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Speak of The Devil
The Canon of Anton LaVey
| XXVI A.S. Feral House.

As a contemporary Satanist, you've probably wondered about Our Black Pope, Anton LaVey {1930-1997}, & what his lifestyle, history, & evilution was. Well finally, to calm your insatiable curiosity, he has released a video documentary called SPEAK OF THE DEVIL. Very aptly named for the prime incarnation thereof. The first thing one sees, is the video case, which shows the doctor holding BOAZ, His boa-constrictor.

Speak of The Devil

A lightning bolt cuts through the clouds, reminiscent of the Doctor's personal symbol. Probably the most impressive line in the whole presentation starts it all off when The Doctor states, "You're either a REAL Satanist, a TRUE Satanist, or not. And if you are, you were BORN that way." Every true Satanist knows that we are born, not "made", with that essential superior Satanic gene.

Suddenly, as if gazing through a crystal ball, We are out on the streets, surveying the common populace, asking their feeble minds what they think of SATANISM. We get many varying answers, most of them ill-educated, which is to be expected from the mealy-mouthed, unwashed, or biased & prejudiced "sources", who still adhere to the age-old xian mythology. Witnessing those idiotic fools, those walking trash-bags, with their misconceptions & blatant ignorance, One more fully realizes why there should be birth-control, & if I ever agreed with abortion, it would be in such cases.

However, there were a couple of Satanists besides the lot, who clearly have earned their places upon the earth, by submitting intelligent commentary about Our religion. Anyone can throw their two-cents worth of meaningless opinion, but it takes a superior person to put a modicum of effort into studying a particular subject matter, without vomiting forth absurdities like the assimilates do. We Satanists are prideful, & this world is OURS!

By & by, LaVey talks a bit on how humans are inherently cruel to each other, & enjoy seeing the pain & suffering of their own. Perfect examples, being practical jokes such as joy buzzers, whoopie cushions, stink bombs, & voice testers. the latter is the most devious of the bunch, in which blood is actually drawn.

A portion of The Infernal Diatribe is narrated to inspirational scenes of brutality & vengeance, diabolic justice, & some spiritual concepts.

The Den of Iniquity

The rest of the video consists of a tour of The Black House. LaVey leads you through its many dark chambers, including The Den of Iniquity, where we meet some of His humanoid creations - they are testament to the Satanic philosophical ideal that we are Lord Helixs. We Satanists place no other deity before Ourselves. The Dark Forces We conjure, that make Themselves manifest by the fulfillment of Our Wills through Magic, We call SATAN - that Presence - that POWER.

The dwellers therein show the lustiest, mundane elements of Underworld life, in a bar setting. Twisted people reveling uninhibitedly in a cavalcade of debauchery. The "freaks" have burst their chains, busted out from their cages, & have enslaved their public for our amusement. We are the judges of mankind...

The Ritual Chamber

In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the Earth and the King of the World...

As we travel deeper into the labyrinths of the Black Monster that has swallowed one up, we arrive at The Ritual Chamber, the Inner Sanctum, the Heart of Darkness, at the very Gates of Hell Itself. This is where those abominable blasphemies took place that brought on The Age of Fire, where "Lord Helix" was sacrificed upon The Black Altar, bringing forth a rebirth, improvement, liberation, Lucifer's Enlightenment - all part of Nature, The Darkside of Life. Here, the Satanic High Priest delivers an Infernal Eulogy of Misanthropic Indignation, invokes The Forces of Darkness, & essentially declares War on hypocrisy, mediocrity, & repression, & calls for a return to Nobility, & the Magical elements in Life. SO IT IS DONE.

The Music Room

The Devil always has the best tunes...

Finally, we arrive at THE MUSIC ROOM, where LaVey Satanically serenades Our Dark Souls unto enchanted delights upon the keyboards. He arches & looms above the organ, creating sensual & evocative impressions. We are taken upon black wings into dark dimensions of the Noir Era. The Musick drifts & falls, crashes & strikes, explodes & soothes. A veritable roller coaster of audial adventure, much like a picture He painted of a skeleton taking a gleeful ride upon one, which hangs in the Purple Parlor.

Speaking of art, The Music Room is splendorously arrayed with hellish murals of demons dancing & flying about the walls, along with The Sigil of Baphomet, such as in The Ritual Chamber.

Next, we have a lengthy conversation with The Black Pope about His illustrious past, influences, & experiences.

Besides the Sinister Minister, we become acquainted with High-Priestess Blanche Barton, His left-hand gal, chronicler, & confidant. She speaks briefly about the LaVey biography, The Secret Life of a Satanist, which she authored, & she also appears in The Den of Iniquity earlier on.

Then we hear from daughter Karla LaVey. She talks about what it was like living in the LaVey house-hold, the incredible similarities to The Addams Family, such as the manner of dress, the Victorian house, & all the unusual pets prowling the premises.

We Listen & watch to four other prominent Satanists - Boyd Rice, speaks about the impending Satanic World, Father Larry Wessel gives his impressions of The Satanic Bible, & Rex Diabolus Church, speaks on Aesthetic Terrorism, while seated before his Gigerian depiction of Baphomet, drawn for the uprising Satanic Death Metal band Acheron. Then there is Peter Gilmore, publisher of the official forum of The Church of Satan, The Black Flame, with a few words about blood & brains.

Speak of the Devil concludes with Hymn of the Satanic Empire, or, Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse, by Anton LaVey, played with demonic scenes from Hell. Very last, LaVey concludes by reading a portion from Gone With The Wind.


Yankee Rose


The Devil's Mass | IV A.S. | Something Weird Video. Directed by Ray Laurent.

Before Speak of the Devil, which shows a look into the Black House today, that has long since been closed for public display of Satanic rites, there was Satanis. For many of us who were not yet incarnate upon this Black Earth, Satanis provides us with an intimate look inside the early Church of Satan, when this revolutionary organization gained its initial notoriety. We get to see L'Air Epais, in which a cardinal receives a flogging, then is reborn unto Satan & his own fleshly desires, as he enters a coffin containing the manifestation of Lilith. The "lord's prayer" is said backwards, a witch urinates blasphemously, as she represents a nun gaining liberation.

We also get to see a curse, employing a beautiful serpent, & a fetish doll is impaled, as the congregation swoons in an hypnotic state of morbidity. A compassion ritual is also performed, as well as a lust spell.

Throughout the video, interviews are conducted with Dr. LaVey, & other Satanic Witches & Warlocks, & also with neighbors, who have varying opinions on the Satanic Church, its Black Pope, & its practices. Also here, are interviews with little Karla LaVey, & Diane LaVey, the second first lady, who repeatedly quotes the Doctor, verbatim. Baby Zeena is only briefly seen at the zoo, being held by Diane. Ironically, it was Zeena who sold Me My copy of Satanis from her now non-existent store, Hellhouse of Hollywood.

Satanis is the definitive, official documentary of The Church Of Satan, during its media-manipulation period of emergence, & subsequent development. With all of the emotions this video will inspire in you, you will feel as if you were there, partaking in the diabolic rites yourself.


Into The Devil's Den
XLIV A.S. | Carl Abrahamsson

The triumvirate to complement Satanis & Speak of The Devil. Directed & Narrated by Carl Abrahamsson, comes this 'Doc'-umentary on Magus LaVey's legacy, continues in this presentation with interviews with Church guests & friends Magus Gilmore, HP Nadramia, MTR Blanche Barton, contemporary Kenneth Anger, Mgr. Robert Johnson {in his hellegant total environment featuring pentabolt, sulfur sigil pennants and Corpsewood Baphomet}, Michael Moynihan {Lords of Chaos}, Fr. Larry Wessel {sporting flattering long hair & Baphomet shirt}, buxom Witches also include LaVey's former secretary, & Ruth Waytz.

Relations of experiences at The Black House, conversations, personal discoveries & subsequent realization & integration of Satanism, elucidations on some of the legendary exploits, archival photography, film footage, & previously unseen commentary by LaVey throughout.

Overall, he seems like a fun friend & mentor to spend time with and share mutual interests, like a veritable daemon "brother from another mother", as it were. [5/5]

An American Satan

Asplendid documentary on the evolution of The Church of Satan throughout the Age of Fire, from its founding origins heralded by LaVey through to Gilmore, some rare archival photographs & footage, with interviews with several of the interesting personalities contained therein. Blanche Barton, The Gilmores amidst Black House Beast, Ruth Waytz, doll-maker/collector & Metal musician couple Marilyn & Zoth, plus various Writers, artists, musicians, models, dancers, a myriad of performers gracing this shadowy organization of productive individualists, eccentrics, unconventional conventionalists, the alien elite!

Questions range from the personal discovery of The Satanic Bible, the use of the philosophy to exemplify perspective, the practice of The Religion, and overall lifestyle. Opinions and experiences through The Satanic Panic, and personal projects enhanced by Satanism. A visit to a bar showcasing The Great Satan presentation, and wonderful scenes from a Church event including psychodramatic & salacious performances, and an inspirational diatribe by The High Priest.

From Coney Island spookhouses to Los Diablos highrises, foggy San Francisco origins to hellscape vistas & clandestine Satanic gatherings, the devils speak for themselves in An American Satan, an impartial journalistic documentary that is both educational and overall simulating to the uncommon senses. [5/5]


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    {Dracommendation: Also be sure to peruse another recent documentary INTO THE DEVIL'S DEN}

    MANSFIELD 6667

    DOCumentary on Satanic Witch Jayne Mansfield's rise to stardom, on the hell heels of Mae West, with a primary focus on her involvement with LaVey & The Church of Satan. The proof is all there in photographic and documented evidence. Her impact on & the utilization of the feminine mystique which ran counterculture to homogenized enmasculated hippie variants - 2 sides of the same coin.*

    Includes interviews with avant-garde filmaker Kenneth Anger {LaVey contemporary & friend}, Peaches christ {dragqueen entertainer}, Tippi Hedren {'The Birds' actress who adopted Togare into her Shambala preserve animal park sanctuary}, Mamie Van Doren {Mansfield contemporary & friend}, John Waters {makes a surprisingly ignorant, if not frightened, nervous statement about disbelieving her membership in The Church, stating the devil worship stereotype of animal sacrifice}; plus several other actors, artists.

    Also includes many rare photographs of her posing with The Black Pope in her ritual chamber at her total environment Pink Palace, and the sacrifice Sam Brody who met his justified doom, plus elucidating clips from Satanis, which speak for themselves and balances our philosophical perspective.

    Of major contention, it is reiterated that The Curse was placed upon the disrespectful, abusive Brody, a lout, boor, and boozehound, who was blackmailing Jayne to stay with him, censoring her comments, while she was repeatedly warned to stay away from him on ground zero. Even the event of the newsclipping is related.**

    Chapter segments segue into artistic license dance pieces with dancers dressed in period 'costumes', with music & vocals of a rather dissonant nature; at one point including a devilish dancer with horn sculpted hair.

    Of special note, a wonderful satanimation short illustrating LaVey's compassion ritual of Jayne's son Zoltan who was mauled at Jungleland Park in Thousand Oaks CA, performed atop a mountain under the moon, of which he fully recovered.

    Satanic soulmates? LaVey & Mansfield complement eachother well. She, the sexy glamor girl, He, the Devil as a gentleman. Her persona unsuspectedly graced with a talent for the violin, learned in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, with an IQ of 163.

    Overall, more often than not, the urban legends turn out to be true in this case, with some added minor [incorrect] details according to the personal notions of erstwhile antagonists. [4/5]

    * as in the futile "let me combat your discrimination with my own", instead of individualism & consideration based on merit. Same goes for racism, religion, said gender, etc., which are all crutches of the weak. ** LaVey was clipping a news article on The Church for preservation in a scrapbook, while on the other side was a picture of Jayne he inadvertently cut through, across her neck!

    Pact With The Devil
    The Learning Channel / Discovery

    The presentation begins with a stern warning, that some viewers may find content disturbing, as it deals with controversial images and subject matter - so right away, one's curiosity and expectation is piqued. - it should at least be quite dramatic - and it is. Rendered in a style reminiscent of Geraldo's Exposing Satan's Underground, which was basically a sensationalistic nerve-tapper focusing more on urban legends than actual Satanism, although the few minutes of Our actual philosophy demonstrated tends to be more than enough to get the message across, and really stands upon its own merit - ironically, it may prove to be far more intellectually disturbing to the viewer, and the journalism source than the lurid accounts of blood and gore fabricated to gain attention. The dichotomy of displaying those alleged criminal acts perpetrated by stoned metalheads garnering their foolosophical misinformation from albums and horror films, versus that of actual representatives of The Church of Satan can be quite engaging, and in My opinion, further goes to exemplify the difference between devil-worship and true Satanism; plus, it seems to add more of a mysterious and dangerous connotation, which adds an extra exciting element overall. As a matter of fact, it is rather "fun" to view these types of "shockumentaries" wherein we know where the truth lies, like a black diamond in the rough.

    Despite a promise made by the producer to COS Administration to NOT contact the following individual {which was a decision as to whether or not Our participation would be granted}, included herein is ex-FBI agent and hack Ted Gunderson, who still clings to the SRA fables, despite being debunked in an exhaustive investigation by that very agency. It seems that he is desperately grasping onto any faint strings of notoriety he can, evident in the quack video "evidence" he dramatically produces from a safe, which upon observation by a professional forensic analyst, is clearly an awful hoax inconsistent with forensic characteristics, perhaps even initiated by Gunderson himself to preserve his media presence at all costs.

    screen shot from Ritual sequenceBy far, the high points consist of Magistra Barton countering some of the common claims made by the ignorant, as well as offering enlightening and educated commentary about the Satanic religion, with scenes of an impressive ritual sequence conducted by this very writer.

    TLC: Pact With The Devil Apparently, the producers slummed and also filmed with some pseudo-Dome Fossilists who add to the urban mythology about cult sacrifice by claiming knowledge of such, plus they look like hippie-Goth clowns to boot. For the record, whoever they are, they are in no way connected to The Church of Satan, and are definitely out of their league. They embarrass themselves well.

    The rest of the show involved a news story so named "The Nightmare on Elm Street", obviously after the film series, which involved four or five losers who huddled around a nut to form a cult of drinking buddies called "Order of The Lion" who, probably after a bout of narcotic abuse, decided to murder a couple of other wastrels on an actual street named "Elm" - upon observation, there seemed no direct connection with a so-called "satanic crime", and I have a feeling the motive probably had more to do with a failed drug transaction or simple robbery. And finally, more lowlife criminal activity with a relation about some whack-job who ungratefully murdered his parents for the sacrificial purpose of using a decapitated head for a "Black Mass" {there is no such pre-requisite for Le Messe Noir, by the way - all one has to do is read The Satanic Rituals by Dr. Anton LaVey to realize this}.

    Overall, with the exception of the brilliant Church of Satan sequences, the program seemed a product from the paranoid mid-80's to early 90's; and as such, is about 80% fiction, 20% factual. It is surely worth the acquisition for those choice segments alone, as well as for the evocative thrill.

    Hell: The Devil's Domain

    A surprisingly more in-depth look at the mythological history of Hell from various belief-systems, including Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist depictions, as well as the ever-present christian accounts. It seems that the media have expanded their research much more, including de-facto Satanists Mark Twain {book: Letters From The Earth} and Benjamin Franklin, with accounts of the Hellfire Club of early America. The ubiquitous "witch" tryals were discussed, the SRA urban legend, "possession" {Catholic and fundamentalist christian tales}, and devil-worship, serial killer criminality, with various theologians and authors including Dennis Prager, speaking on the simplistic "good and evil" dualities; but the cream of the crop came towards the end of the program in the segment entitled "Friends of The Devil", which displayed scenes from Satanis {with a brief clip of Dr. LaVey from those legendary interviews}, Speak of The Devil, and showed hard-cover copies of The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals {no doubt owned by the Citizens featured herein}, and a performance of The Destruction Ritual; also included is an interview with Magus Gilmore. A solid segment, devoid of a pro-blindlight slant by the media as was typical in presentations past.

    However, I must take issue with one inaccurate comment made by the narrator who stated that Our major practice is 'The Black Mass' - not true. 'Le Messe Noir' would be performed as the celebrant is moved to do so, as it is a cathartic purging of any lingering blindlight influences, and is furthermore, a ceremony {which serves to sustain}, not a ritual {which serves to attain}. The Satanist is more apt to perform rites dealing with Lust, Destruction, and Compassion, as desires manifest.

    The rest of the presentation was filled with magnificent hellish art from Renaissance and per-rennaissance eras, including one of My favorites, Dore', who illustrated Milton's Paradise Lost {I must say that the piece on Milton's literature accurately depicted Satan as the prideful rebel, glorious in countenance}; as well as Dante's Inferno, who interjected personal 'demons' into his work, to regain the favor of The Catholic Church after his ex-communication, by essentially "ritualizing" his dark-subconscious in this fanciful fable which the church took to their bosom.

    Overall, a well-put together 'documentary' on the nether-regions, and their effects on the human psyche - i.e., scare them into church.

    * More information on the show here.

    Church of Satan Interview Archive

    For those collectors of videographic Church of Satan history arcana, here is a collection of clips from the more outstanding media presentations featuring members of Our esteemed organization.

    King Diamond speaks a bit on why most Heavy Metal fans do not commit suicide by listening to albums {From "Exposing Satan's Underground"}; raw footage previously un-aired thereon with interviewees Boyd Rice and Adam Parfrey; Rex Diabolos Church on The Montel Williams Show, which I fortunately had the Satanic Providence to have also previously recorded; Rice also on the "Christina" panel; Magistra Blanche Barton from The History Channel's "History's Mysteries: Cults", and A&E's "666: Sign of Evil" speaking about Dr. LaVey and reading the Nine Satanic Statements; High Priest Gilmore and High Priestess Nadramia for KK Magazine, a gem of an interview segment in which he elaborates on the origins of Our Baphomet Sigil, along with social and aesthetic stratification; an al-fresco interview for Polish TV in Central Park with the New York City skyline behind him; a stint for the British "Conspiracies" series which featured Le Messe Noir at The Maninblack Grotto Lair, as well as raw footage previously un-aired from same in which the High Priest expounds primarily on Pentagonal Revisionism, and more.

    The DVD includes information about The Church of Satan, Dr. LaVey, recommended texts, and promotional trailers.

    I found this DVD to be a true delight, and considering that one's VHS collection may have experienced some ware, it is marvelous to possess this infernal compendium of undefiled wisdom which preserves, compliments, and supplements one's own archives. Horns up to Magister Paradise for making this available.

    Hail The Church of Satan!

    Revelation 666
    FX Channel, 5/10/XLI

    Splashing upon the screen tonight, a hand comes forth with the dreaded '666' triumvirate scarred into flesh. The dreaded 'number of the beast' was the topic of display, including surprisingly basic and ubiquitously stuporstitious explanations of how it supposedly relates to Nero Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, the internet, and even former president Ronald Wilson Reagan, the latter who just happened to have lived at a triple six address for a time.

    Bryan Moore and Heather Saenz made brief appearances, although with very few exceptions, this tends to be the typical media modus operandi, but is usually enough to get our message across. It was a delight to see the "Sintennial" 6/6/6 Eve poster displayed thereon however; and brief opinion statements were made by metal band Society One, inclusive of a display of demonic tattoos.

    For some reason, the directors decided to focus an excessive amount of time on some man in a wheelchair relating his various misfortunes, who just so happened to be born in '66, where that time could have been better used to include the ritual sequence performed by Moore and Priestess Saenz, as well as more of the interviews in this half-hour presentation.

    Sneak peeks of the remake of The Omen were shown {in My opinion, the actor playing Damien seemed a little too gaunt}, with commentary by the director who related an interesting story about how a portion of film was mysteriously destroyed during the ending sequence wherein the 'Antichrist' birth mark is revealed. Could it be true? In any case, it makes for great propaganda.

    The other guests seemed rather inconsequential, and even gratuitous, but the apocalyptic hellish artistry and dramatic music were amusing.

    HELL: Our Fear & Fascination
    {VII/XIII/XLII A.S. 20/20}

    Not since 20/20's "Devil Worshippers" program which instigated the 'Satanic Panic', has this show concisely covered such diabolical subject matter; so now there appears "Hell: Our Fear & Fascination", which aired on a Friday the 13th, attempting to explain the current populace's arcane pre-occupation with The Underworld, from literal to figurative.

    What is Hell?

    In a sort of "Hell: The Devil's Domain" vain, this segment covers a brief visceral summery of various religions' versions of Hell, and discusses the metaphorical etymology of the origins of Gehenna.

    To Hell and Back

    Observes the mythological recall of the brain in a state of stress. Features an interview with a person who claimed to have gone through an N.D.E., or "near death experience", which is essentially a hallucination, bringing various subconscious archetypes forth to a dying brain.

    The Face of Evil

    Features a brief thirty second interview with Magus Gilmore speaking on the principle of Lex Talionis, and a display of some wonderfully dramatic footage from The High Mass, inclusive of Diabolus Rex immolating a parchment in the candle of destruction. It has been My experience that even though our segments tend to be brief, that is usually more than enough to express our point, as the undefiled wisdom of the statements stand for themselves, from comments from those legendary Satanis interviews with Dr. LaVey, to those of our current representatives. Plus, it may not necessarily be what the producers wish to showcase, as they tend to focus on horror scenarios and the dualistic mindset, rather than the Third Side perspective.

    A needlessly extensive interview with a murderer follows, a broken animal who committed needless crimes, tattooed with cheap jailhouse ink, is where he belongs living out a living Hell behind bars in pathetic abstinence, and whose interview was completely predictable.

    A Modern Heretic

    Focuses on an ostracized preacher with an alternate version of "Hell", where it is right here on earth - on this, it is agreed. It is up to the individual to create whatever existence for oneself, although his perspective deals with an earthly 'test' to paradise beyond the grave...

    Heaven and Hell are semantic terms describing personal and worldly states of existence, nothing more. Religions of the past created all manner of fantastical threat and promise to regulate their congregations and keep the herd in line, at a time when church and state were fused, the idea of a celestial overseer may have been necessary to lull the simple populace, always at the determination of king and clergy. This is no longer necessary in an increasingly evolving culture, where the more evolved may focus on ethics, and law enforcement devoid of external superstitions.

    Journeys into Hope

    Relations from three people who experienced severe and brutal circumstances, from a raped nun, a former child soldier, and a Holocaust survivor.

    Overall, Hell: Our Fear & Fascination is a rather topical report on this phobia, but does manage to display in a basic sense, the shifting mentality of white-lighters towards more agnostic definitions; as technology develops and reason incrementally prevails, even these religions are becoming mere shadows of their former fundamentalist selves, and even for the herd, that is certainly evolutionary progress.

    Inside The Church of Satan
    {XLIII A.S., Shadowbox Entertainment; A documentary by Joshua P. Warren, 2+ hrs.}

    Inside The Church of Satan [insert]Arriving at The Haunted Noctuary today, in a non-descript package containing a treasure in our history - over 2 hours of uncensored material covering events both at Black House North and visitations with several members in NYC, including extensive interviews with Magus Gilmore {another delightfully-thoughtful exchange with The High Priest; particularly amusing was the question about being 'The Antichrist'!}, Reverend Christopher Mealie, Witch Stephanie Crabe {Motel Bizarre}, the ever-misanthropic Magister David Harris {Satanism Today}, the elegantly erudite Magister Lang, Magistra Diana DeMagis {the "Horny In Hell's Kitchen" apron is priceless}, Reverend Akula, and Musician Warlock Eric {HellofAllHells}.

    Beginning with a listing of Our basics, and Halloween celebrations with some locals, the majority of the presentation centers around footage of touring about Magister Lang's superb Lair {except the exterior, to avoid possible bigotry}, building towards The Rite of Ragnarok Ritual from The Satanic Scriptures, with delightful glimpses into some of the many themed rooms of Black House North, where we also get to meet the resident hellhound Freya. There's the impressive Egyptian Library {spotted is the Dr. LaVey statue by Arkham Studios, a painting of Vlad Tepes, a Markus Mayer sculpture, several books on Rasputin, and a sarcophagus bookshelf containing an extensive collection of Lovecraftian bibliography}, the woodland bedroom, a room of angles and geometric shapes, the amusing Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe bathroom, and of course, via a secret panel, the elaborate Ritual Chamber which has an even deeper secret room within through coffins {"backstage", as it were}. A great touch, considering 'The Red Room' at Dr. LaVey's Black House was accessed through a sarcophagus. Along with a marvelous trapezoidal pillar and actual pitchforks framing The Baphomet, there's Coop's Church of Satan poster, the Magister James "Sinister Minister" Mitchell action figure, and a painting of Our Founder decorates this Inner Sanctum.

    Finally, amidst somber candlelight gleaming upon the Sowulo rune pentagram on one side, and Fenris on the other, the ritual begins with the ringing of the bell, and to the martial drumming of Warlock Eric, Magister Lang utters potent enunciation of destruction and regeneration echoing through the darkened room, yielding a flawless performance by all participants.*

    Other moments include a satirical invocation by Warren himself, with Special features including a 'sacrifice' parody of The Satanic Panic hysteria.

    Overall, this professional, impartial presentation displays the varied personalities and projects contained within Our Cabal, with proper unexpurgated representations of our philosophy, sans the typical inaccurate spins of sensationalizing 'journalists', which is why Mr. Warren was selected. A truly unique documentary which will hopefully inspire others in kind.

    Hail Loki! Hail Satan!

    * Personally, instead of the occasional night vision mode, I would have opted for more dark-sensitive cameras and/or a small bit brighter lighting {a-la Satanis / Speak of The Devil}, to capture this historic event.

    The Secret Lives of Women: The Occult
    {WEtv; 16 September, XLIII A.S.}

    Priestess Heather Saenz is featured in this presentation about women from all walks of life - in this case, those involved in The Occult.

    Showcasing their Lair in Carlsbad, CA with Moore, she takes a drive around the neighborhood in their elegant black hearse, and takes a stroll up the street, as well as performances of a romantic Compassion ritual, and an invigorating Destruction ritual. The hearse as well as Priestess Saenz herself definitely display the Lighthouse Effect in such a seemingly wholesome, though charming location by the ocean.

    Relaxing in the living room with Moore, she reading from The Satanic Bible, discussing points of our philosophy was particularly pleasant as well. Also displayed was Moore at work in the studio completing the H.P. Lovecraft tribute statue. As one who possesses the Anton LaVey tribute statue, I can attest to the exquisite detailing and quality of his work. The couple compliment each other well, very notable as they dance together while gazing into each other's eyes, is truly a touching sight to behold.

    Along with Satanism, there was also a so-called 'vampire' / dominatrix {stereotypical type hanging around in a graveyard} , and a weakan {some gnome-like female creature}, diminishing drastically in comparison to the sexy and vivacious Satanic Witch, who definitely stole the show.

    First Family of Satanism

    In this video presentation, Bob Larson proclaims his "war" on Satanism, as golden crosses and money signs fill his eyes with monetary prospects of such "good vs. evil" scenarios, which is typical christian dualism. But We do not play by their rules, not do we play their games unless amused to do so.

    At that time, the late 80's / early 90's, in the wake of Geraldo Rivera's "special" "Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground" sensationalistic media fodder, Zeena 'LaVey' and Nikolas Schreck were the official Church of Satan representatives, countering Larson's erroneous accusations and jibing, attempting to trap Satanists into some kind of inconsistent admittance of advocating senseless murder and cruelty for nothing's sake, even though The Satanic Bible itself explains these subjects in full. At least he did have the said text beside him, along with the moldy babble, picking selected passages from each to justify his christian propaganda, always attempting to preserve his own personal fetishistic fantasies of murder, rape, Hitler, and Charles Manson - the latter two in particular, he seems to have a fascination with.

    From the get-go, Larson implies that Dr. LaVey was not being "intellectually honest" by remaining in selective seclusion from the herd, but was answered solidly that it was simply no longer necessary, as his past media representations and written words are quite sufficient. These insights visibly irritated Larson, as he could not argue against this truth. Indeed, throughout the video, Larson is visibly stumped and frustrated on several occasions, as his convenient and delusional conclusions are thwarted at every turn with honesty and undefiled logic.

    Other questions consisted of Satanic Music, as Schrek's band and King Diamond were mentioned. Although with some exceptions, preference for Classical music seems to be the consensus of many Satanists.

    In one comedic moment, Larson actually tries to gain Zeena's compassion for the dregs of the world, solely because she happens to be female, who according to Larson, have "more compassionate natures". She giggled at this - yet another under-handed attempt to set one against the other.

    The question of what The Church of Satan's stance on homosexuality came forth, to which the point was made that anyone demonstrating themselves as The Elite are accepted into active membership roles, regardless of sexual orientation - and the question is furthermore, irrelevant.

    Throughout the entire interview, the Satanists held their ground, although The Satanic Bible pretty much speaks for itself. There was more evidence of Larson's selective thinking, merely picking and choosing particular selections in attempts to ratify his foolosophy.

    In another mentionable moment, the statement was made that christianity needs Satanism, whereas we do not need christianity {read Satanic Statement #9}, as the Satanic Individual has always been throughout history by whatever name called, as well as the various slave/peasant blindlight religions.

    The rest of the interview consisted on the definition of "good and evil", as Larson did not seem to get it into his head that Satanists do not ultimately believe in such concepts, but at the same time understand the herd's need for such simplistic explanations in their primitive thought process, and the possible entertaining manipulative implications thereof. However, if there is any type of terminological consideration to the Satanist, Dr. LaVey writes in The Devil's Notebook, "Good is what you like. Evil is what you don't like." Precisely.

    It was also mentioned that journalists had been comparing Dr. LaVey with the likes of Rasputin, which was not at all surprising, as the general philosophies are similar.

    As is typical, Larson was persistent in his ignorance. Satanic opinion and observation disturb him greatly, as is demonstrated in the concluding statements after the interview was done, alone with the camera in his studio, that "Satan's Evil Plan" and "The Satanic Century" cannot prevail, quoting some ubiquitous scripture. He was again visibly defeated, resorting to nothing more than accessing the fears of the herd, which is understandable, considering that he is ultimately a businessman, as are all of these 'evangelists'. Living opulently in his mansion, he depends on those very fears to keep him in a job.

    VI/I\XXXVI: Weird Worlds - Rites of Passage

    TLC presented a program on the coming of age & initiation, & included therein, Satan's Cheerleaders as well as "The First Church of Satan".

    Satan's Cheerleaders

    First off, a new initiate is being introduced into 'Satan's Cheerladers', a diabolically enthusiastic for-hire team who shake their pom-poms for the King of Hell. With huge red vinyl 666's emblazoned on their small shiny black uniforms, & each one sporting a pentagram, &/or inverted cross, these six lovely & lively young ladies state "we want to give bad girls a good name". Sinisterly fetishistic outfits & all, which they claim to never remove {that's dedication!}, "Trixi Stix" leads the girls in a ceremony to welcome a new daughter of darkness into the fold - "Ruby Lamb" {who is also the webmistress for their site}, a hellfire red-haired cutie donned in a pink initiatory outfit, who will soon replace that bunnyish attire for the trademark 'hell wear' of SC. Parts of the ceremony include 'drinking the blood of a virgin boy & virgin girl' from a chalice, sanguine-erotically dripping from the lips of another cheerleader into the neophyte's; taking in the fires of Hell {"the fires of 'Our Father'" (sic)}, via flaming marsh mellows skewered on a makeshift pitchfork; & the anointing with her first 666 insignia in blood {collected from "one of the corrupted brothers" - a tribally-adorned / tattooed "modern-primitive" type with a split tongue blood lets into a receptacle} on her chest; all before a podium/altar complete with vampire skull. Towards the conclusion of the rite, the girls synchronistically gyrate to what sounds like a song from "The Cramps", then let forth a mighty yell, which is the cue for Ruby Lamb to arise & join in the fun. And that is what SC is about after all - having fun.

    As an addition, I would have enjoyed seeing a common variation of the cheerleader, preferably a blonde one, to keep in the legendary, satanistic "blonde virgin" depiction of a "sacrifice" chained down to a platform - perhaps this theatrical concept could be used in a subsequent video.

    In a white room rendered pinkish by lighting in his apartment, a baptism rite recited verbatim from Dr. LaVey's Satanic Mass recording. All in attendance are frocked in black robes, & standing before him is a mother with her daughter, also in a black robe, in her arms. The ceremony is enunciated rather effeminately complete with facial expressions to match. The small Baphomet is on red background, & a small white & gold dragonesque dagger is used for the modified invocation. On the red altar is a pentagram tile, upon which rests a triple-lunar stand with crystal ball, a satyr statuette surrounded by black candles, & a skull incensor sold at Hot Topic.

    Also included, a weakanesque belly-dancing group affirms the female stages of life of "maiden, mother, crone." Although I would have to say that these are some of the more attractive ones I've seen, as most Belly-dancers tend to be.

    The rest of the program deals with secular "rites of passage" in varying avenues, including the armed forces.


    VH1 - The 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock 'N' Roll - #83: Marilyn Manson Becomes Priest In The Church of Satan

    For the past week, VH1 has presented the so-called "most shocking moments in Rock & Roll", hosted by a "Mark McGraff" - who appears to be another trendoid stinker, whom MM shot in the rump with a BB Gun, because, as MM stated, he makes it alright for the sheeple to dress in wife-beaters & baggy pants {essentially, what appears to be underwear} - as I have written before, most of this whole presentation displayed nothing really of pertinence except for the segment on Marilyn Manson. I received a notification of this program via an email - My eyes were automatically drawn to the words "Church of Satan" as part of the list. I thought it rather amusing that it was so far back in the list, considering it mentioned a modern-day major musical icon as connected with our organization - almost like they're trying to 'hide' the fact that someone the herd listens to, even if for only the music, could be seriously connected to Satanism. Indeed, several programs have tried to hide the topic of Satanism by rescheduling certain presentations without notice, & sometimes not even mentioning it when a certain program will be on {such as the Discovery Channel's "Weird Worlds" airing of 'Cults', in which Rex Church & HP Barton were shown participating in a ritual at the AOS}. In this, however, I have been fortunate, in that I seem to catch most of the documentaries by 'chance', or shall we say, "Diabolical Machinations", or "Satanic Synchronicity".

    The Devil's AvengerThe Secret Life of A Satanist

    This one had a span of about 3 minutes, but in that time, the images of Dr. LaVey {as mentioned in "The Secret Life Of A Satanist" by Blanche Barton as "The Devil's High Priest", the cover image of same, & the picture of Dr. LaVey standing with Manson from his book "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell"} were presented, accompanied by what sounded like a recorder, along with a smoke-explosion manifestation of Dr. LaVey's face when mention of his meeting with Manson was briefly recounted, when LaVey just "appeared". Again, the details of this are related in Manson's book.

    A couple of commentators attempted to downplay Satanism with their shallow misconception of the philosophy {indeed, they were probably not even aware that there is one, as they were absolutely clueless, as their 'understanding' probably goes no further than a comic-book perception as presented by christianity} - a female commentator was visibly disturbed, & attempted to giggle away her obvious confusion by stating that it was "so...1975", in that certain floppy-headed bunnyish manner - yes, The Church of Satan was around in 1975, & is still alive & thriving today. There is actually a book called "The Satanic Bible" which was also in publication in 1975, & continues to be a best-seller today! A poopstar named "Moby" stated that "what would the Prince of Darkness be doing with a bunch of goth-kids in the basement?" I think the answer to that is blatantly obvious - Marilyn Manson as an individual & as a band went on to become a world-impacting entity, just as Dr. LaVey predicted. Only one of the commentators did not go on to embarrassingly show herself to be so ignorantly visceral, as she actually did accurately state in a round-about way that MM did not desire to 'worship' a guy with horns, but essentially resonated with a largely anti-christian viewpoint, countering the hypocrisy, repressive strictures, & mind-numbing foolosophy that christianity espouses.

    So, I say at least VH1 had the testicular fortitude to present this segment, but the commentaries made by fluffballs only further demonstrated that people essentially hate &/or critique Satanism based upon what they do not know, nor comprehend, instead of stating an educated opinion based upon fact. These are mediocre hacks & marginally-talented, assembly-line pseudo-'musicians', not intellectuals, who should not be taken in any way seriously. Do yourselves a favor - before making yourselves look like complete idiots again in the future, read a little about the subject at hand before regurgitating common ignorant assumptions.

    Other interesting manifestations of Satanic expression as seen in the secular media were present in the events of Sinead O'Connor's denunciation of Pope John Paul II, in that infamous tearing-apart of his picture on SNL {a Black Mass moment}, which gained her quite a bit of infamy - the drones were shown booing her at a Bob Dylan tribute concert {which only sadly displays the sheeple's mass brainwashing by the Catholic Church - it is far better to allow them to adhere to their slave religions, than to attempt to enlighten them, as they will most likely remain the rotten organisms they are}, her heart may have been in the correct place, but her humanitarian efforts were lost on the contagion of ingrates, who will continue to subject themselves to the cross, & other various blindlight faiths.

    Madonna's daring & blasphemous portrayal of a nubile girl who falls in love with St. Martin DePorres, who comes alive & copulates with her, amidst scenes of burning crosses. And not to mention her early 90's release of her Sex book, which explored various taboos which helped shock the populace onto some evolution of human sexuality & awareness. Even though I do not personally care for the music, as it is rather bland & feeds into mass trendoid-mentality, her very name does display a rather sacrilegious suggestion that the name of a religious icon of ersatz virginity can be taken by an oversexed performer.

    Ozzy Osbourne's infamous mastication-decapitation of a dove, then later a bat, which earned him the carnivorous madman nomenclature.

    Alice Cooper's chicken massacre, in which someone had tossed a live chicken onto the stage, Cooper threw it back, not realizing that chickens do in fact not fly, as it plummeted into the audience, was torn apart, & its pieces thrown back onto the stage. This was the event that launched him onto the world scene. After which, he was playing at huge venues.

    This all goes to show that the iconoclast, in whatever original & individualistic artistic expression who goes beyond the commonly accepted ground, will cause an evolutionary vibration, incrementally modifying culture & society. It is known that "'Evil', that is to say, all that is attributed to The Devil, or expressions of revolution or blasphemy, by whatever name, remains a catalyst for change.

    History's Mysteries: Cults - VIII/XIV\XXXV - The History Channel - 8pm

    A nicely made documentary on the development of religious movements. The introductory animations show Dr. LaVey speaking on sexual freedom with a blended spliced screen from scenes of Satanis. The left hand scene speaking, the right-hand screen performing a ceremony from therein.

    Presented in this program, are the histories of blindlight cults, who grow in membership until eventually regarded as religions. ALL religions start out as cults. If you gather a large enough flock of sheep, you have a conventional religion.

    A segment starts it all off on the Dionysian societies of ancient Greece, from which some of our Satanic roots can be traced. These were people who loved life in a decadent, luxurious, & indulgent manner, giving full vent to natural erotic desires. These were a pure people, in & of themselves, unaffected by the whiteplague that was to come.

    An analysis of "The Assassins" {segment introduction by HP Barton}, an early Islamic sect, is elucidated upon, explaining the definition of that group, as being derived from its membership ingesting hallucinogens {hashish} to be "receptive" to "Lord Helix". However, the definition sprung from the homicidal actions, rather than the "spiritual" practices of the group.

    The "Gnostics", definition derived from "revealed knowledge", are studied, & identified as the first heretics from the christian religion. Where the common christians believed in revelations straight from "Lord Helix". The Gnostics asserted "Lord Helix" dispensed wisdom from the heavens straight to them. They, like the conventional christians, identified eachother with cryptic symbols. Where the christians had their fish, the gnostics identified eachother by their tattoos.

    The Puritan cults are studied next, & their expulsion from England to the Americas. But even amongst their society, there arose their own heretics, called the "shakers", who were completely asexual, who derived their name by their practice of "shaking" during ceremonial expressions of "communication" with "Lord Helix", accompanied by the "speaking in tongues" babble, much like the fundies of the day.

    The People's Temple, Jim Jones' Christian death-cult, is portrayed herein, as well as David Koresh's "Branch Davidians" - both of which ended in genocide. The former, by poisonous strawberry cool-aid {a friend commented he received the impression of the Cool-aid man with crosses for eyes}, & the latter, by immolation. Also, a segment about "Heaven's Gate" - that xoid-newage cult who aimed to meet an alien named "Bird Jesus" on a space-ship, as heralded by the Hale-Bopp comet. All three manifested their doomsday. Good riddance!

    Then the Mormons are discussed, with their roots in polygamy. Only in Utah are they regarded as a mainstream religion. The denominations which still practice polygamy are now regarded as outcasts from the majority.

    A brief history of the Christian fantasy of devil-worship from the Spanish Inquisition to the "witch-burnings" begins the segment on Satanism. I was pleased to see there was no mention of weaka. From there, some biographical information on Aleister Crowley, featuring some rare, & some classic photographs. The formation of the O.T.O., & the press' dubbing him "the wickedest man in the world".

    Then on to The Church of Satan, with an interview with HP Barton, looking very sultry, relating the Magic Circle genesis of CoS, & proudly reading The Nine Satanic Statements from her book, "The Church of Satan", in a rather seductive tone. Behind her, The Baphomet sigil lighted by a candlearium of black candles. Besides "Satanis: The Devil's Mass", scenes from "Speak of The Devil: The Canon of Anton LaVey" are shown, recounting Dr.'s diabolical evilution. Obviously, the difference between blindlight scripture & foolosophy, & Satanic text is undefiled wisdom. During the segment break, the host did manage to mention, in a noticeably disturbed manner, CoS as an officially recognized RELIGION by the government & the Army.

    Following this, an overview of "The Unification Church/The Moonies" & the "Hare Krishnas" - other blindlight cults of servile lemmings.

    Overall, the program accurately portrayed the subjects at hand. Truthfully displaying the blindlighters as unbalanced, rotten, & psychotic. The representation of Satanism was accurate, allowing the Satanic viewpoint expression without hackjobs & underhanded intent. Actors were even employed to dramatically portray the rite of The Black Mass. The guest Theologians & "experts" presented a relatively objective view on the subject, devoid of satanophobic symptoms.

    From what I have seen thusfar, besides actual documentaries produced by Satanists, this is the most factual exemplification of Satanic philosophy by the secular media to date. A must for collectors of Church of Satan history.

    Obtain your copy by clicking H E R E.

    The Unexplained: 666 - Sign of Evil

    A&E presented a three-part episode of "The Unexplained", which dealt with the sinister effects of the number of the best {no typo}, & Satanism.

    6 ~ Story 1: Route 666, Cortez County, Colorado

    The effects of this diabolical number upon the minds of the local residents. An obscure highway in the middle of the desert called "The Devil's Highway", or "El Camino De El Diablo".

    The story centers on three fugitives who went on a GTA & shooting spree, killing one officer, & wounding a couple of others, then disappearing into the nearby canyons by Route 666, within Indian reservation limits. A month later, one of the suspects reappeeared, committing suicide.

    Local Amerinds tell of "skinwalkers" {angry spirits of dead warriors/medicine men} who place curses on enemies, & those who drive on Route 666, who never received proper Navaho burials.

    In addition to this, Route 666 has been plagued by a plethora of car collisions, & in the 80's over 100 people were killed, 1/3 of them pedestrians. Could it be... Satan?

    6~ Story 2: The Devil Car

    A Scottish gentleman acquires a Ford Escort with the license plate number of 'B666MSC'. He began experiencing a series of misfortunes almost immediately, as if the car was cursed to begin with.

    One. Police begin pulling him over more often; he received tickets in the mail for traffic violations he cannot recall.

    Two. His business goes belly-up.

    Three. His relationship goes sour. His wife kicks him out of the house after discovering his felandering, & preoccupation with the automobile.

    Four. The car is stolen. Recovered three days later in perfect condition, with nothing stolen, in front of a nearby Police station.

    Five. Is arrested, spends ten hours in jail for crimes committed by the owner of his former car who did not list his own name on the ownership papers.

    Six. Finally deciding that all this misfortune is because of the 'Devil car', & bending to peer-pressure, he is on his way back to the dealer when he is in a car collision, just a block away. There is no car insurance because he let it lapse. Had he gotten in the collisions merely two hours earlier, he would have been covered.

    Six incidents in six months. The subconcious effects of this "evil" number, is very much like the dreaded '13' in its mental potency. Was this all due to poor judgements? A subconcious self-fulfilling prophesy & subsequent realization? Maybe the car was previously owned by a Satanist? The inevitable question arises --- why didn't he just change the number? Well, in the United Kingdom, license plate numbers cannot be legally changed after being sold the first time. What you see is what you get.

    This case brings to mind another curious incident, if not a rather laughable one, of a xian mother going ballistic over her child's social security number, which included a 666. Just stuporstition... or is it?

    6 ~ Story Three: Satanism

    This segment included commentaries & elucidations by HP Blanche Barton, Mgr. Peter Gilmore, William & Ygraine Gidney, as well as the history of The Church of Satan & Dr. Anton LaVey.

    Scenes & dialogue from Satanic ceremonies & rituals were shown, performed by Rev. Andre Schlesinger, amongst a gathering of CoS members.

    An interview with Ygraine Gidney explained her Satanic realization, her meeting with the Dr., in Year XXVII A.S, with her husband, Mr. Gidney.

    This program gave an accurate account of Our philosophy, & allowed for accurate portrayals, as well as generous time for explanations. A strong addition to CoS history.

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