Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium


Therein incorperates all four elements. Includes the warlock & the witch, a denizen of the abyssal deep as the Leviathan rises up to consume the xian fish {which I have always pondered as being a salmon, as they swim upstream against the current, i.e., against human nature, RHP, whereas Diabolus means 'flowing downwards', flowing with nature, LHP}; the inversed nazarene descending into the xian death-cult obsession with ideas of death {disguised as 'eternal life'} & abstinence. The nazarene's blood drips into the mouths of a nun & priest; the watery depictions of images feared by man's subconscious, the Baphomet goathead within a hexagram, representing "as above, so below"/manifestation, the images of Bast {luxury, indulgence, opulence} & the werewolf / Fenris represents the predator elite within the pentagram. The Midgard serpent displaying the devil's marks in its configuration {"Satan", a female profile, a demonic profile, "666", a pentagram, the evil eye, a cornu, the Masonic symbol for "Baphomet", a skull, a pitchfork, a Grammadon, & lastly, "Draconis"}.

Sinistrari I by Draconis Blackthorne


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