Personal Reflections & Questions: Interview with Draconis Blackthorne
{A collection of Questions & Answers from the book "Let Us Reason Together: Psychology of Religion 110" by James F. Skaliky, Ph. D. / Tina M. Gutierrez. Included in The Devil's Diary V. 5, XXXVIII A.S.}

1. What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

So- called "spirituality" has been proposed as the sense of peace with oneself, environment, and fellow man. But one must be good to oneself before he can be good to others. Indulging in one's natural desires and pursuing one's interests, to follow one's natural resolve. Then, when one is satisfied with oneself, can he be civil and curtious to others, whose opinions he may or may not agree with, or integrate into oneself.

Religion as typically seen, is a set of prescribed ceremonies based on bland tradition and blind habit. At times, true 'spirituality' have at times blended together, but is relatively rare, most of the time instead propagating misery and mental schisms with a veneer of altruism.

Personally, I believe one must find one's own path using what one wills to accentuate from what is already available, one's bliss and peace of mind.

2. What is a myth, and metaphor, and fact?

A myth was once a theology until it fell out of favor with the populace. Its mass contemplation may have built an etheric reserve in the cosmos, as sort of a "universal cosmic impression", which can be tapped into by one capable of, and willing to channel this energy for one's benefit. such as accumulations of knowledge and wisdom for gaining one's desires, by re-awakening the dormant archetypal gods and goddesses of historical pantheons, which are reflections of the subconscious and human characteristics of evolutionary potential.

Metaphor holds secondary psychological meanings and translations derived from classical and contemporary mythology. As previously mentioned, archetypal symbols which reflect human characteristics and personality traits, as well as ethical suggestions for social behavior.

A fact is the reality of the matter, no matter what mythology or religion may dictate. Many times religious scholars color facts in mythic terminology to try to explain the mysteries of life, as well as control their congregations with awe and fear. As such, some mythological and religious superstitions may be rooted in some facet of fact, then elaborated upon by successive generations of urban legendry and clerical fabrication. Many times as propaganda by church institutions to renew interest in their dogma, to fill the collection plates by utilizing fear of The Devil and Hell, or empty promises of "salvation" and "Heaven". They provide the simple-minded with dependence, convincing an otherwise healthy individual that their so-called "soul" is sick and in need to saving, then provide a cure, like a drug dealer seeks to make a previously un-addicted victim dependent on them. Still others actively seek out such spiritual addictions to subjugate themselves to, being the spiritual type, not a carnal type who are independent of such needless compulsions.

Peasant superstitions also developed and contributed to the evolution of religious tradition, so long as it was beneficial to the church or temple.

3. Do you believe in Heaven or Hell? What do you think they are like?

I do not believe in literal depictions of Heaven and Hell as described in fanciful blindlight storybooks, but rather, that they are states of existence here on earth. This life is what you make of it - either one filled with gratification and joy, or one filled with misery, repression, and poverty, all of which "holy vows" promote, and is furthermore, masochistic and anti-self. The God I have found is Myself - I AM the arbiter of My own destiny, I AM My own savior. There is no god/goddess above or below Me.

As far as I'm concerned, these "gods" and "goddesses" can bow before ME.

In a mythological sense, I would see Heaven as a vapid boring place, blinding and subjugating, and eternal enslavement of the ego of Moses, and Muslim forefathers, the ones who invented the jehovic god. Again, in a mythological sense, I would see Hell as an extension of earthly existence, but devoid of perfidious sanctimony. A place where one may indulge in all of one's desires without restraint, where one may create one's own kingdom according to one's precise design. A place where everything and anything you wish for becomes manifest. A place where you could continue to pursue your passions when here on earth, unto no end. Eternal Evilution. As Satanists, we strive to manifest this reality on our own lives.

4. Does God manifest through people in a subjective or objective way? What do you consider a true spiritual experience?

Since I believe there is no God but Oneself, and the "soul" is the brain, I will answer this question in a modified manner. Since One is One's own God, I believe people truly expressing themselves without pretension would be a manifestation of "God". For instance, there have been certain people who have come into My life that have provided Me with edification to one degree or another, but I recognize that this is largely the result of Myself willing for certain experiences to occur, and these have served as tools for My development, as well as for their own. A pleasing reaction to a previously initiated pro-action.

Such an experience has been defined as an epiphany. A moment of realization, motivation, or inspiration, also the feeling of overwhelming bliss. Ecstatic rapture in the contemplation of a work of art, musical composition, literary opus, or natural vista. Such a profound experience by making love, and thus intensified through Satantra. Cuddling one's beloved or familiar, or observing a particularly touching scene in a favored film.

This is completely personal - something in an event which modified one's perspective, contributing to one's frame of mind, which is connected with intense emotions. Those which inspire deep feeling deriving from within, not externally.

5. Who is God, and what is your attitude towards the divine?

I Am the personification of God and The Devil, the universe, and all contained therein I choose to resonate with. When I look in the mirror, I see God. I feel God all around Me in My flesh. I see God when I contemplate a tree, an animal, in the eyes of My loved ones. I see God in the mountains, the plains, the forest, the ocean, the sky, in fire. I experience God as nature through My senses, at times exerting My Will upon evolution in accordance with it, as a conductor would an orchestra.

I have created certain symbols in My private practices which are extensions of Myself - archetypal reflections from The Dark Side of My psyche. Veritable 'mandalas' of meditation. My problem is with religious types who push their fundamentalism on others who do not appreciate it.

6. How would you live if there were a god but no afterlife?

Hypothetically, if that "god" was tyrannical attempting to force its will upon Me, I would seek to destroy it. Otherwise, I would surely cooperate with a being who truly did have My best carnal interests in mind! So if there was no 'afterlife', I would not waste My time trying to please some 'god', but rather strive to please Myself is whichsoever manner I choose, with or without the help of some erstwhile external deity.

Perhaps such a god-concept is necessitated in mental - emotional initial development in many cases, but eventually, the higher man evolves away from traditional fabrications of literal god/s to eventually develop one's own system of psychodramatic expression.

7. If you were to see god, what would be the one question you would ask?

Hypothetically, I would not ask only one question. Among the inquisitive onslaught as an accuser in a courtroom, I would ask,

"What are you going to do about all these hypocrites who willfully "sin" while claiming to be your followers and representatives? Would that not be the 'unpardonable sin'?" Those who misrepresent the moldy babble are the true blasphemers of the "holy spirit".

"What are you going to do about Muslim fundamentalists? Do you condone or condemn their actions, while they claim to worship you and fulfill your word to the letter?"

"What do you think of The Crusades, The Inquisition, the Witch trials, the current holy wars, and the millions who have been murdered, raped, and persecuted in your name through history? What will you or have you done to stop it?"

"Hypocrisy, repression, stasis, mental slavery / brainwashing, mediocrity, culturally-induced stupidity, erotic ignorance, suffering, starvation, the meek and the weak. Why?"

{Ultimately, of course, we know why, because it does not exist as an external sentient being.}

8. If there were no god, would you live your life differently, and how?

No, I would continue to lead My life as I do, for I know there is no god as such. Mankind the Beast will continue as he always has - conquering enemies, founding nations on Might, inventing technology, evolving, creating The Arts, indulging, following natural predilections to enjoy the so-called "seven deadly sins". Only current blindlight religions would go out of business, and as such, the lower man would probably fabricate some other worshipping idiotology heralding something like a futuristic U.F.O. cult as the "true gods" or some such, or an arcane "Goddess", or perhaps a rock - but at least a rock can be useful.

The lower man necessitates some kind of master to adulate, whether physical or imaginary. There may be more atheists, which may in itself become an oxymoron, which may make it simpler for a Satanist to realize they are a Satanist, transcending the blindlight haze altogether. Le Messe Noir would be unnecessary, yet perhaps merely entertaining, But the Satanist would still persist, as there are plenty of other "sacred cows" to slaughter!

The nature of the question is an inevitability. Television, the media, and even the Internet, when they lapse from being informational resources and recreational amusement to virtual gods, another addiction to bow before, which dictates how sheeple should act, dress, what kind of music to listen to, show to watch, or food to eat. The new holy trinity comes forth - Television, Pop Music, The Internet. And just like with religion, I ask "Are you the spider or the fly?"

9. Is there really evil in a person or is it just mental illness?

I would say it is largely mental illness which would conceive of a limited dualistic framework such as mere "good" and "evil", considering life, law, and ethics are so much more complex and subjective than such a black and white scenario.

"Evil", like "good", is a completely subjective term, for what is beneficial to one can be detrimental to another. One must be honest with oneself, and concentrate on what is important to The Self, whether it is appreciated or reviled. To quote Dr. LaVey from The Devil's Notebook, "Good is what you like. Evil is what you don't like".

Mental illness drives people to commit unjustified deeds of mindless and excessive cruelty towards those who may be undeserving of such reproach, which are ultimately self-destructive expressions of misdirected masochism, as the destructive organism will eventually BE destroyed, or incarcerated, in which case their life is effectively destroyed and placed in stasis. A subconscious death wish in the hopes that they themselves may be put out of their misery.

Some of these have attempted to justify, or validate, and otherwise explain unproductive, criminal behavior by blaming The Devil or "satanistic" cults, while being supported by christians in the diversion of personal responsibility through scape-goating. The victim mentality of the weak.

As far as "evil" being 'in a person', such as "demonic possession", this is an offshoot of Hollywood horror films {or "Horrorwood", as it were}, novels and classical fabrication, opportunism, suggestion, hypnosis, and the placebo effect. An arcane version of "encounter therapy" using fictionally-based blindlight dogma, which supplies and exchanges one addiction and crutch for another again, within the confines of a binary moralistic philosophy. [see essay Exorcism & Possession in The Devil's Scroll].

These people respond so readily because the repressed libido and guilt indoctrination finally surfaces as the natural beast in man, spewing forth the remnants of blindlight oppression / repression upon the human mind. Unfortunately, what should really be an exorcism of the white plague and an exercise of one's liberating, health-inducing, life-affirming primal nature, instead becomes a re-indoctrination, submerging their psyche ever deeper into the quagmire of stuporstitious ignorance. In stead of utilizing expressions of The Dark Side as artistic expressions and motivations they become subjugated by their own fears; and thus, blindlight religions capitalize on the lower man. In this sense, it could be determined that these blindlight religions are truly "evil", for it has been historically observed that the greatest 'evil' has been done in the name of 'good'.

There are positive and negative polarities in Nature which the Magician and Scientist cooperates with, but these are seen in the realm of physics and metaphysics, not as "good" or "evil". Both terms are inter-changeable in and of themselves, in a self-contained paradigm, likened entropic force, or the Chi binding the Yin-Yang. [see figure 1]


Distilled phrases:

* "Go Devil". In support of Lucifer.
* "Good Devil". Misunderstood Devil.
* "God-Devil". 'Devil-God' / Alla Xul.
* "Good Evil". Blindlight religions.
* "God Evil". 'God' is TRUE 'evil'.

Beyond this, Satanists adhere to Nietzschean principles of which transcend the myopic comprehension typical of the simplistic 'good' and 'evil' idiotology. Although the idea of evil makes for good entertainment in multi-media amusements.

10. Do you believe in angels?

Not as such. "Angels" are another example of plagiarism to add to the ever-increasing pile. Let it be known that so-called "angels" are holified faeries from more ancient cultures who were originally representative of the element of the air, along with gnomes of earth, sprites of fire, sylphs of water, etc., although as Satanists, we do not normally tend to personally resonate with blindlight depictions instead recognizing these forces of Nature as The Four-Crown Princes of Hell.

Lucifer, "Son {or sun} of The Morning Star" is identified as an angel of light in Judeo-Christian mythology, "Prince of The Air", said to provide the light of "God's throne", and was also seen as the "Minister of Music" - and what has been said about The Devil always having the best tunes? Seems like Lucifer is quite the showman, who provided the light show and sonic entertainment for heaven - hypothetically, what would such a place be like devoid of him?

Lucifer, the 'bearer of light', derived from Marduk, "The Shining One", seen by The Dragon Race as the holder of the infernal torch of reason and enlightenment, in a lambency appropriate for study realization, and understanding with which to explore the vast darkness of The internal Abyss of inner and outer nature - epystomology, gnosis, The Arts, Magic, The Flesh, Mind, and the Emotions - The All-One. In totality, WISDOM.

It is said that these so-called "angels" save people from the brink of death, especially children it seems, but what about all those children who are being abused, molested, tortured, murdered, who are starving, diseased, or killed by automobiles? I suppose they were somehow not "special enough" for "God" to save, for there are far more children who are afflicted by the afore-mentioned maladies, vice, and accident every day en masse, every minute of the day that goes unreported, and it is many times that in third-world countries. Much less are saved, but these get all the media attention, are dramatized and romanticized, then presented to the masses like so much manna to graze upon. Feel-good pulp-pablum.

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