The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon
The Legend of Devil's Canyon
Introduction | I. The Gates of Hell | II. The Asylum | III. The Hanging Tree | IV. The Dead Pool | V. Night Shadows | VI. Blood On The Rocks {The Blood Stones} | VII. House of Living Shadows | VIII. Silent Screams {White Crosses} | IX. Haunted Hill | X. Twisted Trails {The Ballad of Haunted Devil's Canyon} | XI. Black Noise | XII. Workman's Ghost | XIII. Strange Things


These tales are by no means limited to any specific place. "Devil's Canyon" is an archetype of eidolic wilderness locations the world over. Every region, country has its own version with similar tales supplementing and continuing its own urban legends, told by successive generations.


Ghosts {natives, children}

Area founded by Spaniards on the bloodshed of local Indians. Abandoned orphanage 'shacks' where children were allegedly abused and killed; rumors of a cult sacrificing them on a rock on panoramic '360' hill.

Founder commits suicide, due to political skullduggery, whose ghost is said to still haunt the area.

Devil Worship / cults

Claim: Alleged sporadic spotting of dark robed figures with torches, and shadowy forms appearing around the area; abandoned homes used for rituals, and devil-worship-type vandalism. [see The Satanic Panic Archive]. Note: This site does not condone illegal activity, and discourages criminal behavior. Responsibility to the responsible.

Strange Creatures

Claim: Seen crossing the twisting roads, sometimes resembling large heavily-furred rodents, odd cats, to Sasquatch-like creatures, 'chupacabras', 'mothman', etc.

Insane Asylum / Mental Hospital

The abandoned structure there stands. Edifice eviscerated by a fire, allegedly patrolled by an early 19th century police car.

The Dead Pools

Across the way from The Asylum, are these empty pools where bodies and animal carcasses have been found. Belonging to houses which have been burned down. Sometimes frequented by skateboarders, until finally covered over.

Hell House

Claim: The porch light never extinguishes, quiet screams can be heard, behind black iron gate. Every community seems to have its own haunted house, devil house, etc., which may or may not be occupied, but in either case, is frequented by 'spooks' of one sort or another. For instance:

"An old house said to contain an entrance to Hell, and frequented by Satanists. Shadowy forms appear and disappear in the back yard, which is overgrown with thick foliage and over-hanging trees. Chanting has been heard coming from a rear window and a red light turning on and off. Frightened locals frequently cross themselves when passing by. Walking in the front yard is said to be very bad luck. Several people who have done so have died mysterious deaths, from being choked by invisible hands to car crashes and being murdered. Car collisions seem to happen on that corner on a regular basis. Demonic faces have been seen in the windows. Approaching too close to the front door, one can feel an evil sensation, and a cold spot where a pentagram has been seen sometimes around Halloween. It even looks like a haunted house. It can be recognized by the willow tree in the front yard.

I first found out about it when a friend and I were driving by and he remarked "That's where The Devil lives!" Last time I saw it, it looked like there was a strange glow around it." - Anonymous.

Old Graveyard

Claim: Traveling a certain distance will reveal an old graveyard stemming back from pioneer days.

If one hikes deeply enough, one will eventually arrive where the oldest parts of the cemetery are located, containing magnificent obelisks, ornate headstones, and beautifully-Gothic crypts, unlike modern variations, which are sadly just plain markers and plaques.


Personal experience of the omnipresent 'black sound' more felt than heard on a hike. Emanating overhead, eventually surrounding the area. Black pyramid variation, probably secret governmental project sometimes seen in isolated locations. Perhaps a variation in stealth technology.

The Hanging Tree

A body is said to be seen from time to time hanging from a tree while driving along the road.

Gravity Hill

There are a couple of variations on this story. One version relates that some children died on this spot due to a train collision into their school bus. So now whenever someone parks too near the train tracks, the vehicle is 'pushed' out of harm's way. Another version states a couple of girls perished after a night of intoxication. Supposedly, small hand prints can be detected on the rear bumper. Some have sprinkled talcum powder thereon to reveal the prints clearer.

This anomele also takes place at other parts of the road, wherein if one leaves their vehicle in neutral, it will slowly creep uphill. Some conjecture it is an optical illusion on the landscape.


As to the eerie sensation, there definitely is 'something' to it - a certain Dark Force energy which is invigorating, and the stimulating mysteries which surround this locale adds to its intriguing nature. Despite the legendry, some of which actually adds to the experience, a slow drive along its darkened snake-like roads provides for quite an empowering contemplation.

You have your choice of taking the guided tour below, or venture forth on your own by selecting the paths above. You may return to this location by selecting the title sign at each spot along your way.

Overall, dare to explore your own local Devil's Canyon, but take care. You have been warned.

Your journey is about to begin...


...There is a ruined gateway herein known as "The Gates of Hell", which is rumored to be the site of cult activity. Overgrown with thick foliage, there is a purported eerie sensation surrounding this area, and its nearby abandoned structures...

... There is an abandoned mental hospital where a ghostly patrol car from about WW2 is said to appear with no driver behind the seat. Barbarous atrocities are said to have occurred here, which were relatively common at the time, from lobotomies and electric shock therapy used as 'cure-alls' for mental patients. Because of these circumstances, the place is said to be haunted by its former residents - their pain and misery still resounding surrounding and within the long-since abandoned structure, now guarded by vicious hounds...

...It is said that when one travels along in Devil's Canyon, there is a phantom hanging tree that is spotted with a body dangling from its twisted boughs...

...Here there are empty abandoned pools which were once part of long decayed structures, and have since filled with flora and fauna. Local skateboarders deemed to use the pools for thrills, until some were paved over. In their history, bodies have been found therein, as well as various animal bones said to have been used in Voodoo rites...

It is said that shadowy figures are seen from time to time while traveling along the twisting roads of Devil's Canyon. These are said to be from robed cultists to ghostly specters.

Blood On The Rocks: Bloodstones

Probably the most disturbing of these tales. There is a hilltop so named "360* Hill", wherein one may hike to see a panoramic view of Devil's Canyon. There are several large boulders and platforms in this area which are said to have been used for some type of 'sacrificial rites', and are still rumored to be sometimes used for this purpose. Phantom drums are also purportedly heard throughout the canyon, which usually precedes the sightings of figures in the wilderness. Perhaps as a combination of imagination, urban legend, and environmental impressions, their origins are said to range from the ghosts of local Indians to the 'souls' of children slaughtered at the turn of the 19th century by a questionable mysterious cult supposedly involving local officials of the time.

...Known as 'Hell House', this abandoned house is said to stand along a cul-de-sac on a very dark road in Devil's Canyon. Obscured by foliage and behind a wrought-iron gate, the abandoned structure's porch light never extinguishes, and shadows have been seen in the windows as flickering lights ignite therein. The story goes that if you pass by very quietly and listen carefully, one can perceive the sounds of screams emanating from the edifice...

...When traveling on Devil's Canyon Road, one spots white crosses at a few spots marking where some tragic accident occurred, serving as a warning to those who would recklessly speed along its way. A young girl was once dragged behind a car, and when spotted by another motorist, the female passenger briefly stepped out of the car and screamed, then returned within, then the car sped off...

...Known as "Gravity Hill", this location is frequented by the curious who wish to experience the apparent reverse-gravity dynamic, wherein one's automobile actually begins coursing up-hill while placed in neutral. One theory states that this is merely the odd lay of the land yielding an optical illusion. Another more unconventional theory states that it is actually ghosts pushing the car up the hill to avoid a collision which happened many years ago...

Among the many mysterious and forbidden side trails throughout Haunted Devil's Canyon, there is a main trail appropriately known as Hellman's Trail, which I have the pleasure of hiking along on several occasions. It is a sort of scenic route where one can see many of the sights depicted.

...Personal experience of the omnipresent 'black sound' more felt that heard on a hike. Emanating overhead, eventually surrounding the area. Black triangle variation, perhaps a secret governmental project sometimes seen in isolated locations. Perhaps A variation in stealth and/or drone technology...

...Mr. Workman, along with a partner, founded and developed much of the area surrounding Devil's Canyon, whose name and influence can be seen throughout the nearby cities. Unfortunately, due to some questionable dealings in local political skull-duggery; and in the midst of financial ruin, including a friend's land, he committed suicide from a deal gone wrong. He was left with Devil's Canyon, and is said to haunt the area. On a couple of occasions, a mysterious 'old man' greatly resembling Mr. Workman is seen around some ramshackle structures, and has even been rumored to have actually given veritable tours to unsuspecting land buyers, only to later discover that he had long since died...

...Many strange unidentifiable creatures have been spotted from time to time in the darkness of Devil's Canyon...

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