Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantivm
Vampire Confessions
{Originally printed in Noctuary magazine, then reprinted in The Devil's Diary V. 4, Halloween XXXVII A.S.}

A fledgling and amusing interview conducted with Draconis Blackthorne and Sinistra Diabolique on an October evening at The Noctuary for a local journalist, circa XXVIII A.S. Note: In this early interview, I was speaking for Myself and not representing any organization. Preserved here for archival purposes. ~ DB.:

"Take a tip from Dracula: Live by Night, shun the light. Listen to beautiful music." - Anton Szandor LaVey.

Q. What is a Vampire?

DB: As Vampires, we are concerned with dressing elegantly, being in luxurious surroundings, developing one's inborn abilities, such as telepathy, telekinisis, hypnotism, pyrokinisis, even transmogrification and lycanthropy, as such abilities are attributed to The Vampire. Expressing oneself intelligently and fostering an eloquent vocabulary and demeanor. I Am concerned with the preservation of youth, beauty, and strength.

The Night...

Q: Is it true that vampires can only come out at night?

DB: I prefer to live by night, and feel most comfortable in dark and cool, gloomy environments. I love storms - the wind, rain, fog, thunder and lightning... and would preferably reside in a castle or mansion. I Am invigorated by The Nocturne. My energy and exuberance increases, As to lighting preference, I prefer candle light, lanterns, fire light, and somber dim electrical lighting, especially amber, red, green, blue, and black.

SD: I agree with what Draconis described. I really come alive at night.

On sunlight...

Q: Can sunlight really destroy a vampire?

SD: I shun the light because of natural biological reasons. In bright sunlight, my vision becomes impaired to the point where I must wear sunglasses, otherwise I squint and lower my head to avoid glare, for my eyes literally begin to hurt. Heat promotes lethargy, particularly the heat of the day, in which I sweat profusely and quite literally feel as if I am "melting". Overall, I feel diminished by daylight, but can go forth in it after protective meditation, although direct sunlight on my skin stings and burns.

DB: I do enjoy overcast days from time to time, but direct sunlight can be oppressive. I also prefer to wear sunglasses if I have to be out in it for whatever reason. Consider it "shielding".

Aesthetics and clothing...

Q. Is there any particular way Vampires dress?

DB. Personally, dark colors are My preference, particularly black, and otherwise it is a base by which I accentuate it with other dark colors. Overall, I prefer classic attire. In these times, a black leather trench coat is frequent. I tend to wear My hair slicked back in public, and down in private.

SD: I am a very passionate person. I adore beauty in all forms and wish to possess it, whether in people or objects, and an insatiable lover...


Q. What kind of music do Vampires enjoy?

DB: From Classical to orchestral to opera to gothic, industrial, instrumental, Rock and Metal, whatever suits My fancy for the purpose of the moment. I tend to listen to dark and brooding, foreboding music by choice and pleasure, feeling a deep alignment with The Devil in all manifestations, including art, literature, and said music, which is primarily sensual.

SD: Whatever it is, it must be sensual - I enjoy much of what Draconis does, and include Middle-Eastern, as well as heavy grinding guitars.

On Crosses...

Q. Are you repelled by crosses?

DB: Contrary to Hollywood portrayals, we do not "fear" crucifixes or crosses. If anything, I Am disgusted and repelled by what it represents, which is submission, weakness, poverty, death, fearful ignorance, abstinence, commonality, mediocrity, and despicable repression of the fleshly delights of strong life.

SD: It has been a blasphemous fantasy of mine to straddle a crucifix with a willing partner, then "rape" the nazarene bastard of a lying whore, and 'sacrifice' him to Satan, Lord of Lust. Just an amusing thought, you know.

The Fangs...

Q. What about the fangs?

DB: The pronounced fangs are an accentuation of the predator within, and also bears the likeness of the archetypes of the wolf, lion, bat, etc. Hunters of the animal kingdom, and a confirming connection in the visual and inherent realization of oneself as an animal - at once feral, yet with a temperance of civility - at once the gentleman and The Beast in deportment and incarnation in the appropriate situation. I Am a Hunter. I hunt the herd of humanity for pleasure and profit, disdaining them besides this.

I enjoy solitude for the most part, but enjoy socialization on My terms with chosen individuals, at pleasant events and surroundings. I abhor crowded, claustrophobic masses of sheeple, yet watch them with amusement, and sometimes lust.

SD: Fangs look powerful and fearsome - the jaws that tear you limb from limb! Or draw gently with sweet pleasure...

The Coffin...

Q. Do Vampires really sleep in coffins?

DB: Not necessarily, although coffins provide a snug, comfortable, secure cradle of dormancy which creates a deeply refreshing slumber, building a high level of energy and strength upon waking. The sensory deprivation creates a conducive state of profound subconscious being in which to lucidly dream deeply, and is appropriate to mentally travel forth with which to psychically feed upon those desired, to magnify and accentuate one's own potencies manifold of the type desired - either for physical empowerment, or to supplement one's Magic, or even attain a likened complimentary appearance. Immortality may be attained as such, to draw the life force for sustainance and preservation, combined with practical applications for longevity, living a rich life of pleasure and the Will to Power. Avoiding self-destructive activity such as drug abuse and profuse sun exposure.


Q. So real Vampires don't really drink blood?

DB: As discussed earlier, feeding is primarily enacted on an etherial level, not literal blood-letting, but I like My meat medium rare, and enjoy au-jeu sauce.

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