Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

Messe Noir



hadows move in the darkness. The smell of burning wax & sulphuric incense permeate the chambre you have now entered. Candles spark aflame, revealing a robed, horned figure standing behind the black trapezoidal Altar of Satan. Beside Him, a hooded phantom holds a black chalice, that will be filled with the blood of the sacrificed victim.

The chambre is filled with the ghostly chants of the morbid congregation, of which you are part. A strange glow of phosphorescent light pulsates in mid-air. And now, lain, facing the South, the crucified nazarene writhes in pain upon the Altar of Satan. The immense Daemon form holds a black ceremonial sword above the stinking carcass of the sacrifice, who whimpers & pleads for mercy.

The shadowy figure charges the nazarene with his crimes against the flesh, & against the Pagan peoples of the world, who were slaughtered, corrupted, & mutated in his name.

The dark congregation all uplift the Cornu to the Baphomet, whose eyes, & that of the Daemon form, are now aglow.

And with the crash of the ritual gong, & the mighty cries of "Hail Satan!", the sword is plunged into the body of the nazarene, piercing through, even unto the altar. The nazarene in his last throes of death, groans momentarily, then is silent. The hooded priest collects the ebbing blood into the chalice, & all partake of the holy nectar, thus empowering them with divinity, & placing the omniversal powers to productive use.

The nazarene is taken atop a nearby hill, & is burned on his sacrifix, as the congregation rejoices, & partakes in the delights of the flesh...

Black Mass by Draconis Blackthorne

Entrails? The Black Morning
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