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Sabbatic Baphomet by Draconis Blackthorne

Supplicant Requests brought forth to The Altar of Satan for The Blessings of Hell. $50 each.


"Lay thy requests upon The Altar, and cast them up in The Black Flame. All thy wishes are granted in The Devil's Name."

  • Lust / Love: Gain desirable lovers of one's choosing. Romantic relationships optional.
  • Cursing / Hex / Revenge: Gain justified vengeance against an enemy, rival, antagonist. Achieve a sense of Lex Talionis and punish those who deserve it!
  • Money: Gain an edge in business, enhance lottery chances, watch fortunes grow!
  • Protection: Remove negative mindsets, vibrations, affliction, oppression. Clear environment, reverse curses & shield against enemies.
  • Infernal Blessing / Healing: Invoke healing energy, & enjoy the carnal blessings of Lucifer with a purification in Hellfire.


    {Readings only}

    Satans TarotTarot cards allow the individual to peer into the subconscious abyss to divulge psychological patterns, predispositions, prevailing emotional energy, & reveal life destinations based upon the principle of cause & effect. The blindlighters have corrupted these interpretations with misleading "spiritual" rigmarole.

    Satan's Tarot is a carnally-based deck symbolically utilizing The 9 Satanic Statements, The Powers of Hell, The 7 Deadly Sins, The Enochian Keys, The Gates of Hell, & The 4-Crown Princes of Hell {Elements / Personalities}. Satan's Tarot truly gives The Devil His due!

    Each reading will include an explanation of the cards used, relevance to the question, recommendations, advice, & a summary. It is then up to the inquirer to fulfill their desires with these guidelines. There are three methods of "divination":

  • 666: A specific Yes / No question.
  • Pentagram configuration: A five card spread with a subject question. I.e., "Tell me about...", which will lend more detail to particular subject matter.
  • Inverse Cross: An extended Thirteen card spread detailing a long-term prognostication for various life situations.
  • Satan's Tarot [readings]

    Additional Payment information regarding readings & spellwork: Along with the stated amount & methods, Blackthorne Productions also accepts trades for services rendered in exchange for desired merchandise of equal or greater value.
    The Devil's Diary Blackthorne Productions

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