Black Book of Shadows
Black Book of Shadows

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- I -

First Curse

I cast My first Curse {as from The Satanic Bible} upon this bully-type {in the 9th Grade, appropriately enough - I have since realized that I have been manipulating situations to gratify My will since I was a very young child}, who thought that he could just move My books to another seat while I was pre-occupied with the teacher at her desk, & thought that I wouldn't notice. Well, unfortunately for him, I DID. And this was his own death wish. As far as I was concerned, he had signed his life away. I do not tolerate effrontery. Plus, with so many witnesses, I decided to make this My grand demonstration of Power. I threw his books on the floor, stared him square in the face, & told him he was under a curse. That very weekend, he was dead.

Interesting to note, was that on that last night of his life, upon Satan's Black Earth, I had seen him again, & stood beside him at a liquor store. Then he went off & perished in a car "accident". I'll always remember, on that following Monday morning, as the class sat to hear the bloated principal's daily words over the intercom, the news of My victim's death. Instead of sorrow, or guilt, or fear, I was filled with morbid joy, as I had now claimed VICTORY over one so annoying & obnoxious as he. That same night, I invited some friends over, & celebrated his destruction. It was perfect.

- II -

Supernatural Evidence I

On some dark night at a party, a certain guy challenged Me to prove My Occult prowess. My first instinct was to ignore him, for why should I waste My energy "proving" My abilities to anyone? I am secure with the Powers I have accumulated through My Magical conjurations. An excessive pessimist telling Me they don't exist will not simply make My skills go away. I know they work. That's all that matters to Me.

But he kept pestering Me, & making a foolish neusance out of himself. So finally, I told him that the "proof" he seeks will manifest within the next few weeks. And indeed, it did. I declared that he would develop a pulmonary ailment. Of course, he scoffed. Exactly two-weeks later, he had to go to the hospital because he could not breathe, as if phantom hands were suffocating him. I utilized "The Hands of Abaddon" rite from Dracomeroth for this. As a result, he took off for France to be with his mother, never to be seen again.

Update: The victim was struck and killed by a "Mack" Truck in an alley way after having descended into a wastrel life of drug abuse.

"Destroy the rotten and bring forth that which increases... Add and diminish 'til the stars be numbered!" - paraphrased from The Satanic Bible. Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.

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Supernatural Evidence II: "Look At What Happened To Brenda"

Here I shall relate "the story of Brenda", now that events have come full circle. As I acquired some choice items at a local depot, I was approached by a rather dishevelled woman appearing many years my senior. But when she reminded Me of who she was, it was a bit disturbing to survey her degeneration. As a matter of interest, I decided to allow her to regail Me with her tale of woe, which included years of methamphetamine abuse, a violently abusive relationship, chronic incarceration, and child custody losses. She also mentioned that I once Cursed her - one of My first of several in High School. Therein, I once handed her a written copy of My Proclamation of Doom to read, which she said "made her stomach turn", which was quite pleasing to hear, an assured compliment to a horror-based allegory. She then seemed to turn to xianity more virulently, developed Crusader Syndrome, began blurting bible verses at Me, wearing Stryper shirts, apparently to annoy Me, and eventually, we parted ways in less than amicable circumstances. It was around that time I believe I informed her that she was Cursed. And since then, her life has become miserable.

The next time I saw her was at an event at her house, where I learned that she had burned her leg terribly to 350*, causing scarring and nerve damage. This occurred while riding on the back of someone's motorcycle, and her leg becoming charred on the exhaust pipe, which can become quite literally white hot.

A particularly valuable note arose in the conversation - an update on what happened to an irritating little antagonist we both knew - the same one related above; and until now, was where the story concluded. Once again Hail Victory.

In the end, I remember her as insecure, behind-the-back talking, and indiscriminately promiscuous. And now I have derived the classic experience of gaining gratification in the revenge factor of realizing that one lives a pleasurable and productive life - living well, as it were - while those who have made themselves one's victims have either perished or exist in a living death. She even expressed an interest in being My Secretary, but that position is already filled. She bows down to Me. Her descent into the delusions of xianity has obliterated her, combined with the futility and masochism of challenging a Satanist - her tribulation has been great.

It seems that The Forces of Darkness graciously arrange to grant Me news of the conditions of My victims from time to time, and that is quite convenient indeed when they confess to all. Shemhamforash! HAIL SATAN.

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- III -

The xian club

Another day, during a lunch break, I was walking down a hall, when I noticed a small group of people huddled in the grass. I instinctively knew, as a lion knows to hunt down a gazelle, that these were praying prey - the xian club. So I went over to them, & sat down in the circle. Their head sheep asked everyone to take out their bibles, & they did, & so did I - My SATANIC BIBLE. I began reading "The Diabolitudes" as I call them {Satan V}, which caused an audible gasp, & then a hush came over them. Eventually, one of them couldn't take the undefiled wisdom anymore, & began some words of protest, to which I said....."But you're xians, you have to accept everybody, & remember, jesus said to 'turn the other cheek'....." This was entertaining. To dominate those slaves. To feel the natural dichotemy between predator & prey. To feel My own Power. To use all that holey babble I had learned, & now utilizing this knowledge as fiery darts against the xian kindred. They were all utterly stumped, & very afraid. Their "leader" was made a total fool of, & their "god" could not protect them from My indignation.

As I finally tired of them, I began singing the lyricks to a song I wrote called "Kill All Krystians", as I got up to leave. And it was also then that I made up My mind that there would be no more xian club, for I am sure, that the school would not have allowed for a Satanic Club, Club of Satan, or even a Pagan Club. And despite all their worthless attempts to "pray" for Me, I never saw that club ever again, anywhere. HAIL VICTORY!

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- IV -

Eyesore Removed

There was a building that I would see periodically, that I felt was a glaring eyesore, & about as unaesthetically pleasing as we could imagine, so I wished that it would somehow be removed from sight. About a month later, the heavy rains came, & caved in the roof of that building. The damage was so extensive, that the place had to be demolished. In its stead, was built a castle-like edifice that housed a new business. HAIL SATAN!

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- V -

A Bolt From The Black

During one of My walks in the rain, I would frequently pass through a park that was about a block from The Noctuary. This time, as I enjoyed this particularly active storm, I decided that a lightning bolt would hit a house. Not even five minutes later, a bolt from the black struck a high-extension wire, which flailed onto an old dead tree adjacent to that house, & ignited the roof, but the rainfall quickly put it out. HAIL SATAN!

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- VI -

Independence Night

Another time, I wreaked blazing vengeance upon some obnoxious bastards who existed down the street. This one night, one of the morons tried to "pick up" on My significant other at the time, knowing full-well that We were a couple. When I came along, after having surveyed what was going on through the thick foliage of the back yard, I heard snide comments made to us. So, not wanting to be incarcerated for murdering such lowlifes, I contained My rage into a psychic ball, & sent it over to them with destructive intent.

A couple of weeks later, on Independence Day, I heard the sounds of sirens & firetrucks making a huge commotion on the street. When I went out to look from the front lawn, it was that very house that was ablaze. I virtually jumped for joy at that point, & I thanked the Forces of Darkness for granting My wish. Then I concentrated on directing the fire completely inside the house, that it may spread to the living room & devour the ceiling. And sure enough, I was performing Pyrokinisis with perfect & phenominal success. HAIL SATAN!

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- VII -

Painting The Sky Black...

One night, I decided that I wanted to paint My Noctuary Chambre black, to complete the mystic embiance. So I went to painting, & what should occur the very next morning, but an eclipse! What uncanny timing, to say the least! Now I reminisce about painting the sky black...

- VIII -

Night of The Black Mass

But probably the most remarkable instance of Magical manifestation came, one night when I was performing The Black Mass. I assumed the role of Satanic Priest, & an acquaintance, the nun & celebrant. During the point when x is charged with his crimes, & is commanded to descend into the communion wafer & chalice, there appeared what I can only describe as a "golden rainbow", which passed through the glass. We both knew that the purpose of Le Messe Noire was completed. She had also observed that during several points of the mass, that My eyes were actually GLOWING, during particularly passionate & emotionally-charged stages in the reading of the passages from THE SATANIC RITUALS by Anton LaVey.

And every time We spoke on the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos, strange phenomena always occurred. On one occasion, as We spoke of "Azag-Thoth", the closet door began shaking uncontrollably, as if "something" was attempting to get out. I attribute this to My Grimoire experimentations of the past. All the psychic infusion that empowered fictional entities, in essence, making them real.

Speaking of which, in a much earlier time, during My experimentation phase with various occultic devices, I had some friends over, & was working with a Ouija Board & Tarot Cards in The Noctuary, when another acquaintance of Mine came knocking on the front door of the house. But no-one heard him. He would later relate to Me, with a pallor that would rival My own, that the LOCKED door somehow swung open to let him in. Which is a good thing, because I was expecting him anyway...

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Lucifer's Lottery

I once won $500.00 by playing the lottery, which in itself has a relatively exponential percentage of chance, but what made this win extra special was that the triple numerage... was a '666'. Now, I normally do not care for this raffle, considering it a waste of time and money, but for some reason, that particular day I was drawn to purchase a ticket, being that I was in the store anyway, I bought the "daily three" version. I had also previously performed My own "Mammon Rite" from Dracomeroth a few nights before, and thought "What the Hell", might as well try it. When lo and behold, while watching the evening news, to My fascination and pleasure, the 6-6-6 was drawn.

In My opinion, this amounted to nothing less than a Diabolical Machination. I imagine the triple six frightened the populace watching that night, who were probably relieved that it was not they who received it, but to Me, it was completely appropriate. The draw went to a Satanist, which seems like more than mere coincidence...

In any case, the money was spent on a formal alignment with The Infernal Empire, along with carnal indulgence and sublime materialistic acquisitions.

Hail Mammon. HAIL SATAN.

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The joke's on you!

"...Listen with benign assurance as he laughs at your Magic, knowing his days are filled with turmoil all the while. If he is despicable enough, by Satan's Grace, he might even die - laughing!" ~ The Satanic Bible.

In Year XXXIII A.S., during the time spent in a web design credit class, at the beginning stages of the creation of The Shadowmantium, there was a certain individual therein who deemed to jest at the philosophy presented here. His introduction was inocuous enough. With a friendly demeanor, he desired to learn more about My interests, so I displayed the site for him without identifying it as created by Myself, which I have sometimes done to divulge the sincerity and true motivation of the inquirer. When I later informed him that it was indeed Mine, he displayed his insecurity and scoffed.

In the following weeks, whenever I briefly spotted this 'class clown', he would extend his tongue accompanied by The Cornu and shake his head in ignorant disapproval. Well, considering him and his 'opinions' insignificant, he remained an occasional mild irritation, and even an amusement, so I payed him no mind. Some time passed for Yule time break, and the very next time I spotted this joker, he again began his mocking antics, although they were much more subdued. Then I noticed something off kilter with his stance. Turns out he was now on crutches as he hobbled away with a sobered attitude, and I knew he had received his justified punishment. That was the most entertaining sight this wise guy had ever provided, so I smiled widely in satisfaction, and returned to pleasantly continue The Devil's work. After that incident, I never saw him again...

Seems in some cases, those who are unwilling and/or unable to ascertain Satanic philosophy will outwardly assume an obnoxious attitude in an attempt to mask their intimidation, which is spawned from the subconscious, which inherently recognizes the reality of Magic, but which the conscious level often chooses to deny.

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The Face In The Clouds

I witnessed quite an amazing enigma shortly before Dawn in the hour of Dark Shadows. As I was enjoying the cool night winds, I gazed upon the Full Moon which was framed by the Gothic Tapestry of tempestuous skies, when suddenly, a marvelous formation drifted by which strikingly resembled a face smiling down upon Me, similar to a ghostly rictus {see sketch at right}. It seemed as if the element of Lucifer looked upon Me with a benevolent gaze, that I felt compelled to raise the left hand in The Cornu until the apparition subsided, concluding with a whispered "Hail Lucifer, Hail Satan." It reminded Me of the poem by Edgar Allan Poe entitled "Alone". In the wake of The Sabbath of Samhain, when requests were supplicated and continuous Spells empowered, this seemed to be an 'omen' of confirmation, stating pleasure at My efforts in The Devil's fane, which was quite an inspiration.

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The Devil's Rain

I conjured a magnificent storm upon this night, and so it came to pass the following evening as I traveled forth to a printing establishment to fulfill business responsibilities, and as I opened the car door, a thunderous explosion like a demon whip struck in the air less than a mile above Me, and at the moment I entered the shoppe, the lights flickered and half the electricity ceased in the place, which caused the employees to cringe, for the timing was indeed remarkable, and I felt empowered, truly in league with The Dark Force.

King Diamond: The Puppet Master I then proceeded to a music store to acquire a CD I had requested, and previously inquired about before leaving The Lair to possess it, which was confirmed over the telephone as present, but when I arrived, none of the incompetent lot 'working' there could locate it. The very same effect transpired therein as well as the printing shop, as the lights flickered and half the power fluctuated. I received the distinct impression that these incompetent and just plainly stupid employees were purposefully not admitting to its arrival, as I listened to hushed snickers, and acknowledged the passive aggressive rudeness thereof as well. I decided to purchase another CD I had been searching for, and left the place with a Curse, wishing that their stupidity really would HURT.

A few nights later, I returned and overheard one of the employees {one of two I had particularly targeted in My mind} mention that his automobile had ceased operating in the midst of the previous "freak" storm {as described by local meteorologists}, to which he had to walk out in the mighty downpour, which was unexpected and the most severe since "El Nino"; and as I left the store for the last time, as I decided not to patronize them any longer, an ambulance pulled up to the side of the building...possibly to collect the other victim I hath chosen...

I did finally acquire the original CD in question at another music depot the next day, even for a lesser amount, and I was pleased. HAIL SATAN!

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- IX -

Thieves & Liars

King Diamond - The Eye

In another instance, a certain wastrel thought he could "borrow" a tape from Me {King Diamond's 'The Eye'}, & not give it back, perhaps thinking I would forget. Well, this is the way I dealt with this thief: I had meticulously formulated a parchment in which I requested that he be incarcerated, then raped by the resident 'bubbas' therein. Well, the following week, he was indeed apprehended for possession of narcotics - then it was later related to Me by one of his acquaintances that the victim had confided in him that he was also raped - not in jail, but while walking through a park late at night - the very same night he was released. All this unbeknownst to the victim, I finally received My tape back through his acquaintance. In this case, I used that very tape as a physical connection to the victim to radiate My curse - a veritable talisman of destruction.

Ironically, the theme of 'The Eye' deals with a talisman which dispenses diabolical justice upon its victims.

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Lex Talionis

I just received news from an acquaintance that an individual I had placed a curse upon a couple of years ago has suffered great torment in the removal of most or all of his property and was rendered virtually homeless until 'saved' by his mother, who happens to be a raging Christian, and is against his 'beliefs', shall we say, in that he 'dabbles' in the occult - and not only did he have to move in with his mother, but the location is in the boondocks, as it were, where he does not want to be. His offense occurred a couple of years ago when I allowed him to reside in The Noctuary for one night, considering we had been corresponding on matters philosophical, as we had been "friends" before another relocation occurred. It was not until a few days later that I had discovered that a valued possession of mine had disappeared - luckily, I was able to replace it soon after the discovery, but this was unforgivable, and I was seriously considering bestowing My tutelage upon him. Here, he violated Satanic Sins # 3: "When in another's lair, show him respect or else do not go there." and #6: "Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved." and as such, reciprocation was forthcoming. So of course, I confronted him about it {twice - the latter on the phone, which he failed to even come to the receiver - I eventually came to realize that The Devil's Hook was established that night} which was met with denials, so contact was discontinued, and I invoked the aid of the oracles {Satan's Tarot} to confirm My suspicions, and went ahead with the punishment carried out in The Ritual Chamber, and it has manifested with sublime precision and complete poetic diabolic justice. Whatever was correct and just to fit the crime, so I let it be - so he lost not only what he had taken from me, but everything else he owned, at the hands of those he claimed to have hated the most - fundamentalist Christians who at the behest of his very own mother, disposed of his ritual implements, books, videos, music, artifacts, everything. Additionally, this may have also been caused by narcotics addiction and further self-destructive activity / insanity directly resulting from the malediction. And it was completely deserved.

All that would have been needed was a simple admittance, apology, an offering to either return the item or replace it; but of course, to have practiced respect and self-discipline would have been most ideal so as to not invoke the wrath of Satan upon him in the first place!

Now it can be seen the reason why this spell worked so well - is because it was just and true retribution against an injustice, for he indeed did commit this crime, and now news has finally surfaced to demonstrate that Lex Talionis has been completed. This was very stupid, short-sided, compulsive, and masochistic of him - the Forces of Darkness always work through diabolical machinations to notify Me the condition of enemies' destruction. And that thief and liar has been dealt with exceeding vengeance, and so it is done. Although I would not be at all surprised if further deterioration occurs upon the unfortunate subject, if further denial and cowardice persists.

Moral of the story: Again, Do not even attempt to steal from a Satanist! Only death and insanity await! Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.

* Update: In continual delusion, seems he has associated himself with pseudo-satanists / literalist devil-worship-types, and has adopted a ubiquitously pretentious title from other such inferiors, which is obviously meaningless. He still exhibits decidedly christian traits, as does that certain clot of black sheep. Stratification has taken its course.

* Update VI/XIII/XLVIII: The offender has completely disappeared amidst rumors of insanity and death. Good riddance! Hail Satan!

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One of My more impressive victories manifested when I laid waste a certain woman's business, in which she also resided in, for a similar crime. She was temporarily storing some of My property while I moved, & like the previous victim, thought she could be clever enough to fool Me. I decided to punish her & her landlords - after I reclaimed My property, I set the curse into motion. Three months hence, the woman was evicted, & the edifice condemned & demolished. Every time I drove by that now empty lot, I can't help but smirk, & bask in My victory.

Lesson: Do not attempt to steal from a Satanist!

UPDATE 6/17/XL: It has recently come to My attention through certain sources that the perpetrator has met with similar ruin described with the other thief above: homeless, destitute, poor, and without transportation. Obviously, as with the others, this justified Curse has come to fruition because she deserved it! Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.

Update 9/6/XLI:

[ Engineer Dies in Fall Into Shaft at Construction Site ]

Interesting to note that the area has been cursed since those events which occurred during a previous Noctuary relocation in Year XXX A.S., in which this unscrupulous and deceptive woman deemed to thieve some Draconian items, which have since been recollected and replaced. That land is cursed, and shall continue to be so. The area has been plagued by a series of misfortunes ever since. All that are unfortunate to ever reside there, best vacate.

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Occultnik down under goes under!

I had recently written an update about an offender who disappeared amidst rumors of insanity and death, now that it had come full circle, which reminded Me of another interesting incident which has also apparently come full circle as well. Here I shall relate the story of one occultnik residing in a sort of 'flop house' with various other newagers which was located in Brisbane, Australia:

In about Year XXXI/XXXII A.S., a rather pretentious, if not obnoxious* individual of the neo-pagan persuasion**, who despite several warnings to cease and desist certain inappropriate activities against some personal interests, apparently made the fatal mistake of under-estimation and most definitely disrespectfulness, earned a Satanic Curse. Beneath a full moon's glow, a libation was imperiously lifted to the sky, with a declaration of total destruction to befall this hairy little man down under.

Within a couple month's time, massive storms & flooding unseen in decades began repeatedly assailing his vicinity, to the point where it seems that he was quite literally "washed away" in the deluge.

Not a wiry hair nor stinky hide has been heard of this character since, and again, good riddance! Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN. ∞

* Who at one point had the audacity to critique The Satanic Bible point by point at just about every other paragraph.
** As a matter of fact, he even looked like a "Merlin" type, with a mixture of a 'biker' appearance.

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"Bring forth those that increase, and destroy the rotten. No place, let it remain in one number. Add and diminish until the stars be numbered." - 19th Enochian Key, The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.

VI/VII\XXXIX A.S.: I had placed a Ritual Curse on a couple of obnoxious, overbearing, and vile wastrels of the lowest sort, who serve no real purpose in life, actually degrade the environment by their very presence, are aesthetic eyesores, social parasites, attempted to steal a family pet while being abusive to it, and furthermore, they smell. My companion and I agreed that these must be eliminated, obliterated, terminated, for the overall betterment of the planet and ironically, themselves. Although we would have been satisfied with merely banishing them completely. And so it came to pass that they became homeless and were banished to a far off city to basically "squat" in someone's trailer, which actually has an outhouse on the property. So gutter water finds its own level. Stratification takes precedence. Yet there were more updates that were to be recorded herein The Black Book of Shadows.

The Hand of Abaddon: If you look carefully on the right/center, it appears as if a curved Cornu is emerging pointing to the left.

Hellfire!: Recently in California, there have been wildfires occurring, and it developed that in a particular one, only one 'building' was immolated, turning out that it was actually the very trailer and outhouse in which these wastrels were residing in. Out of all the properties which could have been torched, theirs was the only one that was touched. One small note: due to the wildfire, residents were asked to evacuate the premises - all of a sudden, the alternator in their jalopy malfunctioned, and they had to be 'rescued', as it were, therefrom. And now the scum are relegated to a Red Cross shelter, still living off the dole. The pathetic duo, or "Riff & Raff" or "Flotsam & Jetsam" {not the band!} as I call them, shall continue to experience these misfortunes until their inevitable premature demise and they serve as fertilizer for the soil, being at last useful in some way to the world.

Hail Satan!

UPDATE 4/18\XLI: Turns out the wastrels joined some antiquated christoid cult. One of them abandoned ship and 'came out' as a lesbian. Both remain homeless. On an even more humorous note, the lesbian shaved her head and now greatly resembles this puppet.

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Hate Thy Neighbor

Approximately one month ago in January, I had returned from running some business errands when I noticed the neighbors across the street were clustered around their front yard. As Myself and My significant other had exited the car to return to The Lair, she and the indiscriminately promiscuous female over there {known as the "town slut" who reportedly has been known to engage in sexual intercourse in exchange for a pizza} had exchanged some harsh words. Well, I figured that this was between them, and there did not seem to be a threat of violence, so I circled the car and opened the trunk to remove some items acquired during the outing, when I then noticed a male someone exiting the neighbors' house motioning towards us in a somewhat "challenging" gesture, and then our gazes locked. It was in this instance that I decided to implement The Devil's Hook deep into his brain - I whispered the 'Evil Eye' spell* while motioning the Cornu with the right 'cursing' hand. He then suddenly averted My gaze and retreated into a car after being admonished despirately by another female therein to enter and leave. Knowing full well that his fate was sealed, I entered The Lair.

Bio-adrenal and emotional energy was brought forth utilizing the newly-acquired MMV cd set, thus opening 'The 7 Gates of Hell', used to powerdrive and intensify the Malediction already in motion. Abaddon was unleashed to take his sacrifice. And so it was done.

Since that incident, I had not seen him thereabouts at all, as if he had disappeared. Then upon this stormy late afternoon, I caught a glimpse of the neighbors returning from somewhere attired entirely in black {which they never do, but at least it was easier on the eyes}, looking very somber, as if they had just returned from a FUNERAL, and I instantly knew The Curse was finalized. Additional news shall be provided herein as it is made available.

Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.

* See Dracomeroth.

The Repossession...

"...Make yourself a Terror to your adversary, and when he goeth his way, he will possess much additional wisdom to ruminate over." ~ The Satanic Bible.

So once in awhile some neighbors up the block carouse and cause a ruckus at night, no problem, as it can be ignored, even though it is a bit rude to others in the area. So I go out to collect some resources acquired from the grocery store, when I sense this rather mocking banter occurring, as I continue to mind My own business and take said resources back to the Lair.

Cut to the following night. There's that certain fearful, insecure forced 'laughter' emminating from over there, which stops immediately when I actually fix My gaze thereunto. All I need is to make eye contact, The 'Evil Eye', as it were, and all Hell breaks loose, along with a certain utterance of a few choice Magic Words I know, and so it was done. The Devil's Hook is established.

Well, what should occur the very same night near dawn, but the sounds of a reverberating engine on the street along with what sounds like big heavy chains rattling, so I go out to look, and see a huge vehicle towing the neighbor's cherished truck. Turns out this was the Repo Man come to collect on it because of unpaid insurance dues.

The next morning I was amused to listen to a conversation about how it was repossessed, the reason for it, juvenile whining about wanting it back, etc. What was gratifying was that not only did this occur the very same night, but I witnessed the manifestation of My will in the making, and I also received a veritable live news report as well, which was the proverbial 'cherry on top'. All of which was quite gratifying overall.

As tends to be the case, punishments happen to the herd in accordance with their level of obnoxiousness. It is again asserted that when the misdirected masochistic demonstrate such lowbrow behavior, it is no less like suicidally playing with a poisonous snake, considering their priorities seem to be skewed of self-preservation, they will invariably be bitten and will probably die, and if otherwise barely surviving, hopefully gain a lesson to ruminate over.

Hail Magic, and Hail Satan!

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Destructive Organisms

Two interesting incidents in one week. Some people can be so damned masochistic, it's pathetic. 'The Devil House' which stands there as an ominous blighted spot for the herd to avoid, sometimes becomes the object of their insecurity, so the herd tend to rail against that which they fear. Like stupidly taunting a venomous snake, or purposefully placing a hand in the fire expecting not to feel pain. Surely, a suicidal death wish either way. I have noticed that the herd have become somewhat more obnoxious in the past couple of months, what with the oppressive remmus months bearing down on the land, and if so inclined, considering the 'mercury retrograde' for the last couple of weeks.

Approximately two weeks ago, the local herd's offelings had been acting rather antagonistic and irresponsible - walking on the back wall, occasionally pelting the house with pebbles, lobbing trash over the wall, even inclusive of actually batting empty crushed aluminum cans into the back yard, until reproached with a scowl and a slam of the creaking back door, at which point they scatter like so many primates. I even recall them tossing a 4th of July smoke bomb once back there and watching it smolder! They then of course claim ignorance of the deeds, like little rotten criminals seeing what they could get away with.

I normally ignore the type, not subjecting Myself with the herd and their petty concerns, but this was too close to home.

So one afternoon while clearing the cans and performing necessary household responsibilities, such justified negative energy was directed towards whomever deserved it, and about a week later, news of someone drowning in a pool at the local recreational center was announced on the radio, and I knew punishment was fulfilled. Since "parents" are apparently unable or unwilling to discipline their own destructive organisms, others should not have to suffer such annoyance, and I certainly do not have an obligation to be someone else's babysitter!* Reciprocation took its course, I have not seen these perpetrators again, nor do I care to, and there have been no problems since.

A day later, additional news surfaced dealing with a man who had accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the break while in the parking lot of a Starbuck's, surging into the front patio area therein, injuring several present, which makes Me wonder if this was not a side-effect of the negative energy radiated that day, considering both of these events occurred just a few miles from The Noctuary... although we Satanists realize that there really are no geographical boundaries to the manifestation of Satanic Magic.

* Keep in mind that these were older teenagers, who should ideally "know better", but apparently "know nothing" of manners, consideration, or civility. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes such tragic incidents for the herd to learn their own lessons.

Also, I did not go into The Chamber and perform a formal ritual to achieve the end result; it more or less spontaneously occurred, which seems to have been the case since childhood; i.e., the environment becomes affected by emotional expression. I usually perform a formal rite for more serious endeavors.

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Another thief bites the dust!

"Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it!"

Some time ago, I decided to enter into a business partnership with a fledgling CEO for a "dark / goth" company, who initially approached Me with a cooperative proposition, as well as a request to place an infernal blessing upon her venture, that it may progress and yield success, which of course it did, until she decided to become unprofessionally deceptive and ingracious.

A certain someone who shall remain nameless, so as to not attract attention to their ill-gotten projects, decided to attempt to veritably "take the money and run" in regards to Blackthorne Productions, by lying to Myself and a customer, stating she had sent payment from the customer to Myself, when all the while she had kept the money, while denying it all the while, attempting to portray innocence. This was naturally unacceptable, so after a few opportunities to redeem herself, she remained rotten, and Lex Talionis was implemented.

As a consequence, in a month's time, both of her businesses have since justifiably faltered and disappeared into oblivion - wiped off the face of the planet.

She was useful for a time, until her true colors have been revealed, and thus, all respectability was lost. Besides these miserable traits, it also turns out she subsequently became a weakan, which may have had something to do with it, and promoted literal blood-letting, so this purging was a welcomed evilution, and justice has been done. The customer has been attended to, and remains satisfied, as Am I.

Hail Diabolic Justice! HAIL SATAN.

So It Is Done.

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Talisman of Power | Vampire Freaks impersonation | Compassion Ritual Cures Cancer! | The Pillars of Faith Have Fallen! | Dirty Sanchez Bites The Dust! | Execution of The Rotten | Thumper car goes bump! | Walpurgis Night | Eyes From The Abyss | Leviathan Beckons... | Summoning The Storm | Banishment | Playing With The Devil | A Lesson Learned | Blood On The Lake | A Crapulous Experience | Ingrates | Suicidal Death Curse | Devotional | Ritual Confirmation | Blackouts, Ouija Boards, & Demons | The Draconian Doppelganger | Curse Bomb | The Devil's Chain | Devilutions
Talisman of Power

In late October of last year XXXVIII Anno Satanas, I had ordered the LaVey Sigil medallion from The Emporium and timed the waiting period at about three months for special order items, as mentioned on the site, just before the relocation of Lairs in January of this year of XXXIX A.S. I was aceepting payment from a client in this manner, for it was a pendant I had coveted for a time.. We decided to order one for him and one for Me. Eventually, he became impatient and applied the cost of the medallion towards future web services. So I amended the order for a variety of choice items from The Emporium I had desired.

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with the orders concerning the destined addresses, which he ended up erroniously receiving. This came as quite a disappontment, but I figured he would understand the mistake, and mail it out to Me as soon as convenience would allow. Surprisingly, he all of a sudden decided that it would be his, and began attaching all sorts of excuses to keep My Medallion, inclusive of claiming that it was branded with a '666' , and accompanied with a notification that none others would ever be produced.

Because of these various claims and childish excuses, I had to modify and remodify the order with our patient and understanding Magister Ventrue, who has remained gracious throughout this ordeal.

So it came to pass that thanks to a Magical Walpurgisnacht Working, that the client turned thief and antagonist, decided to finally send it to Me, that it may assume its rightful place herein The Noctuary, The Temple of Satan, and out of the hands of the profane and unworthy. So it was decided that he was to send it to Me, but first he had to allegedly hand it over to one of his acquaintances in order to remove a certain necklace that was presumptuously attached to it, which for some reason, took a few more days to a week. Though this was becoming rather laborious, at the time I decided to grant them both the benefit of the doubt, and I remained patient. This turned out to be yet another month. Finally, i decided to employ the aid of The Oracles, and utilized the omniscient Satan's Tarot to reveal the truth of the matter, and confirmed My suspicions that the pair were in cohoots, and for some reason decided to use The Pendant in order to barter for My attention, which is of course an insult, and just a plain display of rotten misdirected masochism, which would definitely deserve punishment. Later, he eventually came to impersonate Myself, contacting several members of My organization during My vacation with juvenile remarks and petty insults. And so Lex Talionis has been administered. First, the offender has been excommunicated and removed from any and all association with anything pertaining to Myself, including the site I was webmastering for him, Magical services, and business dealings.

The Sigil finally arrived on 6/12/XXXIX A.S., and is intended for use in The Rites of Darkness exclusively, and for any further media representation. Now The Talisman rests in the lap of the Sabbatic Baphomet statue beside The Black Altar, just as I had envisioned it, and it is a perfect fit.

Beware all you unstable, imbalanced, and delusional lower-life forms! The offender currently suffers health {cardio-vascular & respiratory} and mental {delusions of grandeur} problems now, and the suicidal degeneration is clearly evident. In retrospect, he certainly displayed many of the symptoms of the psychic vampire, and now the proverbial stake has been driven deep into his heart! Good riddance! Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.

* Updates: 19th September, XXXIX Anno Satanas

As a side note, this s-disturber is involved with the pornography industry, and just around the time when I had cast the initial Curse; all of a sudden the industry was beset with an HIV/AIDS epidemic - three prominant performers within the genre became afflicted and were thusly banned from further participation, yet the number they had infected began to grow and grow. As a result of this expose', virtually the entire industry was shut down for a period of a few weeks, and this was his livelihood.


* HIV Outbreak: Health Scare Brings Porn Industry to it's Knees * Officials Demand Condoms For Porn Actors

* Hurricanes

The same individual had claimed to have employed a so-called "palero" to counter any ill-intent I may have sent him, as his paranoia bade him to seek help from one residing in New Orleans, LA, who, according to the antagonist, has also expressed an interest in "challenging" Me for some sort of Magical bout - well, I believe he finally felt justified in this case, which of course, it is not, for he only desired to stroke his own ego as he is truly not involved or has no reason to be, so he may have entered into a 'warfare' mode in the crusadering guise of 'protecting' the rotten one, all the while deriving large sums of funds from the sacrifice's bank account. I believe he may finally endeavored to engage in an erstwhile 'battle' when all of the sacrifice's attempts to contact Me were rightfully denied for reasons explained above. And soon afterwards, these hurricanes began brewing off the coast of Florida, one after the other, in an unprecedented continuation - again, that amusing "freak weather" designation mentioned by meteorologists; well, as we know, these hurricanes cover a large area in the south-east, inclusive of New Orleans, which we also know, is a low-level city, and would be terribly affected by massive torrents, virtually placing it under water. Upon examining under-reported news and weather reports, Louisiana, among other Southern states, have also been experiencing heavy rains as of late, thus hampering any efforts at "countering" the effects of The Curse. I even received a convenient notification from the afflicted stating that "You are good - you are the best.", referring to the continual onslaught of Lex Talionis assailing him and all who would dare be against Me in any way. The Draconian Statement "Those with Me, prosper. Those against Me, suffer." proves itself redundantly, and shall continue to indefinitely, invincibly, and omnipotently continue. In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus. SO IT IS DONE.

* Related Link: Hurricane 2004

[Interestingly, about a year later, Hurricane Katrina has since detroyed most of the city, leaving the darkly artistic French Quarter virtually untouched, where that carnal celebration 'Mardis Gras' takes place.]

[Note: I realize there are Satanists residing in this locale, so I did place an additional Protective element upon Our own, that none of Us would be harmed.]

UPDATE: Received the following message on Walpurgisnacht XL evening:

Greetings Draconis,

I Am contacting you to inform you that My friend Rex has shed this mortal coil. It is likely already known to you, but I had the thought cross My mind and a moment free to execute a note; so be it!


This news has been verified.

Hail Victory! Hail SATAN!


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Vampire Freaks

Chronology of Events
From The Devil's Web reviews

7th April, XL.

Impersonation Alert!: It has come to My attention that there is an individual who has been using the name "Draconis Blackthorne" from a so-called "Vampire Freaks" site. Now, it is not clear if this person is attempting to purposefully impersonate Me, or if he thought up the name himself, but I thought it prudent to mention it here, lest there be any misunderstanding. Imitation is flattering when given to and from a worthy source, but blatant impersonation is just pathetic. So if anyone receives a message from anyone with an address other than claiming My identity, be wary. HS!

UPDATE 6 April, XLI: Seems the impersonator from "Vampire Freaks" 'no longer exists', and that is well, considering he made disparaging and inaccurate remarks about The Church of Satan. Seems that in the time since the registering of that bogus profile, the lowlife plunged into narcotic abuse, essentially erasing himself from existence, and the gene pool has been at least that much more uncluttered. Darwinian Law takes precedence.

Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.

UPDATE September 9, XLI: Related Story [Dated: October 4, XL A.S.]

"Those with Me, prosper. Those against Me, suffer."

Seems that between the time of the creation of the profile, and the 'Vampire Freaks' website finally removing it, this incident occurred. It was around the time of the event when the subject ceased posting altogether, and the page remained in stasis for quite some time. Now the details are realized, and the reason why is revealed.

As tends to be the scenario, this wastrel exhibited a completely different personality online. Besides the impersonation as well as plagearism of some of My artwork, he also happened to express racist views, was incredibly vulgar, and revelled in the brain-numbing effects of narcotics.

I had not placed a formal Curse on the offender, but it did remain a mild irritation upon occasional contemplation. I remember hearing the story on the news, but it was not until recently that the Diabolical Machinations have been realized.

Addendum: The Malediction ran its course in six months from 7th April - 4th October XL. Probably would have transpired much quicker had a formal Curse been applied. The profile mentioned a location in Florida, and he was that approximate crone-ology. Another pest exterminated.


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Compassion Ritual Cures Cancer!

In an effort to cure one fine lady who is near and dear to My black heart from cancer, I performed a Compassion Ritual that she may fully recover from this deadly malady. Even though she herself is not a Satanist, she asked Me for help. So I went forth into The Ritual Chamber and meditated ardently on her complete recovery, that she may be completely healed. A month passed, and when she returned to the Doctor's, she was informed that all traces of that breast cancer was gone. She now lives her life with continual vigor and strength, thanks to this Blessing from Lucifer.

In this case, she respected My religion and was familiar with My Magical successes, and her fierce sense of self-preservation bade her to seek My infernal assistance, to her great benefit.

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The Pillars of Faith Have Fallen!

A splendid example of the manifestation of Satanic Shadow Forces occurred when a nearby ostentatious fundamentalist protestant church was demolished, after having stood there for a good many years, but was not long after I entered the area.

This church is the subject of commentary for the essay "xian noise pollution" in The Devil's Diary II, and the very one referred to in All Hallow's Eve'n XXXIV with their "Halleluia Night" to stave off their fears of the Daemonic Brethren.

Pretentious and hypocritical, and with repeated challenges to The Forces of Darkness, I decided to rid the environment of that pox, and I Am now pleased to announce that they are no more. Now the daemons dance upon the rubble. Surely an amplification of the disbanding of that xian club in High School! {see above}

The Devil does not tolerate mockery or foolish challenges, and He ALWAYS takes His due. HAIL VICTORY! HAIL SATAN.

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"Dirty Sanchez" Bites The Dust

The Black Book of Shadows: Another confirmation on a Lex Talionis Victory recently, and it was even displayed on the evening news, as told to Me by an informant. Prior to relocating to this Lair, I temporarily resided at a nice domicile at "Mountain Shadows" {which was near "The Pillars of Faith" - which also bit the dust} with My Beloved, and it just so happened that we were the so-called "people under the stairs" so to speak. Above, moved in an obnoxious Christian wife and child-beating bastard who also polluted the air with its sonic blare, and who was actually the inspiration for the short story "Sunday Morning Secret" [see The Devil's Diary I] written by this Author. Well, we had finally had enough, and we decided that he must be dealt with via Diabolic Justice, and so he was Satanically Cursed - the Daemons were loosed. Within the next few days, we had noticed that his stereo system had apparently been increasingly malfunctioning, with spurts and stops of the blare, accompanied with moans of disappointment. We also noticed increased "accidents" occurring, with shattering glass and some other objects much more noticably, which was always pleasing to hear. Also soon afterwards, he was arrested on to occasions, and kept over the weekend. Well, the situation had abated much, and we resumed our peaceful noctuarnal activities sans the lower-life form. Well, we moved out soon afterwards into Our current residence, the resurrection of The Noctuary, and so it has been most infernally pleasant. So we veritably forgot about him, as we derived the results we desired. And now a news story has come to My attention which reports on the overkill death of this rotten waste of life.

The report does not mention his name, but a confirmation through Satan's Tarot has been established. I initially drew the connection when news footage displayed the front sign outside the gate, and so My curiosity bade Me to utilize the oracles to either prove or disprove the ultimate fulfillment of the Curse. And the Victory is sweet. I know that the wife and children will be taken care of, and they are certainly better off without him. She was done a favor. Hail Victory! Hail Justice! HAIL SATAN.

Nelson, The Mentally-Retarded Janitor

The place has fallen into ruin as well, almost immediately after the days we left - criminal activity increased, along with violence and vandalism - just despicable conditions developed; which is additionally pleasing because, there was another antagonist residing there whom definitely deserves Diabolic Justice as well. Turns out the place had an irresponsible, incompetent maintenenace man who was also a damned thief. People began complaining that trinkets would come up missing after a visitation - jewelry, artifacts, small items, and the such. I despise thieves - especially those who have somehow justified it to themselves - they are the worst. And so, when a ring went missing immediately after an "inspection", it was more than a pleasure to dispense with reciprocation. On one such day swiftly after he had exited the door, I concentrated into his chest area that his heart would cease functioning, squeezing with astral hands extended forth, penetrating into the lifeforce. Within the hour, My companion and a friend heard the sounds of sirens in the parking lot and into the driveway - we later learned that it was indeed he who was taken to the hospital suffering from shortness of breath and chest pains as if he sufferd a mild stroke or heart attack, and we were pleased.

Pending news of its current condition will be made available upon availability. The place will most likely be condemned in short time, thus he will lose not only his livelihood, but position and home - and he certainly deserves it.

UPDATE I/XIII\XLI: It has come to My attention through now former residents of that establishment, that this "Nelson" has since perished. The place has gone through 4-5 'managers', and crime continues to prevail and escelate.

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- X -

Execution of the rotten

Once, an acquaintance of mine relayed to Me the story of her child's father, who was a gang-lowlife-loser, a pusher, had terrorized her, with threats & verbally-abusive insults. He would not support his child, & remained a basic hoodlum-wastrel.

She came to Me asking for assistance, with tears in her eyes. I really did feel compassion for her that night, & felt compelled to help her somehow. Her tears, combined with My growing anger for the nothing that harassed her did cause a reaction in the ethers. Approximately two months later, he was shot to death by other such lower-life forms. To Mine & her supreme satisfaction, she even attended his funeral - end of problem.

- XI -

Once, I was keeping a companion company outside a campus, when one of those annoying "thumpercars" began circling the parkling lot, polluting the air with its monotonous drone. If this wasn't reason enough, its driver gave us an uncalled-for "dirty look" as it passed a few feet from where we were standing. About ten seconds later, as it rounded a curve, the lowered underside of the frame scraped across a concrete divider quite harshly. As a result, it practically hobbled off emitting a grinding noise.

My companion & I laughed loudly with delight.

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- XII -

Walpurgis Night

Back when I was experimenting with various forms of Magical procedures, I conducted a "Chaos Ritual" wherein I invoked several Dark Gods & Goddesses of Destruction for a purpose that shall remain secret. Following this rite I conglomerized, I decided to take a stroll in the back yard, & take in some crisp night air by the flowing trench I named, most appropriately, "The River Styx", when all of a sudden, a fierce blast of wind, a veritable demonic zephyr, came upon Me, filling Me with utter euphoria. As quickly as it manifested, it subsided.

The thought that pervaided My mind immediately thereafter, was that I had been "recognized", or "confirmed", as it were. As if Lucifer had demonstrated His Power in a tangible way. Still in My ritual garments, it was quite a dramatic moment!

The strangeness continued, even unto the following morning, when it was later related to Me that a neighbor's collection of fowl had all mysteriously perished sometime during the night.

- XIII -

Another time, one of My witches related to Me, that while laying back on My bed, she had witnessed an apparition manifest on the ceiling, which she described as consisting of an "abyss" opening up, which contained a pair of red eyes gazing down upon her.

- XIV -

During a Sabbath celebration, a friend told Me he had heard "knocking" on the floor of the room, as if "someone" or "something" was seeking entrance from below.

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Leviathan beckons...

At the request of a client who necessitated to be delivered from the clutches of a terribly abusive partner, while travelling over a bridge of the Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania, she plunged into its depths, car and all. The aproximate time had been figured when she would be crossing that bridge, so "The Death Walk" {see Dracomeroth} was enacted and intense visualization employed to direct the steering wheel over the side. There was actually a news report which showed a woman being extracted from the river, and since then, she decided to completely change her life around and attitude towards her mate and children.

Prior to this climax, she was "softened up" by nocturnal visitations from vampiric entities / projections created and nurtured by this Warlock. I was sent certain 'relics' to establish a more personal connection with the target, and an effigie was constructed, and placed upon a cross, which is the universal symbol of death.

After this incident, there has not been a problem since, and he has happily gone on with his life.

I had been particularly moved by this request primarily because of the children being subjected to these tyrranical rants, physical and mental abuses, sometimes drawing blood from them for the pettiest of reasons. I normally may have told the individual to take care of the problem legally {which is usually used in conjunction}, but it would have been largely ineffective in this case, because of certain connections and a black mail-type of situation. This working was conducted to gain the upper hand.

On a side note, heavy rains have been plagueing this area relentlessly, recently causing massive flooding, a few deaths, and destruction.

Again, now that the working has gone full circle, I feel it is appropriate to relate the incidents now.

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Summoning The Storm

Upon further experimention with Ecomancy, in the formative stages of the development of My procedure, which has since become a regular event in the ability to conjure desirable weather conditions, I decided to attract a tempest that was not scheduled to arrive in My area, but was actually two states to the North. I perfomed a "Tempest Spell" on this night, and just a few hours later, the skies darkened, and it began to thunder and rain. A bit later while deciding to watch a news update, the Meteorologist actually mentioned " was as if someone pulled the storm down..." - the illustration behind him displayed a diagram of a stream with a remarkable dip, descending to My area.

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- XV-


Once, some clueless fool deemed to insult My significant other during a recording session - it was a completely groundless & inappropriate act of antagonistic masochism. As she told Me of the incedent, My anger grew & grew.

The first symptoms of his degeneration occurred when self-destructive insanity began creeping into his puny brain - Murphy's Law became magnified day by day, as he began experiencing a succession of failures pertaining to his academic, as well as occupational persuits. Stress swelled to the point when he made a pathetic spectacle of himself in his classroom - ranting & raving. By week's end, he was homeless & living in his car, never to be seen again. Good riddance! Hail Satan!

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Playing with The Devil...

I normally do not attend such things, but at the request of a girlfriend, I attended a basketball game, of all things, in which her little sister was participating. They really needed this victory to go on and win an award to play in a larger game, but unfortunately, they really had a couple of left feet on the team, and they were already lagging. So My girlfriend discreetly requested that perhaps I could "give them the edge", as it were, to secure a victory. So I decided to help in this one instance, considering that at any other time I would just simply allow whatever the outcome would be, to be.

But as a special favor, I visualized the victory, as well as concentrated on manipulating the course of the ball during the game, in which a series of fumbles and mishaps began ocurring with increasing frequency. Before too long, her team were ahead, and by the time the closing horn sounded, they were victorious. Since then, there has been no further incident.

- XVI -

Another remarkable instance occured when a friend & I went over to a local store for provisions. Upon our arrival, there were three rather rowdy, intoxicated, & obnoxious wastrels practicallt stumbling out of their van. When they spotted us, attired in our Satanic aesthetic, they deemed to make crass comments under their stinking breaths. We prepared ourselves for a possible physical confrontation, but by the time we exited the establishment, they were already driving off. I could have dismissed this lowly encounter, except that they decided to yell out profanities at us. I decided that they must be punished. I lifted My cane in their direction, & uttered, "Magic, do as thou wilt". Then My friend & I went on our way.

Two weeks later, as My companion & I were strolling about enjoying the evening, that very van pulled up next to us. Expecting inane commentary therefrom, we were both surprised to hear polite words of apology for their prior actions. The driver, very sober then, told us what occured later that night as they went on their drunken way: They had driven afar off deep into the local canyons, when their tire blew out, practically in the middle of nowhere. They were stranded, & it would take hours of walking before they reached a telephone to call for help. He also related that he had seen Me lifting My cane towards their vehicle that night, & readily apologized again.

In this case, it can be seen the dynamics of a curse - it either destroys or rehabilitates. This wastrel was at least wise enough to amend his stupidity {although inspired by fear} with a simple apology, & a recognition of his mistake. I then lifted the curse, & he went his herding way.

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Blood On The Lake

It is truly wonderful to see poetic justice being fulfilled. Tonight I have been notified of an interesting chain of events. Seems that a certain "person" {and I use that term extremely loosely, or as loose as its teeth, anyway} wronged a person very near and dear to Me, by taking something that did not belong to them. So a Curse was initiated to unfold until full Lex Talionis is completed. The "two birds with one stone" effect transpired in this instance, and just in time for the solar eclipse & meteor shower...

First, the creature experienced the loss of its child custody, then sudden homelessness, transpiring within the month. It was condemned to exist at an encampment. Then the rains came. So much so, that the entire area wherein it kept its meager belongings were quite literally 'washed away' by a recent series of magnificent Solstice storms. Upon that development, it was remanded to seek the aid of its mother, who happens to reside in the same house as another accursed {who became so due to insensitive comments towards the endeared, and cowardly mockery upon its superiors}. One of the accursed spawn began to mouth off to the other, which created a violent confrontation, resulting in one breaking the other's nose with a log, to which it reacted by slashing and stabbing the other, who is now on the lam, so when the Police force find it, it will suffer the additional legal ramifications of its deeds, which will add more satisfaction. The stabbed creature suffered three prominent lacerations - one to the side of the torso {wherein a tattoo naming its mother has been defaced, which was poetic in itself relating to insensitive comments previously made}, one on the shoulder, and one slash across the back of the head. Its demeanor has been one of humility ever since.

Diabolical Machinations continue to unfold. It is especially pleasing when the herd prey upon each other to manifest one's desires! HAIL SATAN.

UPDATE II/XXIII/XLVI: Continual degeneration of the target 'sacrifice'. Even after being freshly stabbed, it has now been arrested for theft of items in a convenience store - amusingly, no less than undergarments. Seems all of its underwear was hidden by another lowlife nicknamed "Grunt", because he became aware of a proposed liaison; so seeking to prevent her from engaging, hid all of her underwear. So not wanting to be dissuaded, traveled to a local store to replace them, via theft. Fortunately, she was spotted and arrested, and it had just recently been relieved from probation as it is, so back to the typical redundancies nascent to the loser type. Now it must serve its weekends incarcerated, while performing 'community service' for a large expanse of hours. Recycling misery and humiliation serves it right, and the diabolical machinations continue... ∞

UPDATE 11/21/XLVI: In response to another recent display of disrespectful stupidity {a death-wish, to be sure}; in addition to constant relationship problems {it gallivants with another of its loathsome kind under the nose of yet another professed "boyfriend"}, seems the would-be antagonist's hovel was recently besieged by Police due to illicit activities, & now additionally has been effectively banished to its former location wherein it sought to escape. Misery intensified through its fruitless, hypocritical supplications to an erstwhile "god". It is indeed amusing to witness the continual idiocies & self-destruction of this inferior organism's antics along the inevitable way to its final termination. ∞

UPDATE 11/23/XLVI: So, it seems the convenience store wherein this last absurd "confrontation" took place has vacated in a matter of two days since last it was observed, even since the very last update. Completely boarded up, even the large sign atop the pole is gone. A surreal sprectacle, yet somehow apt. ∞

10/8/LII: Sacrifice has suffered a "mild stroke". Any bit of mishap or misfortune are most amusing and shall be continually chronologued herein. For its past behaviour,, it is still cause for celebration. It definitely deserves this, and worse still. So may this mark an increased degeneration. The Curse is still active, and shall continue unto final conclusion. In the meantime, let the suffering continue. Hail Victory! Hail Satan! {More news as it is discovered}

To be continued...

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A Crapulous Experience

I was just reminded of this humorous little episode which occurred once as I briefly walked through a mall hereabouts, for whatever reason. Well, there is a Round Table Pizza through which one can actually walk through to enter the main areas - so as I emerged from the other end, I remember turning up My sunglasses and looking to the left at one of the sheeple, which quite literally made him, shall we say, "eliminate in this pants". The look on his face accompanied with a slight lurch forward, followed by a hasty retreat out the front door quite obviously displayed his trouble. I was wearing My trenchcoat and carrying My Diabolus cane, so perhaps this combination coupled with the Command To Look probabaly resulted in his unfortunate predicament.

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- XVII -

As a punishment for incompetence, I cast a hex upon a group of backbiting ingrates. Within the month, they were in an automobile collision that destroyed their most valued possession - their so-called "party van" in which they would travel to concerts, etc. For some reason, they had decided to keep this heap of mangled steel in their driveway, which only served as a virtual monument to My wrath.

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Suicidal Death Curse

One particularly satisfying Death-Curse occurred when I psychically manipulated one despicable victim to take a knife unto himself unto death. There, in the gloom of his room, Death Energies surrounded him, when Azrael and Abaddon came forth from The Bottomless Pit to possess his mind and body, that he may take his own life. Needless to say, upon the news of his excarnation, there was great revelry and carnal delights.

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Tonight's Satanic Devotional was particularly potent. I had concluded the litany, then departed for Satan's Hollow to greet the night; while walking out the back door, I heard a tremendous 'bump' deriving from the location of The Chamber, shaking the entire house. I went to inspect, and nothing was disturbed, yet a haze remained - most interesting. Reminds Me of the Black Mass Dr. LaVey performed in Mexico during the filming of The Devil's Rain wherein it was related in The Cloven Hoof Memorial Issue the story of heavy phantom footsteps crossing the floor of the chamber, and the sudden spark of the outlets, causing the lights to flicker as well. A definite confirmation.

Hail Satan!

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Ritual Confirmation

VIII/XV\XL: While practicing a certain Vampiric rite familiar to those who know, I received four confirmations of the successful manifestation:

TIAMAT1. The sensation of cobwebs draped across the face. 2. The Coming of The Winds as I saw My actual cobwebs on the wall begin to sway back and forth with no other wind source in the Chambre. The windows were closed and the air was still. 3. Both cats began pawing furiously under the door from outside The Chambre. 4. When I concluded the rite, I went outside to Satan's Hollow to enjoy the night, when I suddenly perceived flashes from out of the corner of My eyes. At first, I conceded that it may have been some sort of optical anomele, until it began occurring repeatedly, followed by low rolling thunder, which then filled Me with a feeling of exhuberence. I wore My walkman which crackled as each flash proceeded. The negions became resplendent as news reports began relating spontaneous and unexpected thunderstorms right after the rite was done. Hail Tiamat! Hail SATAN.

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Blackouts, Ouija Boards, & Demons...

Today's blackout reminded Me of an incident which was related to Me once by some acquaintances. Apparently, this couple was talking about Me when the lights flickered in their house, and the chandelier began to sway, which they said really took them aback. It was not related what exactly was said, but the story itself was quite gratifying, though not all too surprising. From some other accounts, this apparently tends to occur frequently.

Completing Satan's Ouija earlier also reminded Me of another intriguing incident:

It was claimed by a girl I was courting that she and a few friends were at a slumber party, when they inevitably and classically decided to 'play' with a Ouija Board. For some reason, she decided to 'contact' Me through this board, to which the planchette began frantically darting to and fro. An intersting and unexpected occurrence. If you are so inclined, as an experiment, perhaps you may also wish to attempt this and email Me the results.

I had also previously led her through a visualization in which I declared a 'demon' would manifest itself before her in some way. I assured her that there was a dark and shadowy form perched upon the roof, and was steadily making its way down the fireplace, until it 'appeared' within the firepit. She said she saw two red eyes peering from the darkness...

[* Those who know will realize that this was essentially a hypnogogic projection cast during a conducive atmosphere.]

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The Draconian Doppelganger

Doppelganger (noun): 1. a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person. 2. ghostly double of a living person, especially one that haunts its fleshly counterpart.

I was reminded earlier this evening based on some interesting phantasmic events occurring, such as the microwave mysteriously turning itself on, and the sounds of walking boots through The House while I was sleeping. It was claimed that it was I walking through the house to the kitchen and out the back door.

Other events include:

A former sexual acquaintance once related to Me that she had spotted Me at "the mall" walking through while being followed by several children. I do not frequent the mall, and I was not at the mall that day, nor do I make it a habit to surround Myself with children.

She also related that her brother claimed that I walked up to their door and asked for her, which I had not done - I was at My Lair the entire time.

There have been other tales of seeing My doppelganger abouts:

A former girlfriend claimed to have seen My form peeking out from the shadows around corners and outside windows from time to time. This was also claimed by subsequent girlfriends and others as well. Seems that when I think about someone, My form is perceived about them, as well as when they think of Me.

I have "kept tabs" as it were, when moved to do so, through clairevoyant experimentation, but the claims of doppelgangers has been a pervasive one.

There was also the interesting ocurrence of a couple who were conversing about Me about something, when the dining room chandelier began to sway, followed by a sensation of pervasive malevolence.

As far as I Am concerned, all these relations are pleasing manifestations.

Table of Contents

Curse Bomb

AzagthothA manifestation by Black Arts & Sciences of The Forces of Darkness.

Dynamic: "# turds with one thorn". Wherein if one has a multiple of sacrifices who all happen to wander into the same general area, the demon seeds implanted by Hatred within their subconscious begin to more dramatically vibrate by the frustrum to increase destruction.
GROUND ZERO: Thus, one begins aggravating the other, until the outcome resolves in mutually-caused destructive manifestation. This would be a dramatic further step in the final termination / fulfillment of The Curse.

Method: By The Words of Power {Hexen Cornu, Cursefix | & Pentaculum} I called upon Arch Daemon Gods of Chaos ⛧Azag-Thoth⛧, ⛧Choronzon⛧, 🔯 Abaddon The Devourer, 👌 Sekhmet, {✋ Maha} Kali which was followed by a rolling cracking in the walls, as ether took manifestation upon materialization, gaining substance by The Will.

Manifestations: Subjects caused small-scale riot resulting in several altercations, & were thusly removed.

Fallout: There has been some fallout in the wake of the Curse detonation:

  • I. There was a mass shooting at a local country nightclub in Thousand Oaks wherein an event by Pepperdine University was occurring, wherein there were 12 casualties. Perpetrated by "bored" Marine Vet.
  • II. Massive Wildfires erupt in Griffith Park - "Woolsey fire" {small offshoot Hill fire 1st erupts near LA Zoo, wherein some animals were evacuated, since extinguished}; & Northern California in Butte County near Sacramento {largest in CA history}, with a current deathtoll of 11. Sun appears red. UPDATE 11/20
  • Woolsey Fire - Deathtoll: 3
  • Camp Fire - Deathtoll: 81 | Missing: 699
Confirmation: Demon Winds resplendent accompanied by Infernal Bliss. Overall, it seems I did in fact receive My sacrifices after all! Deep Gratitude. In The Name of SATAN!

The Devil's Chain

A day in the life of a Sorcerer...

What shall occur but a misplacement of a cherished item only a trinary fortnight ago, which seemingly just completely disappeared from My person, to which was initiated a meditation/visualization for its return into My possession. All possible likely and unlikely locations were thoroughly searched, when what should occur only a shortime ago, but its veritable materialization upon a spot gone over many times afore. A full apport of The Devil's Chain! Which is a metal chain bracelet hinged with 5 pentagrams among its links.


So what may The Devil's Chain represent? Freedom from repression and tyranny, subsequent liberation and autonomy. No gods above or below. Revolution to Evolution. Undefiled Wisdom, Auto-Deism, the ability to accumulate all Wisdom, Power, & Knowledge.

Give to The Devil what belongs to Him

Why just earlier this evening I mentioned how this piece of jewelry carries Satan's Infernal Curse upon anyone to whom it does not belong! What callous peasant or crusader, foolish mortal doth make away with The Demon's personal effects? Whosoever steps onto the execution grounds so willingly to place their heads 'neath the chopping block or guillotine?

Woe be to anyone who would have dared keep this property upon their person, or even given it away, for the progressive succession of malediction would have run its course until the inevitable return unto its diabolical owner. And therefore the same goes for anything else that belongs to The Devil!*


* And so it was upon a timeless that an article of clothing {a silky purple textured shirt} also reappeared after about 3 or so days missing.
Reference: Matthew 22:21:"Render therefore unto Caesar {Satan} the things which are Caesar's {Satan's}; and unto God the things that are God's."

Table of Contents

Since then, I have employed the many blessings of Satan to attain whatsoever I desire, that may not have been responsive to My natural charms, talents, or skills. That is where Satanists have the upper hand on everyone else. If something is apparently too difficult or "impossible" to achieve, We use Our dark Magic to change the situation to gratify Our Will.

  • Occult Draconian Sorcery
  • Camazotz's Revenge!
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  • The Devil's Chain
  • Demonic Shadow Testimony
  • Tezcatlipoca Hellfire!
  • St. Charles Sacrifice
  • Necromancer's Path
  • Churchway to Hell
  • Prince of The Power of The Air, Move & Appear!
  • D/Emonic Whispers
  • The Shadow Mirror
  • Fear of The Devil
  • Dracmas ∞
  • Fear of The Devil [2]
  • Infernal Reverberations
  • Daemonecromnium
  • Gesticulations & Enunciations of Potency
  • Rite of Waking & Repose
  • A Shadow In The Darkness
  • Tenebrous Peculiarities
  • A Visitation
  • Night Light
  • A Touch of The Devil

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