From Philip Esteves, Citizen of the Infernal Empire:

Dracomeroth, The Devil's Scroll, The Devils' Diaries

These diabolic tomes, infernal works, and collections of Blackthorne's are incredible. Scores of Satanists share their insight into topics of all kinds, and Warlock Blackthorne offers and therefore commands an encyclopedia of powerful knowledge; undefiled wisdom which is the unmistakable mark of experience in the performance of satanic rituals, and expanding your world and mind in ways you may not have thought possible. The CoS is infernally blessed for what has been accomplished here by Blackthorne, and I give the sign of the horns! Thank you, for your words.

I absorbed this knowledge, and added these books to my bookshelves because I was ready for these words, and I'm glad I did.

This... is amazing. A book of many books! If one takes great interest in ceremony and ritual, this dark collection will expand one's horizons in a whole new way. Your choices for psychodrama have been multiplied once again. Inside contained are worlds of all kinds, make no mistake - Blackthorne knows how to open the gates of Hell with the best of them!

The creativity of the author burns with the unmistakable black flame of a Warlock I respected immediately. Stay wild!

Inside The Devil's Scroll, in a fashion that readers of Satan Speaks! and Devil's Notebook (Anton LaVey) will feel somehow darkly familiar with, Draconis Blackthorne puts forth a wide array of truly satanic, third side thoughts. His writings are positively soaked in a unique and very infernal creativity which is intensely refreshing.

Inspired directly by Blackthorne, I uploaded a performance of a particular rite inside this book, the United Satanic America Rite, onto YouTube as an offering to Warlock Blackthorne for Walpurgisnacht and the CoS 50th anniversary, our founding fathers, and our country, United Satanic America.

This rite is available for anyone to watch.

Unlike anything I've ever seen before, The Devil's Diaries, Vol. 1, Blackthorne Productions, is a massive compendium of perspectives from clever and creative satanists of all kinds, including Warlock Blackthorne, and it was an infernal delight. So many dark treats; each piece burns with ideas that I recognize as true satanic material, and therefore an item of sheer delight to the seekers of more knowledge!

The Devils Diary XXVI
The Devil's Diary XXVI: Walpurgisnacht LI
Codex Daemonum: The Devils Diaries
Codex Daemonum: The Devil's Diaries.

The Devils Diary XXV
The Devil's Diary XXV: Halloween L
The Devils Diary XXIV: Walpurgisnacht
The Devil's Diary XXIV: Walpurgisnacht L.

The Devil's Diary XXVI: Walpurgisnacht LI. Photo by Rick Powell.
Ck'n Choiniere:

This is my infernal Library including my own personal ritual book.

The Devils Scroll, The Devils Diaries, Dracomeroth

The Devil's Scroll, The Devils' Diaries, Dracomeroth.

"I just got a copy of the Devil's Diaries and Devils Scrolls. Love The Devil's Scroll so far. I'm very proud to have bought your books."

Richard Hernandez:

Dracomantium, Dracomeroth, Shadow Gallery

Dracomantium, Dracomeroth, Shadow Gallery
"Thank you for being a huge inspiration ever since I was a kid. My personal favorite book of yours is Dracomantium."
DRACOMANTIUMThe Shadow Gallery


"This book is huge - nice! I'm so glad I got it for the full moon tonight!"
The Shadow Gallery
"This book is just as good as Dracomeroth. I give it 5 stars for its compilation of awesome illustrations throughout the years."

Lady DaevaLady Daeva with Narrations From The Abyss CDLady Daeva with Satanic Serenades
Lady Daeva with The Devil's Scroll 1st Edition, Narrations From The Abyss CD, & Satanic Serenades.

Marilyn Mansfield Marilyn Mansfield Marilyn Mansfield

Marilyn Mansfield with Dracomeroth 1st edition & copies of The Devil's Diary magazine. (photos by Joseph Rosetti)

"The Dracomeroth is an extensive study in the Black Arts, covering a variety of esoteric subjects, which leaves the reader feeling illuminated with the black flame of occult wisdom once the knowledge within this arcane tome has been fully absorbed." - Zoth Ommog.

Dracomeroth"Draconis Blackthorne has assembled a magnificent collection of past writings which may serve as an excellent tool for any practicing Satanist to use if one dares to indulge in "Dracomeroth". This book illustrates proven principles of Lesser and Greater magic. Draconis Blackthorne offers other works that may be of interest including Malefick Media, Satanic Serenades, The Devil's Scroll and The Devil's Diary magazine."
~ J. Boyd

An excellent photograph by these infernal comrades:

The Devil's Diaries

"Whist reorganizing Our library We ran across an old friend via The Devil's Diaries by Blackthorne Productions sometimes it is necessary to reflect and re-read. Thanks for a great collection. Hail Satan!" - Building 666.

Available at the following sources:
Building 666 says:

The Devil's Scroll
"We recommend this Malleus Satanicus. From breeding to Kevorkian this tome contains much for the discerning Satanist."

Available at these sources:

From Kelvin Frazier:

Dracomeroth by Draconis Blackthorne"My Infernal Comrade, Draconis Blackthorne wrote this sublime tome, the "Dracomeroth (Opvs Satani) that I do find Infernally fascinating and quite challenging on my Quest on the Left Hand Path.

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne's Infernal Lessons on life are quite interesting and I do enjoy the everything he has to offer.

Thank you and HS!"

The Devil's Scroll by Draconis Blackthorne "The Devil's Scroll (Opvs Diaboli)" was a highly interesting and sublime masterpiece, which was from my perspective of continuing the Satanic Philosophy that started with Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey's (1930-1997) "The Devil's NoteBook (1992)" and "Satan Speaks! (1998)!" My favorite chapters are: "The Satanic Breed (pgs. 32-33)" "Evilove (pgs. 34-36)" "The Darkside of Xmas (pgs. 43-45)" "Halloween, The Herd & The Satanist and Happy Birthday, Halloween! (pgs. 47-50)" Samhain was the original name and Halloween was the name used years later before the Dark Ages (The Middle Ages). "Technomancy I & II (pgs. 55-58)" "Satanimation I & II (pgs 71-75)" "Interview With The Impaler (pgs 84-87)" "Satanic Numerology & The Manifesto of the Beast (pgs 89-93)" "Nightworld (pgs 97-98)" "The Addams Family & The Munsters: A Satanic Observation (pgs 104-105)" "The Satanic Art of BodyBuilding (pgs 114-118)" "The Satanist (p. 126)" Warlock Draconis Blackthorne is definitely giving the Devil his due with this sublime and fascinating book. Thank you and HS!"

Gina Ambrosio"I love this calendar!! ~ It contains exceptional dark artworks, lovely magical poems, satanic holidays and special dates listed as well as full moons,black moons, and much more!! Every piece of dark artworks and magical poem takes me to an otherworldly,transcendental,supernatural,enchanted and magical place!! I'm enjoying having this calendar displayed in my home!! ~ Gina Ambrosio / Blasphemic Cruelty,

Gina Ambrosio of Blasphemic Cruelty
"Created by the extremely talented, knowledgeable, & creative Church Of Satan Warlock Draconis Blackthorne (Devil Incarnate) - The Devil's Scroll - An abyss of arcane knowledge for those whom have the wherewithal to grasp the magic within this book you shall be perpetually empowered & rewarded by The Devil's Scroll as it rips the skin off of white light religionists lies & envelopes you in the unassailable wisdom of many truths!!.....I'm infernally aligned by this great book!!...I absolutely love it!!!.......Hail Satan!!" - Gina Ambrosio of Blasphemic Cruelty.
Gina Ambrosio with Dracomeroth
"Composed by the most magically potent and powerful Warlock on the earth~ Draconis Blackthorne~ Church Of Satan Warlock~ Dracomeroth~ The most powerful magic in existence ~ take heed to use it wisely~ inside you will find unspeakable power to transform and transcend your entire self unto limitless powers of the dark and unknown ~ once you bond with Dracomeroth~ it shall stay with you for life~ As I said take heed when using it~ lest you be laid to waste!! For those whom are truly ready for real magical power and knowledge of the darker side of nature ~ you shall be forever empowered by the infernal magic within". - Gina Ambrosio {Blasphemic Cruelty}.
Goldilox with Satanic Serenades
Goldilox: "The morning of Magic has come!" ... and indeed it has! Satanic Serenades is a delight that every true Satanist will enjoy. The Black Flame burns within even more so while having this book in One's magical hands...."

Tier Instinct with The Devil's Diary XIII

"The Devil's Diary is a diabolical publication that I enjoy devouring a few times a year. Sinister inclusions from a variety of Satanists that range from thought provoking essays, devilish poetry, frightful film reviews, notorious interviews and much more await the reader inside each issue. The Devil's Diary is a must have for the collector and a treat for any Satanist."

The Devil's Diary 16 review: What a great day! That's right, I am having yet another splendid day.Today my postal carrier delivered the latest edition of The Devil's Diary. For those who are unaware I write a column for this Journal of the Infernal Empire appropriately titled The Third Degree. Here I... interview outstanding members of The Church of Satan.

Reverend U.V. Ray and Warlock Bell were my guests for this issue. I enjoy doing these interviews and both of my guests were just a pleasure to speak with. I will not give anything away except good Ol' U.V. Ray had me laughing so hard at times and Warlock Bell offers up his expertise that any musician should in my opinion take note of. I was thrilled to behold the end result as always.

The essays in this issue are top notch and have become preferred reading. Citizen Prometheus offers us his unique take on time travel. Warlock Blackthorne gets under us Daywalker's pale skins with his delicious appeal for nocturnal living and Dark Adept offers up some contemplative thoughts with his Protestant Work Ethic. All are thought provoking and enjoyable reads to say the least!

As always, Warlock Blackthorne reviews items of interest in the Noctuarium. From the latest publications, home decor, movies and albums(Including my new release The Chaos Magnet) many can find something new to bring within ones lair from artists all over the Devil's black earth. The poetry in this edition is wide ranging and selected with style and hashed out with seemingly ease. Warlock Blackthorne offers us many this time and each is as powerful as the elements that each one shares. Very nice work my friend and I am proud to be a part of this Satanic publication. Horned Salute! - Warlock Tier Instinct.

"I ordered everything you had available on Lulu, and now that I have devoured your works, I must say that I am proud that we have such talented members in the CoS. You have amazing gifts sir. HS!" - Citizen Jason Daniel Young.
Satan's Ouija II: Pentagram Satan's Ouija III: Trapezoid
Satan's Ouija II: Pentagram design | Satan's Ouija III: Trapezoid design

Satan's Ouija Baphomet design.

Dracomeroth. ~ From John Padilla.
Satanya with Devil's Diary VII
Satanya with Devil's Diary VII.

Blackthorne Productions

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