Comparative Religion Interview
by Chris Q
An interview with a New York-based academic institution on the subject of Satanism.

1)  In your opinion, what is Satanism?

Basically, the worship of The Self as supreme and absolute - the be all end all. Satanism is a fleshly religion, celebrating man as The Godhead and the pleasures of The Earth. We have guidelines called The 9 Satanic Statements, The 11 Rules of The Earth, and The 9 Satanic Sins, written by Our Founder, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, Black Pope and High Priest I of The Church of Satan. Our primary text is The Satanic Bible by Our Founder. Our basic aims are outlined as "Pentagonal Revisionism" listed as "Stratification, Strict Taxation of all churches, No tolerance for religious beliefs secularized and incorporated into law and order issues, Development and production of artificial human companions, and The opportunity for anyone to live within a total environment of his or her choice, with mandatory adherence to the aesthetic and behavioral standards of same".

2)  Many people see Satanism as "evil", is Satanism the "evil" religion? 

We do not believe in dualistic terms such as "good" and "evil" per se, but rather adhere to Darwinian Natural Law, and Nietzschean philosophical principles of elitism, strength, and stratification.

3)  Is there any locations where I can attend a "Satanic mass"?  Much like sunday services at a church?

No. We preserve our Altars in our own homes, with the option to gather for special events in what we refer to as "Grottos", only available to other members of The Church of Satan.

4)  How exactly does one become a "Satanist"?

It is a matter of recognition when an individual reads The Satanic Bible, identifying inherent characteristics outlined therein within oneself. We have a saying: "Satanists are born, not made".

5)  Can a Christian convert to Satanism?

It is possible for a disenchanted person considering themself a "Christian" because of monotonous tradition, when upon reading The Satanic Bible, agrees with the principles, and thereby realizes themself honestly as a Satanist.

6)  In your opinion, what is a "Satanist"?

One who identifies with the characteristics and archetypes of The Lord of Darkness, and resonates with the philosophy outlined in The Satanic Bible.

7)  I have researched things about people claiming to be "vampires", and i have also visited the Temple of the Vampire website, what exactly is a "vampire", and what ties and connections do they have with the Church of Satan?

A member of one of these organizations is not necessarily a member of the other. Satanists primarily identify with the archetype of The Vampire in the predatory inclinations; but it may also be the elegance, eloquence, the romantic and sensual charm, as well as the personal experiences of some of the reputed abilities of this representation. The Satanic and The Vampiric are in many ways reflective of one another.

8)  Many people think that these so-called "gothic" people have some sort of affiliation with Satanic cults and doings...  In your opinion, what is "gothic" and what do you think of these "gothic" teenagers and adults that walk around with inverted pentagrams and crosses proclaiming to be atheist?

We see the "Gothic" trend as largely comprised of "black sheep", as it were, not "black wolves". Sheep are sheep, no matter the coloration. Actually, most Goths consider themselves some sort of blindlight variation, and are essentially "Christians in evening clothes", including the ones that name themselves "wiccans", which in Our opinion, is just another version of Christianity with pseudo-mystical terminology.

Those that would don the symbols of Satanism may be Satanists in very particular instances, but most of them are rather what we refer to as "devil-worshippers", who are those submerged in the paradigm of Christian mythology, selecting the icon of "evil" within that tradition, and are obsessed with death, whereas The Satanist is interested in indulgence, living life to the fullest, and succeeding through personal evolution.

9)  The majority of people who have no knowledge of the Church of Satan, think that all people who worship the devil live their lives doing evil and injustices.  Do Satanist have a caring side like most churches lead people to believe? For instance, the Catholic Church seemingly donates money, clothing, and time to the homeless, ill, and less fortunate.  Does the Church of Satan do similar things?  Or does the Church of Satan live solely to help its own members only?

We do not worship an externalized devil or god as clarified earlier; of course we have a "caring side", but it is reserved for those we deem worthy our affection. In Satanism, love is not spread thin towards ingrates or wastrels, but kept rich selectively, in order to be fully, purely, and honestly bestowed, instead of pretending towards some sort of unrealistic anthropic notion. We propagate responsibility to the responsible, and judge humanity according to merit.

10)  This is a question that is soley from my own natural curiosity.  Do Satanist not involve themselves at all with Christians, or "Followers of Christ"? 

Not usually.

Do Satanist have such a foul hatred for Christians that they would have nothing to do with us? 

Not necessarily, for there may be certain cooperative ventures that may benefit The Satanist.

Or is it just simply the fact that you dont agree with our views and opinions, but you could still get along with a Christian, or even possibly have a Christian friend?

It is a possibility, I suppose. Although perhaps the subject of philosophy should be avoided. Personally, I have found interaction with most Christians to be pointless.

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