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Satanic Oracles

The following devices shall be used to more fully & deeply access the "Shadow Side" {read Jung} of the Individual employing them. All situational manifestations resulting from their usage will have come forth from the Darkest part of the Mind, thus aiding to focus One's goals, & to help in the performance of Lesser & Greater Magic.

These may serve in manifesting the elements of the Microcosm more perfectly into the Macrocosm. The Individual acts as the aggressive Force, thus actualizing the Will more perfectly. These meditative tools serve to sharpen the Satanist's perceptions & Magical omnipotence. At most, they will intensify the inherent potencies. At the very least, they will make for delightfully & diabolically artful novelties & conversation pieces. In the end, it is what the Individual enfuses into them. Suggestions that may arise are then catylists to action, but always remember never to fall into delusion and become dependant on the tool.Remember, The Satanist is the manipulator, NOT the manipulated!

I created My board for the benefit of other Satanists, if they wish to use it, because I have found the configuration to be of enormous effectuality. I have shared the board with other Satanists, and they have also derived wonderful results as well.

Satan's Ouija 1Satan's Ouija III: TrapezoidSatan's Ouija III: Pentagram

[ Click on images for larger view ]

This device is directed specifically for The Satanist, as a Psychic Enhancer, that will exercise the Mind, & focus One's goals. A Diabolic meditation. Accompanied by instruction booklet. Pine, 11x14: Black Glossy Surface: $30.00. Includes Shipping & Handling.

* Satan's Ouija I: Baphomet. [Baphomet Sigil used with permission].
* Satan's Ouija II: Pentagram.
* Satan's Ouija III: Trapezoid.

OmniboardThe pendulum oracle board, is a Psychic Enhancer, for the exercise of the subconscious Mind, & to focus upon One's goals. A Diabolic meditation.

Therein contained is The Chaos Star, reaching forth in all directions, grasping the universal flows, exerting the Almighty Will into the cosmos. The Infinity symbol which multiplies itself, ever cycling and renewing one's purpose; The Omnigram asserting the All-One in omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Reaching into matter and ether to materialize the Will of The Sorcerer, divulging patterns of existence, and modifying them for one's greater purposes, as the designer of one's creation.

Accompanied by instruction booklet. Quality wood round plaque, black glossy surface, silver enscription. Includes exclusive pendulum upon request.

  • $66.60 USA. $81.00 International. Price includes Shipping & Handling.
  • Please contact Blackthorne Productions for ordering information.

    The Satanic RunesComprised of silver enscription on glossed black tablets with upright & reversed meanings, utilizing symbols inherent to Satanism. Hand-made upon order. Accompanied by instruction booklet & Silver Pentagram on Black Cloth. 25 runes: $30.00. Includes Shipping & Handling. [Click on image for reversed enscription].

    A Diabolical "rosary" grants the Draconian Satanist's wishes, by invoking the names of particular Goetic daemons for your specific intended purposes. Individual black beads marked with demonic signatures in silver, with Baphomet Talisman. Accompanied by instruction booklet: $30.00. Includes Shipping & Handling.

    Museum of Talking Boards

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