Graveland Interview: The Devil's Notebook

From darkness he awakes... as the shadows of life cover those who are elite, comes a forefather of the true meaning of the "Dark side". Draconis Blackthorne is one of the many well-known warlocks of Anton LaVey's CHURCH OF SATAN as well as a prominent member of The TEMPLE OF THE VAMPIRE. He is known for his art, his imagination, and to me, he is known for his words of precise wisdom... join me from the darkest reality of life as I interview... DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE.

Can you tell us something about your history (i.e., background, childhood, ect.)?

I was born a Satanist and found The Satanic Bible in early adolescence after becoming aware of it from a christian tract warning of the dangers of the Occult. I was determined to find this book and read it for Myself. And when I did, the rest is history. Here I found a philosophy which resonated with My psychology and predispositions. In essence, I recognized Myself in those pages, and eventually joined the organization Dr. LaVey founded for other such like-minded individuals in this stimulating Cabal of productive aliens.

I spent some time in Italy and Spain, then returned to The United States after My parents wanted to baptize their child at The Vatican. I went to a couple of private schools until a relocation where I attended the public school system, and always felt dissatisfied with the curriculum. I began exhibiting My aesthetic individuality in this time and became a conundrum to the faculty, seeing this student who appeared like the total rebel, yet excelled with grades while at the same time pursuing My passion for The Dark Arts, from ritual experimentation, to writing essays, poetry and drawing Jungian pieces influenced by Giger, Dali, and Gammel.

I eventually discovered several of My creations had caught the attention of a prominent "occult investigator" who actually displayed a couple of My writings and art work on some nationally syndicated programs. At the height of the SRA propaganda, I was surprised to find them on such presentations from time to time, and thought it quite amusing.

I also became involved with several styles of The Martial Arts early on, and subsequently acquired black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, and Dux Ninjutsu. I have since developed My own combat style I call "Black Dragon", which incorporates various elements therein to more practical applications. Weight training remains a constant.

Along with the preceding, there have been many strange things throughout this existence. For elaborations and more biographical information, I direct the reader to the following source:

* LINK: Auto-Biography.

How long have you been a member of the CHURCH OF SATAN and the TEMPLE OF THE VAMPIRE?

I have been a registered member of The Church of Satan since Year XXVIII Anno Satanas, and The Temple of The Vampire since even before then.

How do you view satanism today compared to 1966 (Anno Satanas)?

Satanism is an organic philosophy and lifestyle, and invariably evolves with the individual, applying personal style and directly pertinent application. Ultimately, each Satanist is their own deity, but what we do have in common is an appreciative admiration of the undefiled wisdom written in The Satanic Bible.

Since Year One, The Church of Satan continues to flourish, and reach further stages of development as stated so eloquently by Magus Gilmore in "The State of The Church" essay found on The Official site. Our current watchword is "Justice", the implementation of Lex Talionis.

* LINK: Greetings from The High Priest.

How has Satanism impacted your work?

Well, it can be no other way. Positively, to say the least. Whether our iconography is directly used, or its principles applied towards life goals, Satanism propagates personal responsibility and indulgence by whatever practical and creative means, so long as none are harmed who do not deserve it, or unless they enjoy it!

As far as work goes, what are some of the current projects/work titles you hold?

Besides certain secret endeavors, The "Black Arts & Witch Crafts" of Blackthorne Productions, which includes literature and various artistic and oracular devices.

* LINK: Blackthorne Productions.

I Am a Church of Satan Warlock, President and Founder of Blackthorne Productions.

What are some of your personal influences?

These are quite numerous, and many of these can be read on My profile pages, but to briefly list some of the more prominant for various reasons:

Historical personages and A.C.I.'s {Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia}: The myriad cultural manifestations of Satan from art to literature to music, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, Vlad Tepes, Rasputin, Genghis Kahn, H.R. Giger, Darth Vader, Ming The Merciless, Batman, The Shadow, Caligula, Gomez Addams, Zorro, Aristotle, Maugham, Twain, Carducci, Milton... and the list goes on. Basically, de-facto Satanic writers, artists, musicians, characters, et al.

Do you have people in your life that support what you do and what you stand for, and/or do you have those who find it as blasphemy?

Besides various remote acquaintances, My family have since come to accept My affiliations and state of being; close friends who share My views, and My significent other who is also a Satanist.

As far as others viewing what I write and do "blasphemy", that is their problem. Blasphemy is just heresy, which Satanists shed early in formative development by employing The Black Mass as a liberating agent. Blasphemy is also the lampooning of whatever current cultural icon is deserving of ridicule, to prod the masses and avoid stagnant thought.

What are some current goals you have yet to achieve?

To further the cause of Satanism with all resources available, to pursue My selfish desires and Magical experimentations, the evolution of The Self on all levels of being, and continue experiencing life to the fullest.

Who are some people you have encountered in life that have impacted how you view certain things?

Well, persons have come and gone through My field of influence, and have served their purpose for My edification. I otherwise preserve a mutual admiration and cooperation with other respectable individuals I consider worthy allies and friends.

What are some similarities and differences you find with the COS and the Temple of The Vampire?

For Me personally, predation on the herd. Both of these elite organizations propagate secular and Magical evolution, with excellence in theory and practice.

Finally Mr. Blackthorne, as a young Satanist, and pending member (I'm wanting to join the temple ASAP) of The Temple of The Vampire... what are some words you can give me to aid me across my ways?

Approach with sincerity, reason, and a desire to evolve towards your highest Self. You have sought us because you felt naturally drawn. Those worthy of the Alien Elite shall find truth herein:

Church of Satan | Temple of The Vampire | Shadowmantium

Addendum: In conclusion, I appreciate your interest and wish you success in your ventures. May your walk upon The Left-Hand path be well rewarding. Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne.
Warlock, Church of Satan.

This Interview originally conducted for Graveland magazine, within the section entitled 'The Devil's Notebook'.

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