Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

jesus loves you

Cerberus ~ Guardian Hound of Hell


ehold, the fate of those who would oppose Us. The servile followers of the nazarene are torn limb from limb by the Black Wolves of Satan. The nazarene has grown lax in his complacience, & pleasures himself with his braying xian brides, who submit without question or doubt.

For 2000 years they have been kept in a mental pen, & a frail, white picket fence of crucified messiahs has preserved them in ignorance, abstinence, & delusion. Satan appears as Abaddon to rend the pastures asunder.

The nazarene is oblivious to his final destruction, as he is awash in blindlight & hypocritical sin. A black werewolf-Satanimal-beast lunges above him, & pounces, consuming the glowing, bleeding heart, silencing the bastard-son-of-a-whore once & for all.

The predators lay indulgently, bellies full with the mutton of xian flesh, & pick their teeth with their victim's bones, basking in the moonlight. They howl up into the night, proclaiming this dark deed done. Satan smiles....

Entrails? Black Mass

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