Infernal Salutations... I bid you a good evening... Come in from the cold & warm yourself by the fire. Sit & relax here upon this wonderfully ornate chair...

Herein I present you with Satanic Philosophy. I present this arcane grimoire unto you. As you turn the yellowed pages, there shall be darksome images coming to life before your eyes...

It shall be a multi-sensory experience you will not soon forget. The Words of Fire shall blaze in your mind, revealing phantoms long dormant, who each seek entry into this dimension. Thought & ideas will swirl in your mind... emotions & sensations will begin to swell... allow them to come forth - to your horror, or pleasure...

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne.

Codex Diaboli: The Devils Scroll

Codex Diaboli

The infamous writings of Warlock Draconis Blackthorne collected in this tome from several sources including Noctuary & The Devil's Diary magazines, The Blackthorne Chronicles, The Shadowmantium, & various Satanic publications in both print and web.

The 2nd edition is an expanded diabolical compendium segregated into several sections, filled with misanthropy, social commentary, dark observations, Satanic philosophy, polemic, & blasphemous counter-culture thought by the pen used as a literary sword.

In his distinctive style, Blackthorne is a prolific writer, artist, poet, Satanist, Martial Artist, member of the notorious Church of Satan, Founder of The Order of The Black Dragon, President of Blackthorne Productions, Host of The Haunted Noctuary, & video director for several short films, He has appeared in several multimedia presentations, including TLC & Discovery's 'Pact With The Devil' for The Infernal Empire. He is also the Author of Dracomeroth {Codex Satani}, Satanic Serenades {Codex Noctvm}, & Malefick Media {Codex Lvciferi}.


  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Seasons In Hell


  • Microcosmic Spermatozoa
  • The Satanic Breed
  • Evilove
  • To Each Their Own
  • Mammon & Mistletoe
  • The Dark Side of Xmas
  • Halloween, The Herd, & The Satanist
  • Happy Birthday, Halloween!
  • Beaster
  • Technomancy {For The Glory of Satan}
  • Technomancy part II: Radionics
  • The 13 mallspace/facebook Protocols
  • On The Use of Holograms {For Entertainment & Military Applications}
  • Divine Madness
  • Modern Frankenstein {The New Age of The Clones}
  • Satanimation {Breeding Babies For Satan}
  • Satanimation II: Role-Playing Games
  • The Necessity of Catastrophe
  • Gone With The Wind
  • Holycaust
  • Interview With The Impaler
  • Satanic Numerology
  • Manifesto of The Beast
  • The Blackthorne Theory of The Black Hole
  • Nightworld
  • Magical Media
  • The Addams Family & The Munsters: A Satanic Observation
  • Celluloid Pedestals
  • The Curse of Incompetence
  • The Four-Crown Princes of Helloween
  • Sundays, & Other Assorted 'Holy Days'
  • The Gothic Trend
  • The Grunge Trend
  • The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding
  • Doomsday, or Why 2K?
  • Why 2K? part II: Going Forwards In Reverse
  • Call It Whatever You Like, Just Don't Call It Satanism!
  • The Satanist
  • Prolecaust
  • Imposters! Black Sheep Vs. Black Wolves
  • All Hallow's Even
  • Royalty Vs. Peasantry
  • A Vision of God
  • Graffiti & Gangs: The Satanic Solution
  • Jailhouse Mentality
  • Profanity As Stratification
  • A Piece of Peace
  • Reality Presentations
  • The Parallelogram Ethic
  • A Commentary About Satan: Anthropomorphic & Symbolic
  • What Is Satan?
  • Some Satanic Manifestations In The Material World
  • The Demystification of Satanism
  • Fun With Proles! Neighborly Psychological Warfare
  • Swatting Flies: Traitors, Ingrates, & Shit-Disturbers
  • Anton Szandor LaVey Tributes
  • Draconia: A Total Environment Theme Park
  • Churches of Satan?
  • Take A Tip From The Ice Cream Man
  • The Great Satan: United Satanic America
  • United Satanic America Parade
  • United Satanic America Ritual
  • The Dawning of Daemonocracy
  • The Return of Babylon
  • Night of The Zombies
  • Kevorkian: Angel of Mercy, Pioneer of Death
  • The Satantric Predator: Incubus & Succubus
  • Circumcision & Satanism: An Oxymoron
  • Orgasms, Cigarettes, & Longevity
  • Satanism Through The Ages
  • Aristotle: The Satanic Philosopher
  • Vajrapani & Dorje Shugden: The Daemon of Balance
  • Stages of The Pentagram
  • Belial's Gem: The Jewel of Satan
  • The Infernal Orchestra
  • Thinkers & Doers
  • The Animal Asylum


  • The Circus Maximus
  • The Tower of Myths
  • The Ten Excrements: A Satanic Analysis of "The 10 Commandments"
  • Declaration of Doom
  • Proclamation of Doom
  • xianity 2000: In Meiorum
  • Christinsanity 2000 part II: The Tables Have Turned
  • The Final Battle, Operation Deicide
  • Exorcism & Possession
  • An Analysis of The True Exorcist
  • When I Saw A nun...
  • Hail The Inverted Cross!
  • Those god-damned Annoying xians!
  • Christian Noise Pollution
  • Interview With The Nazarene

  • Dractionary {Draconomicon: Glossary of Draconian Terms}

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