Draconis Blackthorne

I n t e r v i e w
From "Burnt Valhalla". Interviewer: Fenris Wolf.

1. Your name, Draconis Blackthorne, is very "grandiose" sounding, what exactly does it mean, and why did you pick it?

Thank you for the compliment. "Draconis" means "dragon" in latin. I identify with this creature for its propensity towards Power, Majesty, & Wisdom. Traits that superior persons strive for. I particularly identify with the serpantine depiction, as the snake is My "totem" as it were. Of course, the dragon has been identified with Satan, as well as the serpent in Western culture. But that's only but a part of it. Not many westerners recognize that Eastern Cultures {as far west as Turkey & Romania --- i.e., Vlad Dracul's "Order of The Dragon"}, regard the dragon in a highly respectful manner, as being the guardians of the four winds, & being the most powerful creature in the pantheon of the animal gods. In Eastern cultures, the dragon represents good fortune & prosperity --- only in the west was it vilified, with its fearsome appearance, did missionaries transform the predatorial & guiding power into something "evil" --- something to fear. You see the same demonstrations with the wolf {the werewolf}, the bat {the vampire}, the rat, the spider, the shark, even the whale, squid, & the octopus! The latter four being seen as "Sea Monsters", & are the basis of depictions in fictional tales to this day. Leviathanine creatures, as Leviathan represents the deep, all things that are submerged, occult, subconscious, & feared. Very shadowmantic. No wonder Leviathan is inscribed upon the Baphomet.

Later, I came to discover that there is a constellation in the polar region of the North hemisphere between Cepheus & Ursa Major by the same name, which was so much the better. I also discovered that there was an olde world philosopher & ruler by the same name, after whom was implemented the definition "draconian", meaning 'just, exceedingly harsh, very severe & brutal.' Lex Talionis. Very Satanic. Plus it alludes to "Dracula" as well, another character in Vlad Tepes who I admire. "Dragon" was also appealing to Me because of My Martial Arts ties. I had a sensei who personally knew 'the Dragon' Bruce Lee, & he had already become an archetype I resonated with. I was always inspired by his furious & prideful nature.

As far as 'Blackthorne' goes, it's an ingredient in sloe gin. Besides, a thorn can quickly become a stake to pierce the heart of any psychic vampire!

So it all came together perfectly since I thought it up. Plus, it just has a nice ring to it!

2. What "titles" do you refer to yourself as? (ex. Satanist, Social Darwinist, etc.)

Citizen of The Infernal Empire, Active Church of Satan member, Social Darwinist, Satanic Warlock, et al.

3. What political beliefs, if any, do you have?

I draw both from the liberal, as well as the conservative point of view, depending on the subject matter. On the voting ballot, I write Myself as "non-partisan", meaning that there are idiots on both sides, although I tend to side with the liberal stand-point more often.

I adhere to a personal political philosophy I call "Daemonocracy" --- that is, taken from the root word of "Daemon", meaning 'genius', in which a society would be run by the creative individual; those who contribute to the arts --- aesthetic, musical, literary, & technological beauty. I also fully agree with Dr. LaVey's "Five-Point Revisionism", & the implementation of Lex Talionis. Draconian ideals. Along with this, I espouse the legalization of Prostitution & Narcotics. People should not be protected from their own stupidity. Place a responsibility in the hands of a person, & soon it will be revealed just how competent thay are to deal with it. That's Social Darwinism.

If someone wants to pay for sex, & there's someone who's willing to be paid for it, then why the hell shouldn't that be legal? Here are the benefits of legalizing Prostitution:

1. Reduction in sexually-related crimes & elimination of unscrupulous pimps.
2. Surrogate therapy for waning relationships.
3. Tax deductions to solve economy budget crisis.
4. Reduction of sexually-transmitted diseases.
5. Job opportunities for willing recruits.

I probably would not frequent such places Myself, but for those who need the outlet, it certainly should be an option.

Elaborations - Complete essays

The Return of Babylon.
The Night of The Zombies.

4. What is your overall feeling about heavy metal? Do you listen to any metal bands?

As far as Metal goes, I enjoy listening to Acheron, Mercyful Fate / King Diamond, Danzig, Insatanity, Venom, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Bathory, Candlemass, Rob Zombie, Deicide, Morbid Angel {circa Altars of Madness - Domination}, Manowar, Iced Earth, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, DIO, Marilyn Manson, to name a few.

5. I've noticed alot of Heavy Metal bands (such as INCANTATION) who claim not to have any beliefs in Satan, yet they claim that they music they do "ends up on the left hand path" because of it being "anti-christian". What do you feel about these sort of bands who gladly use Satanic imagery but deny any association?

It's only "anti-christian" in the sense of semantics, nothing more. Many times, these types of bands are still suffering from "growing pains" in their Satanic development, & still need to break the bars of their cribs. They're still prattling around in the sandbox of xian dualism. Still subject to Christian definitions of Satan, 'evil', 'good', 'black / white' polarity, & whatnot. If one is to grow & evolve, the whole Christian {or reverse-Christian} mindset must be fully purged from the Individual --- often, a good Black Mass is in order, to evolve from the Luciferian rebellion stage to the truly Satanic. Many may very well remain there, & perhaps may one day go back to church where they belong. In this sense, they were never really Satanic to begin with. Ultimately, Satanists are born, not made.

Others merely use Our symbols for a gimmick, to push record sales --- which interestingly, is in itself Satanic --- that is, manipulating the herd for personal gratification. But let it be known, the Baphomet sigil is copyrighted.

7. I've noticed that many bands that claim Satanism as they're religion refer to themselves as "True Satanist Worshipers" and things of this nature. Isn't calling yourself something like that inconsistent with Anton LaVey's idea of being your own god?

Satanists are born, not made. There are Satanists, & then there are nuts. Clingers, devil-worshipers, & other such imbalanced types are undesirable elements to us.

Indeed, being your own God connotes achieving & creating that which will benefit one's best interests. A true Satanist can be recognized by the productive RESULTS derived, not merely grand-standing & fostering a messianic complex.

8. Some bands in the more obscure and underground Black Metal movement call the Church of Satan "scum". Odinist and Nazi bands such as Burzum wish to "crush" Satanism. Why do you feel that the these Black metal groups dislike the Church of Satan so strongly?

Inferiority complexes masked as superiority? Perhaps it is because we Propagate strong life & avoiding misery, whereas they seem to want to wallow in self-pity, misery, & anti-productive activities, which will get them nowhere. Perhaps they can't meet our standards of excellence, then decide to exhibit "scorned woman" behaviour. Who knows? They're really not an issue for Us, anyway. The more they mention us, the more press we'll get --- that's all they seem to be useful for.

These so-called "Odinists" --- do they really understand what they are adhering to? "Odin" is but another form of the Jehovic god --- same a-hole. Now, a LOKIAN band I could respect, as Loki is the Norse equivalent to Satan --- the dissenter, the trickster god.

Obviously, they are threatened or intimidated for some reason --- why else would they go out of their way to proclaim a "war" on Us? To all of Our erstwhile detractors, their discomfort brings Me pleasure. As far as Nazism is concerned, I like almost everything about it --- the power, the pomp, the aesthetics, the Black Order --- everything EXCEPT the racism. From everything I've seen, racists tend to be inferior people making themselves feel better by pretending they are superior. They tend to be either completely illiterate slobs, or complete 'stiffs' {if you get My meaning}. No doubt their beloved "Fuhrer" would have them executed for being mentally defective.

There is subhuman TRASH in every culture --- regardless of ethnicity.

"Why hate someone for the color of their skin, when you can hate them for what they really are?"
--- Mgr. Vincent Crowley.

8. Some bands actually do claim allegiance to the Church of Satan, such as KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE, ACHERON, AZAZEL, etc.. What do you feel about them?

As I mentioned before, I listen to these bands, & really enjoy them.

9. I first discovered your website off of the religious organization known as "Church of Satan" link-list. I understand you are affiliated with it. What made you decide to join, and what are your feelings about it?

I Am a proud member of The Church of Satan. I joined to ratify My dedication to the ideals set forth in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey --- mentor, Devil-Father, & comrade-in-arms.

10. What exactly is the purpose of the CoS? Is it just a meeting place for Satanists or is it several different things?

Read Dr. LaVey's "Five-Point Revisionism" essay for information on some of the major activities we are working on.

The main purpose of C/S is to disseminate information by uses of Satanic propaganda utilizing various media sources.

The Church of Satan is at its core, a Cabal. A group of shadowy Individuals with various agendas, forcing Our will upon the ethers, & influencing the secular world in various covert ways.

11. There are several groups out there with one time members of the CoS who are either very against Anton LaVey and the CoS, or who just hate the CoS and like Anton LaVey. Some of these groups include "THE FIRST CHURCH OF SATAN, THE TEMPLE OF SET, THE SYNOGOGUE OF SATAN, THE ORDER OF THE NINE ANGLES, THE FIRST SATANIC CHURCH", etc.. Several of them recommend blood sacrifice, rape, bestiality, and open warfare, as well as mandatory National Socialism, or endorse pedophilia. What is your personal opinion of this? Do you think it is really what the Satanic religion is about?

Not at all. We do not consider them Satanic. Many are those who take the name of Satan to excuse their various aberrant behaviours. All of these issues are addressed in The Satanic Bible. Our literature has been available for 35 years now. They all seem to be sour grapes, that's all. Look what happens when you give the common man an idea of superiority. They can't handle it. They go around thinking they're big shots & screw everything up, then have the nerve to criticize the truly superior person. They create something like what you see there, & it all just turns out to be a 'jesus with horns' foolosophy. As the Doctor said, "Christianity in evening clothes". Precisely.

12. Define "Satan" for us.

I'll let The Nine Satanic Statements explain that one:

The Nine Satanic Statements
from The Satanic Bible, 1969
by Anton Szandor LaVey

1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!
2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!
3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!
4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!
5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!
6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!
7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious animal of all!
8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!
9. Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!

13. Explain some of your basic beliefs.

Along with The 9 Satanic Statements, The Eleven Rules of The Earth, & The 9 Satanic Sins, I have a set of personal dictums & sins that compliment them; these are intended as additional supplements to the Satanist & the Satanic lifestyle, & crystallize the essence of the Satanic within Myself:

The 10 Draconian Dictums

I. Trust No-One But Yourself.
II. Do What Thou Wilt, So Long As It Harms No-One Else Who Does Not Deserve It, Or Unless They Enjoy It.
III.Be Slow To Believe.
IV. Live For The Present.
V. Show NO Compassion To Enemies.
VI. Bring Yourself Above All Others.
VII. Use Or Be Used.
VIII. Trust In Lust.
IX. Employ The Art Of Deception When It Benefits You & Yours, But Always Remember To Keep It In Mind, & Back It Up With Actions.
X. Stay Wild!

The Black Diamond Rule

Never Employ Trickeries Upon One's Own Brood. Treat Cherished Ones As Yourself.





{An elaboration to the above is found in Dracomeroth.}

14. Some, such as the "Wiccans" consider that while there are "dark gods and goddesses, there is NO such thing as Satan." What do you feel about this? Does a mythological god have to have the name "Satan" to be Satanic? What would be Satanic features in a mythological god?

The wiccans {weakans} are essentially neo-pagan Christians. Their 'goddess' is nothing more than Jesus in drag. Anything that follows a 'spiritual' belief-system {right-hand path}, vs. a carnal lifestyle {left-hand path} is essentially christian in nature. Satanists do not literally believe in such mythological delusions. Although we may access psychodramas through rituals utilizing arcane expressions in aesthetics, language, & music to help achieve our goals. Satanism is the worship of the Self. I bring a mythological configuration created by Myself into reality, as it is incarnate within Me. For instance, I drew a picture for My Shadow Gallery entitled "Infernal Majesty", which is, in essence, a psychological extension of Myself in the Ethers. The only characteristic a deity need possess to be Satanic is as an extension of its creator, as it represents The Self as god absolute & supreme. When a god is worshipped that originates elsewhere, such as a Jehovah or Jesus, then what is worshipped is the creator of that image, & would therefore be subservience & slavery to another's projection, whose rules may not coincide with one's best interests.

15. I've noticed that there are many, many different sources, themes, philosophies and ideologies underlying in Satanism, everything from Roman government to Social Darwinism. What do you feel about this?

Satanism allows the Individual to be himself. Yes, there are so many different opinions & beliefs within the Satanic spectrum, which thus creates an entire environment of individuality, which remains intellectually stimulating & evolutionarily progressive --- anti-stasis.

16. Many detractors claim that with out Christianity there would be no such thing as Satanism. Some feel that this is untrue, what do you feel?

There has always been the Satanist. In every culture throughout time, by whatever name he has been called, there has always been the iconoclast, the innovator, one who represents the opposing viewpoint, one who swings the pendulum in the opposite direction. In Asia, where the prominent religion is Buddhism, he may be called a "Maraist", after the Buddhist dark god "Mara"; in India, where the prominant religion is Hinduism, he may be known as a "Rokshassusist", after the evil god "Rokshassus". Actually, in Mongolia & Tibet, there is a cult who adheres to a dark deity called "Dorje Shugden", the resident Devil-God. So you see, the meaning of "Satanist" is purely relative to the time & place.

17. How long do you feel that Satanism (in essense, not in name nessarily) as lasted?

Since day one. There have always been Satanic Individuals.

18. It has been said in the past that because of the fall of Christianity, Satanism will not last, however, Satanism would appear to be more widespread, at least to an extent. What is your opinion of this?

It would appear to be more widespread, but in fact, not much would change in regards to the elitists prodding man towards progress, & the sheeple will continue to search for things celestial --- a new version of Christianity will emerge. Some sort of slave / peasant mass religion. Christianity as we have known it thusfar is on the decline, & is being slowly replaced by new-age & wicca. They'll turn in their crosses for crystals.

19. What do you feel about blasphemy? Is it nessary to an extent, or can it go too far? Is it essential to Satanism?

It is not essential to Satanism, but it can play a part to purify someone who needs to express their rebelliousness. Our prescription is a Black Mass. But this has not been limited to Christianity. In our history, sacred cows come in many forms. Be it the stasis-quo, or whatever the herd holds up as worthy of veneration, when in fact, it may promote stagnation & the enslavement of the mind & body of the confused.

20. Tell us about your organization, "The Draconian Church - The Order of The Black Dragon. What is its purpose? Is it affiliated with the Church of Satan? Will politics influence, or will it be non-political.

The Draconian Church is an online configuration dedicated to the philosophies & principles of The Black Pope, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, & is a personal Order supportive of the Church of Satan.

The Satanic Bible is the foundation of TDC's belief-system. The Draconian Church was founded by Myself on March/Friday 13th/XXXIII A.S. THE SHADOWMANTIUM has served to disseminate some of the views & perspectives of LaVeyan & Draconian Satanism.

21. Some of your website displays a great deal of humour, such as your renaming of the Wiccans as "Weakans" and your list of jokes, "Loki's Laughter". Do you feel that humour plays into your religious beliefs?

Absolutely. As the Doctor has stated, which I fully agree with, that an Occultist, or Magician without a sense of humour would be intolerable & incompetent.

22. Do you have any pets?

Yes. I have a ball-python snake, some black & hooded rats, two dogs {a mastiff & wolf-hybrid}, & a couple of cats --- one black & one white.

23. What do you feel about animals? I noticed you have a picture of a black panther on your website, do you have an affinity for felines? :0)

As a matter of fact, I do indeed feel quite an affinity for felines, although My major 'totem' animal is the snake. When I went to the pet store to select a snake, it seems the snake actually selected ME, as he would not allow anyone else to touch him. The employees complained of him having been a very unruly snake who snapped at anything that came near his cage. But when I approached, he slithered up My sleeve with ease & immediately became relaxed. We have been great friends ever since.

There is so much to learn from the animal kingdom, of which the humanimal is a part.

24. Much of your art work (humourous and serious) on your site is very well done, do you do it yourself or do you purchase it?

The aesthetics come primarily from Myself, & various other sources, including classical diabolical artists.

25. Do you have any humourous experiences with white lighters that you would like to share?

There are several, but by & large, they all come out being dumb-founded, if I even choose to acknowledge them at all. Their reactions to My very presence is comical. From what I call "the blowfish", which is them expanding their chests as if preparing for a 'spiritual battle', the usual intimidation signs: the nervous sniffing, the "yankie-doodle dandy" reactions {nervous whistling}, nervous laughter {which immediately stops when I look in their direction}, & of course, the honest reactions, such as the cowering. Making the sign of the cross, moving to the other side of the street, directing their children closer to them --- all the entertaining observations that come with being an aesthetic & ideological villain. Some become angry because they feel intimidated, & sometimes "ape-out" --- that is, revert to their lowest common form --- that's when they really display themselves as the lower-life forms they are.

For many of them, the "Jesus loves you" comment is equivalent to "F-you! Go to Hell!", which is nothing more than repressed emotion bubbling to the surface. For others, that's when you can tell they ran out of hot gas --- it's their admittance of defeat in the realization of their inferiority.

With other blindlighters, it might even go as far as "Goddess love you."

26. Do you have any jokes off hand that you could share with the readers?

Yes. Here's one I read off the Satannet message board:

"A burgler sees an empty house, and decides it's a great opportunity. So he breaks in, and makes his way to the living room. He starts filling his bag, in full view of the householders parrot. He's carrying out his thieving when the parrot says, "Jesus is going to get you." The burgler ignores this and carries on. The parrot once again says, "Jesus is going to get you". The burgler's getting a bit nervous, so he decides to see how smart the parrot is. So he asks him, "whats your name?" to which the parrot replies, "Moses". The burgler replies "what kind of a dumbass calls a parrot Moses?" to which the parrot answers "The same dumbass who calls the rotwieler Jesus."

27. Finnally, what is your opinion of the 80's T&A flims and the "black humour" horror films?

So-called "T&A" films are always welcome, wherever they come from, & I find much of the "black" or Dark humour modern films to be a waste of money to see, as not much imagination is placed into them. Sometimes, however, a gem may present itself, & when it does, I review it. Most of the black & dark stuff I enjoy comes from the olde films, like the 'Abbot & Costello' & 'Marx Brothers' stuff. The English have always been known for their "gravely" funeralistic comedies. Take Monty Python for example. They have taken what is held to be sacred by the herd, & make hilarious skits out of them --- this includes the rather blasphemous portrayals of 'sacred' holidays, many of which were wonderfully acted out by Rowan Atkinson, one of My favorite comedians.

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