"May we always be strong, in body, spirit, & mind!"
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Malefik Musick
by Draconis Blackthorne

Black Laden Crown
LII / evilive records

Sent forth upon the blasting winds, My daemons have brought forth the current Hellvis unleashing, coursing across The Black Earth upon wheels of hellfire on Highway 9, unto The Noctuary, that The Abyss be regaled with this offering, 9 for the price of 13…

Demon winds blow through the valley of the shadow of death, the scent of burning course as infernal incense upon these blackest nights.

Immediately remarkable is the impressive retrovolutionary presentation resembling an LP {actual record possession also recommended}, but in condensed CD sized form, wherein the insert is removed sideways, folding open to reveal a plunge into a veritable hell well, subterranean chamber of dark delights, wherein a lovely succubus awaits to direct one into the further recesses of regions below.*

Evocatively timeless Artwork by Simon Bisley and Paul Brown adds another hellement to the infernal production, further stimulating the overall shadowmantic spell.


  • I. Black Laden Crown: Sounds like a procession of daemonic congregants entering to inaugurate thus sonic ritual, black robes and long chanting as long as the shadows stretching forth from the dusking gate.
  • II. Eyes Ripping Fire: On the heels of the setting sun, that’s where I live… One of the heaviest herein, thusly illustrated on the reverse side. The strength of SATAN is within Me!
  • III. Devil On Hwy 9: Devil to the metal! On the blackest road… Who is that in the rear view mirror...?
  • IV. Last Ride: Dare ride with The Reaper and survive Stronger still!
  • V. The Witching Hour: The Evil Hour approacheth… ready the relics. Light the candles, the 'sacrifice' awaits...
  • VI. But A Nightmare: A favorite personal tune herein this opus. I Am but a Devil standing by your bed… {...and in your bed, and your head...-DB}
  • VII. Skulls & Daisies: Would like to come and see her once again. Daggers in the heart drive you insane…
  • VIII. Blackness Falls: A bit more of a pondrous piece with sustainung, ranging chords to Hell and back, stretching the reaches of time and space.
  • IX. Pull The Sun: I pull the sun down from the sky… I pull the stars out of the night… I wish the moon into your eyes… And it’s raining…! {You know…}

Beautiful Demon Witch, black thorn collar, baptized in crimson essence, leathern wings fly forth, black blood courses in kind, and a nocturnal devil Sorcerer leers among the flames, emerging from the shadows with eyes aflame in lust, possessed of Satan’s thrall.

Harmonious and Heavy, wherein witches’, demoness’ tails sway, and earthquaking hoofs tap the heartbeat of Hell. Incubi & Succubi come forth…

* The addition of lyrics would indeed make this manifestation even more perfect.

DANZIG: Dethred Sabaoth
XLV A.S. Evilive; The End Records. Genre: Metal, Rock

"Can you feel it...?"

Danzig at his best, in My opinion. Named after the arcane spelling of Sabbath, there is something about this music that stimulates dark elements within. Detected are a little bit of Misfits, a bit of Samhain, with an evocatively morose, melodic voice, heavy, deep rhythms, One can hear the wolf underneath the full moon, feel the cool night gusts upon the flesh, the strength of body and mind merging as one. One can visualize these canticles being performed by a fire on a wicked night.

Dethred Sabaoth is a veritable resurrection, touching base with the primal rebirth elements, granting impressions of Lucifuge and Danzig 1, moving forwards in reverse for core empowerment & subsequent evolutions.

Feel & hear the demon winds... The Mistress of Darkness there beckons, awaiting your indulgence; Grasping a candelabrum like a pitchfork, horned skull thereupon. She will lead you through a dark journey, in a steady progression, facing the abyss within, lighting the way towards an emergence in hellfire.

1. Hammer Of The Gods: An Invigorating introduction into the nightmarish, timeless unorthodoxy. Can you feel it?
2. The Revengeful: An almost muted, mesmerizing heavy beat overlain with squealing guitars and a rhythmic refrain.
3. Rebel Spirits: Double-bass accents this echoing reverberation to the tune of a heartbeat, concluding with a trailing somnambulence.
4. Black Candy: Falls right into the fray with more of,a concentration on harmony, actually using a single high pitched chord as part of the procession.
5. On A Wicked Night: An acoustic piece which one could picture being sung by a campfire, suddenly pushing into a memorable collaboration of the electrical instruments. Favorite.
6. Deth Red Moon: A definite favorite of this opus. A howling refrain accompanied by a steady beat, subtly accompanied by tambourines, & dramatic pauses.
7. Ju Ju Bone: A stronger focus on harmony, a memorable chorus, and extensive guitar work, where the instruments seem to be telling the story, with blending rhythmic vocals complementing them.
8. Night Star Hel: A sinisterly choppy beat, with driving waves overlapping, eventually cresting into a swifter hoof tapping beat. Another favorite.
9. Pyre Of Souls (Incanticle): A contemplative piece. Shades of Black Aria 2 here, with a stalking bass added & melancholy refrain, finger cymbals, much like a lullaby. An introductory instrumental to the next song...
10. Pyre Of Souls (Seasons Of Pain): Continues the previous song & picks up the harder version of the rhythm of Incanticle.
11. Left Hand Rise Above: Sounds like the retrospective conclusion of the story at the contemplative pace of an aftermath.

One can definitely hear the implementation of harder elements herein, from song construction to the more appropriate technology used, in order to achieve a certain overall apocryphal sound, which is accomplished. A perfect combination of horror, the occult, & erotica. Some of the best things in life.

Circle of Snakes

DANZIG: Circle of Snakes From deep within the darkness the claws cast their shadow as gyrating forms twist within the abyss, rising amidst the gloom from the nightmarish regions below... And so the face appears with slithering serpents crowning her glory - the demoness Medusa - caught in her deadly gaze, the fangs sink deep, the venom pierces your brain, transcending you into realms of sonic bliss...

Danzig materializes from abodes unseen, to present eleven more cantibles of sinister erotica, causing the kundalini to set afire with hellflame, bestial and brooding, heaving, grinding sounds, with tempting undulations, eerie and hypnotic.

Circle of Snakes harkens back to a more primal era, concentrating more on baser sounds, melodious and heavy orchestrations that set the devils to dance with an entrancing rapport. "Wotan's Procession" is a robust and imperial marche, power-laden and glorious; "Skincarver" is arguably one of the heaviest songs by Danzig to date, with its resonance mingling with the relentless poundings of the vibrant drums, creating a truly brutal impression; the title track "Circle of Snakes" is quite the moving hoof-tapper, and again establishes the serpent as a representation of 'the man down under'; "1000 Devils Reign"...from the western shore - memorable harmonies and rhythms evocative of Samhain with fellow minstrels joining in the vocals, and does actually tap a certain profundity; "Skull Forrest" can be quite an entrancing piece if you let it, and may cause a spin in the swirling abyss of the mind, with echoing strains beckoning one into the foggy moonlit night amidst the wolfen denizens; "Hellmask" carries a moderately "speed metal" quality done with precision and dynamic sharpness; "When We Were Dead" carries a ponderous rhythm which aspires from silent to booming with intervals of churning guitars; "Night, BeSodom" carries quite a salaciously Dark Metal quality, surrounding guitar chops the air, and is all about those precious cities of 'sin' we love to recreate; "My Darkness" is classic Danzig fare, again with contrasts and crooning vocals blasting into passionate rises and falls, followed by the haunting melody which carries in the atmosphere much like incense smoke; "Netherbound" leaves notes afloat for a split second, melancholy and relative, speaking to the black heart; "Black Angel, White Angel" offers perhaps the most harmonious piece herein, and questions the carnal nature of one who ponders the invigorating thrall of The Devil's fane - for indeed, to "fall" thereof is actually to rise to the heights of experience. The conclusion leaves the listener lingering and hungering for more...

The lethal seductress on the cover is rendered by Dorian Cleavenger, a long-since favorite artist, which makes for an additional visual treat along with the lovely succubi within the booklet.

Table of Contents

Danzig 777: I LUCIFERI

"They worship neither a god, nor even a demon, but a dead man!" ~ Celcus.

Danzig 777: I LUCIFERI Another lusty, sultry, morbidly carnal opus conjured up be werewolf Glenn Danzig - elements of sonic mysticism are readily apparent even from the somber introductory piece entitled "Unendlich", which sounds like the backward masking of possessed monks, sets the darkened tone of the CD, and proves to be a perfect segueway for "Black Mass", a heavy grinder and an instant Satanic classic which will be played in many a candle-lit and incense-permeated chambre. Then straight into "Wicked Pussycat", a very rhythmic and memorable piece which will make her hips sway, and which pays homage to the feline qualities of the witchy woman, who weaves the spell of the kundalini.

"God of Light" seems to be referencing that serpent jesus and the corruptive influence of the blindlight on the psyche.

"Liberskull" translates literally into "book skull" - what I Am seeing is what I Myself have as a display of - none other than a skull on a small pile of books, and one in the bookshelf. Liberskull represents the accumulation of knowledge.

"Dead Inside" is a haunting little ballad which dances in a whisper through the darkness, which then transforms into a heavily punching piece bourne of melancholy and rage.

"Kiss The Skull" brings recollections of the Satan's Tarot card meaning a resurrection of a past orthodoxy . Watch the gypsy dance; sweet Lucifer's sister...

No doubt one of the strongest songs herein is "I LUCIFERI", bringing classic metal guitar elements, somewhat reminiscent of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

"Naked Witch" is another salacious cantible which stirs the dark fires of lust. Dance for Me, sweet demoness mine...

"Angel Blake" is a favorite of this Warlock. A moving piece, quite haunting, heavy, despaccio & eerie, even featuring a brief Panflute to accentuate the chorus at times. It speaks of a serpentine creature roaming the lakes and misty moors. A dream and a nightmare to the minds of the ignorantly nubile, which brings gnosis carnalis, bestowing the baptism of fire - a transmogrification from angel white to daemoness sublime. willingly brought forth, curled at the base of the spine.

"The Coldest Sun" is a ponderous piece in complete rigeur, thus distinctive as the Danzig legendary style, echoing in the brain and settling into the lambent areas deep down to the black heart.

"Halo Goddess Bone" reiterates the immediately previous, and could be expressing communion with certain heavenly bodies , and the exaltation of the rod of life.

"Without Light, I Am" is another sinisterly diabolical piece granting credence to shadow forces as well as expressing pride in exclusivity and elitism, simultaneously jesting at the foibles of the herd who crawl into their holes {idiotologically, and sometimes even literally} while in the presence of a superhuman predator.

Danzig masterfully combines the elements of sex and death, who become as dubious partners in a passionate undulation, likened the flames on a black candle and a red candle melting into one, the blood-swirled wax cascading onto blushing pale heaving flesh.

On this turn of The Black Earth, the visual unleashing of this presentation is again impressive, with a black eyeballed Glenn Danzig displaying blackened claws {likened Wolverine}, extended forth, demonstrating a bestial fanged rictus, with the other members of the band blending in the darkness behind him, with a new symbolic representation decorating the logo, a variation on the skull upon the inverted cross - quite a nice touch.

I LUCIFERI also features a succulent succubus in the throes of evil ecstasy, clad in fetishistic black leather. Nice casing as well - dark red sidebar and CD holder, complimenting the overall demonic effect. Always recommended for dark erotica and a forboding ambiance.

Shine Darkest Star.



I was fortunate to pick up an original copy of Blackacidevil in Year XXXIII - now, the front cover is on the back, & is a bit more lucid, & a lot less 'gamma ray orange'. The cover announces the general evolution of the band, as it has morphed into an Industrial/Hard Rock/Metal amalgam that is still quite heavy, dosed with Glenn Danzig's melancholy & "Darksoul-ful" vocal style.

Three new tracks are included herein {'Deeper', 'Bleedangel', 'Don't Be Afraid'}; the latter which is a semi-blues number typical of Glenn Danzig's style. 'Bleedangel' is sublime - invokes a foreboding ambiance.

My personal favorites are: 'Bleedangel', 'Sacrifice', 'Serpentia' {most favorable - the latter is most appropriate for a Harem, & speaks to the liberation of Lilith awaiting deep within the kundalini of every female - the veritable core of every female - very Dionysian.
'Sacrifice' reaches the apex of Danzig evolution - perfectly preserving the theme of the opus. Veritably, "electronic metal." I first heard this song at Ozfest '96, & was impressed by it, which was quite memorable.

'Deeper' is a quiet, dark piece in which the black flame burns deeply.

"Hand of Doom: Version" is a cover of the classic Black Sabbath song. High energy.

Another real favorite is "Ashes" - an extraordinary 'ballad'-type song which is high in darkened romance; dark sensuality, invoking pathos & passion. Another brilliant release.

Satan's Chld

Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child

Glenn Danzig once again creates a brooding, heavy, & atmospheric, yet decidedly melancholy opus throughout.

Back to the roots of deviltry - carnal indulgence, & this time around, really giving the Devil His due.

The trio of she-devils ornamenting the entrails of this musical labyrinth of abyssal sounds are worthy decorations for this evilution.

With songs such as "East Indian Devil", "Fire Mass", & "Satans Child" {song #9, incidentally}, Danzig 6:66 residing in one's collection forms the hexagon of dark erotica, in which I can picture those very she-devils undulating to the rhythms herein. In whatever genre, indeed, the Devil trulky does have the best tunes, with this work as no exception.

The cover painting is done by Simon Bisley, who depicts the veritable "Satan's Child" as a muscular dominant mass with the timelessly diabolical number of the beast deeply branded into his massive & powerful arm - to Me, manifesting the Satanimal quite appropriately.

The added effects greatly compliment these sinister orchestrations, thus heightening this sonic experience to the hilt.

Martin Emond, creates the interior illustrations {satanimations}, which are closely of the Giger style, which is always a pleasure to the senses.
"lazie" {bass}, & "Joey C." {drums} bring forth the Danzig creation into the third dimension.

Also, contained herein is "Thirteen", thusfar only heard sung by Johnny Cash in "American Recordings", but here brought forth by Glenn Danzig in his unique & original style.
'Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child' is a welcomed addition to the Malefik Musick collection. In the vein of "She Rides" from Danzig 1, through to this # 6:66, let the dens of iniquity be opened with the keys of Hell...


Danzig 1

Truly, a masterwork of musical metal morbidity. We are taken on the road with Danzig & the guys, & shown aesthetically pleasing videos, too. I appreciate the attention payed to arcane & esoteric subjects herein.

TWIST OF CAIN begins us off as the first recorded murder. The mood is ominous as four figures clad in black, shadow the stage, appearing from apparently nowhere, amidst the tolling of deep bells. Suddenly, the music grinds, & the whole place is energized with a supernatural furvor.

Then we are treated to AM I DEMON, a hard, pounding composition, pondering the question every Satanist pondered at one point or another. The answer is YES. If you honestly adhere to the Satanic philosophy, & just knew you were different all your life from the commoners, then it is most likely affirmative. Let the proles gawk & marvel. Glen dons a goat-head, & is crucified, with a beautiful female pawing his body. I suppose this signifies the undue persecution The Devil has received from the very ones He keeps in business - the xians {The Ninth Satanic Statement}.

SHE RIDES is a pleaser, with a gorgeous, ripe, voluptuous, incredibly pale redhead contorting like a snake in her mesmerizing movements, to the bump & grind type drumming.

Then there's the infamous MOTHER. The cantible banned from MTV, & criticized by the PMRC for being "sexist" & violent. Sex & death? You know it must be good! This is a really great video. Despite the useless bloodletting of that chicken. The question remains whether or not it was real. The blood anoints the naked body of a beautiful maiden, who lays stretched out across a blood-stained altar. Quite a show, indeed! Several other female sheep huddle together in fear, as the shadow of an inverted cross covers them. Glen stands within a pentagram, & well, you'll just have to see it for yourself.

The rest of the video is comprised of interviews, backstage scenes, & an interesting perusal into Glen's library. This video is a definite collector's item & should be in every Satanist's collection who enjoys dark, brooding music. It is also a good idea to get Lucifuge-The Video, & Danzig Live-The Devil In Disguise.



From the bluesy grind album by the same nefarious name, comes the video sequel. The same kind of disturbing artistry arrrays this visual velocity of diabolism. Unlike the first production, in its dark & gloomy countenance, LUCIFUGE-THE VIDEO is in full color, though still mostly basked in shadows. The word "Lucifuge" is the prime Minister of the demonic heigharchy of Black Magick, whose last name is Rafocale.

Love the cover. We see displayed Glen's facial image imposed with that of a wolf's. A great representation of the Satanimal Dracomnium. Worthy to enlarge & frame.

Once again, the devilish visions dance across the screen, to the eerie echoings of heavy guitars. DEVIL'S PLAYTHING begins, with an introduction from BLACK ARIA, we are out in the forest amidst a raging fire, & a hooded figure is revealed by a damsel so faire. I'M THE ONE rakes place in the swamplands, & in a graveyards, where the alligators & crocodiles await the tread of some poor prey. KILLER WOLF can be found in the desolate outskirts, where Nature, in its darkness, is overgrown & plush. What unfortunate wayfarer shall make their way into the haunted lands? Finally, she comes down into oblivion, to snatch the soul, then, one is UNDER HER BLACK WINGS, enslaved or liberated by the demoness of forbidden lusts...

In between the songs, we get to peer into the different personalities of Danzig, where we see Chuck Bisquits conversing eloquently upon the subject of breakfast cereals, especially the elusive & mysterious Count Chocula {no longer elusive}, Frankenberry, Booberry, & Quisp. Enigmas in the world of culinary delights. All in typical Chuck Bisquits etiquette - the playful imp, a-la resident Munster on the band, like his attitude crawled out of Halloweentown.

Glenn runs amongst the wolves to a piece from Black Aria, & late conjures the spectre of a gorgeous ghostess, who hands him Milton's Paradise Lost, from which he reads a sample.

I would have liked the video to have been longer, but alas, it ends too soon, but it was definitely worth the ride.


Black Aria

If you have been searching for the perfect ritual musick, look into this one. Here is an exceptional work which will effectively aid to bring many successful Magical operations. The cover is graced by an incubus demon, & an angel in romantic rapport. To listen & absorb this ethereal & carnal opus is to trancend the earth plane, & sail across the heavenly spheres. One is taken deep into the cavernous wombs of the earth, & to the highest mountaintops, even unto the very depths of the soul. This is sonic darkness...

The song title themes are primarily celtic in origin, which transports one into the world of myths, where the gods are wrathful, & the Magic is purely Primal Pagan. Also, there are a couple of songs such as BATTLE FOR HEAVEN, which places you in the front-row seat of the Imagination, to witness the great spectral conflicts between "evil" & "good".

There can be many uses for this Musickal masterpiece. Not only rituals & ceremonies, but for meditation, visualization, & also to add an intimate ambiance with your loved one. It is a ride through the Pit & the night sky. For best results, record your copy onto a long playing cassette-tape, or set your player on audio-reverse, or repeat CD play, so that the mental muses may sustain you in ecstasy.

Black Aria II
{XLI A.S. Produced & composed by Glenn Danzig. Female vocals by Tania Themen. Cover painting by Bill Sienkiewicz}

This is precisely atmospheric music for an eerie ambience. Haunting instrumentations go floating into the atmosphere with an etheric grace, manifesting the phantasmagoric muse from antiquity's thrall. A memorable melody underlies the opus throughout, beginning with 'Overture: Winged Night Demon'.

Black Aria II has a very Egyptian/Middle-eastern feel to it, almost 'Necronomicon'-like, wherein one can picture spiraling pillars in some temple of flesh, flickering torch-light upon sinfully hypnotizing contortions, hidden away in ancient wind-blown dunes, where unspeakable horrors emerge from abyssal archways to embrace and consume.

'Unclean Sephira' features a very Diamanda Galas-like voice beckoning the listener to invigorating terrors; 'Bridal Ceremony of The Lilitu' is definitely the gem of the opus, where the strains of the organ blast forth only to give way to a regally demonic procession in all of its unholy splendor. Immediately blending into a spectral dance, both compelling and repulsive; 'Shiddin' unleashes the beast across the sands of time, where shadowy warriors take upon black stallions with sabres, and strange creatures rise from spilled blood from crevasses to devour mortality. 'Zemaragad' employs the theremin to create that quintessential spooky sound for delightful chills and evocative thrills. 'Abandonment/Recreation' lends an impression of generating dark forces by chanting echoes from a fathomless pit; Beware the 'Lamia' who will draw your life with a kiss - the music presents a conjuration nicely.

Black Aria II definitely delivers that enthralling darkness we find so pleasant, where visions are projected from deep within the subconscious painting the black canvas with wickedly captivating forms of wonderfully ghoulish fear and lust.

According to mindset, this opus is quite different from the first, which musically illustrated Milton's epic Paradise Lost. Black Aria II definitely accomplishes its particular theme thoroughly. Bring on the succubi...



Danzig 4

The prevailing theme of this one is sadism. Honestly natural predatory instincts, & breaking the bonds of censorship suffocation. Indeed, one of the inner sleeve pictures depicts Clinton congratulating a Secret Service official for delivering the apparent assassination of the band, who rest in coffins behind them. Quite a message to those bastards of the xian-right who try to stifle the rights of Free Expression.

Danzig 4 is hard-driving rock, mellow at times, & rib-crushing at others. Here & there, there are surprises planted, & modifications done, which makes it all that much more interesting to listen to. There are some new vocal techniques for Glen, implemented as well.

At first listen, you are assaulted by a brutal tune that is reminiscent of the familiar Danzig style. Then, descending into a cold dungeon, we fond ourselves in dimness, with the sounds of leaking water, moanings of pleasure & pain, echoes of whippings & rattling chains, bouncing off the black labyrinth. The songs "Little Whip" & "Sadistikal" exemplify this.

"Stalker Song" is the theme of the predator on the hunt, chasing the human prey into their falsely "safe" holes.

The runes on the cover are a great mystical touch. Danzig 4 shows the development of the band, as they tread into new territories of audial expressions. For those who dare break the mold, Danzig 4 will make for personal experimentation. After experiencing this release, you may find yourself venturing into other forms of music - go for it! So long as it is raw & pure.

Danzig releases



DANZIG LIVE-The Devil In Disguise

    Experience the Danzig darkness...


  • 7th House

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