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Sinister Narrations of Draconis Blackthorne's Articles, Poetry, Fiction, & Essays, combined with Dark Musick & Sound Effects, to accentuate the listening experience, and manifest the daemonic within.

Narrations From The Abyss Volume One features:

I. Introduction.
II. Microcosmic Spermatozoa: How these microscopic progenitors reflect the hierarchical microcosmic & macrocosmic dynamics of the human species in their Darwinian struggle for survival.
III. The Satanic Breed: What sets the Satanist apart from the common sub-human herd, and diabolical suggestions are discussed.
IV. Evilove: Selective love and hate from a Satanic perspective, and whom or what is worthy to experience them in their purest dimensions.
V. Divine Madness: Eccentricity and genius have often been associated with The Devil. This article discusses comparisons, certain catalysts and personages correctly construed as being in league The Devil.

Opvs Lvciferi: Narrations From The Abyss


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