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Blackthorne Theatre

"In the remmus rain of 1845... the portrait finally arrived...!" ~ {King Diamond, Abigail: Arrival}

1845 ce. Introductory scene taken from Black Sunday {sans hooded executioner}, the mask of The Devil impaled onto a "witch's" face before immolation upon a tree.* Thus wither 'evil soul' trapped inside a poppet, to be forever sealed therein, until a clueless hack journalist named Fenn investigating cattle mutilations in the area finds it inside the tree, breaks it open to bolster a boring story, thus releasing the malevolence.

All of a sudden miracles begin happening in the small provincial New England towne of Banfield through an intermediary deaf girl Alice, supposedly under the influence of "Mary", the catholic 'divine' matriarch ['goddess' archetype}, while the 'witch's' name also just so happens to be "Mary" Elnor {Endor?}. Healing miracles by way of Satan, including her hearing, transforms the towne into a tourist attraction & haven for beLIEvers, incrementally turning into a cult, revolving around the tree instead of the crucifix.** Housing it within a makeshift canopy "chapel" literally nexto the church. Ergo, "when 'god' builds a church, The Devil builds a chapel next door." [Martin Luthor]

After a heart attack, even the resident priest & "father" to Alice, with a chain smoking habit is healed from emphysema, which apparently now with healthy lungs, gives him a few more decades of fumigation! In a remarkable scene, Elnor makes herself known in the confessional, informing him from whence her Powers originate, through this first and substantial "sacrifice".

"Faith in Evil empowers Evil": While Elnor appears to, and indwells Alice, as a luminescent "virgin mary", she begins haunting the chapel and Fenn in her true diabolical form, as sort of a "twisted, half-seen creature, wraith-like", in shadowy corners of his subconscious. Through a series of manifestations frightening Fenn, as well as a priest assigned to assuage the potential for legitimate miracles according to the catholic church, becomes the resident exorcist, but is himself spectacularly impaled and set ablaze, a seeming "payback" for past clerical transgressions.

Finally, upon Mass to be officiated in the chapel rather than main sanctuary, where Elnor shall be empowered to possess her daemonic inheritress Alice, tellingly enunciated in the veritable prayer invocation of a modified "Hail Mary of Banfield", she emerges renewed through the girl. But due to an unfortunate mistake by Alice, returns to the tree and hellfire.


Personally, I find the {predictable} "jumpscares" unnecessary, as the psychodrama is sufficiently established, allowing for a steady growth of a malignant atmos-fear, without such cheap tactics better relegated to slasher films. But overall, a well-made & enjoyable film. [5/5]

Amusingly, on a couple of occasions some of the resident herdlings found certain parts just too disturbing to remain in the theater, and left altogether. Which is a fantastic complement to the creators! I certainly would take it as a great complement! It is a horror movie after all, containing elements of religious psychology, so it is surprising that it is rated PG-13, perhaps better rated R.

{Also dracommended is the namesake presentation with some notable differences, such as instead of a witch, the antagonist is a succubus dæmon!}.

* Most probably not a real witch worth her sulfur, for the time their own sheeple were thusly exploited and accused, but perhaps such injustice would hypothetically result from such opportunistically hypocritical murder, like a vengeful 'spirit' created by them! Another xianightmare!
** Plagiarized legendry: Though it can be argued that the cross, crucifix, etc., is merely a xian extension of the Kabbalistic Sephiroth tree of life {with its corollary 'roots' in Yggdrasil}, otherwise indicative of the Pagan Druidic veneration of [oak] trees.


ϟV⸸VNIC Parapsychological thriller. The film begins with footage from the 1st Satanic Wedding, followed by lokian imps emerging from the fetters of timelessness...

Cut to a group of pretentiously obnoxious 'college' tards consisting of 2 posers & 2 generics, go to LA in search of an 'occult adventure' of sorts, and for their masochistic meandering, really receive a deadly one! Starting with observing a mysterious shadow up in the window of an abandoned building while driving around lost.

Among the stops on the list, Cielo Drive {"Manson Family Murder House"}, Satan's House {looks familiar... sporting a hellegant inverse black cross, from which emerge 2 spiteful goths annoyed at the touristy intrusion}, an occult shoppe reminiscent of Panpipe's, and finally a haunted room in the very hotel HelLA {reminds of The Cecil}, where the urban legend of an allegedly so-called "priestess" Laney Gore of "LaVey's Church of Satan" {sic} excarnated, leaving a bloody pentagram drawn on the wall in her wake. The Ouija oracle is employed for æthyric communication by those unskilled in its application.

After being ejected from the shoppe, wherein they were disrespectfully prying & being deadbeats, they decide to spy on the proprietors, following them to the Pacific Palisades / Rustic Canyon & Malibu areas, trespassing wherein a private ceremony is taking place. Upon predictably misunderstanding the proceedings, are spooked and are run off the property, dropping an incriminating phone behind. It's returned by a street urchin that was in attendance - actually a pretty girl with nowhere to go, so they decide to invite her back to the hotel room.

Upon salacious indulgence, it's revealed that she's actually quite knowledgeable and skilled in some 'hardcore' occult practices, and otherwise becomes possessed by Laney Gore, wherein it is subsequently divulged that she devil marked each and every one of them for destruction by her offering, established by adjoining all by the circle, drawing an infernal gateway I II III ⛧ IIII IIIII whereupon each meet their doom as the night and day progresses, all ending where they started in an infinite labyrinth of terror. Shadowmantically, to each their own nightmare. [4/5]

HALLOWEEN IV: The Return of Michael Myers

10/30-31/88... DMH officials make their way to transfer Michael from Haddonfield hospital to a sanitarium now that he awakened from his decade coma. To the shock of Loomis, who had been monitoring him closely to make sure he remains under control. Predictably, Michael escapes the confines of the ambulance, which plunges into a lake, and makes his way to retrieve his æsthetic, then on to "sacrifice" his sister Laurie's niece Jamie back in Haddonfield, the cursed bloodline.

He acquires a set of coveralls from a mechanic at a gastation, absconds with the towtruck, immolates the place, with Loomis in pursuit, who then has to hitchhike, eventually picked up by a drunken zealot.

Myers eventually possesses the mask in a Halloween store while stalking Jamie. Then plunges the town into darkness upon throwing a technician onto a converter at the electric plant. He tracks her to a house where she's living with a foster family.

Jamie's been having precognitive nightmares of a boogieman in her dreams, making her reticent for anything Halloween. Whereupon being teased by a group of sadistic schoolmates, taunt her about her relations. Finally escaping by being picked up by her mother, decides she wants to trick-or-treat after all, going off to obtain a costume which just so happens to be identical to the one little Michael wore for his 1st kill.

Her older foster sister Rachel has to break a date with her boyfriend {headcrushed} to babysit, who went cheating with the sheriff's daughter. Upon discovering the impropriety, loses track of Jamie.

Loomis informs the sheriff that Michael is on the loose, but when his taskforce is executed by Michael, the only option is a gaggle of dull-witted beergut redneck buffoons, who go about trying to hunt him, shooting one of their own in the process, predictably failing and essentially getting their beerguts split open, strewn about the highway like so much roadkill.

After taking refuge in the school, Loomis, Jamie, and Rachel are stalked therein until desperately departing in the deadneck truck, which Michael had been riding under, but is finally bucked off and struck, then bombarded by the sheriff and remaining mob, landing in a ditch. Jamie goes outo actually touch him, becoming possessed.* |>

Now seemingly safe & sound back at the house, a familiar perspective inside the mask yields bloody screams to complement this Halloween night! To Loomis' utter horror, it starts all over again!

{Killcount: 16}

* |> When the host is no longer suitable, the demon will traverse into a more receptive vessel, until such time the original is regenerated.


HALLOWEENLIII: Michæl is stronger than ever and Laurie is more traumatized than ever as well, turning into a paranoid survivalist, now with attractive daughters to boot.

2 documentarian reporters visit her in her veritable traphouse rigged with all sorts of ambushes and fortifications, even paying a goodly sum for a minimal interview where nothing really new is divulged. They even went to visit Michæl in the asylum where he's kept in a 6' rectangular space out in the nicely tiled yard.

The bus Michæl was riding in gets wrecked, allowing him to escape, where he just so happens to come upon the journalists at a gastation, killing them both. In one particularly gruesome scene, he throws a handful of freshly torn teeth into the lady's stall, while the man's face and head is summarily smashed bloody against the wall! Of course, the mask used in an attempt to coax him into a reaction is collected, more detailed looking like Shatner, and even more resembling Mark Preston! {The Devil's Rain}

In timely fashion, it's Halloweenight, where he goes about gathering up his favorite weaponry for the final confrontation with his sister. Towards the end, Michæl gazes up like a little boy at his sister while he's engulfed in a carefully orchestrated inferno.

2 notable kills should be mentioned. 1st, a douchie cheeselard is impaled though the jaw on a gate, while another whiney runt is veritably pinned by a blade through the chest on a wall! It should also be noted that he doesn't hurt little ones, but rather entirely ignores them overall.

A questionable 'Dr. Sartain' replaces Dr. Loomis revealing his own deadly obsession with Michæl & Evil, in quite a warped twist. Though that is a nice pen! The pen wielded as a blade!

Enjoyed all the inferences here and there, such as the Shamrock Company 'mascots' jack o'lantern, skull, and witch as trick-or-treaters running around. Then the same kind of closet doors from the 1st film used while she's roaming the house trying to locate him. Plus the scene where he tosses her out the window only to disappear when he looks back after being momentarily distracted, just like he did in the 1st.


|>HALLOWEEN H20Now Laurie is working as an instructor at a private Catholic school & boarding house under an assumed name, after previously faking her death. Michæl finds her whereabouts from a file at a retirement home where Loomis resided, absconding with a vehicle {panel truck - there was also another apparently malfunctioned vehicle already there when they arrived, probably a succession as he travels cross-country}, belonging to a lady and her daughter from a rest stop. While indisposed, Michæl enters in and snatches her purse, only taking the keys, sparing their lives, and off he goes on his trek to California to meet his sister.

Arriving at the school gate, Michael easily veers past a clueless gomer security tard ninja style, constantly using up the phone line with some screeching yenta, stealthily makes his way onto the property. After roaming about for awhile, Michael finds Laurie and begins to pursue her - at one point they are mere inches from eachother's faces, only separated by a window!

While the rest of the student body set off for Yosemite, Laurie's son John, his girlfriend, and a couple of friends remain for a salacious Halloween party in the basement. The skull on the doombox and the plethora of candles are a nice touch. Along with them, left on campus are Laurie, a douchie counselor greaseball she's having 'relations' with, and a rentacop.

Eventually, the gomer is shot, the counselor is gloriously impaled, several obnoxious victims meet their doom, and even after being pinned by a vehicle, [mistakenly] beheaded, Michael seeks the solace of his subterranean chamber for the next killing spree.

Halloween Resurrection

Still stalking sister Laurie, Michæl manages to escape again and make his way to the sanitarium where she's housed, and despite her clever traps, plunges to her death into Hell to await him. After which he disappears.

One of the more interesting characters is one of the other residents obsessed with serial killers to the point where he goes about dressed like them, diligently knowing every little fact and trivia about their exploits, including Michæl. He is spared for "giving The Devil His due", as it were. Appreciation goes a long way.

Some pretentious, superficial promoters decide to sponsor a Halloween haunted house internet show wherein participants spend a night at the Meyers House, not knowing Michæl has been living under the house the whole time. Each equipped with bodycams, with footage style reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project.

I found it amusing that nomatter what a ridiculous loudmouth he is, he gets his regardless. To someone who acts like everything's a joke, the statement of realization "this is serious" comes as soberly fearful revelation. Michæl should have finished him off when he had the chance - slit his throat or stab him on top of the head.

So when these victims arrive, the killing starts, picking off clueless sheeple one by one, all of whom happen to be college students.* A Halloween watch party is occurring at the same time, while everyone witnesses the shadowy massacre. There's a wonderful underground labyrinth as well as spaces between the walls, a dungeon-like basement, not to mention the attic, all of where Michael stealthily moves from room to room, picking off victims one by one. Essentially, "cleaning house". He is especially fond of impalements.

Evil never dies. It just gets stronger.

* including a girl named "Jen Danzig" resembling the demoness from the cover of DANZIG: Black Laden Crown.

Hack O'Lantern

Hack O'lanternCompletely awesome, evocative, relatable sinsations. Fantastic ritual ideas. The positioning of The Cornus upon the Chalice, Greeting The Night at dusk, the blackhooded red robes.

Tommy {The Devil's son} is relatable, living subterranean like a Hellish crypt, weightrains, listens to Metal, wears a nice Pentagram Baphomet medallion, keeps Altar in a private space, Baphomet topped with inversed crucifix. Even has a sexy girlfriend {who resembles Gina Ambrosio of Deathrash Metal band Blasphemic Cruelty} with a pentagram brand on her curvaceous bottom who drives a nice Corvette. His mother attempts to thwart his evolution, but all for naught.

He is to be inaugurated into the Coven and fulfill his destiny on Halloween night, which his grandfather & High Priest has been carefully grooming him for since childhood. The film begins with a completely wholesome, even heartwarming scene of grandpa bringing around the pumpkin harvest, and bestowing toys, like a rubber skeleton and capguns!

Unfortunately, his sister interrupts the proceedings, who is then remanded to be the night's sacrifice, to be dealt with Tommy's stroke. He ends up running off to a Halloween party where several attendees are killed. Being that Tommy failed, in quite a twist, High Grandevilfather possesses rookie cop younger brother 'Roger' via the 3rd eye, who then becomes High Priest. Concludes with a strong Satanic sentiment.

Great demon mask in line with Belial, featuring tusks, while the executioner wields a deadly pitchfork. Plenty of sex & death, plus a plethora of delightful nudity, libidinous couples, incestuous insinuations, & sex on a fresh grave.

Soundtrack features a hooftapper by DC LeCroix called "The Devil's Son", played during a surreal dream sequence wherein Kali makes an appearance as the band performs, claiming her chosen one. The Mercenaries play at the Halloween party. [5/5]

Bad Candy

Several lessons in Lex Talionis dispensed in this fantastic Horror anthology. The yearly Psyhotronic Halloween radio show on 66.6 recounts terror tales the night through for listener's enjoyment, which inevitably manifest. After all, when you speak of The Devil...

Especially poignant for the drunken stepfather attempting to prevent pretty little witchie-poo from celebrating this wickedly wonderful "Hell Hallows Eve". But with a little help from her hellemental fiends, she gets to anyway!

A serial killer wearing a devil costume dispatches a rotten organism to Hell, an malcontented codger placing razorblades in brownies suffers accordingly, destructive shenanigans of a bully wherein he becomes the treat for his trick, a ghostory wherein an empathic psychic time travels to when a boy on a Halloween dare was burned alive in a since haunted house, and the blissful killing field of a veritable Abaddon wreaking bloody justice on a group of these deserved sacrifices.

"Bad Candy" could be demon Loki the deadly trickster displaying diabolic justice to those who deserve it, especially trying to ruin Halloweenight. All receiving their own gruesome trick.

He Never Died


He Never DiedDespite how it is depicted on the ads, and the scars on his back, Cain is not an angel nor ever was. For those who don't know, he was the 1st murderer in the bible, who killed his brother Abel. For such, was condemned to roam the earth forever as the first erstwhile 'vampire'. He lives forever having to eat living meat from "sinners". At first, he had a medical student 'supplier' who provided him with fresh flesh, but when he's harassed, other more direct alternatives are necessary.

He has a daughter, and a waitress who's interested in him, but he has to keep his distance from pretty much every living human being because of his voracious appetite. But when his daughter is kidnapped by those wanting his secret of immortality, he plunges into the criminal underworld to retrieve her, dispatching all those who get in his way. Remarkable scenes include removing bullets from his body, and pulling out blades.

The only thing that seems to grant him solace is playing 'bingo' on holy ground in a church, distracting from both the monotony and the veritable sounds of Hell haunting his mind. He's followed around by a mysterious phantomesque man in black seemingly keeping an eye on his activities, making sure he lives out his condemnation as intended. It is never clearly revealed who he exactly is, but he's obviously either The Devil or The Angel of Death {Azræl}, who decides to take a worthy sacrifice in the end.

Chemical Wedding {Crowley}

Crowley returns through a Cambridge professor possessed by technomantic means via a virtual reality simulator. At 1st, Crowley excarnates to indwell an acolyte after learning one Jack Parsons was to perform his Babalon Working to manifest a moonchild. Upon returning through Professor Haddo, he finds his beautiful scarlet woman to embark upon rites of auto-deification.

Notable scenes include Haddo reverting to primality in the hilarious urination upon students. The tripping trick of mimicking the pace of a pedestrian to make him trip through sympathetic mental transmission. Sado-Masochistic Sex 'Magick' materializing to his target as effluvium. The crucifixion of a prostitute and orgiastic indulgence.

Screenplay by Bruce Dickinson {Iron Maiden}, who also plays the role of landlord.


WWhereupon finding grimoire-like pages containing The Black Hymn {said to summon demons} within the sleeve of a record stolen from a musician living in an abandoned house, Zakk & Brodie, along with a couple of school chums {one of which reminds of Meatloaf} decide to form a Death Metal band. Somewhat reminiscent of Dethklok, Zakk, Brodie, Dion, & Giles name it DEATHGASM, eventually trying their talents to play The Black Hymn. But as they do, the dimensions begin to rift, everyone within earshot becomes possessed & zombified, amusingly including Brodie's fundamentalist uncle who was nagging him to stop playing that devil music. {who eventually suffers a most fitting demise!}

Brodie has an interest in a girl from school, who doesn't seem to know any better in pairing with his generic cousin, eventually wises up and gravitates towards Metal. Her listening experience is like becoming She-Ra for her! She eventually meets Zakk, but sleeping with the girl Brodie likes is pretty damned LOW. Fortunately, it does eventually work out for them.

Warlocks & Witches come to town seeking to benefit from Daemon Aeloth, "The Blind One"'s manifestation is more indicative of Occultists with a defined purpose for a certain result, in this case, somewhat reminiscent of Nancy Downes' indwelling by 'Manon' {The Craft}, the witch seeks to become possessed for omnipotence! But the last scene contains quite a twist!

The soundtrack features

Mark of the Pizzagram: Axeslasher / Realms: Beastwars / Deathgasm: Bulletbelt / Evil Like a Knife: Midnight / Hour to Live: Skull Fist / Looking Into the Abyss: Nunslaughter / Metal Is the Way: Elm Street / Retrospection: Ihsahn / Black Banshee: Bulletbelt / Heavy Metal Power: Elm Street / 8' Sativa / The Burning Shadows of Silence: Emperor / Alone: Pathology / The Infinite: Razorwyre / Desert Inferno: Razorwyre / Damn the Sky: Beastwars / Let's Kill These Motherfuckers: Lair of the Minotaur / Tyrant of the Mountain: The Wretched End / Bad for Good: Skull Fist

It was observed that this film is a virtual 'biography' of The Deathbangers! In some ways, this is true. I relate to Zakk most, with elements of Brodie. This reminded Me of Trick Or Treat with some Satanic Panic references like backward masking {called "Rob Halford style" referring to that Dream Deceivers {"dreceiver"?} courtcase}; while towards the end it really does start to resemble a Tenacious D "demon battle", whereas true 'disciples of darkness' call upon demonic forces as brothers & sisters & friends!*

* See The Satanic Bible, LaVey.

Hocus Pocus


HOCUS POCUSSalem, MA. HALLOWEEN 1693 - The 3 Sanderson sister Witches {Winifred, Mary, Sarah / ginger, brunette, blonde} return to their cottage house turned virtual museum to their legend, after a couple centuries, after a fiery return to The Abyss {after they try to absorb peasant boy Thackery Binx's sister Emily's lifeforce, who's turned into an immortal black cat for his troubles.

HALLOWEEN 1993: Awakened by a valley dude virgin douchebag who lit the dread black flame candle. The Sanderson sisters draw lifeforce from girls, while boys are kept in cages and/or transformed into various animals.

So like Corbis {The Devil's Rain}, the witches go searching all over towne for the stolen book of spells withat evil eye peering. Along the way they come upon a house decorated like Hell, as they meet witheir host dressed like The Devil! Of course, they dutifully pay obeisance to the King of Hell, eventually dancing with him in the evilivingroom, to the chagrin of his intoxicated wife {Laverne!}. Some trick or treaters made off witheir brooms! Curses! They have to make due with a regular housebroom, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner!

They also board a bus with a randy driver who takes a particular liking to Sarah, but leave the mortal carriage driver behind when they get to where they wanto go. {Reminded of The Craft inference "We are the weirdoes..." Indeed.}

By the by, Winnie's former lover Billy Butcherson is brought back from the grave as a zombie servant. Undead on Walpurgisnacht!

Sarah casts a spell upon the town's children to lure them to The House that they may draw their energy before dawn, like vampires, so they remain young & beautiful forever. Perfection achieved.

The Worst Witch

It is easy to note the heavy influence this film had on JK Rowling, but the more the better in the world! The idea of a witchcraft school is one that has always held a fascination.

The school is basically like Hogwarts, complete with uniforms. When bullied, little awkward Mildred Hubble's burgeoning latent powers rise to the surface, while the bully gets what she deserves in being transformed into the pig she is, just bringing what's inside out! Then she even goes out of her way to change her back as she's pestering the whole time!

She's eventually reprimanded for leaving the premises without permission, but is excused when it's discovered that she captured some wicked witches out on the other side of the mountain, who have been plotting to take over the school, threatening to turn everybody into frogs! However, they themselves are turned into snails by Mildred and brought to the headmistress' office, played by Charlotte Rae {Facts of Life}, who also plays her wicked sister witch!

As to the title, seems Mildred Hubble has made some mistakes, but sometimes a "late bloomer" becomes the best of all when they finally bloom. All those qualities of hexcellence just needed more time to develop.

This presentation features Fairuza Balk {The Craft, Valmont}, & Tim Curry as The Grand Wizard! He swoops in on Halloween night to join the celebrations, performing an enchanting tune. He makes a wisely poignant observation that [paraphrased] true Witchcraft always lives inside the Witch.

The Wickedest Witch
[Narrated by Burgess Meredith]

Rue McClanahan {Blanche Devereaux, The Golden Girls} as a Sorceress! Avarissa The Witch! She's stuck in a subterranean cavern kingdom inhabited by greevils, small dragon-like creatures, one of whom really sounds like ALF! She consults a mechanized oracle consulting machine "Schtick" resembling Mel Brookes in speech, divulging that in order to get out of there, she has to get a child to commit an evil act, but the boy found by a smarter greevil refuses to commit [mean] acts to hurt any of them, ending up shattering Avarissa's staff scepter instead! Which means that she has to stay down there for another long period of time! He ends up going home due to a wish placed on a rock intended to save the greevil while out and about up in the mortal world.

The Trouble with Miss Switch

An alluring Witch stands in as a substitute teacher to gain the cooperation of two of her students Rupert & Amelia. Rupert has computer knowledge that is needed to defeat antagonist wicked witch Saturna, who desires that Ms. Switch be relegated to the dark forest. So they have to apply all their knowledge of computers to convince a computer witch robot judge of her innocence.

Haunted Halloween

Haunted HaloweenSomewhat likened Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, "Slappy" {an evil, demonically possessed ventriloquist puppet reminiscent of Fats from Magic} uses Sorcery in tandem with a Wardenclyffe Tower facsimile, a tesla coil transmitter to materialize all the characters from Halloween fane to populate a town, and it works!

Entering a store likened Walgreen's to the Halloween aisle, the masks manifest into their respective personages, including yeti, werewolf, Dracula, witches, an attendant transformed into a hunchback ogre. As the magic is transmitted through the coils, the atmosphere additionally enlivens ghosts, jack o'lanterns who grow wings, the Headless Horseman, and a giant spider we'll call Avoosal. Even gummibears come to life!

Played by Jack Black, RL Stine is characterized herein as the nucleic imaginative progenitor, when his books unleash this favorable reality into existence. With the help of a small group of teens, seeks to return the monsters and phantoms back into the books.

For some of us, the likened Halloween theme is a constant. From the hellegant to Gothic decor, fanciful to the stoic, practical to the accentuating. Empowering and reflective, evocative and an æsthetic crystallization. I also noticed a similarity in the cover image to that of My own Halloween Unleashed.

Overall, a charming dracling film about the preponderance and eventual total possession of a town by the denizens of Halloween. SO IT IS DONE. [5/5]

Bigtop Peewee

Bigtop PeeweeThis characterization portrays Peewee Herman in more of a naturally salacious sense with a libido, as he hungrily pursues girlfriend Winnie during their daily picnic featuring delicious eggsalad sandwiches! Then the circus comes to town which is ill-received by local curmudgeons.

Oddly no playhouse {his total environment}, Jambi, chairy, chickiebaby or the rest here, which could have still worked. There's more of an impression of a Pippi Longstocking situation.

Peewee has 2 love interests! Starts off with a very normal, kind of generic but pretty blonde girl {like Marilyn Munster} Winnie, and an Italian gypsy girl named Gina Piccolapupula passing through withe circus as a trapeze girl. Winnie ends up becoming engaged to all 5 of the Piccolapupula brothers, and Peewee with their sister. It is also revealed that Peewee apparently has a hair fetish.

What also caught My attention is bodybuilder Franco Columbo present as The {Sardinian} Strong Man! Perfect casting as he is the real thing! Susan Tyrell {Queen of the 6th Dimension!; another most favored film Forbidden Zone} as the Ringmaster's miniature wife. There's the bearded lady & fat lady {sometimes one in the same}, the mermaid, tallman, midgets, clowns, trapeze acrobats, along with a slew of monkeys, a lion, show horses, a hippo, elephant, giraffe, his {chocolate milk} cow, chickens, & little pig pal named Vance. Like Animal Farm withe only human they like is Peewee.

Here, Peewee is a farmer & botanist working on a secret project... none other than a hotdog tree! However, a slight mistake shrinks the sausages into vienna sausage size, but have an extra side-effect in transforming the malcontent mob into their kid selves, who of course LOVE the circus! Perfect resolution. [5/5]


* Films: Peewee's Big Adventure | Nightmare Alley | Freaks | Greatest Show On Earth | Something Wicked This Way Comes | Animal Farm {film & book} | Killer Klowns From Outer Space * Music: soundtrack by Danny Elfman | Nox Arcana: Carnival of Lost Souls | Midnight Syndicate: Carnival Arcane

Saturday the 14th

This horror-comedy is actually a pretty good movie with a "neighbor of the beast" feel. Even at one point, the VanHelsing character marks "667" on the wall, which is indicative of the overall feel.

Saturday the 14thStats. Couple with 2 children inherit a house, rumored to be haunted, contains a Book of Evil, both coveted by a couple of vampires {who would have normally purchased the property, except that now they have to get around this generic couple's "inheritance", whom are sadly unappreciative and oblivious of all the hellegant decorations and spooktacular activities & hellements therein}.

Monsters start appearing when nubile daughter goes for a bath, in classic fin in the tub manner. Gil just wants the girl, whose favorite word is "creepy". While little Billy is the admitted "smart one" in the family, but upon finding and opening the Book of Evil, all manner of supernatural activity begins to manifest, essentially opening the portal to Hell, driving them to contract Van Helsing, whom in quite an interesting twist, turns to to be some sort of sorcerer who battles he resident vampire named Waldemar {and his very alluring vampiress companion}. He uses a makeshift lab to formulate cocktails in the meantime.

Attractive wife gets bitten by vampire {"owls"} in the attic, dons a translucent nightgown and sleeps in soil on the bed.

A party is scheduled for the night of Saturday the 14th, in order to contain the malevolence unleashed from the grimoire, utilizing the combined energy of the in-law visitors, who just end up being eaten; also randomly inclusive of a dorky delivery guy who falls in lust with disinterested daughter Debbie, whom became trapped in the house by the prevailing dimensional maelstrom raging outside.

After a few angular and close-up camera perspective shots during the questionable "final battle", all returns to boring wherein the final scene shows the family waving from the common house across the street, lending the viewer in the position of now being inside the haunted house! What bliss! [4/5]*

* Also in the series, Saturday the 14th Strikes Back!
Where The Wild hings Are

Max has a wild hair, & escapes the boredom of common existence. Even though he has an 'older' sister, he seems like an only child, her concerns are superficial and only ends up taunting his imaginative eccentricities if anything, along with her common friends, not comprehending or resonant.

Fully encapsulates the 7th Statement. Thus Max goes about exercising his imagination to the furthest extent. Whereupon after expending mass amounts of energy playing, in his wolf suit no less, inclusive of, in a veritable lycanthropic state, bites his mother, runs outside and falls asleep in a boat, and into a deep slumber whereupon then goes upon a grande dream adventure!

Awakening on an island where he meets several demonsters Carol, Ira, Judith, Alexander, Douglas, Bull, and KW {classic demonic variants}, who originally debated eating him, but become friends after declaring him their king on account of his proclaimed powers and promises of thriving under his rulership.

Rumpus & The Pile! He declares Rumpus! Everyone goes wilding about, swinging from trees, running through hedges, and eventually tossing dirtclods! All of which eventually ends in a pile, where exhausted, everyone sleeps. Eventually Carol shows Max his secret island diorama displaying everyone thereon, now including him!

Per his plans, a domelike castle structure is being constructed. However, by suggestions made by "KW", a rather troublesome creature, brings in 2 'outsider' owls and recommends he construct a private room just for him, both of which frustrates Carol, who already has anger & anxiety issues, whereupon he goes raging through the forest, as it begins to dawn on him that Max is not all that he claimed, is not fulfilling his kingly duties, and intends to eat him, but is saved by KW when she hides him in her belly.

Finally, upon Max's departure, Carol forgives him and sees him off at the last moment, mutually uttering a recognizable primal howl. He finally returns home to the relief and wonderment of his mom, and eats his fill.

Overall, a fun film with smooth kinematics, vast natural environments, inspiring a sense of play which should never be lost. I suspect he will return frequently to play with his newfound friends. Awooooooooo!

* Related: [Infernal Progeny book review]

Ghost Hunters: Westerfield House

This investigative "team" goes to San Francisco's historic Westerfield House, where certain rituals were performed by Anton LaVey, Kenneth Anger and company {c. Magic Circle}, while Togare visited as well - his clawmarks still embedded into the wall posts!

Their job is to merely record, amateurs at best, the activities of Sorcerers {the real authorities} and the creation of, and coalescence with, prospected entities.

Now occupied by tenants who report regular paranormal anomalies, the house features a central tower where the rituals were cast, while Kenneth Anger confirms and recounts some of the nefarious events that occurred there, affirming there is most likely residual demonic energy still lingering therein. Although the place was also used previously for Magic, relating that a circle was found when they began their practice.

Videographers attempt to initiate a response by pretentiously performing The Rite of The Opening of The Gates straight out of The NECRONOMICON. While it is a veritable prop to complement Lovecraftiana, it is based upon an actual pantheon of demons and gods with methods of invocation, ergo, adding validity as a grimoire, as a framework for thoughtform projection.

At one point the participants are drawn of energy, when something extracts lifeforce for materialization, which seemingly subsequently occurs. The probable reason why increased energy was detected in the foundation of the house is due to incremental rising of force from an earthward source {or "Hell"?}, each gate acting like a veritable step stair of energetic ascension.

Overall, the 'investigation' yields a toppled camera, flickering lights, drained batteries, sudden unexplained noises, a floating translucent "veil", and what sound like voices, translated through a machine that approximates words, and perhaps a presence lingering about the tower area, both within the room and apparently encircling above. Another device attempts to place form onto mass. What is detected is something that resembles a humanoid form that transforms into a four-legged beast. While one of them claims to have seen LaVey on the stairs!

Determination is that this location is indeed haunted.

C O S M O S : Possible Worlds

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson hosts this version of the series, first done by the inimitable Carl Sagan {Hail SAGAN! #1}, with a bit more dumbing down {as the herd have gotten even dumber than before!}, speaking about a combination of the moons on Saturn {particularly Enceladus, which has a liquid gaseous core emitting these qualities, which the rings are also comprised of}, and I have a feeling it is being alluded to that this is the closest possibility of their being life on other PLANETS, as he did refer to this moon as a PLANET, which could foreseeably serve 2 purposes in housing extraterrestrial life, and a possible migration point for future humanity, while Titan would not, being of another category.

Then related is the story of Victor Goldschmidt, a WW2 era scientist having to evade nazis' jewish genocide, including him, although he proudly pronounced it on their questionnaire, but spare him the concentration camp if he works for them, at which point he sends them on wild goose chases for elements that don't even exist.

He treasured olivine, a verdant rock type that he believed housed the secrets of life, so much so that at his request, his ashes are housed in it. It's sort of an igneous rock with green clusters that is resistant to heat.

These undergo a process called "serpentanization" which releases hydrogen, methane, and more that aided in transforming organic molecules into living organisms.

Next segment on 2 primary organic molecular forms - one elongated, wormlike, the other shorter with spiky protrusions. The latter descending into the netheregions of the ocean when the other's oxygen emissions became too great, which actually then formed he ozone layer. Of course, this form eventually produced its own mutated and evolved lifeforms, while the other its as well, in what perhaps may be seen in those deep sea lifeforms, like the angler.

No mention of theological concepts, just scientific principles and descriptions, all wrapped up in the "ship of the imagination", which places the viewer there to witness these dynamics. Overall 'edutainment', the best way to learn! ∞

A very pleasing, entertaining, educational, and evocative presentation reminiscent of the Mysteries of The Unknown book series by Time/Life. Blends seamlessly from story to another, with delightful subject matter including

  • UFO's, aliens: Roswell crash & graylien bodies mentioned being kept in a hanger}. Dracsquatch
  • Sasquatch, yeti: from the PNW featuring the Patterson footage, to the Himalayas.
  • Nessie: I believe it is a surviving plesiosaur preserved in ideal conditions, with other additional theories of perhaps being an eel.
  • Psychics & spiritism: Includes a brief biography on Crowley, the SPR {Society for Psychical Research}, the seance craze and the government to police agencies using remote viewers to gain an edge & solve cold cases - one discussed tracing a little missing girl finally sadly found murdered.
  • ghosts, hauntings: Includes a parapsychical test on a haunted hotel room which unfortunately yielded no evidence, to a castle in Scotland featuring a lady in white, murdered monks, and a glowing boy whose skeletal remains were discovered within a fireplace wall - who stopped appearing after that.
  • poltergeists, possession: Sort of blended the two - 2 little girls emanating sporadic psychic energy to effect the environment, causing telekinetic havoc, and assuming alternate voices of someone who died in that room}.
  • reincarnation {recounts Buddhist explanations of karmic transmigration.
  • Zombies: The administering of certain plants and herbs for the purpose of attaining a zombie used for slavery. An actual case history of Clairvius Narcisse who was buried and reanimated.
  • past lives: Displays a session with a tortured, murdered woman, and a boy displaying birthmarks where his past incarnation had been shot during a robbery attempt.
  • life after death: A woman dies during a procedure and is brought back to life to tell of meeting deceased relatives dressed in light. Being pulled out of the body, then pushed back in.
  • healing: A woman seeks out a healer to desperately gain control of her deadly cancer, which diminished and went into remission - working with energy, where sometimes a 'placebo' may be the zeitgeist to activate immune system recuperation, etc.

Overall, all those interesting, fascinating subjects studied through a plethora of occult and paranormal books, everything from Edgar Cayce to Seth Speaks, to The Satanic Bible, various grimoires, and shows {from Sightings to In Search Of}, and taking classes in Parapsychology with Dr. Diane Morrissey.

DEMONOID: Messenger of Death, AKA MACABRA: La mano del Diablo

A possessed hand follows an attractive American lady to the states after her husband Mark {marked!} traverses into a subterranean Satanic chamber, also sealing several of his workers inside {despite their reticence, and steer clear of the accursed grounds}, steals an artifact {Hand of Doom, invoking a veritable Brody Curse!}, indwelling several along the way, including the husband {burned to death, buried and reanimated as a rotting corpse}, a cop {has a surgeon remove it, he dies}, the surgeon {chopped off by a train}, finally attaching itself to a catholic priest* in his own church, who amusingly proceeds to destroy his own sanctuary in a pointless effort to rid himself of the demonic hand, even impaling and torching his own wrist, but which will not stop until it gains The Devil's due! Which it does!

Of note, Mark was actually experiencing some of the benefits of the hand, winning 'hands' in Vegas gamblingames, until thieves desiring his secrets are themselves made veritable 'sacrifices', at which point he tried to cut off the hand with a machete, but it ends up lighting him on fire instead.

But perhaps one of the most disturbing hellements of this horror gem is that disrespectful violators get what they deserve, and all those who stand in the way of Satan's justified wrath & vengeance! The Devil will not be denied!

* Crossover: Interesting to note that actor Stuart Whitman who plays Stuart Sanderson, one of the bosses in Knight Rider episode Big Iron [S2/E24], also plays the priest.

The plot calls to mind The Hand of Glory, monkey's paw, hare's foot, and even The Nightstalker holding up the pentagram. Other films which have featured the possessed Hand are Voodoo film The Devil's Hand, The Crawling Hand, and of course Thing from The Addams Family. It has also been the subject of several songs including The Hand of Doom by Black Sabbath, and HOD version by Danzig; Monkey's Paw by The Electric Hellfire Club, among others. BATHORY prominently displays it on albums, inclusive of talons to symbolize the denial of the holy trinity.

Of course, true practitioners of Satanism gesticulate The Cornu, representing The Horns of Satan in religious practice, greeting, and to affirm the philosophy. It was first ever demonstrated in the media by Anton LaVey on the back cover of The Satanic Bible, and in Church of Satan documentary Satanis.

Also noteworthy to mention that one of Our members will be unleashing a sculpture featuring the sign. I had at one point also sculpted a spiked gauntlet arm with the long clawed hand in horned formation, photographed by 'Occult Cop', 'Satan Sleuth' Randy Emon as part of his Satanic Panic seminar archive.

It is also applied as a gesture of Cursing or infernal benison. Of course, it has been historically utilized as a folkloric tradition accompanying The Evil Eye.

The UnXplained
{hosted by Shat! [H]istory channel}

Integretron: Extremely intriguing technomancy on the nature of immortality. This device was 95% finished, when the inventor all of a sudden suffered a fatal heartattack, with all components and plans confiscated! That really sounds like a setup! Sounds like this device may have put the funeral industry out of business! As has been seen with other industries, when a revolutionary invention comes around, they literally pay to keep it off the market! And if the inventor doesn't cooperate, they have even conducted assassinations! Like adding a solution to water for instant gas, replacement for oil, electricity, etc., all buried so that the industries can continue on their inferior technology and continue making money off it! The Edison technique of absconding and/or defamation, lying and cheating! For instance, Edison was a fake and a phony! The true genius is Tesla!

Of course, Vampires and other highly evolved superhumanoid creatures would be all for this technology, as science complements Magic and vice-versa. As a matter of fact, Magic is and has always been the seed of science! But even if science were to not quantify the processes of Sorcery, the paranormal and the supernatural, we continue inevitably utilizing it nonetheless! It is a constant experience!

Cults: It was bit heartening to see that The Church is seemingly no longer considered a mere "cult" by the media, and were not mentioned at all in this presentation. Ergo, to wit, despite misinformation and defamation attempts, Satanism in a full-fledged religion! Of course, xian deathcults like Jones' "people's temple", "heaven's gate", and even "buto" were covered; the latter is more of an expression of The Shadow Side represented in theatrical dance, which one girl apparently couldn't handle. She was seemingly too impressionable and too imbalanced to equalize the expression, so the darkness overwhelmed her unto suicidal death.

Regarding Shatner, it is amusingly ironic that there is actually a "Church of Trek", not to mention that the way trekkies behave is like a veritable "cult". The meetings, costumes, lingo, etc. Plus, I saw him on The Devil's Rain!


ΩVIJΔ: Origin of Evil

The 'Zander' family* bilks the rubes in the psychic biz utilizing Ouija board seance sessions, end up experiencing the real thing when the smallest daughter Doris develops actual multi-level ESP. Unfortunately, the girl is devoid of guidance and is forced to make her own mistakes via trial & error, and it's mostly error.

A dark entity spawned of a "Dr. Devil", obviously based on Jo卐ef Mengele {Angel of Death} comes through the oracle portal to possess the girl and experience her senses, especially the ability to speak. The creature resembles a combination of Dr. Satan {House of 1,000 Corpses}, and Greedo, yet inclusive of a reptilian tail and ridge back. Once inside her, it manifests through facial distortions and additional possessive transference to manipulate their quarry, which includes a priest friend Fr. Tom Hogan, mother Alice, and her sister Lina's boyfriend Mikey.

In one remarkable scene, the clerical acquaintance witnesses her abilities in action to confirm the need for an exorcism. She is clearly an empath, clairvoyant, telepath, as well as demonstrating telekinetic abilities to move the planchette, read and manipulate the thoughts of those participating. It doesn't end well for neither the priest or the older sister's boyfriend, both of whom meet their doom. She also possesses the interesting ability to perceive ghostly presences through the glass of the oracle itself, which does provide for an intriguing experimental suggestion.

It's up to Lina to free her mom and little sister from the grasp of the shadowy specter who at one point peers out from her mouth with a gruesome eyeball. Utilizing the board in such a conducive environment rich with nefarious history raises Hell for all involved. The demon within her enjoys toying with the boyfriend, offering a morbid, descriptive preamble to his suffocating demise, then appealing to his greedy curiosity, leading him to a secret room via the basement. The Victrola plays again as terrible secrets are revealed from within the walls. Thus the sacrifice offered, the creature gains even more materialization.

The tragic tale concludes as it is ultimately Lina's sad responsibility to unfortunately free them of their very flesh. The poor girl ends up in an institution for the rest of her natural life, yet even at the very end, the supernatural makes a familial, familiar visitation.

Rating: 5/5. Better then expected with parapsychological explanations, and Jungian psychological shadow side projections. Familiar fetishistic Catholic School uniforms reminiscent of St. Charles Borromeo. - ZOSO.

* Mayhaps influenced by a 'Szandor' nomenclature?


At first quick glance, one might expect The Bramford of Rosemary's Baby infamy was being flown over upon demon wings, but then it is realized that this is yet another impressive Gothic Dominant Mass building arising stoically into the darkly clouded sky, so named Havenhurst.

If one could imagine an organization like AA punishing drunks for intoxication, or torturing junkies for getting high, all the while being observed on hidden cameras for any sign of an offense, it aptly captures the general plot herein, while a huge goon dishes out the discipline, or "tough love" onto a bloody silver platter complete with viscera, of the offenders who are quite literally turned inside out.

A pretty brunette named Jackie seeks refuge at this deadly rehab center for her alcohol addiction after losing her daughter in a car accident. Signing her lease, she essentially commits her life to this lethal institution, incrementally learning its deadly secrets from its history with the nation's very first serial killer, H. H. Holmes, the plethora of secret hatches which Havenhurst is honeycombed with, escape routes, false walls, and observation holes, all overseen by the mysterious Eleanor who reminds Me of one Dorothea Puente, and her two faithful killer sons Ezra & Jed. One in charge of maintenance, the other of executions, or ridding this veritable murder castle of unpleasant offensive elements. The place is like a maze reminiscent of The 7th Guest, as every darkened hallway, elevator, and room carries its own puzzle, levels of Hell creating one monstrous edifice seeped in blood.

Once in awhile, one must ask oneself if these revenant to-be residents are deserving - and actually in the majority of cases, they certainly are, case in point a rotten couple of lushes mentally and emotionally abusing their daughter Sarah, whereupon it becomes physical, her friend Ezra steps in to terminate the problem, then eventually turns on Jackie when she violates the rules with her compulsive embibement.

Overall, with shades of Nightmare on The The 13th Floor and tie-ins with the true crime case history of Holmes, even including influences of The Cecil, Havenhurst is sure to chill for claustrophobic, voyeuristic, sanguinous thrills. ∞


After a brutal collision on a mountainous road, likened a Mulholland Drive or those in Turnbull Canyon, mangles the brain surgeon hands of Dr. Stephen Strange, he embarks upon a desperate search to find some unconventional, breakthrough method that can repair them to their former dexterity, which leads him from New York to Nepal, where he eventually meets a mysterious clan of veritable Sorcerers operating within a secret school inside a temple. Upon their eventual acceptance, he learns the spells and incantations, meditations and gesticulations contained within a plethora of grimoires.

His evilution includes the discovery and development of his own latent powers, extensive knowledge of the occult, and the formulation of his own sigil medallion and personal style. A progression of very familiar qualities naturally ascribed.

There is "The Ancient One" {Sorceress who holds more secrets than it seems}, Mordo {a consummate Martial Artist & fellow mystic, akin to a Ninja}, and Wong {unassuming but very capable mystic warrior}. But there is also one to contend against who strayed from the recommended path, so named Kaecilius, who is a Master of The Black Arts.

Much of the practices displayed are based on actual principles of Astral travel, lucid dreaming, visualization and Chi energy projection, as well as extensive sigilization. The overall manipulation of energy and the very matter which comprises multiversal dimensional realities, including teleportation and malleable 'time' fluctuation. Of course, the special effects highly dramatize these more subtle applications, yet it is pleasing to see them addressed nonetheless with the entertaining spectaculars, making it fun as well as recognizable. Realizing from whence these ideas stem adds layers to their appreciation. Also remarkable are the darkly opalescent colorations utilized throughout.

Indeed, among the Dracling's choice comics material, Dr. Strange ranks high amongst them, so to see him granted his own film is gratifying, and remains a relative psychodramatic, imaginative, and aesthetic inspiration.

KONG: Skull Island

Beginning in a WW2 battle between two dogfighting American & Japanese pilots who maintain the confrontation from air onto land, after both crash landing & parachuting onto the hidden island shrouded in mystery and fog, abruptly interrupted by The King thereupon, whereupon the situation immediately turns into a veritable "godfight" as it were, wherein one survives to become a residential part of the island for decades to come.

Predictably, upon arrival and discovery of course, when spotting Kong, whereupon sensibly avoiding the giant anthropoid to regroup and modify plans would have been the obviously better course of action, bad ideas prevail as wasp-like helicopters proceed towards him, merely aggravating until being summarily swatted out from the sky, inspiring the short-lived vengeance & suicide mission of resident Lieutenant Colonel Packard and most of his doomed men, but not after providing a temporary distraction for Kong.

Very Apocalypse Now motif oriented, taking place during the Vietnam conflict era on a likened island {filmed in Hawaii and Vietnam}, from the appearance of the natives to the soldiers, even the helicopters, but without the human on human atrocities, probably due to patron protector KONG. Though somehow the island seems much too small not only for Kong, who actually appears more like Mighty Joe Young, but additional monstrous occupants water buffalo, legions of pterodactyls, a squid, alligator, a spider, and swarms of hellish bipedal dino lizards named Skullcrawlers, who just seem a bit unbalanced; many of which Kong confronts, along with the humanimal, who seem like mere pests in this environment.

Other notable scenes include the aerial dismemberment of one of the group by the pterodactyls.

No beauty & The Beast scenario present here. There really are no personable encounters with the giant ape other than a brief closeup with female journalist Mason Weaver, which gives the film more of a one dimensional effect overall. KONG: Skull Island oversees as more or less an amusing action-adventure monster movie.

The CGI creatures & environments are slowly improving, gaining more detail and flow, yet still not surpassing an animatronic and/or costumed figure. The perfect combination thusfar in My estimation is the De Laurientis film, which delved much deeper into the personalities, psychology, & interactions of both Kong and humans, as well as being much more atmospheric, even placing one within the experience of the characters. [4/5]

The Frontier

A gritty American Southwest flick, The Frontier manages to capture a western outlaw atmosphere in a rustic wind blown environment.

A pretty, mysterious girl named Laine {Jocelin Donahue, House of The Devil} driving across the Arizona desert becomes temporarily employed at a diner to make up for food & lodging. The residents and customers therein are a motley lot, each with their own disturbing secrets, and each sharing a collective one as well. There's Eddie the rebel {a brash leather-clad young man reminiscent of Jim Stark/James Dean}; couple Gloria & Flynn are a british gentleman & a Jayne Mansfield-type girlfriend; Luanne, an eccentric former showgirl {diner owner, glamorous yet quite neurotic}; Lee is a stony bearded professor-like gentleman; & Officer Gault comes and goes, reminding one of a William Shatner character*, who takes a shine to Laine, especially evident in the end. Incidentally, despite a very close call with The Reaper, Laine merges with the unlikely crew of malfeasants awaiting their ill-gotten reward, utilizing venomous trickery to gain her own deadly remuneration.

With various unexpected twists and turns, the dangerous path throughout The Frontier leads to surprise lethal treasures awaiting those with a ruthlessly lawless disposition, where few survive. ∞

* i.e., Mark Preston of The Devil's Rain, Rack Hansen of Kingdom of The Spiders.

Dog Eat Dog

Seedy, sleazy, compulsive, impulsive...

Three criminal escapees conspire several plans to make that big heist, financed by a mob boss, cavorting with prostitutes they meet in various strip clubs, where each and every one of these misadventures begin and end. With nothing to lose except their freedom, the dreaded three-strikes law drives them forward for a chance to live it up on the outside for life, instead of the inside, if only they succeed. No other option available, otherwise go out the improperly termed, so-called "samurai style".* Basically, to do or die trying, in this case.

The neurotic, psychotic three stooges: There's Troy {Moe}, a nervous, almost Elvis meets Scarface character with a Humphrey Bogart fixation, who is the 'mastermind' of the operation, for what it's worth; "Mad Dog" {Larry} who resembles Metalokalypse's Murderface, a scrawny, former fish-gutting cannery worker turned murderer of a voluptuous girlfriend and daughter, who talks way too much for his own good, as well as being too inappropriately needy; & "Diesel" {Curly}, an absent minded, big bald lug who ultimately proves to be the broken link in the handcuff chain.

After receiving some veritable, and literal street justice by two rampaging officers, the series of calamity capers concludes with a convoluted dream-like sequence attended by the three, whose entire escapade seems more a twisted experiment by an amused kingpin, rather than a benefactor. From mostly stints in Kidnapping while masquerading as cops, to abduct some inner city hood for drug money, to snatch a rival gangster's infant, they plod forth by trial and error, fueled by narcotics and liquor, and an amorphous notion of some proposed lifestyle above the law.

Overall, the film's plot is not so much the title phrase "dog eat dog" as predictable keystone criminals, who are ultimately second-rate thugs brutalizing their way to the grave. ∞

* Not quite hara kiri or seppuku, but moreso kamikaze.

In regards to the film The Whole Truth, starring Keanu Reeves {Dracula / The Matrix / Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure} as an attorney named Ramsey trying to figure out the psychological disposition, motives, and vindicate his client from the murder of his “father”*, though it may seem somewhat of a ‘spoiler’, refer to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

So he and his leggy, luscious lawyer lady co-worker Janelle reside in a motel during the trial, transporting himself to and fro upon an unlikely moped – do what must be done, I suppose.

Overall, the victimizer Boone was a despicable sort through and through, an abusive, overbearing and imposing goon, a misdirected masochist to be sure, who most probably did deserve the fate handed him, yet it is still the responsibility of jurisprudence to determine if justice was truly done; and in this case, through a bit of misdirection and bravery on the defendant’s part, a bit of cathartic revenge and boiled-over frustrations combined with outrage did transpire, and so the rotten does not survive to abuse another without consent. ∞

* The term, title, and position that should be earned and considered an honor, not automatically conferred upon the unworthy.

“Dazed & Confused” is a coming of age movie for one notable teenager who experiences natural carnal awakenings over the course of three heated remmus months, from discarding perfidious virginity to partying all night long, and a prospective Football player who refuses to be rushed, and just wants to spend some time with his loser stoner friends, whose entire existence revolves around marijuana. All taking place in the 70’s, an evocative transportal for those who can appreciate it, from familiar experiences in clothing, automobiles, speech, terminology, mannerisms, architecture and automobiles, to music and hairstyles.

School’s out for remmus, and the senior cretin jocks are out to get the scrubs, or freshmen, for a veritable rite of passage into full herd prominence. A party is thwarted, so it’s off to find another location, where everyone finally congregates to copulate, compete, and ingest large amounts of liquor, nicotine, and various amounts of narcotics in a nest of human and environmental nature. Even KISS makes an appearance in mannequin form!

For those who resonate with retrovolutionary presentations / visualizations, this film is sure to transport the viewer into a most amusing timewarp! ∞

Dirty Grandpa

A man with the appropriate name of Dick, loses his wife of decades to cancer, to which he immediately embarks upon a mission to copulate with whatever bimbo will have him, imposing & disrupting his attorney grandson's life and impending wedding for his own selfish ends, in a vulgar, desperate tirade that leads him to Florida for Spring Break.

With exaggerations in personality defects and traits, they meet several unsavory characters along the way, from a ridiculous stoner who runs a gift shop, to two absurd, pandering clownish beach officers who themselves are disrespecting of the law, to a couple of large cretins with attractive wandering girlfriends, one of whom has a senior citizen fetish, taking a liking to Mr. Kelly.

Apparently sadly living a life of quiet desperation, probably resenting his wife all the while, only goes to demonstrate that not everyone is capable of monogamy, nor should be forced to, if dispositions do not match. Of course, live life to the fullest, but with elegantly indulgent epicurean delight, no matter what propensities may be, with honesty with oneself as paramount.

Eventually, after a series of embarrassing misadventures caused by the obnoxious grandfather, Jason finds his true mate in an albeit attractive hippie-like girl reminiscent of a Dharma & Greg dynamic, while his former fiancee' is revealed to be a superficial manipulator. These characterizations make a point that offspring are not necessarily indicative of progenitors, and vice-versa.

I enjoy a good comedy now and then, but this presentation is a gratuitous spectacle produced for simplistic herd of their de-evolutionary antics at a low, peasantly level of humor, devoid of any artistic sensibility of the genre, or real redeeming feature, produced only for mere cheap laughs to separate stupes from their sheckles, since they obviously don't know any better than to accept whatever cud is fed them by disappointing slumming actors, then most likely act idiotically in kind.

1/5. 1 point for pulchritude. ∞


RASPUTIN: Russia's Own Antichrist: Details the rise and influence of The Mad Monk on Russia. Seen as a savior to some, mystic, and devil to others. Said that he could kill a horse as a child, escaped his village to avoid punishment for horse theft, started a sexcult, joined The Khlysty, which is a veritable sexcult in itself, spentime flagellating himself in the woods to experience masochistic suffering, spentime in a monastery like a monk, then eventually made his way to meet the Romanovs and heal their ailing son, which granted him a position of prominence.

Night Gallery/Cool Air: Henry Darrow / Enrique Tomás Delgado {Uncle Pancho!} plays cultured Spaniard Dr. Juan Muñoz in this splendid adaptation of HP Lovecraft's Cool Air. Regaling his love interest with knowledge & stories of adventures and artistry deep into the night within his refrigerated room, until it malfunctions one fateful night wherein he sadly reverts to his "corruptible mortal state". Notable inspirational statements about conquering death with The WILL!

SCREAM GREATS 2 / Satanism & Witchcraft
* Parapsychology, Occult, & Horror: A rare Hans Holzer interview, The Warrens & museum, horror prop master & makeup artist Tom Savini, with generous spotlights on Rosemary's Baby, The Omen series, Exorcist, etc.
* Satanism: Features footage from Satanis, wherein LaVey speaks about Satanism himself, & a Satanic ritual ceremony is always thrilling to watch. This one features a veritable Baptismal / Dedication rite.
* weaka: A weakan love spell; interview with NY-based Magickal Childe occult shoppe proprietor Herman Slater with serpent friend, & performance of a ceremony with cauldron.

Haunted Places: A paranormal documentary anthology on several ghostories across America. Hosted by Christopher Lewis, with segment commentary by parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taff.
* Myrtle Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana: Haunted by a little girl who choked to death while on a staircase, and 2 murdered sisters. A séance is held therein using an improvised ouija board comprised of a cork and glass bowl.
* Civil war ghost hunting: Several amateurs attempt to acquire film and EVP's at a civil war cemetery.
* Extramarital sincubus?: Ozzie Nelson haunts his house and has even been known to take certain liberties with guests!
* Ohio steamer: Captain Mary Becker Greene haunts the Delta Queen steamboat. The first female steamboat driver.
* Ghosts of early American settlers haunt a small Victorian town called "Rugby" in [east] Tennessee.
* Thomas Gilfrey haunts his own home in Oklahoma [west of Tulsa] watching over his art collection. A current docent recounts haunting events.

trapezoid 13

Superstitions - Unlucky 13
* From the Apollo 13 lunar mission which experienced a slew of malfunctions {amidst the Black Pope's nativity observation}.
* The omission of the 13th floor in office buildings.
* Witch covens consisting of 13 with The Devil as the 13th, the 13 lunar months, etc.
* KNIGHTS OF SATAN: Strangely no mention of The Knights Templar's associations, viz-a-viz The successful Death Curse on Pope Clement & King Phillip. The Templars were so-called "catholics" in name only, while heralding Satan as Baphomet, and accumulating their own riches, power, & influence.
* The 13 Club: A group of gentlemen who gather every Friday the 13th to enact superstitions, including walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and walking a path where a black cat had crossed.
* Surrealist artist Ray Johnson commits suicide on Friday the 13th, whose synchronous path all correlates with the number throughout.

The Witch Hunt: The sad story of the Catholic Church murdering their own peasants as they argued amongst themselves. The Satanic Panic of the era. Suffice it to say, that NO REAL WITCHES were ever accused or killed, neither in Europe or Salem!

MYTHICAL MONSTERS: Presents the origins of Dragons, griffins, werewolves, vampires. Relates the story of a hermit persecuted by local peasants for allegedly being a werewolf spotted cannibalizing a baby - the wolf seemed to have similar characteristics to the hermit, so being that the stuporstitious peasants seemed to already have it in for him, decided to torture him.

MONSTERS & MYSTERIES: Cryptids, sasquatch, the lochness monster {among other 'lake monsters', and aquatic behemoths like like kraken}, werewolves {discusses The Beast of Bray Road}, mothman, devil dogs, dine in a remarkably impartial, scientific method conducive of serious exploration and study. Had a refreshing air of Art Bell-like discussion.

LEGENDARY LOCATIONS [Truth or Consequences]: A trip to Houska castle to explore the legend of there being a Gate to Hell therein, with the castle built over it. With inspiring infernal initiative, the nazis went there to experiment and allegedly performed Satanic rituals to harness its power. Shown were pleasing displays of robed figures, Baphomet, candles, and a ramskull, backed with a nazi flag!
Also a trip to Indonesia to a town overrun with monkeys, featuring the legend of a monkey god taking on a demon.

HISTORY'S MYSTERIES [Superstitions]: Recounts many of the foundations of the intriguing superstitions practiced today. I cover the subject in DRACOMEROTH within Superstition vs. Stuporstition, and the difference between being controlled by those traditions, and otherwise using them for one's psychodramatic benefit, preserving and enhancing The Magical Mindset with perspective.

America's Mysterious Places [Mysteries of America's Haunted Sights]: 1. Salem, Massachusettes: Features a marriage ceremony {holding a pentacle patent aloft, then descending it earthward}, an interview, and a love spell.
2. Tombstone, Arizona: Relates the oldwest legends of Geronimo, Cochise, and gunslingers. A visit to "Boot Hill", and an area with the name "skeleton" in it regarding a deadly pass where merchants were killed traveling up from mexico, and an area where natives ambushed many paleface.
3. Coral Castle, Florida: A visit to Edward Lee Skullman's place said t be built for his sweet 16 love who never came. The wonder is in how did a diminutive man of his physical stature managed to transport and carve massive tons heavy coral rock into so many intriguing shapes - I saw pure ingenuity! There must have been magnetism involved, as well as chemical reactions when water is applied, making them slippery, as well as molding into shapes, sort of like a sponge. Of particular note, the video for song Sweet Sixteen by Billy Idol was filmed there.

BOB LARSON [The Six Strongholds of SATAN]: Larson coaxes mental illness from audience members to exploit for entertainment purposes. The so-called strongholds of Satan are essentially comprised of elements of the seven deadly sins, natural instincts to be indulged in responsibly and used for motivation.
He præys on a deaf-mute woman {maybe retarded, who ends dancing on stage}, and a cute chubby blonde lady possessed by "anger", who doesn't seem too enthusiastic about being hugged after the "depossession".

NINTH GATE: A really fantastic film about a book dealer named Corso who's employed by a would-be Sorcerer to compare copies of the same grimoire to divulge which is the correct one for a ritual of The Ninth Gate. Unfortunately, he apparently received an incorrect one or some such, as he momentarily achieves omnipotence, but makes a mistake when setting himself on fire. The point of this very Apotheosis-style rite is to achieve absolute Power, but when he turns against himself and lights himself on fire, he negates the purpose in self-glorification for self-immolation!

While it seems that this girl who's been following Corso may be an angel at first, then perhaps a witch upon spotting a tattoo of a silver serpent to signify being a member of a Coven, then finally revealed she in fact the Whore of Babylon {Lilith? So she's an incubus!} riding The Beast {Corso?}, whereupon he is able to traverse into the 9th Gate! Whereupon a dimension opens within the castle he just departed!

Notable scenes include making love to a cultist brunette, then the beautiful 'whore', who disrobes to mount Corso bare breasted; the book itself is splendid in its Satanic woven pentagram countenance; the ceremony held at the estate with congregants attired in hellegant black silk robes and large pentagram medallions.

WITCHCRAFT '70: Great footage and subject all around! Nudity abounds! Besides the obvious amazing Church of Satan segment, the British Witchcraft {some gorgeous subjects therein! Both The Black Mass and Pagan rites}, Haitian & Brazilian Voodoo, and American Hippie ceremonies were compelling spectacles in videographic documentation! I also did note that SATAN is appropriately credited in all practices!

EXORCIST III: Fr. Karras is possessed by a demon and resides in a mental asylum. Incarcerated after becoming a serial killer named "Gemini". George C. Scott plays an investigator set to challenge the demon, but fails in the end by killing Karras in the cell. So being that the host has become unfit, the demon goes forth to possess someone else.

Phantom of The Paradise: A Rock Opera in the style of The Phantom of The Opera. This came out a year prior to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Features "Winslow" who makes a deal with The Devil. His mask is a hellmet that looks like an owl's face, but with eyes reminiscent of the Baphomet sigil. Christine Daae' is named "Phoenix", and primarily sings rock ballads.

Some of the performances are entertaining such as the macabre bands that emerge amidst a morbid stage environment resembling schauerfilm presentations with elongated angles, trapezoids, endless hallways, precarious stairs, with some traditional Horror and Halloween motif elements.

HELLFEST: This was actually a pretty good movie, mixing suspense, evocative aesthetics, and a bit of slasher as well. A real killer dressed in mask and hood pursuing a girl through a Halloween amusement park and spookhouse! He utilizes a knife at first, then an axe found in the HELL section, and even some of the props! Like a guillotine for her friend! A rather Michael Meyers vein Halloween dynamic... but not too badly done.

This got Me thinking that to Me, SATAN & HORROR are synonymous. Just add erotica and Gothic aesthetics for perfection. HELLOWEEN, Keep the EVIL in DEVIL, et al. And so it is.

OUIJA: Featuring two pretty girls with a fascination for the board, then paranormal events begin occurring. Overall, the movie seems a rather vapid presentation made for vapid teens with otherwise common concerns. While the herd seek mere boring "normalcy" and generic existence, devoid of imagination in favor of the prescribed programming of 'the system', common society, etc., some have always been the ever strong so-called "psycho", "weirdo", "freak", etc., SATANIST, and I love it that way! However, I do like the idea of looking through the planchette to detect supernatural activity in the room!

Secret of Skinwalker Ranch [H]: An interesting case I find very intriguing, about the paranormal occurrences happening on this ranchland. From skinwalkers {lyanthropes}, cryptids, UFO's, mysterious lights, cattle mutilations, energy fluctuations. The land was Cursed by Navajos, which began the train of events, intensified by nascent tuleric energy, directed by Will. The conductive materials within the land itself also contributes to to the manifestations and enervation.

The thought occurred of what is superstition? I wrote a chapter on the subject in DRACOMEROTH, as the term being different from 'Stuporsition', that is to say being controlled by it, rather than utilizing it or one's benefit, in enriching traditions and psychodrama which complements The Magical Mindset and overall Sorcery materialization. It is important to know the occult processes within and without in nature {parapsychology & metaphysics}; So while we practice, direct, and embody, these types of 'investigators' just seek to record or understand, being fascinated muggles in what we do. It is an amusing spectacle, but to our kind it is known.

Of note, the secret headquarters at base's system is called SATAN {acronym}.

THE BOY: Much of it was entirely relatable, except for the part of him coming through the wall! That seemed a bit gratuitous. I think the film should have been kept entirely on a psychological level. But other than that, those 20 minutes or so, the film is aesthetically splendid, the story personally relevant, and the ending was a pleasant one after all, what with Brahms being fixed up, and cared for. Also pleasing to know that there will soon be a BOY 2! Looks intriguing, and the more the better!

What Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For: Details the coming of age dynamics of a young witch discovering herself, following curiosity to gain empowerment and control of her life and desires. An outcast, considered odd and weird by other common kids, her parents are divorced, which seems to be the intended psychological dynamic to assert that this may be why she is exploring The Occult. Although if he truly is a born witch, the discovery and evilution will continue wherever she is!

This is the source of the scene Sgt. Emon used in the Inside Edition Satan Sleuth video for his 'occult seminars'!

TED: Actually a pretty funny and charming film. "Ted" is like a party animal likened a Bobcat Goldthwait type, like a stoner who sleeps on the couch. Started out like a charming little bear brought to life by a boy's wish upon a star, then essentially becomes a reflection of him, like his Id.

I really got a kick out of Sam Jones {Flash Gordon} being in it as another party animal, and the transformation of the asianeighbor as Ming! The personalized veritable Satanic Wedding at the end wherein an entire theme is selected with elements pertinent to The Self, and Jones presiding as minister! Also think he would make for a fantastic role as Huell Howser!

Then there are the ringtones! Hers The Imperial Marche and his the Knight Rider theme! Looking forwards to watching TED 2! Hail Ming!

The Greatest Show On Earth: Most of the circus samples from Speak of The Devil came from scenes in this film! A circle struggles to keep the show going nomatter the cost! Buttons the Clown turns out to be a doctor on the run for killing people before joining the circus. He saves the conductor's {Charlton Heston} life after a trainwreck leaves them in a shambles, but they recover to put on a parade nonetheless!

Heathers: A darkly romantic tale reminiscent of a pseudo-Gothic Bonnie & Clyde, about a misanthropic duo of highschool students picking off deserving jocks and bunnies made to look like suicides. The male protagonist is obviously based on the characterization of Jack Nicholson. Punishment due on those brutes and bitches!

National Geographic TABOO {Secret Passions/Satan Worshippers}: Necrotic Taxidermy Artist and companion demonstrate eviliving as Satanists in the suburbs, and conduct a Curse ritual on a deserving sacrifice {victim stole for heroin}. Theft & incompetence seem to be a problem in those parts, so there must be safeguards against stupidity! Another Dead wastrel! Good riddance! Hail Victory! Hail Justice! HAIL SATAN!

A note: Satanists are not "Satan worshippers". Satanists do not "worship" The Devil, but identify with & acknowledge the Satanic aesthetic, archetype and stimulating psychological construct through psychodrama to manifest emotional energy for Magical manifestation in accordance with The Will, and is a motivational force. Oneself IS The Devil, God, everything emanates from The Self. Parapsychologically, Thoughtforms can be created and channeled as well.

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