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Standards of the Strong

1. No God(s) shall become before the self, for we are the masters of our own destiny. Anyone who relies on an invisible crutch is useless to society.
2. Life should be led like a wolf, be loyal to your own pack and alert to all that enter your domain.
3. To create something which is strong, one should use quality materials. The same must be done in the making of an elite mind.
4. Never forget those who have betrayed you, because a leopard is unable to change it's spots.
5. Always stand proud for what you believe in, no matter how much it may not be accepted. Hiding in the shadows is not the way of the strong.
6. The weak should be avoided like the plague, unless one can obtain something selfish by dealing with them.
7. Indulge in all of life's pleasures, instead of wallowing in pathetic misery. Life is here and now, so live it to the fullest.
8. Black Magick is the only true magick, because it grants gratification to the magician who uses it correctly.
9. Victory should be praised at all times and failure unaccepted. Conquests are the goals of life.
10. One must take responsibility for his/her own actions, whether it be positive or negative.

~ Vincent Crowley.

"I Am god-forsaken & I shall never change
My evil thoughts can't ever be re-arranged
Lord of Myself & a servant to none
I deny the holy ghost, the father, & the son!"

- Shemhamforash: The Ultimate Blasphemy / Anti-God, Anti-Christ

ACHERON: The Final Conflict (The Last Days of God)
Ibex Moon Records; 2009 c.e. / 'Anno Armageddon'

Air sirens ring out across dark spotlighted skies, sonic battalions serve as a rallying call to those who would purge the earth of the white-light plague in all forms! ACHERON have not stinted one bit in ferocity or diabolical force. Songs range from a grinding doom-laden impression, to a double-bass intensity at times, driven by Crowley's misanthropic indignation (from the demonic to the spoken) Certain darkly stimulating sound effects are also implemented to accentuate the songs here and there; those familiar with the groups characteristic heavy style will be well pleased with this unleashing.

The theme for The Final Conflict is that of The Apocalypse, reminiscent of the film Omen 3. Songs progress from the rise of rebellion, to constructing the pact for infernal liberation, the realization of auto-deism, and finally onto a new age of Lex Talionis.

Cover art features a snarling Cerberus mounted upon a legion of corpses & skulls, to be released in all his bestial rage. His spiked collar displays the sigils of the enslavers soon to meet their doom. Complimenting the lyrics, the booklet features a hypothetical nefarious diatribe detailing the exploits of a secretive order named The Wolfen Society*, a proposed cadre of diabolists tilting the societal fulcrum serving as a historical balancing factor towards the preservation of mans primal nature.

The logo has been modified to display the appropriately militant iron cross. Along with Vincent Crowley on vocals & bass guitar, & Kyle Severn on war drums, TFC newly includes Maximus Otworth on Lead / Rhythm guitar, and Ash Thomas also on rhythm guitar, with instrumental guests participating from various bands.

As an added bonus, attached is a DVD directly from the band featuring the videos for I Am Heathen, the making of the album, and live footage from two Brazilian performances, along with the Satanic Supremacy demo.

Overall, another Strong, and ironically 'final?' chapter in the Acheron saga.

* Also the name of a previous musical project by the same name.

Acheron: Rites of The Black Mass
{XLIII A.S. Dying Music Records. Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar: Vincent Crowley; Pete Slate: Lead Guitar; James Strauss: Drums; Magus Peter H. Gilmore: Introductory Narrations. Genre: Metal / Symphonic}

Acheron:  Rites of The Black MassWith impressive new album art, featuring The Prince of Darkness enthroned and accompanied by a couple of succubi and serpents in an appropriately Hellish environment, the re-release of Rites of The Black Mass is still complete with introductory orchestral narrations by Magus Gilmore, with songs featuring genuine litany from Dr. LaVey's The Satanic Rituals' cathartically theatrical Le Messe Noir, making this opus unique by itself, but for those who appreciate the Blackest of Metal musick straight from The Pit, this remains a barely comparable unleashing, casting an evocatively embracing shadow of formative daemonic evilution.

A CD booklet with lyrics is also included, which the previous circa XXXI A.S. did not include {one had to actually request it from The Order of The Evil Eye, due to the explicitly intense blasphemous lyrics, which was quite pioneering in the latter phase of The Satanic Panic}, threatening and seemingly succeeding in pulling the fetters of mythological heaven down, with some new band photos added as well; and quite pleasingly, I received an autographed copy from Mr. Crowley himself. Sound is excellent, if not even enhanced.

So even if you still possess the original CD, cassette, or vinyl, this one is definitely worth acquiring if just for the artistry for your salacious contemplation, and the fact that demos and pre-demos for ROTBM are graciously included herein. If you have never heard, and otherwise desired to experience this previously-hard to find musickal tribute to the Luciferian rebellious liberation of The Black Mass, now is your chance to sign the pact!


Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood
Dark Productions Records

Rebirth: Metmorphosing Into GodhoodThe Hell-Post today was infernally blessed by an arrival from Vincent Crowley {An interview included in The Devil's Diary V.5 ~ \,,/ Satanic Salute!} - Acheron's "Rebirth: Metamosphosing Into Godhood" CD, a Mighty unleashing from the depths of deepest darkness - and it certainly shows - immediately, one is gratified by the cover image - a woman giving birth to a devil-baby, infernal progeny, reddened with blood there upon the stone altar, complete with horns, claws, fangs, and wings {just adorable} emerging from the black genesis of the womb; and they are surrounded by robed figures bearing the insignias of Satanism - the Pentagram, and to a lesser extent, inverse crosses. Quite a striking spectacle overall, reminding Me of "Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra", Xerxes, as well as of course, Damien. Also speaks to the fact that "Satanists are born, not made." Pretenders are eventually exposed and banished, reverting back to their mediocrity and pretentious meanderings in the many manifestations of the blindlight, many times inspiring either amusement, pity, or disgust.

Acheron returns sans keyboards for this one, opting for the rawer style previous to 'Those Who Have Risen'. Crowley's vox delivers excellently as a veritable portal to the Underworld; "Chaos Invocation" introduces this musickal ritual with reversed speech {"shilgne"} and furious bestial inunciation; then we are launched into "Church of One" {a very Satanic phrase in itself, and possibly the heaviest cantible herein}; followed by a tribute to the Daemon "Xomaly" with soaring guitars echoing across the burning heavens, and lingering strains sustaining, floating - also incorperates a female voice narration during the solo - besides, the phrase which stands out in this one is "As Above, So Below!"; "Bow Before Me" is the Satantric offering herein, displaying a Dominance/Submission element of Satanic Erotica; then "The Kindred" emerges beneath the moonlight, tapping into 'Those Who Have Risen' in its vampiric vain; another introduction entitled "A Long Time Ago" advents "Golgotha's Truth" about The Dead Sea Scrolls, speaking to the obfuscated history of the nazarene cult's progenitor, along with his fornacating and murderous activities and deceptions; "Betrayed {A Broken Pact}" invokes justified torment upon ingratitude with exceeding wrath; "The 9th Gate" serves as a diabolic meditation to those willing to practice it - Nine {The Magic Number} minutes of dorje reverberation "cycling the ages of time"; an added gem is included in this unleashing, a splendid cover of Celtic Frost's "Dawn of Megiddo" {To Mega Therion}, which really grants an accolade to The Frost, one of the prime founders of Black Metal Musick, which remains timelessly potent.

Rating: 9/9 Black Candles.

Those Who Have Risen

"True vampirism is beyond the Hollywood aesthetics that filmmakers like to portray. In reality, it is an ancient form of magick and manipulation that predates all known religions. Yes, vampires do exist! So sacrifice your lifeforce unto us as you listen to our musical conjuration. You know you must!"
~ The Rev. Vincent Crowley {Maylos} XXXII A.S.

Those Who Have Risen Rex Diabolos Church's "Satan III" masterpiece graces the cover of this magnificent musickal opus, icrca XXXIII Anno Satanas, spawned of sanguinous contemplation. There are liner notes included herein, elucidating some of the basic principles & philosophies of The Temple of The Vampire, including The Dayside, Nightside, & Twilight perception / states of being. This is the premise of "Those Who Have Risen", & being that I Am a fantom of Vampire lore Myself, as well as a member of both organizations involved in this project, I was extremely pleasantly delighted also to discover that one of My favorite groups is integrating this theme.

The musick is comprised of soundscapes which descend into Hell with the heavist grinds of the guitars, & unto a simultaneous ascencion to the thunderous black clouds with the strains of mighty string & organ materializations, leaving one in various stages of euphoria. Of special note, the introductory opus entitled "Nosferatu Prelude" which is quite haunting, & perfectly integratable into one's rituals & vampiric persuits. Inside, a vampire's rictus greets you with extended fangs {HP Gilmore?}, & a dark beauty grasps a ceremonial dagger - she also poses within the CD booklet with Rev. Vincent Crowley {Maylos}. Overall, a splendid manifestation from The Abyss of Nightmares, conjured powerfully by Satan's minstrels.

Lex Talionis / Satanic Victory

Lex Talionis / Satanic Victory The circa XXIX Anno Satanas classic unleashing of Lex Talionis demonstrates absolute raw power & that all-consuming focus on The Dark Side; a.k.a. "Evil" contemplation - that feeling whch seems to produce an eerie ambiance overall - the liberating Luciferian rebellion, which strengthens the warrior spirit.

There is definitely a higher level of violence & aggression herein, calling for a "Slaughterization For Satan" - the extermination of blindlighters in the spirit of Satanimal, & in "Purification Day", the mindless lower humanoids, as in 'Prolecaust'.

"Voices Within" really manages to capture homicidal schizophrenia - "...voices within, the demons tell me I belong to them...", & much like "Inner Beasts", which is the dementia arising from within, that is to say, of a microcosmic origin, whereas a song like "The Entity" dramatizes an outward force of erstwhile "possession" invading from a macrocosmic origin.

I found "I.N.R.I." to be quite a moving & Powerful piece, supremely blasphemous by the identifying label placed allegedly, or at least as depicted from Catholic/JC propaganda, said to have meant "Jesus Christ, King of the slaves", as a final mockery of the fictional delusional character of the nazarene, which was a plagearized synthesis / composite of previously existing traits from more ancient religious depictions, from many of the supposed deeds committed, to even the popular general aesthetic the myth has assumed.

As a side note, two more humorous translations / acronyms have emerged: 1. "I'm Nailed Right In!"; & 2. "Irresponsible Neurotic Ridiculous Idiotology" - personally, I opt for the latter as being more apt.

This compendium release entitled collectively "Lex Talionis / Satanic Victory", unfortunately lacks the intros which were previously available in the origical release "Hail Victory", which, translated into German, reads "Sieg Heil", which intially garnered a bit of controversy in Europe because of the said translation. Acheron is not, nor ever has been connected to Naziism. It would be a principle of The Art of Deception to utilize certain infamous icons to attract a certain amount of attention, while not necessarily personally resonating with their acquired meaning. {See Draconian Dictums #9}.

The "Intros" are an exquisite blend {by HP Gilmore} - the haunting quality greatly compliments the cantibles of quite possibly one of the heaviest bands in existence; he had previously provided instrumentations & narrations of The Nine Satanic Statements; really just splendid. I would suggest HP Gilmore release a CD featuring his works alone, which I Am sure The Infernal Empire would benefit & appreciate greatly. As a matter of fact, I have these works arranged in My own songlist, marvellously played & displayed through I-Tunes {Infernal Tunes}, which Satanic comrades have greatly appreciated & coveted, & this, combined with Dr. LaVey's "Satan Takes A Holiday" & "The Satanic Mass", particularly "Hymn of The Satanic Empire {Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse}", combined with Rev. Paradise's "Subterranian Sinema", as well as the CoS movie; "Ave Satani" from The Omen, all to form quite a magnificent songlist which provides for a marvellous diabolical meditation.

The cover features a metalized / vulcanized rendition of the logo, super-imposed upon a customized Baphomet seemingly arising up from the center of the earth / Hell - quite a Belialian manifestation. Also featured in this opus, are embossed classic scenes of Hell & damnation, with various demons tormenting damned souls, in an orgy of pleasure, pain, & dispair.

Overall, here we have a complete package - The Infernal Trinity of Malefik Musick - i.e., Superior Musick, Lyricks, & aesthetic presentation. Highly reccommended.

Rites Of The Black Mass

Rites of The Black Mass

Upon My searchings for an alternative to the accepted alternative these unimaginative days, I come across a marvellous Satanic band called ACHERON. Yes, they seem straight out of the murky stigeon depths alright, echoings from a Dantean watery abyss. Rites of the Black Mass starts off with a quote from Anton LaVey's THE SATANIC RITUALS, from Le Messe Noire, in a deep, resounding, haunting, demonic voice from beyond the thresh-hold of nightmares. Then, after the preliminary invocation, we are blasted off into a world of blasphemy & diabolic diatribes. Needless to say, the musick is skullcrushing, a veritable brainblender of morbid velocity & grinding powerdrives......... sublime.

The voracious vocalist is ex-Church Of Satan Priest Vincent Crowley. The lyricks were considered so offensive to certain censorship bodies, that fans have to send away for the lyrick sheet. But it sure is worth it when it arrives. I anxiously surveyed it with a rolling, red-veined eyeball, & a twisted gnarled finger, & was pleased at what I read. The whole album is based upon The Black Mass, obviously, according to The Black Pope.

A word of warning to those who would dare play these abominations--- once you begin playing the musick, you best not stop until it is over. For dire consequences may follow the interruption of a Black Mass.........


Anti-God Anti-Christ

Travelling dow the abyssal river Acheron once again, & here, we have plunged the depths deeper than ever before. Blasphemy bubbles up from Leviathan's grotto, exploding into plumes of black flame, charring the black skies - darkened clouds bleed forth acid poison, flaming rain, down upon the black earth. And the Black Metal beasts awaken & arise from their subterranian lairs to bask in the apocalyptic nightmare.........

At first glance, one is intrigued by Rex Diabolos Church's complex artwork, that threatens to bite the hand off any xian who dares get too close. A phantasmagoric labyrinth of bones, serpants, fangs, & horns, lay in wait. The CD inside is beautiful. Finally, there's a record label owned by an avowed Satanist --- Odin "The Old Goat" Thompson, Black Priest of the Moribund Cult, who unleashes Acheron in their full diabolic fury, unlike the wimps, betrayers, & conformist weaklings from previous labels.

Every inch of the whole package is bedecked with infernal images.

From the sound of the musick, to the repleat Satanic aesthetics, it is easy to see the continual evilution of Acheron as a whole, but especially the Reverand Vincent Crowley, the brains crowning the backbone of the band. He has gone from his metalhead loose-flowing hair on Rites of the Black Mass {JL America}, to pulling it back in a tail in Hail Victory {Metal Merchant}, & now, shaving his head completely clean, & wearing a goatee --- the whole look resembling Dr. LaVey's. And observing the picture of him seated upon his throne, the look suits him well.

There's a picture of Magister Peter Gilmore herein, that has to be seen to be believed, & the rest of the band attired in military regalia for the last war with the xian enemy.

Every song packs massive doses of power, & serves to maximize the dark emotions. To give you an idea of what's in store for you, here are the song titles:
SHEMHAMFORASH {The Ultimate Blasphemy}
and a remake of NON's TOTAL WAR

Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra recounts the blessed occasion of Crowley's daughter's Satanic Baptism - real inspirational.

Every Acheron release is a Black Mass unto itself, continually scourging the nazarene bastard, & dragging him through the pungeant, smoking flames of Tartaros. And by this, bestowing Satanic liberation & empowerment.

Gilmore's glorious introductions give one the impression of walking through a gallery of blasphemies, being led by the tourguide, Satan himself. Gilmore narrates passages from Nietchze's "The Antichrist" spectacular tome, which comes most highly recommended. Gilmore's compositions are always impressive for their psychodramatic & profound projections.

Acheron's ANTI-GOD ANTICHRIST is another masterful monsterpiece that will raise the daemon within, to destroy the whitelight hypocrisy around & within you, & enlighten one's black soul with darkness at the same time.

Forthcoming ACHERON unleashing: "For Those Who Have Risen". The vampire opus.


Alla XulAlla Xul

Back for a second hellish visitation, the river of darkness flows again, & upon it rides the Evil God, who is at one with darkness.

ALLA XUL tears the flesh off the bones, violently digging a shallow grave in the guts, & implanting daemon seeds within the mutilated crevasse. Seeds that will grow inside, then burst violently, spraying blood all over the room. Spontaneous inhuman combustion!

On the anti-side, is a remake of At One With Darkness, from ACHERON'S first album, from RITES OF THE BLACK MASS. Inside there depicted, is then group posed in a graveyard, with Reverand Vincent Crowley loking very Antonian. By the way, that is one wicked medallion!

Hail Victory

Hail Victory

This production is quite impressive in its artistry, although the front cover COULD be clarified a bit. Within, it is rather like opening a treasure chest, is the beautifully embossed picture CD, with Rex Diabolos Church's Geigerian art - an interesting, stimulating, & monsterous version of the Pentagram. Timothy Patrick Butler's visions are included therein as well, with his delightful, if not humourous demonic creatures. Unlike the previous release, this one comes with lyricks, instead of having to send away for them.

There are three splendid remakes from the last unleashing, that in My opinion, make for much better versions. The new songs are incredible. One remarkable thing I noticed about Crowley's bestial voice is, you can actually understand the words! Yes, now you can while away the night growling about The Seven Deadly Sins, Satanic Erotica, 666, Alla Xul, & God Is Dead. In between the chaos on audiophilic gratification, we are entertained by Magister Peter Gilmore, editor of THE BLACK FLAME magazone, The Official Forum of The Church Of Satan, who takes us upon waves of inspirational soundscapes with his keyboard prowess, featuring The Nine Satanic Statements.

The resulatant feling of listening to HAIL VICTORY is one of strengthening. It elevates pride in who & what We are --- almighty Satanists! Gods among men!

Lust, Sin, Chaos, & Blasphemy

Compiling Rites of the Black Mass, Lex Talionis, & Hail Satanic Victory, into the exquisite blood & gore scenes in this video, it really lives up to its name. And, speaking on a variety of subjects, his opinions always being darkly Satanic, is the Reverand Vincent Crowley --- vocalist of ACHERON, & priest in the Church of Satan. From the dim shadows that no amount of light sould illuminate, Crowley's evil thoughts emminate therefrom, within the clean-shaven skull, bleached cadaverously pale by the darkness.

His interviews serve as introductions to each of the fourteen songs, morbidly grotesque menageraes of aesthetic terror. All songs accompanied by scenes of grisly murder, perversity, horror film clips, & occultic practices.

If one is a horror-movie fanatic, there will be many scenes which are delightfully recognizable. Also included, are the images of such Satanic notables as Dr. LaVey, Karla LaVey, Vincent Crowley, & others.

The combination of the brain-blending depictions of carnage, serial killers, holocaust atrocities, mutilage, debauchery, & Satanic rites, played in conjunction with Acheron's fierce & brutal musick, makes for very powerful & entertaining viewing every time. It's perfect for parties. Just to see the awestruck & fascinated looks on your friends' & acquaintances' faces, is worth the small price, which then takes a still larger toll on their minds...

There IS a warning at the beginning of the video, warying the viewer that the video WILL warp the mind. That is for you to distinguish.

From beginning to "end", as you will see, Lust, Sin, Chaos, & Blasphemy is magnificently sick & twisted, & will inevitably arouse much dramatic reaction in all who have the fortune {or misfortune} to see this abomination.

Keep in mind, this is a bootleg/"unauthorized" video, so the quality may not be what you are accustomed to, but that is a mere pittance compared to the enormous content therein. It arrives in simple video-cassette form, which then should stimualte the imagination to ornament it at your pleasure. I am quite satisfied with My manifestation.

Lust, Sin, Chaos, & Blasphemy II

The Gates of Hell have reopened for a second onslaught of Abysmal visions into thr Darkside of Life.....& Death.....
For those of you desiring more of the visual abominations Acheron has provided in the past, here you go, another installment of horror, defilement, sexual gratification, blasphemy, & sacrilege!
Likened The Serpent bestowing the gift of Knowledge unto "Eve", then "Adam", to break them free of their ignorance & subjection under the tyrant Jehovah, these videos are a veritable "forbidden fruit" just waiting for you to pluck it off the Tree. Ponder what Aleister Crowley said - "I have exposed Myself to every manner of vice & horror..." Is this not the essence of omniscience? To fill the mind with wisdom, knowledge, & experience? Verily, I say it is so. It is the nature of the Dark God.

The visuals pervaiding during Mgr. Gilmore's recitations of Neitchsze's "Antichrist" are remarkable in their digital glory.

Again, arriving in plain video form, you are free to decorate it at your leisure. Again, well worth the pittance paid for such morbid exposure.

To possess Acheron's "Lust, Sin, Chaos, & Blasphemy" abomination, send $20.00, or $15.00 for "Lust, Sin, Chaos, & Blasphemy 2" with a copy of your I.D. stating that you are over 21 to:

Visit the Acheron Website: www.deathmetal.com/acheron/
Acheron 666

More ACHERON reviews to come!

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