HOT SEAT with Wally George

Hot Seat with Wally George

Evocation: I first became acquainted with The Wally George Show when I was in High School, on UHF's KDOC Channel 56 Los Angeles {a station which preserves timeless favorites}, which was re-airing episodes of Dark Shadows at the time, when I saw a commercial for the program, airing at 11pm on Saturday nights, so I decided to tune in. His demeanor was amusing, yelling and insulting guests was his shtick, and even though he addressed what was to be the subject of the show, he always turned it into a verbal shouting match with an audience of mostly drunken supporters shouting "Wally! Wally!", hardly letting the guest get a word in edge-wise, and when they did, they were often called "idiots", "morons", or if female, the ubiquitous "bimbo" was often used, which was also repeated by the belligerent and inebriated crowd. He was typified as the raucus Conservative with the American flag, an enlarged photo of The Challenger, and John Wayne on the rickety baby-blue cubicle-like backdrop enfolding around his desk, upon which was always that apple-boysenberry juice in his mug. It was not a show for serious consideration, but purely for entertainment purposes. His co-host included a yes-man named "David Kennedy" who actually did interject relatively cohesive commentary from time to time.

Of note, his guests have included billboard-queen "Angelyne", Racist Tom Metzger and son, Rick Dees {a long-standing "feud" resulted in which one day as a guest George 'broke' a prop chair over his back, as well as having a pie-throwing episode}, fellow Conservative-loudmouth poseur Morton Downey Jr. {who owes his momentary fame to George, and whom he also had an ongoing "feud" with}, some regulars who appeared with various agendas and cardboard props which were frequently torn from their hands, ripped to pieces and thrown over George's shoulders, members of Heavy Metal band "Dagahoggit" {said to mean "castration by teeth"}, Rebel-Rebel, The Mentors, and Radio Werewolf, even an ersatz Satanist, along with a slew of strippers, male and female wrestlers {most times actually becoming involved in staged mud-wrestling}, and even a Wally George impersonator at one point! {the 'real' Wally George was predictably removed by the resident 'security guards' therein}.

During his tenure, George cameoed in several films including "A Nightmare of Elm Street 5", "Repossessed" {a hilarious parody of 'The Exorcist' starring Leslie Nielson & Linda Blair}, "Club Fed", and "Grunt: The Wrestling Movie", among others. He also eventually wrote a book entitled "The Father of Combat Television", and was even featured as the subject on E!'s "True Hollywood Story" at one time, which has slipped into obscurity.

Also of note, his estranged daughter happens to be actress Rebecca Demornay {Risky Business, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle}, who wanted little to nothing to do with her father.

Eventually, George began playing re-runs of his show which included daily monologues in which one could perceive his increasing physical deterioration, yet he persisted almost until his last days. He occasionally had guests on, mostly consisting of sponsors. He also hosted a radio show for a time, which was much more of the same, for it went on for several hours. Within the last month, a message came up asking viewers to pray for him in his failing health. And now it seems that most traces of his show have been seemingly wiped out, even on the web, which began with the abrupt removal of Hot Seat from the airwaves altogether, without so much as a word of warning.

Through all of this Wally George was essentially a performer, and with that in mind, one could overlook the sometimes absurd antics and attempted 'seriousness' he tried to assert during some commentaries. Love him, hate him, or indifferent about him, he sure was amusing, And for that amusement, the program is missed.

He is survived by daughters Rebecca Demornay, Holly George, and a questionable young ex-wife often shown as part of the crew. ∞

Note: This Evocation was written largely because of sudden inspiration, the relative obscurity of this entertainer, the sad obfuscation of information, and the preservation of this segment of the "Schlock" genre. For the purposes of evocative entertainment, this series should be made available on DVD.

6/20 Mike Hubbell on sexual harassment. George posits that it would just inspire unscrupulous women to set up employers for lawsuits, using tempting clothing to bait men into complementary commentary, then regarded as "harassment". While there certainly are cases of clear sexual manipulation, demeaning, disrespectful comments, attitudes, and stereotypes, complements should be taken with a grain of salt, unless she is willing to pursue them, then let the fun begin! In he meantime, there should be an obvious code of conduct and dress according to appropriation and sense, and awareness of the environment to be professional, bot like in a casual entertainment environment. Dress in accordance with the situation.

Craig McIlvaney on legalizing drugs: Now he's grown a goatee, a mass of 2-toned disheveled hair, and wears a tie-dye shirt in support of legalizing all drugs! I agree in an [anti]social Darwinist sense, in that people should not be protected from their own stupidity, and let nature sort them out! They just get stupider and stupider! Even though I have been a proponent of this for misanthropy's sake, to help thin the herd, I do not want the type anywhere near Me! It actually gives Me a headache to smell that trash, as if all My braincells are rising in revolt! They may not use it for anything pertinent, but I need all of mine!

Larry Rice on gay marriage. Wally predictably resorted to ad hominem name-calling reducing the "conversation" to an elementary screaming match along with character misrepresentation. Wally acts like a dicktater here, and really has no legs to stand on this issue, except that postulated from a religious mandate, which is irrelevant to the constitution, which asserts the right for everyone to each their own. He's approaching the issue on a theocratic basis, of which such a government would be a theocracy, not a democracy, much less a meritocracy!

My Satanic take is that it is not even an issue. It's none of anybody's business who so and so sleeps with so long as it is cooperative. As asserted in Satanis and The Satanic Bible, it's not a matter of tolerance, but of irrelevant inclusion. Who cares? Be it hetero, homo, bi, or even asexual. It's your own damned business! To wit:

"Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself." [VIII Rule]

Rice made a good point in that why should Wally be worried if he's not subjecting himself to these activities? As he was teasing that Rice was gay, he returned with veritable accusations that George is some kind of pedophile because he has a young wife! Just ridiculousness all around! AIDS also came up in the same vain, wherein it is only transmittable through sexual intercourse and intravenously {many times these tend to go hand in hand, considering junkies may perform sex acts for drugs.

Satanicult leader: "Mr. Jim" [Myers] guests in a black robe, sunglasses, and red poloshirt underneath uplifting The Cornu announcing "Hail Satan!" to the screaming audience, who quite literally wanto "burn him" {like in the movies, while no real witches were really burned throughout history, but were always actually the flocks' own! with "witchcraft" as a mere blanket accusation towards anyone wanting to defame or kill their neighbors, or sometimes even political rulers, for selfish benefit}.

The impression 'Mr. Jim' gives here is being like a TSTardtype, purely reactionary, getting involved with the herds' petty issues, existing as contrarian, like a 1st phaser, while we are proactive with out own occulture, while the 9th Statement holds true. Myers was portraying a xia in evening clothes type, who are literalists like blindlighters, the other side of the same dualistic coin, which happens to be a paradigms {worth about 20¢ - a pair o'dimes! Ha!}

6/5: Mark Dead of The HAGS [RIP: 7/25/64-11/9/96]. Pretty much agree with the misanthropic perspectives, except genocide should be more selective in a social Darwinian sense, like eugenics. No fecalitarianism as espoused, but a meritocracy based on accomplishment, and who deserves accolades, not indiscriminately distributed like communism. There must be stratification according to merit & effort, assuaging the quality of the individual and work. While criminals are punished accordingly, and euthanasia is legalized. Mark Dead displays many scars on his body, and vows to kill himself when the depopulation plan is effected. Sure. Of course, self-preservation will out.

Then dragqueen performer "Gypsy" came on, which is always a hilarious "conversation", essentially a standup routine amidst Wally's scandalous accusations, which are really just the guest's natural state of being, and is making money at it! As in "Don't knock it, it's a living!" Some humorous takeouts from the show are "You can't afford me!" "Are you, or have you ever been... a homo?"

4/3: Thrasher from KNAC {Satanic Panic & Heavy Metal}: Where's the hair? Suspiciously looks kind of like a poser, generic... but cool leather jacket, though. Have one just like it. DJ comes on to counter accusations from Wally about Satanic Heavy Metal being played on KNAC, which it really never was. As a matter of fact, the heaviest thing played thereon is like Black Sabbath, DIO, Ozzy, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Maiden, Priest, Metallica, even Danzig on a couple occasions, which contain epic overtones sometimes dealing with macabre or pseudo-religious concepts, social commentary, relationships, substance abuse, crime, etc., with grander spectacles.

Ubiquitously, Ozzy's Suicide Solution was mentioned as promoting drugs, when in fact it was written as a statement of drinking oneself to death, the "Demon Alcohol", inspired by his friend Bon Scott of AC/DC, who did just that.

The Judas Priest trial wherein 2 fans shot themselves - 1 died, the other survived disfigured, then finally committed suicide himself. [documentary: Dream Deceivers]

Never heard King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Venom, Possessed, or even Slayer! Much less Celtic Frost, Bathory, and the like. The station primarily caters to glamrock, hardrock, classic rock, some heavy metal, but definitely not Thrash, Death, or Black Metal. Overall, Hard Rock'n'Roll. "Thrasher" even mentioned that the station will not play MF/KD because King is an avowed Satanist & an actual member of The Church of Satan! However, "Satanic" can be applied in the sense that the music is carnal and promotes indulgence, but the harder genres are horror theatrical, occult-oriented, antixian, sometimes even philosophical, rest in the more complex and serious orchestrations.

KNAC is more or less the default station when not listening to one's own collection. Love the station for the formative and evocative amusement, as well as the sponsored shows, and salacious amusement! Rock on!

Jim Myers for pleasure palaces! The idea to construct erotic wonderlands, themed environments, for sexual amusements! On this I fully agree, and is on par with the legalization of prostitution, a stanchion of Dæmonocracy, where it can be monitored & taxed, and create a safe working environment for clientele & staff {human or humanoid}. A public facility for stress release, provide occupational options, ordered to specification, for those who care to do so.

Cathy Cormer, feminist liberal: Promoting abortion. On this, I fully agree. I say it should be available to any woman who desires it within the 1st 2 trimesters of pregnancy, then it's too late by the 3rd, at which point she would have to submit it for adoption. Brain development does not complete until the 3rd trimester, as the foetus is not yet cognitive. Then all parents planning on having children should have to take courses and gain a license to prove themselves worthy or supporting and raising children. Both parties have equal say unless it endangers the life of the mother host. Contraceptives shall continue to be dispensed as a rule. Do not breed unless you can support your child.

Rick McLeod, anti-death penalty: This guest seemed a little confused, as was Wally wondering why he was even there, if he was not against the death penalty as scheduled. Turns out he saw it as pointless because of the slow process, not because it is not effective as a deterrent. So unless it is sped up and improved, he says remove it. Perhaps other states should take some pointers from Texas and Oklahoma. Lex Talionis.

Jeff Cohen, pro-gorbachev: Corpulent, if not somewhat jolly, balding guest barely fits in the chair reminds Me of Tom Wedge [The Satan Hunter]. Unflattering supporter of corpulent balding gorbie withe grease stain on his head. Naively says the US should trust him, but amounts to nothing more than liars, backstabbers, "frenemies", etc., and should not let one's guard down.

3:27: This one featured Larry Rice and Jim Myers. These were extreme screaming matches where both "guests" were thrown off the show by a large gomer.

Myers was saying that Tom Bradley is the greatest negro mayor and would make a fantastic president one day, and is still being hampered by racism - even called Wally one! Wally took great offense to that accusation, as well he should, for I know he's not. He partners up with anyone who shares his viewpoint, or agrees with him, nomatter the 'race'. I just so happened to have 'met' Bradley at one of the donor's meetings. Whatever.

Rice went on talking about the US involvement in South America, and likened it to Vietnam. Agreed on both points.

This week's episode had some ginger clown in a yellow shirt with confettidots and a Barny google hat. All he was missing was a big bowtie! However, I agree with pretty much everything he stated because it is fact, although he does consider himself some sort of xtard variation himself. Representing and founding an organization called "H.A.T.E." ["Humans Against Television Evangelists"} asserting the hypocrisy of white wolf evangelists like Baaker and Swaggart who live an opulent lifestyle while taking from the poor and mentally afflicted. And should definitely be paying taxes! Wally thinks they should be given a 2nd chance. But why? They're just going to do it again!

There was an angry preppy talking trash about Nancy Reagan, and got real angry when he thought Wally was going to disparage his mother, but then asserted that he must be a big disappointment to her!

Some vulgar "comedian" came on, wasn't funny whatsoever, not even entertaining in some way, and actually kind of boring! The audience was jeering him chanting "HA! HA! HA!" It takes far more talent to concoct a routine without profanity that filled with it! Many erstwhile 'comics' rely on he shock value and cheap laughter rather than genuine comedic content, with major exceptions like George Carlin who uses it as a complement, not a be all end all.

3/13: WALLY featured 2 nitwits. 1 guy in a redshirt and & kerchief who didn't seem to even know that the Star Wars initiative is carried out with lasers from space as a preventative defensive measure against nuclear invasion!*

I think he thought it was also missiles! You'd think there would be at least a cursory education on the subject, not pure pretentious ignorance! That guy was a pathetic embarrassment. He was of course predictably booted out!

2nd 'victim' was a galoot who ended up calling Reagan a 'clown', so it was like he himself pressed the eject button! This was another "liberal lunatic" who also didn't appear to know what he was talking about, demonstrating appalling ignorance about the subject. Even after having some other doofus back him up from the audience! Oh, but he was wearing a suit! Well then, I suppose he must know what he's taking about! NOT! He was also ejected for getting on Wally's nerves!

Wally mentioned he's going to be at The Palomino! (Normally a country cowboy clubar). Rudy Krause was also there! Performing his all-american rock act for his new record Wally Sings The Rock Hits, all covers, which really just sounds like karaoke. {BTW, link also displays the rare E! Hollywood True Story on Wally} He also released another [spoken] record called "Wal-ly! Wal-ly!". He actually had his own band once upon a time called Wally George & His Hollywood Twisters which supposedly released several records {song: Dragstrip}.
* However, it is maintained that is what the UN is for, in theory, to preserve the balance of world power and that all nations are fairly represented, to establish a mutually agreeable arrangement for trade, resources, etc. However, it is also realistically maintained that nations will lie in order to preserve certain 'forbidden' technologies and weaponry to remain on equal footing ''just in case''. Whether in underground facilities, etc. Not be "caught with their pants down", as it were.

3/6: Some peacenik saying that the US should mind its own business and stay out of Russian affairs. Wally saying that he's so naïve, while I say that's what the UN is for! For checks and balances of world power and everyone is represented fairly. Not this warfare mentality withe caliber of nuclear weapons that could decimate everyone, and because of the 1st instinct of self-preservation, would never occur. It would be moreso in a show of force & capabilities, in saying that this country is equally capable of destroying the planet. Or, if you launch nuclear warheads, so will we, but nobody wins that one! The fallout and pollution would be far to great. So it's really just a dick waving contest.

Rudi Krause came on sans solar visor promoting his new rock band, but doesn't know how to sing! He just spouts off lyrics as usual, with no music {except perhaps with that in his head}. It's like a street hobo rambling and raving!

[ITEM] Jim Myers {who also went on the show once dressed in a robe as a Satanist!} talking about atheism, and how Wally acts like a fascist dictator, which he does, and would probably promote a theocracy. He brought in a sign with the nazarene's absurd fake portrait stating some inaccuracies to the jesus myth, called "stupid things he said - "judge not", give stuff away", "turn the other cheek". Ha! But SATAN says...
  • 6. One must judge to determine character & quality, a situation, statement, act, decision, etc., for a better life, self-interest, and practice of responsibility.
  • 6. If you keep giving your stuff away, you'll end up having little to no stuff, perhaps given away to the undeserving {posers, liars} or ungracious {ingratitude, who may even wanto take everything you own, even insult one behind one's back}, thereby making them dependent on you, and otherwise lazy so that they don't have to earn it! If anything, granting a hand up, not just a hand out! {if so inclined - I'd rather keep My stuff!} - in either case, it is strictly selfish gratification!
  • 6. NEVER. There must be justice, revenge, satisfaction, balance maintained & restored if someone does one wrong. It has been said that if you keep turning the other cheek, you'll soon run out of cheeks! I say to anyone who would say to Me to turn the other cheek, is that they can bendown and kiss My cheeks! Besse Infame! And otherwise if there happens to be a pretty girl, ask her if you can kiss her cheeks! {which may hopefully lead to further indulgence!}

  • Jeff Tolcher went on talking about being a draft dodge. When he began speaking over Wally, and kept on talking he was kicked out! Twice! There was some marine named "juan" that Wally asked up onto the stage at the end.

    Then Eddie Goodwin came on talking about how we should mind our own business in the middleast and let Saddam Hussein take over the islamo sandpeople. After all, that's how it's been for centuries, so as long as we keep getting oil, that's their business! Wally wants to go over there and take them over, which would be just like Vietnam, which was pointless.

    Some doofus from a draft dodgers organization, whom Wally called a coward punk, was ironically more xian {"turn the other cheek", which will of course only inspire an enemy to walk all over the sheep} than Wally was acting {who specified that the commandment 'thou shalt not kill" only applies to gratuitous murder, while soldiers may kill in war {defense}, though he also happens to support capitol punishment as well, which would be typical hypocrisy.

    During audience questions, Rudy Krause makes his 1st appearance, whom Wally asks to come back for a full interview at a later date! The rest is history!

    Heavy Metal band ASSAULT came on next, whom Wally accused of promoting violence, drug use, and the sexual exploitation of women {it's not "exploitation" if they 'exploit' themselves! Either for movies or music videos!}, while the overall genre promotes devil worship! Wally also insinuated homosexuality, which was correctly deflected onto Newave. They reminded Me of WARRANT, and unfortunately didn't get to play, even though their manager asked Wally if they could come back and play on the show at another time {the manager should have been wearing a blazer over that shirt! which would have looked cool!}. Overall, Wally's consensus is that maybe not all Heavy Metal is bad!

    'Best of' type show, with various guests including the "official witch of orange county" {weakan who has more in common with xianity}; a bimbothon {most enjoyable}; a psychic {more often than not these are either fake on the take posers or wannabe's}; that boring douchie Ræl guy; the poorman bum {accompanied by his very sexy "lawyer" - I mean she could be, I suppose, and is lucky enough to have brains as well as beauty}; RADIO WEREWOLF segment.
    wetback defender Manuel Lopez. Instead of all those beaners sneaking over here, things should be improved in their countries of origin, and otherwise turn mexico into a commonwealth! Like puerto rico.
    peewee waldo: a little pipsqueak too small for his suit makes a 2nd appearance in the circus menagerie.
    QUEEN KONG: Talking about the right to abortion, which I fully agree with, within the 1st/2nd trimester, wherein it is a ball of cells known as a 'zygote', before becoming a fetus in the 3rd. Of course, taking a brief break from GLOW, she presented her point in full character regalia & attitude!

    1. Larry Rice vs Irv Ruben. Screaming match between Rice who actually presents his points in a relatively concise, uncomfortable facts, though cantankerous manner, while Ruben tends to be a violent racist, but Rice's attitude also contributed to the irascible behavior. Plus looking like a skinhead didn't help either!

    2. Some lazy risky business looking douchebag thinks that everybody should be paid the same wage, nomatter the training, skill or talent level. Total communism. NO. Democracy, and otherwise meritocracy is based on stratification and earning one's way, paving one's path to individual success.
    Amusingly, when asked why he's wearing sunglasses, he nonsensically answers "because these guys are lunatics!" while pointing at the audience. 'Lunatics! Lunatics! Lunatics!'

    Pro-abortion guest, then hotcream wrestling! In the guise of "determining a judgment", and co-host Bill Bankfroft in the guise of "stopping" the proceedings, was dragged into the ring! Looks like he had the time of his life!
    1. A little goober was stating in effect that "ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you!" He wouldn't go to war to defend the nation, and criticized those who do, saying they're basically programmed by politics. Those with nothing to lose should go, those with really none or a merely mediocre life, educational, monetary, or skill & talent limitations. Like this guy who says that paying taxes is enough. Somebody yelled out "pussy!" And Wally called him a wimp! He ended up being booted off! Especially after mocking Reagan saying "make America great again!" A sure way to get ejected! I still think there should be an ejection chute that either lands them in a tub of water or slides them out to the street!
    2. A punkrocker performer and promoter reminiscent of Johnny Rotten came on with 2 "sex slaves" by his feet, and everybody seemed jealous but the question was posted that this was merely a front to deter from his obvious homosexuality! And then it was taboo to admit that in punkrock and Metal scenes! Still sort of is in certain circles.
    3. Militant vegetarians dressed in costumes came out. 1 as a bull, another a chicken, another dressed like a confederate holding a turkey {to which everyone started cooing "boring...boring..." when he spoke}, a cuntry-looking "farmer's daughter" girl, and a guy wearing a black robe and Dracula cape! Kind of looks like what I wear for ritual adornment! But he did state at one point that they are dedicated to removing judeoxian influence wherever they can! So kudos for that, but they were pretty silly otherwise. Wally stated that it's the American way to eat burgers, hotdogs, shakes, whatever, especially the Wally Burger! 1 of which was torn up and thrown into a torn plastic bag in pieces! At one point Wally tore up their notes, but couldn't rip a sign they brought. One of them threw the turkey on the desk as they were ejected! ∞
    1. The fat rancid poorman, who looks like he smells like garlic, onions, and BO, accompanied by two very attractive and shapely ladies in very skimpy swimsuits!
    2. Bill Gazzari came on looking like a classic mobster, with the lovely Gazzari Girls. Gazarri's Club is very supportive of KNAC & Heavy Metal.
    3. Then one of the most boring interviews with Rael, founder of Raelism, a UFO cult. He went on talking about Judge Polk somesuch being racist, while dressed up like a hippie douche bag, complete with flowers. He was virtually unintelligible with a thick french accent, and beating around the bush style.
    1. Footage of Wally going to interrupt Rick Dees' "perverted, degenerate" show. While everybody involved agrees that he was wrong, as he states quite characteristically, "I'm Wally George, I do what I want!"
    2. West Hollywood mayor discusses misconceptions about AIDS, asserting responsible indulgence, while Wally wants complete abstinence and typically telling what people can and cant do in their own personal lives. What's it to ya'? Mind your own business! Thine obsession betrays thine proclivities.
    1. Paul Ross {Ross Jeffries, who now runs a seduction course} seeking abolish all references to Santa for xmastime {while I think the main concentration should be to keep the nazarene out of winter observances, while origins are derived from ancient folklore, Santa represents indulgence and Father Winter, as The Krampus devil has also since emerged from Hell to really embody a 'Satan Claus'!}. Wally actually did mention that he was on the show previously representing himself as a Satanist, which he readily admitted, stating that even their own scriptures name Satan the god of this world. I remember he mentioned that the American flag had many little pentagrams all over it.
    Dracumentary: I met him briefly at a small library, wherein I expressed My viewing of him on the show when he was representing Satanism. He seemed in a hurry and took off quickly.
    2. Rudy Krause talks about keeping religious observances {& xmas caroling} out of secular institutions and governmentally funded events, and I fully agree. That is a personal private practice that should be kept in church and in the home. Not everybody celebrates "xmas" as it is, with the various religions anyway, so it would be presumptuous and rude at its core. Rudy brought in a prop Santa head decoration and sang some lyrics of course! Always a fun an amusing appearance!
    3. peacenick hippie stoner: Some surfer-looking "dude" in a tie-dye Jimi Hendricks shirt quite obviously high by the looks and listen of it {had a hardtime with consonants} claims that George wants to take over the world with conservative republicanism, argues against removing "pineapple face" noriega from rulership, then ends up tackling one of the gomers until finally subdued and ejected.
    1. Deport foreigners who have been here more than the allowed 6 months. AGREED. In that allotted time, they are supposed to be visiting, like tourists, not seeking to stay here, otherwise they should have gotten in line and filed like anyone else seeking citizenship, instead of sneaking in here seeking 'asylum', using anchorbaby ploys, and just plain hiding.
    2. Some representative supporting hypocrite Jesse Jackson running for president. NO WAY, not that racebaiter! All he seeks to is to help himself, and has little to no actual political experience, he's not even a pastor of his own church! Just seems like an opportunist who tends to fraternize with anti-american shitheads like Hussein, and I have the feeling that he's probably actually muslim, like obama, xian in name only, so if the sandal fits... stick it! It was even mentioned that he used to spit in caucasian customers' food at a restaurant he was employed at! Gross! Total racist! Thank Satan he was never elected, but summarily ejected! Good riddance!
    3. A pretty girl just making some honest money being a literal "call girl" offering phone sex fantasy characterizations. No harm there. It serves as an outlet for the rather pathetic callers, so it's supply and demand! There was some dude come up from the audience who basically banned himself from the show for life by supporting her and telling her she's too good to be on the show! He was outta' there! {Reminds Me of when rocker dave called those 976 numbers, running up the bill to $70+ dollars! Bug that was only one incident, for I prefer the real thing!}
    4. Some really boring guy supporting doodoocaca who tried to use dry sarcasm, but fell flat. He actually went on The Hotseat expecting to have a serious conversation? Ludicrous!
    1. Where's Waldo? On The Hot Seat discussing nuclear arms policies between the US & Russia with Wally George! After a barrage of ad-hominem baiting, boisterous argumentation, and pointless posturing, towards the conclusion of the "conversation", he purposefully compares Reagan to Hitler, and promptly sees himself out after Wally's predicable reaction.
    2. A sensible guest goes on about contraceptives in school. I say absolutely yes, it must be done, it is realistic, teaches accountability, and helps keep the population down. Telling teens to abstain does not work, like a "jesus doesn't like it" BS, because it will never happen, and would only promote further irresponsible consequences. This way, you can have fun, but without the undesirable or unexpected results of an unwanted child! Responsible indulgence.
    The ineffective, and furthermore exacerbating moldy babble only justifies inadequacies, profits on guilt, and induces guilt complexes where none exist, along with the exploitation of the weak-minded, is part & parcel of their tax-free business, præying on gullible suckers.
    3. A psychologist claims he can treat & cure phobias in a matter of 5 minutes! With tactile sensations and affirmations. Wally doesn't buy it, and neither do I. Sounds like a temporary pretension and veritable placebo. In any case, why would a doctor go on Hotseat to promote his work?
    An atheist argues that the boyscouts should include atheists among their membership, while Wally vehemently disagrees, considering it dishonest for the boy who swore the pledge yet later admitting to being a non-believer. Do the ends justify the means? You have to ask yourself if it is worth it to gain some sort of selfish result by applying the art of deception. Not for Me. I'd rather attend the Y and have some real honest fun instead of earning all sorts of badges and patches and whatnot, which may not be of interest anyway, plus adhering to some mandate. I was taking Martial Arts lessons after all!
    Hilarious wingnut Rudy Kraus returns talking about his arrest and conviction by an incompetent kangaroo court he deems 'diminished capacity' due to the fact that the jury as well as his lawyer smoke and eat fatty foods, which interferes with reasoning functions, rendering judgments irrelevant. He sings some of his songs as usual. I want a CD of those!
    At the very end there was some porn producer out of Hollywood wearing the archetypal tropical shirt and golden chain.
    Featured band REBEL REBEL, and Larry Rice supporting Noriega in camo pants, even relaying a message; but so did Wally! ..|.,
    1. No religious xmas decor on government grounds {100% agreed!}, and should be kept personal in the home and the church, temple. This can be limited to seasonal displays of Winter.
    2. Flat earth joker.
    [A] Says the reason there were only 3 ships of Columbus was because one of them fell of the earth!
    [B] Claims the moon landing was actually filmed at Universal Studios!
    [C] Claims the earth would be more of a cube, to which I'm surprised Wally didn't grab his crappy cardboard exhibit and slam it over his head! Plus, the square is an unnatural shape, while the sphere is a natural default.
    3. Euthanasia debate with a guy who thinks that the plug should be pulled upon clinically dead patients, and if it is murder or not. I think there should be a prior agreement, but it should absolutely be legal for the patient to do what they want with their own situation! KEVORKIAN: Angel of Death, Pioneer of Mercy covers it nicely. Otherwise let nature take its course, unless there is a chance for survival, the always side with life!
    Hotseat Highlights: "Official" California 'witch' {weakan-type was on last week in its entirety, but there she is casting runes before drunken swine}; draft dodger bum {turn the other cheek: actually looks like jebus; dirty, unkempt, ratty long hair, disheveled beard, total hippie-like schlub, whose opinions are ironically much more xian than wally's mutated conservative pseudoxianity}; Richard Blade {also on lastweek in its entirety cowering & kissing ass}; pre-op tranny who looks like s/he could choke someone out; some bimbos needlessly attempting to justify their exhibitionism, but there probably just for publicity; "Rael", blindlight UFO hippie & founder of the Raelian {sounds like alien} religion, describing his encounter.
    An interview with RADIO WEREWOLF where Shreck & company counter thoroughly and dominate the interview.
    A punker with footage of slamdancing {unidentified band & guest}. Wally mentioned that all he kept hearing were repeated "Violence! Violence! Violence!", while the guest asserted that this was in fact an anti-violence song, like Ozzy mentioning that Suicide Solution is an anti-suicide song about Bon Scott drinking himself to death, but all fundies hear is the word "suicide", despite its intended purpose, and some already suicidal fans modifying it to suit their purposes.
    1. Church of The Most High Goddess. A religious front for prostitution. Honoring the world's oldest profession, is still more honest that the xtards! And at least you really end up getting something back for "donations" {more like "bonations"!}. {Just hopefully no diseases! The "priestesses" would definitely have to be checked n a regular basis, like pornfermers are, and otherwise prostitutes when legalized}. Responsibility to the responsible!
    2. Dicksucktion on legalizing drugs & prostitution, which are actually a couple of stanchions of Dæmonocracy. Social Darwinism at work! I maintain that these resources should be made legal, for people should not be protected from the effect of their own stupidity, because overall, sure, you CAN go and pay for a prostitute, or take narcotics, but why would you want to? I've never had to PAY for it! Girls always come to Me! But there should be a resource for total losers, proles, geeks, douchebags, etc., who would otherwise never date, and otherwise also curtail sexual-related crimes. It is a publicservice after all.
    However, this would provide for a deeper understanding of /Causeffect/. It's like using a public facility, and you take your chances. Wally mentioned that why doesn't this guy take up with the Church of The Most High Goddess? HA!
    Richard Blade was the first guest, supposedly 'defending' rock music, but he's all about Newave! Videos for Duran Duran {Girls on Film}, & Berlin {Sex} were displayed as "sick" and "perverted", though of a decidedly tame, if not lame nature. Blade kept trying to lessen Wally's caustic tongue with complements, in a classic bees with honey dynamic, though a bit revolting. Probably because his presentations are on the same channel! Wimp! Groveling suckup!
    Then some lady claiming to be a witch who runs a Sorcerer's Shoppe store somewhere in Orange County {which apparently no longer exists} came on. Of course Wally castigated her with his limited ignorant, antiquated monotheistic dualistic judeo-xian frame of programmed mindlessness, equating her obvious nature-based religion with devil worship! Wally also mentioned that he saw pictures of her shop, and her "god" has HORNS {more like antlers, but I digress} as an zoomorphic representation of animal harmony - which would obviously be Cernunnos, which ironically the xians borrowed for their depictions of demons and The Devil! Which is also perfectly applicable. Overall, she actually has more in common with blindlight beLIEfs than either would admit! On the other hand, she is certainly neither a devil worshipper nor a Satanist! Butt she is kind of attractive, and can ride My broomstick anytime!
    Rudy Kraus was on talking about how xmas should be cancelled, and I agree! Such observances should be kept in the home and churches, because we have separation of church & state. The nazarene has nothing to do with in and its basically a herd merchandising holiday. Singing songs with his long blonde hair bursting out of a sunvisor hat, and an eagle's brow.
    Then an attractive 'media critic' lady was casting pearls before swine in Wally's circus, being solipsistic and wasting her time. He says what he wants on his own show, and anyone who disagrees with him is ridiculed and insulted! That's the nature of the character and program! It's not exactly an intellectual forum. It's pure entertainment, not educational.
    Hotseat Highlights
    : Wally's sexy british wife Holly and righthand man David Kennedy accompany him reminiscing about various guests. This one included a skank talking about abortion {Wally was correct that these kids can be given up for adoption, but responsibility should be applied so that she doesn't get pregnant in the first place!}, a lady wanting the legalization of prostitution [which I think is necessary as well, although I would probably not resort to it, like narcotics neither}; and some liberal shithead refusing to call vietnam veterans "heroes". While I understand that they did their duty, as erroneous as the founding orders may have been, considering that many a time these soldiers were themselves guilty of warcrimes and atrocities {if Ricky's uncle is any indication}; they are to be respected at least for placing their lives on the line!

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