Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium



ll is deafeningly quiet. The night seems to be extra dark. There is an ambiance of impending doom... thunder rumbles low, as blue lightning stretches forth like skeletal fingers across the cumulus clouds, which now have begun to slowly part, moving, churning, as a slow cyclone. Rays of glowing black light bathe the earth in its illumination. The parted clouds frame a dark figure, descending resplendently from the tempestuous skies.

Monstrously beautiful black wings move ever so slowly, as the shadowy form descends unto the Black Earth, reclaiming it, after centuries of blindlight oppression, for Satan's earthly legions, & to bring forth the new Age of Black Flame.

The Children of Darkness arise from their lairs, uplifting the Cornu high & proud, while the children of blindlight cower in fear. They are now Our slaves. The blindlight gods are dead! A far more ancient God arises anew, to bring indulgence, liberation, & diabolic justice.

The earth is bathed in the blood of a million martyrs, the last vestiges of the whitelight corruption. The world is Ours again...

Antichrist by Draconis Blackthorne

The Antichrist represents the emergence of the Satanic Age.

Entrails? The Black Morning
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