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KING OF THE BEACH: A most excellent episode featuring Big Lou playing Carl Molino working as a cook in Santa Monica by muscle beach {I wonder if it's the same diner referenced by Arnie in Pumping Iron?}, a guy that just wants to get by, but because of his sudden need for money, enters a bodybuilding competition in spite of being admonished not to by a sleazy manager for the then reigning "King of the beach" played by unimpressive smug asshole Ken Waller {whose the culprit in Pumping Iron that hid the shirt!}. I recognized Samir Bannout immediately, & I think I spotted Andreas Cahling also! Gold's Gym is prominently featured as well.

It was mused that at the time, one could go live at the beach and dedicate oneself to weightraining, bodybuilding, which would be funded by Joe Weider so long as one competes and contributes to the artform.

Banner has to deal with two criminals who run afoul of an ambulance chasing street urchin named "Mandy" pretending to be hurt, then steals their ill-gotten gains, which they harass Banner for on two occasions - once in a drowning attempt beneath the pier {Hulk wrecks the pier}, and the other by stringing him up by the neck on a tricepress machine! Hulk appears onstage with Lou! Carl eventually ends up with Mandy as his supportive girlfriend.

SANCTUARY: Banner goes to work for a mission, when an escapee from a wetback caravan seeks 'sanctuary' at the mission, overseen by a gaggle of nuns, including Edie McClurg! Seems the beaner paid the 'coyotes' to get to Texas to see his ill mother, but takes off when they reveal they're going to Colorado instead, and gets shot trying to run. Banner has to eventually impersonate a priest to fool the coyote leader {played by brother Pancho! Halloween With The Addams Family movie}, who eventually figures out the ploy.

/,,/ Horntip: It is notable to mention the rather Satanic perspective demonstrated by this character when indulging in a feast at his hacienda while talking to 'ex' son. I.e., not wanting to be dominated by the catholic church or any 'god' above him! He notes the hypocrisy and fallibility of these types, giving The Devil His due in his individuality, independence, and inner Strength! ! Kudos! \,,/

DARK SIDE: Banner is self-administering a solution that ends up isolating and manifesting primal impulses while boarding with a family. The fresh 18 yo daughter takes to him, and fortunately at least manages to have some indulgence in her, while another lady shows interest in Banner to ventures but to a strip bar where The HULK comes forth, as a particularly mean green emergence, thus influenced by the drug. Banner ends up crashing in a lake with the girl and it takes The HULK to get them out.

Of note, the same actor that was in that carnival episode who played a wolfman was in this one as the father. This was a fascinating Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde scenario on a trinary level with the Hulk! I particularly enjoy the savage representation of the spear-wielding primitives in clayface makeup wilding forth with long hair! And the drumming sound effects!

But this episode speaks to balance and thirdside perspective. I mean, there's nothing wrong with indulging in whatever one desires, allowing certain inclinations and impulses to come forth, but with reason, yet not hampering opportunities, but in fact accentuating them! These temptations emerged with willing partners, so pleasures would have been mutual.

"Death" of THE INCREDIBLE HULK: Ha! Totally ridiculous! I like Ferrigno & Bixby, the transformations, feats of strength, the rest of the storyline, but the way that these writers cranked this out about The HULK 'dying' from a fall from a jet? They must not be familiar with all of the battles he's had with deadly opponents, and all the falls he has taken throughout the ages! Not to mention the mode of transport has always been leaping great distances from great heights! A fall could not kill the Hulk! The earth would just explode around him from the impact! Like F L O O M ! Hypothetically, had Banner himself fallen from that height, there may be a possibility, but otherwise, NOPE. So it just seems gratuitous! So this is the ignorable one of the series. Hulk Lives!

However, it is notable that the actress who plays Amanda from HIGHLANDER plays a Russian spy named "Jazmin" herein, and Banner's love interest.

EAST WINDS: Banner is staying in Chinatown & gains an unexpected mail-order bride who turns out to be a spy for a chinese kingpin, who wants some hidden gold in Banner's apartment, unbeknownst to him. He's poisoned with puffer fish toxin rendering him paralyzed, but HULK's system filters it out. There's a superb painting of a serpentine dragon ascending the staircase in a restaurant on the wall which I'd like to replicate.
THE FIRST: Banner investigates a deceased scientist's notes who was experimenting with gamma radiation, actually finding a cure. Working from out a Victorian mansion within a wonderful laboratory, he encounters the henchman assistant who also transforms into a verdant mesomorph, though rather thin and old {even though alleviating arthritis and enhancing a feeling of vitality} resembling more of a Frankenstein. McGee comes around and initially thinks it's The Hulk he's been chasing all this time. This old man was also picked on by the simpleton townspeople, because of his attachment to the blighted House. So he purposefully goes to the local bar to provoke a confrontation so that he can turn into this other Hulk like he's purposefully done before, to keep certain antagonists and trespassing snoopers in line before.

EQUINOX: Banner takes a job in the library of a bratty & horny socialite where she's hosting a masquerade ball. Sounds like fun! Of note, she does throw a good party, while playing Persephone, the goddess of spring, who has just arisen from The Underworld {accompanying Hades} during winter. She bids everyone indulge aplenty!

Putting the moves on him, she insists he attend, even while McGee is sneaking around on premises. The girl has a murderously jealous suitor, wherein at one point Banner has to rescue her from his clutches after getting his head slammed in a door! - ergo, 1st Hulk-out!

Tense scene while cornered in a dressing room with McGee questioning him with gun pointed, although managing to escape by throwing all the clothes racks on the floor! This is one of the rare episodes that does not show Banner hitchhiking off, but rows away in a boat instead.

NINE HOURS: After suffering embarrassment for cowardice by an officer who recognizes him, a former Police officer turned wino rectifies himself by devising to rescue a boy 'Timmy Wilkes' {the landlady's sweet & tasty son... so beautiful} from the mob who plan to assassinate an ex-mobster on the mend, in a hospital Banner is employed at. So they kidnap Timmy to blackmail Banner to open the door for them so they can gain access to the ex-mobster.

1st notable Hulkout occurs when Banner is banked into a manhole, where the creature ends up in the middle of heavily populated streetraffic! Unfortunately, I know the feeling! He punches the side of the attacking car, knocking off the outer side shell! 2nd Hulkout occurs in the hospital after Banner is shot, wherein The Beast bursts into the room, throwing the gangsters around like ragdolls! To the utter astonishment of the convalescing mobster and Timmy's mom.

PROMETHEUS: While convalescing after rescuing a blind girl from drowning, a meteor crashes in the woods, emitting gamma radiation interfering with Banner's transformation, rendering him a veritable Mr. Hyde. Whereupon THE HULK and girl are captured and transported to a secret underground military base to be tested, but HULK bursts out through the floor. McGee disguises himself as one of the military officials, remaining close on the chase.

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