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Satanimal by Draconis Blackthorne


bestial berzerker tears & renders the flesh of those of blindlight religions - xianty, weak-a, judeism, hindu, & moslim. Transforming their naked flesh into bloody pulps of painful agony. The specter of the Lord of Darkness looms in the background, as a wolf howls in the distance, signaling the beginning of the age of the predator. A return to Lex Talionis.

SATANIMAL is based upon the "Hymn of the Satanic Empire", or, "The Black Anthem", by Anton Szandor LaVey. The Doctor's intonation of "...We don't need them anymore!" is of special significance here. The blindlighter clones are represented - either impaled, crucified, eviscerated, & otherwise mutilated. Each wears the symbol of their foolishness, as vultures land to feast upon their flesh. In other words, putting it to good use, for once!

The creature here depicted, the Satanimal, represents the perfect merging & reconnection of the animal & the civil in man. Their synthesis being purely natural. Giving vent to one's lusts, obliterating one's enemies, by whatever form they might assume.

The bloody Pentagram represents a birth in blood. Through the destruction of battle, & the rewards of victory, life prospers there after, more resplendently than before, as Evilution prospers...

Satanimal by Draconis Blackthorne

Entrails? The Wheel of the Gods

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