Season Lucifer
Year LII Anno Satanas

  • The Black Earth/Hellmouth: The Flaming Wok.

  • Blackthorne Productions/Testimonials: Dracomantium & The Devil's Diaries photographic additions.
  • Blackthorne Theater/Spechtreum: The First Power.

    I/XIII: Friday the 13th
  • Chronicles: Mind Traps.
  • The Black Earth/Hellmouth Kitchen: Uber-Munching.

  • Tales From The Shadow Side: Haunted Broadway.

  • Dracisms/Quotations: Candy Cain.
  • Tales From The Shadow Side: xmas Evil.

    XII/XXI: Satanalia/Winter Solstice/Season Lucifer

  • SEASONS IN HELL: Season Lucifer is upon us. The breath of The Dragon floats as fog throughout land & sky, while Lucifer's infernal enlightenment possesses the mind. Wicked winds from black wings course through valleys and mountains, invigorating & empowering. Swaying branches, skeletal trees, elongating by amber glowing moonlight, ravens, crows, bats and birds of prey fly forth, as growing shadows cast fearsome shapes by night and day, reflecting daemonic manifestations adjoined by inner & outer nature.

    The baying of hellhounds regail the fanfare of Krampus beasts embraced by likened kind. Fires from the Pit burn upon devil torches while bells chime from nether realms announcing the emergence of sinful Solstice debauchery. Indulge in sublime pleasures and enjoy thine cornucopia of treasures in this season of copious carnal delights! ∞

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    Noctuary, The Black Earth
    Satanalia LI

  • The Black Earth/Hell's Kitchen: Dawn of Justice Batman Cereal.
  • Chronicles: Cain's gain.

  • Tales From The Shadow Side: 666/13.

  • Dracisms: Electric ⚡atan & anomalous manifestations.

  • Spechtreum: Doctor Strange.
  • Blackthorne Theater/Spechtreum: The Funhouse.

  • Spechtreum: The Frontier, Dog Eat Dog, Dirty Grandpa.

  • Spechtreum: Ouija: Origin of Evil, Havenhurst, The Whole Truth, Dazed & Confused.
  • The Black Earth/Chronicles: Halloween Shopping XLI.

  • Seasons In Hell: Lughnasadh?
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... The DEVIL MASTER, Frightful Featurettes, SATAN WAR, HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE {Savage Intruder}.

  • Testimonials: Richard Hernandez.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... BLOODBEAT, Good Night, God Bless {LUCIFER}, The ALCHEMIST, DEADLY STRANGERS, Nightmare on The 13th Floor, CANDY, Curse of Demon Mountain/The Shadow of Chikara.

  • Blackthorne Productions Testimonials; Ck'n Choiniere, Richard Hernandez.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... PHANTOM BROTHER, FROSTBITER: The Legend of Wendigo, SIMON: King of The Witches, DARK PRINCE: Intimate Tales of The Marquis DeSade, EYES of FIRE, The Legendary Curse of Lemora.

  • Testimonials: The Devil's Scroll, The Devil's Diaries, Dracomeroth. {Photo & Commentary by Ck'n Choiniere}.
  • SPECHTREUM: Nightstalker.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... MANIAC/PSYCHO COP, Mirror rorriM, WARLOCK MOON, KOLCHAK The Night Stalker: Devil's Platform,SISTERS of DEATH, The FINAL TERROR, BRAIN TWISTERS, PALE BLOOD, BLOODLINE, BLOOD TIES, SON of DARKNESS, Nude For Satan, Satan's Blood, The Kiss of The Vampire, Lust For A Vampire, House of Dark Shadows, SAVED!, DEATH SHIP, ALLIGATOR, STANLEY, EVIL HERITAGE {Satan's Slave}.

  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... House of Dark Shadows,SAVED!, DEATH SHIP, ALLIGATOR, STANLEY, EVIL HERITAGE {Satan's Slave}, BLOOD BEACH.

    Black Sun

    VI/XX: Aestas Solstice
  • Shadow Gallery: The DIABOLITUDES.
  • Blackthorne Productions Testimonials: The Devil's Diary XXVI: Walpurgisnacht LI by Rick Powell.
  • The Haunted Noctuary podcast Remmus Solstice.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Weekend of Terror, BLOOD BRIDE {Death of A Nun}, FADE TO BLACK, Revenge of The Ninja/Pray For Death, The Night Stalker, CONSPIRACIES: Satanic Panic, The VAMPIRE LOVERS, Love Letters of A Portuguese Nun, The NIGHT STALKER {2002 c.e.}, CAULDRON of BLOOD, SPELLBINDER.

  • POSSESSIONS: A mouse to The Serpent.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Double Creature Feature: The Abominable Dr. Phibes/Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Patrick, BAY COVEN, HELLGATE, Wizards of The Demon Sword, The OMEN Legacy, TERRORVISION, Girlfriend From Hell, BLOOD HARVEST, BLOOD DINER, NIGHT CREATURE, The Silent Scream, THE RAVEN, Scream & Scream Again, House of The Long Shadows.

    VI/VI 666 Decennial
  • Upon the decennial anniversary of the historic 666 High Mass, and all the infernal Magic that was conjured reverberating into timelessness, reflective perfection of invocation unto evocation, the resonant Beast arose by will and amassed shadow energy to tread the land, echoing from Hell and in the minds of humanimals throughout the earth…

    Behold! The face of Satan did appear through angles of madness & sanity bestowing omnipotent blessings. Abaddon ascended from The Crimson Pit consuming His sacrifices into the netherealms, Lucifer’s Hellfire did glow & flicker in the darkness, and succulent Lilith appeared from spectral fog & sulfur in the midst of thorn and crevasse. Mighty cloven hooves trembled the land, casting smoldering impressions on brain and breast, as daemon winds roared by darkened forms empowered!

  • Testimonials: From Phillip Estevez,Citizen of The Infernal Empire.

    Warlocks & Witches on demonic steeds course through etheric darkened skies to gather upon this Sabbath's night, to cavort and raise Hell as incarnate devils. Incubi and succubi, aroused by hellfires burning so bright, warming flesh, igniting minds and the black flame fiercely inside, the breast of The Beast, passion's thrall, inspiration by Lucifer's infernal light.

    The All is One, in timeless synchronicity and unending Might. Quinquagenary complete, branded by brimstone & sulfur. From out of the deepest shadowy abyss, Daemon Szandor's Sorcery arose by Words & Deeds forged therein, the earthen firmament cast in the likeness of The Pit, reflective in magnificent shades of darkness. The Devil's Children, Born of the horns, thunderous hoofbeats & heartbeats of Hell. Hail The Church of Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    30 April, Walpurgisnacht LI
    Noctuary, Infernal Empire

    The Devils Diary XXVI: Walpurgisnacht LI A.S.

    IV/XVIII: The Devil's Diary XXVI: Walpurgisnacht LI A.S.
  • THE DEVIL'S DIARY: In Sinister Celebration of The Church of Satan's 50th Anniversary, The Black Earth courses through the Seasons In Hell; by the hell fire side, Satanic Serenades features magnificent odes to Magus LaVey {with Barry Mac & others}, the misanthropic contempt-lations of Nefarious News, the infernal revelations of Dractionary, the paranormal anomalies of The Black Book of Shadows, & Greater Magical experimentations yielding Power & perception. Resonance, reflection, vibration.

    The Circus Maximus opens with The Book of Blindlight, the madness of The Satanic Panic archives, plunge deep below for a glimpse into the Stygian depths within The Shadow Gallery's framed monsterpieces, featuring the Horrerotic art of Tony Karnes, immortal memento vivendis in Reign In Hell. Political observations, social commentary, devilicious erotic fiction by Hydra M. Star & Phillip Harkenn. Plus the multi-sensory media reviews & experiences of Noctuarium.

    From darkest shadows, inner daemons manifest, Devils of all shapes and sizes gather 'round the flames of The Pit, to cavort wildly in grace, lust, & wrath. ∞

  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Black Candles, Grave Secrets {The Legacy of Hilltop Drive}, Scared To Death, Secret Screams {Grave Secrets}.

  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Victim of The Haunt, House II, The Kiss, Deadly Messages, The Strange & Deadly Occurrence.

    IV/XI: Day of Observation: Magus Anton Szandor LaVey Nativity
  • SATANIC SERENADES: Devil Father, Daemon Brother.
  • LaVey Interview Archives.
  • CHRONICLES: Archival Compendium of Tributaries.
    LaVey Interview Archives

  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... The Warrior & The Sorceress, The Sword & The Sorcerer, Screamers.

  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Scream Pretty Peggy, Beyond The Door II, Don't Open The Door, Beyond The Darkness, The Dark.

  • SPECHTREUM: Church of Satan member & Witch Jayne Mansfield segment from Patrick Macnee's Ghost Stories presentation, relating the Curse placed upon Sam Brody {not Mansfield} by Magus LaVey. Recommended reading of Jayne Mansfield's involvement with The Church of Satan: The Secret Life Of A Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey. Blanche Barton; The Church of Satan: A History of the World's Most Notorious Religion. Blanche Barton.
  • CHRONICLES: The WIZARD is in..., Dracovum In Excelsis, The SHADOWMIRROR.
  • SNACKRIFICE: Edrozeba!
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Craze, Demented, A Taste of Evil, Ritual of Evil, She Waits.

  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Gate II, The Beastmaster, The Occult: Mysteries of The Supernatural, Krull, The Child, The House That Vanished.

    III/XX: Seasons In Hell - Vernal Equinox / Season Leviathan

    The seasons are in flux, one upon the other, Great Draegon Ouroboros shifts in timelessness, the earth in kind neath the shadow of leathern wings of night. Demon Winds whisper foreboding omens of tempest thrall. Fearsome myriad Daemons pour forth from Stygian depths through pentangles and archways made of root, thorn, and vine, gates of subterranean recesses from earth and from mind, in darkness peering with glistening eyes.

    By Nature's burgeoning, Lilith ever inflamed, offering forbidden fruits of carnal knowledge consumed joyfully in gardens of dark delights, one to another, thy maidens emerge to partake from eternal Dionysian founts abounding.

    Monoliths athrust, beaming amidst fog-laden moors, connected resonant, ancient energy flourishing anew, an endless cycle of regeneration, coursing omnipotent. Arise wherein hellements conjoined, phantom forms at All-One, mysteries revealed to those who dwell therein. Remembered and never forgotten. ∞

    In Nomine ϟΔ|ΔNΔϟ,

    Warlock DRΔ☾☉NIϟ BLΔ☾K|H☉RNE
    Vernal Equinox, L A.S. ∞
    The Haunted Noctuary

  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Blood Sabbath, Hobgoblins, The Monster Club.

  • BLACKTHORNE CHRONICLES/The Black Earth: Serpents' Return; Magistra Barton Interview [Dr. J].
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... The Witchmaker, Legacy of Blood, Jaws of Satan, Cellar Dweller, The Nesting.


  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... The Offspring, The Video Dead, Popcorn, Beyond Belief, Night Screams.


  • DRACTIONARY: Syrenæa.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Mortuary, Grim Prairie Tales.


  • CHRONICLES: Journeys Into The Occult {Vault}, Parable of The Crosses, Islamicide {The Book of Blindlight},
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Incubus, Marjoe, The Story of Mankind, Sweet Sweet Rachel, The Force Beyond.

  • SPECHTREUM/Church of Satan Archive: Segment from Mysteries From Beyond Earth documentary.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Reptilicus, Gorgo, Mysteries From Beyond Earth.


  • BLACKTHORNE CHRONICLES/Nefarious News: Cobb's Webs,.[Access Denied], President, Pope, & The Devil.
  • THE SHADOW SIDE/Malefick Musick: Now Playing ~ Episode XIV: Infernal Progeny. Focus on the Infernal Trinity of Devil Child films 6 The Omen 6 Rosemary's Baby 6 The Exorcist, along with other diabolically complementary presentations.
  • BLACKTHORNE THEATER/Spechtreum: Now Showing ~ Dr. Dracenstein presents... Black Sunday, The Witch, The Night of The Devils, Cristiana: The Devil's Nun, Eye of The Devil.


  • SINISTERVIEWS: 9Sense, Sinfully Delicious. The Black Draegon Speaks.
  • BLACKTHORNE CHRONICLES: Out of Egypt: Birth of The Devil. Spechtreum Documentary review. | Satanic Dungeon in Chuck E. Cheese basement [Nefarious News/Loki's Laughter/Satanic Panic].
  • SPECHTREUM/BLACKTHORNE THEATER: Dr. Dracenstein presents... Curse of The Devil, Séance On A Wet Afternoon, Night of The Eagle, Witching Time, The Skull, Curtains, Society, The Crazies, The Devil's Hand.


  • SHADOW GALLERY: 'Draegomet Pentagram' Featured.
  • DRACTIONARY: Blasphemism.


  • SPECHTREUM: Blackthorne Theater. The Projection room is OPEN. Archived & Mirrored on The Blackthorne Chronicles as individual presentations [as available on youtube, otherwise replaced with previews].
  • BLACKTHORNE CHRONICLES: Nefarious News: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Book of Blindlight: Good Riddance!


  • SPECHTREUM: Satan's Cheerleaders.


    Lo, in reflective resonance 'neath pentagonal lumination, doth The Mighty Wings of The Great Draegon cast coursing currents o'er the trembling earth where cloven hoofs tread.

    The basilisk sheds, arising from purifying Hellfire, by breath & breast, kindling black flames to reveal the path marked by Daemon's forken brand.

    By Lilith's lustful flame, The Gates are open! Lucifer casts up Thine benison. The pleasures of the flesh are myriad, indulgent cups savored, empowerment magnified, embodiment personified. ∞

    Shemhamforash. Hail DRACONIS! Hail SATAN!

    In Nomine Satanas,

    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    Dracmas ∞, L A.S.
    Haunted Noctuary, Draconian Empire

  • SEASONS IN HELL: Autumnal Equinox XLIX-Invernal Solstice L.
  • DRACTIONARY: Dogym, shadenfreunde, earsore, blacklight, soulicitor.
  • SCROLL: The Sisterhood.
  • MALEFICK MUSICK: Nox Arcana - GOTHIC, Blasphemic Cuelty - Crucible of The Infernum.
  • THE BLACK EARTH: Attractions: Elvira's Sinema Seance, Big Top, Asylum; The Devil Goes To Hollywood, Gumbyfest / Possessions: Skull earbuds, Die-cast Metal sharpeners, Satan bust / Snackrifices: Dracomole, Tombstone [DIABLO] Pizza, Matzo Gadaph, Mizuho Roasted Hot Green Peas, Moon Dish Laíng, Guacamame dip, Cheetos Bag of Bones, Cap'n Crunch Halloween Crunch.
  • SPECHTREUM: Blackhorne Theater - As a gift in reciprocation for Dracmas Offerings & regards, the following archival plethora of Horror spectacles for darksome amusement & contemplation: NOW SHOWING - October 6 November 6 December 6 January Forthcoming Dracommendations shall also be announced on the twitter system. ∞


    Seasons In Hell

    TCHORNIBLOG: The Blackthorne Chronicles

    The Shadowmantium is made manifest on a Mac. Partake of The Forbidden Fruit Summon Satan

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