Parkway Pictures Interview

Parkway Pictures Interview
by John Doby

1.) Are you a Satanist? A Warlock? A Vampire? For how long? If so, what are your dreams, aspirations, and obsessions?

All of the above. I have been a member of The Church of Satan for six years and The Temple of The Vampire for eight. Although one is considered a Satanist since birth, as it is an ethnic, with inherent predispositions for the darkly mysterious and the occult, and I have been attracted to the archetypal figure of Satan in all manifestations throughout history.

My aspirations are to tap into all of the creative arts with My various projects and handicrafts.I Am an Entrepreneur, artist, web designer, author of three books on the subject of Satanism, poet, and Musician.

2.) How does your childhood reflect on the adult you have become?

We have a saying: "Satanists are born, not made." As such, one's childhood is a microcosmic reflection of the inevitable evolution of The Self as an "adult". One eventually comes to realize that one is a Satanist by reading The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey, by naturally resonating with the philosophy therein.

Personally, I was raised in a Catholic household, and was even "baptized" at The Vatican {I have since formally re-baptized Myself a Satanist as a gesture of self-awareness}, although I later came to realize that many of the fundamentals of Satanism were being practiced in theory in the home with merely christianized terminology for the personality construct I was. Both My parents conducted themselves quite Satanically, actually, but used Catholic iconography and language in a decidedly much more Pagan sense of practice.

3.) What was your family life like as a teenager? Were you close to your parents/siblings?

As a 'teenager', I came to be known as "Satan" by friends, and it was around this time when I picked up a copy of The Satanic Bible, after learning of its existence from, ironically, a paranoid Christian tract published by a ministry profiting on the SRA urban legend. Among the "dangerous" works mentioned therein, was The Satanic Bible, so I was determined to read it for Myself. And when I did, the rest is history.

At first, My parents were a bit hesitant and understandably concerned with My newly-found religion, considering the scare-stories Christians were spreading to fill their churches, but when they realized that it brought edification and positive affirmations of life as an indulgent existence, inspiring Me towards progress and earthly success, they relaxed their tone. To this end, the best influence a Satanist can be, is in being the personification of the philosophy, that others may witness the dynamics through action and results.

4.) Do you have children of your own? If so, are you raising them with the same Satanist beliefs and values? Would you if you had?

I have no children at this time, but if I did, I would raise them to be themselves. There will be information on a variety of sources available for them to read, according to their own interests and curiosity, so long as no criminality is considered. If they discover they are Satanists, that would be wonderful; but if not, they would be allowed to grow at their own level.

5.) What was your main motivation as a teenager?

I would have to say primarily Sex, Horror and Occult movies and books, Satan in all forms of expression {art, literature, films}, Music {mostly Metal and Classical}, Martial Arts, Weight-lifting; overall, the persuit of knowledge, Power and indulgence; much of which remains true to this day.

6.) Can you comment on your TEENAGE sex drive? Were/are you heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual? Please describe your ideal mate.

Heterosexual. I have an ECI {Erotic Crystallization Inertia} for a Morticia Addams-like appearence; although I certainly would not evict a pretty girl from My bed with an alternative look. For an actual mate as opposed to a mere lover, however, she must be intelligent, charming, and conduct herself like a Lady as well, and preferably be a Satanist. She would share My throne and does, My dear Lady Blackthorne- a Morticia aesthetic would definitely be a plus. From experience, it has been observed that a Satanist should only seriously life mate with another Satanist, while others are only for sexual gratification.

7.) If you could have any motor vehicle you desired, what would you choose? What would you have chosen when you were a teenager?

I Am considering a hearse - for they are classy, roomy, and attain 'The Lighthouse Effect'/ The Command to Look. As a teenager, I had the perfect automobile for Me - a '68 Mustang which was given to Me by an aunt. Red interior {which already came with the car}, black exterior {which I painted over the white}. I carried The Satanic Bible in the compartment beside the driver's seat with My sais {Japanese weapons resembling knife-sized pitch-forks} crossed-over on top.

8.) Can you briefly describe your daily routine? Do you pray? Gather with other Satanists? Cast spells? Have orgies? Influence others? Vote? Go food shopping? What is it like to be a Satanist?

Besides the common household responsibilities, filling orders for Blackhorne Productions {dealing with printing establishments and the post office}, which range from web design to the construction of the various oracles I create, electronic and post correspondence, parapsychological investigative work and services, the feeding and caring of My animals, enjoying a CD, DVD, record or tape, book, and weight-lifting.

Satanists do not "pray", as that is indicative of begging, whining, subjection and supplication to a delusion. Satanists enforce the Will upon one's environment and situation to fulfill and gratify one's needs and desires. In fact, it could be said that Satanists "PREY", not "pray."

Satanists have groups called "Grottos", in which we may decide to gather for special 'ceremonial' events such as the commemoration of Our holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals, baptisms, et al. Although most of our practices are solo in nature, as 'ritualization' is an intensely personal endeavor to derive what you want out of life. There is a difference between the two - 'Ritual' serves to 'attain', whereas 'ceremony' serves to 'sustain'. Of course spell-casting is a part of that.

Do we have orgies? While it is not part of Satanic dogma, it is certainly an option for one's private life if so desired, so long as it brings indulgence, not compulsion.

Do we vote? Yes, if one feels it will really make a difference and it serves one's purposes in electing a particular candidate who shares one's views.

Go food shopping? Absolutely. Although many Satanists prefer the late night hours after the herd-grazing and stampede is over.

9.) What activities do you participate in that would be accepted by the "norm"? For instance, are you interested in sports, music, the arts, business, movies/television, hobbies, etc. What are your favorites? When participating in these activities, do you interact with non-Satanists, outside of your religious group? If so, what is your perception of these soccer-moms, guidos, jocks, preppys, contractors, or Catholics, etc.?

I suppose not much could be considered "normal" about My strange life, except perhaps taking in the rarely occasional movie at a theatre, concert {only with a VIP seat or backstage - either I know the band or Am conducting an interview}, although plays are much more preferable entertainment. I do not watch much television at all, except for the again, rarely occasional presentation that may pique My interest, and quirky series like Bewitched, Dark Shadows, The Addams Family, or The Munsters, most of which I already have either on tape or DVD anyway.

I have observed that by and large, television, or what I call the "Letharginator", propagates a mind-numbing zombification for the herd, their new god, and that is perhaps as it should be, and fulfills an element of stratification.

As to physical activity, I enjoy weight-training and Martial Arts {emphasis on the word 'Art'} disciplines, but derive no interest in simplistic spectator 'sports' made for cretins.

As far as interacting with non-Satanists, unless certain business ventures are considered, it is rather pointless.

My view of the afore-mentioned cliques is that by and large, these are programmed identity-seeking drones reacting to media manipulation in a myriad of trend-thinking and fads.

10.) What country/state do you live in?

California, United Satanic America.

11.) What is your nationality?

Spanish {Espana} and Italian. Although of more importance to Me is the fact that being Satanic is an ethnic in itself. I feel there are basically Satanists - persons, and other people, or 'sheeple'.

12.) How old are you? How old were you when you became a Satanist?

Decline to state for philosophical reasons. As explained earlier, I have been a de-facto Satanist since birth, and realized I was a Satanist when I read The Satanic Bible at Thirteen.

13.) What is your profession? How do you make your living?

Besides the business, Web Designer and Author, which is actually inclusive therein, along with some other secret pursuits.

14.) What is your current view of the world? President Bush, the Pope, world events, Celebrities, world religions, Jesus Christ/God, etc.?

I place little importance to these, besides the occasional misanthropic analysis, or whatever may directly pertain to Me and Mine.

15.) Have you seen the new movie, "The Passion Of The Christ", by director, Mel Gibson? If so, can you comment on it? How did you feel about the interpretation of Jesus' suffering, and the part that Satan played in tempting him, and as an observer of the event? How might you compare religious films like this, and "The Last Temptation Of Christ", to "The Exorcist", "Rosemary's Baby", and "The Omen"?

I have not seen the film in question, but may perhaps view it at a later date. I have seen the Satan character therein, and I know the story. These Jesus movies really do not interest Me a whole lot, and furthermore contain no root in Our belief-system, although we may occasionally exploit some of the mythology for amusement or to establish a greater metaphorical point.

What would be far more interesting would be a blockbuster movie featuring The Dead Sea Scrolls for the plot, wherein Jesus survives the crucifixion and takes refuge in Southern France with the un-virgin Mary, and also copulates with Mary Magdalene; which "The Last Temptation of Christ" carried a bland allusion to, and could also provide for the possibility of a sequel. Imagine the reaction to that!

"The Exorcist" is amusing, a well-done Horror film with great effects still frightening the plebian stuporstitious masses and generating an income for the Catholic Church; "Rosemary's Baby" is a truly wonderful film, featuring Anton LaVey as The Devil and acknowledging Our Year One 1966 Anno Satanas, the formation of The Church of Satan; and "The Omen" is a delightful series I have enjoyed many times, but keep in mind there is also a part 4 to the series, wherein Damien returns through his sister Delia, who is quite the hellion herself. For serious filmographic inquiry into real Satanism, I recommend "Satanis: The Devil's Mass" and "Speak of The Devil: The Canon of Anton LaVey", both obtainable through Feral House,, and The Church of Satan Emporium.

16.) What is the Satanist stance on sex, drugs, and alchohol use and abuse?

We advocate sexual activity between consenting adults. Keeping in touch with principle of "Indulgence, not compulsion", most Satanists do not ingest narcotics, as these tend to numb the brain and obscure sensitivity and true perception. Much the same goes for the legal drugs of alcohol and smoking as well - done in moderation, these can be quite enjoyable - but chronically excessive use can obviously lead to addiction and hamper self-preservation, man's primary instinct.

17.) What is the institution's perception of pornography, and its exploitation of women and children?

We regard animals and children in a sacred regard, as natural magicians who have not been corrupted by anti-life foolosophies of white-light spirituality, for there is much to learn and preserve in the purely natural/animal state; and We seriously frown upon pedophilia and bestiality.

The so-called "exploitation of women" is a non-sequitor in My opinion, for as far as pornography is concerned, these adult 'women' choose to participate, are paid, and furthermore, relish the attention. The feminists would have the public beLIEve that these women do not want to be there doing what they are doing, but this would be both inaccurate and hypocritical, as they foster a victim mentality in the PC realm, which further weakens the populace.

If you are referring to the human slavery trade in the black market, we do not condone the forced participation of individuals who would not gain personal gratification from such activity. If, however, mock-slavery is practiced as fetish-play between again, consenting lovers, then more power to them.

18.) As a teenager, were you ever confronted with violence? How did you deal with critisism and intimidation from bullies? Or were you the bully?

I remember being in a couple of minor scuffles, but nothing serious. Being a Martial Artist, I was neither the bully nor the bullied, although there were a couple of instances where I actually helped out an acquaintance who I thought was being treated unjustly. I was actually appointed a school "safety" as well, which was essentially the school law and policy enforcer, keeping the crowds in line. Several fellow students were aware of My fighting skills, after seeing Me go to the dojo in My gi during camp, so I was left alone.

19.) What is your relationship with "higher-ups" in the Church? Can you comment on the hierarchy that exists there?

Coloquial and pleasant associations with some of the most intelligent, skilled, and talented individuals on the planet. For information on our gradations, it is available on The Church of Satan's site in the 'Affiliation' section.

20.) How might I put a more contemporary spin on Satanism in my script, leaving behind the cliche of the dark, and tormented Goth, and incorporating a touch of MTV, and the flavor of Wall Street, and still remain true to the reality of being a Satanist in 2004?

Satanists come from all walks of life, for besides what is presented in fictional horror movies, there really is no one manner in which a Satanist aesthetically presents themselves, for the variety can range as much are there are individuals, although Satanists do tend to be more well-kept with adherence to hygeine and elegance. We despise slobs and dregery. As a matter of fact, one of Our "Sins" states "Lack of Aesthetics" - so in short, Satanists place an importance on personal style and the Lesser Magic principle of "The Command to Look" {read The Satanic Witch for an elaboration} - the Satanist is the Devil as a gentleman, or in a Witch's case, a true Lady. In another sense, a Satanist would also dress in a manner most beneficial to him/her on order to accomplish a desired result; much like a changeling.

If a Satanist needs to commiserate for whatever reason with the herd, he can return to the solace of the total environment he has formed for himself, and The Ritual Chamber, where he can release all manner of fantasy to gain his desires; whether it be for wealth, punishment of enemies, lust, or compassionate purposes.

21.) I need to be more original in what evil is, or what constitutes evil. I must consider that evil isn't always an action, or a fashion statement, but an attitude, and a motivation. From your own personal perspective, how might I achieve this?

On a personal level, I agree with what Doctor LaVey said - "Good is what you like, Evil is what you don't like". On a close social level, I would be "good" to My loved ones, and "evil" to anything that would deem to suppress or oppress Me and Mine.

For further accurate and concise information on Satanism on the web: which also contains information on Music, Literature, and Aesthetic presentation. Above all, interested parties should read The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.

{John Doby is a film maker and screenwriter for Parkway Pictures, an up-and-coming film company with some really great Satanic ideas for plots and scripts. He is contemplating incorperating certain inherent villainous traits into a character in the film "Perfect Parents".}
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