday/Sabbath: Birthday.

Additionally, certain months have been ascribed to particular historical demons and gods by various sources, here accompanied by descriptions from The Satanic Bible unless otherwise noted, with corresponding Shadowmantic designations. {Assertion of Magical Mindset preservation & enhancement}.
  • January {Shadows}: Belial - (Hebrew) without a master, baseness of the earth, independence, the north.
  • February {Nocturnal}: Leviathan - (Hebrew) the serpent out of the deeps, the sea, the west.
  • March {Malefic}: Satan - (Hebrew) adversary, opposite, accuser, Lord of fire, the inferno, the south.
  • April {Wicked}: Belphegor - Assyrian Devil God of licentiousness, orgies, wealth, discoveries and invention, symbolized by The Phallus. [Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology].
  • May {Morbid}: Lucifer - (Roman) bringer of light, enlightenment, the air, the morning star, the east.
  • June {Gloom}: Baal-Berith - Canaanite Lord of the covenant who was later made a devil.
  • July {Hellfire}: Beelzebub - (Hebrew) Lord of the Flies, taken from symbolism of the scarab.
  • August {Infernal}: Astaroth - Phoenician goddess of lasciviousness, equivalent of the Babylonian Ishtar.
  • September {'Darktember'; Sinister}: Thammuz - Sumarian god who later was relegated to devildom.
  • October {Unholy}: Baal - God of thunderstorms, fertility and agriculture. Canaanite deity Baal mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians. [Goetia].
  • November {'Noctember'; Nefarious}: Asmodeus - Hebrew devil of sensuality and luxury, originally "creature of judgement".
  • December {'Octember'; Diabolical}: Moloch - Phoenician and Canaanite devil.
  • Nights/Days of the Strong: Morbid Monday, Terror Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Thriller Thursday, Frightday, Satanday, Salacious Sinday.
  • 13 O'Clock: Ritual time, wherein 'time' is suspended. Also Midnight {Witching Hour} 'til Dawn. 3am is considered the Demon Hour.

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