THE DARK SIDE: Hell On Earth
Upon these walls...
H. R. Giger's Necronomicon

Art / Photography

The High Priest Plaque by DVL Studios

Plaques & Statuary
Satan Bust by Arkham Studios
  • Arkham Studios. Dr. LaVey statue, Satan bust, H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Aleister Crowley, & more.
  • Screwbiter Studios. LaVey horned cowl, Lords of The Left Hand Path series, Special Effects, Creatures, Monsters, Masks, Design, & More.
  • DVL Studio. Jason Leach. Features the Devil Head cane, & the High Priest plaque.
  • Buzz Works. Vlad Dracula plaque & bust, zombies, vampires, gargoyles, & more.
  • Sabbatic Baphomet Statue.
  • McFarlane. Action figures, film characters & musician/band models, toys, statuettes.

Decor Museums

Lucifer's Labyrinth

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