Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

Wheel of The Gods


lternately referred to as "The Demon Well", & "The Fountain Of Perpetual Pain", this ghoulish device serves the Legions of Hell with a blood fountain, with which to quench their thirsts. Thereupon, can be found a chain of heavenly bodies, racked with excrutiating pain. They are repeatedly impaled upon a granite wheel, from which protrudes black spikes from the points of the Pentagram.

Here, a demon sups the holy nectar, with an Arch-daemon looking on in the background. Above them, Death {Azrael; Thanatos} ushers in the next group of souls, condemned by their own chosen & created beliefs. "Sinners", as it were, as they have branded themselves, who could not live up to the ridiculous codes of conduct & asenine moralisms. They have decided their own unfortunate fates. In their own delusion, they have manifested the inevitable...

The Wheel of the Gods by Draconis Blackthorne


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