Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

Infernal Majesty


azing to the West, a trapezoid born of blacklight appears before you. Mists swirl therein, slowly clearing & descending, extending down towards you, covering your legs to the knee.

An immense apparition materializes, looming upon you, its eyes burning deep into your mind....

All four elements are represented by this form.

The flame crowning Him represents the daemonic genius, the Arch-Villain, the Power of Ingenuity, the fiercely burning Black Flame of Life. Significant as Satan / Fire.

The upthrust horns represent fertility, & ascends in defiance towards anything that would seek to subjugate or enslave. Verily, it is "Mega Therion", or "Great Wild Beast".

The Third 'Evil' Eye represents omniscience - the All-Seeing Eye of Truth & Reason. The other two signify the carnal senses, & Luciferic perceptions.

Thereon are the fangs of the Predator - The Satanimal, which rips & tears with glee.

The mane represents Pride, & The beard, Wisdom.

A Dracomet glows ominously about the chest, & serves as armour. It represents the Core & the Heart.

The Creature bears Four Arms:

  • I. The Sword & Gauntlets represent Strength. The Sword of Satan which splits asunder what is deceptive, unnatural, & indicates the double-edged blade of Satanic Ideology.

  • II. The Shield represents Defense, Fortitude, & Perseverance.

  • III. The Staff represents Magic & Ritual; Greater Magic, & Omnipotence.

  • IV. The Black Book / Tome / Grimoire represents Wisdom, Knowledge, & Education.

The wings represent Lucifer / Air.

The legs & hooves represent Belial / Baseness of Earth / Firmament.

The erect Phallus represents Fertility, Indulgence, & earthly Pleasures.

The serpentine tale represents Leviathan / Water. Man as beast / animal, & indicative of the watery Abyss / Grotto.

Infernal Majesty by Draconis Blackthorne

T O T E M - D R A C O N U M


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