The Black Earth V. 8, No. 3________Possessions___________Draconis Blackthorne

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AAmidst howling winds and storm, Some additional trick or treating brings Krampus to dispense more diabolical treasures of The Drægon.

Bapholantern medallion [1.75"]: Cloisonné on black nickel. For celebration of the Halloween lifestyle, perfectly complimenting ACI æsthetic crystallization inertia, evocation, & total environment.

Eliphas Levi Sabbatic Baphomet enthroned banner [46"]: Ideal for Tabernacle backing, wherein the sigil may be placed about the chest area. Encompasses the hellements, As Above So Below Macro/Microcosm Magical manifestation, crowning black flame, waning/waxing moons, great black wings, proper pentagram arrangement about the brow.

Always accompanied by several baddies therein, including stickers and postcards. Sterling service as always.

The Devil's Mirror Baphomet medallion

BMagenta BaphometBy demon claws and dragon wings, I was pleased to receive the Devil's Mirror medallion, black on reddish-purple {magenta/fuchsia} likened the coloration of the Baphomet on The Satanic Bible. Similar to the hellishly malefic mix of red & blacklights. According to The Devil's Shadowheel {Dracomeroth}, useful for Satanic Lust, & ideal for mesmerism & pendulum applications, if so inclined.

As per the name, the medallion is highly reflective, heavily sturdy, in a nice size. Imagine another color combination design on the other side! Like a 2/1 pendant likened the double-sided Camazotz trapezoid.

P.S. Stemming from the order on 9/11, with deep regards to Mgr. Frost's birthday & in the wake of he & Zoe's anniversary. Hail Satan!

Made In Hell

From the Depths, presented in Hellegant black boxes are contained "Hell Forged Steel", still brimming with Hades' flames.

  • The 'black steel' Lucifer medallion complements the bloodred Cloisonné Lilith medallion in a sexquisite Dracomnium dynamic, asserting & enhancing the conjoined lustful polarities of The Baphomet enthroned.

  • The blacksteel Pentagrammon festooned with silver chainlink necklace hooked about the top 2 angles of the horns of Satan grants a potent arcane ritualistic impression.

  • The Lilith medallion materializes with a rich deep red coloration, nicely reflective of the energy invoked. Ideal for Lust rituals & ceremonies, venturing forth during the rite, & lucidream projection.

  • The Lucifer banner is perfectly placed at the appropriate hellemental point for Chamber empowerment. It behooves the serious Satanic Sorcerer to also add the sigil of Belial, and Leviathan which may also be represented by the Necronomicon sigil.

The detail & quality of the medallions & pendants are always exquisite, plus I would love to see larger options available.

Black Moon eclipse Baphomet, Sabbatic Baphomet Enthroned

  • Eliphas Levi Sabbatic Baphomet Enthroned medallion: Here the pentagram upon the brow is in the proper position, earthen & hellbound, asserting The carnal Beast, who is actually seated upon the earth itself {"Lord of The Earth, and King of The World!"} signifying the hellements complementary in kind; presented within a cameoval shape, granting an impression of Victorian hellegance. Highly-detailed dark silver and sturdy.

  • Eclipsed {Black} Moon Baphomet medallion; Black gunmetal embossed & etched finely to display the emblem to hellite dimensions, gleaming texture with silver undertones by Hecate's light. Like the face of Satan emerging from the abyss through the darkness of the lunar eclipse upon such nights of Sorcery. Anyone searching for a black plated "Blackomet" will find this proximity.

    Reminiscent of formative adornment upon discovering the symbols of dread in what may remind one of that first pewter Baphomet, but here evolved in kind to masterful detail with increased scale & quality.

    Baphomet head magnet: Now possessed to complement the Power Pentagram, Camazotz Trapezoid, & Drægon Baphomet, for an infernal phantasmagoria adoring the shrine of Bælzebub!

    [Hammer] DRACULA
    Mēgo {v. Christopher Lee} 8" action figure.

    Welcoming a new denizen to The Noctuary! And all Hell rejoices!

    Highly detailed fearsome facial features, veined claw-like hands, and upgraded quality clothing, with 14 points of articulation. Displayed in predatory rictus, this is the HAMMER variation the likes of Satanic Rites of Dracula, Taste The Blood of Dracula, Horror of Dracula, Scars of Dracula, Dracula A.D., Brides of Dracula, Count Dracula.

    Representing The Beast in man, predator elite, immortal Sorcerer of black magic and darkest sorcery, willing veritable Son of Satan and Devil as a gentleman, hellish projection of The Shadow.

    Though the origins of the dark legend stems from Transylvania, the image is iconic, and is thus portrayed multiculturally - while Vlad Tepes reigns as hero of Draconian Justice in Romania, this would be the "English" adaptation, even with subtle hellements of Jack The Ripper. While the likes of Blacula portrays another. Nosferatu is much closer to the ghoulish creature of folklore.

    In the wake of Lee's birthday recently on 5/27, it is a pleasure to possess this effigy as a tribute to the darketypal character as a legendary manifestation from Vlad The Impaler, of which there is also a figure! May the nocturnal marathon commence!

    Thistlethorn Baphomet
    [Medallion appears darker than shown]

    Arriving in the ominous black envelope folded in 1/2 {for extra protection!}, the medallion is preserved in the hellegant presentation of a black box within a black box, festooned on a bar upon velvet lining. A fine piece, highly detailed, red symbols & eyes, black gunmetal angles, lilac & thistle, darker background to a slightly lighter Baphomet head, with Anniversary inscription on back.

    All arrives accompanied by a card with dedication statement written by The High Priestess, along with an Ungodly {featuring the lovely Zoe} & care instruction cards, with several complementary stickers of a red Baphomet, Ungodly {goathead}, and Pentacular Sulphur design. All carefully contained in an additional envelope. Class act all the way to Hell!

    It seems appropriate that Magus Gilmore and I made our acquaintance wearing similar coloration displayed herein. Congratulations, and Hail The Church of Satan!

    Additionally, this medallion can be used for seduction purposes, as it demonstrates the coloration of Lust / Control upon The Devil's Shadowheel. [see Dracomeroth]
    Nightmare Before xmas Tarot

    Nightmare Before xmas tarotA 78 standard-sized card deck with a plethora of marvelous art on one side, and a Haunted Mansion-esque wallpaper design on the other. Renaming the Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles suits to Candles, Presents, Needles & Potions, now one can read this oracle with an enhanced appreciation for this favorite timeless Halloween / Winter Solstice themed presentation. The artistry itself is worth the possession, wherein it can be foreseeably placed within a photo book for perusal, if so inclined.

    Taking a contemplative look about Halloweentowne, all of the characters are 'present' herein... from Jack & Sally, the vampires to the witches, werewolf to trick-or-treaters Lock, Shock, & Barrel, and everyone in-between. The Devil card is represented as Oogie Boogie, Death as cemetery gates, The Wheel of Fortune as the roulette wheel, and The Tower as Jack's Lair to name a few.

    As per ordering option, the instruction manual can be ordered printed or accessed as a .pdf file online. Booklet option Dracommended.

    For those who adore the film, and the art of Tim Burton, this deck is a treasure trove of trick or treat delights.

    There is a rare, unfortunately out-of-print SATAN'S TAROT deck in existence, but it is interesting that a tarot deck has not yet been created comprising The Infernal Names, with the Major Arcana suits of SATAN {Fire}, LUCIFER {Air}, BELIAL {Earth}, LEVIATHAN {Water}, which can then be cast in The Pentarot method.

    Adversary Baphomet & Chiroptera Dæmonum
    Adversary BaphometBatrapezoid magnet

    • Hellishly detailed Baphomet face, Leviathan symbols, pentangles and circle emergent in blood red, upon deep gloss blackground. Pleasing manifestation of The Satanic Statements series #9 ADVERSARY. Hellfires of Lust & passion! Heavy duty medallion with dark red back. Wickedly impressive! Various shades of darkness to choose from.
    • Camazotz Pentrapezoid magnet perfectly compliments the Baphomagnet as a base! And wherever a metal surface beckons. Chiroptera Dæmon has again emerged from Hell upon the Devil Winds! To possess and devour!

    13th Hellmoon of Hecate & Set

    In the wake of 'Setmas' with the 1st storm of the season, 'neath the 13th full moon radiant framed in fog, the Draegon's breath, The Hellmouth Gates receive a SatanMe summoning!

    6. Infernal Trinity Black Moon Baphomet medallion: Synchronous relation to Hecate {eq. & reflective manifestations Lilith, Sin, Circe}, associated with the moon & witchcraft, crossroads, doorways, city walls, etc. Triple moon significant of 666, lunar year of 13, pyramid ▽, Y {points to Hell & Earth, 'as above, so below'}. 3rd side undefiled wisdom Satanic perspective. Rebirth, 'new beginnings'. Consecrated upon the full moon. Creatures of the Night, hellhounds, serpents {serpentine dragon, basilisk, totem creature}, hellfire torches {infernalight of Lucifer}. The Dark Force in Nature, The Satanist {incarnation, empath}, The Magic. Flesh, intellect, emotion.

    6. Midnight Black Pentabolt medallion: Hellegance, stealth, shadowmantic pendant. Power Symbol of The Black Flame of The Will & Satanic Might!

    6. Pentabolt magnet: Perfect accent to just about any surface, especially Beelzebub's Throne! Asserts pride & strength complementing The Lair! As for Me & My House, I shall serve Myself in Satan!

    All accompanied by several baddies like stickers and postcards of The Black House on cemetery lane watercolor, LaVey enthroned, among others.

    LaVey Legacy Unhallows Evil Baphomet

    Friday the 13th possessions, high quality flexible casual garment, perfect ideological and physical fit. Subtle pinch at shoulder lending a pleasing pointed vest impression. 1x Larger order for muscular 13 o'clock trapezoidal frame accentuation. [3x wide shoulders, 2x torso]

    𖤐 LaVEY LEGACY: Founding Black Pope, Dæmon of The Church. The iconic image from the reverse side of The Satanic Bible. Large full print.

    🜏 UNHALLOWS EVIL: Hellevation memento Vivendi, and Helloween LV Hellmark, featuring evocative colorations upon this Harvest of diabolic pacts.

    Overall, ideal for casual wear, beneath the suit, weightraining, general, and/or gi accompaniment.

    Arcane Secrets Baphomet collection


    3113 Arrival of 2 remarkable Baphomet medallions.

  • VI. Marking The Hellevation, the All Unhallow's Evil Baphomet in shadowy orange background infernalit with hellfired eyes and לִוְיָתָן‎ LVTHN Ktav Ashuri symbols. Being that I have always felt most drawn to this unholyday as core, a tribute to the ultimate darketype, as a veritable nativity. Hellmarked with Devil's date & Pentabolt with Sulphur sigil on the reverse, now complements credential.
  • VI. 'Arcane Secrets' Nightglow Baphomet. Blood orange & jade in a sea of vanta black, or shadowmantium. A Baphomet plaque with nightglow properties would be magnificent!
  • VI. Drægon Baphomet magnet. Gracious complementary 'baddie'. The basilisk entwined round the sigil in malefic repose, gracing Beelzebub's throne. Other baddies include Black Pope LaVey throne painting & Blackhouse watercolor cards.

    6. Hellfired Drægon pin & medallion: Release The Basilisk! There entwined, the totemic serpentine drægon hisses and coils, slithering about the Baphomet sigil in malevolence & lust. Waiting, watching, diabolic eyes glistening from The Pit... Beware...
    6. Satan's Hellfire red Baphomet: Bloodred medallion with a deep silver coloration, almost black nickel. Hellfires of Lust and The Abyss. Passion's thrall. A pleasing possession in timeless rumination.
    6. Order of The Trapezoid medallion {round}: Satan's Trident festooned in Hell arises through the Black Earth into the 3rd & 4th dimensions, to emerge through the angles of the pentrapezohedron gateway, presenting the infernal trifecta in its wake, the Beast within manifest. Most appropriate for manifestation rites, to be worn appropriately. Trinary perspective of undefiled wisdom manifesting in consciousness, The Gates of Hell opened to unleash Dæmonic omnipotence. 𖤐

    Winged Skull of Ur

    T💀V Emporium

    Winged Skull of Ur pendant: Having possessed the arcane variation since forever, this most pleasing 'Shadow Series' bloodred on nocturnal black emblem asserts infernal associations, filled with lifeforce. Veritable winged 'solunar' disc, revealing the vampiric skull of the predator elite culling the masses for immortal consumption. Top of the food chain!
    Winged Skull of Ur shirt: For personal accentuation, undergarment & recreational contemplation. Light, stretchy material, and flattering to the form. Likened Shadow series style, Red print suggested.

    Baphomet Enthroned

    Baphomet Enthroned

    Flowing downwards...

    Sabbatic Baphomet sits imperiously upon earthen throne as fog creeps along crack & crevasse, a bestial Belialian presentation, providing fumigation for The Chamber while enhancing the mystical, psychodramatic effect. If you enjoy the fog effect to accompany your rites, this combines the two nicely.

    Reminiscent of Infernal Majesty, Makes a hellegant statue for total environment adornment. Necessitates its own 'backflow' cones, more appropriately referred to as downflow [🜏], which are encased and contain a hole on the bottom, releasing the oil into the likened opening upon the base, to provide that stimulating fog effect.

    🜏 Diabolus {Greek}: Flowing downwards. {Satanic Bible} Merriam-Webster Dictionary: downward flow or something that flows down; especially : a downward flowing current of air.

    Antichrist sculpture
    Ebros Gifts | stone grey resin | 12.25" tall, 8" wide, 2.25" deep

    AntichristSATAN Victorious! This detailed sculpture signifies The Antichrist. Contrast & Compare to THE ANTICHRIST, Lucifer emergent upon the inverse cross, as a statement of the transitional emergence of The Satanic Age, which is well upon us now. Makes a hellegant addition to any Satanic Lair, as a statement if anti-stupidity, repression, weakness, and a stimulating blasphemous evocation! Inverse cross also resembles an upthrust sword of defiance, like the Horns of Satan, for liberation & independence, self-deism and determination. Strength from within.

    Sabbatic Baphomet dæmonstrates The All-One, As Above / So Below, combined polarities to represent the 3rd side, center prong upon the barb of Hell! Carnal 666 of The humanimal/Satanimal Beast on the lower extensions, with 9 arising central. COAGULA / SOLVE, Binding/loosing, forming The will to reality, Is-To-Be, releasing upon ether unto MANIFESTATION. /Thought+Action=Result/. Hellflame of destruction & creation. Breasts of fertility & Lust.

    Devil's Rain Baphomet Hellbox
    Ebros Gifts | 3.75" long, 3.75" wide, 4.5" tall

    Devils Rain HellboxIntended as an incenser, with abyssal smoke proceeding from the hellmouth, it can also be used as a keepsake or 'witchbox' if so desired. Perfect for preserving amulets & talismans, sigils, photos, names, relics, etc.

    Looks very similar to the soulkeeper from the film The Devil's Rain {LaVey as technical advisor} sans hooves, which can be added with some improvisation. High aesthetics with serpent encircling 'round, skulls, hellfire, and a carven sigil of Baphomet displayed. Wonderful decor for The Altar of infernal secrets.

    Baphomet goblet
    Bruder Des Licht

    Baphomet gobletAn ideal artpiece for The Ritual Chamber, featuring the Levi Baphomet head presenting a veritable Omnigram effect, itself dæmonstrating the proper inverse pentagram of its innate constitution, accompanied by the Vetruvian pentacle, both asserting the phi-ratio in nature, and the humanimal beast. Placed together, dual polarities in one whole, ergo, Magic used to help or hinder as appropriate.

    Horn stem, pentagram base, stainless steel inner cup, highly detailed, heavy duty, wonderfully ornate, sure to enhance psychodramatic rites and accentuate total environments. Mug also available for more casual indulgence.

    ASP Apparel

    Seems like this may be one of the last orders since it has been 'deplatformed', due to what has been termed by the pusillanimous webhosts as "hateful speech" because of a Valknut △△△‽ Nonsense!

    It seems they are ignorantly associating the ancient pagan symbol with the lamebrain antics of racists, who probably don't even know its origins themselves! It may not be antagonistically racist, just a prideful acknowledgement of ancestry. But the stupid, nomatter the race, are detrimental to their culture by acting brutishly confrontational, uneducated and uncivilized.

    The etymology and historicity of symbols must be preserved, not warped, appropriated, or taken out of context by simpletons. The aim is the upwards evolution of the mind through education and productive application.

    To Me, it could also represent 666, ▼▼▼, unholy trinity {inverted stanchion towards Hell}, as well as Belial {The Beast} for its resemblance to mountains, and travel. It has been posited that it may be symbolic of Odin placing confusion in battle, tying the mind in knots, which would be useful in ritual work to bind an enemy. Also representative of Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life.

    2 pennants demonstrating the inverse cross {besides antixian blasphemy, could also represent the 4 Crown Princes of Hell / Hellements, seasons}, and Pentabolt, both now flanking the Giger Baphomet poster. Adds a much more appropriate hellegant hellement herein, for one's total environment.
    Infernal Majesty: Red woven pentagram tapestry on black cloth for the bed heading, for an imperial impression.
    2 replacement shirts demonstrating THE DEN OF INIQUITY & WE ARE LEGION sentiments. The former ones had torn and faded, even though the fading effect is impressive as well!

  • {As a most devilishly delightful surprise, a complementary Pentabolt pin was included as well! Much appreciated!}

    /,,/ Tip of the Horns: The respectable proprietor maintained honor throughout. May this stygian resource arise again stronger than ever!

    Bruder Des Licht ⸸ color: bone

    The bonewhite skullbowl from Bruder Des Lichts arrived today. The interior is smooth, except for a minor defect gauge on one part inside, but it doesn't leak or chip. It's more or less about the same size as the other one, but actually smoothly concave like a bowl should be, while the other one seems more like decor.

    Whether used for meals, not too hot or cold, storage of certain unholy items, or even a trick or treat candy bowl or catchall, doing so in this morbid receptacle adds to one's environment for literal and symbolic feasting.


    Foremoshop | deep color

    skullbowl There's nothing quite like eating from the skull of your enemies, and you can name it whomever you wish at the time...

    A bit Smaller than I thought it would be, and the "deep" color which looks brown in the photo, is actually more of an orange-amber, like a Halloween shade, with deep bloodred eyes. The inside rim is a little flaky, though unnoticeable otherwise. Not recommended for food, but decorative, ideal as a catchall and/or basket, storage of jewelry, phone, keys, wrapped candies {even for trick or treaters}, dry ice or burning, preparatory for cursing parchments.

    Takes about a month to arrive, due to quarantine procedures. Good detail, ceramic-like material, also available in white. [4/5]

    SATANME: Trapezoids & Pentagrams
    • ⛧ϟ BLACK PENTABOLT {midnight red}: Simply AWESOME! Looks Hellegant, and really asserts the Devil's Shades of a black & red combination {see Satan's Color Wheel, Dracomeroth}. Lightning bolt striking forth with Daemonic Power from The Black Pits of Hell!
    • Long BAPHOMET banner: Placed over the center partition on the curtain to improve privacy, enhance Hellegance, decor. Thick material improves gloom.
    • BAPHOMET pennant {podium banner}: Placed above & behind the sidetable for the time being, most perfectly enhancing the triple candelabrum. It offers a Gothic medieval effect for a veritable 'Knights of The Black Circle' impression. The shape does remind one of a pentagon overall. It was a little crumpled, but it eventually folds out.
    • ⛧ψ⏢🦇ORDER OF THE TRAPEZOID pendant: An incredible two-sided medallion based on the original Order of The Trapezoid, displaying both the Camazotz demon and the pitchfork arising from Hell into the angles of The Pentagram! A very Powerful symbology that will no doubt provide for enhancement!

    • ⚰️⏢ TRAPEZOID COFFIN pendant: Was created during the original Order of The Trapezoid & Magic Circle with dynamics I have also noticed - the angles of the coffin feature two trapezoids upwards & downwards, dimensional gateways in themselves. LaVey is actually seen wearing it for a Rosemary's Baby promotional photo. I also wrote about this in Wombtomb.
    • BAPHOMET GOATHEAD medallion: Power of The Knights Templar! The Baphomet goathead itself, Goat of A Thousand Young unleashed! The veritable face of Satan cast through the Shadowmirror from The Abyss! ! Already have the pin, which just looks hellegant! The Great Wild Beast emergent through the angles, unleashed upon The Black Earth!
    • Red on black 🜏 BRIMSTONE banner: By pure infernal machinations, this symbol now graces, empowers The Altar foundation to complement The Altar Throne - it is just a perfect Hellement that was to be there all along!
    • SatanMe Baphomet mask: A surprise inclusion in this marvelous Satanic treasure trove! Black mask with the SatanMe logo on the side, for that Satanic Ninja touch of Evil! Thank you!
    • Baphomet head sticker: Secret inclusion # 2! Even though I had just ordered several other stickers, it is a pleasure to add this one as well! What a bonus! Thank you!


    A perfect replica of the mighty & evil Dæmon God statue, used in the film THE EXORCIST, now pedestaled upon the HELLRAISER box on the table beside Me. It looks and feels like stone, with every detail clearly evident, from the erection to the serpent, to the Baphomet gesticulation. It also thus behooves one to acquire a Ouija board placemat for further accentuation.

    I have had a very potent cooperation with this Dæmonic egregore. I have always admired the figure, but it wasn't until fairly recently when I really made a connection thereunto, wherein He was summoned to punish certain wastrels, thus gathering up energy and momentum, feeding until further purpose, accessing that energy with justified recourse to punish the teeming masses who would torture undeserving creatures. Thus combined with Camazotz, the patron of the winged creatures of the underworld to bring about plague, which has decimated worthless subhuman lifeforms en masse.

    In Nomine Luciferi, PAZUZU, Demon of the Hell Winds, brother to Humwawa, thou directeth plague & drought under Thy Power, thou spinneth in the whirling zephyrs, Thou comest amassed in burning clouds, and devours the rotten under direction of diabolic justice!

    Hail Pazuzu! Hail Camazotz! Hail Satan!

    SatanMe Hellbox
    • Midnight series Pentabolt: Dark gray variation dark enough to appear black, for a black on black effect! Coloration represents The Black Flame Animus & The flames of Hell, The Power of Will, and Lucifer's rebellious strength!
    • Silver Pentabolt with black bolt: Highly reflective silver pentagram with black lightning bolt design representing The Black Flame.
    • Touch of The Devil 3D Blackomet {polished black}: Behold The face of Satan! Emerging into the 3rd dimension, likened a monstrance effect - Satan emergent! Dimensions revealed in flickering candlelight with facial characteristics manifest. Ideal for Workings.
    • Black Sulfur sigil: Truly taking root in the bowels of The Black Earth, hellements of earth & fire & brimstone! Sabbatic Baphomet seated upon infernal throne, extending into the angles; infinity & totality in perpetual regeneration.
    • Satanic Bible Baphomet stickers {magenta on black, like the cover of The Satanic Bible}
    • Hellographic Baphomet stickers: Demonstrates kaleidoscopic effect upon oscillation. Opalescent to represent the varying perspectives and dimensions within the sublime darkness that is Satanism.
    • The Secret Life of A Satanist book: Additional material and photography, appendices, to complement the original. Always a pleasure to reread and peruse into the night.
    • Red on Blackground Baphomet banner: Heavy material with silken sheen, deep red blends into the gloom. perfect complement for any diabolical Altar.
    • Satanic Bible LaVey poster print {red wash; perfect for The founder & High Priest, the iconographic image from the back of The Satanic Bible}.
    Mascots of Evil
    Mascots of Evil

    Supplementing The Mascots of Evil collection with these recent forgings from The Abyss {to accompany ϟLAYERMercyful Fate King Diamond]. Each serves to enhance the atmosphere and increase the innate overall psychodramatic nefarious energy of one's Satanic environment! Like a combination Lock principality of Hell! The concept of resonant effigies, thoughtform possession permeate these ancient Sorcery secrets unto themselves, and for our kind are instinctual and empowering! Each are comprised with Kennermatic composition for desired arrangements.

    • The very wicked Magna Satan from VENOM Black Metal {inspired by cover 1 from Man, Myth, & Magic: Illustrated Encyclopedia of The Supernatural} remains one of the most unholy & diabolically pure presentations of the archetype. Decided to compleat His look by adding a cloak AND gauntlets, even a Staff of Power! And it really came out quite well! After all, just observing the EviLive In '85 performance, one detects Him wearing a hood on what could be a cloak, so it has been replicated.
    • To accompany the MERCYFUL FATE into KING DIAMOND personification, the tophat version circa Voodoo and beyond complements perfectly. With the visage of a demonic rictus, He carries Lucifer's Lantern of undefiled wisdom, guiding him through the secrets of The Occult, and the lambent haunted halls of The Mansion to encounter the next horror!
    • The Beast Devil from IRON MAIDEN Number of The Beast album, also remains a most remarkable demonstration of an infernal mask of Satan!

    Devil card

    Devil Tarot card notebook
    Ghoulish Garb ⸸ Notebook, 118 pp.

    Pleased to receive this Hellegant notebook, to be used most appropriately for tarot readings. Satan's Tarot & other notable decks*. Though one is The Master of One's fate, according to desire and deed, the tarot and other oracles can be useful as tools to exercise the Jungian unconscious shadowside. Utilizing archetypes and metaphor to identify psychological patterns exploring the underside of consciousness, a perspective sharpening of the senses & intuition, enhancing both cerebral segments, analytical & imaginative, otherwise contemplative objects d'art & occult novelty.

    For some Satanic perspective: Observing the card, one denotes that it is of course Baphomet depicted in the materialization of the Will of As Above So Below gesticulation, with the properly pointed pentagram towards Hell & Earth, & all hellements represented. Horns of mental & physical strength & fecundity of intellect and imagination, thrust aloft in defiance of blindlight theological tyranny, representative of earth. Breasts & phallus representative of Lust and desire, also fecundity and lifeblood. Wings of Lucifer, freedom and independence to do as thou wilt; serpents of water and dæmonseed of pleasure.

    Those are The Lovers adorning the foot of the throne, a nubile couple, who may be Satanists considering the horns, with Satan igniting the tail of the male with the Hellfire of Lust, while her tail demonstrates the pomegranate seeds indicative of fertility, while the chains symbolize their willing allegiance to The Carnal, with a willingness to sexplore fetishistic pleasures, enhancing the delights of the flesh.

    * Gothic {Vargo}, Madame Endora's Fortune cards, Baphomet [Giger], Halloween, Dragon... There seems to be a tarot deck theme for just about every preference! Like sexual fetishes, just type [name] followed by tarot in a search engine, and it probably exists!

    Ouija coaster

    Evil Eye Pentagram Ouija oracle planchette coaster
    Spooky Kook

    Created in the traditional "heart" shape of the Ouijaboard oracle, now one's skullmug or goblet, statuette, gargoyle, urn, or dish can 'coast' on these hellegant salvers.

    Having appreciated the aesthetic & history of the board, as an object d'art and Jungian shadowside tool of the unconscious, I find these a hexcellent accent to one's total environment Lair, complementing the Gothic style. Note the proper positioning of The Satanic Pentagram accompanied by skulls as if to say HELLO & GOODBYE. Reminds one of the splendid Hammer film THE SKULL.

    Soft felt beneath, which can easily slide across a table if needs be for an impromptu divinatory session, perhaps utilizing the Dæmonicromnium.


    The Hellbox has revealed several more possessed items summoned forth upon the infernal winds.

    • Drægon Baphomet medallion: The Satanic Drægon encircling 'round The Baphomet sigil in mutual rapport now possessed in medallion form, to accompany the pin. Two darketypes in one, complementary in kind. Originally manifest for Church of Satan stationary, now applied throughout for decorative and Sorcery applications.
    • Black Opal Baphomet medallion: The Black Opal is the primary jewel of Satan, and as such this splendid pendant replicating the reflective properties forged in the bosom of Belial's keep. All colors of the dark contained within the Black, each a Hellflame.
    • Evening Reign Baphomet medallion: Crisp design color detailing the Baphomet head itself distinct from the blackground within the angled perimeters, placing these talismans above in form perfection.
    • Evening Eclipse Baphomet / Sulfur Deskplaque: Ideal for decoration on just about any setting, from one's desk, to bookcase, coffeetable, even a diorama for objects d'art and statuettes, and enhancing The Altar. Features The Sigil of Baphomet flanked by the sulfur & brimstone sigil, indicative of Hellfire & Lust {kundalingam significance}, the reflective angles of The Sabbatic Baphomet enthroned, and the ocular frames with penetrating third eye projecting.
    • Baphomet magnet: Can be placed interchangeably wherever your blackheart desires for practical as well as decorative purposes, to empower whatever metal surface of choice, instantly adding thirdside psychological perspective.
    • Baphomet sticker: Ideal for Black Book of Shadows notebooks, personal grimoires, cases, and wherever else to apply philosophical and/or Magical significance. The holographic effect emits a multi-hue visual resonance to illustrate the multiplicity of variants with Satanic ideology as core.



    Arriving recently upon devil wings coursing upon the winds of The Abyss, I Am pleased to possess these nefarious totems of prideful infernal adornment!

    Shadow Baphomet Camazotz Baphomet Drægon Baphomet
    • Blackomet: Emerging from the shadows, appears this Black on black Shadow Baphomet design for that stealth or Ninja look, a clandestine presentation projecting into the subconscious.
    • Camazotz Trapezoid: The manifestation of the avenging chiropteran dæmon emerging from Hell through the Trapezohedron gateway. Early Church of Satan, Magic Circle design. Also a poignant misanthropic materialization of the black plague decimating the subhuman scourge.
    • Drægon Baphomet: The Great Drægon encircles the Baphomet sigil in darketypal serpentine form, whispering & hissing with biforked tongue of flame, with tail pointing straight to Hell!
    • Drægon Baphomet 'joggers': Print looks really nice, contains anklecuffs verses the usual elastic. These high quality sweatpants are used like pajamas, & kind of look like leggings, so it is recommended that buyers purchase one size larger for better fitting. These are a pleasure to possess.

    Materials are optimum quality, classy presentation, professional considerate communication, with discreet packaging, and often includes a little something extra.

    Anton LaVey signature printAnton LaVey signature print
    SATANME. 11"x17"

    Sepia-washed Magus LaVey portrait in regal pose amidst the fullness of nature. Highly detailed print delivered in thick shipping tube, ideal for framing in honor of the Founder of The Church of Satan, with barbed signature printed in black. The paper is a bit thin, so be cautious upon extraction.

    The Satanic NotebookThe Satanic Notebook
    SATANME | 3.5x5.5 | 48 pages

    Printed in the style of The Satanic Bible, with magenta Baphomet and similar font style to the infamous Black Book in front, with the exact image of LaVey on back. Makes for great Book of Shadows notations, and study progressions within the four Hellemental books. A small notebook about the size of a planner, that can fit in a coat pocket, ideal for important dates and numbers {business, indulgence}, even quick drawing ideas. Great memento in recognition of the publishing of The Satanic Bible!

    Acrostic Drægon pin
    "Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems." Revelation 12:3

    Acrostic DraegonSatan The Drægon: As a complement to the Baphomet Drægon "pintagram", the evocative infernal Drægon acrostic introducing each chapter within the diabolical pages of The Satanic Bible has now been made a Hellegant "pindant"! Which can now be worn in recognition for those who know, and as memento of the recent Anniversary of the publishing of that landmark tome that opened the Gates of Hell during the formative period of The Church of Satan's emergence, and the liberating elements of personal revelation unto subsequent evolution within the mind!

    Baphomet head pintagramBaphomet head pintagram

    Satan, Belial, The Black Goat of A Thousand Young itself is stylized outside the Leviathan insignia to be displayed on a lapel, shirt, tie, or even a carefully placed and manipulated zipper pull if so inclined! The goat head displays the phi-ratio nascent in nature and fits perfectly within the dæmonic angles of the pentagram, unleashed as The Great Wild Beast! Also preserving the combined sigil of Baphomet for private Rites of Darkness.

    Both are backed with a sturdy rubber festoon, keeping solidly in place.

    POSSESSION: Baphomet goathead | Satanic Bible chapter pin

    Shadow Baphomet

    Shadow Baphomet

    On the heels of the recent Drægon Baphomet possession, I went on the mailbox Constitutional in the 9 o'clock Hour of Satan, yielding the Black As Pitch 1.75 Baphomet from SatanMe! {I hear Nathan Explosion saying "Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity!"}. With black nickel angles on blackground, there really has to be a lightsource reflection to be perceived, and appears as glossy black on a matte blackground, as I had envisioned, like the evocative Shout At The Devil album.

    Additionally, there are a plethora of other beautifully splendid selections to taste, which can be attuned to occasion, purpose, Hellday, and mood.

    My first Cloisonne' Baphomet possession was from The Emporium, which SatanMe grew from. The silver on black version now named "Evening Black", and I would eventually come to possess the 666 High Mass version obtained at the event.

    I had been desiring a Black on Black Baphomet medallion, and it has come to be in the form of the Black As Pitch pendant by SatanMe! Available in 1.25 & 1.75 versions, I Am pleased to possess this exquisite piece that reflects not only one's purposes in ritual, but the shadows themselves, with angles appearing from the darkness of the angles, perceived in conscious and subconscious recognition, complementing eachother in kind. A truly Shadowmantic tool.

    ReAction figures
    Year LIII | Super 7 | 3.75"

    The SLAYER arrived amidst hellfire and burning winds, arising by the evocation of the labyrinthine Abyss, molded in Hell, crossing the second dimension to The Third Gate of materialization!

    Bearing the spiked gauntlets & armored belt & cloven black boots, this fierce depiction of The Sabbatic Baphomet grasps the hellsword to state "Face The Slayer!" and "Die By The Sword!" With a hilt of demonic talons, festooned with a ruby jewel at the base, relecting the crown of hellfire with eyes aglow in bloodlust and rage! As if to state "Evil Has No Boundries!" The other four swords interlace The Pentagram like an invitation to take up the blades and join the "hellish crusade"!

    Having appreciated the nefarious orchestrations of these metal musicians since timelessness immemoriam, I was also always impressed by this depiction of "the mascot" {"Minotaur"? More like a combined incarnation}, much like demons Murray of DIO, Snaggletooth of MOTÖRHEAD, MÖTLEY CRÜE's Allister Fiend, QUIET RIOT's Masked Madman, or IRON MAIDEN's Eddie. Each giving The Devil His due in their own way.

    The Repossession

    The Repossession

    In Highschool, this characterization {as well as the Magna Venom Black Metal Satan & Welcome To Hell Baphomet - actually My first 'formal' altar Baphomet!; Bathory "Bathomet" demon goat} became a symbolic anthropomorphic representation utilized in parchments and various drawings, even backpatches!

    Also most notably, The Repossession & Satan Enthroned. Definite iconographic evocations! {Both of which were featured on various Satanic Panic presentations! Thanks to Occult Cop "Satan Sleuth" Sgt. Randy Emon!}

    The characterization represents the prime anthropomorphic representation of Satan to 'Devin Black', the darketypal Malefick Musick incarnation! A veritable memento daemonum! I have since personalized it even further and added My own warrior hair. He clearly has long hair on the album, but for some reason hair was not initially included on the figurine. So now He is complete! It is also ironic in the symbolism of one becoming what one idolizes in formative development.

    Super7 "Halloween Series" 3.75" ReAction Figure

    A veritable Halloween treat arrives as I Am pleased to welcome King Diamond to The Noctuary!

    Figure presented in traditional Mercyful Fate configuration complete with infamous crossbones microphone! While the other hand in the sinister Cornu gesticulation! The turntable can become a veritable stage! There are also glow-in-the-dark and black variations. Very Kenner-style form kinematics {"Kennermatics"}. As a matter of fact, a very similar cape to that of Darth Vader!

    Into The 'Coven', He joins another Satanist, Church of Satan Magister, The Sinister Minister James Mitchell!

    Once upon a visitation: Magus Anton Szandor LaVey & King Diamond!

    IRON FIST: You also mentioned Anton LaVey, former head of The Church Of Satan. By all accounts he was quite a character, whom you met more than once.

    KING DIAMOND: “I was very close to LaVey for a while – I dated one of his daughters actually. He was very serious about what he wrote in ‘The Satanic Bible’. He managed to put into a book what I had always felt. It’s not like I read the book and said ‘I wanna be like that!’ I recognised myself in his writing.

    “Once I was invited to come to the Church and spend a whole night there. I spent two hours in the ritual chamber with him. It had been re-energising for over a year and a half and no one had been in there except him. There was a very high altar, a sleigh from a Russian Czar who had used it to drive his witches to and from court; there were original books – all kinds of stuff in there. There were 13 rooms and he could enter all these rooms in full secrecy. There was an iron maiden, which was actually a doorway from another room. It was an amazing experience. Instead of me just going in there and waiting for him to speak, I told him that I would like to speak first and tell him what I felt about the Satanic philosophy. I spoke for about 45 minutes after which he took his Baphomet sigil off and pressed it into my hand; it just said everything. Then we talked for about an hour and a half. He played keyboards for me that night – could’ve been music for a horror movie – and then suddenly he switched into ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’, looking over his shoulder with a big smirk on his face! With his humour and just the way he was, there was a very deep connection.

    “I have a hand-written letter from him, which I always carry with me. It means so much to me as he never wrote anyone by hand, he would always dictate. I told Karla LaVey that I had this letter from her dad and she didn’t believe it, so I showed it to her and she started crying when she saw what he’d written to me. He said that everything was going according to plan. I know exactly what he’s talking about, but I will never tell anyone.”

    Draegon Baphomet

    Draegon Baphomet
    To the blasting demonwinds howling across this Hellscape, as the squawks of ravens betoken an arrival, the presence of a new possession to be welcomed and brought to The earthly Infernal Throne, an offering wrought of Devil's fane, the denizens rejoice!

    An incredibly hellegant piece that seems essential, especially for one whom The Dragon is a primary iconographic inspiration. Used as letterhead for The Cloven Hoof newsletter and Church correspondence as well being being featured throughout The Satanic Bible, it is a most potent piece that will absolutely enhance aesthetics and overall atmosphere and psychodrama!

    Whether pinned upon your lapel, tie, or used as a broach upon a robe or to fasten a cape, it may even be used upon one's bag. At a heavy duty 2x2", the pin features two spikes for secure fastening, and available in four shades for prideful decoration & personal applications. Hail The Satanic Draegon!

    Occult Arcanum

    On this day in the unholy month of October, in the year of Satan LIV, did I come to possess this infernal gift, a marvelously arcane collection of amazing Goetic metal 2-sided coins, where no two rounded shapes are exactly alike, though each sigil is perfectly presented thereupon. Seemingly forged by a midevial metalsmith in pure hellfire with The Devil's very own hammer!

    Darketypal Zietgeists

    For those so inclined, and depending upon the seriousness and studiousness of the Sorcerer, these definitely prove useful for experimentation and/or art & conversation pieces.

    Parapsychologically, as a psychodramatic stimulus of the shadowside of the psyche, these Daemonic characteristics correspond to sublimated cerebral traits brought to the fore, as an exercise of nacscent abilities lain dormant, dynamically awakened by these meditations. Darketypal zietgeists.

    For the purposes of Satanic Magic, the sealing agents of the demiurgic "T" nomenclatures are removed to allow free reign unto those forces summoned as brothersisters & friends to gratify the Will, and may be added to The Infernal Names! Coins may be grasped with appropriate gesticulation, inunciation, either/or within The Chamber itself, and in the very presence of the intended target!

    Preserved in a lush black velvet bag complete with Solomon's seal, there are all 72 {9} Daemonic seals, 3 Solomon seals pendants with leather cords, 3 seal pendant coins, and 2 seal rings. Considerately accompanied by 3 booklets {veritable "daemonomicons"} listing references and informative descriptions on each sigil, divided into Kings & Dukes, Princes & Marquis, Counts, Presidents, & Knights.

    Overall, a splendid addition to one's Occult Arcana.

    Film: Ghoulies

    The Dark Side
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